Author: Athea (
Title: More Lessons
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Archive: CkoS
Note: This is a sequel to Lessons.
Summary: James learns more about pleasuring.
Date: 1 December 2000
Artemis, part one

I hummed while I cooked up his favorite dish, rigatoni with my special marinara sauce. He'd exceeded all my expectations and I was in the mood to indulge him. For a man who'd rarely experienced true pleasure, he'd taken to it like a duck takes to water. Checking the shelves, I started to make a mental list of items we needed from the market. Our ice chest was almost out of ice and I added the iceman to the list of people we would need to patronize shortly.

Part of me had no desire to ever leave this now enchanted railway car but another part was already thinking ahead to the time when we would need to issue forth on errands that would keep this place supplied with our necessities. The laundress would wonder at the sets of sheets I'd already bundled up. She was first on our list tomorrow or we'd be sleeping on the bare mattress.

But I smiled at the reason why and wondered if I should just have a dozen sets made up for us. Since my insatiable younger lover seemed determined to keep us both in bed, that might be best. Just thinking of him had tented my apron again and I pondered the herbs I would need to take to keep up with his stamina. We would both be dried up husks if we kept to this pace.

Ladling up the rigatoni, I placed it on a single platter since I had decided to feed him again. Any drips would be taken care of by my tongue. I filled a decanter with water since we both needed to replace the fluids we'd been spending so quickly. The wineglasses would have to do for now. How love had reduced my standards, I smiled to myself.

Leaving the kitchen, I entered the parlor to the delightful sight of James stretched out on the settee while he read his mail. He looked up at my entrance and smiled the wide beaming smile that the last few days had released in him. He had divided the mail up into two piles and he swung his feet down to the floor to make room for me beside him.

"Thank you, James, this will do nicely." I set the platter down on the table with the single fork for the rigatoni. "Is this whole pile for me?"

"Yes, I didn't have very many letters and I didn't care about the newspapers. The news isn't important right now. You are." He spread part of the blanket over my lap and petted Artie while he did it.

"Tease." I mock glowered at him and he gave me that cheeky grin that always made me want to strip him naked and paddle his behind. "I shall be thinking of something very wicked to do to you later."

His eyes lit up and he kissed me sweetly before pulling away. "I will look forward to it. I'm hungry."

"Of course, you are. In it's own way, making love is extremely strenuous work." I speared some of the pasta tubes and fed them to him, leaning in to lick off a spot of sauce from the corner of his mouth. He caught on right away and took the fork from me to feed me next.

We alternated feeding the other until the pasta was gone and I'd had to lick his chest free of tomato sauce. His nipples were teasing me and I wondered if he'd let me pierce them so I could buy him a set of golden nipple rings to wear. But I put that thought aside while I sorted through my mail. Most of it was junk and I shook my head at the senseless things people sent through the mail.

You'd think the cost of the one-cent postage would put them off but still I get begging letters from this charity or another. Sometimes it was a welcome announcement of a new play or of an old friend but usually they were easily tossed aside and burned. James was finished with his mail and his hand was under the blanket, petting my cock as if he'd never once been afraid of him.

He really had come a long way in the last two days.

"James, why don't you find something to amuse you while I'm reading my mail?" I told him casually and wondered what he would choose.

He pouted just a bit then while I made myself comfortable and selected the first letter, he seemed to think a long moment before removing the afghan and slipping to his knees between my legs. "I will amuse Artie while you read your boring mail."

And with that bold announcement, he grasped my cock with both hands and took the tip into his warm, wet mouth. It took a moment for me to actually start reading the letter I'd thought was important while he stroked me up and down with an ever more sure caress. The boy was indeed a natural lover. Those herbal supplements were looking better and better to me.

I lasted for two letters before giving up my attempt to restore some normalcy to our lives. Tossing the last sheet aside, I dropped my hand to the sleek head that was bobbing up and down on my cock. "Sweetheart, you are certainly more important to me than this boring old mail."

James grinned triumphantly around my steel hard cock before letting him go gently. "Really? Can we make love again?"

"Well, of course we can, sweet James. Let's see, I believe that I requested you to come back inside of me and you get to choose the position." I stroked the sleek head at my knee and he sighed contentedly, purring against my leg exactly the way that old cat from so long ago had done.

"Um, I wondered if you'd let me give you an enema first?" He peeked up at me as if I'd say no to such a lovely request.

"Goodness, what a wonderful idea. Let's see, which mixture should I use? We don't want to wait forever so perhaps I'll just mix up the same kind you had earlier."

He leaped to his feet and held out his hand to pull me up and into his arms. "I'll help. What do we do first? Can you give yourself one? Can you do it everyday?"

His questions spilled out and I hugged him close. "One at a time, beloved. Let's see, which comes first? In the kitchen I'll get the tea kettle ready while you go and bring in the bag from your old room."

James nodded and left me at the kitchen door. I had left the kettle full at the back of the coal stove so the water was already hot. Taking down the three jars of herbs, I made mental note to visit the apothecary. The way the list was growing, we'd be lucky to be done by sundown tomorrow. He returned with the depleted bag and I showed him the porcelain ball of herbs that was waiting for removal.

I showed him each step of making up a new herb ball while he held the bag open for the hot water. I talked to him about steeping and how long to leave the herbs in. The importance of the temperature of the water couldn't be stressed enough. I showed him how to test the water with his finger and he poured in room temperature water until it felt right to him.

"Very good, James. That will feel wonderful. Now, where shall I lie so you can administer it?" I looked at him and saw the indecision on his face.

"Would you mind if we used my old bed?" He asked hesitantly, those beautiful blue eyes looking up into mine.

"I think that would be a very good place. That way, I can see what your bed feels like. From what I saw of it earlier, it looked very hard. Perhaps we can look for a new mattress for it. If we have guests, we could always offer them your bed." I slanted a glance his way and saw the idea take hold.

"Then I'd have to sleep with you in order to be a good host." He said triumphantly.

He had all the earmarks of a dedicated hedonist. Really, his father had shamefully abused him. I was looking forward to educating him further. But now we were in his sterile little room and I was stretching out on the hard mattress with the scratchy sheets. I made another mental note to replace them immediately if the money held out.

