Author: Athea (
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Title: All Work and No Play ... , chapter sixteen
Summary: James decides to write a play.
Date: 5 May 2001
Artemis, part one

I kept a close eye on James and by the third day of his cold, he was feeling rather rambunctious. The rest of our purchases had arrived and it was all I could do to keep him in bed while I oversaw the placement of the items that went in the house. While he was napping that Saturday, I'd laid the rugs out and hung the Bonheur in his room so it was the first thing he saw when he awoke.

His sweet smile was all the thanks I needed but I couldn't help but see his fascination with the two horses grazing in the meadow. Something in that painting touched his soul and I found him staring at it whenever I came into the bedroom to check on him. But two days later, not even that was sufficient inducement for him to stay warm and quiet.

Wellington had come with the shipment and he and I hung the antique mirror over the living room fireplace. The top was braced with a two-inch piece of oak so it tilted ever so slightly down into the room. The silvery surface reflected our furniture and the sumptuous green and gold rug from Chinatown. He shook his head over the detailing of the frame and made several sketches of it while I saw the moving of the mattresses and the dressing table into the correct rooms.

I asked him to keep an eye on James, while I went outside to make sure that the crates of scientific equipment got into the laboratory. Peter helped me put them all away then joined us with the two boatmen for lunch. When we got back inside, James was ensconced on the settee in front of the fire, watching Wellington sketch. I mock-frowned at him but he just grinned cheekily at me.

His cold was to the nose-blowing stage and his temp was back to normal but he still got a little dizzy if he moved too quickly. I'd prepared a hearty stew since I'd known that we'd have company today. The freshly baked biscuits were done and Peter had brought our grocery order with him so we had plenty of butter and fresh vegetables. I served it up and we ate around our new dining room table.

James was still a little shaky but he needed to be up and a part of my day. I was probably being foolishly concerned and I was sure that he would insist on staying up once the others had gone. However, I was willing to compromise on where he sat so long as he did it well covered and out of the draughts. His blue silk pajamas and velvet robe rather intimidated the others at first but it's hard to be in awe of someone who's constantly blowing his nose with a bit of a honk and they soon relaxed.

Our conversation was general, news of the town and little neighborly bits of gossip that made us feel a part of a larger community. They listened while I spoke of San Francisco and what we'd done while we visited. One of the boatmen perked up when I spoke of the play we'd seen. His name was Ben Waverly and he rather bashfully mentioned that he was hoping to be in the Christmas play that the town always put on for the holidays.

James immediately spoke of my experience and Wellington asked me if I'd be willing to take part in this year's mummery. I told him that I'd consider it and James seemed to be all right with our talk of Christmas, so long as it was the play. Lunch was over much too soon and we finished putting everything else away while James napped on the settee. I saw the others off with a wave and sent young Peter to his rooms with a couple of good books on scientific experimentation.

He'd be back for dinner but until then, I was alone in the house with my James who was feeling much better if the nest he'd made in front of the fire was any indication. He and Wellington had drawn the settee closer to the fire, so when I let myself back in the front doors, I could see him surrounded by pillows and the comforter from his bed. He was reflected back to me in the old mirror that seemed so at home on our wall.

I toed off my boots and padded quietly across the rug and then the tiles to his side. He was a little flushed from the warmth of the fire instead of by the fever, which had never gotten more than two degrees above normal. It truly was just a cold and I thanked God for that mercy. I would have never forgiven myself if he'd taken sick because I couldn't control my lust in our barn.

Kneeling by his side, I watched the light play across his face. No matter how often I see him, I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of his chiseled features.

"Artemis, why are you looking at me?" The sleepy voice told me that I'd been caught out. "Are you very mad that I got up by myself and came out?"

"That was moderately naughty behavior, my James. I believe you may need some correction." I tried to be stern but his angelic look stressed my mouth, which kept trying to curve upward in a smile.

"Oh no, Sir, I didn't mean to be naughty. I just wanted to help." He looked demurely up at me through those impossibly long lashes that hid his eyes.

"Really? Well, I guess I can forgive you this time but I still think I should warm your bottom for risking a chill." I stripped the blanket away and found that he'd removed his pajama bottoms, leaving only his white silk boxers. "Oh, now this is very naughty indeed, young James. I can see that I've been much too lenient with you."

He knelt up and bowed his head. "I'm so sorry, teacher Artemis, but I got so hot that I had to take them off."

"Well, you're going to be hotter yet when I'm done with you." I sat down and tipped him over my lap, smoothing the silk over his buttocks and rejoicing at the feel of his hardening cock against my leg. We'd been abstinent since we returned home and it was good to see that he was up for a little play. "Now, let's see. How many spanks should a naughty student get for being so wanton while we still had guests?"

He looked over his shoulder with a cheeky grin. "A lot?"

"A lot, it is." And I smacked his left cheek a stinging blow that had him wiggling in abandon. Peppering his cheeks with little slaps that warmed his skin, I realized that he'd inserted his plug. "Oh, somebody is certainly asking for a good reaming."

"Ouch ... oh ... there ..." his hips raised and fell with my slaps while I could feel his steel hard cock between my legs. "Yes, teacher Artemis, I haven't had a good reaming in days and days."

The plaintive note told me that he was more than ready to play. "Well, I can see that I've been remiss in my duties to you, student James. Did you ready yourself with the cooling cream, the way I showed you?"

"Oh yes, Teacher, I made sure that I was all ready for our afternoon science experiment." He wriggled a little and I chuckled while I stripped off his boxers and coaxed him off my lap and back onto his knees. Leaning down a little, I sucked his leaking cock deep into my throat and he moaned, his hands going to my shoulders to keep himself upright.

"Oh yes-s-s!" He exploded into my mouth and I drank him down like the elixir of youth that I'd called him.

Draining him, I felt him sway a little and pulled away to steady him. "There, that should have taken the edge off, little one. Now for our experiment, I'm going to have you watch the fire while I take your temperature with a little more of that cooling cream."

He slipped from my arms onto the thick rug and turned so he was on all fours facing the fireplace. I'd already found the jar of cream he'd used to ready himself and I chuckled when he looked over his shoulder impatiently. Standing, I stripped away my clothes while he watched. His gaze went sultry when he saw how hard Artie was already. I slicked myself slowly and he was biting his lip hard when I knelt behind him.

