Author: Athea (
Title: Lake Views
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Sequel: This follows Looking for Home
Date: 25 December 2000
Artemis, part one

Two days later, we hooked our cars onto a freight train headed northwest and settled in to enjoy the ride. I was completely recovered from my cold and thankfully, James had not succumbed either. I was still contemplating our relationship and how it had grown so quickly from friendship to love on his part. I, of course, had been in love with him for months but he certainly hadn't been in love with me.

And yet now, he was in love and deeply if his actions were any indication. So, while we were comfortably ensconced on the settee, watching the scenery pass by, I asked him. His head was on my shoulder while he sat curled up in my lap. He thought for a long moment while I waited patiently.

"All my life, I thought I was different from everyone else." He said hesitantly. Putting emotions into words was still difficult for him. "I thought that love didn't really exist because no one loved me and I didn't love anyone. But then you came into my life and you made me laugh. You worked with me and showed me that I really didn't have to be my dour self. It was so cold inside of me that I didn't know I was thawing out until you found me bound to that wheel and showed me."

I kissed his temple and he pressed his lips to my throat.

"Looking back, I was probably falling in love with you the whole time but I didn't know it. I never knew what love was until you gave it to me unstintingly. You warmed me through and through until there wasn't any part of me that didn't love you." He curled up a little tighter and I cuddled him closer.

"Now, the whole world is warmer and I can see light everywhere instead of darkness. That's such a gift, my Artemis, such a wonderful gift that you gave me." He raised his head and looked at me with eyes that shimmered with unshed tears.

"Oh, my dearest love, how beautifully you show me your love." I kissed him gently and he opened to me sweetly. For long moments, we feasted on each other then he sighed and placed his head back on my shoulder. "I am greatly honored by your love and just wanted to make sure that I wasn't rushing you into something that you might regret later."

Unexpectedly, he chuckled. "Silly Artemis, I'm exactly like the pleasure slave I played a few days ago. Un-awakened until your bright self bought me out of the darkness and into the light of your love. You showed me that my body was beautiful and it's never been this loved, not its whole 28 years."

"Silly, am I?" I began to tickle him and he howled while trying to twist away from my knowing fingers. We played for a few minutes until we grew short of breath and had to stop. He was face down over my lap and I smoothed my hands over his tempting buttocks that were so nicely covered with silk.

"Oh dear, my very stern Sheik is pondering spanking his naughty pleasure slave." He said with a wiggle and a hopeful look.

We'd been rather abstinent since the night I thought I'd hurt him. The paperwork had taken both of us quite a bit of time while we signed what seemed like a thousand pieces of paper and I stocked the kitchen for every thing that we might need on our two week excursion into the countryside. Cuddling and lazy suckling was pretty much the total loving we'd indulged in.

"Yes, indeed, my naughty pleasure slave is wearing far too many clothes. Even though the pretty silk shirt is the same color of his eyes, it hides far too much of his satin smooth skin. He should be spanked for hiding my favorite chest." I idly slapped both buttocks and he squirmed in pleasure. "I think he should strip down to bare skin right now then I shall decide what his punishment should be."

Slipping off my lap, he began unbuttoning the silk shirt I'd bought him so many weeks past. Casting a shy look up at me, he let it fall to the floor then wiggled out of the silk boxers and knelt at my feet. "Such a beautiful slave and how lucky I am that the Emir didn't see you first or you'd belong to him."

"Never, my Sheik, I could never belong to anyone but you." He said fiercely and cast me a rather speaking glance from under his dark lashes.

"Loyalty, I like that in a slave. I believe I shall give you a little present for such a lovely declaration. You may hold my cock while I warm your cheeks for daring to dress today." I told him sternly and he couldn't quite contain his smile while swarming across my lap and freeing Artie from his own silk boxers.

"Thank you, my stern but loving Sheik, I promise to hold him really well. And maybe you'll let me have him to suck on later?" He gripped me with a loving slide of warm fingers.

"I'll think about it, little slave. Now, you are both my slave and my sweet mare and I have a special treat for both of you. Close your eyes and remember to hold onto my cock." I searched under one of the cushions for his surprise while he bit his lip and wiggled in excitement. "Now, for your spanking, I have a new tool of chastisement. Hold very still for me."

The brush was one I'd found in a shop that catered to women and had a broad pad of the softest bristles I'd ever felt. For the moment, I brought down the back in a pattern of light strokes that quickly warmed his rounded cheeks. His cock was between my legs and I made sure that I teased it with the hair of my thighs until it was hard and leaking. Then I reversed the brush and brought the bristles over his reddened skin.

"Oh, what is that, my Sheik? It feels so very good." He was biting his lips again and I brought it up to stroke down his back in long sweeping motions that had to feel wonderful to judge by the ripples of his skin.

"My pretty little mare wanted a brush instead of a bath the other day and I found one that will keep your coat bright and shiny. Such a soft skin on my little mare with the bright red cheeks." I ran it all the way down his legs and he wiggled all over. "But he still looks like a virgin mare to me."

"No, I'm not anymore, my Sheik. I want my great big stallion to come in and warm my insides the way my new brush has warmed my cheeks." He cast me another searing glance and I felt it warm me right down to my toes.

"Very well, little mare, you'll have to suck me until I'm completely hard while I probe this tiny hole with my fingers." I reached for the cream that is always right by the settee. "Kneel up, my sweet mare."

"Oh yes, please open me for your pleasure, my stallion." He shivered at the first touch of the cool cream before opening wide and sucking my crown into his hot mouth.

I chuckled and slid two fingers into him then came back out for a little more cream. He took three fingers and when I slipped the fourth in, he groaned around his mouthful and shook so hard that I had to press the base of his cock. Really, he was the most addicting drug I'd ever experienced.

"Well, my little mare is open and his stallion is ready so I believe it's time for my sweet slave to feel the power of his master." I urged him up to face me and he licked his lips while I lifted him over my cock. Slowly, I let him settle gradually down until my crown pierced him. He was panting and making little mewling sounds that fired my blood the way no one had ever done.

"So big, my stallion, you're so big inside of me." He moaned and I slowly let him have another inch. "Your mare is going to go insane if you don't give him more of that wonderful cock."

