Author: Athea (
Title: Looking for Home
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Pairing: Artemis Gordon and James West
Sequel: This follows Journeys
Date: 23 December 2000
Artemis, part one

James hovered while I left the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I'd like to say that he didn't need to but I was shaky to say the least and I was rather glad of his helping hand. The bathroom was nice and steamy but the sight of the tub full of water was a sight for sore eyes. He held me up while I released into the commode then kept an arm around me while I sank into the water.

It was heaven and my chest felt less like an elephant was sitting on it. The only thing that would make it better was hovering at the side of the tub. "James, I need you to join me. I think soaping may be beyond me. My arms have lead weights on them."

He smiled just a little and stripped off his clothes to join me. I leaned back and relaxed with a sigh when he soaped his hands and began to wash my feet. The massage felt wonderful and I felt myself for the first time since the cold hit. But James was too silent and I needed to repair the damage my illness had caused.

"James, have I said thank you for taking such good care of me?" I asked gently and he hunched as if I'd hit him.

"It's my fault you caught the cold in the first place." He said bitterly. "I pushed us so hard to leave that you didn't get the proper rest you needed to keep from getting sick."

"Sweetheart, that's not true." This was worse than I thought. "I blame Miss Martin at Secret Service Headquarters. She sneezed on me three times while I was filling out that last minute paperwork. There are some medical studies that believe that colds are spread through the air like pollen from flowers. It's been over two years since I had a cold so I was more than due for one."

"But you were so tired and I kept thinking of more things that needed to be done." He protested and I found the strength to catch his hand and pull him into my arms.

"Nonsense, my sweet James, you did nothing but take twice the errands that I did and work yourself to the bone. Of the two of us, you're the one who should have gotten sick." I kissed his temple and held him close while he sniffled against my shoulder. "You love me more than I've ever been loved and take the best care of me. I'll still be ill for a few more days but then I'll stop blowing my nose and be looking around for something to do."

He chuckled a little damply and kissed my shoulder. "I love you so much, my Artemis. I want you well again."

"Now, here I was thinking that I'd have you at my beck and call for the next few days." I teased him. "You know, 'James, fetch me something to drink.' 'James, where are my slippers?' 'James, rub my back.' 'James, I need you to come and play with me.'"

H raised his head with a smile. "I'd like to do all those things, my Artemis."

"Well, thank goodness. I love being sick when I have someone to fetch and carry for me." I caressed his back with weak hands. "The best part of this is the fact that for the first time in my life, I have someone who cares about my health and works hard to get me well."

"I want you well with all my heart." He assured me and kissed me sweetly.

I enjoyed his taste immensely even if it was a little muted by the cold. When he began soaping me again, Artie even tried to wake up at his special caress. Alas, I didn't have enough energy to spare and James grew quiet again.

"Sweetheart, he'll be up and about when I am." I reached out a hand and gloved his cock, which responded immediately. "Thank goodness Jim feels fine. Would you let him come inside of me? Please?"

"Not when you're so weak that you can't even grip him." He removed my hand and kissed it gently before moving up to soap my chest.

Pouting, I moved when he urged me up so we could change places. His lathering of my back felt so good that I sighed happily. When James finished, he drew me back against his chest and wrapped his arms around me. I rested against him and felt greatly loved. He held me close and I felt his lips against my temple.

"I love you, my James. I'm sorry that I frightened you."

"I love you too, my Artemis. I was scared that I'd lose you when I'd just found you." His voice was little more than a whisper.

"Never, my love. You will never lose me." I brought his hand to my lips and kissed the palm. "I promise that I will always be with you if I have anything to say about it. You shared your energy with me and I appreciate it."

"I did?" He hugged me tighter.

"Of course, you did. Every time you anticipated my needs and gave me a drink or wiped my brow or moved me so I didn't get sore, that shared your energy with me. I certainly didn't have any to spare." I assured him. "And when I feel a little better, I'm going to take you in my mouth and suck until you give me your seed. That will help immeasurably."

He finally chuckled. "Somehow, I don't think that would have the medical seal of approval."

"Then they're fools and don't know the meaning of healing. So store up as much as possible for me because before you know it, I'll be demanding that you come inside of me."

"I will, my Artemis, I promise." He hugged me tight and we lay in the hot water until I began to sneeze over and over.

He drained the water and helped me out of the tub to sit on the commode lid. All my energy was gone and I could barely hold the towel, let alone dry myself. James was tightlipped again by the time he got me dry and back in the newly changed bed. But the sheets felt so blessedly soft, that I fell asleep before he could even get the ends tucked in.

Two more days passed and I slowly grew better. My voice began to come back and that more than anything seemed to reassure James that I was indeed getting well. He allowed me to sit on the settee for half an hour and I watched the mountains around us with the sense of awe that they always evoked in me.

He curled up on the floor by my heavily blanketed body and held my hand while I stroked his soft hair. "We're behind schedule but the engineer told me that once we leave the mountains, we'll make up time."

I smiled down at him and watched his own smile slowly grow. "Time doesn't seem to matter these days, beloved. I feel like we're on a magic train that speeds outside of time and space."

James brought our linked hands to his lips. "The magic is in you, Artemis. You make everything magical and new."

Pretending surprise, I tugged him up and into my well-covered lap. "Really? Do you think I could magically get rid of all your clothes and make Jim really hard so he could come inside of me?"

He looked at me closely and I waggled my eyebrows at him. "I don't know, my Artemis. That would depend on whether you can wave your magic wand."

