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Date The newest and brightest of my fiction!
Aug 16, 2007 Please hold healing thoughts for me today. I go in for surgery in two hours on my right hand. But it needs to be done so I guess I'm ready. Before I go in I wanted to post the next part of The Claiming, part 21. I'm also working on the next couple of parts of the Ezra Chronicles. I've got the Dragon Voice Recognition software so I'm going to try to keep writing while I recover. Being in a cast for eight weeks will not be fun but my mantra is 'no pain, no pain'. Take care, everyone.
Jun 20, 2007 Here's The Ezra Chronicles Part 2.
Jun 17, 2007 Happy Father's Day! I just realized I hadn't put up a little series I've been working on in the SG1 universe. The Ezra Chronicles, parts 1 - 5 are now ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!
May 15, 2007 Here's Chapter 20 of The Claiming.
May 1, 2007 Happy May Day! Here is the next chapter of The Claiming, Part 19.
Apr 28, 2007 Two tiny tales in the M7 universes. Check out Part 9 of Dust and Part 18 of Dust to Dust. Enjoy!
Feb 21, 2007 A reader asked me if I was finished with the Nancy Drew saga and I replied the Chosen sequence was ended. She said 'really?' And she was right. I'd finished that last chapter but never posted it to the web page. Weird. Still, I can post it now. Happy Families, part 20.
Dec 23, 2006 Well, this wasn't planned but go over to the HP page and read Is he supposed to look like that?. I guess I wanted babies for Christmas and the Question Universe near the bottom of the page won. I also finished the next part of The Claiming, part 18.
Dec 21, 2006 Happy Winter Solstice! I'm still slow but with a week off right now, I'm going to try and make up for it. Here's part 17 on the SG1 page. And yes, I did add another fandom into that universe.
Oct 28, 2006 Sorry about the long wait in between stories, my friends. I'm low on energy and inspiration. I've got lots of things started but here's the first one finished in months. Set in the M7 universes, here's Dragon's Paw. And yes, it is written from life except I didn't have a Vin to take care of me.
Jul 22, 2006 I'm writing slowly these days. Here's the next part of The Claiming. Enjoy!
Apr 5, 2006 Sorry for the delay but I had surgery on my left hand and have been in a cast since my last update. Only 12 more days until it comes off and I start physical therapy. I'm trying out the voice recognition software called Dragon, ver. 8. Very interesting and I need to do more training before I get really proficient at it. Still, with some real help from my beta, Tinneantoo, the Great, I finally have the next part of The Claiming up. But it's overrun the miscellaneous page and now, you'll find all the parts here.
Feb 28, 2006 The Claiming part fourteen is now up and ready for your reading pleasure.
Feb 20, 2006 Two more parts of The Claiming.
Jan 19, 2006 Three more parts to The Claiming.
Jan 1, 2006 Happy New Year, everyone! Go over to here for the next five parts of The Claiming. Who knew this bunny would grow so big?
Dec 21, 2005 Happy Solstice, Everyone! And as a gift, here's Part 3 of The Claiming. Enjoy!
Dec 17, 2005 The Claiming, part two.
Dec 13, 2005 New fandom just kind of blindsided me. Please try out The Claiming, set in the original Stargate universe.
Dec 2, 2005 I can finally post this challenge story over on the ATF Magnificent 7 page. Dragon's Mate, starring Josiah/Vin in the Anchors universe. And I somehow managed to miss posting the part just before that one, The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep.