Author: Athea (
Title: Idylls of the King
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Date: 3 December 2000
Artemis, part one

James was without a doubt the most sensual man I'd ever met. When I finished screwing the second earring onto his other nipple, he was slit-eyed with pleasure and his hands held onto my shoulders to keep his balance. I leaned in close and tongued the cool jade first on one then the other. He moaned and tossed his head back and forth while his whole body trembled.

I stroked his cock once and he shuddered. "How does this feel, sweetheart? Too much or not enough?"

His voice shook a little but he was adamant. "It feels like lightning bolts when you tongue them. But I'm starting to feel like I have to go to the bathroom."

"Another ten minutes, sweetheart and I'll take out the plug. Can you last that long for me?"

He nodded and when I handed him the soap, he enthusiastically began to lather it. He washed me thoroughly and while we were standing in the tub so he could reach my legs, he clenched hard and I hurried him out and over to the commode. He voided himself with a sigh of relief and his kiss was heartfelt. I flushed it away and took him back into the hot water to finish his bath.

Artie was growing quite insistent that he'd been good long enough and he wanted to slide into James' sweet ass right now. But I told him to behave and I kept on washing James. He was back in my arms and I had three soapy fingers up his ass while my other hand was slowly stroking his cock to complete hardness. He was playing with his nipples and pulling on them with gasps of pleasure.

Really, he was the most natural lover I'd ever known. Thank God, I was the one who'd awakened him. I had to press the nerve twice while he writhed in my arms. "Put Artie in now, please. Please now, I'm stretched enough. Please."

I thought about it and decided to do a little teasing. "Kneel up, James and hold onto the edge of the tub. How very pretty your little rosebud is but I don't know if he's ready for Artie."

"Yes, he is. Please ... please put him inside and take the emptiness away." He'd spread his legs as far as the tub would let him and his wiggling ass was the most tempting thing I'd ever seen.

So, I uncapped the oil bottle and poured some directly into the spasming muscle that my fingers had opened while he begged me to fill him. With one hand I coated my cock and with the other steadied his hip while the blunt head pressed against the small hole. He groaned and pushed back far enough to take the crown before his cock burst for the fourth time today.

And once again, his relaxing muscles allowed me to slide all the way into the tightest ass it had ever been my pleasure to fill. "Sweetheart, tell me when you want me to move."

"Oh," his voice was so faint I could barely hear him. "Is he all the way inside?"

"You have every inch of him and he's a very happy cock right now. Come up for me." I pulled him upright and felt his muscles ripple around me as the new position massaged places inside of him that had never been massaged before this week. I ran my hands over his stomach and kissed the side of his neck while he adjusted. "And now?"

"So good, he feels so good. It feels like I've got a billy-club inside."

I chuckled. "Now, I'm going to have you lean forward again and I want you to hold on tight and tell me if there's any pain." He nodded and gripped the tub's edge while I started to pull out. He groaned but then so did I. His inner muscles were giving me more pleasure than I had ever experienced. "God, you feel so tight. I'm going to fill you every day and every night. Soon, I'll be able to wake up and slide inside of you without any preparation at all."

"Yes," he hissed and pushed back onto me, impaling himself with a groan.

I kept moving in and out while he shook around me. "In fact, I'm going to prepare you every morning, spreading cream inside of you so when ever I feel like it, I can tell you to get on your hands and knees and I'll just slide right in."

"Oh, yes, filling me with your strength and your love." He moaned and flung his head back.

"Yes, I'll bend you over the table or maybe over the pool table and fuck you so hard that you pass out from the pleasure. I'll tongue you open and take my new leather gloves and shove them inside of you while I fist your cock until you come. Then I'll use your own seed to smooth Artie's way inside."

"Oh God, yes. Harder ... harder."

I was slamming inside of him by now and suddenly, he froze in mid-cry and seized around me so hard that he squeezed my climax right out of me. His cock sprayed a little seed into the water but he'd come so frequently, there was little left. I shook through my own release, which was much more copious, one arm around his waist to keep his face out of the water.

I chuckled contentedly, that was such a compliment to me that my lovemaking was so good he passed out. I settled against the back of the tub and held him against my chest, Artie still deeply imbedded within. I soothed long strokes over his stomach and upper thighs while I nibbled at the ear closest to my mouth. I hadn't been joking about taking him everyday.

James was the most addicting person I had ever met and I'd long been enthralled by his bright spirit. Now that I knew what kind of terrible messages his father had drilled into him, I knew how to replace them with the soft words of love and caring that all parents should instill in their children.

But I was not his father, thank God, just his lover and I would fight the past with him to secure our present and hopefully, our future. There was so much to explore and so many delights for us to share that I could hardly decide what to do first. Perhaps, I'd work on loosening his tongue while I loosened his anal muscles.

"Artemis," his voice was sleepy and so content that I wanted to cheer. "You're still inside of me."

"Yes, love, I think Artie has decided to stake a claim and go prospecting for gold inside of you. Shall we share whatever riches we find?" I kissed his ear and he moved his head just far enough to bring his lips to mine. His tongue moved sweetly against mine and we kissed for long moments just enjoying the warmth and closeness.

"I think that he shall have to go mining every day, especially when we're playing pool." He teased me and I rejoiced at his new ability.

"Really, I'm rather partial to taking you over the pommel horse in the gym. Or maybe tying you to the four posts of the bed and taking you over and over until you pass out." I nipped his ear again and moved one hand up to pull gently on the jade earrings.

He shuddered around me and his ass muscles clenched tight. "I think that sounds good, too. Although, I did just wonder what it would be like to be impaled on Artie while we're riding Charger across the plains."

"Oh my, that's a lovely thought, James. How beautifully inventive you are." I licked the spot behind his ear and felt him move up just a little, testing his new found powers. "Or better yet, you could kneel in the carriage and drive while I kneel behind you and thrust in ... over and over while we fly along over the road."

He chuckled. "I don't think I'm the only exhibitionist in this relationship."

I played with his cock, finally limp and satiated. "Well, of course, I'm an exhibitionist or I wouldn't be a very good actor."

"You're the best actor in the whole world, Artemis. Whatever you want to do and where ever you want to fuck me, I'll be there." He said with confidence.

"Well darn, I was going to tie you up and tickle you with a feather until you agreed to let me fuck you while eating dinner." I shifted him a little so I had access to his other ear and he moaned at the feelings. "But maybe I'll just stay inside of you and you can sit on Artie at the dinner table while I feed us both."

"Oh God, I would like that, Artemis. Except then I wouldn't get to taste him and I like the way he tastes." He said breathlessly and moved up and down on my softening flesh.

"Oh dear, that's so true." I pretended to think while I tugged on the earrings and heard him gasp. "Well then, here's what we'll do. I'll come out of you now and spread some salve deep inside of you so you won't be sore. Then, I'll finish making dinner while you hang up our clothes and tidy the parlor. Once you set the table, I'll serve us and we'll eat heartily to refuel for our next lovemaking session."

He pouted so prettily that I had to kiss him. When I let him breathe, he had to think for a minute before pouting again. "But that means I have to let Artie go."

"I'm afraid so but rest assured you will have him back as soon as he rests." I sat up and felt him clench around me one last time before I slipped free.

"I hate feeling this empty." He said quietly while kneeling forward so I could check his hole. No blood had appeared so he was really doing quite well for a man who'd just lost his virginity and so I told him. He finally laughed with me and we helped each other from the cooling water.

He exclaimed when I unscrewed the earrings and the blood rushed into the well-loved nipples. He was biting his lip and I promised to soothe them as soon as we took care of his other end. Leading him into our bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed while he lay across my lap and I spread the salve deep. His sigh of relief was heart felt and he hissed when I stroked some over his nipples.

But he was smiling by the time I stood him up and swatted his ass out to the parlor. Just watching him walk away from me was a delight. Sighing, I headed into the kitchen and my first dose of ginseng. I was really going to need it.

James, part two

I started at one end of the parlor and cleaned as I went. My ass cheeks burned, my nipples were sore, my cock felt like it would never rise again and I had an ache deep inside of me. I'd never felt better. I clenched my inner muscles and thought about Artemis' cock. Three days ago, I was sure it was a monster and would split me in two. Now, I knew that he would fill me up and give me more pleasure than I'd ever felt or even expected to feel in my life.

My father would be ranting about Sodom and Gomorrah but there was nothing left of his voice inside my head. There was only Artemis' husky drawl telling me how beautiful I was and how well we fit together. Smiling, I took our clothes and hung them up in my armoire and his. Then I cleaned the bathroom while he sang in the kitchen, putting the cock ring and plug into the mesh bag. Something clinked and I almost looked inside but instead I closed it up and rehung it.

If Artemis wanted me to know what it was, he'd show me. This way it would be a surprise. I carefully picked up the jade earrings and thought about where to put them. I couldn't wear them again just yet but I didn't want them to get lost. Going back into my room, I knelt down to pull out the box under my bed. I had a velvet box with several medals in it and I gently laid the earrings along side of them before closing it back up.

"Dinner is ready, James. Are you finished with your chores?" Artemis leaned against the doorway to my room, the gas light behind him framing him in light.

My heart was so full I couldn't speak so I just nodded. He came into the room and pulled me to my feet into his warm embrace and I burrowed my face into the hair on his chest. "I love you, Artemis. Never let go of me."

"Oh, sweetheart, I'll never let go." He rocked me tenderly and kissed my temple. "Even if we can't physically touch, you're inside of my heart always."

I thought about that and finally relaxed into his arms. "I like that. Even if we're apart from each other like when we were shopping, we'll still be holding each other in our hearts and minds."

"Exactly, James. I do love your quick brain. Now, let's eat so we can decide what to do next." He kept his arm around me while he led me out into the parlor. But when I tried to go to the other chair, he shook his head, pulling me down into his lap. "Just like this, love. I'm not ready to sit apart just now."

I beamed at him and settled onto his hairy thighs with a little wiggle. "This way, if Artie decides to play again, he'll be close. And I can feed you too."

He closed his eyes and gave a mock frown. "I believe that such teasing will lead to another spanking for someone in this room."

I pretended to not understand, petting his chest and brushing against his nipple. "I'm sure I don't know who you could mean, Artemis. There's nobody here who's been naughty. In fact, you even promised me something with velvet for tonight."

"Really? Well, if I promised you than I shall have to keep my promise. Luckily, one won't interfere with the other." He winked at me and fed me the first bite of steak. "We're going to need a lot of protein to replace all the energy we are expending."

I chewed while feeding him a bite of steak with my fingers. He nipped me and I felt another flush sweep up my body. Everything he did made me feel wonderful and I wanted him to feel that way too. I kissed him when our mouths were free of food and tasting him was almost better than the food.

But he laughed into our kiss and pulled back far enough to feed me a steamed carrot. It had some kind of glaze on it and I chewed slowly, trying to figure out what it was. Finally I gave up and asked. "What is the glaze?"

"Butter and grated ginger poured over the carrots after they've steamed. I've always liked it and the ginger will keep us both . . . on our toes."

"I'd rather be on my hands and knees in front of you." I teased him and bit his earlobe the way he'd done.

"That spanking is looming ever larger in your future, young man. Although, I do rather like the thought of us still joined together tomorrow morning." He fed me another bite and glowered at me so I chewed and thought about how to make sure he came back inside of me.

There were green noodles as well and I remembered the grocer measuring them out into the hanging weight scoop. Spinach wasn't one of my favorite vegetables but the noodles were tasty when Artemis swirled a long one around the fork and popped it in my mouth. I chewed and fed him some carrots. I'd never been so hungry before and he must have been too because it wasn't long before we'd finished everything.

He slowly licked my hand clean of the different sauces and a tingle started deep inside of me that only he could start. I moved over Artie and felt him grow a little. That's when I remembered the cake box and I sat up straight and smiled into his questioning look.

"I bought dessert, Artemis, at the bakery."

"Ah, the mysterious cake box, I wondered when you'd confess your secret passion." He teased me but let me get up to go over to the settee.

I'd hidden it under the upholstered couch so he wouldn't open it when he was putting everything else away. Kneeling, I pulled it out and turned to find Artemis' eyes on me. I blushed when I thought about what he'd been looking at.

"And what was I gazing at with such lust, sweet James?" He queried.

I remembered what he'd coaxed me to say our first night. It seemed so lewd but I wanted to be as free with my language as I was in his arms. "My sweet ass?"

He pulled me up and into his lap, cake box and all. "Your very sweet, very tempting ass it is. Now what do we have here?"

I'd known it would be perfect when I saw it behind the curved glass display case. It was a torte of yellow cake, filled with whipped cream, brushed with chocolate icing and topped with cherries. It was the most decadent thing I'd ever seen and my mouth watered just looking at it.

"Good heavens, James, next to you, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And it has both our favorites on it, chocolate and cherries." He took one of the cherries off the top and fed it to me. "You are going to be a hedonist of the first order, my sweet James. Now, let's savor each bite."

He turned me so my back was to his chest and when my legs fell open to either side of his, I felt Artie swell just a bit more. Smiling, I cut a piece of cake and we took turns feeding each other the sweet dessert. I was never allowed sweets when I was growing up. Once I left my father's house, I tried them all. But something about cherries appealed to my heart and soul.

Just like Artemis did.

I squirmed a little as the wiry hairs at his groin tickled my crease while Artie kept getting bigger and bigger, bumping up against my balls and even waking my cock up a little.

"Hm-m-m, something interesting seems to be happening, James. Perhaps chocolate and cherries have an aphrodisiac quality about them?" His teeth grazed the spot under my ear and I shivered all over. "Now that we've had such a fattening dessert, perhaps its time for some . . . exercise."

I clenched my cheeks around him and he chuckled while stroking my tender nipples with the pads of his fingers. I couldn't help but moan and bring my hands up to cover his. "They're sore but tomorrow I want to wear your gift again."

"We'll rub more salve into them before we sleep." He turned me half around so he could look into my eyes. "How does everything else feel?"

I thought about it, knowing that he needed to hear the truth. "There's an ache deep inside of me but I don't know if I need more salve or just for you to come back in."

He nodded and stood up with me in his arms. It felt like I was weightless and when I put my arms around his neck, he leaned in and kissed me while making his way to our bedroom. I could taste all the different spices from dinner in his mouth but when his tongue brushed against the roof of my mouth, I shivered all over.

Laying me down gently on our bed, he stroked my cheek and told me to wait right there for him to return with the salve. The new sheets felt so good beneath me that I rolled into the center of the bed just to feel them everywhere. Jim was still half-asleep but I thought he might wake up if Artemis made love to me again. Pulling one of the pillows under my hips, I splayed myself as open as I could.

"Good God, what a beautiful sight. My sweet James in our bed, waiting for me. I never thought I'd ever see that and it's more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined. I especially like the wanton sprawl, sweetheart." He put some of our supplies on the bed by my head so I could see them.

His hands distracted me from looking though when he moved between my legs and began to stroke me from shoulder to hip. I loved the calluses on his fingers that glided over my skin, waking me up and pleasuring every inch they touched. I wiggled a little when I felt Artie's velvet crown brush against my crease.

"Salve first, James." His deep voice relaxed me while two creamy fingers slid inside of me, soothing the slight burn with cool efficiency. "How beautifully you suck my fingers in, sweetheart. So eager and ready for me. Tell me how it feels and whether you think I can come back inside. If you think I can't, I'll let you have Artie for your second desert."

There was a twinge deep inside of me where his fingers couldn't reach but I hesitated to tell him. Although, I did want to taste him again. But my indecision told him what he needed to know and I felt his fingers retreating. I clenched around them but to no avail.

"Stay right there, James, I think I have a solution to the ache I can't reach." His hands stroked my cheeks lovingly before he reached to the bedside table and the drawer there.

I watched while he brought out a long thin wand with a knob at one end. Unscrewing the new jar of cream we'd gotten that morning, he dipped the knob in it until it was well coated, then he parted my cheeks and scissored open my hole before sliding the wand inside and pushing it deep within me. I knew immediately when it reached the ache.

The cool touch was soothing and as if by magic, I felt my back muscles relax and let him rub the knob back and forth until all the pain was gone. Slowly, it slid back out, brushing against my gland and sending warmth thorough out my entire body. I clenched around it but he just laughed and moved it back and forth until I had to let it go. Laying it aside, he leaned in and kissed each of my ass cheeks.

Artemis, part three

"Is that better, James?" I asked him while I kept stroking that satin smooth skin of his. I'd seen him relax but I wanted to be sure.

"All the ache is gone, Artemis. Can Artie go back in now?" He asked me with a flirtatious look over his shoulder.

"Not tonight, sweetheart, we'll see about tomorrow." I pulled out the pillow and tossed it aside so I could roll him into my arms. He fit so beautifully against my chest with my cock immediately seeking home between his legs. "I didn't ask if you wanted to taste him again."

He mock frowned at me. "I always want to taste him if I can't have him inside of me. May I have him now?"

I chuckled and let him go, sprawling on my back and watching him dive down to my groin. His fear of my size was truly gone and his tongue began to wash up and down my cock with wonderful fervor. He slid over my legs with his splayed to either side while getting a better grip on me. Then his warm mouth was stretching around me and I was glad his weight would keep me from trying to thrust up.

"Artemis, why do men have balls? What do they do except get in the way in a fight?" His naïve question reminded me that he was still very innocent about men.

"Our balls hold our seed and yes, they are rather fragile. If someone grabs them too roughly, they can be easily bruised and take a long time to heal. I think perhaps God made us this way so we remember that making love should be caring and not brutal." I watched his eyes while he thought about that. "But when they are handled gently, they provide a lovely stimulus to our cocks. When you get very hard, remember how they draw up close to your body?"

"Yes, they get hard and tight right before I release." His face lit up. "The seed inside has to get closer to the cock."

"Exactly. Now, cock rings come in many different forms and the one you wore has the harness to lift and separate your balls. In conjunction with the ring over the nerve at the base of your cock, they keep you from coming." I stretched a bit and he grinned.

"How long can you wear the rings before you have to come?" He asked cheekily.

"A very long time, impudence, and don't tempt me or you'll find yourself over my lap again." I mock frowned and watched him wriggle against my legs. The hair there had to be teasing him into arousal but his cock was still only half-hard. With all the times he'd come today, he couldn't have much left to spend.

"I like your lap even when you won't put Artie back in." He sucked some more and licked the precum from the crown. "But I like this too. You taste good although a little cherry sauce would go really well right now."

Groaning at his sly wit, I endured several more minutes of dedicated sucking that had me simmering but not yet able to come. And that's when I remembered that I'd promised him something velvet. "James, I need you to stop for a moment so I can get something else from the drawer. I promised you velvet."

His eyes gleamed but he kept sucking and rolling my balls with his fingers. Oh, the note of wickedness in that here-to-for innocent blue gaze. I silently rejoiced while practicing my stern look. "Young man, I detect an imminent bout of naughtiness that will have to be punished."

The demure look was priceless as he finally let me go. "Oh, I'm not naughty, Artemis. Please don't spank me again. Don't lay me across your knees and paddle me until I'm red and burning up for you."

A stronger man than I might have been able to resist that teasing denial but alas, I'm not that good. I bucked him off my legs and caught him in my arms, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and pulling him across my lap. He squirmed and laughed at the same time, pleading with me not to spank him.

"Young man, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to chastise you most severely. My hand isn't enough for such wanton behavior. But I have something that will do quite nicely." I opened the drawer and pulled forth the paddle covered with velvet, showing it to his curious gaze and letting him feel it before beginning his spanking.

"Now, you'll have to tell me which feels better, I mean worse, my leather gloves or the paddle." And with that, I began to pepper his bottom with the six-inch broad wood.

"Oh, that feels so ... so," he was having difficulty speaking while his ass raised toward the instrument of his punishment. "Soft but hard ... oh there. The burn also tickles. Oh, more."

"Somehow, sweetheart, you seem to be finding this more pleasure than pain. What a little wanton you are." I smiled fondly and paddled him a little harder.

"I love everything you do to me." He wiggled and almost made me lose my train of thought. My cock was hard and leaking and the need to go back inside of him was growing.

"Then, I shall have to stop so I can take care of poor, neglected Artie." I replaced the paddle in the drawer while he slipped to the floor and knelt between my legs.

Taking my cock in his mouth, he seemed to find more room in there for a little more of me. Fluttering his tongue around me, he sucked hard twice while his hands gripped the length of me with more pressure than he'd used before. That was what I needed and I ran shaky fingers through his soft hair while I felt my climax begin to rise. He frictioned my shaft with his callused fingers while he tried to suck me all the way down his throat.

The twin stimulation finally sent me streaming into his mouth and he sucked me dry with his new skill. Really, I wanted this idyll never to end. He had all of me now body, heart and soul, and I prayed that he was as determined as I was to keep us in love. He was still so young and unsure. I would have to make certain that I gave him room to breathe and didn't smother him with my desires.

"What's the matter, Artemis? Did I do something wrong?" That worried blue gaze met mine and I pulled him up into my arms.

"You did splendidly, James. I was just worrying about whether I'm smothering you. Not letting you get your balance back after these tumultuous few days."

"Silly, Artemis." He grinned and kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and rubbing against mine. When he finally pulled away, he was still smiling. "I'm not lying when I say that I love everything we've done. It's new and I know that I'm pretty ignorant but you're an excellent teacher. I like making love to you and having you make love to me. You're not coercing me at all. And I don't know why I like being spanked but I do. Although, I could use some of the cream spread over them."

"My sweet James, how you honor me with your trust and your love." I hugged him close and breathed in the warm sweet scent of him. "I love you."

We sat thusly for a long moment, trading kisses and soft caresses until I was calmer and he was growing restless. It had been a long time since we'd used the bathroom and he eagerly followed me into the small room where we had spent such a lovely afternoon.

He went first, leaning back against me and stroking himself while releasing into the commode. Then he held me possessively while I went, petting my balls and watching the golden stream arc away. I was twice blessed, once that he loved me and second that he was a born wanton.

We went back to bed and I smoothed cream into his red cheeks while he watched, craning over his own shoulder. "Artemis, could we get a mirror, a big mirror to hang on the wall behind the headboard?"

"That's an excellent idea, my little exhibitionist. Then you could see me spank you or watch me slide slowly inside of you. Do you want a dildo tonight?"

He thought about it. "Are those the only two you have?"

I was going to die a happy man, a mere husk but with a large smile on my face. "I know just what you need. Come up on all fours for me and spread your knees wide. There's something with more velvet coming your way."

He shivered and eagerly assumed the position, his half-hard cock dangling down beneath his bright red cheeks. I got off the bed to open one of the storage drawers to search for the chastity belt that an old friend had given me. It would be perfect for my young lover.

I found it and brought it up to lie beside him while he looked curiously at it. "What is it, Artemis? Why does it have two dildos?"

Getting more cream, I creamed his tight hole again while his back rippled under my hand. "One of them isn't a dildo but ... let's call it a sleeve. How does your channel feel?"

"Good, the soreness is gone and there's just an ache left." He assured me, clenching around my fingers.

"Excellent, James. This is called a chastity belt and it's used for naughty lovers who are quite insatiable. It's usually used after a spanking or sometimes when one lover wants to remind the other one that he belongs to him." I looped it between his legs and slipped the sleeve over his cock while fastening up the velvet harness between his balls. "It's adjustable here so once I get the right fit . . . now push out against my fingers and I'll ... slide him right in."

"Oh," his back muscles were rippling in little spasms as the velvet covered, slightly curved dildo caressed his inner channel. "That feels so odd."

I tightened the belt around his waist, pushing the dildo in a little further while raising his cock to an upright position. "You will be extremely chaste while you're wearing this, James. Now, I think before we go to bed, we should clean up the parlor and wash the dishes. I want to see you moving with the belt on."

I had to help him from the bed and I was hard pressed to keep from laughing at the odd hitch in his usual graceful gait. He kept trying to ease the ache by shifting from one side to the other, but I knew from experience that nothing would help but time.

James, part four

We tidied up the parlor and put the cake away in the cake tin so the mice wouldn't get to it. We had two days worth of dishes to wash and I got them ready while Artemis poured in boiling water and cool with the dish powder that foamed. He asked me to get started while he filled the hot water heater in the bathroom so we'd be ready for the next day. I began to wash while trying to find a position that didn't caress me.

The chastity belt was an instrument of pure torture and I just knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight with it on or rather in me. I'm afraid I was pouting when Artemis came back and slid his arms around me. He nuzzled my ear while his hands slowly ran up and down my velvet-clad cock.

"Does this feel good, James? The nice thing about the sleeve is that the velvet is on both sides so you and your partner get to feel good. And the straps around your balls are much softer than the leather." He fondled me from front to back and I almost broke one of the wineglasses when he pressed the dildo in.

"Oh, do that again, Artemis." I leaned back against him and felt him pull up on the strap behind my balls. "I think if I have to wear this for very long, I'm going to go crazy."

He chuckled and moved to my other ear. "Sanity is highly overrated, my innocent James. But if it's too much, when we go to bed, to sleep, I can remove it."

"Don't you dare." I got a firm hold of my control and went back to the dishes while he kept on stroking me. "I want to be stretched enough so you can slide inside of me tomorrow morning waking me up with all your strength."

"My brave love, you inspire me to even greater heights. And what a lovely job you're doing with the dishes." He touched my nipples gently and I couldn't quite avoid a grimace. "More salve is needed. I'll be right back."

His warmth left when he did and I thought about his body while I kept on washing and rinsing the dishes. I liked that he was bigger than I was and I loved his hair. I liked the way it felt against my skin and I wanted to touch it all the time. When he held me, I felt safe and loved. That was so liberating that I wanted to sing out loud. Except, unlike him, I was tone deaf and quite unable to sing a note.

"Here we go, sweetheart. Let me dab a little more on my favorite nipples." His fingers soothed the salve gently around them and I felt the instant cooling continue the healing.

When I looked down, they were still bright cherry red but the swelling had gone down a little so I hoped the pain would soon go away too. "Artemis, why do men have nipples? We can't suckle children or give milk."

"I've often wondered that myself, James. But I think that God had a plan for a few of us men to love each other. And one of the nicest things about being loved is when someone nurses at your tit." His fingers were so tender, rubbing little circles around the peaks but not touching them. "When you suckle at my breast, I feel warm and loved. What does it feel like for you?"

"Safe. When I suckle on one of your nipples, I feel safe. When you suck really hard and then bite one of mine, it feels wonderful. Like little shocks running down my chest and straight to my cock." I wiggled back against him and he caught his breath.

"Dishes are done. It's time for all naughty boys and horny teachers to be in bed. I expect to have to get you ..." he stroked my shaft, "up at a very early hour."

I laughed and dried my hands after tipping out the dirty water down the drain. "I think this naughty boy needs to be held all night long so the monsters under the bed don't get me."

"I slay all monsters, James. And I love holding you close." He slid into bed beside me and leaned up to look down into my eyes. "If I start to be too close, you will tell me?"

"There is no such thing as too close, Artemis. Not when you're holding me. I feel wonderful when I can feel all of you spooned up behind me. We probably only need a bed as wide as mine since we both like it close." I stretched back and heard him laugh as he was turning off the gas light above the table. The darkness was like the soft velvet that held my shaft so closely.

His arms slid around me and his body warmed my back and legs. His hand cradled my semi-erect cock while Artie nestled against the velvet dildo, pressing him in just a little and reminding me that tomorrow, he'd be inside of me again. "Go to sleep, my wonderful love. Tomorrow will be even better than today."

I sighed and fell asleep between one thought and the next. I awoke several times in the night but each time, I remembered immediately where I was and who I was with, falling back asleep again with a smile on my lips, safe and loved. I don't know what time it was when I awoke the fourth time but I felt empty and realized that the dildo was gone.

But I could feel Artemis moving behind me and I held my breath while the warm soft crown of him pressed against my hole. I pushed out the way he'd told me and felt him pierce me slowly, making my eyes water with his girth. "Good boy, James. Let me know when you're ready for more."

It was the first time that I felt like I was helping in my own seduction and the feeling of power was invigorating. I pushed back to take more of him and he chuckled while drawing my hips towards him so that Artie slid inside of me, stretching me to the limit. Until he couldn't get any deeper.

We rested there, his balls against my cheeks and all of that big, beautiful cock inside of me. "How does it feel, sweetheart? Is there any soreness?"

"None, Artemis. I've got him all to myself." I wiggled a little and tried to remember how to flex those inner muscles to pleasure him.

"You do indeed, my brave James. This is our fourth day together, my love. What would you like to do today?" He rocked a little in and out while I tried to pay attention to what he was saying rather than what he was doing.

"I want us to make love for as long as we can then eat breakfast so we have enough energy to come back here and do it again." I clenched around him and heard him groan something that sounded like 'ginseng' but it could have been 'ginger'.

"Sweetheart, you may have to take pity on your poor, aging lover. Perhaps we could spend some of the day doing something other than making love." He said meekly while all the time, his hips were thrusting strongly into me.

"Can we do this while I'm on my hands and knees, Artemis? I can't move enough this way." I didn't want to complain but I needed to be able to push back while he was thrusting in.

"Of course we can, love. Hold on for a moment while I move first." He stilled while buried deep inside of me. Then I felt him surge up and bring me with him. My head was towards the edge of the bed and he was behind me.

My legs were splayed outside of his and my arms were locked in the upright position. He felt deeper this way and I squeezed around him just because I could. "Move, Artemis. You won't hurt me, I promise."

His big hands held my hips while he pulled back so far, I was afraid he'd come out. Then his hips snapped forward and his cock hit my prostate, flooding me with enough warmth to heat the whole railway car. By the fourth direct hit, I was pushing back to get him there faster and deeper and harder.

The burn was continuous and I could feel my arms and legs shaking with the strength of his thrusts. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt all my muscles seize up into one big spasm that rippled through me from my toes all the way up to the hair on the top of my head.

It went on and on until it was too much and I felt myself falling back into the velvet darkness.

When I came to, I was pressed into the bed with Artemis' body like a warm blanket holding me down. Flexing my inner muscles, I could tell that Artie was still inside of me and I grinned to myself. It felt safe like this except I couldn't kiss him and I wanted to do that too.

"Am I too heavy, James?" His husky whisper tickled my ear.

"You feel good, Artemis, like a heavy, warm blanket. I want you to stay in me as long as you can." I wanted to stay like this forever.

"You are the most comfortable mattress I've ever experienced, sweet James. But I don't want you to be permanently glued to our new sheets." He gathered me up and moved us both to our sides, one of his hands coming around to cup my spent cock while his lips grazed my neck. "Such pleasure you give me, sweetheart."

I covered his hand with mine, stroking his long fingers. "You're the one who gives me more pleasure than I've ever felt before. I like being connected to you like this. It's better even than being inside of you."

"My James, that is quite the nicest compliment I've ever received. I can truthfully say that I have never felt this content and loved in my life. You are such a miracle to me." His lips slid to that spot under my ear that always felt warmer than any other place.

"Will it always be like this, Artemis?" I wanted it to be but I'd never had any success or desire to maintain a relationship.

He chuckled and bit my earlobe. "I wish I could say yes but there will be days when one or the other of us is not himself because of sickness or frustration. Some of our missions will split us up and there might be days or even weeks when we don't see each other. There may even be times when we'll have to be out in public, speaking to and dancing with the beautiful women we come across."

I frowned and twisted my head to see him. He looked resigned to the inevitable return to the outside world. "But when we do, we'll know that we're coming home to just us. You said that we'd act like friends outside and nobody needs to know that we love each other. Those ladies can't come between us even if we have to kiss them."

He kissed me tenderly and his soft lips parted mine so his tongue could mate with mine. Such kisses were better than any others I'd ever been given or given myself. There was so much to learn from my beloved Artemis. When he broke away, he smiled at me. "Wise James, you're quite right. I propose a bargain, we must give the other double the kisses that we have to give any others."

Artemis, part five

I waited for his answer and he shook his head before grinning impudently over his shoulder. "Triple the kisses, Artemis, nothing more than triple will do if I have to watch you kiss someone else."

Hugging him close, I slid my hands down to tweak his sensitive nipples. "Triple it is, sweetheart. How do these feel this morning?"

"Fine, not even a twinge. We might want to lay in a big supply of that muscle salve. Once we get back to work, there will be our normal strained muscles and bruises to take care of." His matter-of-fact words reminded me that this was an interlude out of time and the real world was waiting outside this enchanted railway car.

"Quite true, love. It was hard before to watch you go into danger and it will be doubly hard now. Promise me that you will think before you leap into more trouble." I needed him to give up the rushing into the unknown that frightened me.

His automatic denial died on his lips when he remembered how this whole affair had started. "I see what you mean. I need to stop and think rather than just react. Let you know where I am and why."

"Please. I need you to come home to me safe and sound." I kissed his ear and felt him sigh.

"And I need you to do the same. We both have someone to lose now."

"Thank you, James, you're quite right. It may even be that the Secret Service will prove too dangerous for us and we'll have to find other careers."

"Maybe out West where there's room to move and not so many people to watch us. I'd like that, maybe homestead a ranch and graze cattle. Build a stake in the future of this country."

I'd never heard such a note of yearning in his voice. "That's a good dream, James. We'll have to sit down and list what is needed to make it come true."

He sighed. "But that's not your dream, is it?"

"It wasn't but if you're there, it will be. I've always been a man for the cities and the culture they nourish, it's true. But you are too important to me to let that get in the way of our future." He'd twisted around again, his gaze wide-eyed. "James, you are my heart and soul. That's what's important."

"I love you, Artemis. How do you feel about northern California? They say that San Francisco will be the 'New York' of the West Coast. There's rich fertile land there so I could have my ranch and you could have your plays when you needed them." His voice held suppressed excitement. "Remember the lake north of Santa Rosa?"

I could hardly speak over the lump in my throat. "I think ... I think that sounds wonderful, James. Clear Lake was indeed one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen. There's rich alluvial soil there along with forests and Coast Ranges. Perhaps I could experiment with some of the grapes in a small vineyard. Why we could make our own wine."

"Good, that would keep you busy." He nodded and brought my hand up to his lips to kiss each finger. "We'll plan and keep working until it's time to quit and build our dream."

I hugged him close and felt for the first time that this disparate relationship might just have a chance to last for the rest of our lives. I'd often wondered how much longer I could keep up the frantic pace that was the Secret Service of 1872. As the country grew, so did the enemies who would bring it down. It was a service that needed young men, not middle-aged actors and part-time scientists.

"Um, Artemis, I think we're coming unstuck." He flexed around me and I began the inevitable retreat from his warm depths. "Tonight, I want him again."

I chuckled. "If anyone can inspire him to rise again, it will be you, James. Now we need to get up and face the day. After breakfast, why don't we have a workout in the gym? That will give some of our other muscles a workout."

He moved gingerly away from me and rubbed his lower back. "I can still feel him. Thank you, Artemis. Next time, I want to be on my back so I can kiss you at the same time you're inside of me."

"What a lovely idea, James. You could also be on top of me like I was when you first came inside of me." I watched the idea take hold and was rewarded with an armful of lover.

"Why didn't I know how much fun being in love is?" He placed soft kisses all over my face. "It must be because I didn't realize I was in love with you."

What could I say to that astounding statement? Nothing, because I was too busy kissing him over and over. It was quite a time before we rose to strip the sheets and perform our morning cleaning. He remade the bed with the red sheets and set the empty water cans out while I was cooking breakfast. Oatmeal with raisins was always one of my favorites and toast with his favorite cherry jam completed our breakfast, which James ate from my lap because he said he didn't want to be so far away.

We dressed in our workout clothes, which in James' case meant skintight pants that rode low on his hips and tempted me almost beyond endurance. I made sure that I took another measure of ginseng with my meal. I was definitely going to need it. But once in the gym that we'd set up in the middle railway car, we both settled in to complete the exercises that kept us in shape.

And if I paused every now and then to gaze on the beauty that was my lover on the rings or pommel horse, well, it hurt no one. I finished my fifty pushups and began on the weights, working up to my current bench press of 150 pounds. James didn't weigh much more than that and I fantasized that I'd only need to keep carrying him at least five times a day to keep myself in shape.