And through the three blankets, his pants and my robe, Artie came to life. James felt him begin to swell and started laughing, falling against my chest and into my arms. My chuckle joined with his before he slid off me and to his feet, unwinding all my coverings and bringing me tenderly up for the short walk to our bedroom. I leaned in the doorway while he changed the bed to the crimson sheets and carefully undressed me.

Then, he stripped himself bare and joined me under the sheets. It felt like months instead of days that we'd gone without the sexual touches that inflamed. I wasn't up to a great deal but when he lovingly prepared me and slid inside, I felt the reconnection like a surge of electrical energy. We both stilled and I brought his hand to my lips in silent thanksgiving.

Our loving was slow but glorious all the same. He filled me perfectly and when he released deep inside of me, I sighed contentedly. When he withdrew and cleaned us both up, he laid me on my back and took a half-hard Artie into that hot, wet mouth and loved him to climax. We fell asleep then and when we awoke, we'd left the mountains behind and were nearing Sacramento.

James and I made lists of all we needed to do in the capital of our new home state. Our first priority was to find our land and lay claim to it, then we needed to attend to all the details of settling in to build a house, buy cattle, procure seedlings, etc. There was a lot to do but my partner watched me like a hawk to make sure I didn't overdo. But he didn't realize that I was worried about him over-stretching his own limits.

By our third day, I'd had enough of his dashing off to hurry hither and thither all over the capital. He was beginning to look haggard and I quietly locked the door behind him when he returned from still another conference with an absentminded air. I'd already shut all the shades and started the bath water. The table was set with our good china and dinner was cooking on the stove.

I was wearing my velvet robe and slippers but he hadn't noticed, all his attention on the papers he was clutching. I didn't hesitate in plucking them from his hand and laying them aside before reeling him in and kissing him hard. He was stiff for a long moment then he melted into my arms and his mouth opened under mine.

We kissed until we grew short of breath and before he could open his eyes to protest, I picked him up and strode down the hall to the welcoming bathroom. "Not one word, James. You may not speak until I give you permission. We are going to take a bath together and you are not to think of anything but the soap sliding over your skin along with my hands."

He was wide-eyed and he opened his mouth to perhaps protest but I sealed it with my own and kept on stripping him. Lifting him into the tub, I followed after shrugging off my robe. Every time it looked like he was going to speak, I kissed him silent and finally he gave up and let me have my way. He was slow to arouse but I had all the time in the world and I slowly teased him into a completely hard state.

James, part two

I couldn't understand why Artemis was so stern with me. Surely he understood that while he was still recuperating, I needed to take the lion's share of the work. We'd done it often enough when working an investigation. But he didn't seem to be angry only determined to make me relax on the one hand and grow aroused on the other. Every touch made me harder and the ache that never went away made itself known with a vengeance.

He had me hold the edge of the tub while he filled me with an enema that I quickly realized was the one from our first loving. The cramps hit almost immediately and I hurried from the tub to void myself. I seemed to clench forever and I thought back to the last time that I'd cleaned myself out. It had been several weeks and I began to understand what Artemis was showing me.

His dark eyes watched me carefully and I wiped myself before flushing away the wastes. I felt lighter than ever before and when I rejoined him in the tub, I kissed him gently. He smiled faintly and cleaned me well from top to bottom.

"It's been ten days since I last came inside of you. I am quite well, James. I am not going to have a relapse. I am going to love you right into unconsciousness. Do you understand me?"

I started to speak but closed my mouth hastily and just nodded. Whatever he saw in my eyes relaxed his stern demeanor and he caressed my cheek with his hand. "Nothing is as important as we are, James, not the land, or our house or any of the details that are consuming our time. We are going to get out of the tub, dry off and go to eat the dinner I've prepared. You are going to kneel by my side while I hand feed you. Understood?"

Nodding, I dared to kiss him. His hands came up and framed my face while he scattered careful kisses over my face. "I love you, my James. When we have to be apart it hurts me like a physical ache that just gets worse as time goes by. Now, let's go eat so I can explain what the rest of the evening will entail."

He dried me carefully and let me dry him before he put his robe back on and led me to the bedroom where several items were laid out on the freshly made bed. The crimson sheets were now on and I felt a surge of anticipation that I hadn't allowed myself to feel for days.

"Now, bend over and spread your legs, James." He took the jar of cream and I felt two fingers breach my entrance and spread the coolness deep. "And now, your chastity belt, my beloved." The familiar sleeve teased my cock and the straps around my balls felt very tight. But it was the velvet-covered dildo that made my back muscles ripple. It felt huge and when he brought me upright, I forgotten how deep it could feel.

"I'm going to be pushing this in over and over while we eat dinner. Then I'm going to spank you until your cheeks glow bright red. I can see that I've been too lax with my naughty student James. You belong to me, my James, and nothing comes between us, not even our dreams."

I turned awkwardly and saw the love on his face. Nodding, I slowly slid my arms around him and felt his return hug. We stood like that for a long moment then he swept me up in his arms and carried me into the parlor. I hadn't even noticed when I came in how nice everything looked. Candles glowed on the table and the place setting was our good china. He'd gone to so much trouble for me.

Setting me down, he caressed my cheek before leaving me for the kitchen and the wonderful smells that I'd also just noticed. Kneeling by his chair, I wondered why I'd allowed myself to be so busy that I neglected my lover. It no longer seemed like a good thing to do although I'd told myself that I was only sparing him the bothersome details.

He returned with a platter of beef and vegetables. Seating himself, he gave me a glass of wine and took another himself. "Here's a toast, James. To our partnership, may it never grow less than equal."

I blushed at the implied rebuke and drank a sip. It was one of the ones that I liked and I thought of all the ways he told me that he loved me. He fed me the entire meal and wouldn't let me lift a finger. The message was loud and clear to me. I loved being pampered but there were limits. I needed to give as well as receive and that's what I'd been denying him with my insistence on doing it all myself.

"My James is a very intelligent man and I can see that he understands what I've been saying. You have permission to speak now, sweetheart." He lifted me to my feet and held me close.

"I'm sorry, my Artemis. I didn't mean to shut you out. I think I got so scared while you were sick that I put distance between us so it wouldn't hurt so much if something else happened." I hugged him tight. "And instead I pushed you away from the task of making our dream come true. I forgot to share."

"Sweetheart, you do understand. This is indeed our dream and it's going to take both of us to make it come true. It hurts to be shut out and that's something that you tend to do when you don't stop and think about what you're doing." He kissed my temple. "Now, how many spanks do you think you should get?"

I felt a lightening of spirit that I hadn't felt since New York. "Um, one for every piece of paper that I brought home and read instead of making love to you?"

He chuckled. "That's a lot of spanks, naughty James. Why there must be a hundred different prospectus' alone."

I wiggled just a little against Artie and felt him stir. "I was really, really bad so I need a really big reminder not to do it again."

"Then you shall have what you need, my absentminded James, and something a little more besides." He pulled up on the chastity belt and I hardened more at the delicious feel of being restrained. "Back to your bedroom, James. I believe it is time that you get acquainted with a little surprise I made for you."

I wondered what it could be while I walked awkwardly down the hall. It didn't help that the dildo kept pressing against my gland and hardening Jim completely. But at the door, he stopped me and took one of the silk ties from his robe pocket. "I'm going to blindfold you, James so you're going to have to depend on your other senses to compensate for the loss of sight."

He tied it over my eyes and let the ends trail down my neck. "And unless there is pain, James, you may not speak until I once again give permission. And you will tell me if there is pain. I will have your word on that."

"Yes, Artemis, I promise." I could hardly contain my excitement at what new wonder he was going to show me.

"Good boy, now straight ahead three paces and stop." His hands guided me to the soft carpet near the new bed. "Now, give me your hands, James."

He raised my arms up over my head and I felt something tight around my left wrist then around my right but when his hands moved away and I tested what it was, I couldn't move them together. "Very nice, James. There's a two-foot iron rod hanging from the ceiling over your new bed and you're tied to rings at either end. It gives a lovely definition to your upper torso. I especially like the way it makes your pectoral muscles flex. And now for your legs."

He moved my legs apart at least two feet and I felt the same soft ties around them that I'd felt above. "And now you are beautifully open to me, my James. You have no control over what I do. You are all mine just the way I am all yours. And now for your spanking. I'm going to warm you up with the paddle first then I'm going to put on a pair of leather gloves. Are you ready?"

I nodded and felt the first smack of the velvet paddle. Twenty strokes later, I felt as hard as the iron bars I was tied to. But then I heard the little sigh he always gives while putting on his gloves and tightened all over in anticipation of what had become my favorite form of spanking. He smoothed my red cheeks first, delicious strokes that felt so good that I had to bite my lip to keep from encouraging him.

"So smooth and red, my James, I love the way my black leather clad hands look against your skin. But you're not red enough, my naughty one." He teased me until I was ready to beg aloud for his touch but he didn't fail me and soon I was sighing at the sharp slaps that peppered my cheeks and glanced off of the dildo inside of me.

I don't know how he knows when it's time to stop but he always does. Just before it becomes pain, he goes back to stroking my bright red cheeks. "So beautiful, beloved James. You take correction so beautifully. And now, I believe that I have something you'll enjoy even more than this little dildo."

Wiggling just a little, I waited for him to take off the chastity belt. But he only pulled out the dildo and slid two more fingers of cream inside of me while pulling on my velvet bound cock. "Very nice, James, I love the way this tempting ass of yours flexes around my fingers. And now for something bigger yet."

Breathlessly, I waited for Artie to slide inside of me but instead, I felt the ivory dildo slide inside of me. My moan was a disappointed one and he chuckled. "Not yet, my naughty James. You haven't earned Artie's return just yet. I want to be very sure that you realize the enormity of your naughtiness. But I see that poor Jim is looking quite strangled in his velvet harness. Perhaps I should take care of my favorite cock."

I felt his hand around Jim then the sleeve was pushed back and his warm mouth sucked in the crown. I shook while he tongued the small slit and fluttered his tongue against the flared head. Then he was undoing the harness and sliding the sleeve slowly off and I felt Jim jerk and begin to weep salty tears.

"Not just yet, Jim." He gripped the base of my cock and stilled my climax. "I need to play some more before I grant you release. How nicely open this position makes you. Why I can caress your balls, press in the dildo and suck on your crown all at the same time."

I was doing a slow burn inside and out while he pushed the dildo against my gland, rolled my balls between his fingers and lightly sucked at my steel-hard cock. And there was nothing I could do to stop him from his loving torment. The brush of his velvet sleeves against my inner thighs was almost the last straw but then he stopped completely while I teetered on the brink of coming.

