Author: Athea (
Title: Moving In
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Sequel: This follows Home Building.
Date: 15 January 2001
Artemis, part one

I stood atop our tallest ladder and finished painting the last corner of the ceiling in our new living room. Looking behind me, I made sure I hadn't left anything undone before carefully climbing down with my half-empty can of paint. This was the last room to be done and I was extremely glad at the prospect of never climbing a ladder again or at least not for a very long time.

Peter Little was whistling in the kitchen while he put together the cook stove that had arrived yesterday. He'd shown a wonderful affinity for putting things together and we were happy to let him tinker. The fireplace that was shared between the living room and dining room was already in use to take the chill out of the air and help the plaster and now the paint dry faster. Sealing the can of paint, I stuck the brush in the turpentine jar for cleaning later. That was another thing I was not going to miss. I could smell turpentine in my sleep these days.

James was in town getting the rest of our furniture from Wellington's shop and some of the items that we'd need to stay in our new house. The two-foot square red tiles beneath my feet needed a good scrubbing but that could wait until tomorrow. I was bone weary and ready for a hot bath and an early night.

"Um, Artemis?" Peter's head popped around the arch that led to the dining room. "Hey, you finished. It looks real nice. I told my mother about the color on the walls and now she wants to see it."

"Once we are moved in and everything is settled, we shall have a party and invite all of Nice to come and see it." I clapped him on the shoulder and he grinned at me before beckoning me into the kitchen.

I brushed my hand over the beautiful table and eight chairs that stood so gracefully in the middle of the room beneath the iron candelabra that the elder Little had created for us from a sketch of one I'd seen in London many years before. It held twenty tapers and with the matching wall sconces made the room glow when they were all lit. The court cupboard stood against the inner wall and would hold our linens and silverware when they arrived.

There was a tapestry that I'd had since Paris that would fit beautifully above the cupboard for the lone decorative accent in the space for eating. I disliked a fussy room and preferred that the guests concentrate on the food rather than where they were. But the kitchen was my pride and joy, just the way James had planned it. Wide counters of polished green and white ceramic tiles provided plenty of workspace while the cupboards they sat on would hold all the kitchenware that Maria had gotten for me.

Peter pointed at the black cast iron stove with a beaming smile that didn't prepare me for the sight of the beautiful Majestic eight burner, completely assembled and already smoking a little with the first fire in my new kitchen. I clapped his shoulder with my biggest smile.

"You are a genius, Peter. When I saw it disassembled, I was sure it would take a week to put together and you did it in a day. Where's the teakettle? Let's not waste the fire." I rubbed my hands together while he found the iron pot that we'd been using on the fire to heat our water. Going to the sink in the middle of the room, I turned the faucet with a brief prayer that it would work.

And cold water immediately appeared like a genie out of a bottle, filling the pot easily. I'd had drawings from a plumber friend that we'd used for the water pipes to all the rooms that needed them but no one had ever seen anything quite like them before and more than once, we'd scratched our heads and gone with our best guess.

Thankfully, those guesses had worked. I'd already heard that wives were pestering several of the men, to provide them with hot and cold running water. And the flush toilets were the second wonder of the world. My copy of Sir Thomas Crapper's guide to modern toilets was already in the hands of Elijah Little and Peter was sure to be highly sought after, once it became known that he'd helped us install the plumbing.

Septic fields were known but not utilized frequently and I'd insisted on positioning ours well away from the stream, which would be providing our water. Sewage and water do not belong together. A scientist in Germany was working on disease producing bacteria and we'd corresponded about what they could do to humans. Robert Koch would be famous one of these days and I was more than willing to help him with my observations in the field.

I'd be testing our water and soil once my laboratory was built. But for the moment, I was more concerned with making sure that none of us got sick now. I filled the hob on the stove with water to check for leaks but none appeared and I was already preparing our first meal in my head. Our only lack was a reliable ice provider and I'd taken to cooling our butter and vegetables in a waterproof box submerged in the stream.

It worked but was extremely unhandy. James was working on the problem but at the moment, our icebox was empty. The cupboards were mostly bare with only the food that we could store in tins and the dinnerware that we used everyday. I was looking forward to having my china instead of tin plates and wineglasses instead of tin cups. It had been a very long three months and with autumn beginning to show in the turning of some of the leaves on the oak trees, I was glad that we were done with the main house.

We'd have to wait to start the herd and my vineyard seedlings until next year. But James was planning on building the barn and corral for our horses right up until the ground froze, if it did. Then he was determined that my laboratory was next and also our gymnasium so we could continue to work out. I was really looking forward to helping him on both those projects.

Over the last months, we'd come to a new understanding about ourselves and what we needed from our relationship. Both of us needed constant touch and verbal expressions of love and caring. James needed more solitude than I did but I needed times when I interacted with others more than he. We'd had our share of entertainment in the village and that had filled my need while sending James out to ride our land fulfilled his.

But I really wanted a week of just living in this house rather than camping the way we had been. The living room was empty now, waiting for the furniture that hopefully James would be bringing. I had a sudden desire to cook something so he'd be greeted with the smells of good cooking rather than the bland stews that was our staple diet.

"Peter, would you go to the stream and bring me the cold box? I think it's time to give this stove its first real test." I began pulling out the pans I'd need for biscuits.

"Yes, sir!" He grinned and left through the side door for the stream. He'd proven to be an appreciative eater of my cooking and if there wasn't something mechanical to do, he was more than willing to help out in the kitchen.

One of my objectives in life was to destroy the stereotype that men were bad cooks. I refuse to believe that men can't master a simple recipe. Why should women have all the fun? Our housekeeper whenever we found him or her would have to understand that the kitchen was mine whenever I wanted to cook. That might prove a bit dicey so I was thinking ahead to the wording on our advertisement while I sifted the flour into one of my old mixing bowls.

Dinner was well on its way when I heard the welcome voice of my partner from the front room. He was directing someone and I hurried out drying my hands as I went. It looked like a good portion of the town had arrived with him. A veritable swarm of women carrying dishes appeared, all talking at once and looking about them as if they'd never seen a living room before.

James was directing the placement of the new settee and chairs, the roll top desk that was going straight into the library was disappearing down the short hall and my tapestry had just appeared rolled up over Elijah's shoulder. I beckoned to him to come through into the dining room and he was swept up in the women heading for the kitchen.

