Author: Athea (
Title: Home Building
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Sequel: This follows Lake Views.
Date: 30 December 2000
Artemis, part one

"Artemis, it's been three weeks since we've ... played a game." James said rather plaintively.

We were riding back to town for our weekly break. It was a cloudy day and with tarpaulins, we'd made very sure that no rain could get into our partially completed house. We'd dismissed the men at noon, tidied up the work site and then begun the ride into Nice. I was rather looking forward to a nice hot bath and cooking on the stove I loved.

"I too, have rather missed our games, my James. Let me think a moment, I had one in mind that we haven't done before." I quickly thought and decided the weather would be just perfect for the play I would devise for our enjoyment. He looked so eager that I reminded myself to remember how young he still was. "Very well, you are riding along a path that's barely visible. You've gotten lost and in the distance, a light appears so you head towards it. The path suddenly vanishes and you rein in your valiant steed at the same moment I appear."

"Oh, Sir, you startled me." He said with wide eyes.

"I am Count Vlad and I think you must be lost unless you were on your way to my castle." I said pleasantly.

"No, Sir, I was on my way to a small village where I was to meet with an old friend but I must have gotten turned around." He said shyly and I allowed myself a smile. He really did throw himself into these little plays.

"Then you must allow me to give you shelter until the morning, young man. Ride with me and we shall soon be there. If we hurry, we might beat the raindrops. Our mountain storms can be quite terrible. But tell me your name, young man?"

He blushed. "I'm sorry, Count Vlad, where are my manners? I'm James West."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Do you know much about my country or is this your first visit to Transylvania?" I rode a little closer to him.

"My first visit, Sir, it's a beautiful country in the daytime but rather ominous at night." He cast a shy look at me and I wanted to take him in my arms immediately.

"It is indeed a beautiful country but we have several predators who hunt by night and it's not safe to travel alone. Our wolves have been known to attack lone travelers."

"Oh, I'm so glad that I met you, Count Vlad. And I very much appreciate your offer of hospitality."

"Oh, I love having guests, serving big meals and telling stories in front of the fire. Have you heard any of our legends, young James?"

"No, Sir. Would you tell me some? I love learning new things." He smiled winsomely at me.

"Certainly. Our most famous legend is about one of my ancestors who was also a Count Vlad, but I'm afraid, a very bad man. He was said to be absolutely merciless to his enemies, drinking their blood and impaling them on wooden stakes in his courtyard. After several years of that, the countryside erupted into violence and they overthrew him. But no one ever found his body and the legend says that he still lives to this day even 400 years later because he finds young victims and sucks their blood to keep himself young."

James' eyes couldn't get any wider and he caught his breath in a gulp. "Really. What an ... interesting legend. But as men of the modern world, we know that no one can live for four hundred years."

"Certainly, young James, I am a man of science and I laugh at such a silly legend. But our visitors enjoy spooky stories and that's long been a favorite." I smiled at him and saw the train station come into view. "But there's the castle now and we shall soon be inside, out of this inclement weather."

"If I may, Count Vlad, I will take care of the horses so you can get inside quicker?" James offered and I nodded.

"Yes, I'll make sure that your every comfort is seen to. If you would be so good as to stop at the castle guard house and deliver this note, bringing the supplies back with you." I handed him our grocery list and he laughed while taking Lady's reins and heading for the livery stable. Hurrying inside, I immediately put water in the water heater and lit the gas. Then I lit the stove and waited to be sure that the tinder had caught before heading to our bedroom to put clean sheets on the bed.

Living at the building site had its compensations but comfort wasn't one of them. We discovered that I am a very poor sailor and the rocking of the houseboat made me quite ill so we'd switched to tents. Cooking over a fire was barbaric and rather uncertain, leaving me pining for my stove and fresh vegetables. We'd quickly decided that five days were enough and on Saturdays, we paid off the men at noon and came into town for a well-deserved rest.

Church on Sunday, good conversation with our new neighbors and several excellent meals later, we were ready to ride out Monday morning to begin anew. But we'd been rather mundane in our loving and I was glad that James had made the first move towards one of our plays. I readied an herbal ball and tested the teakettle to be sure it was heating.

The sound of rain hitting the roof told me the stage was setting itself for our little drama. Thunder rumbled overhead and I hurried to light some candles so I could see to pull all the shades. I wanted no peeping Toms to witness our loving. Besides, my James looks beautiful in candlelight.

I took off my jacket and hung it up. While beginning to unbutton my shirt, I heard James shut the front door behind him. Hurrying forward, I took the packages from his hands. "My dear young man, how wet you are. Please take off that your coat and hat while I put these supplies away. I'm afraid that it's the servants night out so it's just you and me."

"I don't want to cause you any trouble, Count Vlad. Perhaps I should keep going?"

"Nonsense, young James, I won't hear of it. Just come back with me and we'll soon have you feeling drier. The kitchen is quite warm right now and with your help, we'll have dinner well on its way. If you'll slice up some vegetables while I brown the beef, then I'll show you to the bathing chambers."

"Thank you, Count Vlad, I've never cooked before and I hope I don't disappoint you." His blue eyes looked up into mine and I felt my heart melt.

"You could never do that, young James. Perhaps this visit will give you several new experiences?" I ushered him into the kitchen and we soon had dinner well on its way so we could move to the next part of our drama.

"Now, young James, we shall have to share a bath if we both wish to be warm and clean. Will that bother you?" I brought the teakettle with me and he eyed it with a smile.

"Oh, Sir, I've never shared a bath before but I'm so wet now that I could wait until you are finished."

"I won't hear of it. We are men of the world and should have no fear of seeing anything we haven't seen before. In fact, because of your wetting, I'm going to make sure that you are warmed inside and out. I am a scientist you know and I have very advanced ideas on health. Now, here we are. Please take off those wet clothes and I'll get you a warm robe to wear while they dry."

Pouring hot water into the bag hanging above the tub, I readied the enema while he poured in the tall can of cold water after releasing the hot into the tub. Then it was time to help him out of those wet clothes. "Let me help, young James. Why you're shivering, you must get right into the hot water. There you go."

"Oh it feels very hot, Count but very, very good." He sighed and watched me undress with sultry eyes. "You are quite ... big, Sir."