"Not yet, James. I believe I have something bigger to give to you." He moved off the bed and behind me again. This time, the dildo slid out and more cream was smoothed inside of me, while he kissed slowly up my spine to that spot behind my ear that always made me flush. I wiggled all over but when I was breached, it still wasn't Artie.

It felt huge and I tensed around it futilely. But he just stopped until I untensed and move it deeper inside. "Yes, it's been such a long time since I pushed this one inside of you. Do you remember the ebony dildo?"

Artemis, part three

He was still a little tense and I reached around to grip his cock to remind him who was in charge. "He looks very black against your pure white skin. He feels very big, doesn't he? But he's not as big as Artie and very soon, I shall be sliding inside of you, filling you up with my strength and my heat."

That relaxed him so I could slide it the rest of the way in. His back was flushing nicely and I moved it leisurely in and out against his gland. "Yes, indeed, it looks very nice between your bright red cheeks. And how does my hand feel on your thighs, sweet James? Oh yes, you can't tell me. Well, I'll just keep on rubbing my leather clad fingers along the inside of your strong thigh muscles."

I heard him sigh and I smiled at his wanton wiggle when I slid my hand behind his balls and fingered the nerve rich area. "Another sweet spot, my James, that I might have forgotten to mention. How very damp poor Jim feels. It looks like he's leaking salty tears every time I nudge your gland. But poor Artie is feeling very neglected right now so I'm afraid that it's time to take out this lovely big dildo and replace it with my great big ... you might say gigantic cock."

Sliding the dildo very slowly out of his well-stimulated channel, I kept on stroking his balls. "Yes, indeed, here comes my monster cock to this tiny little hole that hardly looks like it could take my finger, let alone my thick ... long ... pole. Such a small hole between your bright red cheeks but he spasms open for me so nicely that I believe I'll come inside."

I creamed my rock-solid cock and nudged the little hole gently. "I'm going to split you in two, my James. Open your ass with my cock and spit you on my hard pike. Remember when you thought he looked like that cobra with his flaring hood. Well, he's much bigger than that. In fact, he looks like that elephant's trunk that we saw at the circus."

He was shaking all over and only my fingers tight around the base of his cock kept him from coming before I was halfway inside of him. He really liked the elephant analogy, his cock had jumped in my hand. "Yes, indeed, your tiny little hole is so stretched that he'll probably never go back small again. I think that the next time you go to the Land Management Office, I'll go with you. And when we walk up the steps to the second floor, I'll keep my hand on your ass so everyone there knows that you belong to me and only to me."

"James, do whom do you belong? You have my permission to answer." I was all the way inside of him and just that stimulus was about to make me come.

"You, Artemis, I belong only and ever to you. I love you so much." He sighed.

"And I love you too, my sweetly stretched James. Sometimes I think I'd like to just stay like this forever, lodged deep inside your hot depths. For the next week, I'm going to cream you every morning and paddle your sweet ass with my hand so no matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll remember who you belong to and what I'm going to be giving you the moment you come home." I flexed just a little and felt him tighten around me.

"That's right, James, try what you might, I'm not going to move until I want to. I'm going to be the most selfish lover you've ever had. At any moment of the day or night, I may split you open with my elephant trunk and rock inside of you until you come so hard, you pass out." I pulled back a little and thrust back in. His skin was rippling all up and down his torso.

"In fact, I'm going to invent a giant syringe that I'll fill with oil and just squirt inside of you three times a day so you're always ready to take this monster cock that you thought might split you in two." I thrust in a little harder and heard him moan. "I'm going to clean you out every night and fill you over and over until just the sound of my voice will make your little hole open for me. Then I'll slowly impale you in bed or over the table or maybe back in here where I can shackle you to this frame and thrust inside this sweet hole until we both come."

I was pulling out and thrusting back in very rapidly and watching his skin flush, I knew it wouldn't be long. "And you're going to ask me back in, aren't you, James? You're going to beg me to come back inside of you and make you come?"

"Yes," he clenched around me with another moan. "I always want you to come inside. Love me, Artemis, just love me."

"I do love you, James. And I always will." I grazed his shoulder with my teeth and he shook when I carefully bit down and let go of his cock. The bite combined with his release sent him straight into unconsciousness. For a moment, I saw stars but I retained enough control to not come. Easing from him, I untied him and removed the blindfold before taking off my gloves. Then picking him up, I took him back to our bed where I carefully fastened the leather cock ring around his satiated flesh.

Then I positioned him in the middle of the bed and spooned behind him. Using my leg between his, I slid Artie back inside his hot channel and waited for him to wake up. I thought about what I'd said to him and realized that I rather liked the idea of him going out in this cock ring with freshly spanked cheeks. He needed a reminder that he was still part of a team.

"Artemis?" His whisper told me that he was back with me.

"Right here, sweetheart. I decided that I wanted to be in this position when I let Artie come. How do you feel?"

"Loved, I feel loved. Please don't ever stop surprising me or loving me."

"Never, my James. I will never stop loving you. You're not too sore?"

He shook his head and brought my hand up to his lips. "Stretched, I feel very stretched by your ... elephant trunk."

I chuckled along with him. "I thought you might like that one."

"You always make love to me with your voice and words when you make love to my body. Why does that feel so good?"

I pulled out a little then pushed back in; rocking in tiny movements that made him flex around me. "Your mind is your largest sex organ, my innocent James. It's why I like to paint a picture with words first then every movement seems exaggerated when I actually touch you."

James thought about that while he unconsciously began to rock with me. "Kind of like someone like Heildigger who told me how he was going to whip me before he actually did it?"

"That's the violent side of the coin. I prefer the loving side even though I did spank you." My thrusts were speeding up and he helped me along with an inner milking of his muscles.

"That was a promise, wasn't it?" He asked. "You're going to cream me every morning and spank me so I'll remember I'm coming home to be loved?"

"Absolutely, my naughty James. I may even make you wear the leather cock ring that you're wearing now so you'll know while you're talking to those important men in the capital, that I'm getting ready to spear you as soon as you get home." I felt the burn begin deep inside of me and with one last thrust, I released deep inside of him, bathing him with my seed and staking my claim with fervor.

He sighed and pulled me tighter around him. "I'll remember every moment that I belong to you and you belong to me. I won't forget, my Artemis. I promise."

"I promise as well, my James. I do belong to you and you must remember that we are partners for life. We work best when we work as a team."

"Yes," he sighed sleepily.

"Sleep now, sweetheart. I believe my kingly wrath has been assuaged and my naughty cupbearer can rest safely in my arms." I kissed the bite mark I'd left on him and he shivered.

We rested for almost an hour then I came out of him and checked him very carefully to be sure I hadn't been too rough. He wanted to see the frame I'd constructed in his old room and he inspected it carefully before smiling at me. He wouldn't tell me what he was thinking but his smile was bright so I think he will probably want it again.

Back in the parlor, he picked up the papers I'd thrown on the floor and smoothed them out before joining me on the settee. He curled in my lap and sucked on one of my nipples while I read the results of his labors. There were four different properties that were currently available and I weighed the factors in each case.

"Which one strikes your fancy, James?" I asked him.

"The one near the little town of Nice. It already has a railway spur so we'd have a place to park our cars and live while we're building. It's heavily forested and the lakefront is several miles long. But part of it is open range where I could have cattle and horses. I think Lady might enjoy having colts."

"And Charger would enjoy Lady?" I teased him.

He stroked Artie from his position between his legs before giving me a teasing look. "Well, she can't have Artie so I guess she'll have to make do with Charger."

I chuckled and kissed him. "We should inspect all of them but I too, think that one sounds the nicest. I like forests and they'd provide a handy building material for our new home. It's quite a bit of land, 10,000 acres."

"Yes, but that means that we've got plenty of room to grow and who knows how big your vineyard will end up." He managed to look innocent while squeezing my cock back into a semi-lively condition.

"Little mischief, you are definitely going to be sleeping on your stomach because of red cheeks. And what are you going to do with Artie now that you've excited him?" I wondered what he would choose after our vigorous loving.

He smiled at me. "I was thinking about my tiny little hole and how this giant weapon couldn't possibly fit through my innocent, virgin entrance. Why he'd never fit inside of me, no matter how hard you tried."

"Really, little one, you don't think that my big ... thick . . . shaft could possibly fit inside your tender ... little ... bud." I teased him back while lifting him up and slowly sitting him back down on my reawakened cock.

"Oh, he's too big, kind sir. He'll never be able to pierce my flesh with his huge girth." He gasped a little when the crown popped through and he shook a little as he slid me inside of him. "So good, my Artemis, you feel so good inside of me."

James, part four

Artemis filled me with his love and I basked in the warmth of him inside of me. I would probably be sore later but at the moment, I needed him to fill me with his thick flesh and remind me again that I belonged to him. He let me control our movements but for the moment, I just wanted to lie on top of him, connected to him so intimately.

He was right about the words painting a picture in my mind. I'd been so busy rushing here and there that I'd forgotten why I was doing all this research. We would be living where we chose and building our future home there. Our home, built to give our love shelter for the rest of our lives. And this was just a physical reminder of what we were building between us.

"Do you remember what you said about plowing my sweet ass, Artemis?" I asked around the nipple I was currently sucking.

"Well, if you plan on us sanctifying every acre of land, it will take us quite a while to get around to all 10,000 of them." He chuckled and palmed my ass cheeks, bringing them together then apart.

That felt good and I sat up a little so I could squeeze around him. The fond look that he so often gave me was back on his face and I realized how much I'd missed seeing that look. I really had been pushing him away and my sorrow at that must have shown on my face because he spanked one of my already burning cheeks.

"None of that, sweet James. You've been chastised for forgetting to whom you belong and I know you won't do it again."

"Then what will you spank me for tomorrow morning when I have to leave for the Land Office?" I pouted and squeezed my muscles around his hot bulk.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll do something naughty that will put you over my knee." He smiled and lifted me a bit so I could drop onto him and spark my gland.

"So good, Artemis, you feel so good inside of me. Can we go to sleep this way, with Artie buried inside of me?" I rocked up and down just enough to get the burn.

He chuckled and began to play with my nipples. "I think not, James. I believe I want to go to sleep with you in my arms while you nurse at one of my nipples. Then whoever wakes up first gets to pleasure the other one with his mouth."

That sounded good too so I nodded and came back down to taste both of his nipples so I could decide which one I would choose. They were both slightly salty with his sweat and I sucked hard to get all of him inside of me. He was back to palming my cheeks and the burn was beginning to get the better of me. The cock ring was still on but Jim was quite sure that he could break out of it given enough encouragement and my stimulated gland was sending out a pretty strong message that it was now.

But it wasn't enough and I panted through the almost-pain. But Artemis knew my body better than I did and he swung his legs off the settee and picked me up before setting me on the table next to our dinner dishes. Then pulling out far enough to bend over and reach my cock, he snapped the ring open and drank me down insistently. I pulsed forever into his keeping and when I finally stopped, he let Jim slip free of his lips before coming up to share my taste with me.

I didn't taste as good as Artie did but then I had him right where I wanted him, deep inside of me. He rocked out and in with teasing little thrusts that made my blood burn even though I wasn't hard at all. He looked at me with such love that I felt the most beautiful man in the world.

"To whom do you belong, James?"

"Only and ever to you, Artemis."

"And to whom do I belong, sweet James?" He thrust a little harder, my legs over his arms while his hands held my upper thighs to keep me on the table.

"To me! Only me." I moaned and shook around him.

He was slamming inside of me now, each thrust rocking me to the bone. Until with an almost silent moan, he released deep inside of me, flooding me with his warmth. He collapsed for a moment onto my chest and I held him fiercely. This wonderful man who loved me and asked only for my love in return, I would never let him go or forget how much I loved him.

"My James." He said quietly and kissed the place where he'd bit me earlier.

"My Artemis." My heart was too full to say anymore but that was enough.

Finally, he eased from my well-loved hole and picked me up to carry me back to the bathroom. Carefully, he checked me for damage and kissed my entrance before smoothing our muscle salve deep inside of me. He bade me stay arched over the tub while he went and got the wand he'd used early in our loving. Then he spread the salve deep, soothing the burn that hadn't yet gone away.

We performed our nightly cleanup chores and then we went to bed where he snuggled up behind me, wrapping me in his arms and holding my satiated cock in one of his big hands. I was surrounded by his love and fell asleep between one thought and the next.

I was moving very carefully the next morning, an ache deep inside of me that told me just how well loved I was. He examined me carefully and applied more salve with the knobbed wand, deep inside where the ache was. Then he put the leather cock ring on me and buttoned me up with a stern look.

"Now, where is Jim going and does he know where to return?"

I slid my arms around him and nuzzled through the thick chest hair to a pert brown nipple. "He's going to put in a down payment on the 10,000 acres and then he's coming right back home. Right here so I can taste Artie since you woke up first and already pleasured him."

"Very good, naughty James. Is there anything you'd like to confess to while I have the paddle ready?" He smoothed those big hands down my back and over my ass.

"Um, I put my silk boxers on when you weren't looking." I tried to look contrite.

"Oh, now that's very naughty, my James. I shall have to chastise you most severely. Over my lap you go." He sat down and brought me over his lap, my caged cock between his spread open legs. "I believe that's worth five velvet spanks."

"Is that all ... I mean, that's quite a few." I risked a peek up at him and saw him chuckle silently.

"You're going to be on horseback for most of the morning. I think five will be a sufficient reminder of your naughtiness." And without further ado, he brought the paddle down five times on each cheek.

I was definitely burning when I kissed him goodbye and left to saddle Charger. The rest of the day, every time I sat down, I was reminded of Artemis. When I climbed stairs, I was reminded of Artie and the way he'd stressed all my inner muscles. By the time I had the proper paperwork finished, I needed to go home.

But when I got there, Artemis wasn't there. But before my fevered imagination could run wild, I saw the note he'd left for me on the bare tabletop.

My Sweet James,

I too have a few errands to run and I won't return until after five. I'd like you to take off all your clothes, wash yourself very carefully and fill yourself with the enema I've made ready for you. It should last about an hour so plug yourself and eat some of the soup that's simmering on the stove.

Once you're all cleaned out, I'd like you lie in the middle of our bed with your ankles looped in the silk ties I've left prepared for you. Then, loop your wrists in the upper ties and wait for me to come home.
I promise to make it worth your time.

Yours, Artemis

I shivered all over and began to strip. It was almost four and I only had an hour to get ready for him. Hurrying back to my bedroom, I threw my clothes on the bed and then rushed to the bathroom where the bag was already hanging up, filled with the solution. Returning to the kitchen, I took the simmering teakettle back with me to heat up the water.

Then, kneeling in the tub, I inserted the nozzle and unpinched the tube to let it flow inside me. I'd grown to love the rushing of the heated fluid and once I'd taken it all, I pressed in my plug so I wouldn't have to strain to keep all that water in. Then I carefully wiped down my whole body before taking the teakettle back to the kitchen. I filled a bowl with the delicious vegetable soup and happily finished it all.

Artemis is the best cook on either coast and I needed to remember to tell him that. I rinsed out my bowl and left it drying on the drainer. I'd hurried and now had to do something to occupy my time. But I had an idea and I knelt by the settee and added my own note to his. I had to think really hard but finally I had the bare bones of my fantasy down on paper and I carefully folded it so it would sit upright on the table.

He'd be sure to see it then and know what to do.

I shivered in the cool air and realized that it was almost time for me to void myself. Returning to the bathroom, I carefully removed the plug and sat down on the commode. Within three minutes, I'd begun the process that would clean me out for him. I paid attention to any pain there might be because I knew he'd ask.

But there was none and I smiled at the thought of him coming back inside of me. I thought for a moment about why I always wanted him. I liked coming inside of him but it just wasn't the same as feeling him pierce and take slow possession of me. That probably said something about me but I wasn't sure what. Once I rose from the commode, I carefully removed the cock ring from Jim and hung it by the tub.