But he was tenderly parting my cheeks and inserting the nozzle so I relaxed into the familiar feeling of rushing water inside of me while he stroked my buttocks rather possessively. Good, I didn't want to be the only one in this relationship who wanted the other exclusively.

"The bag is empty, Artemis. Do you need the plug to keep it in?" He held it up and I'd quite forgotten that it had been in the bathroom.

"That would probably be best, James. Make sure that it's a little oiled or it might not fit." I reminded him since I didn't know if he'd seen me cream it earlier. But he nodded and I saw he'd already done so. "You take good care of me, love. Lay the bag aside and pop the plug in so we can go to the bathroom."

The familiar thickness pierced me and I sat up slowly with help from James who continued to help me with an arm around my waist all the way into the bathroom. He'd left one candle lit in the candelabra and he watched me closely to see what reaction I would have to the warm solution now cleansing me from the inside. My flush was his first clue and when I shivered, he mimicked my earlier motions while I sat on the commode and voided myself.

His lips were warm against mine and I held him close while trying to suck his tongue into my mouth. We dueled back and forth until I pulled away. It was time to get cleaned up. He'd used some of the warm water to dip the washcloth in and he soaped me carefully as I had done for him. Each motion showed his great care for me and I hugged him close after I turned around.

"Let me remove this before it's too painful to remove." I gently undid the cock ring and he sighed in relief. "Now, you must decide how you want me. What position would give you the most pleasure while you slide Jim deep inside of me?" I stroked his cock with each word and he shuddered in my hands.

"In our bed with you on your back so I can see your face." He looked up at me as if I might find fault with his excellent notion.

"Good, I like watching your face while you take me." I pulled him from the bathroom and down the hall. "I need you inside of me right now."

He snickered but followed me closely into bed while he rolled me exactly in the middle and proceeded to tease me into a state of arousal that only he could do.

James, part two

I delighted in touching Artemis' beautiful body and watching Artie swell. I used most of the cream from the bedside jar to make sure he was well prepared. I would never want to hurt him. When he had pulled his knees back and apart, I slowly slid inside of him until I could go no deeper. He was so tight around me that I had to take a moment to concentrate on not coming right away.

"How beautifully you fill me, James. Your warmth and strength are such gifts." He was smiling up at me and I felt as if I was swelling with pride.

"You are so very hot inside that I will never want to come out." I admitted before pulling out a little so I could thrust in again.

"Ah, we shall have to take turns, sweetheart. Oh there, James, right there." He half closed his eyes and I tried to remember which angle I'd taken. His moan told me I'd remembered correctly so I settled in to love him the way he'd loved me.

His hands were still holding his legs apart for me and I was holding onto his hips so I could duplicate the rhythm of his thrusts and that meant that his beautiful cock was being neglected. I've always been limber and with just a little craning of my neck, I was able to tongue the beads of fluid from the flared head. His hips jerked the first time and he moaned my name.

So I was doing it right and I hoped that I could keep control long enough to make him come first. But he was tight around me and hotter than anything I'd ever felt so I was soon gasping myself. Then he did something with his inner muscles so that they rippled around me and with a cry, I flooded him with my seed. I kept releasing in spasms that racked me from head to toe while his arms pulled me to him.

"So sweet, my beautiful love." He kissed my forehead and rocked me. "You loved me so well."

But I could feel his cock against my stomach, just as hard as he'd been before. Had I failed him? "You didn't release, Artemis."

"Men don't always come together, James." He chuckled and clenched around me when I began to soften and slip from him. "I would love you to stay inside of me but I think we're about to mess up the bed again."

I slipped free and felt the loss keenly. "You could come back inside of me. Please?"

"Sweetheart, you're already sore and I would only hurt you. Tomorrow, we'll see about me coming back inside of you." He stroked my hair soothingly and I've never felt so loved.

I wanted to deny my state but I was indeed feeling sore. "All right but may I try to take more of him in my mouth?"

"What a lovely thought, James. He enjoyed that immensely." Artemis let me slide down his body.

I smiled at him and set to pleasuring him the way he'd shown me earlier. Either my mouth had grown wider or something had stretched because I was able to take a good inch more of him inside my mouth this time. With vigorous friction of his shaft and a gentle rolling of his sac, he was soon releasing into my keeping. I didn't spill so much this time but kept licking up and down the large shaft to make sure I missed nothing.

"James, you're going to wear the skin off if you don't stop soon." But his voice was smiling so I knew he was teasing me.

"But there's so much of him, Artemis."

"Impudent baggage, come up here and let me hold you." His strong arms pulled me up and over him so that I lay on his chest, my legs to either side of his hips and our spent cocks nestled together.

I liked the feeling of warmth and caring he'd wrapped around me. He radiated heat and I rested against his mat of soft hair and sighed in contentment.

"Sweet James, thank you for loving me." His husky voice and stroking hands made me feel safer than I'd ever felt before.

"Loving you is easy, Artemis." I raised my head to gaze down at him. "I'll show you every day how lucky I am that you love me."

"We're very lucky, my James, to have found each other. Now, we are going to be busy tomorrow." He chuckled and turned us to our sides. "We have an ever growing list of errands to undertake."

"We have to keep this secret don't we, Artemis?"

"Yes, sweetheart, we will. As much as I'd love to tell the world that we belong together, there would be mass condemnation of our love." He kissed me tenderly. "Such bigots are usually small minded men who simply can't understand our kind of love."

"Then how do we behave?" My voice sounded rather plaintive even to me.

"Like the friends we are, James. We'll divide up our errands and then meet for lunch at Chez Pierre's at about noon. And there, we will talk about what we've seen and done while we demolish an excellent meal then come back home."

"And make love?" I asked hopefully.

He laughed that rich laugh that always made me feel good. "And we will most assuredly make love, sweet James. Do you want me to insert one of the dildos tonight?"

I immediately sat up. "Yes, please. Which one should I use?"

"I'll think about it while you get the muscle salve that I used on your cheeks earlier. Hurry back." His hand caressed my thigh and I kissed him before leaping from the bed and hurrying back to my room where I'd last seen the salve.

Holding the jar in my hand, I thought about what I'd used it for before. Tight muscles, sprains and bruising were common complaints in our busy lives but now there was a new reason, I smiled at the jar, a much better reason. Hurrying back, I met him in the corridor.

