Author: Athea (
Title: Making Plans
Sequel: This follows The Play's the Thing
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Summary: They resign from the Secret Service.
Date: 15 December 2000
Artemis, part one

I waited in the anteroom with a dozen others. Calming my own emotions, I speculated on what had each of them here, waiting for the President's secretary to call their name. Muldoon was probably here to report on the Mexico problem, I decided. Although why they'd sent an Irishman to investigate the madmen running Mexico City, I'd never understand. And Matt Green was undoubtedly here to report on the opium smuggling from the West.

I was just here to resign.

A commotion at the outer door brought my eyes up to the lovely sight of my partner striding in beside Director Thomas. The high color in his cheeks told me that James had probably been galloping in the crisp air. He'd had some mysterious errand to run and had promised to meet me here by ten but since it was now almost 10:30, he was late.

Of course, the Director of the Secret Service might be the reason he was late and I was more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he'd let me. His teasing strut and quick look at the clock by the secretary's desk told me that he was going to confess to being naughty somewhat later when we were alone. It had been almost two days since his last spanking and I think he was beginning to chafe at the lack.

Smiling fondly at my young lover, I stood and shook hands with Director Thomas while James took his place at my side. "Sir, this is an unexpected pleasure."

The short spare man with the rapidly receding hairline shook my hand vigorously. "Nonsense, the President asked me to come and help him bring the two of you to your senses. How's the wait look?"

"Not too bad, Sir. I've only been here since ten." I replied and watched him snort before heading to the secretary's desk.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Artemis."

"That's all right, James. I'm sure you had good reason. You'd have simply been bored to distinction here." I smiled at him and watched that shy light in his eyes grow. He's so beautiful and I wanted to take him into my arms to greet him properly but we'd rejoined the world and that wasn't possible.

But my eyes promised him a proper welcome and he blushed slightly.

"Gentlemen," Director Thomas beckoned us and we left the waiting room to travel down the short hall to the President's office. President Grant was pacing back and forth, his cigar smoke trailing behind him.

"Hah! What the hell do you boys think you're doing?" Our commander in chief growled at us.

"Sir!" James practically came to attention. "If I may speak candidly?"

"Of course you may, James." The President chewed on his cigar and gestured to my partner to continue.

"I'm tired of fighting a war that never ends." James spoke simply to the man he admired so sincerely. "I want to build something with my own hands, that will last. I was reminded recently that sometimes dreams can come true. My dream of owning a ranch, raising cattle and watching crops grow is a very old one. It's time for me to make it come true."

President Grant glowered at him but I could see his respect in his calming stance. "Out West, I suppose. We're losing a lot of good men out there."

"If I may, Mr. President?" I waited for his nod before continuing. "Don't think of it as losing the men but stabilizing the conditions that provide the United States with another state of growing commerce and population. Mining, farming, ranching and everything that goes along with them are exploding out there. It couldn't hurt to have a few eyes on the situation that know what to look for and where to report the news."

He was struggling with an emotion but until he guffawed, I wasn't sure which one it was. His laughter was infectious and I was grinning discretely when he found his voice again. "Damn it, Artie, I'm going to miss that quick mind of yours. Why the hell are you going out there? Ranching was never your forte."

I felt James start at the use of my pet name. "San Francisco is fast becoming the theater hub of the West. A good actor could do very well there. And I'm nothing if not good. Besides, James will need someone to watch over him while he wrests a living out of the wilds, some one old and wily."

James cast a reproachful look at me but the tension in the room had dropped dramatically and he could feel that. Director Thomas was nodding and looking to the President. "It's as I said, Mr. President. They are determined and their departure could work to our benefit."

"Yes, yes, I can see that." The sigh was just short of wistful and I pondered the burdens of his great responsibilities. "Boys, I can see you're ready to go but Toby here and I have a little proposition for you. Strictly on the q-t, mind you. You're right about the West growing rapidly ... maybe too rapidly. We need some eyes on the ground, someone who can size up a situation and let us know before it gets too out of hand. There'd be a small stipend that would cover some information gathering but there'll be none of the dangerous situations you've had to undertake for the past year."

"Eventually, gentlemen, there will be an agency to oversee such domestic intelligence gathering but at the moment, we're testing out the possibilities. You're not the team I thought we'd be starting with but I actually think that may work to our advantage." Director Thomas rubbed his chin thoughtfully and eyed us like a pair of prize stallions. "If you throw up your hands at the boring assignments we've been giving you and move out to California to start to build a new life, no one would suspect that you are also watching what's going on around you and reporting back to the President."

It could work, was my first thought and I glanced at James to find him biting his lip. The old battle of duty versus desire was waging inside of him. He needed time to think and I needed it as well. "Director Thomas, to whom would we report and what kind of report are you looking for? Spying on our neighbors would be repugnant to us both. And except for the local art guild, I didn't plan on joining any organizations."

"Pfui! We don't need that, Artie." President Grant chuckled. "You'd be reporting to Toby and what we want are the opinions and observations of a couple of sharp-eyed men of what's being thought of us back here in Washington and the world situation like Mexico to the south and Canada to the North. Not to mention those crazy Russians and the immigrant Chinese that are flooding into California. Somebody called us a melting pot the other day and I'll be damned if I don't agree with that image."

Another look at James and his nod told me that we'd just taken a new job. "Very well, Sir. We'll report what we hear and find but only what we observe directly. Here-say doesn't do anyone any good."

"Excellent. Thank you for understanding." Director Thomas smiled at the President who made shooing motions.

"Away with you all, I've got to talk to that crazy Irishman next. James, you take care out there. I don't want to hear of any reckless stunts, like that little high dive you took last month. Artie, I expect a new recipe now and then for Julia." He shook James' hand and then mine before pointing to the back door to his office.

The Director was already talking to James while I followed behind but I hadn't quite closed the door behind me when I heard my name again. I stuck my head back in to see Grant sitting in the swivel chair behind the large desk. "Sir?"

"James is a very special young man, Artie. His father was a pious son of a bitch who came close to ruining his only child. The war was the making of him but I can still see the young man who came to West Point very much a lost soul. Take good care of him, my friend."