"Yes, indeed, the men of my family have always been quite large. Now just move forward a little so I can help you bathe. I have a theory that has proven itself over and over, young James. And that is that sickness can be completely eradicated by introducing heat both within and without. So just kneel forward for me and I shall make quite sure that you don't catch a chill from your wetting."

He knelt forward and cast an innocent look over his shoulder. "I've never heard of that theory, Sir, but I'm sure you are quite right. Oh, that feels very warm indeed."

His back muscles rippled under my hands and I stroked him soothingly. "That's just the water seasoned with a few special herbs, young James. I'm glad to see that you have a scientific mind. Now, how does that feel?"

"Very ... very good, Sir. I feel extremely warm now, in fact, I think I might need to get out for just a moment." He knelt up and hastily left the tub to void himself with a sigh. I readied the soap and cloth to greet him on his return. He returned with a small smile and I drew him close.

"Now, that you are warm, young James, I shall wash you from head to toe. It's quite true what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness." I soaped him from front to back and he arched under my hands with a sensual moan. "In my country, a good host always makes sure of his guest's comfort."

"Oh, Sir, that feels so very good. May I please wash you in return for your good care of me?" He asked me with that innocent look that always hardens me.

"That would be very nice, James. I usually have my body servant wash me but since he's not here, I would appreciate your help." I turned for him and he scrubbed me industriously until I turned back and he found Artie pointing straight at him.

"Sir, the hot water seems to be making part of you grow." He said with a demur air before slowly stroking my cock with the wash cloth.

"Yes, that's a nice thing about a hot bath. I see that you are growing too."

"It's never done that before, Sir. I'm sorry." He blushed and tried to hide it with the cloth.

"Nothing to be sorry about, young James. I'll be glad to show you how to take care of it after our bath." I said gently while removing the cloth and hanging it up.

James, part two

We got out and dried ourselves with the bright yellow towels that we'd gotten in Washington. Our robes were hanging on the back of the door and he ceremoniously put mine around me and tied the sash. "There, young James, now you should be nice and warm. But there is still that swelling problem. You say you've never had it before?"

"Oh no, Sir, I was taught to never touch it, not even when I had to ... um, you know." I shyly pointed towards the commode and he held back a smile with difficulty.

"I see, well, that makes my explanation easier then. Come back to my study and I'll take care of your little problem, young James." He led me from the bathroom to our bedroom. "Now just sit up here for me while I make a close examination of your swelling. What do you call it in your country?"

"My teacher said that men have penises." I said, stretching out on the bed with a sigh. My robe fell open and the Count eyed me like a hungry wolf.

"Your teacher was quite right but in my country we call them cocks and I have to tell you that it's been centuries since I've seen a prettier cock." He knelt on the bed and slowly moved my legs apart and up. "Yes, indeed, it's a veritable jewel but since the swelling seems to be getting worse, I'll just take care of it now."

"Oh, Sir, how very kind of you to take so much trouble with me. And you must mean years not centuries?" I corrected him gently.

"Of course, I did." Smiling, he slowly engulfed my cock down to the root and sucked. My hips tried to come up but his hands kept them flat to the bed while I writhed on the cool sheets.

"Oh, so good ... that feels so good ... why does it?" I panted, my hands on his head to hold him right there.

He chuckled around me and I groaned aloud before losing control and spurting down his throat. He milked me for a long moment before slowly letting Jim slip from his lips. "Well, young James, that's because cocks were meant to be sucked by men. I'm surprised that your teachers forgot to tell you about that. It's one half of the equation. I'm so glad that I was able to teach you something new. Now, it smells like dinner is ready. Since your swelling problem is fixed for the moment, why don't we eat dinner and I'll tell you more legends of my country."

"Oh, but Sir, what about your swelling?" I sat up and stroked him lovingly.

"Would you be willing to help me with it after dinner?" He smiled and offered me a hand up off the bed. I slid off into his arms and he held me closely. "You're such a fine young man, James. After dinner, I'll show you some of the other parts of my castle."

"Thank you, Sir, I'd enjoy that very much. I hope you don't have a dungeon like your wicked ancestor had." I added a little something to our play and his lips twitched.

"Well, just a little one and unless you're very naughty at dinner, I doubt you'll need it. Now, in my country, dinner is eaten at very close quarters because we never have enough chairs." He led me back to the kitchen and dished up the savory stew into two bowls. I got the spoons and the loaf of French bread that I'd gotten on a whim because it smelled so good.

Back in the parlor, we ate heartily with me sitting on the Count's lap because of the chair shortage. We fed each other and mopped up the last of the stew with torn hunks of bread. Nothing had ever tasted so good and I hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek in thanks.

"Such a lovely thank you, James. But in my country we do it a little differently, shall I show you?" He asked me before slanting his mouth across mine and sucking my tongue into his mouth. We tasted wonderful together and I felt Artie surge beneath me.

"That feels very nice, Count Vlad. I like the way you say thank you, Sir. But it seems to make me swell." I whispered in his ear and his big hand engulfed my cock.

"Well, when it happens two times so close together, there's only one solution. And I shall be glad to show it to you." He stroked me slowly and I bit my lip to keep from coming quickly again. "Goodness, this is serious. Let me help you back to my bedroom where I have the necessary supplies."

"Oh, please, it makes me feel very warm." I put my arms around his neck and he carried me back to our bedroom. "What beautiful red sheets you have, Count."

"They will be much more beautiful with you on them, young James. Let me remove your robe since you're so warm." He untied the sash and slowly unwrapped me. "Indeed, I've never seen such an advanced case of swelling. I have several methods of taking care of this problem and I will start with a cooling cream to see if that works."

"But, Sir, your swelling is worse too. Isn't there anything I could do to help you?" I wanted to touch Artie so badly that it was a physical ache.

"What a lovely offer, James. Indeed there is something you could do but I hesitate to ask." He stroked my inner thighs and I felt as if the room was 100 degrees.

"Oh, but I will do anything to help you, my dear Count." And I sat up and finally got to wrap a hand around his warm cock. "Oh, your cock is so soft and yet hard at the same time. He's warm, too. And so very, very big that I can't reach my fingers around him. I think your family must grow everything bigger than normal."