He held out his hand with a smile. "Let's use the bathroom before we go back to bed."

I blushed and wondered when that invitation would be common place. But I let him lead me inside and hold my cock while I passed water. Then I held Artie while he released a golden stream into the porcelain bowl. I was beginning to want to hold that warm column of flesh all the time.

"I promise that you can touch him whenever you like, James. Unless we're in public, then I expect you to just think about holding him." His face creased in that smile that I loved so much. "Now, come to bed and let me ease the soreness inside of you."

"Which one did you decide to put in me?" I asked while he was arranging me on the bed with a pillow under my stomach. He'd spread my legs with his and I felt very wicked in such a lewd position. The two dildos and the black plug were lying beside me and I couldn't believe that they'd all fit inside of me.

"You're a little reddened here, James. Perhaps I'll just spread the salve inside tonight and we can do more stretching tomorrow." His fingers stroked me and I could feel the muscle spasm open for him.

My body knew what it wanted and I wriggled just a little to entice his long fingers inside of me. The cool salve felt wonderful and I sighed as some of the ache eased. Until it was gone, I hadn't realized the pain was there. I couldn't lie to him because he'd know and I had promised to tell him the truth.

"That feels so good, maybe the ivory tonight so I stretch but the burn doesn't come back." I asked hopefully.

"Very good, James. I can hardly believe that it's only been two days since first we loved. You are such a quick learner." He moved his fingers deeper and sparked my gland. I shivered and started to impossibly harden yet again.

"Artie inspires me." I teased him over my shoulder and watched the fond look cross his face that I'd so often seen but never realized what it meant. Now, I knew that it concealed the love he wanted to give me.

"Well, the good Lord knows this pert ass of yours inspires him to ever greater lengths. It's a good thing that I wear my pants much looser than yours or everyone would know I spend my days aroused by my partner." He leaned over and kissed me while still massaging my passage.

I wriggled to get him deeper and felt a flash of possessiveness that surprised me. I'd never been attached to people or things before but now I wanted Artemis to be mine with a passion. Mine and only mine, with no others coming between us. When our lips parted, I said. "I will walk in front of you to hide him."

He chuckled and spanked one of my nether cheeks with his free hand. "That would certainly guarantee that poor Artie would stay hard and aching, James."

The spank burned and made me swell even more. He noticed of course and began to pepper my cheeks with little slaps that made my hips move restlessly and my shaft to harden completely. Suddenly his fingers were gone but before I could protest, something larger slid inside of me. Sparing a glance over my shoulder, I saw the ivory dildo slide inside and felt it spark a flame deep within me.

Artemis turned me carefully, leaving the pillow beneath my hips and my cock thrusting up to meet him. Leaning in, he sucked my cock deep into his throat while his hand thrust the dildo against my gland until my eyes teared at the waves of pleasure that wracked my body. I exalted in the fact that I'd taken the dildo so easily.

Soon, I promised myself while I moaned at the exquisite torture. Soon, I would be able to take Artie as easily and then I would pleasure him over and over the way he was pleasuring me. The dildos were all right but the feeling of being connected to Artemis through either his cock or mine was better.

Much, much better. The heat of his mouth was hotter than the burn of the gland and I knew it wouldn't be much longer. He was humming now and that vibration was destroying my self-control. When I released into his mouth, he sucked down every ounce of fluid and left me spent against the pillows.

"Good boy, James. How beautifully you give into your passion. It's a joy to see you climax for me." He rearranged us carefully and pulled the blanket over us. He spooned my back and his arms came around me while his soft lips kissed my neck. "Sleep now, love. Tomorrow will be a busy day."

Artemis, part three

I awoke to James' mouth pleasuring my morning erection. What a wonderful wake-up call. I pulled his hips up and over me so I could take his cock into my keeping. We took it leisurely and made it last a long time before I released first to his evident delight. He was crowing at his new prowess and I flipped him on his back and tortured him with both the dildo still inserted in him and my mouth.

He climaxed with a loud moan and I drank him down with unbecoming haste. Really, he was a treat for all my senses. While he was still relaxed, I removed the dildo and cuddled him close. The warm sweet weight of his head on my shoulder reminded me that this was more than just two men making love, this was two men loving each other.

"Good morning, Artemis. I like sleeping with you but waking up with you is even better." He sighed contentedly and I felt him kiss my throat. "I don't want to be apart from you today. Do we have to do our errands separately?"

The pleading note touched my heart and my mind raced to revamp the schedule. "Good morning, sweet James. I love sleeping with you but I adore the way you wake me up. That is your job from now on unless I wake up first then I will think of something to bring you out of sleep." I kissed his lips and they opened so sweetly to me that I almost forgot to answer him. "And you are absolutely right. I have no wish to be apart either. Perhaps we can utilize our resources and have others perform some of our errands for us."

"The boys who wait at the station are always looking for jobs. They could take orders to some of the stores so we don't have to go ourselves. We have accounts at most of the places we shop so the boys could simply wait and bring the items back to store at the station master's office until we came back." He was used to tactical situations and I was glad to see that love hadn't eroded his capability to plan.

"Very good, James. The market and the bakery are two places that I must visit myself. I don't trust another to pick out the freshest ingredients for the meals that I want to fix for you. And what about the ice merchant?"

"We could send him a note and a time to meet back here. I don't want anyone else to have a key to our rail car." He looked a little shame faced at that.

But I cuddled him in closer. "My sentiments exactly, sweetheart. Perhaps new cans of water could be left at the stable car where we can leave the empties. Then we can bring them in as needed. Perhaps even a standing order with the station master to check each day and replenish the empties?"

"Yes, that will work even better, Artemis. What other stops are needed?" He licked my throat while I was thinking and a very distracting lick it was.

"The apothecary for herbs, the laundress with our many sheets and towels, the dry goods store for material for more sheets for your bed and this one," I tilted my head to let him reach that spot under my ear that was as volatile as his. "And we need to visit the Emporium to replace the last jar of our cream. It's imported from France and that's the only place I've been able to find it. We could check to see if there's something less dear in price for it is extremely costly."