Chaos was the order of the day but somehow we managed to put together an edible meal, get all the furniture in and placed approximately where it should go. I looked around the crowded rooms with an air of extreme satisfaction. Somehow, in my misspent life, I'd done something very, very good to be so rewarded with a home and good friends to share it with. Catching James' eye, I raised my glass to him and he smiled. Best of all was the man who shared my life.

Truly, I was the luckiest man on earth.

The books stayed in the crates but the bookcases were all placed by Wellington himself. The quiet man almost missed dinner because of his perfectionism but I routed him out and made him eat. I also made sure that everyone knew he'd designed and built the dining room set. I think he will be quite busy for some time to come. Elijah came in for his fair share of fame when the candelabra was admired. But best of all, young Peter was shown as the mechanical genius he was.

I noticed he and Elizabeth chatting quietly. That should take the burden off of my poor James' shoulders, I decided with a smile. The party went until almost 8 o'clock and James and I waved goodbye to our neighbors with both satisfaction and relief. The place was finally all ours. The silence was deafening and most welcome.

We locked up and made sure all the candles were out. I banked the fire in the stove while he took care of the living room fire. When I came out of the kitchen, he was standing in the middle of the large space with the furniture all topsy-turvy. I came up behind him and slid my arms around him.

"I love you, Artemis. But can we please wait for a month or so before we entertain again?" He said plaintively while leaning back against my chest and hugging my arms tighter.

"That sounds about right, my dear James." I kissed his temple. "And we'll limit it to no more than six other people. I told you that more chairs than eight would just get us into trouble. But New Years will have to be even larger than today."

He shuddered. "I'll get my earplugs ready. Our neighbors talk so much."

Chuckling, I started him towards my room, which was closer. "They do indeed my silent friend. How about I decree no talking for the next two hours? We'll just make up my bed, take a hot bath and go to sleep. We'll save our loving for morning."

"Yes, please. I lit the hot water heater in the bathroom and the stove in your room when I ducked out to make sure the right armoire got to the right room." He let me steer us down the hall and to the right, straight into the large room that was now our bedroom.

"Perfect. You start the bath and I'll make up the bed. I love you, James." I kissed him hard and held him close for a long moment before sending him off.

James, part two

When I woke up, I was surrounded by Artemis. Smiling, I petted the hand that held me so close. We'd both swollen in the night and I was very much looking forward to him coming inside of me for the first time in our new home. Building was satisfying but living here would be even better. And since it had been a while since we'd done more than suck each other, I sorted through our plays to see which one felt right for this morning.

Smiling, I turned slowly and eased away from him. He was sleeping so soundly that he frowned but accepted my pillow when my warmth left him. Slipping from the bed, I headed for the kitchen after grabbing my robe. Mornings seemed to be getting cooler. Starting the stove with some fresh tinder from the coals left from the night, I put the water on to heat and found the bread tin so I could slice some of the bread that Mrs. Henry had brought us.

We still had fresh oranges from the south; I'd made sure that almost a bushel came with the stove. So I peeled two of them and separated the pieces onto one of Artemis' china plates. He really had missed them and the wineglasses too but I didn't need them for this morning. Instead, I found the pretty white teapot with the violets painted on it and the matching cups. We still had some of his favorite tea left and I carefully made tea with the now boiling water.

Then, I got everything on the teak tray and very slowly carried it in through my bedroom. He was still asleep but he'd moved onto my side of the bed in search of my warmth. I set the tray down on the side table and hurried back into the bathroom. I got out the jar of cream and carefully fingered some inside of me. That always felt so good that I began to feel wanton while I searched my room for the velvet paddle.

The Sheik's naughty pleasure slave needed some attention.

Hurrying back to our bedroom, I found Artemis sitting up and looking sleepily around for me. I came in and knelt at the foot of the bed. "I'm so sorry that I wasn't here, my Lord Sheik. Please forgive me."

He is always so quick. "I don't know, my warm but naughty pleasure slave. I was quite cold without you. I believe that I need to correct that by warming you up."

"It is as my master wishes." I slid up the bed with the paddle in one hand and laid myself over his legs. "I'm so sorry that I displeased you."

His warm hands stroked my cheeks. "You were very thoughtless, little slave. I dislike the cold intensely but perhaps I can think of someplace where I can put this frozen cock of mine."

"Oh, yes please, my master. By your orders, I readied myself for you as I do every morning." I slid my eyes up to his face and saw his eyes light up while he caressed my cheeks and thumbed my entrance. That felt so good that I wiggled all over.

"Well, now I have a dilemma, little one. You've displeased me on one hand and pleased me on the other." He picked up the paddle and rubbed it over my cheeks. "So, I guess I'll let the hand that is displeased spank you while the hand that is pleased will tease your beautiful cock. Is that fair, my sweet one?"

"Most fair, my Lord Sheik. You are wiser than Solomon, my stern but loving master." I shivered all over and couldn't help but moan when the paddle began to sting me. His other hand was cradling my cock lovingly and I would have come then but for his pinching of my nerve.

"Such a lovely shade of red, my naughty one," the paddle never stopped spanking me over and over until I could feel the burn all the way down to my toes. "And your cock is hardening nicely as well. How very lucky I am to have such a naughty but loving pleasure slave."

"Oh, master!" I was panting now and I wanted him inside of me so badly that I was shaking. "Please put out the fire inside of me, my sheik of the giant cock. I promise not to be so naughty again."

"Really? Well, I don't know if you've been punished severely enough." He let the paddle slip out of his hand while turning me over and eyeing my hard-as-steel cock. "I believe a little protein is in order, before eating this lovely breakfast that you've prepared for us."

And with that, he sucked my cock straight down his throat while I thrust up once and screamed. I seemed to pulse forever into his hot wet mouth and he swallowed everything before slowly letting me slip from his lips. "My very tasty pleasure slave is back in his master's good graces but is looking a little tired now. Why don't I get the tray of food and see if I can't revive you?"

He reached a long arm and pulled the table a little closer to the bed while I tried to gather enough energy to sit up. But all my muscles had taken a short vacation and it was all I could do to roll over and out of the way of the tray. He fed me a slice of orange and I savored the sweet-tart flavor while enjoying his stroking caress over my red-hot cheeks.

"Ah, my favorite tea, you've outdone yourself, my sweet slave. All is forgiven and I believe that I shall favor you today with my royal cock." He patted my cheek and fed me another orange slice while I beamed.

"Thank you, my wonderful master. I like taking care of you." I swallowed my orange and eyed a swelling Artie. "Please, my master, may I suck on your beautiful cock?"