Resting his head on his folded arms, he stopped watching and relaxed all over when I pulled out the plug and plunged three fingers into him. His back muscles quivered and he pushed back against me wantonly. Judging him sufficiently stretched, I pulled my fingers out and eased Artie's crown through the tight muscle. He shook around me and I felt again the tightness of our first time.

My sweet James proved that he would be my virginal love yet again. When he relaxed a bit, I slid in a little then paused, slowly impaling him on an impatient Artie. But pain was not an option with my love and I took my time until I could go no further. Our reflection in the old mirror caught my eye and it was like the first time of seeing us, all over again.

"James, look up and see how beautifully you take me." I kissed his spine in little nipping kisses all the way up to his graceful neck.

He raised his head and saw us, almost gasping at the erotic picture that we made. "Oh, Artemis, we look even better than we did in our first mirror."

"Indeed we do, sweetheart. Are you ready for an exam on friction?" I teased him by slowly sliding almost out of his tempting ass.

"Yes, please, make me feel the burn." He rippled his inner muscles around me and pushed back when I thrust in. "This is what I need to cure me of my cold."

"Ah, exercise keeps all students healthy and strong." I began a slow thrusting that rocked him from front to back. We found our rhythm and kept it up until he was completely hard again.

He'd thought ahead and one of our towels lay beneath him. We were settled in for a long session of lovemaking when he gasped, let out a strangled moan and sneezed hard three times in quick succession. The reflex tensed all his muscles, pulling my climax from me and spraying his into the towel.

I could hardly keep from laughing at his chagrined pout while he rubbed his nose and sniffed hard. "Not fair, Artemis. I wanted to last longer."

"Your body knows best, sweet James. We'll just have to take a nap and see if you're ready for more after dinner." I gently backed out of him, kissing his entrance in thanks for such wonderful pleasure. "Peter will be joining us for dinner so we'll have to be on our best behavior."

He chuckled and stood up shakily, accepting my arm for balance. "That will be good practice for us, my Artemis. Do you think you'll want to be in their play?"

I swept him up in my arms and carried him back to my room, tucking him into our bed so I could change the sheets on his. "Perhaps, James. It might be fun but then it might be an awful lot like hard work and we are going to have quite a bit of that just getting the cottage built."

He nodded and blew his nose again. "I'b not sure thad I'll be up for much."

"You're getting better everyday, love." I dropped a kiss on his mussed hair. "Now take a little nap for me while I got change the sheets in our other bed."

Closing his eyes, he pulled up the blankets a little and settled in to sleep. Smiling, I went through the connecting door to the bathroom between our rooms and turned on the hot water heater. Another bath with a few herbs to help the congestion in his lungs and I'd bet that he'd feel even better tomorrow.

James, part two

It was almost a week before Artemis let me go outside and even then, he dressed me in so many layers I could hardly walk. But I understood his cosseting since I'd felt exactly the same way when he'd gotten sick. Charger came right to me and nuzzled his nose into my shoulder while I petted him and spoke softly of all the wonderful things that Artemis had fed me during my illness. He seemed to understand every word and somehow he knew of the apple in my pocket, which I fed to him, after he tried to nip it out of my pocket himself.

Artemis was working with the laborers on the site where the new cottage was to be and I made my way there with the coffee and cookies that I had in the big woven willow basket we'd kept from the train. It was heavier than I'd remembered but that was probably the old tin coffeepot that we'd used while we were building our house. They were working very hard to finish the last of the foundation before any bad weather could set in.

They were all in shirtsleeves when I arrived. And the sight of my Artemis, with his sleeves rolled up and a line of sweat down his spine that made his shirt cling to him, made me want to strip him the rest of the way and lick him from head to toe. They were quite ready to take a break and we all sat on the quarried paving stones that they'd just finished laying.

We'd decided not to go with a basement because it would take too long. Instead, Artemis had sunk pilings over five foot into the ground, three for each side of the cottage then laid the paving stones for a foundation. It looked like we'd be ready to frame the walls the next day. We had more workmen coming with the building timbers on a boat from Lakeport. Once the framing was done, the plasterers would come back to finish the interior.

Artemis had decided that their floors would be wooden rather than tile because of the crawling baby. Those planks had already arrived and were stored under a tarpaulin along with the stones that would make their chimney. The cottage had undergone several alterations on paper and I'd watched Artemis draw plan after plan while I was supposed to be napping. He was so talented that he could have been an architect or an artist instead of an actor.

But then I wouldn't have met him and that was too horrible to even contemplate. I shivered at the terrible thought but he must have been watching me because he immediately ordered me back to the house with a worried look on his face. I was fine but didn't want to worry him so I walked back while I pondered one of our games that we hadn't yet played. I needed him to relax and let me take care of him so I had a plan.

The makings of a hearty stew were laid out in the kitchen and I took off all my layers so I could get to work. I'd watched Artemis enough to know what had to be done and I set to work so it would be finished by the time he came in. I knew I couldn't make biscuits but the men had brought our grocery order with the load of wooden planks so we had fresh bread from Mrs. Henry.

I put the stew on about three since I knew they'd be in by five. The days were growing shorter and the nights cooler but that only meant that we went to bed earlier and I was definitely in favor of that. Artemis read to me every night and I loved listening to his voice read aloud his favorite poetry. Snuggled in at his side, he painted pictures for me of the world's lovers with some of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Even with my one-sided education, I could hear the beauty of their words and feel the emotions that echoed in every line of verse. Smiling, I went into our bathroom and lit the hot water heater so we could have a bath later. Gathering the supplies I would need, I gave myself a cleansing that simmered inside of me while I made sure we had lots of cream by our bed.

We'd begun to read a biography of Alexander the Great and Artemis had given me the idea when he'd told me how much like the great warrior I was. I liked the idea of being him for one of our plays. It might not be quite the General and Adjunct drama that he was writing but I thought he'd like it just the same. And I liked surprising him.

I readied our nest and put more coal in the stove that heated his room along with some of the scented briquettes that we'd bought. No clothing was going to be the rule of this night. I got a silk tie ready to bind him before turning down the crimson sheets and piling the pillows at the head so Alexander could recline at his leisure. Then I readied another bag of herbs and hung it in the bathroom for him.

A noise in the hall sent me scurrying to the door to catch him. "Artemis, close your eyes."

Obediently, he closed them. "Are we going to be playing tonight, James?"

I took his hand and led him through our room and into the bathroom. "Yes, we are. I want you to only cleanse your face and hands while I fill you for later."

"Really?" His smile was bright. "You want me all sweaty ... grimy ... dirty?"

I shivered a little at the thought of him smelling so strongly of himself. "I do indeed. You can open your eyes in here."

He smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me gently. "Are you going to tell me the fantasy?"

"Not until we begin to play, my Artemis. I made up the hour solution, will that be all right?" I took the full bag down and when he nodded, I waited until he'd washed his face and hands. When he unbuttoned his pants and leaned over the tub, I couldn't help stroking his cheeks while inserting the nozzle to fill him with the gentle herbal mixture. When he'd taken it all, I inserted his plug and helped him stand upright. "I cleansed myself earlier so we'll both be ready."

"Good. It seems like forever since I had you inside of me. Whatever play you've chosen for us will be just right, my James." He caressed my cheek and I leaned up a little to kiss him. His arms came around me and I gloried in their strength all the while I wrapped myself around him.

With Artemis, I would never be starved for hugs again. Finally we broke apart and rejoined the others for dinner. The conversation was general, the weather, the cottage, the doings in town and other topics that didn't stretch the imagination. Once dinner was done, we said goodnight to them and locked the door behind them. The workers were camped in the barn while the work was going on and they shared Peter's bathroom when needed.

It was a relief to see them leave because that meant that we were alone and didn't have to worry about someone seeing or hearing our games. I led Artemis back to the bathroom through my room just in time for him to void himself with a sigh of relief. I cleaned him gently but thoroughly and stripped off the rest of his clothes. He watched me eagerly and I bade him close his eyes again before I led him into our bedroom.

"Kneel here and hold out your hands." I told him and used one of the silken ties to tie them tight. "I am Alexander and I've just killed your King and most of his army but for some reason you were spared and brought to my tent on the Persian plains."

He nodded silently and waited for me to begin. That's a very heady feeling of power for me, to watch him so compliant to my will. Like the Sultan I'd played before, Alexander was an intelligent man with a yearning towards romance that had never been fulfilled. And my Artemis was just the man to fill that empty place that could never be filled by conquest.

I lay down on the foot of the bed and leaned up to watch him. "So, Slave, you tried to protect your king there at the end. Why did you do that?"

"He was my king and I belonged to him."

"Then who do you belong to now? Open your eyes and look at me when you answer."

His glance up was so shy that my heart clenched. "If you do not mean to kill me too then I must belong to you, my lord. Unless you wish to give me to your troops for their pleasure?"

"Oh no, Slave, you definitely belong to me. What was it you did for your last owner?"

"At first, I was his body slave, Master, but when I grew older he tired of me and I became his servant. I set up his tent and readied his bath, emptied his wastes and served him at table. I looked after his clothing and cleaned his weapons." His eyes had dropped again and I needed to see them so I slipped off the bed to cross to him.

"Look at me, Slave." His gaze was hesitant and he flinched when I tilted his chin up. "What is your name?"

"Artos, my lord." It was barely more than a whisper and I fought the urge to take him in my arms.

"Well, Artos, will you serve me as you did Darius? Can you be as loyal to me as you were to him?"

He sent a shy look up through his lashes. "King Darius' advisors told him that you were touched by the Gods and he could not win against you. He was so angry that he threw them all out of his tent and began to beat me. When I thought I could bear no more pain, he told me that he was going to give me to his troops because I'd grown so old and ugly. But even though he had many more men than you did, you still defeated him. I think that to serve a man so blessed by the Gods would be an honor."

I was ready to kill a man who'd been dead for two thousand years. "I don't believe in beating slaves, Artos. And I've long needed someone who could help me with the etiquette of Persia now that it's mostly conquered. The Gods have long been on my side these many years. Perhaps they sent you to smooth my way?"

His eyes widened and he nodded slowly. "Perhaps, my lord Alexander. Although, I am only a slave and not worthy of your notice."

"Well, you definitely need a bath and so do I. Ready one for me and you can use it after I'm finished." I stepped away and watched him rise to his feet. "How ironic that you should be named Artos when you look so much like your namesake."

"My lord?" A twinkle lurked in his eyes.

"In my language, Artos means 'bear' and you're certainly furry enough."

"If it offends you, my lord, I can shave it off."

"No!" I lowered my voice again. "I suffer from the cold sometimes and I think that you would be an excellent bed-warmer."

"When I was younger, my lord, I did share Darius' bed. But it has been many years since I have fulfilled that part of my duties." He dropped his voice again and his shoulders slumped. "Will you untie my hands, my lord?"

Artemis, part three

James shook his head. "Not just yet, Artos, I still don't completely trust you. We'll see how I feel in the morning."

"Yes, my lord." I entered the bathroom and started the water running, reaching for the bottle of oil that was scented with lilies of the valley. James had come up with a very intriguing drama and I was looking forward to his direction.

"Good, now you have my permission to undress me." He stood by the taps and held out his arms in a reversal of our normal dressing play.

I unbuttoned him slowly, reveling in the satin skin that the loose white shirt revealed. He is so very beautiful like this. With a shrug, he lost the linen and smiled up at me. I knelt to unbutton his pants and slide them down the strong legs that I loved. His soft slippers were kicked off with panache and he put his hand on my head.

"You say that you were originally Darius' bed slave. Do you retain your skill?" His fingers combed through my hair and I felt like purring.

"I think so, my lord. Would you trust me to take you into my mouth?" I licked my lips at the thought of tasting him again.

"No biting or I promise that your last whipping will seem like nothing compared to the one that I will give you." His voice never once varied but I could see why he'd inspired such respect during the War.

"Yes, my lord." I leaned in and rubbed my evening whiskers over his tender erection. He shivered a little and I took just the tip into my mouth to suck the bead of fluid from his slit. His hand kept on stroking me and I brought up my bound hands to cup his balls while he caught his breath.

"Enough, Artos. Turn off the water and stay right here." He commanded and I obeyed immediately. He patted my head and reached for something I couldn't see. "Come here and stay on your knees."

I moved closer and tried to hide my tremor of delight at the sight of the jade earrings that I'd bought so many months before. He reached down and pinched my left nipple until it was hard and aching. Then with a slow motion, he tightened the screw until it bit into the taut nub. The ache was immediate and I held my breath while he did the other one.

"There, now you wear my brand." He tugged gently on one while I bit my lip in ecstasy. "If I decide to keep you, I'll pierce your nipples so you'll be permanently marked as mine."

"My lord is too good to me." I leaned forward to kiss the tops of his well-shaped feet. "You honor me with your gift."