His eyes gleamed at me and he drew me down to the edge of the bed where he'd opened a jar of our cream. "I can truthfully say that it's taken the better part of four centuries to grow a member of my family this big. My diet is rather specialized and I take very good care of myself. But I like taking the same good care of my guests. Now, James, I'm going to be taking a slight liberty with your body but only because your swelling is so pronounced."

"Oh, please help me, Count Vlad. It's growing painful." I pleaded, not at all acting because I felt like I'd been hard forever.

"Dear James, now just hold your legs up for me so I can take your temperature. I am just like your kindly old doctor at home so you mustn't mind my finger." His finger went deep within me with cream and I sighed at the wonderful sensation.

"Goodness, I've never had my temperature taken that way before. How very nice it feels. The cool cream is wonderful." I said as naively as I could.

"Yes, the cream will help but I'm afraid that I must now insert two fingers so I can find the gland that tells me your inner heat." He slid two fingers in and I felt him spark my sweet spot.

"Oh, I've never felt such heat, Count Vlad. Am I sick?"

"No, my dear boy, not at all. But your temperature does seem to be rising. I'm going to try and reduce your swelling with another remedy. Tell me if this feels hotter than before or colder." He leaned down and sucked my cock into his hot, wet mouth while opening me wider with three fingers.

"Oh ... oh, I've never felt so hot before." And this time there was no playacting involved at all. I felt as if I was on fire with want. "Please, Count, please put out the fire."

He sucked harder while his fingers opened me for him and I writhed on the bed. But when his other hand rolled my balls between his fingers, I thrust up and exploded into his mouth. His chuckle was the last thing I heard before passing out.

When I came to, I was hanging from the iron bars in my old room. The room was dark and I realized that I wasn't wearing a blindfold, I really couldn't see anything. The rain hitting the roof and the thunder crashing above lent an eerie sense to the darkness. My breathing was the only sound that I could hear and I wondered if Artemis had left me alone here for some reason.

"Count Vlad?" My voice wavered and when his hand touched my back, I would have jumped a foot if I could have. "Sir, why am I tied up here? What is this place?"

"You wished to see my dungeon, young James. I thought we'd continue with our little ... games here. We're deep underground, almost two stories below the main castle. Years ago, when the burning times came, I fled here and remained in a deep sleep until it was safe for me to come back as a cousin." His hands were wearing his leather gloves and when they stroked me, I shivered all over.

"How ... how many years was that, Count Vlad?" I could feel myself impossibly hardening for the third time that night.

His chuckle was deep and when he licked my neck, it was all I could do to not shudder. "Many, many years, my young friend. Do you wonder at the story about the evil Count Vlad who drank his victim's blood? After four centuries, I suppose that all stories change. I never drank blood for there was a much better fluid to be drunk. A life-giving liquor that every man has in great abundance and which you have given me freely twice tonight."

"My seed?" My voice rose at least an octave and that embarrassed me so much, I blushed.

That tongue was back but now it was moving up my arm and around so he could suck the skin inside my left elbow. Heat flashed through me and I wondered why I hadn't known that was a hot spot. "Yes, indeed, my sweet innocent. A man's seed is full of the most invigorating sperm that are even now coursing through my body with all the youthful vigor that you possess."

"But if you have my seed, why am I tied up?"

"Ah yes, why indeed?" His hands came around me and cupped my shaft and balls. "You're making more of that seed while we wait and I'll be milking you of more of that delicious beverage but you've forgotten the other part of the legend, James."

"Um," I thought back to what he'd spoken of while we were riding. "Oh, the legend said that you drank your enemies blood and then impaled them on wooden stakes." I gulped and wondered where this play was going.

"Sweet innocent, you don't have to worry about wooden stakes," his hands caressed me and I finally felt Artie behind me, nudging my hole with his warm bulk. "No, I prefer a more intimate impaling. It is said that a man such as I can convert his victim to my way of life. I've never been tempted before you, sweet James. But now, I find that perhaps my lonely existence is over. Shall I convert you so we can be together forever?"

Slowly, he pressed inside my entrance while I shook with the near pain.

Artemis, part three

He moaned so sweetly while I stretched him around my cock. I swear that every time we go this long between lovemaking, he tightens back to virgin levels. Artie was the happiest cock on the planet at this moment while forging inside the channel that was his alone.

"Oh ... oh, you've impaled me on your cock, Count." His breathing was harsh and he was obviously struggling with my size again.

"Yes, indeed, some impalings are much better than others, aren't they, my boy?" I chuckled and stilled completely to give him time to adjust. "How very tight you are and how very nice of you to give me your virgin self. This time I shall be very gentle so you don't bleed but in time, you'll be able to take me whenever I command you to strip."

"But I would never do that, Count Vlad. My friend will come for me and if he doesn't find me then he'll return with soldiers who will tear your castle apart until they do." His voice was defiant but his inner muscles were massaging me into a state of bliss.

"How bold you still are, James. But remember that this part of the castle was never found four centuries ago and it won't be found today either. Once I've taken you several times and drained you of your seed again, I shall leave you chained to the dungeon wall to await my pleasure. Above, I shall throw open the castle and help them search for you. Your horse will be found wandering near a cliff, the saddle torn from his back and the wolves will be hunted to revenge your death."

I was slowly pulling out and then thrusting back in while my leather clad fingers played with his nipples. "I shall sorrowfully give my condolences to your friend and come straight back home to drink more of your seed."

"Never, I won't let you, Count." He sighed and wiggled against me.

"Ah, never is a very long time, my James. Soon, you will welcome my embrace and beg me to impale you again and again." I began to speed up my thrusts and he bit back a moan.

"No, I'll fight you every time you come near me." He said determinedly.

I bit his ear lobe and pinched his nipples before dropping one hand to his once again hardened cock. "No, you won't, sweet James, because you will crave the feelings that only I can give you. My cock has never found such a tight, hot home. My stamina is legendary. I will spit you on my thick flesh over and over until you beg me to let you come. And then I will take you in my mouth and drain you dry of every single seed you have. If I have to leave you in this dungeon for a year or two until I've tamed you than here is where you will stay."

"No, I'll escape and bring back soldiers to find you." He was still persevering but his panting was getting stronger and his back was perspiring.