"Hm-m-m, my little mare may have to be put to the brush again if he continues to be so impatient." I gritted my teeth and very slowly slid the rest of me inside his tight hole. "There, that should please you. You have all of your stallion."

"Yes, I do." He opened his eyes and smiled into mine. "I promise to take very good care of him. I don't want his stable to grow any larger. Or my beloved Sheik's harem to need any new talent. Pleasure slaves from the north do best when they don't have any competition."

"Really? You don't think I should try out a few just to see that I'm not missing anything?" I lifted him by his red cheeks and let him drop an inch, watching his eyes to be sure there was no pain.

"No, definitely not." He said sharply and squeezed his inner muscles around me. "I mean, my wonderful Sheik doesn't need to bother with any of those other slaves since I love to have him inside of me anytime he wants me."

"That is quite true, little slave. You're very good about knowing when I need someone to love. And your table manners are adequate now that I have you trained. Although you still resist offering to serve the Emir."

He shook his head and raised himself with his thigh muscles before letting himself drop to pleasure himself. "Oh no, my Sheik, I'm a one man pleasure slave and could never serve anyone else what I save for only you."

"Ah, my faithful love, I remember you telling me that before. I shall have to promote you to beloved concubine in my one person harem." I thrust up just a little while he was coming down and he shook around me.

"I am ... honored, my Lord Sheik. Oh there ... my wonderful, powerful and caring master." He took over moving up and down while I gloved his leaking cock and thought about licking him from head to toe when we were done tormenting each other.

"My sweetly giving slave and concubine, how very well you pleasure me." I leaned in and kissed him, stilling his movement and sucking his tongue into my mouth. His taste was sweet and his arms hugged me tight.

I never tire of kissing him and feeling his sweet flesh against mine. I pulsed inside of him and he throbbed in my hand. For a moment, I felt as if I no longer knew which body was mine and which was his. The connection between us vibrated like the tracks our car rode upon. I'd never felt it before him and I knew I would never know it except with him.

He was my light and my life. And I thanked God every day for his sweet love. And as if that thought was our signal, he burst in my hand while I exploded inside of him.

James, part two

I shook hard around him and sprayed my seed all over his chest. Just his kiss has the power to make me come. But lately, I've noticed that we seem to read each other's mind. He's always been able to read mine but I seem to be getting better at knowing what he's thinking and feeling. It's probably because I love him so much.

He sighed and moved his lips across my face; scattering kisses over my skin like soft petals. "My James, how very much I love you."

I laid my head on his shoulder and breathed in his musky scent like the air I need to live. "My Artemis."

His hands stroked my back lovingly and I snuggled deeper into his arms, gripping his hips with my knees to keep Artie inside of me for as long as possible. "You're all right, my little slave?"

"I am better than all right, my loving master. Your gift has filled me to the brim and I shall keep it inside of me for as long as I can." I wondered how far inside of me his seed had gone. Was there a way for it to reach my heart? I would have to ask him about that later but for now, I just wanted to sit in his lap and feel loved.

"Sweet one, you shall have all of my seed for many years to come. Whenever you wish it, you must ask me and it shall be yours." He whispered in my ear before running the tip of his tongue around the edges, down to my earlobe, which he gently bit.

That felt good but then everything he did felt wonderful. I pondered my unloved self from before him and marveled at how different I was now. I could tease him, make love to him, pretend with him, play at games and laugh with him. That was such a change in my life that I wanted to give him the world.

"Sweetheart, I think we'd better wash up and get dressed unless you want to be my naked pleasure slave for the good townspeople of Nice." His voice teased me and I clenched around him with a pout. "As tempting as that aspect is, my James, I don't think I will share you with the populace just yet."

With a sigh, I hugged him tightly then began to slide up the thick shaft that had given me such pleasure. "No indeed, my Artemis, I have no wish to parade myself in front of our future neighbors."

"Oh love," he sighed regretfully when he finally slipped from me and I kissed him in recompense for his loss. His tongue rubbed against mine and I sucked him back into my mouth for the taste of him that I never tire of.

We parted reluctantly and I slipped from his lap to pick up my clothes while his large hand stroked my nether cheek tenderly. His shirt was sprayed with my seed and he started unbuttoning it while we walked back to our room. I stopped in my old room and got fresh clothes but I took them back to our bedroom so he could help me dress.

Everything we did was fun and I'd never realized how amusing getting dressed could be. Sometimes he was a French maid or a clothes designer and he always made me laugh with his accents and roving fingers. But I enjoyed dressing him as well because I knew while buttoning him up that I would be the one who got to unbutton him.

Today was no exception. First he checked my entrance and smoothed muscle salve deep inside of me then he redressed me in the soft silk drawers before buttoning the crisp white shirt and tucking the shirttails into my brown pants. He smoothed his hands over my groin while buttoning me up and I had to bite my lip at the sensitive pressure there.

"My James, you are a treat for all my senses. The freshly fucked look is a good one for you. I'll have to be sure I never send you out into public without it." He grinned at me and kissed me briefly.

"And the satisfied look you're wearing is one that I will be very sure you wear all the time. It will warn any stallion thieves that this one is taken." I reminded him while buttoning up his pale green shirt.

"Most assuredly, sweetheart, this stallion is branded and completely off limits to any poachers." He told me solemnly and I felt shy suddenly, ducking my head and holding on to him. His arms wrapped around me instantly, rocking me just a little until I could lift my head again. "Sweetheart, you have all my heart and soul. No one could ever come between us."

I nodded and finished helping him dress, smoothing a quiet Artie into his pants and buttoning him up so no one would know what a treasure was hidden there. "If anyone ever saw Artie, I'd have a fight on my hands so I'll be sure to walk in front of him to hide him."

"Ah, I wondered where naughty James had gotten to. Rest assured, right behind you is where Artie loves to be." And he swatted my ass out the bedroom door with a laugh. I wiggled in front of him, strutting just a little to remind him of my old self. He spanked me all the way into the front room and I just smiled sweetly at him. "Oh, someone is asking for chastisement. And my little mare's new brush will be just the thing a little later."