"Of course, you may. Once you get him all nice and wet, I believe that I'll ride my sweet mare. It seems like a very long time since I went put him through his paces." He stroked my head while I stretched my mouth around his velvety soft crown and sucked gently. "Oh, very nice, my beautiful one. How very glad I am that I bought you instead of leaving you for the Emir. He would have never appreciated you the way I do."

I stroked him harder and licked a bead of his tasty seed from the slit. He wept another tear and I swallowed it before it could get away. One of his hands stroked my nether cheek and a blunt finger pierced me. I splayed my legs to give him better access and soon two fingers were stretching me for him. I shivered once when he sparked my gland, yearning for him to come inside and warm me all the way through.

"Ah, my sweet mare has tempted his stallion to mount him and he's ready to mate with his pretty little filly. We don't have our mirror up yet but we will. For the moment, I'd like you to come up on all fours for me so your mighty stallion can mount you properly."

I let his cock go regretfully but knew that even more pleasure was to come. Turning so I faced the foot of the bed, I looked over my shoulder so I could watch Artemis come to his knees inside of my widespread legs. He stroked my cheeks before pulling them apart and nudging my small hole with his velvet crown. I had to quit watching at that point and just concentrate on staying relaxed while that impossibly large cock stretched me to the point of pain and forged inside of me.

Shaking from shoulder to hip, I bit my lip while he stilled and stroked my back where my tension showed so plainly. "My sweet mare is as tight as when I first breached his virgin hole. That is such a nice treat for me. Your exercises have kept you supple for me and I very much appreciate your effort."

"I love you, my master and always want to give you pleasure. It is such an honor to have you wish to mate with me when there are so many beautiful mares in our world." I finally felt like moving and my flex around him told him he could too.

"True, there are beautiful mares and tasty slaves but only one blue-eyed pleasure slave from the north." He pulled out slowly and just as slowly pushed back in, warming my whole body. "He is a unique mare that only a discriminating man like myself would know how to tame."

"Oh yes, this humble slave knows how gloriously famous his Sheik is in the riding world." I pushed back when he next thrust in and felt my gland glow with warmth. "And as a mare who has never known another, I can not imagine any other stallion ever coming near to me." I flexed around him and felt the burn begin to flood my whole body. "No one will ever mount your very own mare."

"No, indeed, such an act would require that I emasculate any stallion who even tried." His thrusts were speeding up and I shook around him.
My blood was boiling and my panting was the only way I could get enough air into my lungs. His hands held my hips still while he thrust ever more strongly against my gland. Jim was rock hard and leaking but I didn't want to stroke him because then I would climax and lose the delicious burn that I loved.

But my body could only take so much and when he thrust hard and came, he pressed the nerve at the base of my cock, denying me release while I shook and almost collapsed flat on the bed. "Master!"

"Sweet mare, a moment and I shall take care of you." His voice was husky and touched something deep inside of me. "You would not deny me the taste of rare milk that only you can give me?"

I shook while he slowly withdrew from my well-loved channel. I hated to lose him but my need to come was approaching critical levels. He turned me over and barely had time to swallow around me before I thrust up and came hard. Drinking me down with gentle swallows, he sucked me dry while I trembled boneless on the soft sheets.

"My loving slave has pleased me greatly. Is there any reward within my power to grant you?" Artemis leaned up and kissed me slowly, sharing my taste with me. His tongue stroked mine comfortingly and I finally found enough strength to slide my arms around his neck.

We kissed for long moments and he lay upon my body, letting his weight blanket me with his warmth. This was the best time, when we were snuggling together and no one knew. Finally, he lifted his head and looked down at me. "James?"

"I want to never be more than an arm's length from you. I want us to be lazy although it would be fun to uncrate the books and put them on the shelves in the library." I stroked his cheek. "And I want to help you make lunch while I have a cleansing so this afternoon you can come back inside of me. Then we can have a long hot bath and you can read poetry to me while we lie in bed. And I want to go to sleep with Artie inside of me until he comes out by himself."

"Well, it sounds like a very full and lovely day, exactly what I would like to do, as well. You must have read my mind, sweetheart." He kissed me lovingly and I smiled into his kiss. "What else?"

"Oh, I was just thinking that our neighbors would probably be shocked if they could see us. Do you think any of them know that we are lovers?" I asked him, that thought having just come to me.

"Well, three of them do. Wellington had a long time lover he lost in the War. He's a very solitary man but also very lonely at the moment. I'm thinking of having a friend come up from San Francisco to see if they might suit." He chuckled. "I'm so happy that I want everybody to be just as happy."

Artemis, part three

His eyes widened while his quick brain thought over his transactions with our furniture maker. "Who else?"

"Two of our lady friends are committed partners and have been for several years. Can you guess which ones?" I asked him, wondering if he would make the connection.

"It's harder with ladies because people don't think it's strange for two women to live together." He said slowly, his mind busy with my puzzle. "Give me a hint, please."

"They are sisters."

His eyes went wide and his lips made a lovely 'o' that I had to kiss immediately. When I finally let him speak, he practically squeaked. "The Caitlin's?"

"Exactly, sweetheart. They are not really sisters but it gives people a way to place them in society if they pretend to be. Martha and Jane have been lovers for over ten years but people like to think of them as spinsters. It makes them feel more comfortable and the Caitlin ladies prefer to simply live their lives quietly and with great joy." I nuzzled his lips and he parted them sweetly to take my tongue into his spicy warm depths.

He kissed me passionately and I could see him comparing them to us. When we broke apart to breathe, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Is that what people see when they look at us, Artemis? Two men who are like brothers?"

"Perhaps. The War destroyed so many families that two men who served together might become like brothers. I've already put out the story that I am a widower whose wife died in labor. That protects me somewhat since it reassures them that I was once part of a couple that tried to produce children. You are a young man, sickened by the War as so many were but there is still hope for you since you've never married."

He frowned. "I'm jealous of your wife and I know she never existed. Maybe I was wounded in the War and can't, um . . . you know."

His blush was so sweet that I had to kiss him again. "We won't say that just yet, sweet James. Let's see what transpires first. Now, let's finish this delicious breakfast that you made for us."

We fed each other by hand while he sprawled over my legs, holding onto Artie with a tight grip that soon had him perking up. Eventually, we took the tray to the kitchen and washed up while I put the delicious casserole that Mrs. Baker had brought us into the oven at a very low setting. I estimated that two hours would do it and we'd be ready to eat again. In the bathroom, we shaved and cleaned up while dividing up the outside chores so we could come back in and be comfortable.