"You may or may not earn them, Artos. Now, I believe that I asked you to bathe me."

"Of course, my lord, please step into the water so that I may soap away the battle of the day." I let him use my shoulder to steady himself and watched while he stepped over the side of the tub and sank into the steamy water. I felt off balanced by the tie around my wrists but I could reach the soap and I worked up lather while waiting for him to tell me what to do.

"Wash my legs first." He commanded and I raised his left leg to start at his toes and work my way down the sturdy leg. My fingers tickled his balls when I got close to his groin and he chuckled at my ploy. "That's not for you just yet, Artos. Now the other one."

I washed his other leg then paused while he gazed at me with the hooded look that always made me shiver with anticipation. "May I wash your back, my lord?"

He nodded silently and I wondered what he was thinking. But he turned his back to me and I soaped it completely, ending with a strong massage of his neck muscles. "Very good, Artos. When next I have a sore back, I shall know whom to call on for a massage. Now, I think that you should join me in the bath to rid yourself of the sweat and grime."

"Oh, thank you, my divine lord, but it will spoil your bath water if I join you."

He shrugged elegantly, the way only he can. "We'll throw it out when we're done. Now get in the water before you arouse my anger. I am not used to having a slave question my commands. I guess you haven't earned your name from me just yet."

"Oh no, my lord, I wished only to spare you my dirt." I slipped over the side of the white porcelain tub and into the hot water with a sigh of relief. The silk tie would be ruined but it would be lost in a good cause.

"Soap yourself, Slave, and let me see if your skin is naturally that dark." He leaned against the sloping back with hooded eyes while I tried to wash myself with bound hands. I sat precariously on one hip while cautiously extending first one leg then the other to wash away the sweat of the day. The hot water was relaxing me and I found myself moving ever slower as the day caught up with me. But the jade hanging from my nipples kept reminding me that it had been quite a while since they'd been so stimulated.

He took the soap from me when I'd finished. "I'll wash your back, Slave. Kneel up for me so I can see your swollen tits."

His words began to harden me and I did as he commanded. He pulled on them while he watched my eyes to check for pain. The ache was a good one and I moaned a little which brought a smile to his lips. Then he leaned in and flicked his tongue over them while I shivered with the need for more. And somehow he knew what I needed and his bite sent a shock of desire through my entire body.

"Good, I like to hear you moan, Slave. Now turn and hold onto the edge of the tub." He barely waited for me to turn before he soaped my back and rinsed it quickly. Then I felt the washcloth pass between my cheeks and I clenched at how good that felt.

"How long has it been since Darius fucked you, Slave?" Two fingers pierced me without warning and I shuddered at the instant arousal. "You're very tight. I'm surprised that he left you, your cock, Slave, and didn't neuter you."

"He ... hadn't fucked me in many years, my lord. I was too . . . old to please him. But he liked to use me as a punishment for a general or lord who displeased him. He fed me a drug that made me hard and kept me hard for hours then sometimes he would whip me while I fucked the man who had failed him." I shuddered again when he poured some of the oil directly into my hole.

"Spread your legs, Slave, so I can see for myself how hot you are inside." He moved between my legs and spread them against the sides of the tub. I felt the warm bulk of him push against my opening before surging inside, filling me to the hilt. His balls bumped against my cheeks and his hands came around me to pull gently on the earrings that were pleasuring me.

"Oh, my lord, I have never been filled so well. I have never felt such power. The gods have blessed you with a divine cock." Gasping, I felt myself tremble with the need to come. But one of his hands held the base of my cock and kept me from climaxing.

He thrust in slowly and surely, targeting my gland with uncanny accuracy. It's a wonder that the water didn't boil around us. I felt as if I was on fire and he was fanning the flames. Finally, he leaned in and carefully bit my shoulder before flooding me with his heat. I felt him slump over my back but his strong grip never wavered and I didn't come.

"Very nice, Slave. I believe that I'll have to fuck you every morning and night." He slowly pulled from my depths and slid his hands up and down my inner thighs, keeping me hard and aching. "I'll have to see about branding you as mine tomorrow. But for now, I think I'll let you finish my bath and prepare my bed while I decide if I'm going to let you come tonight. You have earned back the right to your name, Artos."

"Thank you, my Master, it shall be as you desire." I throttled my erection back to manageable proportions and turned awkwardly to find him standing behind me.

"Now clean my cock with your tongue." He commanded with his hands on his hips, the very picture of kingly arrogance. I soon had him purring and I could see that he would be back to full hardness shortly. "Enough, Artos. Now you can get a towel and dry me. Since you're so good with your hands, I believe that I'll give you some oil and let you massage my back before I go to sleep."

I nodded and we left the tub. While I was drying him, he gloved my cock and I twitched in his capable hand. "So, he used you to fuck others, did he?"

"Yes, my lord, I grew too large when I aged and King Darius saw that my fearsome cock would make a good punishment. I ... I had no desire to hurt others but once the drug was in my system, I had no control and would obey his commands."

"Interesting. My old tutor, Aristotle, would no doubt know what drug was used." He strode into our bedroom with me behind him. The crimson sheets made his white skin glow and he pointed to the bottle of oil on the bed stand table before lying face down.

I was still tied and I awkwardly tilted the bottle to try and catch some in my hands. He exclaimed and sat up to untie me. "I believe that I will keep you as my own, Artos. Unless you displease me, I will allow you freedom of movement. But when you are in my tent, I forbid you to wear clothing. I like to see your body with all that hair. You will find we Greeks have little or none."

"Thank you, my lord. I will obey your slightest command." I began his massage and soon had him relaxed into the sheets.

"Tell me more about how you would fuck the others. And while you're massaging my lower back, you have my permission to taste me." He commanded.

"At once, my lord." I leaned in and ran my tongue between his cheeks, flicking in and out of his tight hole. He tasted of James-musk and I wanted more than anything to sink into his warmth. "May I massage you inside, my lord?"

He wiggled just a little. "Go ahead. Usually one of my Companions takes care of fucking me when I desire it but I'm curious what you would feel like. They're all quite large and I'll have to compare them to you to see who's biggest. We'll see if you can take command of your cock and give pleasure instead of pain."