"The apothecary would take a note and put it on our account. One of the boys could take the laundry for us. The sheets are for the guest bed and ours, Artemis." He said seriously, leaning up and over me so he could look in my eyes. "The Emporium has ready made sheets and towels so we could combine two stops into one."

"Too expensive, love. It's a long time to pay day." I wished I could shower him with presents but I've never been much of a saver.

"Artemis, I am not a kept man and if the sheets are for our bed then I would like to contribute to it. You have three sets already, so if I buy three sets and we bring them right home, then by the time they're dirty, the laundry will have the others back." He spoke firmly and I saw at once that this was important to both of us.

"You're quite right, James. We are partners in work and now in love. Perhaps, if we need more, we could have some less expensive ones made up for long trips when we're between laundries?"

"We're going to need about fourteen sets all told so we can go two weeks before we have to come out." He smiled impishly down at me and I growled at him before beginning a serious tickle attack. He twisted and turned while trying to escape my fingers but I got him beneath me and kissed him senseless.

When we broke for air, he looked up at me with such a look of wonder on his face. "Artemis, I never knew that being in love could be fun or that laughter could be a part of making love."

"Oh, my James, I promise that laughter will always be a part of our lives together." I caressed his cheek and scattered kisses over his face. The poor man really had been brought up by barbarians.

Our morning routine was simple and yet complex as we learned how best to work together in the bathroom to make ourselves presentable to the public. His shaving was perfunctory but he watched me with wide-eyed wonder while I slid the straight edge razor around my jaw. He even started to harden again and I shook my head at his reaction. The boy was seriously under educated in the intimate ways of men.

James tried to hide it but I took him firmly in hand and told him that his erections belonged to me now and I wanted all of them. He blushed beet red but I sat on the commode lid and positioned him in front of me so I could suck him in and reacquaint myself with his taste.

His hands on my shoulders and his locked knees outside of mine were all that kept him upright while I nibbled up and down his swollen shaft. But when I took each of his balls into my mouth and tongued them, his moans were released. And when I sucked him deep, he shook and came, shudders racking his body. His knees unlocked but I caught him and cradled him on my lap, stroking his satin smooth skin and waiting for him to come back to me.

"I love you, Artemis." He finally raised his head from my shoulder and those blue eyes glowed into mine. "But you didn't come. What should I do for you?"

I chuckled and kissed him swiftly. "Not right now, sweetheart, we have work to do. However, I am going to put the cock-ring on you so when we get back, you'll be ready for me."

He nodded and stood up, handing me the rings from the side of the tub where we'd left it the night before. He watched me closely while I buckled him into the leather restraints. I loved seeing his curiosity and complete freedom of the uncertainty that the last few days had brought him.

"Should I wear the plug too so I'm ready for Artie when we get back?" He stroked me loving and I swear my cock actually thought about growing hard again.

"Remind me to add some herbs to our list for the apothecary." I stood up and hugged him close. "Or I shall surely expire from lust."

He shuddered and looked up at me. "Don't even joke about dying, Artemis. I couldn't stand to lose you now. I won't be so demanding, I promise."

"Sweetheart, hush now." I kissed him then looked him straight in the eyes. "I promise that nothing you do could ever hurt me and I am going to be loving you for a very long time indeed. And there is nothing too demanding about you and I loving."

"Promise me, Artemis. Promise me you won't leave me." His eyes were so afraid and I made a silent vow to find out why he was so fearful.

"I promise you that I will do everything in my power to always be with you until we're old men walking with canes in the lovely heat of a seaside resort." I kissed him again and felt his tongue surge into my mouth in need of the reassurance that I gave him.

Damn his father and every person who took his trust and love and threw them away. I would never so abuse the precious heart that he'd given into my keeping. When he calmed, I took his hand and led him into his old room. Opening his armoire, I made him take out every piece of wardrobe and chose his blue pants and short coat with a crisp white shirt.

He watched my every move and I made sure that I tantalized him while I 'helped' him dress for the day. He was calmer when I finished tucking him into the skin tight pants but he came with me when I went to choose my own outfit. He ran his hands down the arm of my red velvet jacket with a smile.

"I'll wear that tonight or perhaps I'll introduce you to another of my little toys that has velvet in it." I teased him and he finally smiled at me while he returned my 'help' in fastening my pants. "I think I'll let you undress me when we get back, James."

His eyes lit up and he seemed to forget his earlier fear. "Yes, I can get Artie ready to go back inside of me. You didn't say if I should wear the plug."

I thought for a long moment. "It would help stretch you but if we take the horses, you'll be so sore that it will be days before you could take me again."

"Then we'll take the carriage and I'll let you drive so I can sit on one hip." He said decisively and I gave a silent sigh of relief that he seemed to have banished anything but his desire to love me.

"Very well, sweetheart. Back into the bathroom so I can use some of the muscle salve first." I ushered him ahead of me and by the time I had the salve ready, he'd dropped his pants and was leaning over the side of the tub. I kissed his entrance and wet him with my tongue first before putting two fingers of salve deep inside of him.

He groaned when I sparked his gland and I tugged gently on his leather ringed balls before pulling my fingers out and sliding the plug all the way in. Drawing him up into my arms, I nestled my own hardness between his cheeks and tenderly gloved his cock into semi-hardness. He twisted his head to kiss me and I slowly devoured him.

But we eventually had to breathe and I redressed him with care. We headed out on our first shopping trip together after I handed him a notepad and a pencil so we could make our lists. Once I got him back here, I was going to love the fear right out of him.

James, part four

I tried to let go of the fear that had flashed over me when he'd joked about expiring but it was hard. Everyone who'd ever said they loved me had died and left me. Mama had died when I was four and all I could remember of her, were loving arms and soft lips that murmured lullabies to me. Gerald had died so soon after we'd loved but I'd still grieved. It's probably one of the reasons that I'd never given my heart to anyone. Until Artemis came and showed me what love could be.

Now, the fear was worse than ever before. I set out the empty cans and set to harnessing Lady to the buggy that would take us to town while Artemis handed out half-payments to the three boys who would run some of our errands for us. His lists to each vendor had been hastily written but his signature should suffice to bring the items to the stationmaster. Artemis left the other half of the payment with the man who took care of us when we were stationed near Washington, D.C.

