Author: Athea (
Title: The Play's the Thing
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Summary: They attend a play and learn a little more about each other.
Date: 9 December 2000
Artemis, part one

When I awoke from my doze, James was still sucking on my left nipple. It was more the sleepy suckle that a baby does when finished nursing but not ready to let his mother go than the harder tug of lovemaking. I had a theory that because James lost his mother so young, he'd never had enough of that closeness and nourishment. With me he could have as much as he needed so he was catching up on lost time.

Since I enjoyed it, I had no intention of asking him to stop even though it was beginning to feel a little tender. It had never been this well loved, not it's entire 35 years. But then neither had any other part of my body. We were lying on our sides; chest to chest and my leg was between James' legs, snuggled up against his cock that was drilling a hole in my groin.

"Someone woke up horny," I teased him and reached down to stroke the beautiful shaft.

"Jim always wakes up like that." He said innocently. "It's only now that he can do something about it."

"Didn't you ever rub him and pretend there was someone you were getting him ready for? Take him in hand and pleasure yourself to climax?" I was almost sure of his answer but the shaking of his head brought a fresh wave of anger at his father.

"Father said that was a sin and most of my life has been spent among others. The bedroom here is the first time I had a room all to myself." He said philosophically while my mind reeled at the horrible pictures that brought me.

I hugged him close and kissed his temple. I hoped his father was rotting in the deepest layer of Hell. "Sweetheart, I love you more than words can say. And it's no sin to pleasure yourself anymore than it's a sin for us to pleasure each other. We'll add those lessons to the others that you're studying."

He laughed aloud and hugged me back. "I think you should have been a teacher, Artemis. You're very good at it."

"Ah, that's because of the caliber of my student." I felt him tense under my hands and realized that he still had the enema inside. "Time to go to the bathroom, James?"

"Un-uh," he flushed and I hurriedly pulled him from the bed and up into my arms while he held onto his control and we made the quick trip to the bathroom "Oh, that feels so good."

He cramped a little but I soothed him with a kiss and he opened sweetly for me while he voided his wastes. When he was finished, he helped me fill the tub and watched with a question in his eyes when I pulled out a bottle from under the water basin. "Shampoo for your hair, James. This is much better for those soft waves than ordinary soap, which I dare say is what you've been using."

Climbing into the tub with him, I had him duck his head while I poured some of the pure castille shampoo blended with balsam into my hands so I could lather him up. He purred beneath my scalp massage and I just knew that no one had ever done this for him. The abuse he had endured in his short 28 years was truly appalling.

"That feels so good, Artemis. May I wash your hair?" He peered up at me from under the cap of white foam and I smiled down at him.

"I was hoping you would, James. My poor scalp would very much appreciate your loving touch. Now, back you go so you can rinse all the shampoo out." I dipped him backwards and massaged a little more to ensure all the soap was gone. He sat up again looking like a slick seal and I combed my hands through that soft mop to restore that wave that might soften his normal severe hairstyle.

"My turn." His eyes gleamed and I turned around so he could dunk me before pouring out more of the shampoo and lathering my hair. "It feels just like the hair on your chest except it's softer. I love the way it curls around my fingers, like it wants to caress me the way your hands do."

I laughed and did some of my own purring. "Every part of me loves to touch every part of you."

"Time to duck, Artemis." He mimicked my motions and made sure all the soap was gone before he let me back up. Then in a reverse of our regular position, he leaned against the sloping back of the tub and pulled me down against his chest. "I like it when you hold me, do you like it too?"

I pulled his arms tighter around me and nestled my head on his shoulder. "I love it, James, almost as much as I love you. You make me feel safe and loved."

"Me too." He pressed a kiss to my temple. "That's how you make me feel. Now tell me more about this friend of yours so I don't seem so ignorant about him."

I chuckled and reached for the soap. "Well, Paul Witherspoon is from a very old New England family who was shocked to the core when he announced that he was going to become an actor. His father firmly expected him to join the family bank but Paul had other ideas. He was a very determined thespian who came to New York to learn the trade. He is a classically beautiful man with the profile of a Greek god."

He had stilled behind me and I knew why. "Of course, he succeeded, rising from bit player to leading man within three years. He always hid his age but actually, he's 35 as well. Unfortunately, he's a very proud man and rather cold emotionally. Macbeth is a passionate role and I'm wondering if he's changed enough to be able to play him."

I turned to wash him and I could see the question in his eyes. "No, sweetheart, he never even tempted me. I was already an actor, having started in Paris and when we met in the New York theater, I was starring in the production of Hamlet that he had a bit part in. His tastes have always run to beautiful young men, the younger the better. I'm hoping that you're already too old for him or I shall have a fight on my hands."

He surged from the water and into my arms. "He sounds nasty no matter how handsome he is. One of the things I remember Mama saying is 'handsome is as handsome does'. It's what is inside a person that counts. You must stay close to me so we can protect each other."

I was a very lucky man. "I always want to stay close to you, James. Perhaps we should finish our bath so you can remind me that you are mine and I am yours."

His eyes glowed. "Yes."

Our bath was quickly completed and he tantalized me for long moments with the bath sheet before leading me back to our bed. He laid me on my back and carefully prepared me before sliding deep inside of me where he claimed my body, the way he claimed my heart. He took it slow and loved me completely, denying me my climax with a hard grip at the base of my cock when he released inside of me.

He kissed me lovingly but kept me from coming with his new knowledge. "I don't want you to come right now. You're going to put the chastity belt on me so we'll both know that I belong to you. But I want you to remember that you belong to me, too."

I kissed him back hard. He really was perfection. "Yes, the ache will remind me how much I love you and how much you love me."

He grinned in satisfaction. "I'll go get a cloth to wash us then we can get dressed. I like seeing you in formal dress. You look so distinguished. It's too bad you can't wear that sash with all the medals that you wore when you played the Prince of Einsiedle."

I was still chuckling when he returned with a damp cloth to clean me, carefully checking me to make sure I was all right. Then it was my turn to smooth cream deep inside of him so he'd be ready for me when we returned. Artie throbbed a little at his favorite home so close to him but I bade him be quiet and he subsided a bit. I had put James across my lap for this part of his outfit and he teasingly asked me if there wasn't something naughty he'd done.

So I spanked him twice, once for each cheek before sliding the velvet sleeve over his cock and the dildo into his freshly prepared hole. "Now, let me fastened your balls up tight. Is that too much?"

He stood carefully and I re-tightened the belt so his cock was half raised and the dildo was tightly pressed in. "Just right. I'll be terribly hard by the time we get back home. Perhaps I should practice the strutting that you say I always do."

"Impudence," I spanked him again and he sat down on my lap to kiss me. Artie really wanted to get through the velvet but alas, he was frustrated.

"I'll do what ever I have to do to have you bring out the paddle again." He told me impishly and I resigned myself to an evening of frustrated lust.

"Then I shall just schedule it now for approximately 11:30 tonight. Or perhaps, I'll just put you over my knee in the carriage on the way back and spank you then." I watched his eyes light up and couldn't help but laugh.

"I'll remind you of that promise, Artemis." He hugged me close then stood awkwardly. "I think I'm going to need some help getting dressed. The dildo presses in when ever I bend."

"Ah, one of my favorite roles, dresser to the King." I stood as well.

"King?" He looked over his shoulder on his way to the door.

"King of my heart, James." I steered him down the hall to his room. Really, we needed to brighten this room up. I was determined that he would have a pleasant place to retreat when we couldn't be together. The mattress was leaving along with the scratchy sheets. I was going to find some paintings to hang that would remind him of the Far West and his dream.

He was silent while I helped him dress in the formal black pants and tails over the starched shirt with the high collar and white tie. With his polished black boots, he looked like a young god and I shook my head at his beauty. But he gave me no time to contemplate perfection, instead taking me back to our room and my own formal wear.

"We really need that mirror, Artemis. You look so handsome that all the women and half the men will be craning their heads to see you." He said proudly and I shook my head at his innocence. I wasn't the one they'd be looking at.

James, part two

"James, together we shall probably have the entire audience looking at us." He chuckled and straightened his tie. "But you are the one they shall gaze at longingly. They shall all be quite jealous of me."

I shook my head. "I think we must agree to disagree, Artemis. You look so handsome that I won't be able to take my eyes off of you. Only when the lights go down will I want to watch the stage."

He kissed my cheek gently. "God forbid I should ever pass up a compliment, my sweet James, especially since yours are so very special."

I blushed again and wondered if I would ever get used to that. "We should go and get our carriage. Since you read it to me, I've been curious how Macbeth will look on the stage."

"Indeed, every production is different and I too, look forward to seeing how Paul's company has decided to stage it." He beckoned me ahead of him and I knew he was watching me walk.

The dildo was massaging me into a half-hard state but then I was growing used to that. The velvet sleeve was going to be more of a problem because it kept tickling me. The fine day had turned cloudy and it was spitting rain when we chose one of the closed cabs that waited for passengers at the train station. Once inside the carriage, we pulled down the side window curtains to keep the rain out and we were enclosed in the small room on wheels.

The jolting was horrible at first and I couldn't help an exclamation when the dildo got driven in extra hard. Artemis pulled me onto his lap and cradled me in his strong arms. "There we go, sweetheart, I love having an excuse to cuddle you."

"You don't need an excuse, Artemis, I love it when you cuddle me." I put my head on his shoulder and breathed in his musky smell. "Artie seems to still have that swelling problem. Perhaps he needs something hot and tight to massage him."

He chuckled silently, one hand coming down to pet my cock through the tight pants that held him so closely. "Jim seems to have the same problem and I know that he recently had just such a massage. Perhaps a spanking would help the swelling go away?"

I groaned. "I think that might make the problem worse, Artemis. And you promised me a spanking on the way home."

He feigned surprise. "I did? Are you sure you heard me correctly, James? I seem to recall you promising to be good tonight."

I reached up and pulled his lips down to mine, opening them to lure his tongue inside. We kissed for a long moment while our tongues entwined around each other in a most comforting manner. If we kissed for the next fifty years, I would never get enough of them.

When we finally broke apart to breathe, I smiled up at him. "I shall be very good indeed, Artemis."

"Oh dear, I am in trouble, aren't I?" He sounded resigned but the way his hand was petting my hardening cock told me that he was looking forward to the homeward trip as well.

"I will make sure that your eyes are only on the stage during the play. In the intermission, I think I will stay in front of you, hiding Artie from everyone else." I told him confidently.

"Oh, now that sounds like my naughty James, flaunting that tight, sweet ass in front of me until Artie is hard and aching to be inside of him. That will most likely guarantee you a spanking all the way home. You'll have to eat standing up for an entire day. Or perhaps, I'll just leave you across my lap and hand feed you until you recover."

I shivered all over. "Yes, please, I think I'd like that."

He laughed and pulled me closer. "I am indeed the luckiest man in the known world. We fit each other very well, James, and I thank God for it every day."

"I do too, Artemis. Does it sound like the road has changed?" I cocked my head to listen to the wheels.

"Good hearing, James, we've just moved to the cobblestones three blocks from the theater. Back you go to the young gentleman of decorum that I know you can be." He regretfully tipped me off his lap and back onto the hard seat beside him. "Let me straighten your collar so it doesn't look as if I've been ravishing you."

"I like looking that way." I said, holding onto his knee.

"And heaven knows, I do too but I don't want to share that side of you with the theatergoing public."

He kissed the palm of my hand and let go just as the cabby called down, "Circle Theater, gentlemen."

We got out and Artemis paid the cabby, requesting him to return to Simpson's restaurant a block from the theater to pick us up at 11:00. I hid my shiver when I remembered what he'd said about scheduling my spanking at half past the hour. I really was feeling like the wanton that he'd proclaimed me. I'd never had this kind of powerful attraction before and it was intoxicating.

"We still have a few moments before we need to take our seats, shall we watch the crowd?" He asked me and I nodded shyly.

It felt more like they were watching me and I retreated into the blank look that I had perfected over the years. Artemis' hand grazed mine and I remembered that I didn't have to hide every emotion. "I was right, they are all taking second looks at you."

He chuckled and nodded to an elderly couple who was entering through the large double doors into the theater proper. I recognized Senator and Mrs. Keller and I thought how nice they looked together. Artemis leaned a little closer and whispered. "The Kellers are a devoted couple who have been together for over 40 years. Can you spot the other couples here who are happily married?"

That was a new thought for me and I looked curiously at the other people who filled the circle. A pair of women caught my eye for some reason, perhaps because they were rather like Artemis and me. The older woman was beginning to gray at the temples of her dark hair but her younger companion had hair the color of buttercups. The elder's eyes lit up when they saw Artemis and the two slowly made their way through the crowd to our side.

Artemis took her hand and kissed it tenderly, not like the air kisses we usually gave the women that we met. "Abigail, you are as beautiful as ever. And Penelope, that gold silk is stunning. Ladies, I don't believe you've met my partner, James West. James may I present Abigail VanDorn and Penelope Tatters."

"You're looking ravishing as usual, Artemis." Her soft brown eyes gazed keenly at him then switched to me and it felt like she was looking into my soul. "Perhaps even happier than the last time we met?"

"You see the happiest man in the world, Abigail. As you are the happiest woman, vraiment?" The French almost confused me but the soft exclamation from the younger Penelope and her wide beaming smile at me distracted me.

"Oh, that is so very nice, Artemis. I've been praying that you would find such happiness." Her soft voice had a southern drawl to it that for a moment reminded me of my mother's voice.

"The two of you must come to tea next week and tell us all about it." Abigail nodded decisively and looked at the clock hanging above the doors. "Come, Penelope, we must find our seats."

Artemis waved them away and looked down into my confused gaze. "They fell in love almost seven years ago when Abigail, a Quaker from Philadelphia, was volunteering in the Federal Prison at Fort Delaware. Southern prisoners were held there during and shortly after the War. Penelope was looking for her brother who'd been taken prisoner. Alas, sweet Pen found her brother only to lose him to the typhus. She was so exhausted in his care that she collapsed herself when he died and Abigail took her in to nurse her back to health. I think we'd better find our own seats, James. I'll tell you more later."

He ushered me inside and down the aisle to the center section just three rows up from the stage. I thought about what he'd said and wondered how two women could fall in love. And how it was that they made love. I had many questions but sitting had reminded me of my current state of arousal and I eased onto one hip while sitting my top hat in my lap to hide the bulge my cock was tenting in my dress pants.

But the overture was playing from the pit below the stage and the curtain arose to show a gray castle, grim and foreboding. Remembering the story that Artemis had read to me, I waited for the actors to begin speaking the words. Halfway through the first scene, I found my concentration slipping. Something about the words weren't right and I looked over to see a frown between Artemis' eyes.

Good, it wasn't just me. It didn't sound like the rich language that Artemis had quoted but somehow shortened and changed to Modern English. Paul Witherspoon was certainly a handsome man and his voice was clear, reaching all the way up to the back of the theater but there was no warmth in him. His Macbeth was a cold calculating killer who knew exactly what he was doing when he killed the old king so he could take the throne.

Everyone else on the stage was subservient to him and not even the beautiful woman who played Lady Macbeth could take the spotlight from him. What had been a moving drama, when Artemis read to me, had become just another play about a killer who thought he could get away with it. My eyes drifted around the seats near us and I saw the two women to whom Artemis had introduced me.

Abigail VanDorn had the same wrinkle between her eyes that Artemis had but Penelope was listening wide-eyed to the action on the stage. I thought maybe that she was younger even than I was. The curtain rung down and the audience stirred, Artemis touched my hand and with a tilt of his head motioned to the foyer. I stood up immediately, biting my lip at the sudden movement of the dildo.

We walked out to the same corner we'd been earlier and I moved back and forth surreptitiously to ease the ache in my groin. The ladies joined us and I finally smiled at them shyly. I wasn't good at these tête-à-têtes. But Artemis and Abigail were immediately dissecting the scenes just played and I listened to them explain some of the things that I didn't understand but had just found odd.

Artemis, part three

I watched James out of the corner of my eye while Abigail and I savaged the lackluster program we were watching. I was very disappointed in Paul's attempt to modernize the Bard. It never worked although it had been attempted many times over the course of the last almost three hundred years since Macbeth had first played in 1606. My young lover was smiling but his eyes stayed on me much the same way that Penelope's stayed on Abigail.

She and I were two of the luckiest people in the world. Her Pen was a sweet creature who cared for her with passionate intensity. And my James was proving to be a jewel of great price as we bound our souls together in these first few days of our love. I'd lost my train of thought while gazing at him and Abigail's fan hitting my arm brought me back to the discussion.

"Ah, new love, how very distracting it can be. James, how long have you known Artemis?" Abigail reproved me with a smile before turning to my lover.

"It's been just over a year since the President asked us to work together." He said gravely.

"Congratulations, these one year anniversaries are very important." She smiled again and Penelope reached out a hand to take hers. "I would have chosen a better production had I known that this one would disappoint."

I sighed for the days when it would not cause a scandal for two men to hold hands the way these two dear ladies could. "Indeed, Paul is an old acquaintance and when he sent us tickets, I thought it would prove better than it is. Oh well, we all live and learn. Perhaps we shall be able to steer him back to the right language when we dine with him after the play."

Abigail gave a ladylike snort and I saw James hide a smile. "That would be beyond me, Artemis. I was never diplomatic like you so I am glad that Penelope and I will simply return home. How is the Saturday after next for the two of you? Tea at four in our garden if it's sunny and the back parlor if it isn't?"

I kissed my hand to the air. "Duty permitting, Abigail, we shall both be there."

"It was nice to meet you, James. I can see that Artemis is the talker of your partnership the way that Penelope usually is of ours." Abigail linked her arm with Pen's and led her off while James was still blushing.

"James, you have made a hit with both of them. The strong, silent type is always popular with the ladies. Now, to return to our seats with the fervent prayer that the second half is better than the first." And I ushered him before me back into the theater.

It wasn't.

It was going to take all my powers of diplomacy to get through dinner. James was practicing being mute and I wondered how much of that was the chastity belt that had to be massaging him into complete hardness. Once we left the theater, we walked slowly to the restaurant while he bit his lip.

"James, should we use the facilities when we reach the restaurant?" I asked when it dawned on me why he was being so tight lipped.

"Oh, please, Artemis. The velvet sleeve is driving me insane." He said quite desperately in a low voice.

"My poor love, we could have gone at the theater if I'd only been thinking." I placed my hand on his lower back to usher him into the restaurant and he leaned into my caress with a sigh.

The maitre-de seated us right away and the waiter took our drink order before directing us to the back of the lobby and the discretely labeled doors. Once inside, I fastened the hook on the door and joined James who was frantically unbuttoning his pants. I helped him, pulling up the sleeve so his crown was free of the velvet and his stream could arch away into the porcelain bowl.

He leaned back against me with a heartfelt sigh and I kissed his throat above the high collar that looked like it was chafing him. "We don't have to stay very long, do we? We have dessert at home and I so want to get out of this starchy shirt."

"Sweet James, we shall stay only long enough for me to catch up on some news with Paul and then we shall be on our way back home." I stroked his cock lovingly and he groaned under his breath, arching into my hand. "Love, we don't have the time to do this properly and I won't hurry loving you."

He pouted beautifully but let me tuck Jim away and smooth out his shirt so he could refasten his pants. Since we were here, I unbuttoned to relieve myself and he stroked Artie the whole time, pouting again when I put him, with difficulty, back in my pants and buttoned them up.

No matter how long this dinner was, it was going to be too long for both of us.

By the time we'd returned to the table, our drinks had arrived and we drank them thirstily. Knowing that it would be better if the order had already been placed when the others arrived, I decided on the oysters and steak appetizers. That would keep us going until we got back home. And the oysters couldn't hurt when it came to replenishing my juices.

A stir at the front door told me that Paul and whoever was going to be sitting in the other four chairs had arrived. Trust an actor to know how to make an entrance. I was glad that James and I were already seated. That gave us the chance to see whom from the company Paul had chosen. That says quite a lot about a person and I was betting that the young man who'd played Banquo was Paul's current flirt.

They arrived in a flurry of handshakes and I won my bet when the young blond sat beside Paul. The others were Elizabeth Morden who played Lady Macbeth and Ian Gaston who played Macduff. Introductions were performed and they ordered the same appetizers that we had. While we were waiting, I got by mostly by asking questions about the stage direction. Their energy was high as it always is after a performance and they answered happily.

Our appetizers arrived and the whole table dug in while I talked to Paul about some of our mutual friends in New York. James listened intently and I could see him taking notes of the names. I would need to tell him about them at our earliest convenience. I wanted him to know all about my past so there would never be a time in which he didn't know what had happened to me and why.

Young Simon was enthralled with Paul and jealous of the occasional looks that his lover sent down the table to James. Listening to my old friend, I realized that we'd grown so far apart over the years that there was literally nothing except the stage connecting us. He'd grown more autocratic, nay, even arrogant in his opinions and I could see that not even a gentle hint would serve to bring him to his senses.

He was going to be the one to stage a successful modern version of Macbeth or as he kept calling it -- the Scottish play. The old superstition still held sway after all these years. I could see the little wrinkle between James' eyes and I promised myself that I would explain once we reached the cab. The clock's minute hand was creeping just past eleven when I finally got us free of the restaurant and my old 'friends'.

Paul was drinking his sixth drink of the hour and getting quite maudlin about the 'good old days' when I invented an early day and our imminent departure. I endured his hug but wanted to break his arm when he clasped James' hand between both of his and dropped his voice to invite him for breakfast the next morning.

"No, thank you, Mr. Witherspoon, my work entails early hours. Goodbye, and thank you for the tickets. This was my first viewing of Macbeth and I found it most interesting." He said firmly and withdrew his hand quickly while Paul was shuddering at the forbidden name.

"Paul, a delight as always. Good luck with the play." I stepped between them and smiled brightly at the others. "Everyone, I too found your interpretation most interesting. Good luck, all."

We escaped as quickly as we could and found our cabby waiting patiently for us. The rain was still coming down and the shades were still closed so I was able to draw him into my arms immediately and kiss him as if the world were ending that moment. His sweet taste filled my senses and erased the horrible last few hours. When we finally broke apart to breathe, he rested his head on my shoulder with a sigh.

"James, if ever I ask you to go to a play put on by an old acquaintance, just say no. What a ghastly rendition of poor Bill Shakespeare's play." I kissed his temple and listened to him chuckle.

"It was pretty bad and even worse, he made a terrible Macbeth. When you were reading it, you showed how flawed he was and how he reached too high. You didn't see any of that in this performance. Why did they keep calling it - the Scottish play?"

"There's an old superstition that bad luck follows this particular play around, accidents, curses, who knows what all. It's silly but then actors have been known to be a little silly at times." I pulled him closer and stroked the bulge at his groin.

"No!" His shocked accents surprised me into a laugh and he wiggled over Artie like the little tease he was.

"Careful, young man, I seem to recall something about a spanking in this very cab." I stroked harder and watched him bite back a groan before sliding off my lap and coming back face down. "Well, since you insist and this tempting ass is right here. I guess I can think of something you did that deserves this little punishment."

I began to pepper his ass with slaps that were muffled by his pants and my white gloves. To ensure that he felt properly spanked, I made sure to spank the dildo every other time and soon he was groaning while he bit his own gloved hand. Jim was approaching critical limits when the cabby pulled up and called out the station.

James slid carefully off my lap and I helped him down out of the cab, reassuring the cabby that it must have been something he ate and wasn't at all a reflection of his careful driving. Adding a little extra to his tip, I waved him away and slid an arm around my lover to help him walk to the railway car. I practically had to carry him up the steps and into the parlor; the poor dear was in such dire straits.

But after locking the door behind us, I started disrobing him as hastily as I knew how. He tore off his starched collar with a sigh of relief and I knelt to get his boots so his pants would come off more easily. So there I was when he finished unbuttoning his pants and let his cock spring free. It was red and weeping with salty tears that formed more quickly than I could lick away.

Reaching up, I undid the straps that let him go free and caught the tip in my mouth to drink down his immediate release. He pulsed for long moments into my mouth and he was tastier than any appetizer I'd ever eaten.

James, part four

I felt as if all of my muscles had gone limp while Artemis pulled my release from me. He must have felt my limbs tremble because he let me slip from his hot mouth and stood to hold me tight. Then he was lifting me and carrying me to the table. He laid me down and plucked the dildo from my depths and I smiled at what was to come.

He was still fully dressed and he propped my legs on his shoulders so he could unbutton his pants. I was basking in his warm smile and my hands came up to finger my own nipples. "Sweet James, you are so beautiful and you teased me so well that I think it is time for me to tease you."

His long fingers slid over my hole and I wiggled, wanting them in me to take the emptiness away. "I didn't mean to tease, Artemis. Please let Artie come back inside of me. I'll take good care of him."

Chuckling, he slid in one finger tantalizing me before coming out and returning with two. "I'm sure you will, my lovely but we need something more to prepare the way because I will not hurt you. Now, hold your legs for me while I reach for the cream I left ... here."

I kept on holding my knees up and apart so I could watch him. Still fully dressed, with only his big cock standing out from his pants, he looked like someone out of a fantasy. "You never hurt me, Artemis. Oh yes, that feels so good."

The three fingers felt full but I was waiting for the large cock that would stretch me to the limit and slide inside of me until I could take no more. "So tight, sweet James, you're so tight around me. Are you ready for me, love? Ready for Artie to come inside and make love to you?"

"Yes ... yes ... oh please." I felt the warm head pressing in and held my breath as he stretched me wider and wider until I trembled with the almost-pain. Then he was inside the outer muscle and he paused to let me catch my breath. I made my muscles relax with a conscious effort and was rewarded with his long, slow slide deep within me.

"So good, James. You take all of me so well. We fit so nicely that I think I shall have to come inside of you every day." His hands held my hips so he could thrust a little harder and my legs were back on his shoulders when I groaned at the heat that exploded inside of me. "That's right, love, squeeze around me. You feel better than anything I've ever felt before."

I felt a flash of pride at his statement and tightened my inner muscles around him to give him more pleasure. He smiled at me and thrust a little harder against my gland, sending shock waves thorough my whole body. Everything was hardening, my nipples, my cock and even my toes felt like they were curling.

"Touch yourself, my James. Finger your nipples and feel the lightning strike through them." He waited until I did so, biting my lip at the great pleasure. "Good boy, next time, I'll hang one of your new nipple rings on one of them so the feeling is even more intense. Now, drop one hand and hold that lovely cock for me."

I slid my right hand down to my cock and gripped it firmly, my eyes going to Artemis' to see his approval.

"Such a natural, my James. Wrap that strong hand around Jim and fist him gently, feel how much he likes that." The husky voice hardened me further and the warm gaze made me feel safe. He kept on thrusting in and out of my body in a steady rhythm that shook the whole table and tightened my hand around my own cock.

The burn was spreading through me and while I fisted my cock, I felt the little tingle that told me my release was coming. This time, I wanted to bring Artemis with me and I concentrated on tightening the muscles around his bulk. His gasp told me that he'd felt them and I smiled at him.

"Such a naughty James, why that may mean a spanking before we sleep tonight." His eyes gleamed down into mine and he sped up his thrusts. My sight blurred and I had to close my eyes and hold onto the tatters of my control while I burned all the way down to my toes. "Let go for me, James. Let me watch you come."

I shivered from head to toe and came at the sound of his soft croon, flooding my hand with my seed and clenching so hard around him that I felt him release deep inside of me, bathing me with hot fluid. I held onto my consciousness and forced myself to not black out. I wanted to watch his dear face and see the joy that I had brought him.

All the lines in his face disappeared and the look of contentment swelled my pride even further. I had done this, given him satisfaction and completion. He gave me so much and finally, I felt as if I could give him something.

"Sweet James, how beautifully you love me. Thank you for loving me so well." His eyes opened and he leaned closer so he could kiss me. I opened my lips to receive his tongue and felt the wonderful love that he gave me with every word and every action. I wanted to stay that way forever, his cock and tongue both pleasuring me endlessly. But he finally pulled away, stilling my moan with his finger.

"Hush, James. You'll soon be most uncomfortable and I won't let that happen, not after you've given me such joy. Wrap your legs around my waist, love, like so." He guided them around him. "Now hold onto me when I lift you ... so."

I was still impaled on Artie but he lifted me to his chest and walked us down to our bedroom, each step jolting him inside of me until I thought the heat would start all over again. But when he laid me on the bed, Artie slipped free and I mourned his loss with a soft cry and a futile grasping of muscles.

"Don't worry, love, he'll be back before you know it. Rest now while I get undressed and bring a damp cloth to clean us. How beautiful you look against the crimson sheets, my pale James."

I watched him undress, each piece of cloth meticulously removed and hung with care. But it was his body I wanted to see and as it was revealed to me, I watched jealously as each part appeared. The black curls on his chest arrowing down to his arching sex made me smile. The elegant hands removing his pants made me want to touch him all over.

Sliding over the sheets, I perched on the end of the bed and stroked his back while he hung his formal clothes up in the armoire. "I like touching you, Artemis. You're warm everywhere and your skin feels so alive."

He chuckled and turned to me, catching my hand and bringing it to his lips. "I like touching you as well, sweetheart. Your skin is a work of satin art."

"You owe me three kisses, Artemis." I remembered suddenly.

He feigned ignorance and I rose to my knees to bring his face nearer. "You kissed Abigail's hand so you owe me triple the kisses you gave her."

"Shall I kiss your hand, James?" He teased me, holding me close against the dark curls and stroking down my back to the swell of my buttocks. "Or shall I kiss your sweet mouth?"

His mouth slanted across mine, opening my lips and stroking his tongue inside. It was heaven and he kissed me until we had to break apart to breathe. I caught my breath and smiled. "That was one."

"Goodness, how demanding you are. Let's see, how about here?" He toppled me onto the sheets and lay across me, tonguing my nipples and biting them tenderly before sucking on each one until they were hard and aching.

"That's ... t-t-two." I stammered and wrapped my legs around his torso to keep him near.

"Very, very demanding." He chuckled and moved lower to my depleted cock. "Perhaps, I could wake sleeping beauty here with a kiss."

I groaned when he sucked my sensitive flesh into his wet mouth and Jim actually thought about coming back to life. But I was too drained to respond to his teasing kiss and he all too soon let me slip from that hot haven. He placed tender kisses across my stomach, up between my nipples and to the hollow of my throat.

"Sweet James, kissing you is a delight for all my senses." He pulled me into his arms and took my lips again, savoring me at the same time I savored him.

But eventually, the chill of the room reminded me that we needed to clean up and go to bed. "Artemis, we need to use the bathroom before we fall asleep."

Sleepy eyes opened to watch me sit up and he chuckled. "Pull me up then, James, I'm so relaxed that I may never move again."

I slid off the bed and pulled him to the edge so I could help him upright. I loved seeing him so satiated and felt that thrill of pride again that it was me who had so pleasured him. "I will hold you up, Artemis."

"Dear James, what would I do without you?" He stood beside me and slid an arm around my shoulders.

"I don't ever want you to find out, Artemis." I kept both arms around him and he kissed my ear until we were in the bathroom and he pulled far enough away to grasp the washcloth we'd used earlier and dampened it in the sink of cold water.

"I never shall, my love." He cleaned my groin gently and I shivered at the cold water, wondering at how quickly I'd become addicted to warm bathing after years of being stoic.

But my cock was demanding that I release again and Artemis held me while I poured out the liquid of the evening into the commode. Part of me wondered if I'd ever be able to urinate again without him while another reveled in the feel of him along my back. Then it was his turn and I stroked Artie while he released his golden stream.

"Turn for me, love so I can check to see that I wasn't too rough." Artemis bent me over the tub and I felt his tongue licking me there, my hole spasming open to welcome him back in. "So sweet, my love. I love how you open to me. No longer a rosebud, James but a beautiful rose."

Pride filled me again and I turned to him with a smile, rising up a bit on my toes to kiss his lips. Then I was flying again as his hands palmed my cheeks and lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his hips. And we kissed all the way back to our bed, never letting go of each other, not even when he sat on the bed.

Eventually, we broke apart but only long enough to slip under the covers. He spooned my back and promised me in a whisper that he'd come back inside in the morning. That made me wiggle against him and he promised naughty James a velvet spanking as well. So I fell asleep with his arms around me and more pleasure to come. My dreams were sweet indeed.

Artemis, part five

We made love for the next three days as if they were our last. James knew by our last night free of duty that he was loved and wanted. We had talked of our lives in detail, sometimes over a meal or in bed or while we read our mail. We bathed each day usually in the evening and he learned that a proper bath lasted until the water turned cool.

He delighted in everything we did and I watched his excitement when we did something new with a pang that his life until now had been so harsh. My delight came in showing him how beautiful he was and when we went shopping on Monday morning, our last day off, we bought our mirror to hang over our bed. It took an hour of hard labor to hang it securely so not even the motion of the rails would budge it.

James still blushed when I knelt behind him and brought him upright so he could watch my hands in the mirror while they pleasured him. He's such a wanton when he loves that it was all I could do to keep up with him. With his knees spread wide and his hands holding onto me, I pinched his nipples and stroked his cock while Artie slowly hardened between his cheeks.

That's when I pushed him forward and slowly slid inside him so he could watch me disappear, inch by inch within his tight hole. I don't think his eyes could have gotten any bigger and he whispered that he'd never known how really big I looked coming inside of him. So I turned us sideways so with a slight turn of his head, he could watch me thrust inside of him while holding onto his hips.

The novelty of it delighted him and I watched his enjoyment with my own sense of satisfaction. He was learning what pleasure meant and his sweet nature was always coming up with new ways to show his love. I'd grown used to him at my side, on my lap, and generally close to me for he loved exploring my body and feeling it against his skin. He was a most tactile lover and we both enjoyed touching each other.

Unbeknownst to me, he wrote the Emporium and ordered ten more sets of sheets, six more jars of the slightly less expensive cream which had proven to be quite adequate, four more pairs of silk underwear and a pair of 14 karat gold hoops to be delivered on Monday afternoon. He'd already built shelves in his room to hold our overflow of supplies and he confessed most charmingly when he asked for permission to dress so he could accept their delivery.

He'd been 'confessing' the most outrageous deeds in order for me to decree a 'punishment'. For whatever reason, I'd freed his need for slight pain and I grew to love his inventive excuses for a spanking. He loved the velvet paddle and the slight burn it left behind even more than my hand. By Monday, I'd lost track of how often I'd spanked him and he strutted like a peacock whenever I reddened his cheeks.

Of course, I gave him permission to dress and I dressed as well although much more casually than usual. I cooked a big lunch and sent him to the gym to exercise some of his energy away. The delivery came just after one and I took delivery just before he rushed back in all tousled and sweaty, testing my willpower to its utmost. He tipped them before sending them on their way and locking the door behind them.

He would have begun opening the packages but I picked him up in a fireman's carry and took him back to our room. He wiggled most enticingly and mock complained that he hadn't done anything wrong while I spanked his cheeks all the way down the hall. Throwing him on the bed, I speedily unbuttoned his pants, which was all the little tease was wearing, even though I'd sent him out in a shirt as well earlier.

All the time he complained, his nimble fingers were busy unbuttoning me as well. When I would have stopped to reach for the cream, he blushed and whispered that he'd already gotten himself ready in the gym. So, I turned him over, brought him up to his knees and slowly impaled him until I could get no deeper. He sighed contentedly and held still for a long moment the way we always did while we both got used to possessing and being possessed.

"I love you, Artemis. Don't ever stop filling me with your love." He met my eyes in the mirror and smiled tremulously as if he'd just now realized what we were doing.

"I love you, James. I shall never stop telling you nor giving you my love. Every day whether we're together or apart, I shall be loving you with all my heart." I promised him and we made love slowly then, each movement showing our love to the other until we climaxed at the same moment. Cuddling together, we whispered sweet promises to each other until hunger forced us apart.

After cleaning up, we fed each other lunch with our fingers, delighting in every bite and nibble. He sat on my lap the way he usually did and I wondered if I'd ever be able to eat apart from him again. I'd grown used to his sweet weight and the way he wiggled when the hair on my legs teased him. He always held Artie up so he could pet him while we ate and I'd grown used to being half hard all the time.

Such an addicting lover and watching him blossom under my complete attention, I blessed his demon father for keeping him chaste for me to awaken. I sometimes called him my sleeping beauty and indeed he was. All his passion had lain dormant until I could find him and love him awake. Now, I knew that no other could ever take his place and I plotted ways to keep him safe.

No longer could I bear the thought of him being hurt or god forbid, killed. Our duties were too dangerous and the Secret Service too harsh a mistress to take such chances. There had to be a way to retire gracefully and make his dream of a ranch come true. I pondered that while feeding him cold chicken from the night before.

"You're thinking very hard, Artemis. Is there something wrong?" His blue eyes looked so trustingly into mine that I was compelled as I so often was with him, to tell him the truth.

"I'm dreading going back to the job, James. I want this interlude to never be over and for neither of us to ever have to go into danger again." I was rather ashamed of my feelings, knowing of his sense of honor and duty, and I dropped my eyes to the almost clean plate.

But his hand raised my chin and his lips smiled delightedly. "Thank goodness, Artemis, I was afraid I was the only one who felt that way." He scattered kisses over my cheeks and lips with little nips that soon had Artie rising to the occasion. "I could hardly bear to think of you being shot again like you were two months ago. I'm selfish and I want us to build something together rather than just go out to lay our lives on the line for our country."

"I'm selfish too, sweetheart. The thought of another like Heildigger having you in his clutches gives me chills. But what can we do until we've saved up enough for your dream?" I held him tighter, my hands stroking his back.

He practically bounced on my lap in his excitement. "The inheritance my father left me is just sitting in the bank up in New York. We could use it to stock the ranch that we can claim as veterans of the War. Together, we could hold title to 1200 acres. Now that California is a state, some of that land is up for grabs. Most of the settlers want the southern part down near Los Angeles but we want further north so there won't be so many asking for that land."

"You've been thinking about this, haven't you?" I marveled at his plans and the care he'd taken to think out the details.

He hugged me fiercely. "You're too important to lose, Artemis. I love you so much that I'm afraid of what might happen. That fear makes me vulnerable in ways I never was before."

"Do you regret that, love?" The sudden fear came out of nowhere.

"No! Loving you is better than anything I've ever felt before. I can't put the country first anymore because you are." His eyes flashed and I kissed him gratefully. He'd spoken my feelings so well and I rejoiced at his passionate vow.

When our lips broke apart, I told him so. "You are the greatest treasure of my heart, James. For several months now, I've been putting you first and hoping that duty to our country wouldn't make me choose between it and you. The strain was becoming insupportable when I found you hanging from that silly wheel."

He hugged me tight and swallowed hard against the sudden tears. If we hadn't been so close, I'd have never heard his whisper. "I love you more than life itself, Artemis. Never leave me for I couldn't bear to live without you."

I petted him and murmured sweet nothings until he calmed. Cradling him against my heart, I rocked him slowly until we both had regained a measure of peace. More would have to be ascertained but from this moment on, we both knew that our future lay elsewhere.

We finished eating and cleaning up the dishes before unwrapping James' purchases. He beamed when I exclaimed at his extravagance but pretended to be contrite and soon ended up over my lap being spanked once for every set of sheets and jar of cream but not for the golden hoops which I'd set gently aside. I lay back on our Persian rug and let him impale himself on my rigid cock, riding me with his strong thighs while I leisurely stroked Jim until he shivered into climax and came in my hand.

That wasn't quite enough to wring my release from me so I held him close and waited for him to come back to me. His little blackouts were such compliments to me and I stroked his back until I felt his eyelashes flutter against my throat. He clenched his inner muscles and felt my rigidity with a breathless chuckle.

"Artie is feeling very hard, Artemis. What more would he like right now?" He wiggled just a little but my hands held him still.

"I think I'd like to play a game of pool, James. We haven't done that in over two weeks and I believe I'd like a nice game of pool to ... relax me." I rolled him over to his back and slowly withdrew from his tight channel. He hissed just a little and I immediately pushed his legs back to check his entrance.

"There's no pain, Artemis. I just hate to lose you." He said quietly, touching my worried face.

"That's not going to happen, James. You'll never lose me." I leaned in and kissed him gently. "Now, how about that game?"

He chortled and rolled to his feet in one of those fluid movements that always made me catch my breath in awe. Then he reached down and drew me to my feet with shining eyes that flirted just a little. His new skills were evident when he looked at me with mock seriousness. "And just what kind of stakes are we betting on this friendly game of pool?"

James, part six

Artemis looked very serious but the gleam in his eye told me that this was yet another new love game that we could play. "Well, I think I shall watch you play until I'm inspired to ... take a shot. So why don't you take your ... pool cue while I ready ... mine."

I watched him stroke Artie and felt a shiver go up my spine. This was going to be fun. So, I took down my leather handled pool cue and set up the balls for the break. It felt distinctly odd to be playing while naked but looking at Artemis watch me, I felt the most handsome man in the world. I'd slowly come to understand that his compliments were sincere and not mere words.

And to know that he had been placing me first before we were even lovers made me feel ten feet tall. So, I strutted just a little while I took the first shot and watched the balls scatter across the table. Eyeing the placement, I set up for my next shot while he continued to watch me. It was going to be hard to concentrate but I took a deep breath and sank the ball in the side pocket.

He smiled and moved up behind me, his hands stroking my back while Artie slid between my cheeks and I held my breath. "Nice shot, James. Now try for the three ball."

It was doable so I shifted just a little and repositioned my pool cue. That one sank as well and I felt a soft kiss between my shoulder blades. "How was that, Artemis?"

"Very nice, sweet James. How about number six now?" His hand stroked my left cheek and I found it hard to concentrate on the ball. But by moving around the table, I could make it and I stretched a little to reach the optimum place, feeling Artemis move behind me, Artie teasing me again with his hardness.

I wanted him back inside of me so recklessly I shot and watched it sink across the table into the pocket. My reward was Artemis' warm hand fondling my balls from between my legs. "Excellent shot, James but I think I like the feel of these balls rather than those."

Gritting my teeth at the unbelievable feel of my favorite hands rolling my balls between his fingers, I checked the table and chose my next shot. He followed me around the table, his hands stroking any part of me that was available. This time, I spread my legs a little before leaning in and positioning my cue. "Four in the side pocket."

He warmed me from shoulder to hip while he pretended to look at my shot. "I think you can make it, James. Don't let me distract you."

And I would have made it too if he hadn't grasped my cock at the same time I shot. "Artemis!"

"Oh dear, did I distract you? I'm so sorry, why don't you try again and I'll stay over here so I won't disturb you." He smiled beguilingly at me and I moved to the other side, missing his warmth almost immediately.

The distraction this time was visual and I watched him stroke himself with jealous eyes. Artie was mine and I was determined to make him come back inside of me. So I stretched a little myself and moved the cue back and forth between the bridge of my fingers before sinking number four.

"Well done, James. How about number two from this side again?" He pointed to the ball with one hand while the other kept on stroking himself.

I could see Artie pulse a little and I bit my lip because I knew that meant he was close. "That would be a good shot but would it be a great one?"

"I could help make it a great one, sweet James." He held out his hand and I moved quickly to join him, sliding my arms around him and going up on tiptoe to capture his lips. This was better than any silly game but he gently disengaged our mouths after a moment and turned me back to the table.

But this time, I leaned forward to position my shot knowing that I would have 'help'. And he did indeed by lifting me up just a little and popping Artie's crown just inside of me while I shook at his entrance. "Ah, this will help, I think. Now make your shot, James. Concentrate and keep your eye on your cue."

I had to take two deep breaths before lining up and shooting the ball straight into the side pocket. Artemis slid another inch inside and lifted me just enough to slide us to the next side of the table. "Try for ten, James."

It was all I could do to hold onto my cue, the need to have him deeper shaking through me but another breath and I lined up the shot only to see it bounce off and sink the eight ball instead. With a groan, Artemis slid completely inside of me and I shook around him my fingers going nerveless and the cue dropping onto the table.

"I win, James. Now just hold still while I sink my shot." He nipped at my neck and his hands held me up so my feet didn't touch the floor while he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back in.

My hands clawed at the green felt of the pool table while my eyes teared at the familiar burn of possession. "You play so beautifully, Artemis. It's a pleasure to watch a true ... master of the game."

"Such a graceful loser, my love. I'll be sure that you have no cause to regret losing to me." His hips snapped into mine and Artie massaged my gland into a teasing burn that spread throughout my entire body.

"Never." I gasped and tried to open myself more for him. "Losing to you has it's own ... oh god there ... compensations."

His chuckle came at the same moment he nipped my shoulder and that tingle traveled straight to my cock, hardening it completely. Several strokes later and I was babbling uncontrollably while he pistoned in and out of my spasming hole until he impaled me and shot his blood hot seed deep within me. I anointed the side of the table with my own seed and felt my whole body relax onto the felt.

"Sweet James, how well we play pool together." He licked the sweat from the back of my neck like the old cat he'd told me of from early in his life. Wherever we ended up, I was determined to find another for him to pamper when he wasn't pampering me.

I was too tired to answer and he chuckled when he picked up one of my hands and let it fall with a thud to the felt. "My poor love, I seem to have worn you out. Perhaps a nice hot bath would help revive you."

I groaned. "As long as you don't expect me to move before tomorrow."

He laughed aloud and gently slid Artie free before picking me up and carrying me to the bathroom where he sat me on the commode lid. The cold water was already in the tub and all he had to do was open the water cock and let the hot water flow out. He put in the oil that I loved to smell and blew out the pilot light before shutting off the gas so we didn't asphyxiate.

Then he came back to me and lifted me into the hot water to kneel in the front so he could climb in behind me, tugging me back into his arms while my well-loved cheeks settled onto a depleted Artie. We both sighed quietly and I pulled his arms closer around me contentedly.

"I love you, Artemis. I'm glad we're getting out of the Secret Service soon. I don't need the danger anymore because you provide all the excitement I could ever wish for."

"Dearest James, you are every dream I ever wished come true. Thank goodness you gave me a chance after I surprised you." He kissed my ear and gently bit the earlobe with his sharp teeth.

"Thank goodness you ... chastised me so well. I'd never felt so much before and now I can't imagine ever living without your passion." I smiled at the memory of my unloved self. "You fill me with love and let me love you in return. That is such a wonderful gift."

"Ah, but you gave me your own sweet self, James. I think we are well matched in every way. And somehow we will make all our dreams come true. Even the ones that we don't yet know about." His hands stirred the water before settling on my nipples. Plucking them before letting go, his breath teased my ear. Then he pinched the left one. "And after we bathe, I'll pierce this small bud and hang your new ring through it."

I shivered as if with the ague, wondering how that would feel. "I can't wear your ring on my finger but I thought this way I could still have part of you with me always."

"My dearest love, what a wonderful thought." He hugged me tightly and I twisted so our lips could meet. His tongue stroked mine until we had to breathe again and he kissed my temple tenderly. "My James is a true romantic and how I love you for it. Our lives will be filled with hard work and joy every minute of every day."

Smiling, I looked into that future vision that we shared and saw us riding our acres while watching the sun set over the land that we'd chosen. The house in the distance would have a big kitchen so Artemis could cook. Our bathroom would have a hot water heater for our baths and the bathtub would be a little deeper than this one so we could soak just like this without either of us exposing part of our skin to the air.

"What are you thinking, James? That's a very bright smile you're wearing." Artemis' curious voice woke me from my waking dream.

"Just planning our bathtub in our new house. A little deeper than this one so we can both be submerged while we're soaking. And a big kitchen so you have room to create wonderful meals for us and the guests that will come just to have you cook for them."

His deep laughter shook my whole body and he held me closer while I twisted to lie on his chest and watch his face crease with joy. "Only you, my love, would already be planning so far ahead. You must be very sure that we'll get the land we want."

I smiled at the one secret I'd kept from him. Father hadn't been a very good parent, but he'd been a very good investor. The three million dollars in the bank in New York would buy even more land than the 1200 acres we would probably start with. And everything my Artemis wanted in our dream house would be ours.

"I am very, very sure, my Artemis."

End of the Play's the Thing