He saw to the horses while I put the ladder up so I could check the flat roof. I was still a little nervous about it but so far there hadn't been a problem and we'd had one heavy rain with no leaking. I'd been assured that they were just fine in this climate but I wouldn't be completely sure until we'd had a good snowfall.

We met back inside and while we were dressed, we hung the curtains in the library and the living room. Pulling them shut, I stalked James into our room and tackled him onto our bed while stripping him down to his beautiful bare skin. But he was undressing me too and within a few moments, we were rolling naked on the bed. It was so freeing to be able to play without fear that someone would interrupt us. I'd quietly told all our helpers that we would see them on Sunday and not before.

Wellington had smiled that sad sweet smile of his which hardened my resolve to find him someone nice who would love him and appreciate his genius. But for now, I had my arms full of a laughing lover who required all my energy to subdue. Somehow, he'd teased me to complete arousal and while I lay on the bed, he impaled himself above me, using his strong thighs to ride my cock.

But I stopped our coming and pulled from his sweet depths so we could have lunch, comforting him with the reminder that we had yet to make love in the library. He brightened and agreed only if he could sit on my lap while we ate. I resigned myself to being permanently hard and terminally teased by the bright sprite in my arms.

What a lovely way to be.

After lunch, he pulled me into the library with a grin. We opened all the crates and pulled every book out, stacking them on the floor. I had perfected a system of shelving my books so I could put my hand on any of them at a moment's notice. I had James sort through the piles and place all the books by subject in new piles so we could see how many in each category we had.

While we were sorting, I discovered that James had ordered every book in print on wine making and vineyard horticulture. I kissed him hard and he blushed while he squirmed in my hug. "I knew you wanted the best information available so Peter helped me gather them all up and ship them out."

"They're wonderful, my James. I thought poetry would be our largest category but it seems I'm wrong. I love the way you take care of me." I ran my hands over his bare back and luxuriated in the feel of him in my arms. He suckled at my breast and I rested my head on his light curls.

We finally broke apart and went back to work. Soon, books began to disappear from the floor and appear on the beautiful oak bookcases that lined the plaster walls. Wellington had done a wonderful job for us and I found myself caressing the satin smooth shelves. Since we expected to be adding to our collection, we left quite a bit of room on each shelf. The reference books like Culpepper's Herbal and the Dictionary were placed near the roll top desk where James would do our accounts and I would write my letters.

The room needed a rug to soften the hard tiles, which graced all our rooms but I'd agreed to wait until we could go to San Francisco and look over the imports there. The Chinese were doing some very interesting designs and with the influx of workers, an entire section of the city had become a small Chinatown. I was looking forward to visiting their apothecaries and replenishing our supply of herbs. With the weather turning cooler, I would take no chances on either of us getting sick.

Soon, all the books were on the shelves, their bindings gleaming in the filtered light from our kerosene lamps. I missed our gaslights but until someone invented a canister to hold the gas needed, we would have to do without. Candles had been on our list but we'd discovered that the Caitlin sisters made them to help support their modest lifestyle and were more than happy to make up as many as we needed.

"It looks beautiful, Artemis. It will take us many years to read all of them." James looked extremely satisfied with that prospect.

I pulled him into my arms and luxuriated in the feel of his satin skin against mine. "It will undoubtedly take the rest of our lives, my James. Because authors will continue to write and poets to rhyme while scientists make new discoveries and history gets rewritten. Did you know that President Grant wants to write an account of the War?"

His head raised from my shoulder, blue eyes gleaming. "He'd be very good, I think. People make fun of his blunt speaking but he wasn't the winning general because of luck. He thought out what to do, took advantage of other's mistakes and plotted a strategy that led to us winning the War. We shall buy a copy if he does write it."

"Yes, we will, beloved. Perhaps we can get him to autograph it for us?" I began running my hands over his back, concerned over the cooling flesh. "We need some heat in this room for this time of year."

"But where would we put it, Artemis? Every inch of wall has something on it." He looked around, his busy mind looking at the possibilities, which were admittedly slim.

"Well, I did have an idea but it involves some experimentation so for the moment, we'll simply have to dress warmly while we're in here." I kissed his temple and he leaned back against me, holding my arms around him and sighing. Artie was feeling rather neglected but I was willing to wait until we got a rug in here to make love upon.

I kissed his cheek and hugged him tighter. "I think we should forego sanctifying this room for now until we get some heat and a soft rug for the floor. But I'm thinking that now would be a very good time for me to worship your beautiful body on our new dining room table."

He shivered and leaned back harder. "Yes, I think Zeus should take his cupbearer on the table to see if it's sturdy enough to become our new altar."

I chuckled and picked him up, carrying him into the dining room where the fire was crackling merrily and warming the air completely. The color of the plaster walls was called apricot and the ladies of the town had exclaimed over it. It seems that some of our colors were a little controversial but then I'd overheard one of them say something about men choosing the colors. The women she was talking to all nodded sagely while I had a hard time keeping a straight face.

"What's so funny, my Artemis? That's a very silly smile."

I laid him on the new table and moved between his legs while opening a jar of our cream. "The ladies of the town said that our colors were only to be expected since men were choosing them." I told him while slowly stretching him for me. "But the elder Miss Caitlin said that she was looking forward to matching the candle color for our new sconces and then they started talking about the candelabra. Martha enjoys colors and rarely gets a chance to make up anything but white, green and red."

I had three fingers inside of him and when the fourth joined in, he shook at the almost too full feeling. "I told her that I wanted some yellow candles for my bedroom to go with the buttercup sheets you chose in Washington. It will be like sunshine caught in wax when she's done. I gave her one of the pillowcases so she could match the color."

"Good, that will be pretty." James stretched around me. "Oh, Artemis."

"My beautiful James, how very sturdy this table is." I slowly impaled him on my cock while my hands held his hips at the edge of the table, his legs over my shoulders. "Why it's not even shaking a little."

James looked very good on the warm oak, exposed to the new room and the figures in the tapestry above the court cupboard. There was a bit of a draft and the richly dressed courtiers seemed to move through the garden maze towards the woman who sat in the center with a unicorn by her side. She seemed to be looking at us and I wondered what she would think of us if she could speak

"Artemis, I think she's watching us." His wide blue eyes had caught the movement of the tapestry and we must have shared the same thought, the way that we sometimes did these days.

James, part four

"She was a very knowledgeable woman of her day. Diane de Poitiers was even considered to be a witch."

Artemis really did know everything, I thought affectionately. "Wasn't she a mistress of one of the Louis' of France?"