I smiled. "The very best care, Mr. President, on my honor."

"You've been good for him, Artie. He doesn't do well on his own. Stick close and give him someone to fight for. It always worked for me." He winked at me and waved me away.

Shutting the door gently, I smiled to myself. Not much got past his eagle eye and it felt like James' surrogate father had just given his adopted son to me. Seeing James ahead looking back with a slight frown, I hurried to catch up. Life was going to be very interesting for awhile.

If I was very lucky, for the rest of my life.

The Director took our formal resignations in his office and gave me a four-page memo that outlined what they wanted us to do. He insisted that we read it and come back to discuss it with him but at his home on Friday evening for dinner. We filled out some paperwork terminating our full time employment with the Secret Service and left the Capital complex with a sense of relief.

We were both on horseback today and I caught James peeking at me when we mounted. "Yes, James, is there something else you need to do?"

He opened his mouth then closed it when two other agents came by and wished us luck. We finally got rid of them and he tried again. "I thought maybe you'd like to have lunch at Chez Pierre's? We didn't get there last week."

"What an excellent idea, James. It's almost noon but we can still beat the rush if we ride there right now." I smiled at him and saw his eyes brighten. Being out in public was hard for him because he'd grown used to being able to say what he wanted in the privacy of our rail way car.

He led the way and I came behind, admiring the way he sat Charger. James was the closest thing to a centaur that I'd ever seen. He and his horse moved as one entity and it was beautiful to see. Lady and I got along just fine but we'd never be the seamless unit that my partner and his black horse were.

We took the shortcut that led us to the back of my favorite Washington restaurant. A fellow student of cooking from my early days in Paris, Pierre and I had been friends for over fifteen years. I would miss his pungent opinions about everything from spices to political gossip.

James was already tying off Charger while I was still gazing about me with a sense of nostalgia. "Come on, Artemis, I'm hungry."

"Impudent young pup, I'm coming." I swung off Lady and found James already there to take the reins. I allowed myself to stroke his cheek just once. "I'll admit to being hungry myself, James. Shall we have a piece of Pierre's famous chocolate cherry supreme cake for dessert?"

James, part two

I nodded quickly then thought twice. "We could take some home with us. I don't know if I could watch you eat it without wanting you to eat it from my body."

His eyes crinkled into my favorite smile. "Naughty James, I'm afraid I share your fear. So we shall most assuredly take it home for ... later."

I tied Lady to the railing and basked in the heat of his hand on my back. I knew what would happen when we went inside, Pierre would come out and begin to spout incredibly fast French while Artemis matched him word for word. Food would begin to appear and it would be delicious but after a few bites it would be whisked away only to be replaced with a new dish.

I'd learned early to eat quickly before I could lose it. Occasionally, Artemis would ask my opinion of a dish and the waiter would hover, listening intensely with a beam if I said I liked it or a sad sigh if I didn't care for it. Today would be no different and we were soon seated at the best table in the house while the chef talked frantically with his hands as if the fate of the known world was in the balance.

Early on, I'd wondered what to make of this odd ritual but Artemis had shown me the difference between good cooking and ... inspired cooking. Next to my lover, Chef Pierre was my favorite cook but he would be wounded to the soul if I ever called him that. Mostly when we came here, I just listened and ate. It was fun to listen to Artemis speak French and his gestures always made me want to laugh.

But now, it was different. I was different. Now when I looked at him, I saw the man who held my heart, who loved me in all ways and who wanted me with his body. It had been sheer torture to stand in the President's office and tell him I wanted to leave his service without being able to tell him why.

The real reason was seated across from me, gesturing to the ceiling while they argued about some spice. I felt a smile trying to get out and I had to take a drink of water to hide it. It wouldn't do to change my dour image. I really had been a very cold man before Artemis loved me.

But all the warmth in the world was mine now and his eyes cast me a heated look as if he could read my mind. "James, what do you think of adding saffron to the egg dish we had last time here?"

I hadn't the faintest idea but I always could think fast on my feet. "I would have to taste it. I'm not the expert that you are, Artemis."

His eyes laughed at me. "Well, Pierre, I guess we shall try your new creation. And perhaps a romaine salad to cleanse our palettes before we sample the main course."

Pierre kissed his hands to us and rushed away to the kitchen. Artemis gazed at me across the table and I had the sudden urge to kiss him. He always knows when I'm thinking that and this time was no exception.

"Dear James, we shall be home by two o'clock and after this eventful day, I think I shall need a long, hot bath to recover. Will you mind if I monopolize the bathroom?" He asked me sweetly while the waiter poured a deep red wine into our wineglasses.

"Not at all, Artemis. I can catch up on my mail or work out in the gym." I teased him daringly.

The waiter left and he held up his glass to inspect the ruby liquid. "I could be persuaded to share, sweet James."

I sipped my wine and had to work hard to stop my grimace. It was really dry and slightly bitter so it was probably considered good by wine enthusiasts. "If I drink this, I'll need to bathe."

His chuckle made me want to blush. "I'll help wash it away."

The waiter appeared again with our salads and we ate in a simmering silence in which we spoke with our eyes because it wasn't safe to talk aloud, save for ordinary matters. The rest of the meal went by quickly and we both agreed that saffron could indeed be used with eggs. Chef Pierre came out to talk again while lesser cooks took care of the other customers of the popular restaurant.

Artemis told him of our coming move and Pierre lamented our departure but quickly asked my partner to send him any recipes from the Far West that might pique the interests of the Washington intelligencia. Also, it seemed a certain Gervaise known to both of them had opened a restaurant in San Francisco and Artemis promised to check it out as soon as he could.

Pierre wrapped up our cake with panache and handed it to Artemis with a kiss on each cheek. I shouldn't be jealous but I begrudged him his long friendship with my partner. It seemed that everybody we met had known him before I did. Our ride back home was spent in making lists of things we needed to do and items we needed to buy and ship out West.

I still hadn't told him about the size of my inheritance but I wanted to surprise him when we were actually on our way. It was going to take a month to prepare before we could leave and I'd just set up a Wells Fargo account that we could draw on while we were traveling. The strong box of gold we'd take would be enough to get started on once we found our land and needed to build our home.