I was lying on the bench after having just lowered the barbell to the supports, when a familiar weight landed on my torso. James plastered himself along every inch of my body and his lips took mine with fervor. My arms came up around him instantly and our sweaty bodies slid a little against each other, tantalizing our nipples to aching peaks.

He lifted just a bit and looked down at me in wonder. "You were so beautiful when you were lifting those weights. I couldn't distract you but as soon as you had them safely down, I had to kiss you."

I chuckled. "I had a little trouble not doing the same thing when you were working the pommel horse. You'll remember that I told you that one of these days, I was going to bend you over it and slide inside?"

His eyes lit up and he grinned down at me. "I think we need to start keeping a jar of cream here in the gym. And we need to start working out naked like the ancient Greeks did. Just think, I could be lying where you are, holding onto the barbell and you could just lift my legs to your shoulders and slide right inside of me."

Good heavens, I'd created an insatiable lover and my cock tried to come back to life beneath his groin. He wiggled over him and leaned in to lick my left nipple before biting it and moving to the other one. "I'm still all slick inside, Artemis. You could come right back in. Just think of it, our sweaty naked bodies sliding together, over and over until you explode inside of me. I'm not sore this time."

What chance did I have against that irresistible program? None and I sat up with a growl that made him laugh. It took only a moment to strip those tight pants off of him while he was ridding me of mine. Then he was flat on the bench, holding onto the overhead bar with his legs over my shoulders while I slid right back inside the tightest, hottest ass that it has ever been my pleasure to plow.

"Oh good ... so good to have Artie inside of me." His blue eyes were fever bright and the flex of his pectorals hardened me completely while I watched my cock thrust inside of him.

"You're the tightest ... hottest ... lover I could have ever asked for." I didn't want it to be fast this time, so I slowed just a little and watched him flush from his cock up to his ears. "We're going to make love slowly, sweet James. I'm going to hit that gland over and over until you're begging me to finish. Then I'm going to grip Jim in one hand and squeeze him just enough to give him the friction he needs to come."

"Yes ... there ... oh there, Artemis." He squeezed his inner muscles around me and for a moment, I swear I saw stars.

"Just think, love ... you'll have the strongest ... ass muscles ... in Washington, D.C." I was seriously thinking about adding ginseng to every meal while his hips tried to get me in deeper.

"So, it's not just ... a sweet ass ... or a tempting ass . . . but a strong ass too?" How he could still think and make complete sentences I didn't know.

"Exactly ... sweet James ... plowing your sweet ass is going to be my favorite exercise from now on." I managed to husk out when he froze and came, his cock spurting out my favorite seed and his muscles ripping my own climax from me. It's just a damn good thing the bench gave me a place to rest or I'd have been on the floor.

"Plowing my sweet ass?" He was laughing in little spurts and I let his legs fall to my hips so I could lean in and kiss him.

"It must have been our talk about a ranch and vineyard. You do know that spraying the soil you've just planted with your semen is an old tradition that goes all the way back to the Druids?" I moved from his lips to his nipples gleaming with our sweat, licking them clean with broad laps of my tongue. "It ensures a good harvest."

He was still chuckling, his hands carding through my hair with the same lazy strokes that I'd used on my cat. "Never stop teaching me new things, Artemis. I love the way you pull out facts from the very air around us."

"Young whipper-snapper, I'm going to assign you readings every night from now on and test you every morning." I was busy licking the sweat from the hollow of his throat and his breath caught, arching up to me unconsciously.

"If I ... oh ... don't leave." His groan coincided with my own as his body pushed my flaccid, well-loved cock from his depths. "I forgot what I was going to say. I think my brain melted."

Chuckling, I sat up and pulled him up with me. His arms came around me and his head flopped onto my shoulder with a sigh. Holding him was a joy that was still unexpected and I ran my hands down his spine for the sheer pleasure of touching him. He hummed contentedly and I thought that my life was blessed indeed to have such moments in it.

James, part six

I've never felt so loved in my life. Artemis wrapped me in love, gave me his body and shared his mind with me. I felt so incredibly blessed but I didn't know how to tell him. Words come easily to him and he's the best-read man I'd ever known. He says it's because he's an actor and had to memorize whole plays but I think that's just an excuse. I think he'd memorize them anyway.

"I love you, Artemis. Thank you for loving me." It was all I could think to say.

"Oh, James, I love you too. You are my greatest blessing." He held me tighter and I pondered his ability to read my mind.

"That's what I wanted to say but I didn't know how." I raised my head to look him in the eye.

"'I love you' is perhaps the greatest and most profound statement in the history of mankind. None of us say it often enough to those we love. It doesn't take flowery statements, just remind me now and then that you love me and I will be the proudest man in the world." His dark eyes smiled into mine and I reached up to kiss him.

Our tongues slid against each other, first in my mouth then in his. A lazy duel that left both of us feeling we'd won. But finally, we rose to dress again so we could go back to the rail car we called home. It belonged to the government but the things inside of it were ours and I wondered what kind of house Artemis would want to build when we left the Secret Service.

When I asked him, he thought for a long moment. "Something simple, I think. Do you remember the hacienda where we stayed outside of Los Angeles?"

"The ranch of Don Diego al Torino? That was nice. I liked the flagstone floors and the thick walls that kept the heat in winter and the coolness in summer."

"Yes, and the family rooms were on one side of the parlor, dining room and kitchen while the guest rooms were on the other side completely. I liked the privacy that afforded us and if we'd been lovers then, no one would have heard us making love." He brought the teakettle into the bathroom and mixed cold water with hot in the sink so we could wash.

He made me stand in the tub while he washed me down from head to toe, taking a moment to check and see if my entrance was too reddened. I could have told him that I was fine but I was enjoying the soft caresses too much to stop them. Then I did the same for him, taking special care to wash Artie from crown to root and kissing him for giving me such pleasure twice today.

Our mail for the day had been left in the box on the back platform and we had carried it in when we'd returned from the gym. Now that we were clean again, we arrayed ourselves on the settee with my head in Artemis' lap while he sat against the cushions in the corner with his feet up on the footstool.