"Not one of the Louis but Henry II of France." He pulled out almost too far before thrusting back in and sparking my gland. "He was an interesting monarch with a very intriguing mistress who was almost twenty years older than he. She was rumored to have six fingers on one hand which was a sign that she dealt with dark powers."

I shivered at his lowered voice and watched him wide-eyed. "A witch? In this day and age?"

He chuckled and hit my gland again. "Witchcraft has been practiced for thousands of years, my innocent James, by both men and women. In fact, I expect that you know a witch or two without realizing it."

Thinking about that was too hard while he was pleasuring me so well. The warm oak beneath my back was hard and unyielding but I could have cared less, intent on making him come when I did. Which would be soon if the fire that was sweeping my body were any indication. Trembling, I opened my eyes to watch Artemis look down with that great affection in which he wrapped me.

"I think that perhaps you are a warlock, my Artemis." I shivered while the flames inside of me burned hotter. "Perhaps like Count Vlad, you've existed for thousands of years by using your magic."

"Ah yes indeed, the love spells have proven to be most potent, don't you think, my lovely apprentice?" He began to speed up his thrusts, impaling me over and over until I felt a flush start at my toes, filling me with warmth. "And this is such a lovely way to be burned on my stake."

Impossibly, I laughed and released at the same moment, spurting between us while he stroked twice more before flooding me with his hot seed. We both groaned and I relaxed against the table, my eyes drawn to his beloved face. He looked well loved, smiling down at me like a satiated king of the gods.

"I love you, my Artemis, whether you are king or magician." I needed to touch him and he read my mind with ease, leaning down to kiss me tenderly. We feasted for a long moment while I felt him soften a little inside of me. My fingers combed through the dark curls on the back of his neck.

"We both need haircuts, my love. We're beginning to look a little shaggy." He scattered kisses across my face before drawing away to look into my eyes. "Next week, we should perhaps take a trip to San Francisco and replace some of the items in our railway car."

"Yes, we need to replace our bed or else we'll have to find out if two of us can sleep together in the new bed in my old room." I bit my lip when he slid out of me and he quickly checked for signs of bleeding before kissing my entrance gently.

"A good thought, my lovely cupbearer. I don't know if I'll be able to keep a straight face when we eventually have a dinner with others at this table." He picked me up and carried me through the kitchen and into the entrance of my room. The bed that Wellington had made for me was like a beautiful sleigh in dark cherry wood that gleamed in the filtered light from the window.

"We'll have to practice with some of the men that worked with us first, like Wellington and Elijah. That way we can ease into it." I bit his earlobe since it was handy and he laughed while carrying me into the bathroom between our rooms.

"Little boys who bite are very often chastised." He said sternly and I wiggled in anticipation of another spanking. "Well, since you asked so nicely, I guess we'll have to forego our bath so I can introduce you to the new torture chamber that I constructed expressly for that purpose."

"You did?" I could hear my voice squeak while he chuckled and carried me back to the kitchen and down the steps that led to the basement. It was very dark down there and I admit to holding on to Artemis' a little harder than before. I wasn't exactly afraid of the dark but it did make me uneasy.

A wall of shelves that he'd built to cover the room where our coal was stored seemed to be his objective and I wondered why. But he just smiled down at me and with his free hand, tugged hard on the farthest end-shelving unit. And with a creak, it slid out from the supposedly solid wall to reveal a pit of darkness. I shivered at the cooler air and gripped him much more firmly.

"Sweetheart, I need to set you down for a moment but rest assured, it's only until I can light the candles." He said reassuringly and when he set me down, it wasn't on the hard concrete floor but on what felt like a soft rug just inside the room. The rasp of a match sounded very loud and I shivered again.

But when the first candle began to glow, I could see the small room come to life. It was barely six feet wide by about eight feet deep and the rug was the old Persian carpet from Artemis' stored items. My lover finished lighting the last candle and turned to me with a decided twinkle in his eyes.

"How did you manage this, Artemis, without me noticing it?" I turned to see the door by which we'd entered. It was plain wood that looked just like the rest of the wall that kept our coal from spilling onto the basement floor.

"If you'll remember, we made the shelves first then put up the framing for the wall. I simply took six feet and a little for the interior wall that carved out this space and made sure that the paneling was in six foot lengths so the shelves would fit together and not reveal the door. A wheel under the baseboard outside and enough clearance so we can open and shut the decoy shelf unit and it was easily concealed. When you were out riding two weeks ago, Wellington and I finished it up." He reached around me and shut us in the small room. "We have a bolt on this side of the door so we can be private while I'm ... torturing you. Did you notice that the iron bars from your old room are in place there in the back?"

I leaned back against his warm body and shivered in anticipation. "No, but I think perhaps, Count Vlad has brought me here for a reason."

"Yes indeed, young James, I have a new whip that will help me ride my sweet steed." He bit my ear before steering me towards the iron bars that meant freedom for me. The leather loops were loose enough that I could get out if I absolutely had to but tight enough to give me that wonderful feeling of abandon.

When I was spread-eagled on the bars, I heard the snap of the whip behind me and clenched my buttocks in anticipation of the burning. "Oh, I promise to never bite you again, Count Vlad. Please don't whip me in this dark and scary dungeon."

"Never fear, little one, I'm sure that it will only take an hour or so to convince you of the error of your ways." The first flick of leather stung my right cheek then the left while I shivered and began to harden again. "Such a lovely shade of red, my new convert, you blush so beautifully that I think I shall have to bring you down here everyday so I can redden your tight cheeks."

"Oh, I won't need that, my wonderful Count. You know that all my seed is yours whenever you need it." The burn was spreading and warming me from head to toe while the crack of the whip satisfied something deep inside of me.

"True, my trusty steed, but I think my whip keeps you nice and tight for my four hundred year old cock. When I impale you, it's like taking a virgin every time and I'm sure that you wouldn't want to deprive me of such a lovely ride." His voice had that slight accent that intrigued me so. Maybe we could really travel to Transylvania so I could see the country, which had given him such a wonderful game to play.

"I want to be that virgin for you, my Count so you don't go looking for new converts." I shook hard and realized that I was close to coming again. "In fact, you might want to drink me down right now so you'll have the strength to ride me again."

"Ah, my favorite drink is ready, is it?" He chuckled and hung the whip up in front of me on the wall where several other instruments of chastisement already hung. Then he was on his knees in front of me and I was engulfed in his hot, wet mouth. His hands held my hips still when I would have thrust into that little corner of paradise. But just the flutter of his tongue was all I needed to release into his keeping, jerking in my need to climax.

