Author: Athea (
Title: Lessons
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Date: 26 November 2000
Note: This story follows right after Understandings.
Summary: James has more lessons in love from his new lover.
Artemis, part one

I walked into our parlor to the beautiful sight of a naked James holding one of our wineglasses. His look was so pensive that my heart clenched. Was he regretting our loving?

"Artemis, everything beautiful in this room came with you. I didn't contribute anything at all." His woeful look made me want to gather him into my arms.

Setting our dinner on the table, I took the glass from his hand and placed a kiss in his palm in return. "You brought your bright spirit and strength into this room and into my heart. You are better than any single or even a hundred things. My life would be so colorless and drab without you."

His shy glance reminded me that he was still very young in matters of the heart even though he had just turned 28 and survived with distinction the terrible War just passed. So, I gathered him close and petted him into relaxing into my arms.

"It smells good." His voice was contented now and I pressed a kiss to his brow.

"Of course, it smells good. I made it."

That brought out his laughter the way I knew it would. "Your modesty is only surpassed by your wit, Artemis."

"That's quite true, James. Now, I think we're ready to eat. You are going to need your strength if you're going to keep up with me." I let him go only long enough to pull out one of the chairs with a flourish. Watching him carefully without appearing to, I noticed when he remembered the plug and squirmed onto one cheek to relieve the pressure.

Moving to the chair across from him, I served him up a full helping of steak and the new potatoes I'd picked up in the market the day before. My wine and butter sauce wouldn't overpower the delicate taste of the vegetable. He took his first bite while I was pouring the last of the wine.

"It's delicious, Artemis. Where did you learn to cook?" He gazed at me across the table and I thought to myself that the truly delicious item at the table was him.

"When I was in Paris, I trained with a Cordon Bleu chef named Pierre Cartier. He was an exacting mentor and he instilled in me the desire to cook well even if my ingredients were not the freshest. The sauce is one of the first recipes I learned. It's simple but effective." I watched him try to maintain his poise while squirming on the needlepoint chair.

I spoke more about my first trip to Paris and the adventures that I enjoyed while he ate everything on his plate and changed positions twice. I could hardly wait to take him back to bed. My cock was tenting the tablecloth in front of me but thankfully he couldn't see him. Occasionally, I'd give myself a long stroke to remind him of the pleasure to come.

James was drinking the last of the wine when I ran my toes up between his legs to gently nudge his cock. He hiccuped and gazed wide-eyed across the table.

"I believe we may be done with dinner. What do you say we take dessert to bed with us?"

He was on his feet instantly, controlling his wince speedily. I hid my smile and gathered up the dishes. He took half of them and I motioned to him to go first down the corridor to the small galley kitchen between the parlor and James' bedroom. He piled the dishes in the sink and my arms came around him to put mine in as well. I pressed him against the warm wood and brought my hands back to his nipples.

"Artemis! What are you doing?" He was panting with the effort not to come against the sink.

I pulled him back against my chest and kissed up his shoulder to that spot behind his ear I'd found earlier. He shuddered again and tilted his head to give me better access. So, I kissed around his hairline to the other side to see if that was as sensitive. And it was indeed to judge from the death grip he had on the sink's edge.

"Bed, James. I think we need to take care of this growing problem." One hand dropped to his cock and I squeezed him gently while my shaft grew between his legs.

"Please, Artemis, only you can put out the fire inside of me." His pleading made me grow harder yet.

"You go ahead, sweet James and crawl under the covers in my bed. I'll bring dessert with me." I let him go regretfully but watched his less than graceful gait as he walked away from me with the plug still in place. That was delightfully obscene and I had to take a minute to stroke myself in consolation. "Soon, my friend, soon you'll be lodged inside the tightest ass it has ever been your fortune to encounter."

Gathering up my supplies, I took the two bowls with me. My bedroom door was open and I stopped at the doorway to gaze upon perfection. He'd pushed the covers back and was slowly touching himself as if in wonder that he could. His father had much to answer for. But I would soon have his passionate nature out in the open for both our enjoyments.

That shy gaze drew me to him like a magnet pointing to true north. I set the bowls on the bedside table before dipping my fingers in the warm chocolate sauce and painting his nipples with the dark liquid. He started in surprise and looked at me for an explanation.

"I'm going to eat dessert off of your body, James. Now, hold still and let me work. Of course, it is essential for me to remove every little speck so I'll be as thorough as I can." I leaned down and sucked the chocolate from the pert nipple that had risen in response.

"Artemis, may I paint you as well?"

"But of course, my dear James. That's the whole point of this adult exercise in finger-painting." I leered at him and he laughed out loud. Really, he was coming along very nicely. I would soon have him begging me to come inside of him.

So, my next spot was his beautiful cock. The sauce slid down to pool at his balls and he twitched at the sensation. But once I took them in my mouth, he began to pant again. "Artemis, I think it will be too much."

"Nonsense, young James, you will not come just yet." And I pressed the nerve at the base of his cock, taking some of the urgency away. "Tomorrow, I think I'll introduce you to a cock ring. I have a lovely leather one that should fit you perfectly. That will restrict your urgent need to climax. I don't want you to come unless I'm there beside you."

"Oh!" He tried to thrust up while I deep throated his tasty cock but all that got him was the pressing in of the plug and his groan was music to my ears.

"Shift over for me, love. That's right, flat on your stomach, bend your leg, so." I positioned him for easy access to the toy that was tormenting him.

Rubbing my callused hands over his tender flesh helped me get some control back. I was disgracefully quick off the mark today. The more I have of him, the more I want. Pressing in the plug then pulling it a little of the way out made him groan piteously. So, I dribbled more chocolate on each of the downy cheeks and settled in to lick him into a frenzy.

It worked like a charm. When he was shaking uncontrollably, I pulled out the plug with a moist 'pop' and slipped some chocolate into his well-stretched hole. He groaned and climaxed into my other hand while I was still licking the sauce from his sensitive crease. He was still shaking when he stopped spurting and I pulled him close to me so he knew it was all right to be overwhelmed.

"Artemis," his shaky whisper appealed to my nurturing side.