My mail was soon taken care of but Artemis was reading something fascinating that had wrung an exclamation from him when first he'd opened it. I didn't want to pry but my curiosity was aroused. I kept sneaking peeks up at him to see if he was done yet.

"James, is it Friday? I've lost track of time. An old friend of mine is opening tonight in Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Circle Theater. He's sent me two tickets. Would you like to go? It's been almost two years since I've seen him." His voice was happy but I couldn't help but wonder if the old friend had been an old lover too.

"I've never seen Macbeth. If you want to go, I wouldn't mind." I didn't know how to ask about the friend-lover question.

"Sweetheart, he's just an old friend, not an old lover." Artemis gripped my hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to my fingers. "I had two male lovers before you came into my life and into my heart. Samuel was killed at Vicksburg and my first lover was a childhood friend with whom I'd experimented as a young man. I haven't the faintest idea if David remained a lover of men or went on to marry a woman."

"I'm sorry, Artemis. I don't know how to act yet." I didn't like being jealous but he had so much experience where I had had so little.

"James, look at me." He waited until I raised my eyes to his. "You are my heart and my soul. There is no one who could ever come between us, not man or woman. Unless there is someone in your past for whom you still bear a tenderness."

I shook my head vigorously. "No one, Artemis. I lost my virginity to a cousin who seduced me one summer at the shore where we were having a family reunion. She was three years older than I and considered quite fast. All I knew was she made me feel as if my blood was on fire. Then Gerald showed me that men could make love but when he was killed the next day, I put that aside as an aberration. The women I dated while on duty never got beyond a kiss. Then you showed me what love really is."

"Dear James, you are such a treasure. Come up here." He pulled me up so I was cradled in his lap and his soft lips could kiss me. We caressed each other with comfort rather than lust in mind and I felt my heart expand even farther.

Somehow, we decided to go to the play and he went back to reading the rest of his mail while assigning me the reading of the play Macbeth from his copy of the Complete Plays of Shakespeare. It was kind of interesting but I had to keep asking him for the meaning of some of the strange words in it. Finally, he finished his mail and we settled in for him to read it aloud to me.
That was much better because he explained as he read. His voice is so rich that it made the accents more lifelike than most of the plays I'd been to. He made it come alive and I actually shivered when his accents changed to the cackling of the witches around the cauldron.

I listened, mesmerized by the disintegration of the man who would be king and the madness of his wife. If the actors on the stage could do half as good a job as Artemis had done just reading it out loud, then I would enjoy the play and so I told him. He just laughed and hugged me close.

While he was making a late lunch for us, I wondered if he ever missed the stage. I hadn't been joking when I'd called him the best actor in the world. Instead of a stage, he used his genius on behalf of his country. But I was usually the only audience who could appreciate his skill in improvisation and makeup. Sometimes, he fooled even me with one of his disguises.

"What are you thinking so hard about, sweetheart?" He surprised me with the table half laid.

"Do you miss the stage, Artemis? You're so good an actor that it doesn't seem fair that lots of people don't know how good you are." I finished laying the silverware.

"Once in a great while, I do miss the smell of the greasepaint and the clapping of the crowd. The stage is a craftily made world of make believe, where nothing is what it seems and everything is fake. The crown is not really a crown nor the painted backdrop a real street in Paris. It's fun to pretend for a couple of hours but in the end, it's all false glitter and mock feelings." He set our lunch of spaghetti, meatballs and his marinara sauce on the table and pulled me into his arms. "I prefer the real world and you to any made up play."

I kissed him gratefully and laughed when he sat down and pulled me into his lap. "Shall we eat this way at our after the play dinner? Will the others be shocked?"

"Certainly not, young James. We'll both be dressed and on our best behavior while we dine in public. Then we'll come home and eat our dessert this way."

I wiggled on his lap and fed him part of a meatball. "Maybe we should eat our cake in bed, then you'll already be lying down when I nibble the crumbs off your chest."

"Ginseng, I wonder if they make it up in pellet form so I can just swallow one every hour." He said bewilderingly and I blinked at him. "Never mind, James. I think we need a nap this afternoon so we're bright eyed for tonight. Then when we get up, we'll have a nice hot bath and I'll entice you to come inside of me while we're bathing. Then we'll get dressed up and hire a closed carriage to take us to the theater."

"Will you kiss me in the carriage so when we get out, I'll be all flushed and everyone will know that I've been loved?" I asked him after swallowing the spaghetti he'd fed me.

He chuckled and fed me a meatball, leaning in to lick the sauce from my lips. "If you like, sweetheart, and on the way back, I shall slide my hand over your well-clothed cock and torment you all the way back home."

"And then you'll slide back inside of me and love me until we fall asleep." I wiggled again and felt Artie begin to swell, just a little.

"Or maybe, I'll dress you in your chastity belt under your clothes so you're reminded every time you move that we're going home to make love." He lifted an eyebrow at me and I know I was smiling. "Insatiable, aren't you, my impudent James."

"Yes, I am when it's you. I think I need another enema while I nap so I learn how to keep it in longer." I wanted to know everything I needed to know to keep him satisfied.

He nodded and finished feeding me the last of the spaghetti while he licked my throat clean. "That's an excellent idea, James. I really must carve another plug for you so we can both enjoy our cleansing."

I tilted up so he could reach the hollow that warmed me whenever he touched it and he kissed me sweetly there before moving down to my nipple and kissing it. I remembered what he had said when I asked him how that felt. Warm and loved, he'd said and that was just what I was feeling now. His suckling felt so good that I wanted him to never stop.

My nipples weren't sore anymore and I thought about having one of them pierced. "Artemis, what kind of a nipple ring were you thinking of getting me?"

He stopped suckling and raised his head to look into my eyes. "Well, I was thinking of one of those gold hoops that we saw yesterday at the jewelry counter. I wouldn't want anything but 14-karat gold adorning these sweet nipples."

"I'm still thinking about it."

"Good, let me know if you decide you'd like to. But for now, I believe we have some cleanup to do before our nap." He kissed me hard once more before standing us both up so we could clear the table.

I was looking forward to our nap. It was my turn to suckle on his tasty nipples.

End of Idylls of the King