I felt a flash of jealousy that told me just how much I'd sunk into this new role. "I have no wish to hurt you, my lord. Of course, King Darius wouldn't allow me to prepare his victim in any way. He would have him stretched on an iron frame, bound with chains then he would have his torturer whip him with an iron tipped whip until he was bleeding from head to toe. Then he would beckon me forward and watch closely while I impaled the poor man on my cock. He would beat me if I tried to go slowly and not hurt the man who had so displeased him. Then he would make me fuck him as hard as I could until I burst inside of him. By then, the victim was usually unconscious and I would be told to wait until he could be revived so I could fuck him again."

James, part four

I couldn't believe how hard I was getting just listening to Artemis paint a picture of utter depravity. The dark side of our fantasies had never seemed so close before. "You will never have to do that again, Artos. I promise you that. Now, I think I'd like you to lie on your back so I can examine your cock more closely."

He immediately obeyed and when I picked up his hand and placed it on the bars of the headboard, he placed the other there, too. "Thank you, my lord. I wish only to give you pleasure and never have to hurt anyone again."

His cock waved proudly in the air and I knelt between his legs to fist it gently. He sighed, slitting his eyes in enjoyment and I made sure that I oiled him completely before kneeling up over him and slowly settling down. He stretched me wide and I shook just a little at the wonderful burn until I was flush to his groin.

"I think you may be bigger than my Companions, Artos. You feel very good inside of me. Now, I want you to hold on and not touch me, no matter how much you may want to."

He bit his lip and nodded, his hands flexing around the solid oak spokes of our headboard. I flexed around him and listened to his moan with satisfaction. Then I began to rise and fall on the thick flesh that filled me so well. Slowly at first, I soon felt Artie's pulse tell me he was close. I leaned in and tongued one of his jade clad nipples and he moaned pitifully.

Grinning, I bit it tenderly before moving to the other one and repeating my teasing. He groaned and I felt Artie swell inside of me. Sitting back, I massaged him with my inner muscles until he flooded me with his warmth. That wasn't quite enough for me but I was enjoying his climax too much to care. He relaxed all over and when he gave a blissful sigh, I knew that he was indeed content.

"Sweet James, you were inspired. I shall want to play this role again and again." He smiled up at me and ran his hands up my thighs to my cock, gloving it gently. "Where did you get your idea?"

I leaned in to kiss him thoroughly and his tongue surged into my mouth, mating with mine for long moments. When I drew back, he was ready to slip from me. Rolling us to our sides, I missed him at once. But then he was sliding down my body and taking me in his hot, wet mouth and I was thrusting up again and again. When I exploded, he drank me down with fervor while I relaxed with my own sigh.

"Yes, indeed, I think we should play this over and over." He sighed my name and took me back in his arms. "James."

"I thought of it last night and planned it all day while I was waiting for you to come in. I know it's not the General and the Adjunct but I hoped you would like it." I grinned at him.

"You were inspired, my love." He kissed me tenderly and pulled me up over him like another blanket. "I have never been teased that well in my life."

"I love you and that inspires me to new heights, my Artemis." I listened to his heartbeat and was content.

"You are my heart and soul, sweetheart. After being so well loved, I shall be able to work twice as hard tomorrow." He stroked my back and made me feel like stretching all over.

"Will you let me help, Artemis?" I raised up to look into his eyes. "I am quite well now and with another set of hands, we should be able to frame the cottage tomorrow. The sooner we get it done in this nice weather, the better."

"True. Who knows what weather may come?" He thought for a moment before nodding decisively. "You are indeed well again and I've hated being apart from you, too."

"Yes!" I cheered quietly and kissed him. I hated being stuck in the house without him there. Even though he checked on me frequently, it just wasn't the same. I was still quite selfish when it came to Artemis.

"Let me go get a cloth to clean us, James. I think I'll sleep like a log tonight." He moved me to his side but I pushed him back down.

"Nope, Artemis, I'll go get a cloth. You've worked hard enough today." I soon had us cleaned up and we snuggled close under the coverlet.

Three days later, the cottage was watertight and the plasterer was hard at work while the carpenter put in the last of the windows. Clouds had moved in the night before but the rain held off as if it knew we needed to finish up the last of the details. The chimney drew sweetly and we'd kept a fire going day and night to help take the dampness from the rooms.

An empty house seems so barren until people come inside to give it life. Soon, a new family would move in and the sound of a child's laughter would echo through the rooms. I was beginning to look forward to their coming. It would be nice to have someone else take over the housekeeping chores. I begrudged the time away from Artemis more and more each day.

But for the moment, I would soon have his complete attention. We'd paid off the laborers at noon to give them time to get to town with their script. I didn't want us to become a target of bandits so we'd begun using receipts that they could hand in at the small bank in town for their wages. That way, I didn't have to keep much gold in the house, although I did have a strongbox in the safe that Artemis had built into the foundation.

The two of us were the only ones who knew it was there. Wellington had helped Artemis build the secret room but the safe had taken the two of us most of a day to build in and create a false brick wall for a façade. It was under the stairs and Artemis had built a storage container on wheels that fit just under the steps. It held tools and other supplies that we might need around the house.

But even if you pulled it all the way out, you still wouldn't see the safe. It was the same kind that we had in our boxcar; set under the floor in what had been my room. We'd picked up a look-a-like in Sacramento and it was nice to have someplace where we could keep a little gold for emergencies. I liked being prepared.

"James, where are you?" His voice came from outside.

"In the kitchen, Artemis. Peter put the stove together and I've got it heating now." I called to him and soon he was with me.

"Good, one less thing to worry about." He smiled at me and I grinned back. "Once Mr. Fletcher is done with the second bedroom, we'll button up the house and go home ourselves. Mr. Davidson and I just finished setting in the last window. If you'll get their scripts, we'll be able to head in for dinner."

"I have them right here, Artemis." I patted my shirt pocket and he nodded, coming closer and dropping his voice.

"Tonight would be a good time for Alexander to brand his bed slave, don't you think?"

Nodding, I didn't trust my voice. It seemed such an intimate thing to do, piercing his beautiful nipple to hold my ring. But now that he wouldn't be working so hard in his heaviest cotton shirts, it was definitely time to proceed. Inside, he could wear his silk shirts that wouldn't irritate the new piercing.

Within the hour, the others were gone along with Peter who'd be spending the weekend with his parents in town. When we closed and locked the side door behind us, I eyed my lover with a hungry look.

"Artos, I think that you should go to our tent and heat up our bath water. I believe that it's time that I permanently marked you as mine. Dinner can wait for the moment."

"Yes, my lord, I'll go at once." He bowed to me and backed from the room.