"Beloved James, I love how you shiver into release for me." I petted his stomach with my cum-covered fingers and he surprised me by bring my hand to his lips and hesitantly licking them clean. I turned him so we could clean my hand together. "You taste of ambrosia, love."

He blushed. "I think I should taste you again ... to compare."

"Excellent idea, James. I know that you're fond of cherries so I prepared a sauce just for you to eat from my body."

His eyes lit up and he eagerly reached over me for the other bowl. I knew he'd approve that notion. He licked his finger clean before dipping back in and eyeing my body with an appraising gaze. That was an incredible feeling for me and I lay back to prepare for the teasing to come.

James dotted each nipple with cherry sauce and dove in to lick them clean. I could feel myself swell in reaction and he eyed my cock with curiosity instead of fear. If I could have cheered, I would have but instead I settled back and enjoyed James' naïve exploration of my body. I couldn't lose this cast of the dice.

James, part two

I lapped every bit of cherry sauce from his nipples but his sex kept drawing my eyes to it. It had grown tall and thick while I attended to the small peaks that rose from the soft mat of hair. I sat back and just looked at it. For a moment, I wondered why it felt so good to sit then I remembered the plug he'd just removed and I thought about that for a long moment.

But Artemis read my mind again. "Is it sore, beloved? Should I go and get the muscle salve that we use?"

I shook my head. "I want to feel it, to remind me of how it stretched me and pleasured me in turns."

"Good boy, I'm glad you're not in pain. I have no wish to ever hurt you." His gaze was warm and I basked in the feeling his statement brought me.

I wanted him to never want to look at another man again, only at me. How strange that in the space of a day, I should so totally welcome his lovemaking. I could no longer think of anything but him and the pleasure he brought me. I desperately wanted him to feel that as well, as my gift to him.

So, I took my courage in hand and reached out to touch his organ, standing so proudly above his stomach. Wrapping my fingers around him made him jerk and I quickly looked at my partner's face to see if that was all right.

"You're doing just fine, James. Artie is just telling you how much he enjoys your touch."

"Artie?" I couldn't help the question in my voice.

"Why yes, James, I've always called him by that pet diminutive. So while I'm calling yours 'Jim', you'll be able to talk of mine in public as well." His smile lit up his whole face and I put that look into the back of my mind for viewing later.

A clear bead of liquid was forming in the small slit in the flaring head and I daringly licked it away. Artemis shivered under my hands and I smiled with pride at his reaction. While I was there, I gently licked the entire crown before pulling back to dribble more cherry sauce on it. As I cleaned the sauce off, another clear tear appeared and the mix of sweet and salty appealed to my tongue.

"Oh, that feels so very good, James. How does it taste?" His voice was huskier now than earlier and I think it was because of me which made me feel even better about my new lessons.

I considered his question. "You are slightly bitter and a little salty but with the sweet cherry sauce it tastes wonderful."

"Good, that's exactly what I thought when I dribbled chocolate on you." He smiled at me and I ducked my head at the compliment.

Father's voice was fainter but the memory of the beatings he'd administered when he thought I was being prideful still held sway. Artemis knew immediately that something was wrong and his warm hand raised my chin so I had to look him in the eyes.

"You are a very brave man with a tender nature that should have been encouraged your whole life. The fact that your Father didn't approve of you is his loss, not yours. Come up here and let me cuddle you, sweet James." And those warm hands drew me to lie across his chest. Thankfully, he rescued the bowl of cherry sauce from falling over and soiling the bed.

I burrowed into the soft, sweet smelling hair and listened to the slow beat of his heart beneath me. His hands drew soothing circles on my back and his voice was slow and measured when he finally spoke.

"You are beautiful, James, also talented, strong and intelligent. The honors you won during the war were well earned and in the last year that we've been paired, I've come to respect your tactical reasoning and marvel at your daring athleticism. I told you that you delight all my senses and you do. Part of me ached to tell you of my love but part of me wondered why you'd want a ne'er-do-well actor who's seven years older than you and of only average looks."

I could not let that absurd statement go by and I raised my head to look into his face. "No, you're not average looking, Artemis. You are beautiful too. I like the laugh lines here," I touched the corners of his eyes gently. "And your eyes twinkle like dark stars. Your lips are usually smiling and that always makes me feel better when something goes wrong during a mission. Your shoulders are broad enough to bear my burdens as well as yours. And now that I've seen your chest and all this wonderful hair, I love to feel it against my skin."

"Oh, James." His eyes glowed up into mine and he drew me down into a tender kiss that lasted until we needed to breathe. "You honor me with your love."

I'd never thought of it like that before and I knew deep inside that I was the one being honored. Which reminded me that although I'd come numerous times today, my partner had only come once. So I wiggled out of his arms and back to his beautiful sex. Retrieving the bowl of cherry sauce, I painted the tall column of silky flesh from top to bottom, making him jerk again and again.

Then putting the bowl safely back on the bedside table, I leaned in to lick it clean from side to side. Artemis' sighs told me that I was doing something right and I allowed myself a bit of pride at my new skill. The head kept releasing salty tears and I kept licking them away. Then it occurred to me that he had sucked me inside his mouth and I pondered his size for a moment before moving between his parted legs to get a better position.

It was rather like planning a military campaign utilizing the few resources at my disposal. By stretching my mouth as wide as it would go, I was able to take in his entire crown. But once there, I didn't know what to do and my gaze went to my partner's face for help.

"Dear God, James, that feels wonderful. Where is your tongue right now?" His hand stroked my cheek and I thought about his question.

It was pressed up against the crown and if I moved back just a tiny bit, I could move it against the flared edge. The shiver under my hands told me that I'd done it right.

"Very nice, love, now flutter against me before you begin to suck."

That released another tear of bitter fluid and I settled in to make him feel as wonderful as I'd felt earlier. His hands over mine reminded me what he'd shown me when we were pressed together. I ran my fingers up and down his smooth flesh with his hips jerking in unison with my sucks. Making a mental note to ask him why he was circumcised, I kept up the pressure until I felt his shaft swell just a little.

"I'm about to release into your keeping, James. If you don't want to swallow my cum, you should probably remove your mouth." His voice was strained and I watched his head move against the pillow the way mine had earlier.

That just made me suck harder so I could taste more of him. I was determined to give him more pleasure than anyone else had ever given him. My grip tightened around the thick column of his sex and I was soon rewarded with spurts of salty fluid that quickly filled my mouth and spilled out, no matter how much I swallowed.

"Dear heaven, James, you love me so beautifully." His voice was faint and I smiled in triumph while I tried to lick him clean. He jerked again when I bathed his sac with my tongue and I filed that away for the future. "You are indeed a natural lover, my dear partner. Come up and share my taste with me."

He pulled me up and latched his mouth to mine, his tongue sweeping inside my lips and scouring it of every bit of fluid. His hands swept down my back to my buttocks and his touch there almost made me come. But he pulled away and turned me onto my back with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"I think you may be the strongest man I know, dearest James. Here you are, up and ready to go again after having come three times already. But I think I need to taste you once more tonight before we sleep. And I have another gift for you, something to help stretch you further."

I gulped and wondered what it could be. The plug had almost sent me into premature release and I was sure that what he had in mind would be larger yet. But his chuckle told me that he'd read my mind again and I blushed, right on cue. He's really very good at that.

"My sweet James, please don't ever quit blushing at my words. It makes me feel like a veritable giant among men to know that I can so affect you." He leaned down and kissed me affectionately.

These kisses were turning my knees to water while I hardened even further. But his next words were unexpected.

"Do you need to use the facilities, James?" He stroked my shaft and I realized that part of my discomfort was indeed the urge to use the bathroom so I nodded.

"Good, I do as well. So let's take care of that first before I bring you back here and pleasure you to sleep." He rolled off the bed and held out his hand to me.

I took it slowly and let him pull me from his bed. Together? I didn't know if I could do that while he was watching me. But once in the bathroom, he went first, the golden stream of liquid arcing from him into the small bidet that served to remove our bodily wastes. I marveled at the difference in the fluids that came from him. It had never occurred to me that such a private moment could be turned to pleasure.

"Your turn, James. Did you enjoy watching me?" His eyes were gentle while he pulled me in front of him and tenderly held my shaft in his large hand. "Among the hedonists of Paris, passing water in front of another is called the gift of golden showers. Now close your eyes and let yourself go."

I took a deep breath, ever conscious of his sex, pressed up against my nether cheeks. But it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be because his gentle kisses to my neck relaxed me enough to finally let go.

"Beautiful, James. You're beautiful everywhere. Open your eyes and watch my hand hold your cock."

And I was incapable of denying him anything so I opened my eyes and watched the same golden fluid arc away from me that had flowed from him. His tanned hand holding my shaft so tenderly was indeed beautiful to watch. Somehow I was sure that this would not be my last lesson of the night.

Artemis, part three

I wasn't lying when I told him he was a natural. I didn't know whether to damn his father or praise him. He'd taken a sensual boy and turned him into a cold, hard man unable to show his love. On the other hand, the discipline had kept him safe for me so that I would reap the benefit of the hidden riches waiting for me.

Kissing the side of his neck, I watched the golden flow finally stop and I petted his cock with one hand while the other rolled his balls familiarly. He was getting used to my touches and that bode well for my next gift.

"James, what do you call Jim here, in your mind." I grazed his neck with the edge of my teeth and he shivered.

"Um, my sex?"

"I want to hear you call him your cock. Say it out loud for me, sweet James."

"Oh," he arched into my hand. "It's my c-ccock."

"And what do you call what's nestled so nicely between your ass cheeks?" I thrust gently against his hole.

"Artie." He suddenly teased me with a flirtatious look over his shoulder.

My laughter released his and I hugged him tightly. "Very good, James, I believe it is time that Artie and Jim went back to bed. You go ahead and I'll come back in with your new present."

His look was rather hesitant and his glance down at my cock was shy but determined. He walked away from me with that graceful stride that always made me want to bury myself inside him but I took a firm hold of my libido and went back to the mesh bag. James was going to need a great deal of stretching before I would be able to ease inside of him and I had just the thing.

An old lover had made the ivory dildo in his exact dimensions and I'd used it before to pleasure myself. Now it would serve James as well. The cream in my bedroom would work to lubricate him and I reminded myself to get out the large bottle of oil that would get us through the next few days. From now on, I was determined to have an adequate supply of lubricant always ready.

A gallon or two should do, I smiled to myself and went to join my young lover. He took my breath away again, sprawled out on my bed with a finger dripping cherry sauce onto his chest. Lust blurred my vision for a long moment but I reined myself in hard. This was my beautiful virgin man and I would never hurt him or make him afraid.

"I see you started without me, young man. I'm afraid I shall have to punish you." I shook my head but when I saw him freeze, I quickly slid in beside him. Taking him in my arms, I kissed him thoroughly. When he was once again limp in my embrace, I chided him gently. "Eating cherries without me means that you have to paint your nipples so I can clean them off."

He smiled and dipped his fingers in the red sauce before painting his own nipples while I watched in delight. "Sweeter than cherries, James. That's what you are." And I made him groan again when I licked him clean and tenderly bit each hard nub. He really had very sensitive nipples and I was going to enjoy driving him crazy with just that stimulation.

But he'd rolled over onto the dildo and his curious hands found it when I released his lips. "Artemis, what is this?"

"Your next gift, James. It has warmed my ass many a cold night when I thought you would never be able to love me. And now it's time to stretch you a little more." I took it from him and held it to his groin. "See, my love, it's a dildo that is almost an exact replica of your pretty cock. But in case Jim should get jealous, I must tell you that it can never replace his glowing beauty and sweet taste. Now move to your stomach for me again, my beautiful love."

He turned over but his eyes remained on the ivory dildo in my hand. I laid it down on my pillow so I could position him on the other pillow. Running my hand over his flanks as I might do to Lady, I calmed him until his gaze had that half-slitted look that she often got.

