The Smallville Universe

Someone else holds the copyrights to the Superman phenomenom.
I've seen a couple of episodes of this TV show and practically
snorted my tea as the outright slashiness of the main characters.

There have been several fests and challenges on the Net about
Clark and Lex, otherwise known as 'CLEX'.
There may be more in this series since I had an evil thought
when I started writing them and it's AU anyway,
so why not go all the way.

Waking Up

Brief Candle

Now, I originally had the urge to pair sweet Lex with a different
character in a different fandom. Yes, the dreaded crossover.
But give it a chance and I think you'll enjoy this series
that I call Starting Over.
They're housed on my Jonny Quest page.
So, head over there and see if you like them, too.