Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew Universe
Pairing: Ned/Carson and Nancy/George
Title: Mysteries, part 8
Summary: Battle is joined.
Date: 8 June 2003
********* Nancy *********

I was on fire and not even the move to a car could put out the flames. The air felt good on my heated skin but I was no longer in control of my voice so I didn't even whimper when the clammy hands stroked me while they lifted me onto a leather seat. My eyes wouldn't focus at all but I knew when Lord Wenton slid in next to me.

His presence was like a black hole at my side, sucking out all the air around me. All my will seemed to have been pulled right out of me. I was falling and I was afraid of what would happen when I hit the ground. Maybe I would just vanish and finally escape this creep who was fondling my breasts. Daddy, where are you?

"Father, do you really think that Our Lord will be pleased with a flawed offering?" A female voice brought me back a little.

"She's perfect in every way, not like you, Sabrina." His hateful voice had so much spite in it that I wanted to smack him.

"Yes, Father, I know that I'm quite beyond repair." Her voice was as calm as if she was presiding over the tea table. "But He did say that he wanted one unflawed sacrifice since Ned isn't quite like . . . Marcus."

Lord Wenton snarled and I felt his hand leave my body with a sigh of relief. "If he's pleased with Nancy and doesn't kill her then I shall ask that she be given to me. My first born were quite worthless. We'll see if a new wife will give me better."

"She won't, Father." Her voice was certain and I silently applauded her - damn straight I wouldn't let him.

"She won't have a choice, Sabrina." His oily voice made me want to kick him. "Her mind and spirit will be quite gone once Our Lord takes her. She will be nothing but a hollow vessel ready for anyone to claim her. This time I won't stop at two children but let this little brood mare give me four or more." His hand was stroking over me again and I shivered at his loathsome touch.

"As you say, Father," Sabrina said submissively.

NO, I wanted to yell out but nothing was working anymore. I felt like a lump of clay that some potter was shaping into a vase. But it wasn't flowers that I'd be holding but Lord Wenton's seed. George and I had talked about children and I know that we wanted some eventually but how two women could do that, we didn't know. Adoption was probably an option but without a marriage certificate, did we even stand a chance? I wasn't going to be finding out if I didn't get out of this. Ned, George, please come and find me.

The car stopped and I felt Lord Wenton pick me up and slide from the back seat. My head hung down and I watched the ground move beneath his feet. I'd never been motion sick before but I was getting dizzy now. Suddenly warmth touched my mind and I felt a different kind of fire.

Little one, give me leave to enter thy body so we may fight this evil one? Our father is on his way to help thee along with my brother and sister.

I didn't even stop to think just said, yes.

And warmth flooded me with a clean fresh fire that burned away the slime that the Dark Lord had left in me. It was all I could do not to moan in relief. Who ever she was, she was good and ready to fight the bad guys. And part of her was showing me three shining figures a distance away. Dad was all right and he was coming with Ned and George.

I just had to hang on until they got here. I felt Wenton lay me down on something cold and hard. My eyes could just barely see the towering stones around me but the entity inside of me was taking in great big gulps of what felt like pure energy. And suddenly it wasn't cold, hard rock but a warm sea that cradled my body.

Ah, it's been too long since we last drank at the Well of All-Power. Hurry my brothers and sister. He is all ready here.

I felt a great weight on my body and mind like the creeping feeling from the circle. But the me that wasn't . . . Brigid that was her name, was tucked safely in a warm place inside my own mind. It was so odd to look to the right and see my family walking towards the circle. Family in both senses of the word. There was Dad, Ned and George but they were also Dagda, Lugh and Lasair.

"They approach, Master." Lord Wenton's voice was deferential and the presence lifted itself from me. I watched the black cloud envelope him and a shriek of pure agony escape him while he writhed about six feet above the ground.

Dahok always was a show-off. It doesn't have to hurt when one of us temporarily inhabits one of our little mortals. Brigid sounded disgusted while I was trying not to cheer at the thought of Wenton getting back a little of what he'd dished out. The screams finally tapered off and Lord Wenton stood on his own two feet. But it wasn't really him any longer. The humans just outside the circle of stones prostrated themselves before the cold shining figure that seemed eight feet tall.

"Come, little ones, come and join with me." His voice rang out clear and cold.

********* Carson *********

We breached the shimmering wall of light and stepped inside the Well. Nancy lay naked on the altar stone and the father in me gave a snarl of hatred that was calmed by Dagda. She is safe, little brother. Brigid will hold her away from any harm.

I nodded and felt the cloak that kept the gods safe from Dahok's sight fall away. Lord Wenton was shining also and I felt the pulse of his dark power all around us.

Well, well, how kind of you to come and help me celebrate my coming-out party? Wenton/Dahok snarled. Isn't this against the rules, my father?

Dagda shook our head. Your sentence is not yet complete, Dahok. An eon is not enough for the crimes you committed against our family.

Part of me could see the acts that he'd committed and my soul recoiled from the darkness. A brief tendril of energy calmed me and suddenly I felt the energy of the Well begin to suffuse my whole body. It was like taking a bath in warm mineral springs. Everywhere it touched, I tingled. When I looked down, I saw that we were all naked, just like my little girl.

I looked over and saw her gracefully sit up and stretch before wrenching my eyes away from her glowing self. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ned/Lugh begin to edge his way to Wenton/Dahok's left while George/Lasair headed for his right. Within the space of a heartbeat, we had him bracketed in our own circle.

Son, it's time for you to go back. Dagda told him, raising my/our hands and sending forth a laser beam of green light that bounced right off Wenton/Dahok's chest.

I'm not going back, Father, he spat the words out and sent a red beam of light back at us. And you can't make me.

A shield appeared in front of me/us and the red energy bounced in time to meet a blue beam from Ned/Lugh. Sorry, little brother, but you can't come home yet.

Wenton/Dahok spit fire and sent out more beams from both hands at us. But George/Lasair had joined in with a bright orange beam of her own that hit Wenton/Dahok low and made him falter for a brief instant. The energy in the Well was glowing all around us by the time Nancy/Brigid sent forth her bright yellow beams.

I don't know what it looked like from outside the Well but the humans were too busy fighting each other to notice the explosion of colors that shimmered all around us. Wenton/Dahok swelled larger and larger while he drew on the power of the Well to fuel his blows.

I'd have been worried but part of me understood what the four gods were doing. I/We took a particularly nasty hit and I/we faltered for a heartbeat before Ned/Lugh and Nancy/Brigid combined their beams to knock the feet out from under Wenton/Dahok. He floated in the air for a moment but just long enough for the four to take a steady stance and call forth the power of the Well.

Pure energy flowed up my legs and throughout my whole body. Inviting Dagda in had felt wonderful but this was like breathing in pure oxygen. For a moment, I was one with the Well and Dagda. Dazed, I looked out of my/our eyes and saw Dahok s body begin to swell with that energy. Bigger and bigger he grew while he twisted and turned in the super-heated air.

NO! NO! He shot red beams everywhere but the four gods just absorbed them and let them flow into the Well. He was now a glowing mass of red energy that burned white-hot. Father!

And I felt the pain of the god who had first banished his way-ward son to his prison of stone. It is not yet thy time, my son.

I had to close my inner eyes, the light was so bright. Suddenly, a super nova seemed to go off within the Well and I felt weightless. Slowly the light dimmed to manageable proportions. Taking a quick peek, I found the Well was back to normal, well if normal was a shimmering white light that made it look like high noon. Wenton lay on the ground like a doll who'd lost his sawdust.

Out of the corner of my eye, I/we saw Sabrina stagger to her father's side and kneel down. Dagda's knowledge of her childhood was complete and I now knew it also. Wenton had raped her when she was eleven for the power he could gather and continued to abuse her for the next ten years. She was truly sterile and I saw that had been a gift from her patron goddess.

But I had to watch helpless when she raised an obsidian knife and plunged it into his heart. "No more, Father." She stabbed him again. "Never again."

She rocked back and forth, keening over his body while shudders racked her frail frame. I heard Dagda call for our sister, Epona. A beautiful dark-haired shape appeared next to Sabrina and I felt rather than heard her ask permission to enter. And she calmed the moment she began to glow.

"My lord, do we have your permission to take his body?" I/we heard Avery call out and I/we turned to the circle of light that had been fighting the dark wizard's circle.

"Yes, take him and clear the plain. Treat his daughter with care. She will remember nothing of what happened. Sister, will thou stay with her until she is healed?"

"Yes, Father, this little one will finally know peace." Sabrina/Epona arose and brought the body of the dead wizard with her, floating along in front of her while she exited the Well.

********* Ned *********

A good fight, Lugh was pleased with the results. Ho, little brother, that was well done. We don't get to interfere much anymore. This world isn't ours any longer. Still, I miss it sometimes.