"You are so beautiful here, James. I'm going in for another taste of you so hold still for me." I leaned over and licked down his crease and over the small rosebud that spasmed so nicely for me. Pointing my tongue a little, I stabbed within several times and felt him relax against the pleasure. Then I found the jar of cream and slid in two of my coated fingers while he tensed against me for a moment.

But he was indeed learning quickly and I felt him relax around me. "James, I want you to take the dildo and warm it in your hands. Slide your fingers around it and learn the contours of it."

He took it up in one hand, his gaze eyeing it uncertainly.

"Feel the flaring crown that looks so much like your own. It will feel ever so nice when it pierces the muscle just here that guards your hidden treasures. Do you remember what it felt like to be inside of me? It was hot, wasn't it?"

"It felt like my leather gloves tight around me." He ventured and I smiled delightedly at him.

"What a lovely thought, James. Tomorrow I will ask you to put them on and touch me all over. That will feel wonderful. But you're right, a man's inner channel is very tight and hot since it doesn't get the natural juices of a woman's vagina. That's one reason that I'm being so careful to get a lot of cream deep inside of you. The walls here are more fragile than a woman's and you could easily tear and bleed."

He gripped the dildo in his hand but turned his head to look at me. "What about when you took me inside of you?"

"I'd already prepared myself, James. When I got back here, I washed myself carefully and pushed cream inside of myself. I was very much hoping that you'd come back and give me permission to love you." I confessed to him with a smile and watched the dawning comprehension in his eyes.

"You wanted me that much?" He asked shyly.

"I've wanted you since the day we met." I confessed further and slowly slid in three fingers while he was still thinking about what I just said.

His lower back tensed a little but I gently slid my fingers back and forth while he panted under my hands. "That ... that feels very full."

"Is there pain or is there discomfort?" I knew what it felt like although it had been a while.

He thought about it and gingerly tightened around me. "Discomfort but not really pain. Am I ready for ... this?"

"You will be once you cover it in cream for me." And I handed him the jar.

He looked back at me and the spot where I was so intimately touching him then he began to rub cream all up and down the ivory column. It was beautifully obscene to see him so concentrated on the instrument of his impalement. Taking a deep breath, I told myself to slow down or this would be over before it even began.

Taking it from his hand, I judged the warmth to be adequate. "That's perfect, James. Now I want you to go up on all fours for me. That's right, my love. Oh, how beautiful you look preparing to receive my gift. How does Jim feel about this?"

Pulling gently on the hard as iron cock dangling between his legs, I surprised James into a breathless groan. Then I removed my fingers and slid the head of the dildo past the tight ring of outer muscle, holding still while his back muscles rippled in sudden tension.

"Relax, James, it's not going anywhere but deeper inside that tight channel of yours. It's going to slide right against that gland that warms you so nicely and then I'm going to turn you over and take Jim into my mouth so you'll be so hot, you'll explode."

The tension eased and I pushed it further in until his back flushed with sudden heat. "Ah yes, there it is. A little more, love and it will be as far in as it will go. Did you wonder why the base is so flared and large? It keeps the dildo from being pulled inside of you and hurting you. Most young men learn very early not to put anything in their anus without the proper precautions. It's so embarrassing to have to go to your doctor with a cucumber stuck up your ass."

That surprised him into a snort of laughter as I'd anticipated and I slid the dildo home, flush against his hole. "Not to mention, the base flares out and stretches you with every movement. Now, I'm going to play a little with your sweet ass and tasty cock. I'd like to hear you repeat that, James. Where is the dildo right now?"

"It's in my ... oh ... sweet ass-ss-ss." He was panting to ease the feeling of fullness that had to be driving him insane.

"And what am I going to be tasting?"

"My tasty c-c-cock. Artemis!" He groaned and shivered.

"Well done, my love. I love to hear those lewd words coming from your sweet mouth. Now turn over for me so I can suck your cock while I fuck your ass with this poor substitute for myself." I helped him move to his back, the pillow bunched beneath his hips to give him support.

He was bright red at my language and I smiled down at him just before I slid my lips around his cock. He thrust up instinctively and I pulled out the dildo a little ways before shoving it back in, hitting that sweet spot with extra strength. He keened aloud and I smiled around his cock when his hands grabbed my head in unconscious possession.

His instincts were impeccable and the next few moments taught him the rhythm that would give him the most pleasure. He was babbling senseless words of interrupted thoughts while I pushed him as hard as I dared. When his hips finally snapped up and he erupted into my throat, I drank him down like the fine wine we'd had for dinner.

He'd blacked out again and I gave myself a pat on the back for judging his reactions so well. I cleaned him up and gave Artie a pat and a reminder to be patient. His day was coming but it wouldn't be right now. We'd see about tomorrow.

Rolling him to his side and pulling up the blanket, I placed a pillow under his head and spooned up behind him. Nestling my cock between his thighs, I wrapped my arms around him and waited for him to wake up. I could get very used to this position. His heartbeat speeded up a bit and I knew he was coming to.

"Artemis, that was ... I don't know what to call that."

"Wonderful ... fulfilling ... magnificent ... something you want to do again?" I interspersed each word with a kiss up the side of his neck to the hot spot under his ear.

"It was all of that and more." He shivered. "Are you going to leave the ... the dildo inside of me all night?"

"Does it hurt?" I inquired, already sure of the answer.

"No-o-o, it just feels strange." He squirmed a little in my arms.

"Go to sleep and we'll see how it feels in the morning."

"Will you put Artie inside of me then?" His hand came down and stroked my cock with much more confidence than he'd shown earlier.

I could have cheered but instead, I just kissed him again and held him tightly against me. "We'll see, love. We'll see."
James, part four

I went to sleep held tight in Artemis' arms. The hard dildo inside of me made me feel too full but his sex -- no, his cock would feel even bigger and I was determined to take him inside of me. He'd probably split me in two but unless it killed me, I would give him the same gift he had given me.

So, I went to sleep with his hands stroking me soothingly.

When I awoke the next morning, I was still held fast but he'd swollen in the night and lay hard and still beside my own hard member. The dildo was still hard but I'd grown used to it and I flexed my inner muscles around it, wondering how the hard but velvet cock would feel instead. I stroked them both with my hand and thought about what today would bring.

"Good morning, James." The husky voice behind me made my hand pause. "No, keep right on going, sweetheart, I've dreamed of waking up like this, your hand on me and my arms full of your sweet flesh. How does the dildo feel? Are you too sore?"

"No, I guess I got used to it in the night. Am I stretched enough for you?" I asked him over my shoulder and received a gentle kiss in answer. His hand joined mine on our shafts and we were pleasantly hard when he called a halt to our explorations.

"Not just yet, my love. We have something to do first, you and I. Patience is a virtue although sometimes a damn hard one." He pulled away from me and I missed his warmth immediately.

"Come and let us reenact our golden showers of last night. Then I'm going to make you the best breakfast you've ever eaten while you tend to the horses and gather the mail from the station." My loving tormentor promised me and I slid awkwardly from the bed, all too aware of the hard shape inside of me.

He held me close all the way into the bathroom and I released the fluids from the night before without hesitation while he held my cock for me. I felt extremely decadent and debauched while I watched him release his own stream into the porcelain bowl. I could hardly believe how relaxed I was at this turn around in my life.

"Dearest, I'm going to check you so I'd like you to bend over and hold onto the side of the tub." He positioned me and before I could tense, he'd plucked the ivory dildo from my body.

"Oh," I couldn't stop the exclamation and I shook when his tongue lapped me there, leaving a kiss on that small hole. "I feel so empty, Artemis."

He gathered me into his arms and pressed kisses all over my face. "I love you, James. I love you more today than yesterday, my brave soldier."

I leaned into him and kissed him back when his lips finally met mine. Our tongues traded mouths until I felt so warm, I was afraid I would explode. We finally had to breathe and I basked in his glowing gaze.

"You are perfect, my sweet James. And now, I shall dress you so you can be seen in public." He laughingly led me back into the sterile room that was so different from his. He painstakingly picked out a pair of pants and a shirt for me. Then he dressed me until it got to my boots and I confessed that I'd taken them off as soon as I'd come in last night along with my pants.

He teased me with my lack of restraint and I pretended to be shamed by my behavior. He led me out into the parlor and told me to put my boots on while he considered what punishment would fit the 'crime' of disobedience. I shivered but not in fear. I knew he would never hurt me.

"James, come here and lay across my lap. I believe a spanking is in order." He sounded quite stern but the twinkle in his eyes told me I had nothing to fear.

So, I came to the settee where he was sitting, naked and relaxed and knelt beside him. He patted his lap and I settled across his parted legs, wondering what he would do. At first, he stroked my backside until I'd almost forgotten this was supposed to be a punishment then the first slap rang through the room and I jumped.

"Such a tempting ass, James, I don't know how I kept from touching it before this. When next you disobey me, I shall strip you naked and lay you down across my legs and paddle these beautiful cheeks until they glow red and you're begging me to put out the fire." He never stopped spanking me the whole time he spoke and I found myself getting harder with each blow.

"There, that should do for now. Off you go, James, I'll take care of this later," he stroked gently beneath my body over my swelling cock and I wriggled at the torment.

"Up you go, love but kiss me before you leave. And remember to hurry back." He helped me kneel again and I leaned forward to kiss him, my hands stroking his arms in thanks for my spanking.

"I love you, Artemis. Thank you for taking such good care of me." I drew just far enough back to watch his eyes glow into mine then I bent and kissed Artie's flared crown. "I am looking forward to my next loving."

"Tempter!" He groaned when I stood and walked to the door. "I believe I may have to punish you again very soon."

I laughed and left the car, being sure that the door was locked behind me. I didn't want anyone to come in and see my partner in all his naked glory. Checking on the horses, I gave them more oats and a pat or two. They seemed to listen intently when I told them all the wonderful things that Artemis had given me the night before.

When I jumped down, I felt the pull of muscles that had never been used before and the pressure of my pants against my freshly spanked cheeks reminded me of the pleasures to come. I wondered if Artemis would say I was strutting when I crossed the railroad yard to the stationmaster's office where I could pick up our mail.

We exchanged good mornings and he chatted with me as if nothing at all was changed. I guess I looked no different to him but inside I was crowing with the way I was hiding my joy. While I was there, I asked him to deliver four more containers of water to the back platform. I told him that Artemis wasn't feeling very well and hot baths seemed to give him the most relief.

He agreed to deliver them within the hour and I took our mail back with me with an ever-quickening step. I could barely wait to be back with my partner. Closing the door behind me, I heard him singing in the galley. It was one of those saloon songs that he often used as a cover when he was in disguise. Leaving the mail on the table, I walked back to surprise him.

He had an apron slung over his front to protect from the splatters of the eggs and bacon he was frying. It was tented in front and I knew that his erection was for me. "Ah, James, back so soon. You must have run all the way. What a lovely color you have in your cheeks."

I blushed before realizing that he meant my face. "I got the mail and I asked the stationmaster to deliver four more containers of water. I thought maybe you would want to have another bath."

He beamed at me. "How very thoughtful of you, my dear James. I love how you plan ahead for us. I'll let you stay dressed so you can carry them in once he delivers them. Any good mail come?"

I shook my head because I hadn't bothered to look at the bundle I'd brought back. He smiled fondly at me and asked me to take down some clean plates for breakfast. When he shooed me into the other room, I headed for the table but he told me to carry it nearer to the settee. Somehow, I just knew that this would be another lesson for me.

He set the plates down and asked me to bring him the mesh bag from the bathroom. I shivered in anticipation at what new treat he had for me and hurried to obey him. When I brought it back, he was relaxed on the settee.

"Come here, love and hold still for me." He unbuttoned my pants and freed my cock to spring up at him. "Ah, so eager and beautiful this fine morning. Now, I'm going to make sure that he stays nice and hard for me since I decided that I want him back inside of me again, pleasuring me right into my first climax of the day."

My mind caught the word first and I trembled at the thought of going back into the hot, tight place of the day before. When he drew forth what looked like a leather harness, I leaned closer to examine it.

"Do you remember I promised you a cock ring, James? This is it." He kissed the end of my cock and it jerked against his lips. "So eager and so delicious looking that I think I won't wait."

And with that, he sucked me in deep and began to swallow around me while his hands pulled my hips forward. Busy fingers slid between my cheeks and I groaned at the feel of being pierced on one end while being sucked on at the other. My hands combed shakily through his soft dark hair while he reduced me to a quivering heap of tangled nerve endings. I released for endless moments into his voracious mouth and sighed in contentment at how well he knew my body.

"There, that should have taken the edge off and now I can slide your new fashion accessory on and secure Jim for my pleasure."

I felt the odd ring pass over my sensitive flesh and jerked a little at the unaccustomed feel but when he looped another ring around my balls dividing them and holding them snug against my body, I had to examine it. The harness held my cock in a semi-upright position while cradling the sac below close to it.

"Very pretty, James, now you won't be able to come again until I remove it." He ran his fingers down my shaft and even though it was replete, it tried to lift towards him. "How beautifully responsive you are, my dearest James. It looks like Jim would like to play again. But not right now, we have breakfast to eat while it's hot. James, I would like you to kneel by my side here on the floor."

I looked at him but he just smiled and pointed to the floor by his knees. My pants were still undone and he pulled them a little further down so my legs were trapped together while my cock and cheeks were exposed. What was I to learn now?

His hands busied themselves with the plates of food and he fed me a slice of bacon before eating a bite of egg. Then he fed me a spoonful of the delicious eggs and kissed my lips before eating more himself. We ate the whole meal like that and I soon grew hard again although the leather ring kept me just this side of pain.

When the sound of metal canisters on the back steps rang out, he was kissing me and stroking my nether cheeks. "Just think, James, if the stationmaster should knock and open the door, he would see you deliciously half-naked with your cock lifting towards me and my hand on your ass. What do you think he would say?"

Artemis, part five

The poor boy blushed while his cock hardened even more. "What a little exhibitionist you are, James."

But then his gaze went to the door and a look of dismay appeared. "Artemis, I don't remember if I locked the door when I came in."

I stilled but the sounds had stopped and the stationmaster's men appeared to have left. I relaxed again but the look on James' face was tragic.

"I should have remembered. I know you said that we'd have to be careful in the outside world." He looked up bravely. "I think you should punish me."

I stroked his face while thinking quickly. I had no desire to take his father's place since I was hoping that James would come to me for pleasure not pain. But he did need to be more careful of our privacy. So I nodded and watched him flush again.

"But first, you need to bring the water in and help me fill up the water heater. I think we will certainly need a bath tonight. And James, I love you and I never want you to think I don't. If I spank you, it is only to give you a memory that will help you to remember how important our privacy is."

"I understand, Artemis. I know that I should be more careful and I won't forget again." He struggled to his feet and I helped him pull up and fasten his pants over his overfilled cock. The buttons barely closed and the bulge there was quite obscene. I held the door open for him while he brought in each canister and carried them back to the bathroom.

Once he was finished, I beckoned him over to the door and watched him lock it. Then I began undressing him and he stood docilely while I removed his outer layers. Even his cock was subdued and I led him over to the settee for his punishment. He lay across my lap with his cock between my legs and his arms braced against the settee.

"Poor James, I fear that this morning will not be one of your favored memories but hopefully, this will be the last time that I shall have to spank you." I caressed his cheeks before bringing down my hand in a pattern of smacks that soon had his ass glowing bright red. He was silently crying by the time I was through, but his cock was back to full strength so I judged the crime adequately recompensed.

"Come here, sweetheart." I turned him over so I could gather him into my arms and kiss away his tears. "It's all right now, love. I forgive you for forgetting to lock the door and now I ask you to forgive me for causing you pain."

He held me fiercely. "No, you were right to punish me. I won't ever forget again. I love you so much, Artemis that anything you do is right."

I kissed him soundly and felt my own shaft twitch to life beneath that glowing ass of his. He must have felt him too because he immediately reached down and stroked him lovingly. I sighed into his neck and stood abruptly, holding him against my chest and walking down the hall to his room.

"Artemis?" He asked anxiously when I lowered him to the Spartan bunk that was his idea of a bed.

"Hush, James, I need to change the sheets on our bed so I'd like you to lie here for now. Turn over on your stomach and put the pillow under your hips for me." When he'd done so, I stroked the bright red cheeks and leaned down to kiss each one. "Now rest for me while I go and get your next lesson ready. I think you will enjoy it immensely."

His eyes followed me and I left the door open so he'd be able to hear me strip the bed. I sang out loud so he'd know where I was at all times and I wondered what he thought I was doing in the kitchen. But I kept on preparing his enema with water and herbs at just the right temperature. I estimated how much fluid he'd be able to take this first time and filled up the bag accordingly.

I checked my preparations and hung the bag up in the bathroom before taking the healing salve back into his room. His eyes were so wide and sad that I had to kiss them before unscrewing the lid and beginning to paint his cheeks with the mixture I had prepared especially for myself. I did enjoy a good spanking but it had been quite a while since my last one. Dear Maria was so good with the paddle.

Perhaps one of these days, I'd introduce James to the Madame of my favorite whorehouse. We could complete his education between the two of us. But for now, I wanted to see his muscles relax and when they did, I carefully slipped some of the salve into his entrance to soften the way for the enema nozzle.

"There, James, does that feel better?" I waited for his nod. "Good. Now, I'll be right back with your next surprise."

Bringing the bag of water and herbs back with me, I watched his eyes widen while he tried to figure out what it was for. "James, before you'll have room for Artie, we need to flush you out completely. I think you'll like this mixture because it's very soothing and should feel very good inside. I don't want to hurt you."

He gulped but nodded and I slipped the nozzle inside a couple of inches and released the tube so the warm water began to flow. He shivered all over and I eased him up to all fours so the pressure on his restrained cock didn't hurt.

"Oh, that feels so strange."

"I know it does, sweetheart, but trust me the benefits are manifold." I stroked his back and watched the bag deflate. "There we are, love. You've taken it all and now I want you to hold it in until you have to let go. Here's the plug to help you."