I looked at him and thought about that astounding statement. Our home and our land. No longer did I have to fear being alone. I had someone who cared for me and loved me. I would never take him for granted and I would never let anything hurt him, not even myself. Now that we'd resigned, I was going to keep a very close eye on him so he never came to harm.

He liked pampering me but I was learning how to take care of him as well. We were all the way to the station before I came out of my thoughts and realized it. I had another surprise for him but this one I wasn't waiting on. I took both horses at his request so he could collect the mail and take our dessert inside. Unsaddling both of them, I took a little time to brush them after their long rides on paved streets.

I could feel the love simmering inside of me the way it had since he'd first told me he loved me. But now, I knew some ways to show him how much I loved him and I was hoping that what I had done would please him. Striding to the back platform, I practically vaulted up the steps to the door. Opening and shutting it immediately, I made sure it was locked before removing my hat and throwing it on the hall tree. Then I peeled off my boots and left them there as well.

The humming told me that Artemis was in the kitchen and I was already beginning to undress while I moved in that direction. It had been two interminably long days since he'd last spanked me and I had something to confess which might just bring me that treat. I was unbuttoning my shirt when I got to the kitchen door in time to see him measuring out some herbs into the porcelain ball.

"Ah, James, you shall pick which of us gets to take this cleansing." He teased me while I finished removing my shirt. "How very beautiful your new ring looks."

I looked down at the small gold ring that adorned my left nipple. It was still a little sore but Artemis had bathed it with alcohol every morning and night since he'd pierced it and I could see that it was healing rapidly. He slid the ring back and forth to keep the tiny channel open and I could already tell that my sensitivity was heightened by my new addition.

"I shall get a swelled head, Artemis, if you continue to tell me how beautiful I am." I came close and slid my arms around him so I could feel his soft chest hair against mine. "Would you be too disappointed if I asked for the cleansing this time? I missed Artie this morning."

I'd awakened to Artemis impaling himself on my cock and we'd made love slowly for quite some time until we had to get ready to run all our errands. He hadn't even had time to help me dress which is why I had a surprise for him. Looking down, I could see Artie really liked the idea of coming back inside of me.

"Sweetheart, you could never disappoint me. Artie is looking forward to coming back inside of you. And just what is it you're planning, my sly James?" He always could read me like a book.

"I wanted to be ready for you so I'm wearing the cock ring." I told him smugly and watched him laugh out loud.

"Wicked, wicked James. I believe I detect some naughtiness that may need some correction." His eyes gleamed and his fingers rapidly unbuttoned me so he could caress my caged cock and balls. "Yes, indeed, I can see that a spanking is in order before I help you clean yourself out."

That sounded wonderful to me but I tried to look contrite while he teasingly stroked poor Jim to full hardness. "Should I get the paddle, Artemis?"

He pretended to think then he got the twinkle in his eye that always made me want to throw myself at him. "I believe I'll wear my new black leather gloves, James. You seemed to enjoy my old ones."

I shivered and pressed closer. The scene in the dressing room of the Emporium still amazed me when I pulled out the memory. "It felt so dangerous, Artemis, and it stung so much."

"Good. Go kneel by the settee and hold my gloves while I finish getting this ready for you. My sweet love, I shall make it very good for you." He kissed me tenderly and I sucked on his tongue when he entwined it with mine. He always made it good.

Then he spanked my nether cheek and told me to hang up my clothes first. So I did before I went into our room and found the new gloves that fit his hands so well. When he pulled them on at the store, I could almost feel them against my skin and I know I blushed very hard whenever I thought of them.

Hurrying to the parlor, I knelt just before he arrived with the bag of hot water and herbs that would cleanse me for him. He chuckled when he saw how eagerly Jim was waiting and once he'd seated himself on the settee; I laid myself on his spread legs for my spanking.

"So beautiful, my love. I believe I'll test your willpower and give you the enema first before I redden these tight little ass cheeks." He said, slipping the nozzle in and letting the warm water flow into me. It felt so good to feel it rush inside and I wiggled a little at the heat that flooded me, hardening poor Jim even more. He stroked my back soothingly while I filled up, and then he pushed in the plug that would help me keep the water inside before I saw him pick up the gloves.

Artemis, part three

I pulled on the new gloves and surveyed my playing field. Really, James was a treat for all my senses and I stroked his cheeks tenderly. His daring at putting on the cock ring by himself as a surprise for me was just one indication at how far he'd come in the last ten days. "How does it feel, sweetheart?"

"Warm and good. How long does it need to stay in?" He wiggled joyfully.

"About an hour, sweetheart. Now, for my naughty James, who knows how much I enjoy putting on his cock ring but went ahead and did it himself, this spanking is well earned." And I began to gently slap his ass cheeks to a bright red color.

"Oh, Artemis, I didn't ... oh yes ... mean to deprive you ... oh there ... deprive you of any pleasure." He wiggled most enticingly, lifting that delectable ass to my hand. "Oh please . . . oh."

I made sure that I spanked the plug randomly so he wouldn't know when it was coming and he squirmed with pleasure while I continued to brighten his bottom. I could feel his cock jerking in time with the slaps and knew that soon he would have to come or the pleasure would degenerate into pain.

Judging the redness to be sufficient, I stopped and let him slide back to his knees beside me. He was biting his lip while Jim looked as if he was being strangled by the leather restraint. "Come over here, James and let me see what I can do for poor Jim."

Lifting him onto the table, I had him hold his legs up and apart while I stroked his weeping cock. Taking just the crown into my mouth, I sucked very hard for a moment while he pleaded in a broken voice for me to let him come. Readying the buckle, I pushed in the plug and took him deep in my throat while releasing him from his leather cage. He thrust up once and came in endless spurts of my favorite seed.

He went quite well with the saffron eggs from lunch. I drained him of his juices and saw that he had no strength left to do more than continue to hold his legs. So, I picked him up and carried him into the bathroom to set him on the commode lid. I'd already poured in the cool water so all it took was the turn of the spigot and the hot water began to mix in. I poured in the bath oil and made sure the soap was ready before turning back to him.

Holding up his arms, he silently asked for help in getting in the tub and I was happy to oblige. He was squirming a little and I knew the internal cleansing was preceding apace. I held him close and settled us both in the steaming hot water. Really, I wondered how civilization had ever gotten along without the water heater. Heating kettles and kettles by stove then transporting them to the meager tubs of my youth had been an exercise in frustration.

"James, why were you so late this morning?" I remembered to ask him while leisurely soaping his beautiful body.

He squirmed a little more but met my eyes squarely. "It's a surprise, Artemis."

"Really, my love, a surprise for me?" I soaped his arms and tickled his armpits a little with soapy hands.

He chuckled but didn't try to get away. "Yes and no. It's for both of us. Please let me keep it a secret."

"Of course, I shall, James. I love surprises and yours are better than anyone else's." I urged him up to his feet so I could soap his legs. "Now come back down to rinse so I can have my favorite bath toy back."

He laughed aloud and rinsed quickly before taking the soap in his hands. He soon had my chest well lathered while he played with my nipples before abandoning them in favor of my cock. Artie enjoyed the attention and hardened just a bit more so that James had to press on the nerve to still his pulse.

"No, Artie, you don't want my mouth but my well-spanked ass." He sternly admonished him and I shook with laughter at his teasing comment. James turned me and got the back of my legs before letting me rinse. Then he swarmed back into my arms, lying on his stomach so he could watch me.

"What are you thinking, my love?" I stroked both hands down his back before palming his pert ass with a cheek in each hand and squeezing just a little.

"How much I love you and how very lucky I am that you love me." His sweet lips trembled just a bit and I stilled them with my own, showing him my love silently.

We kissed for long moments before we broke apart and he laid his head on my shoulder. "I'm the lucky one, James. You could have hated me instead of loved me when I made my declaration and took advantage of your state."

"Never," his blue eyes flashed when he raised his head, "I could never hate you. I never knew what real love was until you loved me. And I think that I'm glad that I was helpless to stop you because I might have tried and then I wouldn't know how wonderful making love is. You've taught me so much."

"No more than you've taught me, my intelligent student." I kissed his temple. "You gave yourself like the priceless gift you are and I will always be grateful."

He shivered and I watched for the flush that would tell me that he needed to leave the tub. When it came, he hurried out and voided himself with a sigh while I readied the washcloth and soap. Then he was back in my arms for a long kiss while I soaped him tenderly and readied him for me.

Artie was getting quite insistent that he'd been really, really patient and he wanted James' welcoming ass right now. But I told him silently to behave although James didn't help matters with his teasing stroking. So I was forced to lay my lover over the side of the tub and spank his still red ass with one hand while I reached for the bath sheet.

"Young man, for such wanton teasing of your patient lover, I am decreeing a very special punishment." I watched his eyes widen but the happy smile told me that he knew what ever it was would be fun. "Now, out you get and I'll let you dry me only if you promise no more teasing."

He pouted but obeyed, although he couldn't resist a quick kiss to Artie's plum crown while he was drying my legs. With a roar of mock rage, I picked him up and carried him to bed. He bounced when I threw him on the mattress and watched with shining eyes while I went to the armoire to get his surprise. But he looked puzzled when all I pulled out were some long silk ties.

I was looking forward to his reaction when I put them to use. "Lay flat, you young reprobate and I shall get you ready for your punishment. In the middle of the bed with arms and legs spread apart. Yes, just like that."

He watched with wide eyes when I looped his left wrist and tied it to the left bedpost. His breathing quickened when I moved to the other side and tied his right wrist as well. At this point, I stopped to ask what he was thinking. "James, are you going to be all right like this? I'll be in complete control of your body as I was in the underground room. Is that all right?"

James' shy smile almost broke my heart. "I trust you, Artemis. Anything you want to do will only bring me more pleasure."

I leaned in and kissed him thoroughly. "You are indeed the most generous of lovers, my sweet James. Now, I shall be even more fiendish with your legs. All for my own pleasure, of course."

He laughed aloud while I tied each ankle to a post but when I looped them higher than his arms so that his ass was nicely raised above the sheets he wiggled just a little. "You see, there's plenty of room for Artie now." I joined him on the bed and moved forward until I was between his legs. Parting his red cheeks, I leaned in and began to lick his sweet hole until he was writhing and panting.

"But he's looking very small today. Why, he could almost be that tight virginal hole that tempted me before. And this might be the first time my innocent James had ever seen such a big cock." I stroked his thighs and knelt up so Artie could slide between his widely parted thighs to lie next to Jim.

"Oh, he's very big, my large captor. Please don't try and put him inside of me." He pleaded beautifully while his bright eyes gazed possessively at Artie. "He would probably split me in two."

"Do you think so, my innocent captive? I should see just how tight you are first, I suppose. Let's see if my finger will fit." The cream was on the pillow by his head and I reached for it while leaning over him so I could lick his nipples. "What sweet little buds we have here. And I see that you like to adorn yourself with gold, my young soldier. And very tasty it is too."

He shivered all the way to his toes when I tugged it just a little with my teeth. "Oh, I don't know how that happened, my sweet and gentle captor. It just appeared one day but it never felt that good when I touched it."

I chuckled silently and enjoyed his addition to our little play. "Really, I've never heard of a nipple fairy before but that's obviously who made this little tit so pretty. Now, let's see, I was about to see if my finger would fit inside of this tight little hole, my shy virgin. And see, it does fit although your muscles grasp it very tightly."

"Oh, but you mustn't touch me there, kind sir, I think that's forbidden." His shy look was priceless and I felt like twirling my mustache as the melodrama villains did.

"Nonsense, my little beauty, more than just my fingers are going in this tight little hole." I slid two fingers in and watched him try to move his hips up but his position made it impossible. "If you're very lucky, I'll put in more cream so my cock will slide right inside of you, splitting you open for me."

I was pressing on the nerve at the base of his cock so he didn't release prematurely and I took the time to lick the leaking tears from poor Jim. He was beginning to pant a little and this time I slid in three fingers, passing them over his gland until he was groaning.

"Oh please, kind, gentle, caring captor, please stop torturing me. I'll never survive if you don't," he remembered our little play, " ... I mean if you do put that giant weapon inside me. I've never seen another man's sex before but he looks bigger than my favorite stallion's cock."

"Hah, little soldier, you're curiously innocent about the ways of men. I'm surprised that no one ever told you what it is men do together. But I'll just show you instead." I was trying to be severe but Artie was getting very insistent that he wanted inside and he wanted inside, right now. "Open wide for me, little virgin."

James, part four

All I could do was breathe while Artemis parted my cheeks and slowly pushed Artie's crown just through the outer muscles. It did feel like the first time all over again and I wondered if this is how it would have felt that day when I hung suspended from the wheel. I was spread-eagled like then but on my back instead of upright. The ties made me feel freer than ever before and I didn't understand that.

But I could ask Artemis later, for now, I just wanted to enjoy the way he stretched me to my limits, filling me with his power. "Oh, is this what men do when they love?"

He slid in a little further and stopped. "Yes, indeed it is, my no longer virgin love. Everyday that you are my captive, I shall make sure that you are stretched around my cock." Another inch and he stopped. "When you move you will remember I've been inside of you." A little further and he paused. "Every time you bend over, you'll know that I may be there, ready to slide right ... back ... in."

I had all of him now and the burn was ecstasy. "Oh, you've spitted me on your giant pole. He's so hot inside of me."

Artemis chuckled. "I prefer to think of him as a cannon in search of a target to shoot. Let's see if I can find my quarry."

Drawing almost all the way out, he thrust back in and hit the gland squarely. My whole body flushed with warmth and I had to pant again. "Oh, large seducer, what is that feeling?"

"Little innocent, that's your target and I believe that I shall see just how many bulls-eyes I can hit before I shoot off my cannon." Artemis was thrusting faster now and I could feel my whole body shaking.

It felt so different since I couldn't help him in any way, only allow myself to be pleasured into paradise. My skin tingled and when his large hand grasped my cock, the stimulation was all I needed to shake into release. The velvet darkness that I was becoming used to claimed me then and when I awoke, we were in our favorite sleeping position with Artemis spooned to my back.

But he was still hard inside of me and I wiggled a little with joy. "Artie still wants to play. How lucky I am."

He licked the back of my neck and one large hand played with my unadorned nipple. "We are both very lucky, sweet James. How did our little game feel to you? Did it please you or make you feel uncomfortable?"

I remembered my earlier quandary and decided to ask him now. "It was fun but I do have a question."

"Ask away, James." His other hand was holding Jim in a comforting grip and I felt his love for me everywhere on and in my body.

"I was tied up but I felt freer than ever before. It's kind of how I felt when I was tied to the wheel and you walked around my body touching me. It was scary but also good. How is that possible?"

"Sweet James, I do love you." He tongued the spot behind my ear and I shivered all over. "Men who must make decisions every day, who are always in control of their lives and destinies, sometimes want to take a break. Give up their responsibilities for a while and let someone else be strong for them. Let someone else show them how they could feel. Freedom doesn't always mean being in control but letting it go."

I thought about that for a long moment while he rocked us tenderly and Artie warmed my bottom the way his hand had warmed my cheeks. "Is that why I like being spanked? It feels good but I never felt that way when my father beat me."

He hugged me close. "Sweetheart, I wish I could go back and erase every such beating from your life. Remember what I said a few days ago, I would never hurt you and you know that so the spanking merely warms your skin and sends little messages to your brain that seems to trigger your cock into hardness. Someday someone might study it and discover why but for now, we must just be content to know that it feels good. If it ever doesn't feel good then you are to tell me immediately."

I wiggled just a little and said as demurely as I could. "Yes, sir, I promise."

"Ah, naughty James has returned. Teacher Artemis is considering going to open his mail while contemplating another spanking for his young student." He stroked my cock and Jim liked it but was still too tired to do anything about it.

"Naughty James could stay impaled on Artie while you read your mail." I said hopefully. "I like having him inside of me."

His chuckles made me feel even better. "Naughty James may end up over my lap for another spanking, perhaps this time with the velvet paddle."

I shivered all over. "Yes, please, I think I need that, my Artemis."

"Then that is what you shall have, my sweet but naughty James. But that means that Artie will have to come out right now. So, relax for me and let him out for a brief time. I promise you shall have him back as soon as possible." He kissed my neck and slowly eased out of my well-loved channel.

I felt empty as I always did when he left me but he was turning me in his arms and kissing me so it wasn't too bad. He knew me so well and I felt so loved that I could only smile and kiss him back. I loved touching him and now, with his soft hair pressing against me, I combed through it with care.

"Ah, sweetheart, I adore you more now than ten days ago. Thank God we resigned today." He kissed me again before letting me go and rolling off the bed. He looked so powerful standing there, his cock jutting from the thick thatch of black hair.

"I think you must look like Zeus did on Olympus." I slid across the soft sheets and straight into his waiting arms.

"Godlike, am I?" He tickled me into laughter before picking me up and carrying me into the parlor. I loved being held like this and when he set me down, I'm afraid I pouted. "Naughty James, kneel here for me and I'll be right back with the paddle of chastisement."

So I hid my grin and tried to look contrite while kneeling on the Persian carpet by the settee. Caressing the crimson satin that covered the familiar couch, I knew that I'd never be able to see such a settee or fabric without wanting a spanking. But then he was back with the paddle and the jar of cream that meant he'd be coming back inside of me once he'd warmed my bottom.

Sitting on the sofa, he pointed to his lap and I laid myself across it after kissing Artie's crimson crown. "Now, let's see. If I'm Zeus, then you must be Ganymede, cupbearer to the gods. Now that I'm enthroned with a naughty cupbearer across my lap, I believe I'll just warm him up so he can sit on this great big cock that is feeling cold."

With that, he brought the paddle down on my already warm cheeks. The velvet tickled and burned at the same time. I couldn't decide which I liked more - hand, gloves or paddle. But at the point where it might turn painful, he stopped and ran a cool hand over my glowing cheeks.

"So beautiful, my naughty one, are you sufficiently chastised and ready for your reward?" His fingers slipped inside of me and must have judged me lubricated enough because they came right back out. "Get up for a moment and assume the position over the table."

This was different and I wondered how he planned to come back inside of me while I leaned over the table and spread my legs wantonly. Exposing myself to him was such a joy that I wanted to do it all the time. Thank goodness he had decreed that we should go naked while we were inside our home.

He was sorting the mail into neat piles and then he moved the chair directly behind me. Then Artie was pressing against my entrance and I relaxed all over so he could slide right back in. The burn was extreme and I wiggled a little until he was fully seated inside of me. His hands stroked my bright red cheeks and they left only to return with the cool cream. Spreading the balm eased some of the burn and I knew it was so the hair on his legs wouldn't hurt me.

"Back you come, sweetheart. Let me know if it's too much." And his hands guided my hips back while he sat in the parlor chair.

It felt like he'd never been so far inside of me and I held onto the table edge for a moment before slowly letting go. "He feels like he's about to come out of my stomach."

He chuckled and those large hands stroked my stomach muscles soothingly. "Sit quietly and we won't move until we need to. Lean forward and rest against the table."

That felt a little better and I handed him one of his letters while I awkwardly opened one of mine. It was from my lawyer back in New York about some of my investments and I concentrated on his concerns while part of my mind wondered what would happen if I squeezed ... there just a bit.

"Very good, James. Feeling better?" His hands stroked my back all the way down to where we were joined so intimately. "Artie is very happy right now."

"Me too, Artemis." I wiggled and felt the burn lessen a little more. "Do you need another letter?"

"Yes, please. Two more and I think I'll be ready to see if Artie wants to play inside of you."

I smiled to myself and clenched my inner muscles around him. I was willing to do anything I could to make Artie happy. My next letter was from my Aunt Lucille and was the familiar tirade about my lack of correspondence, scattered with broad hints about a wonderful young woman or two who would make a fine wife. She'd been trying to marry me off for years and make me settle down to a 'real' career.

Clenching around Artie, I smiled at the attack of the vapors my news would give her. 'Hello, Aunt Lucille, here is the man I love and am going to live with for the rest of my life.' She'd have a fit and cross my name out of the family Bible for sure. And I didn't even care. Artemis was perfect for me and he said I was perfect for him so I was content.

Artemis, part five

"Ready for a little more, sweetheart?" His nod came quickly and I moved him gently to the top of the table. James was a sight fit for the king of the gods he'd named me. I didn't know what I'd done to deserve such a wanton lover but I was more than willing to service him for the rest of my life. "Hold onto the edge of the table, love. I think I'll do a little more target practice."

He laughed but did as asked and I began the slow pull out so I could pleasure him again. His little moans were music to my ears and when I thrust back in he shivered all over. "It's too bad we aren't in front of the mirror, James. You look so beautiful with your bright red cheeks and Artie sliding between them."

"I like seeing him but I love feeling him even more. Oh, there." He shook beneath me and I began to speed up my thrusts. Artie was complaining that he'd waited long enough and this time I promised him he could come.

And come hard he did. It felt like my bones had melted and I stirred to make sure that I wasn't flattening poor James. "Sweetheart ... are you all right?"

"Hm-m-m, I'm better than all right. I'm perfect." His sleepy murmur made me smile and his groan when I slowly slid from him made me gather him up and carry him to the settee so I could cuddle him.

"Perfect is the right word for my beautiful lover. Also, wonderful ... loving ... desirable ..." I punctuated each adjective with a kiss on his eyes, nose and mouth. He sleepily sucked on my tongue when I slipped inside his warm lips. James-flavored kisses were indeed ambrosia of the gods.

"I love you, Artemis. Please don't ever stop giving me Artie." He nuzzled his nose into my shoulder and I stroked his back with both hands.

"Never, James, I shall never keep Artie from you unless doing so would hurt you." I promised him that and watched him slide down a little so he could suckle at one of my nipples. That was his favorite thing to do when he'd been well loved and I have to admit that I was enjoying it more and more.

"Sweetheart, the last letter I read was a note from Abigail and Penelope reminding us about tea on Saturday at 4:00. Is that still all right with you? They won't ask for details but they are quite safe if we'd like to show our love." I used my handkerchief to softly blot some of my juices leaking from his small hole.

He thought about that for a long moment before releasing my nipple and squirming into a better position to see me. "I liked them. It would be nice to have someone else know that we love each other. There aren't many we can ever tell."

"Quite true, although Pierre would also be safe. He and the Gervaise, we both knew in Paris, were lovers for almost a year before Gerry took off with his favorite set of steak knives and five 20 dollar gold pieces that was Pierre's savings." I chuckled at the lamentations about the knives that Pierre had enacted. The money didn't mean nearly as much.

But James' eyes were wide and his whole face was shocked. "But that's terrible, Artemis. What a horrible person this Gervaise must be."

"Not really, sweetheart, just a man of rather flighty nature. Very beautiful on the outside but plain pudding on the inside." I kissed him gently.

His lips smiled into our kiss and when I pulled away, his grin grew. "Plain pudding?"

"Unlike you, my sweet James, who is pure chocolate through and through." I teased him and watched his pout. "Well, perhaps some cherries around your heart."

He laughed out loud and squirmed as I tickled him into submission. "Yes, sir, maybe a few cherries and some whipped cream, too. But I have another question I don't want to forget to ask. You said that Abigail and Penelope loved."

"Hm-m-m, student James, I like that. Ask away." I settled him in the crook of my arm with the rest of him curled up in my lap.

"How do two women ... um, make love?" He blushed and I had to kiss him again. He really is an innocent.

"Well, you said your cousin took your first virginity early on so you know how women are constructed different from men?" I asked him and he nodded uncertainly. "Did you both get completely undressed?" When he shook his head, I pondered a quick trip to New York and Maria's whorehouse for some hands on lessons. "Would some pictures help, sweetheart?"

"Pictures?" He looked so puzzled that I had to kiss him again before picking him up and standing. "You don't have to carry me everywhere, Artemis."

"But I like carrying you, James. It makes me feel very, very good when you're in my arms. Please let me?" I gave him my best pleading look and he threw his arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

"Please keep making me feel this good, my Artemis. I love you."

"Thank you, sweetheart." And I kept carrying him down to our bed. Fluffing the pillows behind him, I went to the small bookcase that was almost hidden by the armoire. I had a rather interesting book from Paris that would prove most educational for the dear boy.

It was rather larger than a normal book but that was because of the photographs that were included. Sliding in beside James, I opened the book to chapter three. "Now, young man, these pictures should help me explain what it is that a man and woman do when they make love but also what two women do."

I don't think his eyes could get any wider but he turned the page to the first picture of the slender woman, naked on a couch with one leg bent and the other flat against the back of the settee to expose her private parts to the photographer. Lily had a knack for looking like a complete innocent and her wide-eyed look had fleeced many an unwary visitor to her section of Paris.

"Do you see the main differences, James? Her breasts are full with large nipples that would aid the giving of milk to an infant. Women's breasts are very sensitive, almost as sensitive as yours, sweetheart." I kissed his temple and he nodded slowly, his gaze glued to the wanton pose. "Then there's her sex or rather her lack of a penis. Can you see right here, the folds of her vagina? That's where Jim or Artie would enter her body. The seed that we placed there would combine with an egg that she had in her womb and create a child. The child would grow inside her womb until ready to be born. Then that small entrance expands to allow the baby to come out before shrinking again."

"Oh ... I never knew that's where babies came from. Father always said that it was sinful unless the man and woman were married. It must hurt the woman a lot to have a baby." He looked at me in confusion and I held him close.

"My sweet innocent James, how very sorry I am that your father neglected your education so badly. Yes, it does hurt the woman to have the child but the pain goes away after a time. And the child she's borne with pain and blood is more than recompense for her suffering. Your mother loved you very much and I'm sure, never begrudged the pain it took to bear you."

He grimaced suddenly. "But that means that Father and Mother had to have sex."

I chuckled. "It does indeed, sweet James. It's always hard to picture that once you know how sex works but I'm assuming that it is what you and your cousin did, too."

"It's kind of hard to say because I was really scared and she did everything. But she was hot and wet around my sex. And you said that men aren't wet like a woman so we have to use the cream so we don't hurt each other." He looked up at me trustingly and I wanted to gather him up and kiss him senseless.

So I did. For long moments, I kissed him again and again until he was limp in my arms and so satiated that he could hardly keep his eyes open. "That's what I said and it is the truth. But now let's look at what you did, since you're not quite sure."

And turning the page, there was Lily again but this time, her legs were splayed and a young man named David had his cock just inside her entrance. James studied it for a moment and sighed, nodding at me before going back to studying it. Then I turned the page again and there was Lily on her hands and knees while David's cock was planted all the way inside her ass.

"They're doing what we do, Artemis. I thought only men did that to other men."

"Not necessarily, James. Women have two entrances, one for cocks and one for elimination the same as men. If David is inside her ass, he can't get her pregnant because there's no egg there. It's an effective form of birth control. But cream is still needed."

"You know him?" James looked jealous and I rather enjoyed that reaction.

"Lily and David were friends of mine. She was a lady of the evening and he was an art student who enjoyed painting her. They were just acquaintances but it makes the pictures that much more fun." I assured him.

"Oh, they weren't special friends." He sounded satisfied and I cuddled him close.

"Sweet James, do you want to see more?" He nodded and I turned the page. "Now this is Judith, a friend of Lily's displaying her sex and playing with her nipples."

James hands came up to his nipples and began to play with them unconsciously while he studied her. "She's very dark and she looks experienced."

"Actually, Lily is the elder by five years. And her innocent face does not mask an innocent inside. Turn the page and you'll see why."

He turned the page and blushed. Judith was splayed in a chair while Lily cupped her breasts, stroking them while she kissed her dark haired partner. The facing page showed them still kissing but now Lily had her fingers inserted in Judith's vagina while her other hand pinched the taut nipples.

"Oh, fingers work inside of her like yours do in me." James said endearingly.

"Very much like us, sweetheart. They can also use dildos on each other or try the next page and you'll see another variation on the way that you and I make love." I teased him and watched him turn the page eagerly. He was such a quick student.

James, part six

"Oh, they're sucking on each other." I exclaimed at the two women lying end to end so they could each suck on the vagina folds. "We haven't done that since the second day when you teased me with the black dildo."

"That's right, sweet James. Would you like a dildo again right now or are you still resting?" He asked me and I tested Artie first to be sure that he didn't want to play just yet. "My love, I'm going to need a little more recovery time then rest assured that my cock will find its way home in your sweet depths."

"Then, yes please, I'd like to try one again now that I've taken Artie so many times." I was smiling when he reached to the drawer of the side table and pulled out the ivory dildo.

"It's still very hard without any give like the soft flesh of my cock. So, lay across my legs with a pillow to raise those delectable ass cheeks in the air." He positioned me across his lap and stroked my still bright red cheeks. I could watch him in the mirror and somehow that made everything more real.

Leaning forward, he tongued my hole and it spasmed open for him the way it always did. Then I watched while the ivory head of the dildo nestled against my suddenly very small looking hole and pierced me with its cool head. It felt as big as it looked and I had to close my eyes while he gently worked it into me, going deeper and deeper until it hit my gland and made me flush. But his hands were still stroking my cheeks and once I relaxed, I liked the way it felt.

"It's not as good as Artie but I can get by until he's ready to come back inside of me where he'll be safe." I looked up at him and he leaned over and kissed me again. I could drown in one of his kisses. But eventually we had to breathe and he stroked my face lovingly, his dark eyes looking into mine.

"You are such a beautiful soul, my James. I would love to have a photograph of you. Perhaps we'll find someone out West to take your picture." He pulled the book closer so I could turn the pages.

"Only if we both get portraits, Artemis." I eyed him sternly and he nodded with a smile. "Now, are there more pictures of Lily and Judith?"

"Yes, indeed although David and his friend Samson are in the pictures as well. I'm afraid you're going to find some of their poses rather wicked." He chuckled and turned the page to reveal a picture with Lily impaled on David's cock but she was kissing Judith who had another man's cock inside her nether hole.

"Four together?" I felt my eyes widen right before Artemis began to rock the dildo back and forth inside of me and my skin warmed further.

"Orgies in which sometimes even more took part were rather common in the bohemian crowd I enjoyed while in Paris. Those were wild days and I am glad they are behind me. I prefer our life now and the future we're building together." He kissed me again and I was relieved at his statement.

I could never hope to compete with that kind of life and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't like an orgy since Artemis is the only person I wanted to touch or love me. "Will I be enough for you? You're used to having women too, aren't you?"

"Sweetheart, you are more than enough for me. You satisfy my body ... my mind ... my heart. No one has ever done that before." He reassured me with a smile. "And what about you, James? I would like you to truly experience a woman before I monopolize your affections. If we go up to New York to run some errands, I would like to introduce you to Maria, the only woman who didn't run screaming from Artie."

"Someone you love, too?" I was dismayed. Did I have a rival?

"Affection, my love, not real love. We've known each other for ten years and she took me in after Samuel's death, reminding me that I could still love." His eyes were far away. "She prefers women as lovers but we've been ... comfortable together."

"She prefers women to you?" I couldn't believe that.

"Sweetheart." Artemis kissed me hard and smiled again. "You are very good for my ego, James. I do love you but would you be open to visiting Maria's House of Pleasure? See what it's like from the other side?"

"I love you too, Artemis. I'm curious but I don't want anything to come between us. I also think I'm afraid to try it on my own because I wouldn't quite know what to do." I blushed. "If we went together, I could watch you before I tried it."

"Dear James, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I think Maria would be quite open to a menage-a-trois. We'll plan it then see what happens. Now, back to the pictures." He turned the page and my eyes widened.

Lily was kneeling on a settee with David planted inside of her while she had the other man's cock in her mouth. All three looked very happy and I wondered how they could pose like that for pictures that so many would see. "Artemis, did they know that they would be in this book?"

"Yes, indeed. The pay was quite good for these photographs and the next picture may really shock you so prepare yourself." He turned the page.

He was right, I was shocked. Lily was lying impaled on two cocks. David was inside her vagina and Samson was in her nether hole. It looked incredibly painful for her but her smile looked blissful instead of pained. I was ashamed to admit that I found it intriguing but Artemis just smiled and moved the dildo within me slowly. I looked again to study it and noticed that Artie was beginning to swell again.

So, I grasped him confidently and stroked just a little while I wondered what that would feel like. "Is she truly not in pain but enjoying that?"

"Both men's cocks are of average length and width so yes, she was enjoying that position. David and Samson are enjoying it as well since their cocks feel like they are actually sliding against each other even though her channel walls keep them a little apart. It's not one I'd recommend because the chance of pain or tearing is great." He was hitting my gland over and over and it was becoming painful to lie on poor Jim.

So, I gripped Artie harder and moved up to all fours to relieve the pressure on my cock. "The pictures are fun, Artemis but not as much fun as you are."

He closed the book with a laugh. "I agree, sweetheart. Poor Jim seems to have a swelling problem. Would you like me to rub him?"

I had both hands around Artie now. I leaned down to kiss his crown while Artemis groaned. Then he was removing the dildo and I grinned around my mouthful at the sound of the jar of cream opening. Sucking strongly, I felt Artie harden a little more. Then I rolled the large balls beneath the swelling cock and he tensed before sighing my name.

"You are getting very good at coaxing Artie back from his nap, my love. Do you want me to complete this way or shall I come back inside? Is there any ache from before?"

He was always so careful of me but it had been days since there had been such an ache and I did want him back inside of me so I licked his crown twice before drawing back. "No pain, my Artemis, just a lonely ache that says please come back inside."

"Sweet James, I know that ache well. But mine has healed since you let me into your heart. I shall always be grateful that you took a gamble on us." He kissed me so gently that I wanted to cry.

"We both won that gamble, Artemis." I welcomed his slick fingers, spreading the cool cream deep inside of me. "I'm glad that we fit together so well. You said that every part of you fit every part of me and you were right. Oh, there."

His fingers came out and I got a dollop of cream to spread over Artie. Then I moved over him and held Artie steady while his hands guided my hips and I slowly sank down onto the hooded crown. He paused, watching my eyes to make sure there wasn't any pain then inch by inch, he disappeared inside of me. The mirror had caught my eye and I watched entranced by the sight.

I would have never thought in a million years that I could take so much inside my small hole. But I had and in this position, I could reach out and kiss his lips while his hands stroked each of my checks soothingly. He tasted of eggs and wine and something it was impossible to describe.

Whatever it was, it was what love tasted like to me.

In this position, I could control how quickly or slowly I moved on him and I relished that power now. "Is Artie happy, my Artemis?"

"Ecstatic, my James. But then he's always happy when he has your full attention. Are you going to move or are we going to fall asleep this way?" His voice never varied and I knew that he'd be content whichever way I decided.

And that was the real freedom that he'd freed in me. I'd never had so many choices before. He'd not only given me, his love and his body, he'd also given me back my body when he taught me how to appreciate it. "I love you, Artemis. I think I shall move very slowly until I'm burning up inside and then I'd like you to lay me on my back and thrust inside of me until we both come ... hard."

"Remind me to make a pot of ginseng tea to drink before bed tonight." He smiled at me. He'd finally told me why he was taking the grated ginseng root so often and it had become a private joke between us.

Rising up slowly, I balanced my hands on his shoulders, watching his cock appear inch by inch in the mirror until just the crown was inside. Then I relaxed my thigh muscles and sat down hard. The burn was back and so was the signal from my gland, flooding my body with tingling warmth.

His hands squeezed my cheeks and a finger slid down the crease to tickle the nerve endings there. I wriggled at the sensation and rose up again before slamming back down. The burn was spreading and after several more drops, I was panting in between his kisses. My cock was being squeezed between our stomachs and the way I was leaking, I knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

"Now, love?" His voice was strained and he bit his lip while my muscles caressed him.

"Now," I barely had time to say before he rolled me under him and began the hard pounding that sent me flying. Then he was flooding me with his seed while I anointed our stomachs with my climax. The velvet darkness claimed me once again but not before I heard him sigh my name with love. And I was content.

End of Making Plans