"There is no escaping Count Vlad, my eager young man. But if my cock isn't enough for you, I'm sure I can find something else to impale you with. The old fashioned pikes we used to fight with on the battlegrounds are a good four inches around. That would stretch this pretty little hole that I'm enjoying."

"Oh," he panted and I swear he tried to impale himself further on my cock.

"Or perhaps I'll bring down my saddle and stretch you around the pommel. That's almost six inches wide and would no doubt burn a little." I sped up a little more as the burn began to rage out of control.

He burst suddenly and completely while I teetered on the edge of falling but stopped myself in time. He'd passed out for the second time tonight and I quickly undid his hands, laying him on the bed with a sigh at Artie's displacement. Then I undid his ankles and picked him up to carry him back to our bed.

I loved the way he threw himself into these little plays. Laying him face down on the bed, I quickly tied his wrists to the head of the bed and then moved his legs apart to tie them to the corner posts. Making sure there was a bit of give, I then placed two pillows under his stomach to bring his ass up to a comfortable level for both of us.

"Count Vlad?" The hesitant whisper told me he was finally back.

"I decided to move us to my bedroom for my next impaling of your innocent ass. But I am most displeased that you burst before I could drink you down so I'm going to make sure that you can't come until I let you. Here is a little torture device that I invented while I was waiting to come back as my cousin." I put the cock ring on over his sensitized flesh. "Now, I shall decide what your punishment will be. Perhaps, I'll get my riding crop and tame my new steed so I can ride him again."

He shivered all the way down to his toes. "That is despicable, Count Vlad. You shall do no such thing."

"Oh, I love a spirited steed. Breaking them is so much fun. Wait right here while I go and fetch it." I really did have one and I'd wondered if James would like it. This was my chance to try it out. It was in the bottom of my armoire and I swished it through the air with a snap that widened his eyes completely. "Now, you have two choices my innocent steed. Promise me that you will not try to escape or don't promise and I shall whip you until you burn."

"Never, I'll never promise that." His eyes followed me until I was behind him and he had to look up to see me in the mirror.

Lovingly, I trailed the leather tip down his back and across his white cheeks. With just a little flick, I marked his left cheek then his right. He was biting his lip and watching me fondle the stiff leather handle that was much smaller than Artie but would be an interesting variation on our previous conversation.

"Why look how nice this thick leather handle is. Perhaps I should use it instead of my cock to impale you. Look how big it is compared to this tender little hole that is just begging for me to put something inside of it." I placed it there and slowly began to rock it against his muscle but he was definitely tensing and I didn't want to hurt him so I went back to flicking the whip over his buttocks until he was panting again.

"Or perhaps something more intense will bring me that promise." I began a pattern of slightly harder blows that made the air whistle with the sound of the leather cutting through the air onto his soft white skin.

"Oh, that burns." He moaned but I heard the enjoyment in his complaint and kept on lightly whipping him until his cheeks were bright red.

"Yes, indeed, this tender ass looks much better when it glows. But since you didn't like the riding crop handle, I think I'll have to give you my cock again." I smoothed on some more cream and then pierced him slowly.

"No, please no, you're too big. You're splitting me in two." He panted and flexed around me until it was all I could do not to come immediately.

"Nonsense, my little steed, I promise not to split you in two. But I do promise you such a ride, as you have never had before. There, I'm all the way inside and you're still here in one piece." I leaned over him and licked his neck then bit his ear lobe and felt him shiver. "Riding should be done twice a day, my little steed. Every morning I will pierce you and drink your seed. Then in the evening I shall drink you down and then fuck you all night long until you can no longer move."

"You're an evil, wicked man, Count Vlad." He was still defiant and I chuckled while I rocked in and out a little. "I could never be like you."

"Really, little James, I think in time, you will come to see the advantages to living forever. But until then, I shall make up some comfortable chains so that when I can't be with you, you'll be safely chained in the dungeon. You're very tight so I'll whittle something my size and once I've taken you in the morning, I'll slide it inside of you so you'll be ready for me that night. And I'll definitely be caging your cock so you can't lose any of the seed that I prize so highly."

"That sounds very uncomfortable, Count Vlad but you just go ahead and torture me. I won't give in." He squeezed around me and I felt Jim trying to escape his leather cage.

"Oh yes, you will, my sweet captive. For in time, your body will crave my touch and the feeling of my cock opening you and impaling you upon him. When I'm feeling generous, I'll bring you in here and let you lie in comfort. But when you're bad, I'll chain you in the dungeon and whip you over and over until you pass out. And then I'll leave in the cold wooden pole instead of my warm cock until you beg me to take it out."

"No, that's torture and it will only make me hate you, Count Vlad."

"Ah, I think not my young friend. For if you hate me then you will grow old and die completely unloved. Even if I let you go and you found your friend, telling him all of what occurred here, you would never feel this passion again." I slowly stroked in and out until he was moving with me unconsciously. "Never feel my cock slide in and massage your silken passage or start the fire that burns within you."

"No, it shouldn't feel good." He moaned.

"But it does, doesn't it, young James?" I whispered in his ear and bit the lobe gently while he panted. "You are the tightest, hottest lover I've had in four hundred years. And it is love that this poor lonely heart of mine is feeling. I'm so alone in this big cold castle, engaging in my experiments and sucking on the young men who come my way. But none of them stay, they run away and leave me more alone than when they came."

"If you tie them up and force them, of course they run away. Oh God, there." He shivered under me. "If you really love me then try just asking if I'd like to stay instead of trying to frighten me."

"What? Just ask? What a novel idea, young James. When should I ask? Before or after we both explode into ecstasy?" I drew almost all the way out before I slammed back in and felt him clench around me. But the cock ring was still on and his groan was heartfelt.

"Oh, please let me come, Count Vlad. Just let me come and I'll stay with you." He moaned so pitifully that I reached around and unsnapped the buckle while hitting his gland one last time. He seized around me so hard that he pulled my climax from me at the same time that he sprayed the pillow with his fourth climax of the night.

I was too busy pulsing inside of him to notice that he'd passed out again beneath me. But once my muscles regained some strength, I lifted up to stop squishing him. It hadn't been that intense in weeks and was once again a reminder of our need to play and reconnect with each other after long days spent with others.