I must have passed out again because when I came to, he was just finishing the long slide into my relaxed channel. He felt so big and warm that I sighed in contentment while I flexed around him. "So good, my count, you feel so good inside of me."

"The feeling is mutual, my lovely convert. Are you ready for a long ride, little steed? One that will warm you up from the inside, out?" He began the thrusting that stimulated my gland into heating me all over. "Yes indeed, I will never want to ride another steed while you are safe in my castle. So you mustn't roam far away when I release you from my dungeon, little one. Or another might find you and introduce you to his torture chamber."

"Never, my gentle count of the giant cock. I'll never stray from your side. This dungeon is the only one I ever want to be chained in. Oh, there." I quivered and tried to grow hard again but I was spent and the delicious pounding only made me shiver. All at once, every muscle in my body seized up and I felt Artemis jerk into climax, bathing me with his liquid heat. His arms were tight around me and I swear Jim climaxed even though I had no more seed to give.

He sighed into the side of my neck and licked away the sweat that was pouring off of both of us. "Well, James, what do you think of our dungeon?"

"I think that we must adjourn here at least three times a week, my Artemis, so I can be chastised most severely." I turned my head to kiss his temple and he grazed my cheek with his tongue just like the cat I had yet to get for him would have. He chuckled and unlooped my arms so they could fall free. The tingles always got me a massage from his warm hands and I leaned back against his chest with a sigh.

"You are quite right, my sweet James. Thrice a week and perhaps twice on Sunday since I must endure you being ogled by most of the female congregation." He gently disengaged my ankles and I turned into his arms so I could kiss him properly.

We kissed for a long time while his hands stroked down my back and over my red-hot cheeks. Finally, he pulled away and smiled down at me. "Time to put out the candles and have our bath, sweetheart. We should have worn slippers for the cold floor down here. Perhaps we should buy some and leave them at the foot of the steps for just this purpose?"

I nodded and blew out two of the candles while he blew out the other two. A hot bath sounded wonderful.

Artemis, part five

We relaxed until Sunday when we took the carriage into town for church and our mail. James had that well-fucked look that brought many a sigh from the unmarried women of the congregation. And when we went home with the Caitlins, I could almost hear the gossip start. But Martha took it all in stride while Jane took James' arm with a winsome smile that made more than one lady gnash her teeth.

Lunch was wonderful and the first candles of our order were displayed next to the pillowcase. They matched perfectly and I kissed Martha's hand while James' eyes lit up in anticipation of the kisses I would owe him later. When we left their home, we carried our well-wrapped candles to the station to see what had arrived while we were resting. Edward joined us to help load the two crates onto the back of the part-carriage, part-wagon that we'd bought in Sacramento.

We inquired about trains to San Francisco that we might hook the car onto for our trip and James poured over the schedule with him while I began to read my mail. My James loved the logistics of these little trips and Edward wasn't far behind in his enthusiasm. When my lover tugged on my elbow, I surfaced from a long chatty letter from Maria.

"Ten days and we can hook on for a direct trip without having to go through Williams." He told me and I nodded uncomprehendingly. His knowing smile told me I'd been caught out but he wouldn't tell on me. "Edward will make the arrangements and we can leave the horses at the livery. So we'll have to get to work on the barn while we still have good weather."

"Yes, indeed, James. We must get to work and stop our reading marathon. We'll have plenty of time when winter arrives." I told him and watched him blush. Some might not approve of the way we read some of our books. There's something very spiritual about reading Donne's poetry while sheathed inside of James' tight ass.

Saying goodbye to Edward, we began the hour ride to home. Lady knew the way by now and we exchanged hellos with the young couple who lived in the log cabin just before our woods started. A definite trail was etched between the tall trees that guarded our privacy. James had the reins and I took in his rosy cheeks and beaming smile with a satisfied smile of my own.

"Peter will be on hand tomorrow morning early so we'll have to finish up Donne's sonnets tonight." I told him and watched that lovely blush bloom on his cheeks.

"I was thinking that student James needs some more study time with his stern teacher in our ... underground classroom." He shot me a side-glance that warmed me right down to my toes.

"Ah, his stern but loving teacher would be glad to help his student study for his final exam in poetry." I stroked the back of his neck with my leather-clad fingers and he closed his eyes and arched into my touch. "Yes, iambic pentameters will be on the test."

He shot me a smoldering look that warmed me through. "I think that I will need some ... positive reinforcement while studying."

"I'll make sure that you get what you need, sweet James." I leaned in and kissed him hard while he opened to my tongue with a sigh. Luckily, Lady knew to keep going when the reins went slack since it wasn't the first time this had happened. I stroked his groin and felt him grow within the tight pants that displayed his assets so well. "In fact, I believe that I'll test one of those scientific maxims that I'm so fond of teaching you."

He shuddered when I unbuttoned him, pulling hard on the reins so Lady stopped completely. I took a quick look around but we were alone so I continued baring him to the fresh air. "Yes indeed, I'm going to show you that for every action there is a complete and opposite reaction."

"And how will you ... oh ... demonstrate this axiom, my teasing teacher." He quivered at the touch of my leather-clad fingers on his sensitive cock.

"I believe that I told you of an experiment way back when you became my beloved only student." I urged him off the seat to kneel in front of me while my hands smoothed over his cheeks. With a quick unbuttoning of my pants, I knelt behind him with an eager Artie nudging his small hole. "Do you remember that, James?"

"Oh, yes ... my beloved scientist." He wriggled back when I pierced him and shook around me. He was still well creamed from our early morning loving and I slid inside of him with that sense of coming home that I always felt. "So good, my teacher, you always make my lessons so much fun."

"Science should be fun, my James and now, I believe that we should put that axiom to the test. If you would be so kind as to start Lady moving again?" I thrust in just a little and he shakily clucked to Lady who began to move along the ruts we'd carved into the meadow grass.

The movement did indeed lend a piquant vibration to our lovemaking and I kept my thrust gentle until he relaxed a bit. Then I began the rhythm that brought us the most satisfaction and he groaned when I hit his gland again and again. Lady seemed to take his groans for permission to go faster and soon we were speeding towards our house while I pounded inside of him.

He came with a groan and a hard pull on the reins that brought her up short while I seized inside of him. I held him tightly while we both shook through our climaxes. He didn't pass out but it was a near thing. "I think ... my beloved teacher ... that ... science ... is my ... very favorite subject."