His thoughts were tinged with nostalgia and I could understand a little what he was feeling. Our world was going to look a little different to me from now on if I was allowed to keep these memories. He chuckled. No fear, little brother, if you wish to keep the memory of this battle, you may.

I blushed and cast a quick look at Carson/Dagda hugging both Nancy/Brigid and George/Lasair. Now there's a pretty sight. Been awhile since we all got together like this.

I got the impression that the gods didn't get together much since they each had their own worlds to oversee. Dagda turned his head and beckoned me/us over to join them, which Lugh did hastily. Sliding his/our arms around Nancy/Brigid and George/Lasair, I could feel my/our body begin to glow.

Our human hosts have several needs that we may grant. Carson/Dagda thought to all of us. Nancy/Brigid blushed while George/Lasair wiggled just a bit. Children are wanted by our sisters while Ned wants Carson to have a longer lifespan and Carson wants Ned to have everything his heart desires.

It was my turn to blush but those twenty years between us had always worried me. Carson/Dagda stroked my/our cheek. These desires are easily granted but I am not quite sure of mortal law. We don't like inbreeding although we have occasionally succumbed to it in our family. But if Ned were to breed with Nancy and Carson with George, surely that would be a solution for the children-desire. I think that you would be agreeable to that, yes?

I don't think my eyes could have gotten any bigger. Lugh was asking my opinion and I didn't know what to say. Children had always been kind of a far-off dream that wasn't going to happen with Carson. But at one time, I had had a dream or two about Nancy and what it might be like to make a family. Carson had all my heart and I wouldn't do it if it hurt him in any way.

The girls were looking at each other and I could tell they were talking to each other through their goddesses. Carson, do you want this? To create a bigger family with Nancy and George?

Not if you don't want to, Ned. I love you all but my heart is yours. Being a father is one of the best things I've ever done, beloved. You deserve to know that feeling as well, if you wish it.

I turned to the girls and asked them the same question. They looked at each other and then at us. George spoke first, we love you both and we do want children. If Carson and I married then our children would be legitimate.

Nancy spoke next, I want children with all my heart but I don't want to give up George to have them. If Ned and I marry then our children can be raised together with yours.

It was my turn again. I could build us a big enough house that we could each have a private wing with the children's rooms between us. I think I'd like that.

Carson/Dagda began to glow a little brighter. My own, I think I would like that as well. George, are you sure about bonding with me? I'm much the older.

I never fantasized about Ned, Carson but I certainly have about you. George began to glow brighter when she stepped closer to him and laid a hand on his chest. I know how good a father you have been and I want that for our children. Nancy will always be my soul mate but in time we could be lovers as well as friends.

Nancy moved closer to me, yellow light haloing her beautiful body. One of my favorite fantasies was making love to Ned while George and Daddy lay next to us, also making love. George is first in my heart but you've been my friend for just as many years.

I took a deep breath and pulled her closer. Then I think we should seal this bargain with a kiss.

It was strange to be kissing Nancy but it felt good, too. Her breasts pressed against my chest and that felt distinctly odd but I thought I might just like it. Lugh and Brigid were participating in our kiss but I decided to just concentrate on Nancy and forget about our passengers. Her arms were around my neck and her mouth opened under mine so my tongue could surge against hers.

The heat was rising all around us and I picked her up in my arms so I could lay her down in the soft grass of the inner circle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Carson doing the same thing with George and that picture made it even hotter. Nancy's thighs opened under me so I was cradled by her hips. She was already dripping with arousal and I rocked against her gently while my cock slipped just a little ways into her tight sheath.

"Oh gods, Ned, do something. Anything but just put out this fire." Nancy's head moved restlessly against the grass.

"It might hurt since you've never had a . . . cock there before." It felt odder than odd to be talking like this to her.

"That's sweet, Ned, it really is but I want all of you right now." Her eyes were glowing the same shade of blue as Carson's and the need there was overwhelming.

So I took a deep breath and thrust deep. She shrieked once and I stilled to let her get used to me. At almost the same moment, George did a little screaming of her own and we both looked over at our lovers. Carson was buried deep inside her and George's legs were clasped around his waist to keep him there. That was hotter than hot to watch and we both shivered.

I knew how good that big cock of his felt and from the way that George's eyes had rolled back inside her head, she now knew it, too. Turning back to Nancy, I concentrated on making her feel as good as George felt. Slowly I pulled almost out then thrust back in again. She sighed and wiggled her hips, moving one leg around my waist so my angle was a little bit different.