James, part four

I felt Artemis' arms cradling me close while his lips softly kissed me all over. That made me smile and brought his lips to mine for a gentle caress. Then I remembered our little play and opened my eyes to find his glowing down into mine. "Sweet James, please never stop throwing yourself into our games. I haven't come that hard in weeks."

Blushing, I hugged him close. "That was so very wicked, Artemis. Where do you get these stories?"

"I was with a traveling actors troupe that passed through some of the Slavic countries. Listening to our hosts tell their stories, I discovered a fascinating vein of history and legend. Count Vlad was a real person who lived in the 15th century. I'm afraid that he really did impale his victims in the courtyard of his castle but the drinking of the blood sounds a little bogus to me."

"So, you just changed a few things here and there to make our play more fun." I thought about it. "I think I would have stayed with you, Count Vlad. If you told me you loved me, I would have had to stay because I'd fallen in love with you."

"Oh sweetheart, how beautifully you love me. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you by my side." He kissed me again and thrust his tongue into my mouth so I could entwine it with my own. I sucked on it for a long time, enjoying the lazy pleasure of having him inside of me.

But when we finally had to breathe, I moved and was instantly reminded of the whipping that he'd given me. I bit my lip at the sting and he instantly brought me up and over him so my bright red cheeks no longer touched the sheets. "Let me reach the cream, my James. Is it too much?"

"It stings more than the paddle does but it felt so good while you were flicking the riding crop in the air. The sound alone almost made me come." I pondered that for a moment while he soothed cream over my cheeks and down my crease to tickle my entrance. "Why do I like that so much, Artemis? Is it a something that all men like?"

"No, my James, some men do and some don't. It's very much an individual reaction and it truly does go back to you knowing that I would never hurt you." His fingers soothed me and I sucked on his nipple while I thought about that.

"I think you are right, Artemis. I didn't get hard when someone like Heildigger was beating me. But even while I was still tied to that wheel and you caressed me, I knew I was safe. Even if you were making me feel things that I'd never felt before." I kissed him again and wiggled just a little on top of Artie so he caught his breath.

"Sweet James, I loved you so desperately at that point that I couldn't keep from loving you even if it meant the end of our partnership." He slid a creamy finger inside of me and I sighed happily. "If I'd known how insatiable you were, I'd have jumped you months before."

"Me?" I said innocently. "I'm not insatiable, Artemis. I don't get achingly hard at the sound of your voice. I never quiver at your touch or pine to suckle on your tasty nipples. And I certainly wouldn't beg you to come inside of me again and again."

"My sweet love, I'm sorry that I've wronged you so. I guess that I'll just have to move into your old room then so my insatiability won't bother you." He sighed and made a motion to move me to the side.

"No!" I held on tight with my legs to either side of his and my hands on his shoulders. "I mean, you don't need to do that, my Artemis. I don't mind when you want me and have to have me. It feels nice."

"Nice? Only nice?" There was such pathos in his voice that I wanted to throw myself at him and beg him to come back inside of me. "I've failed you, my James. Maybe Maria could find someone better for you."

"Never." I reached behind me and stroked Artie who was slowly rising to the occasion. "There will never be anyone better than you for me. Maybe I was wrong about being insatiable. Perhaps if you put your cock back inside of me, Count Vlad, I could check on that idea?"

"Ah, taking your temperature is one of my favorite things to do, sweet James. Perhaps I could persuade you to let me take it everyday?" He slid two fingers into me then came out again to gently position Artie at my entrance and slowly push him inside.

I shivered all over and raised up so I could sit back on him, completely engulfing him down to his groin. My hands carded through the thick hair on his chest while I readjusted to his bulk. "You know, I think I need to look up insatiability in the dictionary so I have an exact definition."

"What a good idea, student James, that will be your homework assignment for tomorrow after church. Although I think we might need to send in a new definition to the editors of the American Dictionary of the English Language. Insatiability is when Artie wants to be inside of James every day. Do you think they'd accept that one, James?"

Chuckling, I rocked a little up and down. "I think that would be a perfect definition but they might ask us for proof and I don't want to have to show them our methods of fulfilling that word."

"Well, perhaps, my James, we could just keep the definition to ourselves and leave the rest of the world in ignorance. Or write our own dictionary for use just between the two of us?"

"I like that idea, my Artemis. We could have definitions like -- gigantic - what Artemis' cock is."

"Or nipple ring -- gold which hangs from James' tasty nipple." He thrust up just a bit and hit my gland, making me flush from head to toe. "The word beautiful would just have your picture beside it."

I looked down into his loving eyes and knew for the first time that I was indeed beautiful to him. Perhaps it was because I could see his beauty when he said he couldn't see it at all. "Then there would have to be a second definition with your picture beside it. Or better yet, we'll just have a picture of both of us held in each other's arms. That would be beautiful indeed."

"A photo just like we are now?" He teased me and thrust up a little harder while I shivered around him.

"Goodness, that would be very decadent, teacher Artemis." I widened my eyes and made him laugh. Jim had finally decided to take an interest in the proceedings and was very slowly hardening for the fifth time today. "I know what the real definition of insatiable is ... Jim!"

His warm hand stroked me gently. "I believe you're right, student James. Your cock is the most insatiable one I've ever met. Or perhaps he's the definition of stamina?"

"No, the definition of stamina is inside of me at the moment, right where he should be." I assured him and squeezed tight.

"Yes, indeed he is. If I didn't think it would shock the congregation tomorrow, I'd just stay inside of you all day." He kept stroking Jim to full hardness and I kept moving slowly up and down his cock.

"You could wake me up by coming inside of me, making me tingle all over. Then you could come out so we could go to church and let them hear you and Wellington sing beautifully. Then we could come home and naughty student James could sit on teacher Artemis' big cock while he studies his lessons. That way, you'd be right there if I had questions."

"It sounds like the best plan that my James has ever thought up. But why would he be naughty student James?" He brought up a hand to pinch my right nipple and I shuddered at the lovely sensation.

"I'm pretty sure that he's going to be naughty tomorrow, kind teacher. Because he knows that teacher Artemis has a birch cane in my old room and he's pretty curious how that would feel against his bare bottom." I grinned triumphantly and listened to his laughter with glee. I loved making him laugh.