My partner walked back to me as I was finishing the last buckle on Lady's harness. She whinnied when she heard his voice and he stroked her neck lovingly. "Yes, Lady, you've the important job of taking us into town and bringing us back home again. You're almost as beautiful this morning as James is. Do your best for us today so we can hurry home to make love all night."

His tone never changed but his words caught me by surprise and I blushed. He chuckled and got in on the right side while I climbed in a little awkwardly on the other. I'd forgotten the plug and sat rather gingerly on one hip while he clicked to Lady and she started off. The gait was even but the tracks were not and for a few moments, I was afraid that the plug was going to make me come.

"It gets smoother just ahead, sweet James. Have I told you how very fetching that outfit is in the sunlight? It's the same color as your beautiful blue eyes and your hat just shades them into mysterious pools."

I didn't know what to say to him.

"James, tell me why compliments seem to hurt you." His voice was rough velvet.

"F-f-father said they were sinful and that pride was an invention of the devil."

"And what of your mother, James, what did she say?"

So I told him of my few memories of her and her death when I was young. That led into my childhood and young manhood when Father had seemed determined to beat all emotions out of me. His gentle questions leached the hard memories of the pain. We were almost to the Emporium when he halted our carriage by the green park in a quiet square of homes.

"James, I love you and I am very sorry that you weren't cherished every moment of your life. But I believe that we both were led to this point in our lives so we could be together. The choices we made and the events that helped shape us all brought us right here, right now." His dark eyes smiled into mine. "I am a jealous man, James. I want all of you with nothing held back. And in return, I will love you with all my heart and soul. You will never be lonely again."

I wanted to cry at the love in his voice and his eyes. No one had ever given me so much love and caring. I couldn't speak but he seemed to know that my feelings were no less fervent or real because he patted my hand and clicked to Lady to continue. I felt as if a great weight had lifted from me. The daylight seemed brighter and the sounds of conversation were gayer as we tied the carriage to the hitching post at the side of the largest store in Washington.

The three-story marble building took up an entire city block and it boasted that it had everything a modern socialite could want. It was perhaps more expensive than other stores but the convenience of shopping at only one place for all the items on our list seemed like an even trade. I was beginning to begrudge every moment that kept me from being able to touch and hold my partner.

"Come, James. If you are sure that you wish to purchase sheets, we'll need the third floor." His wicked grin reminded me that the plug was going to make the stairs a major hurdle. His voice dropped to a whisper. "We can stop on second and look at clothing if you like. I'd love to find you a silk shirt the same color as your eyes."

I blushed as he'd expected and he urged me up the great staircase, staying just behind me. But that actually helped my confidence since I knew that his eyes would be on my back and he would be thinking about how it had felt to slide inside of me. His chuckle told me that he'd read my mind again and his whisper drifted up to my ears.

"Another spanking can be easily arranged, James. Perhaps in the fitting room, I could bend you over and spank that delectable ass that you're flaunting so nicely."

I almost stumbled while that picture took a firm hold on my imagination. Why did that seem like such a wonderful thing to do while we were practically in public? When we reached the second floor, the men's department was just to the left and I felt Artemis steer me in that direction. A young man came up to help us and I watched while Artemis gave him the exacting requirements for the new shirt. He rushed away to pick out a selection for us after leading us to a tiny room where my partner closed the door and eyed me with a gleam in his eye that promised me delights I couldn't even imagine.

"Take off your hat, jacket and shirt, James. A friend told me that these small rooms are quite soundproofed." The dark velvet tones mesmerized me into obeying and he held out his hands for each item, placing them on the hooks set into one wall. "Face the mirror, James. What do you see when you look at yourself?"

"I see a man about 5 foot 7 inches tall, with brown hair and blue eyes."

He came up behind me and rested his still gloved hands on my shoulders. "I see a beautiful young man with golden tints in the softest hair I've ever felt. A pair of eyes the color of heaven and the most determined chin I've ever seen. And more, I see a man of courage and deep conviction who fights for justice and his country."

His hands slid slowly down my chest until his leather clad fingers brushed my nipples and they ached with sensation. He pinched them gently and they instantly hardened into stiff peaks.

"I see a sensual man who is just now learning what his body likes and who craves the feeling of danger that making love in a public place gives him." His heat burned me from shoulder to hip where his body touched mine. "And even though he doesn't know why he wants it, he enjoys the tingles that come from being spanked. And because I can't keep my hands off of his sexy body, I'm going to oblige him once the sales clerk comes back with some shirts for you to try on."

I was shaking with the feelings that flooded my body. I wanted him so much but I didn't know what it was I needed or how to ask for it. But he was still reading my mind and his tongue outlined my ear while his fingers pinched my nipples harder and I shook in his arms. My cock was hard and aching but only Artemis could put out this fire.

The knock at the door startled me but Artemis just smiled and stepped back to open the door. He looked at the four shirts the young man had brought and selected two for me to try on. The clerk placed them on the chair and left again while my partner came closer and began to unbutton my pants. The full-length mirror showed us clearly and when my cock bounded out of the tight material, his hands were there to fondle him.

"Jim looks very needy just now. Do my leather gloves feel good? What would you like, my sweet James? Shall I stroke him until he's ready to burst and then unsnap the cock ring so he can come in my mouth? Or shall I reddened your cheeks while holding him tightly in my hand?"

My cock jumped at that and he chuckled again while moving to one side and smoothing his other gloved hand over my cheeks. "I think he wants me to spank this impudent ass for tempting me to take out the plug and plunge inside of you while you're on your hands and knees in this little room with the clerk just outside the door."

I moaned in disbelief just before the first slap landed on my right cheek. I couldn't look away from the mirror while his left hand stroked my straining cock and his right peppered my cheeks with stinging slaps that seemed harder because of the leather glove. Then his mouth was on mine and I felt as if my body exploded.

When next I knew where I was, I was on my knees, cradled in Artemis' arms. "So beautiful, my love. You are my delight and my joy, James. How do you feel?"

I shook my head and tried to think. "Um, like my brain exploded?"

He chuckled and lifted me to my feet. "That's about the only thing that didn't, sweetheart. Can you stand by yourself for a moment while I clean up the mirror?"