I chuckled against the back of his neck and tenderly began to back out of his well- exercised channel. "I must admit to having a fondness for our experiments, as well. But for now, I think we've confused Lady enough for one day. She's looking over her shoulder at us with a very disgruntled look on her face."

He laughed out loud before hissing at my exit. I checked him immediately to make sure that I hadn't been too rough but my cock was free of blood and none appeared to my questing tongue. He shook at my touch and sighed when I pulled up his pants. We sorted ourselves out and got re-buttoned before continuing our trip home. James was biting his lip at the jolting and I put an arm around him to cushion part of the shock.

Leaning into me, he smiled when we finally got home and he could stand. It took a little time to unharness Lady and brush her down but he wiggled all over when I suggested that my little mare might enjoy his own brush. He smiled up at me and I laughed while walking him to the house. It had been a good day and would be even better once I got him into the privacy of our home.

Artie was more than ready for a return to James' sweet depths.

Several hours later, I had my naughty pleasure slave over the footstool in the underground harem. Peppering his cheeks with the broad back of his brush, I made sure that I pushed in the velvet dildo of his chastity belt continuously so he was panting for release while his skin reddened.

"Ah, my naughty pleasure slave will never flaunt himself in front of the good ladies of the town ever again. Will he?" I judged the color to be just right and I reversed the brush to stroke over his glowing skin.

"Oh, my stern master, I will never, ever flaunt myself again. I forgot that I was in public when I strutted for your pleasure." He sighed happily. "My brush feels so very good that I will do whatever I have to do to have you brush me every day. But surely my terrible naughtiness has been paid for? I want my loving Sheik to ride his little mare the way he rode me this afternoon."

I pressed in the velvet dildo once more before plucking it from his well-creamed hole. "You are so right, little mare, I enjoy sliding inside of you for a pleasant ride around my harem. Now, stretch wide for me and let me slide into your ... tight ... hot depths."

He groaned while I slid slowly inside of him. I stroked his back lovingly while he adjusted to me once again. Maybe it was the hard work we'd been putting in but truly his channel didn't seem to have stretched at all. Each time was like the first when he was still unsure that our joining was even possible.

"My lord of the giant cock, how I love it when you ride me." He finally pushed back to impale himself further. "But you can ride me harder if you wish."

"Good, my little blue-eyed mare from the north, I shall ride you so hard that you shall have to stand all day tomorrow while we begin to build our new barn. I shall have to make sure that you have your own stall in our stable, right next to Charger and Lady. Perhaps, if we show them what to do, they will be inspired to emulate us?" I kept my pace steady, thrusting in and out while I held his hips still. He shuddered once and tried to come but his cock was still sheathed in the velvet sleeve and the cock rings held him tight. "Ah yes, I forgot what an exhibitionist my little mare is. You will no doubt perform even better for an audience of two then you do in my harem."

"Oh!" He shuddered again and I reached around to stroke his cock. His strangled groan was music to my ears. "Please, my master, please let me come. I'm burning alive."

"So hot, my little slave, you are so hot around me." I could feel the burn myself and when I unbuckled him and he soaked my hand with his seed, I came too. I rested against his back while I waited for him to come back to me. Our games never seemed to lose their ability to transport us into a dimension of pleasure I'd never known before.

"Artemis, that was incredible." He said quietly and flexed around me. "Maybe I really am an exhibitionist."

I started to laugh while hugging him close. "You ... just may be."

He chuckled and kissed my wrist. "I guess the barn will go up pretty quickly, my Artemis, so we can see if I respond to an audience."

Still chuckling, I slowly brought him upright and back against my chest. "I guess it will, my sweet mare. I've heard that haylofts are fun."

"Scratchy, my Artemis, hay is very scratchy." He wiggled back against me while my fingers caressed his nipples. "But I suppose there's a first time for everything."

"You may be right, sweetheart, I know that a straw mattress is extremely uncomfortable." I kissed the side of his neck while I began to slip from his body. He clenched around me but to no avail. Artie had definitely retired for the evening.

Turning into my arms, he kissed me sweetly before pulling away. "We need a bath, my magnificent Sheik. I promise to wash your back really well."

"Ah, my pleasure slave always knows the right thing to say and do." I kissed him and stood us both upright. "I'm looking forward to a long hot bath with my very favorite bath toy. Then perhaps if Jim is feeling frisky, I could entice him inside of me. But we can negotiate over dinner. I believe that omelets will bring us new stamina."

James, part six

The barn was a thing of beauty when it was done. We'd gotten it up in two days with the help of our neighbors so Charger and Lady were living in comfort while Peter moved in to the rooms above the stable. He was our first employee and he'd be taking care of the horses until we returned from San Francisco.

Since we'd gotten it up so quickly, we'd started on the laboratory and gotten it framed in place with a water tight roof and the first coating of plaster on the inside walls. Artemis was already planning experiments and Wellington had built the first lab table to his exacting specifications. Peter was excited about building some of the machines that my lover needed to run some of his tests.

We had a long list of things to get in San Francisco. I was looking forward to our shopping spree. I'd never known that shopping could be fun but with Artemis, everything was. We had little furniture left in the railway car, even the pool table had been moved out to the billiard room in our new house. But the settee was still there and the stove still worked so we'd be able to sit and eat while we traveled.

I'd already gotten reservations at the Hill House Hotel so we'd be sleeping in comfort. Our clothes were hung in the armoire left in my old room and Artemis was giving last minute instructions to Mr. Harris while I carried in the rest of our supplies for the trip down. We had several commissions from our friends to look for in the big city along with our list so we would be busy the five days we'd be there.

Neither of us wanted to stay longer now that our home was finished. I'd never been much of a wanderer but I knew that Artemis had been so I wanted him to have the freedom that he was used to. But I needed to go along to be sure that he was coming back. He reassured me every day that he'd never been so happy or content but a tiny little doubt still lived deep inside of me.

The outer door shut just as the train jerked and began to move. "James, where are you?"

"Putting away our supplies, Artemis." I called out to him and finished loading the icebox with the things he'd packed for our lunch and dinner. It would be after midnight before we reached San Francisco and we both had big appetites after all our hard work.

"Sweetheart, thank you. Edward had such exciting news that I completely forgot about our supplies." He leaned against the doorway and watched me with a smile on his face. "Guess who is moving to Nice?"

I came into his arms with a sigh, his long arms wrapping around me instantly. "I don't know, my Artemis. Who?"