"Then rest assured, my taxing young student, that you shall know exactly how it feels tomorrow afternoon. But only if there's no redness left from your whipping." He smoothed one hand around my hip and touched my left buttock.

"The cream took care of most of it, Artemis. You could never hurt me." I reassured him. "There's just a little stinging still. And I seem to like that."

"I won't hurt you, James. I would hate myself forever if I did." His face was suddenly serious and I leaned down to kiss him immediately. There were still times when he grew unsure about us and wondered if he'd rushed me into loving. Drawing slowly back from our kiss, I paused to kiss both of his nipples that were swollen from my suckling.

"Never, my Artemis, you could never hurt me unless ... you left me alone after showing me the heaven of being loved by you." I said seriously. "I'm yours now and could never belong to anyone else."

"Oh, my James, how very deeply I love you." He rolled us over so he could take control of our kiss, his soft lips mapping my face with little nibbles.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt Artie pulse inside of me. We were both close again and I was more than willing to go to sleep this way. I liked holding him safe within me. But he was rocking in and out just enough to keep me warm and we simmered like that for a long time until he pressed in once too often and I pulsed out a tiny bit of fluid while he flooded me with his seed.

His weight kept me anchored to the bed and I breathed in his musky scent with a smile. I could pick him out of a crowded room just by exercising my nose. "You're smiling, sweetheart. Why?"

Hugging him tight, I licked his shoulder before answering. "Out of all the lovely smells of the world, I like yours best."

Artemis chuckled and rolled us a half turn so we were side by side while he slipped free of me and left me empty. But he kissed me at once while his big hands smoothed my lower back and cheeks. "I know exactly what you mean, sweet James. Out of all the perfumed people at church tomorrow, I could pick you out by simply closing my eyes and taking a deep breath."

"That's exactly what I thought. It's like Wellington always smelling of fresh wood or Mrs. Henry smelling of baked bread. You smell like ... love to me."

Artemis, part five

Reverend Baker's sermon was on the loaves and fishes, provided by Christ to the populace. I'd always enjoyed that story and the congregation seemed to as well. James looked like an angel in his blue suit, made from a glance of his eyes. I wasn't the only one who noticed him but since I knew he was going home with me, I just watched them watch him.

Half the audience was sighing over my lover's beautiful face and form. And he was completely oblivious to all of it. The closing hymn was Rock of Ages, one of my favorites. Wellington took the low notes while I took the middle and James just hummed. The rest of the congregation sang along and everyone was satisfied.

Leaving church is always a slow process while neighbor chats with neighbor and everyone is caught up on the news of the week. Our home building was one of the hotter topics since two of the young men from town were part of the team working on site. Some of our ideas were decidedly controversial and the double brick cellar walls that we'd now finished mortaring in were spoken of often.

And the plans delineated some of the rooms by name and the size of our library had caused great comment. Mr. Harris waited patiently while I answered a question of Elijah Little from the livery stable about his son Peter who was working with us. The stationmaster's wife and daughter had James nicely bracketed so I knew we'd be a little later than usual for lunch today. When I'd shaken hands with half dozen others, I finally got to the Harris'.

"Crate arrived yesterday from New York for you, Artemis. Thought it might be something that you'd need out on the ranch." He said with a smile.

"Excellent timing, my friend. Do you have time for us to open it today or should we wait until tomorrow?"

"Oh please, may we open it today, Artemis? It might be the books from Peter's shop." James' whole face lit up and I saw the wistful look on Elizabeth's face that said she wished he looked at her that way. Poor girl, she didn't have a hope but only time would show her that.

"Only if the Harris' don't mind coming with us." I smiled at Edward and he nodded. "Then let's go see what treats have arrived."

We walked back to the station and the two-foot by four-foot crate. Edward had a crowbar and we soon had the top off, revealing the rows of brightly covered books. The Harris' were trying to stay back and not look but since the top row was a surprise for the school where Elizabeth taught, I motioned them forward.

"I know you said that getting readers was difficult so our old friend Peter Harris found twenty McGuffey's Readers for your classroom." I handed her the first one and her eyes lit up while she stroked the cover. "And we ordered two copies of the latest edition of Webster's Dictionary, one for you and one for us."

James had the others gathered up and Edward took them while Mrs. Harris took the two volumes of the Dictionary with careful hands. It was so nice to see that these new neighbors revered books. Elizabeth's thanks were heart felt while James blushed at Mrs. Harris and her husband. Finally, we were able to send them on their way while we carried the crate into our rail car.

Peter had sent us some wonderful items and it was all we could do to eat lunch first before delving within the crate. But I had a premonition that we'd be having visitors so I made sure that James ate everything in sight before we cleared the table, did the dishes and began to bring forth our new books.

It was a mix of different subjects including one that I'd always wanted to read but never found the time. Mark Twain was the pen name of a man I'd met in New York and his 'Innocents Abroad' was purported to be about his travels in the Holy Land. I set that one aside for reading first while James emptied the crate and set it outside. There were two cookbooks that looked interesting and also a book about gardening in a temperate climate.

"Who's John Donne, Artemis?" James had a handsome leather bound book in his hands and I smiled at his question.

"One of the greatest poets of the English language, my James. Some of the editions of his works can be rather hard to read since he wrote in the 1600's and his language is printed faithfully." I answered and saw him open it to begin reading.

"What does 'sublunary' mean?" The little wrinkle was so endearing to me.

"Sweetheart, I'll read that one to you tonight before we go to bed and explain his superb language. That's one of my favorites of his poetry -- A Valediction Forbidding Mourning." I took the book from his hands and caressed the spine. "This must be a new edition and it's as beautiful to look at as it is to read. We shall enjoy this during the winter months when life slows."

He nodded then turned his head to the door. "We're going to have company."

"That's what I was afraid of. Let me take a quick look to make sure there's nothing here that would make one of our neighbors blush." I sorted quickly through them and plucked a new edition of Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass', George Eliot's 'Middlemarch' and the poetry of Donne. "I'll just go pop these down to our bedroom while you let our guests in."