"What happened to the mirror?" I could see the splatters of something on the shiny surface and blushed when I realized that it was my seed. The cock ring was undone and I'd obviously come and come hard. The plug was still inside of me but when I reached behind me, my hands could feel the heat of the skin on my cheeks.

"You're beautifully red and should feel the heat for sometime to come." Artemis had used his handkerchief to clean the mirror and he stuffed it into his glove which was also stained. He had them both off now, I could see. "Do you want the cock ring fastened again or should I just put it in my pocket?"

"Fastened. Then when I get hard again, it will keep me from coming." I stilled his cleanup so I could kiss him. "I love how you keep showing me new things about my body. Why does the spanking feel so good?"

He kissed me hard before reaching down to refasten my cock into his leather cage. "I'm not entirely sure but I've always enjoyed it. When it's done with love and tenderness, it seems to make your skin come alive with feeling. Bright red but never bruised is best. It helps that you know that I would never hurt you. It is trust that makes it work."

I thought about it while he fastened up my pants and held up one shirt than the other to my face. I did trust him to love me and never hurt me. He unbuttoned the one with the full, flowing sleeves and asked me to put it on. When I slid my arms into it and buttoned it up, the silk teased my nipples into the same hard peaks that his gloves had raised. His smile told me that I had a new shirt.

"The same color of your eyes, James. I shall have you wear it when we're alone just after our bath. The silk will feel so good against both our skins." He touched my nipples through the fabric and my cock tried to harden for the fourth time today. "I think you'd enjoy having these pierced, James. Then I would have golden nipple rings made to fit you. They'd display so nicely under this soft silk."

I was struck dumb once again. Nipple rings? Did men really do that? How would it feel to have something hanging from my nipple? What would it feel like to Artemis when he was tonguing them or biting them?

"Think about it, James. There's no hurry." He took the shirt from me and kissed my cheek. "I'm going to go and buy this one to take with us. While you're getting dressed, I'm going to go and see if they have any silk boxers in your size. As much as I love you naked, I can also see you in nothing but silk."

Artemis, part five

I'd given him enough to think about and left him still somewhat in shock at our impromptu lovemaking. I hadn't had such a good time in years. His natural sensuality had been suppressed by his demonic father until he'd been drowning in fear and denial. What I wouldn't give for an hour alone with the man but since he was dead, I'd have to be content with freeing his son from the chains that bound him.

The clerk smiled at me when I asked about the silk boxers and took me to the back desk where they were kept behind the counter. They were truly beautiful and I chose white for my innocent love. Some of him would always be virginal no matter how often he took me inside of him. His spirit was fragile right now but talking about it seemed to have freed a little more of him.

"Artemis?" His voice surprised me and I handed him the package while he blushed for me.

"Now, let's go on up to third, shall we?" I thanked the clerk and guided James back to the stairs, making sure that I was behind him.

His ass really is a thing of beauty and knowing that the plug inside of him was stretching him for me was a turn-on of the first order. Also, remembering how sweetly he'd taken my spanking and how tingling he was feeling right now had begun to harden me completely. And he knew it, if his little wiggle at the top of the steps was any indication.

"Tease." I whispered in his ear just before brushing my hand over the seat of his pants.

He shivered and flushed a lovely pink. "I try my best, Artemis."

"Yes, you do, love. Now, sheets and towels should be over this way." I led him to the department that I always enjoyed the most if truth were known. The different colors and patterns were a delight to my eyes while the soft materials delighted my touch.

The jewel bright colors drew my eyes first and I stroked the display sheet to see if the combed cotton was soft enough. James followed my lead and the look of surprise on his face told me that he'd never felt anything like it. I explained the different kinds of cotton and how the weave made a big difference between the scratchy sheets on his bed and these finely woven sheets.

He saw a burgundy that had also caught my eye and he felt it first, his face falling in disappointment when it didn't feel as good as the first one. The clerk here was older but knowledgeable and he soon had samples out for us. James chose the colors and he picked out a forest green, a ruby red and a cream color that was just short of buttercup yellow. I thought the price shocking but James never batted an eye, just pulling out a twenty dollar gold coin and paying on the spot.

Six more sets of towels in white and yellow completed our purchases on the third floor and we headed down to the first floor for the perfume and lotions department. But a pair of jade earrings caught my eye while we were threading our way through the jewelry department. They had screw backs instead of the normal posts and I stopped to ask the young lady behind the counter to bring them out for me.

James was looking at me with bewilderment but I held them in my hands judging the weight to be about an ounce each. "I think Jimenina would enjoy these, don't you think so, James. They're not too heavy and since she can't decide whether to pierce her ears or not, these will do until then. Did you know that the Chinese think that jade is a lucky stone and must only be given to another and never bought for oneself?"

He blushed once he caught my play on his name and knew I was going to be screwing them onto his nipples. "I didn't know that, Artemis, but I think she will love any present you get for her."

"Good, just wrap them up for me then, my dear." I paid the clerk and placed the small box in my other coat pocket. Really, I was filling them at an alarming rate. "Oh, James, I forgot to get a new pair of driving gloves."

He was going to be permanently flushed if I didn't ease off my teasing. But I did need a new pair now that my old ones were stained with his juices. He came with me and held all our packages while I tried on a new pair at the counter just next to the perfume department. When I wiggled my fingers into a very tight pair of black leather, he caught his breath and I could see the need growing in his eyes.

I am a very lucky man to be so desired.

After buying the black ones, I took back my share of our purchases and we finally reached the display of lotions and various sundry items that usually graced the dressing tables of Washington's greatest ladies. I hadn't been joking when I said the cream we'd been using with such abandon was expensive. Even James' eyes widened when he saw the price but he insisted that we get three large jars and two more of a new product that looked like it might do the trick.

He paid for them all with a sharp look that told me that it was a matter of pride with him. I understood much better now, why his independent streak was so great. His father's teachings were ingrained into his soul but in the war for his love, I would prevail. I would show him that innocent pride in his accomplishments was all right and indeed, was necessary to the healthy balance of our partnership.

The aromas from the tearoom at the back of the store lured us in for a quick lunch. We still had the market and bakery to visit before I could take him home and love him back into unconsciousness. He ate hungrily everything that was brought to him while I contented myself with a bowl of soup and a sandwich. His energy levels are naturally higher than mine so I made a mental note to remember to stock up on his favorites. With all the exercise I'd been getting, I could probably eat more as well.