"No, naughty student James will probably need the paddle after getting a lecture from stern but loving teacher Artemis. I have questions about anatomy that only he can teach me." I looked up at him through my eyelashes and he gave me that fond look that was fifty- percent exasperation and fifty- percent love.

"I believe that lessons would be a very good way to end this exciting day. I think I'll have you memorize some texts and repeat them to me later." He smiled a really evil smile and I wanted to jump up and down with delight but settled for just nodding as the train slowed. "Oh good, we're here. Shall we go and see what Nice looks like?"

"I hope it is as 'nice' as its name." I said hopefully, grabbing my hat and gloves.

"Me too, James. It would be 'nice' if this is all we hope." He picked up his gloves from the table and I fled before he could pull them on.

Watching that always makes me hard and there was too much to do today. I spoke to the stationmaster about moving our three cars to the side rails where we'd be parking for the next two weeks or longer if it all worked out. He'd gotten our telegram and several workers moved in to switch the cars over. I watched them but they seemed to know what they were doing so I left them to it.

The air was cool and crisp and the forest seemed alive on the other side of the track. Several mountains ranged to the east of us and while I couldn't see the lake from the station, I could smell the water. The village of Nice had almost 100 people living here, most of them having moved here after the War. There was mining, ranching, a small wood mill and good fishing so the village had attracted a diverse group of settlers.

Artemis was talking to the stationmaster so I went to bring out Lady and Charger. The cars were detached and one of the men helped me pull out the ramp that usually rode inside the stable car. He nodded when I said thank you and mentioned that the livery stable had any supplies that we might need. That was good to know and I smiled before heading inside to saddle our horses.

For no reason, I found myself smiling at Charger when I placed my saddle on his back and reached under him to tighten his girth. I turned bright red when I realized what I was thinking of. Stallions and mares, how very interesting my life had gotten. Part of me wanted to take a look at him to see if he was as big as Artie but another part was still rather shocked at that thought.

But then I pondered Lady while I saddled her and thought about what it was like to be a mare and come upon a stallion when in heat. I'm pretty sure I was blushing all the way down to my toes when I led both horses down the ramp and across the tracks to the front of the station. Artemis was smiling and laughing with the stationmaster.

"Mr. Harris, we shall indeed be glad to sample your good wife's cooking when we return from our ride. James, Mr. Harris has offered us dinner this evening if we don't get back too late."

"That would be nice, Mr. Harris." I smiled at him, liking his wide smile and the laugh lines around his eyes.

"We'll see you at six if you're back, otherwise tomorrow will do just as well. The missus loves to cook." He gave us a wave and went back into the station while we mounted and rode west.

It felt great to be out in the open air away from the crowds of people that thronged Sacramento. The road wove near the lakeshore, sometimes close, sometimes just out of sight. We rode over an hour in silence while we watched our surroundings. Passing a homestead with a green door, I felt the anticipation mount. Another mile and it would be our land.

If we liked it.

Artemis hastened the pace and I gladly matched it. The road was gone now and we threaded through trees that looked like they'd been growing for centuries. The light was filtered through the leaves and it was quiet except for the clink of our harness. The birds were silent while we rode beneath them but every once in a while bright flash of blue or red would catch my eye.

We rode for almost an hour before we came out the other side of the forest. Artemis reined in and dismounted to crouch and pull up some of the tall grass. Black earth clung to the roots and he smiled before letting it drop. "North or west, James?"

"North for an hour then a little west before we head back to the lake?" I answered and he smiled, agreeing with me.

So we kept on riding what might become our land and I made careful mental notes of what I saw. After an hour, we halted and dismounted. Hobbling the horses, I laid out the small blanket from my saddle roll, spreading it on the ground. I watched Artemis pull his well-filled saddlebags off Lady and waited to see what wonders he'd prepared for our lunch.

"Sweetheart, you look like it's Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one." He teased me while joining me on the blanket. "Perhaps I've made nothing at all exciting."

"No, you couldn't ever prepare a meal without making something special, my Artemis." I told him assuredly. "You are the best cook in the world."

"Well, after that glowing accolade how could I do less than a banquet?" He teased me again while he took out package after package of wrapped food. "Now, sandwiches don't have a lot of scope for a real chef but I don't think that you will be disappointed, my James."

I eagerly unwrapped the waxed paper from the first square and found some sliced cheddar. The next one yielded lettuce leaves and the next watercress. Each one revealed another ingredient in our feast.

Artemis, part three

He was such a joy to cook for, his eyes bright as he unwrapped each piece of our lunch. I don't think picnics had ever been part of his past and that made it even more important that I give him this kind of treat. In time, these moments would become commonplace but until then, I was glad to have a part in them. The small jars of olives, pickles and onions I saved for last since they might spill their juices.

"Now with the buttered bread, I think we can build quite respectable sandwiches. Do you want chicken or beef?" I asked him and he chose beef. We assembled our meal and ate hungrily.

"Everything tastes better in the open air." He said with a sigh after swallowing.

"Very true, sweetheart. Lean over here." I motioned him closer and licked a crumb from the corner of his mouth. He shivered and gazed at me with wide eyes. "Now, my James, no picnic would be complete without some ... games."

"That was never part of our family meals. We'd have a kind of picnic once a year after Father preached the last Sunday sermon of May. All the cousins would gather and bring food but never really good food like this. And we weren't allowed to run or play but had to sit and listen to our elders. Which usually meant Father and Aunt Lucille." He chewed another bite while his unfocused eyes told me that he was reliving one of those reunions. "The last one was when I was sixteen and Cousin Annabelle took me aside and made love to me. Father beat me really hard that evening for walking out with her. Two month later, I left for West Point."

I had no words to tell him how appalling I found that little recitation so I drew him into my arms and cradled his sweet body against mine while I kissed him senseless. He moaned into my mouth and I contemplated making love to him right here on the blanket in the fresh air and sunshine.

"James, I forgot to bring anything but water for us to drink and I'm craving a rare vintage that only I get to have." I reached a hand down to the hard shape outlined so beautifully by his tight pants and stroked it carefully. "Since I've captured the only source of this very special beverage, I'm going to indulge myself while you go ahead and eat your lunch."