She was hot and wet and so tight around me that I had to think cold thoughts to keep going and not come prematurely. Nancy was moaning a little and I decided to see about that nipple sensitivity that George had talked about. Carefully, I took a plump nipple into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it. She shrieked again and her hands came to my head to hold me there

********* Carson *********

Part of me thought this was a dream that I might awaken from but another part of me was making sure that George had all of me deep inside of her. When had the dream of expanding my family become a reality? The odd fantasy or two about George had coalesced to this, my cock buried so deep inside of her it felt like I could touch her heart. Her eyes were open and glowing into mine.

"I've got you all, Carson. We're going to practice this until I get pregnant." Her hands stroked over my shoulders and down to my nipples where her nails gently scratched until I was on fire.

I thrust harder and watched her bite her lip. "Once you're pregnant, will we go back to being just friends?"

She was panting now and squeezing her inner muscles around me until I thought I'd go insane. "I've heard . . . oh god yes . . . that pregnant women are horny all the time."

I chuckled and swiveled my hips a little on the next thrust, before leaning in to tongue her nipples. Her shriek and Nancy's came at almost the same moment and I couldn't help but look over to the inspiring sight of my lover balls deep in my daughter. I should have been shocked and appalled but I was neither. They were glowing with love and desire. But so were George and I.

"They look good together, Carson. They're going to make beautiful babies but no more beautiful than ours." George's voice brought me back to her. Her eyes were the color of old sherry and I brushed back a dark curl.

"Our children will be a combination of dark and light. And they will be as beautiful as their mother is." I finally kissed her and felt a connection that I'd only up to that time felt with my beautiful Ned. She tasted of tea and something tart, perhaps that was her natural taste.

We had all the time in the world, I thought while she clenched around me and came hard. Another thrust and I gave her my seed, deep within her velvet soft channel. Ned groaned beside me and Nancy screamed. I felt all of them within our common bond, mortal and god. I had the odd feeling that more than two pregnancies had been started this night.

Slowly I collapsed into George's waiting arms, cradled by her warm and welcoming body. We rested for a long moment, soaking up the energy like sunshine. I found myself nuzzling her throat while listening to her purr. This was going to be interesting when we returned to the real world. Already, my heart was expanding and making plans for our future.

What her parents were going to say to our marrying, I hadn't a clue. Still, that was a bridge to be crossed in our future, now was for cementing the bond that was growing between all of us. Colored ribbons of energy crossed back and forth between us, tying us together more surely than any ceremony could. Although there would need to be a ceremony to make this mating legal.

We were already bonded by the Well of Power and gods we were hosting.

Children, it is time to make our farewells. I felt myself slip from George and we both groaned at the loss. But I stood and pulled her to her feet, bringing her back into my arms for a hug. Then she and Nancy were holding each other while Ned slipped his arms around me and I felt our bond solidify at the first touch of his lips. Our heart-bond was rock solid and so was the girl's.

In time, the four of us would share one, also. By the time our children arrived, we'd be a family in body and heart. But it was time to say goodbye to the gods who had battled on our side. I didn't want to forget them or what had happened this Lammas Night.

We thank thee, my friends. Take one last parting gift from us. I felt him separate from me and stand beside me, a pulsing pillar of green light. The others were also apart and they flowed together into one beam of pure white light.

Thou shalt love until the end of thy days and thy children will be as happy as thou art this day. Farewell.

And they were gone and we were alone. No longer naked, we wore white robes of pure silk that felt good on suddenly aching bodies. We really had just made love to each other. I looked into Ned's eyes and missed being able to talk to him with just my mind.

"You're all right with this, my love?" I needed to ask.

"Yes, I love you and I love them, too." He kissed me again and I felt it, the bond that pulsed between us still clear and bright. That was all I needed to know.

We parted reluctantly to find Nancy and George watching us. Opening my arms, I hugged my daughter close and felt her hug me back. "All right, Baby?"

"Better than all right, Daddy." She hadn't called me that in years. Thank God she was safe. "I can't believe how right this feels. I never thought I could share George with anyone. But I trust her with you."

I felt tears come to my eyes. "Ah, Baby, I wasn't sure that I would ever trust you with any man but you'll be safe with Ned."

"Our wedding night is going to be a beauty." George said with bright laughter. "Since we both seem to be screamers, we're going to need a soundproof bridal suite."

That started us all laughing and we looked around the stones one last time, feeling the energy pulsing beneath our feet. Where ever we were, I thought, we'd always carry some of that power with us. From the darkness of despair, we had a bright future ahead of us. Arm in arm, we left the stones and walked out to face the real world.

The end of part 8