He paid for our meal with the statement that since I cooked for us both, he would pay for all meals we ate out. Once in the carriage, I drove us to the bakery and sent James in for a loaf of bread and the rest of my list of baked goods. Alsace's had a very good pasta maker and there were four different kinds on our list. I was partial to their spinach linguini and I began to plan dinner tonight in my head while I jotted down the fresh vegetables and fruits we'd need for the next few days.

I enjoyed being outside with James but part of me wanted to take him into our railway car and not come out for a week. He would need more exercise though than just making love and I pondered the delights of making love to him after one of his gymnastic workouts in the middle boxcar that served as gym and laboratory.

Ginseng was high on my list of needs if I was going to survive my young lover.

He came out of the bakery with an armful of packages and behind him came the assistant from the cash register with a cake box. We took a few moments to rearrange all the packages then we were on our way. James refused to say what was in the cake box and I teased him unmercifully with a dozen guesses before we reached the market.

Their innovative idea was to combine a butcher with a green grocery and it did make it handy to only have to stop in one place. It took almost half an hour to fill my order and some of the items would be sent later in the day. I didn't want the meat or fish to arrive before our ice. Tainted meat has killed more people than all the wars we've fought in this country.

The carriage was full when we finished carrying everything out and with a sigh of relief, I turned Lady towards the railway yard. James' hand brushed against mine and his sigh echoed my own. "Soon, sweet James, soon I'll have you tucked into bed with Artie buried deep inside of you."

He moaned and shivered, his eyes coming to my face. "I need him, Artemis. The plug doesn't fill the empty place inside me the way that he does. I've been so hard for so long that I don't know if we can ever get the cock ring off."

I rejoiced in his freely used word 'cock'. He was learning. "Oh, I think it will come off all right, James. But first, we'll have to carry everything into the railway car. Once everything is in, we'll lock the door and I'll undress you first. Then, while your gloves are still on, you can undress me."

"Oh, Artemis," was all he could say but his eyes spoke eloquently of his need.

"Yes, once we're both naked, then we'll put away the food and open a set of our new sheets so you can make up our bed while I hang our new towels up in the bathroom and turn on the gas so we'll have hot water for a bath."

"I could have another enema so there's nothing in Artie's way." He said with a hopeful look.

"Excellent idea, sweetheart. In fact, I think I'll make up a different mixture for you this time. We'll do that right after we put away the food. This one will tax your control, James. You will find out how pleasant it is to keep your bowels full for an hour this time."

His eyes widened and he gulped. "An hour?"

"Yes, an hour. It will feel quite odd to you but it's well worth the trouble. I've gone as long as three hours but we'll work our way gradually up to that. In fact, I'll have to see about making you your own plug so if we're both emptying ourselves, we'll each have one."

He changed position uneasily and I knew the plug was massaging him unmercifully. "I'd like that, Artemis. I want to learn everything about what makes you happy."

"Sweet James, being with you makes me happy." I smiled at him and risked a caress to his hand. "And as we progress, we'll find out what makes both of us happy and satisfied lovers."

"Yes, please. Did ... did your lover who died, was he ... he able to take all of Artie, all the time?" He was so diffident but that would change as he felt more secure in my affections.

"Yes, he could, sweetheart, but don't compare yourself to him. I loved him very much and we'd been together for four years when he died." Thankfully, the station was in sight so this interminable ride would soon be over. "But that love wasn't a tenth of what I feel for you, James. You have my heart and soul in your keeping."

His eyes glistened and his hand fell to my leg. "I love you too, Artemis. My heart is rather battered but if you'll take it in exchange, I would be most grateful."

"Sweetheart, we'll continue this conversation later." I dropped my hand over his and squeezed tightly. "Let's finish our outside chores so we can be comfortable."

I halted the carriage at the back steps of the car and asked him to unlock the door so I could hand up the packages to him. The steps would be nothing but torture for him after all the stairs he'd climbed today. The stationmaster saw us arrive and brought the bundles he'd collected to us with a friendly smile. He included the mail and a friendly question about my health that told me that James had probably told him I was ill to explain all the baths.

I told him that I was still feeling rather low and it would probably be a few days before he saw me again. The herbs in the apothecary package would soon have me set to rights, I assured him. The ice wagon drove up then and soon the icebox had a fresh block of ice. The market order arrived soon after that and with a sigh, I shut the door behind us and locked it.

James, part six

I breathed a sigh of relief at the click of the lock. Artemis leaned with his back against the door and his eyes glowed. "Take off your clothes, James. But leave on your gloves. Then come and undress me."

Shaking just a little, I did as he ordered, watching his smile grow wider as I shed my clothes into a heap on the floor. Then I crossed the room and began with his jacket, sliding it off his broad shoulders and laying it carefully on the table by the door. When I started unbuttoning his shirt, his hands came up and circled my nipples.

I couldn't control my tremor and I knew that he was thinking of the earrings he'd bought for me. Parting his shirt, I slid it off but let it drop to the floor so I could lean in and suckle at one of his nipples. His contented sigh told me that I was learning how to pleasure him. He pinched my hardening nubs and I shook just a little.

"Shall I get out the jade and hang one of them from this taut little bud? Or should I wait until I've sucked him to a hard and aching point so there's more of him to be pinched by the tightening of the screw?" His voice made love to me while I unbuttoned his pants and felt Artie straining to escape. "Kneel down for me and take off my boots first, James, then you can take my poor cock in your mouth and remind him where he's going very soon."

His boots came off easily and I pulled down his trousers to puddle at his feet while his cock sprang forth and bobbed in front of me. I leaned up and slid my leather clad hands around him before taking his leaking head into my mouth. It seemed like forever since I'd tasted him even though it was only this morning. I dropped one gloved hand to his sac and gently rolled his balls.

"Dear God, that feels wonderful. A little harder, James, wrap that wicked tongue of yours around his head and tighten those lovely gloved hands around him. I think I'll let you pleasure me into release right now." His breathing was faster now and I smiled around my mouthful at how eagerly I wanted to bring him relief.