"And leave off all your clothes, Artos. I want you naked and on your knees by the stove when I come in with the piercing tools." I called after him before crossing to the living room to make sure that all the curtains were closed. If we needed more room for our games, I wanted no prying eyes to see us.

The living room fire was going strong and a casserole simmered in the stove for later. It was time. I started undressing on the way to my room. Flinging my clothes on the bed that we only used occasionally, I hurried into the bathroom. The water was gently steaming and I smelled the lily of the valley scent that always made me smile. Crossing to the other door, I walked in to find Artemis on his knees by the stove where the needle was heating.

The mate to my own hoop was lying on a white cloth by his knees. Sinking down in front of him, I watched those beautiful green eyes smile into mine. "I love you, Artemis. You opened the prison door and freed my heart with your love. I promise to cherish you for as long as we live."

"My own James, I have loved you for so long that I no longer remember the times when I was alone and lonely. I will love you forever and I promise to keep you safe by my side always." He leaned in and kissed me softly, keeping it gentle for this solemn moment.

It really did feel like a wedding without the fuss and when he pulled away, I slipped lower and suckled for a long moment until the nipple over his heart was hard and aching. Very carefully, I grasped the needle with a corner of my handkerchief. The tip was red hot and I pulled on his nub to extend it even further, waiting for him to close his eyes.

When he did, I very quickly but precisely ran the needle through his tender flesh. He gasped and shivered just a little. I well remembered what it felt like, a lightning bolt straight to the heart. Shaking just a bit, I picked up the earring and fed the thin wire through the new hole left by the needle. Once it was closed, I took the alcohol swab and dabbed at the swollen nipple.

"My lord Alexander, now I am truly yours and shall be for the rest of my life." He opened his eyes and smiled lovingly at me.

"Well, it was time for you to wear my mark. Now I think it's time for our bath. Then I'll let you prepare dinner and tonight, you may feed me." I put a little swagger into my voice and watched him grin.

"That is such an honor, my lord. Will you allow me to wash you from head to toe?"

"Of course, I have such a hard time with my back." I helped him to his feet and he picked up the supplies for safe putting away. The gold hoop glittered among the dark curls on his chest and I rubbed a circle around it just because it looked so good.

"I shall wear it with honor, my lord." He caught my hand and brought it to his lips.

Artemis, part five

"It looks beautiful among your soft hair." He sighed happily. "Now, it's definitely time for our bath so we can eat dinner.

I followed him into the warm bathroom and set the piercing supplies on the wide sink surround. We'd need the cotton swabs and alcohol for at least the first week. He'd been very quick and the pain had been excruciating for just a moment. But it was worth any pain to see the exalted look in his eyes.

He'd called it a wedding and our vows had indeed felt just like that. Every day brought new evidence of his satisfaction and contentment. If possible, I fell more in love every moment of every hour. My world revolved around him and if his devotion was any indication, his revolved around me. I gave thanks daily for his sweet and giving nature.

He was very careful with the soap near my swollen nipple and I accepted my share of pampering while making sure that he was clean, too. We'd both worked very hard since he'd surprised me with the new story and now it was time to play. He looks so beautiful when he's wet that I'm sometimes tempted to bathe him night and day.

"Artos ... Artos!" He finally broke through my concentrated laving of his foot. "You can tell me of your thoughts after you bring in dinner for us."

"Yes, my lord. I'm sorry to be so inattentive but your feet are the most beautiful feet I've ever had the pleasure of bathing." I kissed each toe before letting him go, hiding my smile at his laughter.

"Well, you can worship them after you feed me. I'll need my strength to fuck you into the mattress." He said calmly while standing to get out of the tub.

I was probably gaping at him but his smug smile told me that he knew how much he'd shocked me. The man has depths yet unplumbed. His ingenuity would keep me on my toes. He'd finished drying off before I even managed to get out of the tub.

"I think we'll eat in front of the fire. You dish up dinner and I'll bring in a few comforts for us." Whisking out of the bathroom, I could see him stripping his bed of the soft coverlet and pillows.

I hastily dried myself and headed for the kitchen. The rooms were still warm from the day's earlier sun and the red tiles beneath my feet were a comfortable temperature. I took the chicken casserole from the oven and set it on hot pads on the counter. The cheese topping was crackling hot and I pierced it several times with a fork to allow the inner steam to escape. I didn't want either of us to burn our tongues. I had a much better use for them.

James came out and pulled a bottle of white wine from the icebox. He'd turned into a dedicated wine drinker but only of the sweeter wines. I'd pretty much banished the drier vintages from our cellar since I wanted him to enjoy our wine drinking. He opened the bottle handily and took two wineglasses from the overhead slotted rack that should hold them safe in the event of an earth tremor.

We'd asked the residents of Nice about them and gotten a dozen stories of minor tremors but nothing big. Hopefully, we will never experience one of those. Dishing up the casserole, I brought one fork with me so we could share the eating duties. The bread was already sliced so I added a small plate of buttered bread to my tray before carrying it out to my waiting lover.

He was sprawled on the comforter with a wineglass in hand while he sipped and watched the fire. His smile was beautiful when I appeared. "Good, I'm starving. It smells very appetizing."

"I learned to cook from the palace's head chef so when we left to make war, my former master didn't have to go without his favorite dishes." I settled beside him and set the tray on the flagstones in front of the fire to keep the dishes warm. "But this is one of my favorites that I hope you will like."

He leaned in and kissed me slowly, sliding his tongue around mine sensuously. I was short of breath when he pulled away. "I will enjoy it because it is your favorite, Artos. Now feed me before I faint from hunger."

He was really very good at disconcerting me. I'd freed a playful side of him that I'd always hoped was there so I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. I fed him the first few bites of chicken and broccoli and waited for him to tell me if he liked it. The rice and cheese disguised a bit of the finely chopped green vegetable that I'd always enjoyed.

"It's very good. I like the cheese but I expect you're going to tell me that the broccoli is good for me." He wrinkled his nose at me but leaned in for another bite.

"I would never feed you anything that wasn't good for you, my lord." I kissed away a crumb of rice at the corner of his mouth. "Except for those desserts that you so enjoy."

James laughed and took the fork from me. "Then you must have some of it as well. I plan on fucking you for at least an hour tonight so you'll need your strength to keep up with me."

"You are going to wear me out so I can't work tomorrow?" I chewed the tender chicken with delight. The hint of rosemary had been a good choice.