He watched me wide eyed while I unbuttoned his pants and freed his lovely cock. "Yes, indeed, this is the only source of the special milk that I need every day. I'll just have to coax some out for my lunch."

"Oh god!" He writhed on the blanket while I sucked him deep and swallowed around him before fluttering my tongue against his crown. "Artemis!"
I chuckled and deep throated him again while he gasped for air and moaned out loud. My lover had a strangle hold on the remains of his sandwich and it wasn't going to be fit to eat when we finished. Luckily, I'd packed lots. So I kept on pleasuring him right into climax and I drank him down like the fine wine I'd compared him to.

Looking down into dazed blue eyes, I kissed him, sharing his taste with him. His arms came up around me and held me tightly while I stroked his arms. Then he sighed and opened his eyes again. "Did I come up to your expectations?"

"Completely, my James. You taste just like the milk of the fabled unicorn, so rare that I plan on keeping you right by my side for the rest of my life."

"Promise?" He said shakily.

"I promise, my love. After all, I'm the only one who knows how to ... milk you." Waggling my eyebrows at him, I surprised him into a laugh.

"But then what will I drink, kind milkman?" He said innocently, stroking my lap with knowing fingers.

"Water?" I teased him but he was already opening my pants and freeing Artie.

Licking all around my crown, he gazed up at me through his eyelashes. "No, I think I'll just suck on this great big teat and see if I can make it give milk, too."

I laughed aloud and stroked his soft hair. "Well, if anyone can get it to give forth milk, it will be your dedicated fervor."

He sucked me in as deep as he could and used both hands to friction my shaft to full hardness. Fluttering his tongue against the nerve below my crown, I jerked a bit and watched him smile. "I can see this kind of ... milking ... becoming very popular. Next time, I'll bring a jar of cherry sauce so you can sweeten my salty taste."

James let me go for a moment and smiled sweetly at me. "You taste of milk and honey. That's more than sweet enough for me."

I chuckled while he went back to his dedicated nursing and once I relaxed completely, he wrung my climax from me with his new skill. Leaning back on my elbows under the bright sun, I contemplated the land around me with favor. He licked me clean and leaned up to kiss me while his hand petted a depleted Artie. Then he laid his head on my chest and sighed.

"I think that we've chosen this land as ours, sweet James. Now that we've sanctified this meadow, it would be a shame to pass it on to another." I looked about me, taking careful note of the way the terrain rolled in gentle hills right up to the tree line.

"Yes, it's good soil and I like the way the forest guards the rest of the property." He sat up and tucked Artie away before buttoning my pants. "But I want to take a look at the lakeshore. It would be more cost efficient to bring our building materials in by water from Finley on the other side of the lake. They have a major railway line from San Francisco."

"Sweetheart, I'm amazed by your business sense. Thank goodness you have charge of that part of our lives. I hadn't even thought about how we'd get our building supplies here." Shaking my head, I cleared up the remains of his squished sandwich before making another one for him.

He just grinned. "That's because your brain is busy designing our house and what goes inside of it."

"Ah, that's quite true, my James. How very well we fit together." I handed him the new sandwich and he nodded while biting into it. "So once we finish our feast, we'll head south again to the lake and see what it would take to build a boat dock so the materials that aren't available on site can be shipped in. Then we'll make our way leisurely home to our enchanted railway car and get ready for dinner with the Harris'."

He chuckled and swallowed. "What do you want to bet, they have at least one daughter of an age to marry?"

"Oh, that's one bet I wouldn't like to take. Two prosperous looking men of marriage age would be welcomed with open arms in almost any community in the United States. Fighting off their advances is going to be part of our lives from now on." I ruffled his fair hair. "And such a beautiful man as yourself will be viewed as a great prize."

He cast me a heated look. "I expect my stern Sheik to protect his valuable pleasure slave."

I pretended to think about that before leaning in for another kiss. "Yes, you're quite right. I shall have to keep you all to myself, locked in my harem away from the greedy women of California."

"That's what I'm counting on, my beloved Sheik." He brushed the crumbs from his hands and jumped to his feet. "Let's go and look some more, Artemis. My milk has re-energized me."

Chuckling, I started cleaning up the debris of our meal. "Isn't that interesting, James? So has mine."

We crossed a small stream that obviously led down to the lake. Back tracking it a ways led to a beautiful glade with a ground spring that had very tasty water. I refilled our canteens there and decided to test it for impurities when we got back home. Following the stream, we finally got to the lakeshore. The beautiful blue water stretched as far as the eye could see and it looked like a glance from James' eyes. He was too busy being practical to really notice it but then that's his specialty.

A small ridge of higher ground caught my eye and when I gauged the distance from it to the stream, I knew I'd found the place for our home. It was a quarter of a mile or so from the shoreline and only about a city block distant of the stream. Depending on the history of floods in the area, it looked like the perfect place to build. When I pointed it out to James, he studied it slowly before nodding.

"The ridge would provide a barrier to the cold north winds of winter but we'd have the southern breezes from the lake to cool us in summer. I like it, Artemis. The other side of the ridge would be the perfect place to have a barn and corral for our stock. Out of sight but close enough to still get to even in bad weather."

"Good, unless we learn differently, this is now our future site." I drew him into my arms and just held him close. "I never really believed I'd ever have such a home. I've been a wanderer all my life. But now, I crave that home with a longing such as I've never felt before."

He held me tightly. "You won't get bored?"

"Never. My dearest love, I could never be bored. There will be hard work getting us started, experiments in the laboratory that I'd like to build, plays to put on in Nice and passionate love to be made with my insatiable lover." I kissed his temple and looked into a bright future.

Sighing, he relaxed into my arms. "Every really good ranch has a laboratory. And you forgot your vineyard."

"Ah, how true. Some of that land near the forest had very nice soil and also protection from those colder winds you spoke of."

"Good, I want the northern reaches for our cattle and in between will be our horse breeding land. Why 10,000 acres may not be enough for us." He raised his head and shot me an extremely impudent look.

"Naughty James is looking for his first spanking on our new property." I said as sternly as I could but his instantly meek gaze made me laugh. "On second thought, I shall save that for another day. We need to head back so we can see some of the village before dusk."