He whimpered when I greased the plug and parted his cheeks to insert it. But he didn't fight it and I slid it all the way in with one push. "Good boy, now come off the bed for me and stand up. I'll help you keep your balance."

He obeyed but clutched my shoulders as the water that filled his bowels shifted with each movement. It wouldn't take long this first time because the herbs I'd used were quick working. Time enough for him to learn the pleasures of long held enemas. Backing up, I led him across the floor, through the door and down the hall to the bathroom just in time to see his eyes widen and his fair skin to flush.

I led him to the commode and sat him down while removing the plug with a quick jerk that released his tortured muscles and allowed him to drain himself. I knelt between his legs and kissed his lips over and over again to take his mind off the intimate ritual in which he'd just participated.

Tears leaked from his eyes and I kissed each one away. "My brave soldier. You are such a delight, my sweet James. How beautifully you learn your lessons and how very much I love you."

He sniffed hard and kissed me back. We feasted on each other for a long moment then I released him and soaked a washcloth to cleanse him. He followed each movement with his eyes and I flushed the commode of his wastes without letting him look. Then I had him bend over while I washed him clean with soap and water. Then he was ready for our next lesson and I led him to my room.

"James, this is now our bed and our bedroom. There may be times when you will want some privacy and all you have to do is say so and I will respect your wishes. But the rest of the time, I want you in our bed and my arms. Is that all right with you?"

He hugged me tight, his throat too full to speak but I understood and I held him tenderly before lowering him to the bed. He moved up while I followed him, stalking him like a cat would a mouse. Artie was becoming most insistent that it was his turn to play and James was eyeing him like a hungry man eyes his first steak.

"Artemis, may I touch him again and try to take more of him inside my mouth?" He asked as if unsure of my answer and I grinned at him, lying down and giving him permission with just a look. His eyes lit up and he knelt at my hip, reaching out with a more sure hand and an eager look that promised a good time for my poor neglected cock.

His touch was just right, gripping me and sliding up and down with the sure knowledge that I would like it. "Why is the extra skin gone, Artemis? Did you have an accident?"

"No, James, my parents believed that the extra skin was unnecessary and had it removed a few minutes after I was born. I don't remember a thing about it. Oh that's good." I sighed and stretched out my hand to run it over his still red cheeks. The jar was between our pillows and I opened it while he watched me and kept on trying to get more of my cock into his mouth.

"Artie greatly appreciates your valiant effort, James. Move a little closer so I can stroke that sweet spot inside of you." He obediently moved close and I scooped up cream on two fingers and placed them at his entrance. It spasmed open for me as if it knew what was coming and I slid in two fingers easily. He was still tight though and I played inside and out until he was groaning around his mouthful.

A delightful sensation but one that I needed to ignore so I could judge his readiness. I pulled the biggest dildo I had out from under my pillow and he stopped dead in amazement when he saw it. Stroking his ass, I asked him if he wanted to try it. He thought for a moment and reached out a hand to grip it. His fingers met around it easily and I saw him nod permission while he went back to pleasuring me.

I maneuvered him over me with his knees spread wide on either side of my chest and his cock dangling in front of my mouth. I sucked him back to full hardness and spread more cream deep inside of him with three fingers that he grabbed with his inner muscles just like he'd been doing this all his life.

Spreading the black ebony wood dildo with cream, I stroked him before popping just the flared head through his entrance. He shuddered and I licked the bead of fluid from the small slit in the crown of his cock. Gradually, his muscles relaxed and I pushed it in another inch before sucking hard again.

Eventually, the whole thing was inside of him except for the base and I was alternately sucking him through the harness while sliding it back and forth against his prostate so his whole body was shuddering in reaction. He was holding on to my cock for dear life but was no longer sucking it, I think for fear that he'd bite me.

Once again, I moved him carefully off of me and to the side while I made ready to undo the cock ring and let him come. I scored a few more direct hits to his prostate and he was shaking uncontrollably in my arms. So I undid the ring at the same moment I withdrew the dildo and he shook himself into unconsciousness.

When he was totally relaxed, I creamed my cock and slowly slid inside of him, using my leg to hold him open to me. It felt like coming home and I stilled to await his awakening. This time would be sweet indeed.

James part six

I came to with a start but strong arms held me close while soft lips kissed my neck and I remembered where I was. "Artemis, I love you. But I thought you took it out."

"I did, sweet James." His breath teased my neck and I moved slightly only to halt at the fullness still inside of me. "You have all of me, James. Is he too much?"

Flexing my inner muscles around his bulk, I shook my head. "I feel so full that I can hardly move but there's no pain. How did you get him inside of me?"

"When you came so hard that you passed out, I simply replaced the black dildo with Artie. You were so well lubricated and stretched that he slid right in." His hands stroked my stomach and I felt so loved that I wanted to cry.

So I tried that flexing again and he stilled before moving his hips just an inch or two. It sent ripples throughout my entire body and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.

"Do that again, James." His soft command was music to my ears and I tensed my internal muscles around the hard column of flesh that filled me so beautifully.

And that made him draw out before pressing back in again. Each time he retreated farther and thrust back in harder until that gland inside of me was sending out messages of renewed interest. One of his hands held my rising cock firmly while the other braced my hip.

The quickening rhythm made my muscles burn and I knew he was close when his teeth bit deep into my shoulder and he shuddered against me. His grip tightened around me and the flush of heated liquid deep inside of me made me convulse in his arms and flood his hand with my release. I retained my senses with an effort and felt him lick the site of the bite with his tongue.

"I've marked you, I'm afraid, sweet James. You gave me so much pleasure. Is there any pain?"

"I ache all over but it's a good ache. It reminds me that you love me." I had promised him my honesty and it was true, I did ache in places I'd never ached before. If I were lucky, I would know this ache again and again.

He chuckled and I felt the vibration all through my body. "You continue to surprise me, James. I adore your courage and we will definitely be in this position again because I can not seem to get enough of you. Do you mind if we stay like this for a little while longer?"

I hugged his arms around me and squirmed just a little around his still hardly softened cock. "Please, Artemis, I would stay like this forever if we could."