"At the very least, my dear Artos." He smiled an intriguing Mona Lisa smile and fed me another bite.

We ate the entire meal like that. First him, then me, with sips of wine in between. Only at the end did I get up again to get our dessert. I'd made a cherry cobbler and he attacked it as if starved. I never did get the chance to feed it to him but he did spare me a bite or two so at least, I knew how it tasted. We'd have to make some ice cream at the earliest possible moment. That would have made it perfect.

"Stay right there and wait for me." He commanded when he picked up the tray of dirty dishes. "Lie on your back and get comfortable."

I did as ordered and wondered what he had planned. Really, if I'd known that reading about Alexander the Great would so inspire him, I'd have brought it out months ago. I could hear him putting the dishes to soak then I lost track of him. The fire was warm and the rug beneath the comforter was plush enough to make lying on the floor restful.

My eyelids wanted to close and finally I let them. It was so good to have the cottage almost done. Painting and varnishing the floor would come last. We'd paint ourselves out to the kitchen with its tile floors and keep that stove going to heat the house until everything dried. Two weeks and we could telegraph for our new housekeepers.

"Are you asleep?" James' voice startled me and my eyes flew open at the cool touch of alcohol on my swollen nipple. The dull ache had almost been forgotten but when he moved the wire back and forth, it returned with a vengeance.

"Just resting my eyes, my lord. Your energy must come straight from the Gods. No enemy would have a chance against you." I smiled up at him and he tenderly kissed me while still cleaning the weeping nipple.

"There, that should help a little. If it still hurts tomorrow, we'll try some ice on it." He set the cotton swab aside and looked down at me with a speculative look. "Are you too tired to make love?"

"Never." I pulled him back down to my hungry lips and he chuckled through our kiss. "I need you to fill me with your strength and power, to remind me that I am the slave of a god."

"Yes," his eyes were fierce and he bit my unadorned nipple before washing it with his tongue. His hand was already sliding up and down Artie and he slid one leg between both of mine to nudge my balls. Jim was already hard and leaking.

"Oh, please, my lord, fuck me now." I moved restlessly beneath him and heard him chuckle again. "I'm ready for you, I swear. Please take me hard."

Moving between my legs, he parted my cheeks and impaled me with a single hard thrust. The burn made me moan and when he bent almost double and licked my crown, I groaned loudly. Nothing had ever felt as good as him taking me completely, the way I needed him to possess me. He bent my legs back and slammed into me, the sound of his balls slapping against me loud in the silent room.

He was hitting my gland with every thrust and I was slowly burning out of control when he stopped and pulled out. "Turn over and get on your knees, my bear."

I obeyed immediately and he took me again, almost immediately. He seemed to move deeper within me even though I thought that wasn't possible. Every thrust tingled within me until my entire skin seemed to burn with his fervor. I was shaking all over when I felt him come hard and flood me with his seed. I still needed something more but I was willing to wait until he returned to me.

He'd collapsed onto my back and I held him up until I felt him begin to shrink. His groan was sweet when he pulled from my depths and gently eased me over onto my back again. "I left you behind but that's not necessarily a bad thing, Artos. I believe I will taste you and see if you go well with that fabulous dessert you prepared."

I groaned at the first broad lick over my crown and down to my balls. His chuckle made me shiver and his sucking of first one ball then the other had me holding onto the comforter so I didn't grab his hair. He really had a very talented tongue. I pulsed out a few drops of seed and he eagerly sucked them away before swallowing as much of me as he could.

Keeping my hips still was another problem that kept me from coming immediately. I'd never been so quick off the mark before but he throttled the nerve at the base of my cock and went back to his dedicated licking. I was moaning continuously when he removed his mouth and lay down by my side.

"Fuck me now, Artos. I'm ready for you." He said calmly and linked his hands behind his head.

I rolled to my knees and checked him first, sliding two fingers inside of him and scissoring them wide. He was creamy and ready for me so I very slowly breached his guardian muscle and slid inside the tightest, hottest ass it has ever been my great good fortune to find. No matter how many times I take him, he always seems to tighten back up. With his legs over my shoulders, I was ready to give back what I'd received.

I was the luckiest body slave in the known universe. Readying myself, I began the even thrusts that would harden him the fastest since I definitely wasn't going to last very long after my own fucking. I began to speed up and finally I wrenched a groan from him. He was panting again and Jim was bowed back almost to his stomach. I wasn't as limber as he was, so I couldn't take him in but I promised myself a thorough cleaning of his groin for every tasty seed that escaped me.

James, part six

I was burning inside and out while he slammed inside of me with the same strength with which I'd taken him. Even after my earlier climax, Jim was rising to the occasion. My Artemis is a magician with his cock. All the passion that I'd given to him, he was gifting right back to me.

I was the luckiest owner of a body slave in the known universe. He was giving me exactly what I wanted and needed but I'd been able to give him his just dues, too. We were perfectly matched and his target shooting was burning me right down to my toes. With a silent shout, he came inside of me, the extra heat pulling out my climax.

When he collapsed on my chest, I held him tight and soothed his quivers. It made me feel so very good to give him pleasure. He sighed against my throat and kissed me gently. "You are so precious to me, James. How did you know what I needed?"

"I listened to my heart and it told me to love you to pieces." I admitted and he chuckled before raising his head.

"Your heart was quite right, my love. I love you so much that I'm astounded at the amount of passion within me." He shook his head.

"Nonsense, Artemis, you have more passion than anyone I ever knew. I'm the lucky one that gets all the benefit of your loving." I hugged him closer. "I shall have to be chastised for strutting with pride when next we go out."

He laughed and rolled so I was on top of him again. "I may be strutting myself. Sweet James, we are well matched indeed."

"Yes, we are." I listened to his heartbeat and felt great satisfaction at his replete sigh. The gold hoop caught my eye and I could see that it was still weeping a little. Once we got up again, I told myself to remember to clean it again before we slept. I didn't want any infection to get started. Septic wounds had taken the lives of more men during the War than direct action.

"Bedtime, James. I think you'll have to help me up. You've worn out your faithful slave." He chuckled and kissed the top of my head.

"Good." I rolled off and knelt to pull him up. He wasn't quite as worn out as he said because in no time at all we were washing up and falling into bed for a good night's sleep.

Two weeks later, we telegraphed to San Francisco for the Li's to come. Artemis had spoken to Pastor Baker and his wife about them, spinning the story that we'd written for their fascinated ears. We knew that they would spread the news about town for us although my lover took care to mention to Mrs. Henry that he was looking forward to not having to cook as much when Mrs. Li came to take over that chore.