He pouted but agreed and we mounted our horses to follow the shoreline back to the small village, which would be our headquarters until we could build our new home. James was right, I thought with a fond look at the man who held my heart. I was already planning what would go inside the house that wasn't even a plan on paper yet.

James, part four

We spent four days exploring the village and our land. The more I rode over the acres, the more at home I felt. Artemis was busy with pencil and paper every moment that we weren't actually working. Our house was going to be beautiful and big. The last time I looked, he already had six bedrooms in it and I wondered who was going to be in the other five.

When I ventured a question, he told me that two of them were ours because it had to look as if we had separate bedrooms. I hadn't thought about that and I'm afraid I rather pouted until he took me in his arms and told me to think of it as a very big closet for all our clothes. That and his kiss reassured me that I would not be sleeping alone.

While he was planning our home, I was gathering information on the land. There was a local Pomo Indian tribe just beyond the boundary of our land and a truce was currently in effect between them and the small villages that were springing up around Clear Lake. I spoke with the Headman of the tribe and sounded him out on working for us once we had a herd of cattle and began to breed horses. The tribe had just been decimated by an outbreak of measles and there were only fifty-six of them left from their original 110.

He thought for a long moment while the heads of each family sat in a circle behind him to offer their advice. I told him that each worker would earn a wage but also a percentage of any profit that came from our efforts. That was a new thought for them and they promised to take counsel with each other while we were gone. Because Artemis and I would have to return to Sacramento to finish up all the paperwork, pay for the land and see about the long lists of items that kept growing with each new idea.

Riding back to Nice, I thought about the expertise they had in this area and how shabbily the government was treating them. It may be a fact of life that the original peoples of every historical exploration often were exterminated to make way for the new settlers but it didn't have to be that way. I wanted people who would take care of the land and each other. The Pomos were 'family' tribes in the fullest sense of the word and aside from my family, I thought families would be good for the future of our land.

It felt good to be outdoors again. Everyday, I'd ridden over the property. Artemis had come twice with me but he seemed to know when I needed some quiet time and he sent me off with packed saddle bags and a kiss to remind me where to return. As if I needed reminding, I grinned. We'd taken to making love first thing in the morning since the days were so long and full of work. He told me that it was a well known fact that a good breakfast and great loving was all that was needed to start the day off right.

I agreed wholeheartedly. But tonight, the car was being hooked onto a freight train headed back to Sacramento. The rental rail car and the stable car were staying in Nice but the horses were being stabled at the village livery. The son of the grizzled black smith promised to faithfully exercise them. I'd watched him carefully and knew he'd do a good job. He had a sure touch with the horses that told me that we might just have a new member for our growing staff.

The village came into sight and I sighed thankfully. I was ready to start building and wanted the paperwork part to be done now. But I was also looking forward to the trip back to Sacramento and being alone with Artemis. I urged Charger up to a trot, suddenly needing to see my partner. I rode into the livery and let young Peter Little have him.

Striding down the main street, I tipped my hat to Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Baker, the minister's wife. The Harris' did indeed have an 18-year old daughter, Elizabeth. She was a nice girl but completely tongue-tied whenever we were alone together. I wished her well but wasn't even tempted to stray from my wonderful lover. In fact, I had plans for us, once we'd started on our journey.

Naughty student James needed to be chastised by stern teacher Artemis. I must have done something wrong in the last few days that needed correction. Smiling, I stuck my head in at the local shop of the furniture maker, Wellington Farnsworth. He and Artemis had similar ideas about design and that's where my lover usually ended the day.

"James, come and see what Wellington has designed for the dining room." Artemis beckoned me over and I thought how very good he looked with his eyes glowing with excitement.

The shy man, who usually spoke with his pencil rather than his voice, turned the sheet around so I could see it. The table reminded me of one I'd seen once in a monastery in Massachusetts. Long but not too wide, the turned legs spiraled up into the top while the edges were carved in an almost Greek key design. The chairs that went with it matched perfectly, their carved spindle legs holding up the wide arms on each side.

"They look comfortable, Mr. Farnsworth. I think our guests will enjoy sitting in them and eating off that table." I told him and watched him blush, returning my nod. "Artemis, I hate to drag you away but we need to make sure the car is ready to be hooked to the freight train. I saw it was already in when I came past the station."

"Goodness yes, James, you're quite right. I need to put the chicken in to roast for our dinner tonight and I still haven't been by the grocer's. Wellington, keep up the good work and we'll return within the week." Artemis clapped him on the shoulder and strode out, heading for the greengrocer's.

"Mr. Farnsworth, I'd like to leave some money with you as a start on the beautiful furniture you're creating for us. Would one hundred dollars be enough to start?" I pulled out five twenty-dollar gold pieces and watched his eyes widen. "I expect that Artemis forgot earlier. Just put this on our account and give me the bills when they come due. I'm looking forward to seeing our furniture within the walls of our new home. Thank you for your vision."

He nodded slowly and suddenly smiled from ear to ear. "Thank you, Mr. West."

The deep booming voice was a shock, coming from the shy, stoop-shouldered man but I'd heard him sing at the Sunday church service with a sense of awe. He and Artemis had the two best voices in the whole village. We bowed to each other and I followed in my lover's wake. He was chuckling with Mrs. Henry behind the counter at the local store while he finished making his last minute purchases.

Loading my arms with items, he blew her a kiss from the door and she laughingly told him to hurry back. We walked in contented silence to the railway car and inside. He headed right for the kitchen and I followed, since I had most of the ingredients he needed for dinner.

"Sweetheart, I hung a surprise for you up in the bathroom. I believe that we're overdue for another of our little plays." His eyes twinkled at me and I leaned in to kiss him with fervor.

"I think I have a lot of questions about ... oh, anatomy and things." I tried to look like a student and he chuckled.

"Ah, student James and teacher Artemis, that will be fun. Off you go with the tea kettle and get the temperature just right." He handed me the hot water and I left to ready myself for him. The whole car jerked when I was still kneeling in the tub filling up and I hung onto the sides to keep from hitting my head. But once full, I popped in the plug and slowly got out.

Artemis had gotten me a velvet robe like his except in a pretty blue and I put it on before heading back to the kitchen to see if I could help. He was just shutting the oven door when he saw me and I basked in his warm smile. "How very beautiful you look, James. I've already shut all the shades and dinner will be ready in about an hour so I think I shall cuddle my sweet lover on the settee while kissing him to distraction."

I nodded, overwhelmed by my urge to cuddle in his arms and never come out. He seemed to know how I was feeling because he quickly swept me up in his arms and carried me into the parlor. Sitting on the settee, he swung his legs up and kept me curled in his lap. He petted my hair and his strong arms made me feel safe.

"Beloved James, we haven't had much time for this, have we?" His husky voice relaxed me and his hands stroked me into a sprawl. "We must never forget to make this space in our lives so we can fill it with our love. When I looked around and didn't see you near, I felt for a moment that you were just a mirage and I was alone again. It felt very, very odd."

I cuddled closer and started unbuttoning his shirt so I had skin to kiss. "Me too, Artemis. I was riding through the forest and I saw a hawk fly up but when I turned to show you, you weren't there and I felt very alone."

"We are indeed a pair of love-sick swains, my James. Thank goodness." His sigh against my temple brought my lips up to cover his.

Tasting him was so good that I wanted to never stop. He'd had a glass of brandy with his lunch and I could still catch a faint hint of it when I rubbed my tongue against his. "You taste of lamb, my Artemis. The Baker's must have had you for lunch."

"James! I'm shocked at your grammar, surely you mean they invited me to eat lunch with them. You're the only one who gets to have me for a meal." He tut-tutted at me and I tried to look contrite.

"I'm so sorry, teacher Artemis. That's what I meant to say. Please don't put me over your knee and spank me." I dropped my eyes after peeking to make sure he knew I was teasing.

"Such a shocking mistake deserves a sound spanking and just because you're my only student doesn't mean that I won't punish you most severely for the hideous crime of lax grammar." He moved me upside down over his lap and stroked my buttocks while pushing in the plug. "Why if I don't correct you now, you'll be splitting your infinitives and using slang in your speech."

I squirmed a little, the water inside of me beginning to tingle a little. "Oh no, teacher Artemis, I'd never do that."

"You certainly won't, naughty James." And he began to smack my cheeks with the flat of his hand while the velvet of my robe burned on my skin. I couldn't figure out the pattern of his little slaps and every time he pushed in the plug, I felt like I was beginning to burn inside as well as outside.

"Now, young James, I think that's enough punishment for the moment. Kneel down here by me and tell me about your day."

I slid off his lap and knelt up, resting my arms on his legs and looking up at him. He listened intently, enjoying my story about the Pomos and nodding at the offer I made them. Then he told me of his day and the people he'd met. His imitations are uncanny and I could see each of our new neighbors clearly. By the time the chicken declared itself done, I'd been cleansed inside and out and Artemis had decreed that naughty schoolboys had to eat dinner naked in case more correction was needed.

I was really looking forward to my lessons. Even if it was play, I still learned so much from him. I planned on being a very good student and only a little bit naughty.

Artemis, part five

James was practically beside himself with excitement at our little play. I had to remember to make time for these especially when we grew busier and life grew more hectic. He needed the alone times and I loved to see him relaxed after a long ride with just him and Charger. But even more, he needed these together times when he had my full attention.

And I planned to give him my unrelenting attention. "Now, student James, you mentioned that you had questions about anatomy. I certainly hope that you're not talking about those naughty bits of which polite people don't speak."

His wide-eyed look was priceless. "I don't know of any naughty bits, Sir. Except those that I was told never to say out loud."

"Well then, that's all right. Taste a bite of this chicken and tell me what you think." I slid the fork between his lips and watched him chew it. He took a long time, licking his lips twice after he swallowed. Artie was hardening nicely and I was looking forward to finding someplace nice and warm for him.

"Very good, Sir. But my question is where does the food go after I swallow it?" Those guileless eyes looked up into mine and I had to swallow a lump in my throat before answering him.

"Good question, young James. Food goes down your throat," I slid my fingers down his throat to the top of his chest. "Then it slides through your esophagus and into your stomach. Try a bite of these potatoes."

He chewed slowly, his eyes slitting with enjoyment. He truly loved my dill and butter potatoes. "But what happens when it gets to my stomach?"

I fed him his dinner while he rested his arms on my legs and kept asking questions. Some of it was obviously new to him and I could see him thinking about what I said. Until we got a bit lower, I was content to feed his curiosity for knowledge. We'd just finished everything on the plate when he gave me a rather flirtatious look.

"Sir, I can't quite see where everything goes when you trace the path on my body. A picture would really be most helpful."

"Really, I don't have any pictures handy but perhaps it would help if you traced it on my body?"

"Oh yes, Sir. That would be very helpful." He sat up and laid a hand on my shirt buttons. "If it's not too much trouble?"
I started slowly unbuttoning my shirt. "Knowledge is a very precious thing, young James and it is never too much trouble to help you understand your lessons. But I think we should move to the classroom so our books are handy for these lessons."

"Yes, Sir. I'll be very diligent in my studies." The innocent look was masterful and I was hard pressed to keep from smiling while he tugged me out of the chair and practically pulled me down the corridor to our bedroom.

He had me undressed very quickly and I saw him bite his lip when he saw how hard Artie was already. It really had been too long since we'd 'played'. "Oh Sir, your body is very different from mine. Why is that?"

"Well, James, when you grow up, you'll grow more hair and have to shave just as I do. Now, trace for me the path your food takes."

His fingers traced the route, taking several detours before reaching my stomach. "But where does it go after bits of it go to feed my blood and my brain?"

"Some of it liquefies and becomes urine that you must urinate away. Have you done that recently, young James?" I asked him when he bit his lip.

"No, Sir. May I go and do that now, please?"

"Certainly, I'll just come with you and continue the lesson." I steered him into the bathroom and held his cock with one hand while he leaned back against me. "Now, your penis rids your body of the liquid wastes left after the stomach digests your food."

"Sometimes when I wake up, I'm all hard and white stuff comes out of it." He whispered with a brief glance up.

"That happens to all men, James. Do you ever rub it to make it hard so the white stuff will come out?"

"Sometimes, Sir, is that very bad?"

"No, James, it's a little naughty but that's all right so long as you don't let anyone else rub it. Now, I'll just release my liquid while you study my penis to see if you have any questions. Go ahead and touch it, that's what study is for." He immediately reached out and stroked Artie who quivered at his touch.

"Will I get this big when I grow up, Sir?" He said innocently.

"Probably not, James, like excessive hair, your penis size is decided by your ancestors. Now do you have any more questions?" I steered him back to the bedroom and had him kneel at the end of the bed while I propped myself up on the pillows.

"Yes, Sir. What happens to the solid wastes that are left behind?" He had his hands clasped in front of him like an innocent choirboy and I was hard pressed to stifle my grin.

"Well, come here and I'll trace their route for you." Laying a hand on his stomach, I used my finger to trace the way. "It enters your bowels then slides down your colon and comes out back here." I rubbed a thumb over his entrance and he wiggled all over.

"Why does that feel good, Sir? And why did you say not to let anyone else rub my penis?"

"Only very naughty boys rub other naughty boys penises. And the elimination of wastes is very pleasant. Now another thing that naughty boys do that I want to make sure you never do is put other things up inside your anus." I continued to gently rub the nerve rich area behind his balls and he surreptitiously moved his legs farther apart to give me better access.

"Oh, Sir, I'd never do that. It would surely hurt and not feel good like it does when I rub my penis."

"Well, that may be, but just in case, I'm going to test you now and make sure that nothing has ever been inside of your little anus." I had the cream already opened and I dipped my finger in it before coming back to the spasming muscle. "Now, let's see if my finger will fit in here."

His back rippled and he bit his lip at the sensation. "Oh, Sir, your finger is very big. But not as big as your penis."

"Well now, that's a fine lesson, young James. Why don't you measure my penis while I see if two fingers would fit inside of here?" I was scissoring my fingers and he was back to biting his lip. "Just straddle my legs here so you can see what you're measuring."

"Thank you, Sir, that's much better. How very big your fingers feel inside of me. Is this something that I shouldn't do with anyone else either?" He asked while clenching around my fingers.

"Certainly not, James, while you're my student, no one is allowed to put anything in your anus but me and no one is ever to touch your penis either. I may need to for study purposes but that is all right since I'm your teacher." I slid three fingers in while he gripped Artie fervently.

"Yes, Sir. No one is to touch me but you." He nodded and licked his lips again. "Your penis is very long and thick, Sir. How do I measure around you when I don't have a tape measure?"

"Very good, James. At the moment you'll have to estimate but when we're not in the middle of an experiment, you can find a tape measure and measure him another time. You have so many questions that we'll have several classes on anatomy in the near future. Now, how many fingers do I have inside of you?"

"Oh, Sir, you have three fingers inside of me. How can I stretch so wide? Why that little hole could never stretch so big." He wiggled back on my hand and sighed.

"The human body is an amazing thing, my diligent student. Now, why don't you measure how long my penis is with the help of this nice slippery cream. I'm going to show you something even more amazing about your body." I waggled my eyebrows and he cast me a wicked look while he tried to keep from laughing.

But once he creamed my hard-as-steel cock, he transferred the left over cream to himself and then wriggled all over. "Sir, I have this empty feeling inside of me that I've never had before. Are you going to show me how to fill it up?"

"Yes, indeed, kneel up above my penis ... did you measure him with the white cream?" I asked, helping him to straddle me so I had a nice clear path to his stretched entrance.

"He's very, very long, Sir. I've never seen one so long before." He put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself.

"But he's not too long to fit right here in your very accommodating anus. Just like so." And I slid Artie through the muscle and all the way in.

"Oh, I think he's so long that he will come out of my stomach." James' voice was strained and I held still while he shook around me, trying to relax.

"No, my very accommodating student, he can't do that. How is that empty space inside of you?" I pulled him close and watched his eyes slowly open.

"All gone, my wonderful teacher, it's quite full now. Will you make sure it stays filled with my very long, very wide teacher's penis?"

"Of course, my yearning student, I shall fill it night and day so you are never empty again." I leaned in and kissed him while he wrapped his arms around my neck and shivered around me.

"How very nice it is of you to fill all my empty spaces, my wise teacher. I never knew that tongues were so very agile." He flexed around me with a sudden grin and I gripped his buttocks, lifting him up and up until I'd almost come out.

"Gravity is your next lesson, my young student. But we're not using any boring apples this time." And then I let go.

James, part six

I swear I saw stars when I slid down his cock and hit my gland. All I could do was shake around him while I felt him move me back up again to start all over. "Yes, gravity is one of those constant laws of the universe that's a lot more fun then some people give it credit for."

"Oh-h-h-h, Sir." I panted and held onto his shoulders, beginning to move up and down with my thighs to help. "I never knew science could be so much fun. What a very good teacher you are."

"Well, I have a very good student who likes to learn his lessons diligently and never slacks off of his homework. And you are showing a real disposition for experimentation that bodes well for your future."

"Only if I can experiment with you, my teacher. I shall be your most devoted student if you just keep showing me the wonders of science." I frowned because I couldn't get the angle right. "But I think I need to have you show me in the mirror this gravity principle."

"Ah, you propose a variation on the experiment. That can be arranged but I'm afraid I shall have to come out before I can come back in again." He smiled and lifted me completely off of him.

"Oh, Sir, the emptiness came back." I pouted and he kissed me hard before moving me to one side.

"Now, come up on all fours for me, young James, and keep your eyes on the mirror. It's a bit of an optical illusion involved here because your small hole here doesn't look like it could take a penis the size of mine. But that's where the illusion comes in because you can see ... how ... very ... nicely ... he ... fits."

I felt like it was the first time all over again as he stretched me impossibly wide, piercing me with the flared crown and slowly surging inside of me until he could go no further. Watching it was incredible but then so was feeling it. He smoothed soft caresses to my lower back and waited for me to tell him to move.

"Sir, you're right. I'd have never thought that your penis could possibly fit into my small hole. But along with gravity, isn't there some law about friction?"