It was the Bakers and the Harris' to thank us for the schoolbooks. We had a nice visit and I served tea with some little cakes that Mrs. Baker had brought with her. Cooking being one of her greatest delights, one of the cookbooks went home with Mrs. Baker on a short-term loan. We waved them off before going back inside, locking the door and pulling the shades. We'd made quite sure that everyone understood that was our signal that we were not open to visitors. James sighed and came into my arms for a hug.

"We have very nice neighbors, my James, but now is our time. What would you like to do?" I asked him while his head burrowed into my shoulder and his arms hugged me tight.

"I'd like to get naked and stretch out in bed while you read some of your favorite poems to me. Then we can make love slowly and tenderly before we take a long hot bath. Have dinner and go back to bed to make love and sleep very close together." His voice was muffled but the yearning in it was manifest.

"My sweet James, that sounds like a little bit of heaven. Besides, I've been itching to remove this suit since I helped you dress this morning." I swung him up into my arms and carried him back to our bedroom.

We made a game of undressing each other and hanging up our Sunday clothes. Then he set the hot water heater to heating while I readied bags of herbal solution for both of us. We filled each other and went to bed to read poetry while we simmered. He enjoyed Donne's poetry but when I read Whitman's, he went quiet. The images in his 'Drum Taps', poems written about the War we'd just endured were very real.

"He's very good, isn't he, Artemis?" He asked from his close cuddle at my side.

"Very good, indeed, my James." I kissed the soft skin at his temple and he sighed contentedly. "More poetry or shall we empty ourselves so I can entice you inside of me?"

Bright blue eyes sparkled up at me. "Empty, loving and then dinner. Then, I believe that student James has some questions about poetry for his teacher."

I chuckled and agreed. Cleaning ourselves had grown into a together time that was all the sweeter since we knew it was the prelude to loving. I'd never felt so fit as I did with regular enemas. James was very careful to prepare me well before sinking inside of me, beginning to rock tenderly in and out of me. I'd placed myself on all fours so he could watch himself in the mirror.

"I wonder who first discovered that men could make love to other men?" He asked me, while one hand reached around to caress Artie. "

"I think such a discovery was made very early, my beautiful James. Such a tender expression of love must have been explored at the dawn of time." I rippled my inner muscles around the cock pleasuring me and he sighed.

"Yes, they must have realized how good it feels. But some of the men who make love to other men don't love as we do, do they?" His voice was still contemplative.

"That's right, James. Like women, there are men who prostitute themselves or like Gervaise who flits from man to man without real emotion. The sex feels good and they don't bother with the feeling part of it." I wondered about his questions but let him continue thinking.

"I think that's very sad, my Artemis. Sex without love must be like eating plain pudding without the chocolate and cherry topping." He scored a direct hit on my gland and I shivered all over.

"You are exactly right, my dearest love. What we have together is so far above the sex that others settle for that angels must surely be involved." I squeezed around him and he sighed before beginning a fast set of volleys that blurred my vision. But he flooded me with his heat at the same time he gripped me hard, denying me my climax.

"No, Count Vlad. I'm saving you for later. I believe that innocent James is going to need all of your power." He licked the back of my neck and I gritted my teeth with an effort.

"My James, I love you but I am going to spank you so hard, you'll need a pillow tomorrow instead of a saddle."

He laughed out loud and gently withdrew his depleted cock, leaning in and kissing my entrance. That was the first time he'd done that and I rejoiced at his new ease in our lovemaking. I rolled over to my side and tried a glare out on him but he just smiled and gave Artie a lick.

"Oh, someone is going to be very nicely punished for torturing the Count. I think he'll be standing for the next week." I took a deep breath and let it out, easing out of a completely rigid state and into the familiar simmering that had been my constant state before James let me into his heart.

"My poor misunderstood Count, what ever torture you devise for me will be, no doubt, well deserved." He ventured another lick and Artie quivered. "He's so beautiful like this, standing tall and proud in his nest of curls. I think that maybe Donne was writing about Artie. Even though he thought that he was writing about his wife, some of those poems were really just about love."

I finally smiled at my lover with the blue eyes. "I think you're quite right, my James. His best poems were exactly about love."

James, part six

Dinner was wonderful as usual but as punishment, Artemis made me sit in my own chair across from him and put the cock ring on me. And he decreed no games either so I'm afraid I was pouting a bit by the time dinner was done. After cleaning the table and washing the dishes, the Count decreed a session in the dungeon to punish me ever further.

I protested a little so he had to pick me up and take me there over his shoulder while spanking my cheeks all the way down the hall and into my old room. But I obediently held up my arms to be tied to the iron rod, and when I was stretched above and below, I could finally relax completely.

"Young James, I believe that part of this punishment is for denying me my afternoon drink of immortality. Now, I can see that I have to remind you that I control every part of your life." He smoothed his hands over my cheeks and I felt a little tickle over my entrance then a slick finger dipped inside of me.

"Oh, teasing me isn't very nice, Count Vlad." I pouted again.

"Good heavens, young James, I'm never nice. I thought you understood that." He slid two fingers of cream inside of me and I clenched around them eagerly. But all that got me was the crack of the whip while I shivered at the sound. "No, I told you that I was a very selfish man and I believe that I can prove that to you shortly. For now, I'm going to redden these pert cheeks with my whip until my new steed remembers to whom he belongs."

And the whip cracked through the air and landed on my left cheek then my right while I clenched at the wonderful burn. My cock was hard as a rock and I was panting when he stopped after a long five minutes. His fingers were cold when they touched my cheeks and when he knelt to tongue my skin; I shivered all the way down to my toes.

"So, very responsive, young James. But I think you might be ready to give me a little milk." He came around me and sat on the edge of my bed. Artie was hard and I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anything before. "Such a pretty cock and filled with such succulent milk. Perhaps just a taste now before I continue your punishment."

I watched his lips approach my rigid cock and had to close my eyes before he sucked me in. The trembling was continuous now and my skin felt alive in a way I'd never felt before. His hand fondled my close held balls and when I felt a nudge at my hole, I opened for him. But in an instant, I knew it wasn't his fingers as the cool leather slid inside for my muscles to hold.

"How beautifully you take the whip, James, both inside and out." His dark eyes looked up into mine.