The Harris' were told about young Ling's tragic loss of a husband right before giving birth to a fine baby boy. Of course, the laborers had spoken of the new cottage. But our news could not compete with the furor over the new doctor who had arrived and set up his office next to Wellington's shop. Dr. William Jameson had proven to be a young doctor of thirty with only five years practical experience working with a New York hospital. But Artemis had sounded him out about his maternity experience and he'd admitted that he'd delivered twelve live babies.

He wasn't at all like the doctor from the train. Artemis gave his approval and we invited him to dinner once he'd passed muster. He asked that we call him Will and he seemed very pleasant. I admit to being a little jealous when he and Artemis traded medical stories. But when he saw the billiard room, his eyes lit up and we were soon playing like old friends while Artemis watched us with a gleam in his beautiful eyes.

Peter and he rode back to town together, leaving us alone for the last weekend before our privacy would be forever changed. After waving goodbye to them, we began the chores that would put the house to bed. I pulled all the drapes while Artemis went around and snuffed out the candles in the billiard and dining rooms. Then I made sure the hot water heater was lit and extra coal filled the heater in our bedroom.

The weather had turned sharply cooler and the extra heat was most welcome. Among Artemis' boxes that he'd kept in storage in New York was one with a full sized feather down comforter that came from Switzerland. They call them duvets over there and I'd never felt anything so warm that had so little weight. Artemis had shown me the cover that went around it like a pillowcase and one of his thoughts was to have Mrs. Li sew some new covers for it to match our sheets.

"Sweetheart, did you like Will?" My lover surprised me contemplating the coverlet.

I nodded and went into his arms for a hug. "He's nice. Not at all stuck up or so erudite that I couldn't understand him. He was surprised at your knowledge."

He chuckled and held me tight, laying his cheek on my hair. "And he was surprised by your skill at billiards. All in all, I think that Nice is very lucky to have such a good doctor on call. All the mothers of the town will soon forget us with an eligible bachelor like him right there next door."

"Good, I hate being waylaid after church and invited to tea or lunch or whatever." I burrowed deeper into his embrace, the sound of his heartbeat soothing.

"I know, love, it does get a bit old. But we're lucky that they respect our comings and goings without much question." He stroked my back with long, slow slides of his warm hands. I arched into the caresses and all but purred for him. "What would you like tonight, my James? All of our stories are there for your delectation."

I thought about it for a long moment while I slid my hands around his waist under his red velvet jacket. He had looked like a king, sitting in the wing back chair that Wellington had built for him and Mrs. Kennedy had upholstered for him in the same fabric that she'd covered the living room settee in. And I wanted to feel all of his power concentrated on me and only me.

I was still extremely selfish when it came to my Artemis.

"That's a very naughty look, my James."

"Well, I did put on something that I forgot to tell you about." I squirmed a little in his arms. "Since you were wearing your velvet, I put on some, too."

He knew immediately what I meant, reaching down and pushing in the velvet dildo that had been torturing me for the last few hours. "Oh, now that's just about the naughtiest thing my beautiful lover has done in quite some time." He threw me over his shoulder and started spanking me all the way back to our bedroom. "I can see that I've been much too lenient with you."

"But it's the only velvet you've given me except for the paddle and I couldn't wear that." I felt the delicious burn start to spread while he peppered my behind with the little slaps I loved.

"Well, I shall just have to give you the paddle tonight too since you are so enamored of velvet." He set me down by our bed and speedily unfastened my pants while I unbuttoned my shirt so I could be naked for the rest of my punishment. "Now, let's see, you won by 30 points tonight so I guess that's how many spanks you deserve for dressing so wantonly for the good doctor."

"Ow ... yes-s-s ... oh there ..." The burn was wonderful and my poor cock was held so tight in the velvet sleeve that it felt like he was strangling. He randomly pressed the dildo in to spark my gland and long before he'd reached 61, I was on fire with need. "But I didn't wear it for him, my Artemis. I wore it for you."

"Goodness, that's a different story then, my wanton James. Perhaps I've been too quick off the mark. You're a lovely shade of red and I think that now you're warm on the outside, I should warm your inside."

"Yes, please, that's exactly what I need." I wiggled all over and grinned at him when he rolled me onto the buttercup yellow sheets and plucked the dildo out to make room for Artie. The jar of cream was already sitting on his pillow and he chuckled at the evidence that I'd been planning ahead. I watched while he slowly creamed Artie and laid the jar aside.

Then I was pushing out while he slid deep inside of me, taking me with his power. My gland was tingling and my skin felt alive with the sensations of his hair tickling me everywhere. I wondered briefly how I had lived without this but thoughts fled when he began the slow thrusts that lit the fire that warmed us both.

After an evening of talking, we had no need for speech and we made love for a very long time before I could no longer stop my release. He sighed and flooded me with his warmth at almost the same moment. We rested in each other's arms until he came out of me naturally, then we cleaned up before returning to bed.

Cuddled close to him, I listened to his heartbeat and thought about how our lives would change when the Li's arrived. We'd have to be more circumspect about our toys and how we touched each other now that others would be in our bedrooms and bath. I was already thinking ahead to how we might conceal the signs of lovemaking without losing that spontaneity I enjoyed so much.

"What are you thinking about, sweetheart?" His eyes twinkled down at me where I was suckling on his well-healed nipple.

"Hiding our toys and cream so we don't shock the Li's." I let go and leaned up a little so I could watch him. I love seeing him ponder a problem.

"Yes, but I think that planning ahead like you did for the Alexander play will be a plus for us. The anticipation is much the better when you know that something is coming." He chuckled. "Like your surprise for me tonight, James. Next time, tell me when you're wearing one of our toys or have gone without your underwear. I will be in a fever of anticipation until we are alone."

I thought about that and realized that he was right. I had enjoyed his reaction to my Alexander because I'd been anticipating most of the day. "Good, my Artemis, but you must tell me when you have something planned, too."

"Agreed, sweetheart. Perhaps I'll put in the ivory dildo some morning when you least expect it and can't do anything about it for hours and hours." He held me close, his warm hands smoothing over my ass cheeks.

"Oh dear, that would be incredibly frustrating. And really, really exciting." I leaned up and kissed him. This was going to be fun indeed. I was already looking forward to our next play.

End part sixteen