"Very good, James. I believe you're referring to kinetic friction. That's when a solid object ... let's use my penis, shall we? My penis slides across ... oh, let's use your anal channel for the secondary object." He pulled back and thrust back in, hitting my gland and making my eyes water. "Now the force of one object sliding across another produces friction and also heat. Let me demonstrate for you."

Several strokes later, I was panting and quite unable to keep my eyes off of the sight of his cock pounding into me. His hands pulled my hips towards him then pushed me away while I shivered as if with the ague every time he hit my gland.

"You see, friction can sometimes produce great heat and that's why I had you use the cool cream to coat my penis before I inserted it into your anus for the purpose of experimentation." He slowed his strokes until I was about to shake around him. "Is it quite clear to you, my suddenly silent student?"

I had to take a deep breath before answering him. "Yes, Sir, I think I ... grasp the principle. But I think you should show me again just how much force is needed to make the friction ... burn."

"Such an inquiring mind, I'm so proud of you, James. And I'd be glad to show you again. But this time, let's add another variable. Why don't you grasp your penis with one hand and stroke it while I friction against your anal walls?" He barely waited for me to grab for my cock before he began the delicious pounding that send me right over the edge.

I climaxed in my hand while he thrust once more and released inside of me. His weight pushed me into the sheets and I lay there, satiated and replete. After a moment, he rolled us over so he wasn't squishing me but I was still held close in his warm arms with all that wonderful hair tickling my backside. One hand came down to grasp my cock still held in my hand.

"Student James has just gotten an A+ for his science experiment." His husky voice told me before he kissed my neck.

"Thank you, kind teacher. I could have never done it without your diligent tutoring. But for the sake of my education, I'd like to repeat it with several other variables. Would you be ... up for that?" I asked sleepily while trying to press closer to his heat.

"Ah yes, indeed, you have the true scientific mindset. We can practice as often as you like. Maybe with enough experimentation, you can grow more hair on your chest." He whispered before biting my ear.

"Really?" I made my voice go up. "Oh, Sir, that would be wonderful. Yours feels so good to me, I'd love to grow more. But do you think ... no, of course not."

"What is it, James? What else would you like to know?" He stroked my chest and played with the nipple ring.

"If I exercise my penis, do you think I could ever grow as big as you?" I peeked over my shoulder in time to see him shake with laughter.

"I don't know, young James, but it certainly couldn't hurt. Why don't I devise some exercises for you to see if we can't get you to grow?" He stroked my cock lovingly. "I'll have to get that tape measure and measure you now. Then, I'll measure you every day to see what progress you make."

He slipped from me and I quickly turned in his arms to hold him. "Quick, Sir, that empty feeling is back but I think maybe your tongue would help."

"Sweet James, my tongue is always at your disposal." He said before slipping it between my lips and stroking mine.

We stayed that way for some time until I almost fell asleep. But he urged me up so we could bathe and stepping into the hot water made me feel wonderful. We were taking turns with soap and it was my turn tonight to use the soap that reminded me of my mother. Artemis liked it too and I enjoyed lathering him with the sweet scent. Finally, we finished washing and just soaked in the hot water.

"Artemis, what are we going to do while we're building the house? Living two hours away just won't work." I was a little worried that we'd lose precious loving time.

"Well, I did have an idea about that. I thought we'd take a wagon in first and every other night we'd sleep on the site in the back of the wagon. A bit uncomfortable but with you to keep me warm, I think we'd survive. Once the main rooms are done and water tight, then we'd move into them and only come out for a day or so each week when we needed the civilized comfort of a hot bath and a meal that we hadn't cooked ourselves."

I had a sudden idea and turned in his arms to watch his eyes. "Or, we could build the dock first and anchor a houseboat there. That way, we'd be a lot more comfortable and a little more private."

"How very ingenious of you, James. That sounds wonderful." He pulled me in and kissed me. "I've never cooked on a houseboat before. That should be a very nice challenge for me. Boredom has been completely banished since you came into my life, sweet James."

"Good, I don't want you to ever miss anything that I can give you." I leaned in and initiated a kiss. His arms held me close while one hand fondled my ass cheeks and Artie poked me just a little to remind me that he could be persuaded to come back inside of me.

But that reminded me of something that naughty schoolboy James needed from his teacher. When he finished kissing me, he eyed me with a measuring eye. "I'm seeing something rather naughty on my James' sweet face."

"Me ... naughty? Oh no, Sir, I'd never dare be naughty because I know that the terrible paddle of chastisement would be used over and over on my poor bottom. But I do have something really terrible to confess." I dropped my eyes and squirmed just a little.

"Oh dear, my sweet but naughty student needs to get dry first before I decide on his terrible swift punishment." He shook his head and let me help him out of the tub so we could dry off.

Once we were back in the bedroom and he had the velvet paddle in one hand, I knelt at his feet and confessed. "I said 'ain't' this morning and ... and I used a double negative when I was talking to the Headman of the Pomos."

"Good heavens, slang and bad grammar have passed those delectable lips. Assume the position, naughty student James." He was trying really hard not to laugh but I saw his lips tremble just a little while I lay across his lap. "I don't know just how many spanks those terrible deeds should get so I guess I'll just have to spank you until these pretty white cheeks glow bright red."

"Whatever you think right, my stern teacher." I prepared myself for the delicious burn that the paddle always left on my skin. "Oh ... I'll ... never ... say ... ain't ... as long as I live."

His aim was uncanny and soon my whole bottom felt as it was on fire. "Well, I certainly hope that nasty word never crosses your lips again or I shall have to wash your mouth out with soap, young man. Now, I think my naughty student will have to lay across my lap for a while until he feels properly contrite."

He slid me up in his arms and rolled us into center of the bed with me on top so he could run his hands over my hot cheeks. His lips slanted across mine and our tongues dueled lazily while the vibration of the train began to lull us to sleep. "Good night, sweet James. I love you."

"I love you too, my Artemis. But tomorrow, I think I'll have you exam me on grammar again. That whole double negative thing is kind of confusing." I smiled down at him and he just laughed and rubbed my bottom. I really was looking forward to my next lessons.

End Lake Views