Carefully, I cleaned myself again, making sure I soaped and rinsed thoroughly. I really liked it when he licked me all over and I knew if he went along with my fantasy, he'd want to taste me everywhere. Leaving the bathroom clean, I went to bed and added one little addition to his scenario. I looped the ties around my ankles and hoped that he'd move them up the notched bedposts so my lower back was off the bed.

Then I fished one wrist through the ties and moved a little so I could get the other one through. Wriggling all over, I worked out the kinks in my neck and back before relaxing against the cool sheets and waiting for my wonderful lover to come home to me. He was going to love me so well, that I wouldn't need a spanking tomorrow morning because I'd still be feeling all his strength deep inside of me.

Artemis, part five

I let myself in and relocked the door, bolting it when I saw my original note propped up on the table. Crossing over, I picked it up and read his addition with a smile. I was a very lucky man to have such an inventive lover. This was going to be fun. Dropping my gloves on the table, I walked to his room and unhurriedly undressed while humming the lullaby that he'd lulled me to sleep with when I was sick.

In the bathroom, I cleaned myself from head to toe before moving silently down the hall to the doorway to our room. And there like a gift from the gods was my James, spread-eagled on the bed and tied to the four posts. But he'd added a little something to the scenario and I raised an eyebrow before moving on in to move the ties around his ankles up four notches.

"Well my little captive, let's see what my eunuch bought me in the slave market this morning. What pretty blue eyes you have, you must be from one of those Christian countries in the far north." I smoothed a hand down the calf nearest me. "And such soft skin for a bed slave. I've always wondered if Christians tasted the same as my people."

Leaning in, I ran my tongue behind his knee and felt him quiver. Switching legs, I tongued a little lower and swept down his thigh towards the small balls that hung in their sac below his rising cock. "Very tasty, indeed, my little slave. Of course, you're an innocent in the ways of love so I shall enjoy training you to please me.

"I'm Sheik Omar of the Nice Oasis and you are now my pleasure slave. I wonder if you know anything about pleasure, little slave. But you must have bit my poor eunuch for him to gag you like this. Naughty slave, I shall have to forego hearing what is no doubt a very sweet voice. Are you in pain anywhere?"

He shook his head and smiled at me.

"That's good because even though what I'm going to do to you might hurt a little at first, in time you will grow to love it." My hands kept moving lightly over his skin in an almost tickle that had him squirming. "Such satin smooth skin, little slave, unlike me with all this dark hair. How does it feel against your soft inner thighs? Does it tickle or does it burn?"

He wiggled all over. "Tickles, hm-m-m, let me see what is soon to be mine. You have a very pleasant cock and small balls. They obviously don't grow them as big as we do here in Arabia. Some say that we rival our stallions cocks but unless I stake you out in our paddock and have my fine big stallion mount you, you'll never know."

He shivered all over and his eyes went wide. Smiling, I went back to caressing his soft skin. I enjoyed giving him new things to think about. "But then you wouldn't know what that meant would you, little slave? Have you ever seen a stallion mate with a mare? No, how very sheltered you've been. Well, a mare has a soft little hole that opens up for the stallion's great big cock to enter. And see, you have a tiny opening right here."

I rubbed my thumb over his perineum and down to his hole. "Such a small place, let's see if I can fit anything inside of it." Lying flat, I tongued him into opening for me. Curling my tongue, I stabbed through the muscle several times, enjoying the way his entrance gripped me before letting go.

"Yes, indeed, a nice soft little hole where I can slide this big cock of mine. But since it is your first time, my pleasure slave, some slick cool cream will help you to relax. How nicely you open for my finger, but you'll need to be bigger than that so here comes two fingers. And look at how you pull them in while this tasty looking cock swells for me."

James' hips were jerking in little circles while I rubbed cream into his channel. And he keened through the gag when I opened wide and engulfed him down to the root. I stayed just like that while he panted. Then I very slowly came back up while I moved up to three fingers. For some reason, this position really made him seem tighter to me or maybe it was just because he was helpless and silent.

"Three fingers, little slave, very good but let's just see if you can take four." I very carefully folded my fourth finger in and slowly added it to his opening. He shook hard all around me and I had to press hard on the base of his cock to keep him from coming. I simply flexed them within the muscle and slowly his back muscles untensed.

"Very good indeed, why you're almost big enough for my fine stallion. I must see about buying some more slaves from the North if they are all as good as you. Why you're so good that I may have you at dinner tonight. But only if you can take all of me, little Christian. Now here's your stallion mounting my favorite mare." He really did feel virgin tight around me while I slowly pressed inexorably inside of him.

His eyes rolled up in his head and I think he passed out while I was still sliding in. We were going to have a long talk about fantasies ... very soon. I stayed inside and leaned down to tongue his nipples, reminding myself of their taste and texture. I felt him start awake and looked down into rather dazed blue eyes.

"Oh good, you're back with me. I liked that reaction, little slave. You have my permission to always faint when I'm inside of you. And now, I'm going to mate with your body until you can take no more and faint again." I pulled out and slowly thrust back in. "If you stay this tight, sweet mare, I may introduce you to the Emir of Khayim. He's coming for dinner tonight and perhaps I'll serve his food on your back. Then while I slide inside of you, you can suck his great big cock."

He was shaking all over and not even pressing on the nerve was going to hold this climax back so I pounded into him and watched his eyes roll back into his head while his cock spurted between us. His muscles milked me of my own climax and I came hard inside of him. I kept myself up with an effort and gently un-looped his ankles from the posts and followed him down still deep within his ass. Lazily, I nursed at his unadorned nipple and wondered if he'd let me pierce it as well.