"A Dr. Jamison has written to the Bakers that he will be arriving next month. I just hope he isn't a quack like that Sam Ransom from our trip west." He snorted while I tried not to show him how frightening I still found that memory. But I knew I hadn't succeeded when he kissed me. "Sweetheart, I'm fine and I shall remain fine for many years to come. The only reason I'm so glad about the doctor is because of the appalling distance that one would have to come if anyone in town or on ranches like ours got sick."

"You would cure them, Artemis, better than any doctor." I said defiantly.

He chuckled and pulled me closer into his embrace. "I would try but not even my knowledge is so great as a real doctor's. And if you ever had an accident or got sick, I'd be so worried that I'd be all thumbs. Besides, in six months the Clemson family will be larger by one and I have no desire to deliver another child, ever again."

I pulled back far enough to see his eyes. "When did you deliver a baby, Artemis?"

"About five years ago, James, I was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." He shivered once and I kissed his chin to give him courage. "Or maybe it was the right time, heaven knows the child might have died in the womb if I hadn't gotten him turned around from his breech position. We were on a train much like this one but not so private and still an hour out of Kansas City when the woman across from me went into labor. It was her first child and she hadn't realized what the little contractions meant until her water broke and the first really hard cramp hit."

"It sounds very painful, Artemis." I held him closer yet and he picked me up and took me down the hall to my old room.

"I shall finish this story in the comfort of your new-old bed, sweet James. Who knows what kind of anatomy lesson I'll be able to work into my tale." He teased me and I wiggled in his arms. We hadn't had time to make love this morning and we'd been too tired last night to do more than kiss.

"Please, do show me how such a small opening could grow big enough to let a baby through. I can't believe one would ever fit inside in the first place, let alone come out after nine months of growth." I kissed him when he set me down by the bed that seemed so small compared to our bed.

Teasingly, we undressed each other with many caresses and kisses. Artie was already quite hard and I stroked him lovingly while Artemis pulled back the blankets and sat down on the pretty green sheets. He pulled me close, making sure my legs were spread to either side of his so I sat just barely on his knees, open to his touch.

"Now, women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and this is much the same position that helps the baby fall forward in the womb and begin to squeeze its way down the long channel that's waiting for him." He stroked my stomach muscles tenderly and that felt so good that I wanted him to never stop. But then one hand moved behind my balls and stroked up to my entrance. "That little channel is about this big, James, when it starts but it has to get much bigger to let the baby out."

I leaned forward to suckle at his tasty nipples while he looked for and found the jar of cream I'd placed on the pillow. Soon he had two fingers sliding into my hole and scissoring me loose for him. "Now, this is what happens when the woman begins to cramp hard. At that same moment, her vagina begins to dilate bigger and bigger until she has to push really hard to get the baby out. The contractions grow and grow until she is rocking back and forth with the pain."

He had three fingers inside of me and I wondered how a baby would feel. "Does the baby know what's happening to him? Does he realize that he's about to be born? And how does a mother stand the pain?"

"She stands it because she must. Women are braver than any men I know, sweet James. Even knowing that the pain is coming, a mother gladly bears it so she can have a child to hold and love. And I don't think the baby is aware yet although some research has shown that babies may be able to hear sounds in the womb." He folded in the fourth finger and I felt myself stretch just a little further.

"Is a baby bigger than Artie? I don't know if I've ever seen one that has just been born. What did the one you deliver look like?" I could see that Artie was ready to come inside of me and I got some of the cream to smooth over his velvet outsides.

"So good, my James, that feels so good. Babies are a little bigger than Artie unless they come too early. And the little boy I delivered was covered in blood when he first slid out into my hands but once cleaned, he had a shock of black hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. He was like a beautiful little doll but his lungs were extremely healthy and he cried until they got off the train in Kansas City."

He lay back onto the bed and I knelt up to either side of his hips so I was over Artie while he guided him to my entrance. "You take over, sweetheart. Pleasure yourself with me."

I grinned down at him and very slowly sat down on the tall, thick column of flesh that filled me so well. I shook around him the way I always did when it had been a while but he simply stroked my thighs and waited for me to take him inside. His dark eyes gleamed into mine and I smiled when I'd taken him all.

"How very glad I am that men can't have babies, my Artemis. I think you're right about their courage. How very brave they are to take so much time and trouble to produce another generation of boys and girls." I rocked on him slowly, carding my fingers through the soft dark curls on his chest. "Perhaps, if my mother had lived, she would have had another child and I would have a brother or sister."

"True, my James. I had an older brother and sister who were killed with my parents in the shipwreck of the ocean steamer, Nautilaus. Having siblings was great fun, especially since I was the youngest. Arthur and Mary were very good to me and I think I mourned their loss even more than I grieved for my parents." He had a far away look in his eyes and I tucked their names away in my heart.

Leaning down, I kissed him. "I'm sorry that they died, Artemis. But I am so glad that you were too young to travel with them on that fateful voyage. Your Aunt Maude will always be in my prayers for her great care of you."

"Yes, she is a grand old lady and she thought you were a very sweet young man when you met her six months ago." He smiled back at me and thrust up just a bit, hitting my gland and lighting the fire that never went completely out. "If anything ever goes wrong, would you mind very much if she came to live with us?"

"Of course not, Artemis, she could have her own suite of rooms on the other side of our home. I liked her too and she made me laugh just like you do." I rocked a little harder, using my thighs to ride him while I pinched his nipples.

"Excellent, my beautiful love, she's only sixty-years old now so it will be many years before she might begin to grow feeble. Women live longer than men, even though they are the ones to bear the children." His hands gloved my cock gently and I felt the burn begin to glow hotter.

"I promise that I will not ask my Aunt Lucille to ever come visit us and never would I ask her to move in." Shivering, I began to pick up speed. "She is a tartar and never forgave me for going to West Point. I was supposed to come home and marry the girl of her choice so she could supervise us."

"Oh dear, you're right, James. I don't think she'd approve of our marriage of hearts at all." His hips thrust up while mine came down and we both groaned.

"My name would be struck out of the family bible and she'd forbid any of the others to ever see me again." I panted a little while my skin flushed. "That might be a blessing in disguise actually. If she ever gives me any trouble, I shall take great glee in telling her about you."

"Sweetheart, what a terrible nephew you are." His grin was wide and he could barely hold back his laughter. "Thank goodness, I don't ever have to meet the family."

He hit the gland once too often and I began to spurt all over his chest. The flood of hot seed inside of me told me I'd succeeded in taking him with me and I collapsed on his chest with a sigh. He was all the family I needed and when I had the energy to speak, I'd tell him so.

End of Moving In