He lasted for a long time but finally I tongued the small slit in his crown and he gasped once and began to release his salty seed into my mouth. I was getting better at swallowing and this time I didn't miss a drop. His hands combed through my hair and gently brought me up to my feet to rest against his warm chest. This was the best part of all, when he held me and made me feel safe.

"Dearest James, you learn so quickly and so well that I shall have to think of something very nice for you." He whispered in my ear just before biting the lobe gently.

That made my cock jerk and awaken just a little. He chuckled but when he reached down, he undid the cock ring and stroked him once before standing me away from him.

"Work, James. All chores finished and then we will wash up and I will make mad passionate love to you. But first, I want you to bend over so I can remove that plug that is tormenting you so." He turned me around and ran soothing hands over my warm cheeks. "You're still a delicious red here, James. And now, out it comes. Hm-m-m, I think I'll spread some of the salve inside of you or you won't be able to take me today."

"No, Artemis, it doesn't really hurt." I looked over my shoulder and saw his frown.

"We'll see, love. I will not hurt you, James. Now, I think I'd like to see you bent over the table, gripping the side and spreading your legs for me." He guided me to the cherry wood table and bent me over the polished wood, running his hands down my back and over my cheeks. "Yes, one of these days, I shall take you just like this. Feet a little further apart, spread those cheeks wide for me. Now stay right like that while I go get the salve."

I felt wonderfully exposed and very wanton to be so open to him. I was determined to take him inside of me today but I knew if he thought he would hurt me, he would refuse. I'd never felt so safe before, not with anyone. He returned quietly and I felt the cool salve spread between my cheeks before he pierced me with two fingers and brushed the walls of my channel with the healing cream. I sighed in relief, only then realizing how the plug had begun to hurt.

"You see, James. It is not a sin to be uncomfortable and admit as much. You must always tell me truly what you are feeling. If I hurt you, I would never forgive myself. How does your tempting ass feel now?" His fingers left me feeling empty again but I flexed my lower back muscles and there was nothing more than a twinge.

"Better, Artemis. Truly I didn't know the ache was there until you took the plug out." I stood and turned into his arms. "I don't want the pain, really I don't. It's just that I wasn't allowed to say so before."

"I know, sweetheart, but now you do have permission and I need to know."

"I promise I will tell you if there is pain." I leaned up and kissed him and his arms came around me for a hug that lifted me off my feet. It felt as if I was flying and I smiled into our kiss.

"Good," he put me back down and grinned at me. "Now, young man, we have things to do. Let's get to work so we can play again."

The parlor was a mess since I'd set everything down anywhere I could find room so first we sorted packages and Artemis took charge of the kitchen things while I took the packages back to my room. For now, they could all sit on my bed until we needed them. But the green sheets, I took back to our bed and made it up with a smile of satisfaction.

My new shirt I hung in my armoire but I didn't know what to do with the boxers so I put them in the little drawer at the base of the tall oak closet. We were going to need more storage and there was plenty of wall space left in the little room that looked so empty and cold. Why hadn't I noticed that it looked like a monk's cell rather than the bedroom of a young man?

"Our bed looks luscious, Sweet James. Are you thinking of doing some redecorating in here as well?" His arms came around me from behind and his cock nestled between my cheeks.

"There's nothing of me here but my clothes. It's so empty and sad but it does mean that we can put in more storage along that wall so we have a place to store all our sheets and towels." I leaned back against him, knowing that he would hold me safe.

"Good idea, sweetheart. Everything is put away and I think it's time that we filled you up for our pleasure later. I have a strong desire to hang your new adornments on these pert nipples." His fingers pinched my nipples and I began to harden at the thought of those dark green drops hanging from me.

"I think I'll ask you to assume the position in the parlor again. You look so good against the wood. Off you go and I'll be right in." He slapped my nether cheek and I grinned up at him as I went.

I wiggled into position on the hard table, making sure that my legs were splayed for Artemis. His sigh and soft stroke told me that he approved. The nozzle slid in and when the warm water began to rush in, my cock began to harden. "So beautiful, James, how does it feel? Too warm?"

Shaking my head, I felt the water fill me to almost over flowing. Then the familiar plug was popped in and his hands stroked my back with calming caresses that relaxed me into a simmering state of arousal. "It feels good, Artemis. Is this the one that I need to keep inside of me?"

"Yes, indeed it is. Now, stand up for me and see how it feels." His hands helped me up and as the water shifted, I felt off balance for a moment but then it settled down. "Take a step for me, sweetheart. All right?"

I thought about it then nodded firmly. It felt warm and full but the cramping wasn't there and I knew I could hold it in. "I'll be fine. What are we going to do now while we wait?"

"I think I shall take a bath with my lover and play with him until he's ready to make room for my hungry cock." He smiled at me and one hand came up to play with my nipple again. "Shall we see how your new present looks?"

Blushing, I nodded and he retrieved the box from his jacket by the door before leading me back to the bathroom. The enema felt like it was sloshing inside of me and he had me drain the hot water into the tub while he lifted the cool water can and poured it in at the same time. When his bath oil was well mixed in, he got in first and then helped me in. I felt awkward and off balance but once we were both in, everything settled into place and I sighed as I rested against his solid body.

"So beautiful, James. I love washing you, knowing that tonight I am going to taste every square inch of your skin with my tongue. I shall emulate my old cat and tongue wash you down to your sexy little toes." His words accompanied his hands lathering my skin and I knelt up so he could wash all of me. When he touched me, I did feel beautiful.

"Now then, come back here and sit on my lap." He showed me how to sit on his thighs and wrap my legs around his waist. Artie was beginning to awaken and he bumped against my balls, reminding me that soon he would be inside of me. "Now, I think I should retaste your nipples before I decorate them.

He kissed them before he bit each one and suckled strongly until I was writhing in his lap. It felt so very good that I didn't think it could get any better. But then he plucked one nipple and pulled it away from my chest and I felt the first bite of the screw. He slowly tightened it until I moaned then he pulled his hands away and I felt the weight left behind.

"It's about an ounce of jade, is it too much?" His gaze searched mine.

"It burns but it doesn't really hurt. The jade is cool but the screw feels hot."

"Good, now I'll do the other and then we'll see how my mouth feels there."

I could hardly wait to find out either.

End of More Lessons