He kissed my neck again and I twisted just enough to bring those soft lips to mine. His tongue traced my lips and then plunged inside to rub against mine for a long moment. But the tension was too great and I had to turn back. His tongue continued to stroke my skin like a great cat might groom his mate and I felt greatly loved by this astonishing man.

He surrounded me with his body and I felt safer than ever before in my life. Even though I'd feared he would split me in two with that giant cock of his, I'd been able to take all of him. I felt absurdly proud of my feat and I wondered how soon it would be before I could do it again. But he seemed to be napping, so I just rested in his embrace and plotted how to keep us in bed for the rest of the week.

I was so glad that he'd gotten enough leave for us to spend an entire seven days doing anything we wanted. I'd never had such a good cause for celebrating in my life. The enema had surprised me and I'd felt very out of control when it felt like it was purging me of everything I'd ever eaten. But his kisses and soft words had kept me focused on why I was purging my bowels and that had kept me from getting scared.

Finally, I dozed along with him and awoke to find him sliding carefully out of me. I felt so empty without his bulk inside but he was turning me into his arms and kissing the fear out of me. I felt a dozen muscles protest any movement at all but it was worth it.

"Sweetheart, I know you're aching but I have a remedy for that."

"So, do I. You could come back inside of me." I smiled at him and watched his eyes crinkle up.

"Don't tempt me, sweet James. Then you really would be sore and I am looking forward to having you inside of me tonight." He kissed me and left the bed. "I'm going to run a hot bath with some herbs for soaking then I'll be back to carry you in. Stay right here and think about how you'd like me tonight. There are many positions available to us and we'll probably use all of them this week."

I watched him walk out the door, humming and I put my hands behind my neck to think about what he'd said. The black dildo was partly under me and I pulled it out for a closer look. It looked fearsomely large but I'd had it inside of me and I shook my head at how rapidly my life had changed. Artemis had brought such color into my life and now he'd given me so much pleasure that I could hardly believe that I was the same man who'd left this train for an investigation yesterday morning.

In less than two days, my whole world had grown immeasurably sweeter. I would do anything I had to, to keep him safe with me. Setting the dildo aside, I ran my hands over my body, wondering at the changes I could already feel. My fingers brushed the bite on my shoulder and it sent a tingle through out my body. Next, I slid them gently across my chest and watched my nipples tighten and harden with just that simple touch.

Had he used magic to change my skin into such a smorgasbord of different feelings that I hardly knew myself? My fingers slid across my stomach and as I neared my spent cock, I could feel each inch of him intimately in a way I'd never known him before. I could remember what it felt like inside his mouth, wet and hot. I lifted him up so I could feel the sac that hung below.

The leather rings had divided them so I couldn't release and I rolled them between my fingers to see why they'd felt so good snug against my body. I'd never paid them any attention before and I decided to ask Artemis why they were there. He has a medical degree, I think and he always seems to know what to do when one of us is hurt. I said a quick prayer that no accidents would befall us now that we were lovers.

The only aches I wanted for either of us were the aches from being well fucked.

"Now that is just about the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, James." He stood in the doorway and smiled down at me. "Have you been exploring yourself, love?"

I blushed and nodded, suddenly struck dumb in his presence.

"Oh love, you are so beautiful when you flush like that all the way from your soft hair down to your sexy little toes." He leaned over and snagged my feet, dragging me across the disheveled sheets to him. "I may never let you up from this bed, sweet James. I'll just tie you to the four posts and have my wicked way with you over and over."

I shivered from head to toe. "Yes, please."

He laughed out loud and gathered me into his arms, picking me up as if I weighed nothing. "I can see that we'll have to lay in lots of protein to replenish what we lose making love. You're going to be as insatiable as I am. Now, away to the bath with you."

He carried me into the steamy room and shut the door behind us with his foot. There was a sweet scent in the air and I saw that he'd brought in the candelabra from the parlor and set in on the back of the commode. Lowering me into the hot water, I hissed as the healing liquid reached my well-used muscles.

"Poor James, I was too rough with you."

"No, you weren't, Artemis. You loved me, that's all." I leaned back and watched him get into the tub, facing me.

"Yes I do love you, James. Lie there and let me continue." He was lathering his hands and starting at my shoulders so I relaxed and let him wash me from head to toe. I felt worshipped and sinfully indulged by his attentions.

"Now it's your turn, Artemis." I sat up and ignored the twinge of sore muscles, the hot water having taken care of most of the aches.

I lathered him, spending long moments swirling the curls on his chest. He groaned under my fingers and I felt absurdly proud to so please him. I took great care all the way down his body even if I took possessive pride in soaping his groin. His cock was so soft under my fingers and yet it still retained some of the hardness I loved. He chuckled as I fondled it; smiling tenderly at me and making me blush again.

Never would I have believed that I could enjoy touching another man's sex but it seemed I'd undergone a startling metamorphosis. Now, I was eager to make him feel as good as he made me. Once we were done washing, he slid behind me to give me a cushion and we simply floated in the hot water until it began to cool.

He dried me tenderly, going to his knees to check my entrance for signs of tearing while I bent over the side of the tub. But he found nothing as I knew he would and I groaned when he took the opportunity to lick my opening and wiggle his tongue past the muscle that had taken him earlier.

My cock showed new signs of life and he grinned before picking me up and carrying me into the parlor. Setting me down on the settee, he pulled the shawl from the back and covered me with the stern admonition to rest while he made dinner. And to make sure I did, he slid the cock ring around my shaft and balls while I fear I pouted.

"Another spanking can be arranged, sweet James." And he chuckled when my face brightened. "I fear that punishment is fast becoming a pleasure. Well, we can speak of that later. Now behave for me and rest. I promise to give you another workout after we eat."

So I settled back under the soft blanket and watched him leave for the kitchen. If I am very lucky, he will come inside me again tonight. Then again, he said he wanted me inside of him. I wondered if he'd let me give him an enema and I planned how to ask him for that privilege. Really, my rebirth into pleasure was fascinating.

I could hardly wait for my next lesson.

End of Lessons