"That's terrible, Count Vlad, to so abuse me." I was flexing around the handle and trying to remember how thick it was. It felt about the same size as the ivory dildo. "It's not warm like you are and doesn't give me that wonderful feeling that you did last night."

"Well of course not, bad James. My cock is a reward that you shall have to earn. Now your cock is looking rather strangled so hush while I drink down your delicious essence." And he stretched his lips around me and sucked hard at the same time he hit my gland with the whip handle.

Before too long, I was burning everywhere and when he unsnapped the buckle, I came in a burst of fluid that felt as if it exploded from my body. I felt him suck me dry with a chuckle while I hung limply from the rod overhead. Tenderly, he drew the leather rings from my sensitized flesh and took a moment to pet my balls with gentle fingers.

But the whip handle still remained within me and he looked at me for a long moment before slowly removing it. The emptiness was instantaneous and I know that I bit my lip at the loss. But his mouth was there to soothe mine with a kiss and I sucked his tongue into mine to help fill the ache that never goes away.

We feasted for a long moment then he undid my wrists and let my arms down, rubbing them to get the blood back into place. But he didn't untie my ankles and before I could even ask him why not, he slipped away and sent me sprawling onto my bed. "Now, James, I see something else I want. You'll remember that this is a two-part equation. And since I've warmed you up, I believe that it's time I impaled you again. So, open wide and let me in, my new protégé."

Artie was already breaching my hole and I shook around him while he filled me completely the way an inanimate object never could. "Oh, Count Vlad, the emptiness is all gone. You are splitting me in two but putting me back together again at the same time. How is that possible?"

"Ah, that is a secret that you will only learn over time, my sweet little steed. Riding lessons can be yours day and night until you begin to understand the alchemical reaction that making love produces." He slowly moved in and out of me, burning me with his heat and strength.

"I shall wake you early every day and beg you to give me a ride, my dark and mysterious Count. And every night, I shall open myself for you." I trembled at the sensations racing through me. "I've never been ridden before but I want your lessons more than I want air to breathe."

"My precious little steed, I shall ride you every day until you tire of me."

"Promise me, you will ride me as often as you can." I held onto the quilt while he slammed into me faster and faster until with a groan, he filled me and collapsed onto my back. Artie jerked within me and I clenched around him to drain him of every last seed.

"My dearest love, I will give you saddle sores if I ride you as often as that." He kissed my neck and sighed in repletion.

I rested under his weight and felt complete again. Being without him is a physical ache that never goes away unless I can hear his husky voice or see his beautiful face. Being in love was such a wondrous thing to me that I could scarcely believe that I was so lucky. But when he reassures me this way, I finally believe.

"Sweet James, you're going to be sore tomorrow morning. I haven't been that rough with you in some time." He kissed the back of my neck again before gradually rocking his way gently out of me. I let him go because there was a little soreness and the sooner the muscle salve was applied, the sooner it would go away.

He untied my ankles then turned me over to gather me up for the trip to the bathroom. There, he soothed the ache both within and without before cleaning us both and carrying me back to our bed. Then he made sure all the lights were extinguished thorough out the car before coming back to me.

We cuddled together in my favorite position so I could suckle at his tasty nipples. "James, how soon do you think we'll be able to get the walls up of the central axis of the house?"

I suckled while I thought about it. His hands stroked over my back soothingly. "I think about two more weeks before it's livable and three before we are finished with it. That includes installing the fireplaces and your stove. Oh dear," I raised my head, "I didn't check on the arrival of either the potbellied stoves or the cook stove."

"Tomorrow will be soon enough. I admit that I'd like to have them on site so we can install them the moment we can. I miss cooking on a real stove instead of a campfire." He said mournfully, the woe-be-gone look melting my heart.

I slid up to kiss him and he hugged me close while feasting on my lips and tongue. When we broke apart, I looked down into his dark eyes and smiled. "I promise that if it is at all possible, we shall be living in relative comfort very, very soon."

"Beloved, I don't mean to complain. We're actually doing quite well with our schedule but I'm impatient to begin living there, now that I've drawn it on paper." He looked a little sheepish and I hid a smile by sliding back down to his nipple.

"What made you think of building in the shape of an 'E', Artemis?" I'd accepted the plan at once but had puzzled over it silently.

"In Elizabethan England, several estates were created in 'E's to honor the Queen and it really is quite a practical design. It ensures privacy in each wing but they are all connected through the spine. And the spine of our house is against the ridge of land to protect it. Then the middle section is the public part of the house, living room, dining room and kitchen with the laundry on one side and the pantry on the other."

"That's what will be done in about two weeks." I stopped my nibbling and rested my chin on my crossed arms. "Then, we'll build out the first wing, which will have our rooms, bathroom and the library. After that, we can take our time and build the last wing on the other side of the courtyard for any guests."

"Yes, indeed." Artemis looked very satisfied. "And with the spine concept expressed in hallways, if we ever need more space, we can erect rooms beyond ours or beyond the guests. But for now, we'll have all the room we need with the basic design."

"And privacy, my Artemis, we'll have nice thick walls between us and anyone else." I reminded him with a smile and he returned it with a bear hug.

"Most assuredly, my James, we shall have our privacy. But I'm not just sure where we'll put the dungeon for the Count's naughty convert." He said seriously while I chuckled. "Of course, the secret plans might show where the secret, hidden room is."

I shivered at the growl in his voice and he rolled us over so he blanketed me. "Yes, indeed, the dungeon will also have to be a harem for naughty pleasure slaves and a schoolroom for naughty students. Such a multipurpose room will be difficult to hide but I believe that a way can be found."

"And who knows, what new stories may need room?" I said hopefully.

"Yes, indeed, my naughty James, there are thousands of stories just waiting for us to find them." He kissed me thoroughly before turning out the light.

"If anyone can do it, my stern but loving Artemis, it shall be you." I snuggled closer and listened to his heartbeat.

"Such a faithful little pleasure slave, student and convert. We shall enjoy ourselves immensely in the years to come. And all my plays shall star just the two of us."

"Good. I shall practice my roles diligently and never fail you."

"Never, my James, together we are unstoppable." His soft kiss was all I needed to send me right to sleep to dream of a bright future.

End of Home Building