His left nipple was so sensitive that merely tonguing it made him hard. I looked down at a depleted Jim and chuckled silently. Except when he'd passed out from a surfeit of pleasure. I untied the gag he'd added to our little drama and carefully untied his hands as well before rolling under him and using him for a blanket. Artie was still inside of him but was due out any minute.

"Artemis?" His whisper came from my collarbone.

"Right here, my sweet James."

"That was ... I don't know what to call that. I don't really want to have a stallion mount me." He raised his head and looked down at me with bewildered eyes.

"Of course, you don't, sweetheart. But for a moment, your brain tricked you and you actually felt like a mare being mated with a stallion. The stage lost a fine actor when you became a soldier, my James."

"And there was something about being used as a tray while you mounted me and I had to suck a stranger's cock that made me so hot I couldn't stand it." He blushed and I hugged him close.

"My little exhibitionist, how you delight me. I don't share my lovers, James, so you needn't worry about me asking that of you. Except in our little plays." I smoothed my hands down his back while he grinned and kissed me.

"Next time, I want to be the missionary who's come to convert you to Christianity."

"Good, then I'll be the cannibal who converts you to eating . . . flesh." I waggled my eyebrows at him and he collapsed laughing on my chest. Artie was finally forced out and James whimpered just a little. "It's all right, sweetheart, you know he'll be back."

"I hate it when he leaves." He sighed then kissed me again. "But I love you whether you're in or out of me."

"I love you too, sweetheart. And now I have a ravenous appetite which only dinner can sate."

"You stay here and I'll stay your pleasure slave. I'll serve you dinner in bed so you don't have to move a muscle." He said excitedly and I let him go with a smile.

I stretched all over and wondered at his childlike wonder of play. I had the feeling that he wasn't allowed to when young with his demon-father watching him constantly in order to punish such innocent things as pride in an accomplishment or joy in his family. It made it all the more important that he be allowed free rein in our little plays. I wanted that freedom to be my gift to him.

He came back in walking very carefully with the teakwood tray on which he balanced a big bowl of soup, several slices of well-buttered bread and a wineglass with red wine in it. Ah, it looked like I'd be feeding him as well as myself.

"Well done, little slave. You may place it on my lap and then sit here by my side in case I decide to share it with you." I gestured to my right side and he carefully set it down on my legs before crawling next to me and sitting on his feet tucked under him. "Ah, a good nourishing soup. Did you have some earlier, little one?"

He nodded and I saw he was back to being a mute slave. James really threw himself into a role. "Good, I wouldn't want you to go hungry because I believe that sweet little hole of yours needs further stretching. Now, open that pretty mouth for me and taste this first. You shall be my taster from now on. That's a very important job, my innocent one. Try the bread too."

James looked very wickedly at me and drew out the bite of bread for a long moment. "Ah, my little slave is being a naughty little taster. Well, I have ways of punishing that kind of naughtiness. But they will have to wait until I'm finished eating." I slipped my hand down his chest and took a firm hold of his half-hard cock. "I need to keep up my strength if I'm to take good care of my little slave."

He dropped his eyes and blushed contritely while I marveled at his role-playing. "There are so many lessons that he has yet to learn. Try a sip of wine for me, it's probably that sweet wine that the Emir brought me. He is very fond of it but I think he would enjoy drinking it from your lips, little taster. It would be much sweeter that way."

James shook his head no and pouted sweetly before handing the glass to me. I drank from it while stroking his shaft. But that gave me another idea and I set it aside so I could finish the soup. He took several more spoonfuls but the bread seemed more to his liking and he finished two slices of it while Jim perked up and grew interested in the proceedings.

"Well, little one, that was quite good and you may put the tray aside but I'll keep the wine." I waited while he laid it on the bedside table. "Now come back here and straddle my legs. I have something else for you to taste."

He came back and straddled my thighs while waiting for me to tell him what he should do next. Really, he had the most marvelous ability to sink into a role and play it to the hilt. But I thought he'd like this next part of our drama and I smiled at him.

James, part six

I could hardly wait for Artemis to tell me what I should taste next. He really did look like a Middle Eastern potentate and I wanted nothing more at that moment then to be his real pleasure slave. I loved playacting with him. It was incredibly freeing and I could be anything I wanted to be. Or anyone that he wanted.

"Little one, did you ever see the cock that opened your sweet hole?" He waited for me to shake my head then pushed back the sheet to reveal a quiet Artie. "This is what felt so big to you. Now, I think you should taste him and get him ready to mount you again. Stretch that pretty mouth around his crown and see if you can make him awaken."

If I'd really been a new slave and innocent to boot, his cock would have been a very fearsome thing. So, I touched it gently and then tried to wrap my fingers around him but he was too thick for that so I had to use both hands around his shaft. The Sheik still hadn't given me permission to speak so I settled on his legs with mine outside of his and brought it to my mouth.

"He won't bite you, little one, and there's to be no biting anywhere near him. Or I shall take you out to the paddock and make sure my favorite stallion is introduced to that little hole of yours." He chuckled and I shivered at the wonderful threat.

So I licked him gently all the way around the crown and flexed my fingers around him to try and wake him up. He took another sip of wine and watched me with those dark eyes that saw inside of me and knew every desire I'd ever had. I sucked at the small slit in his crown and he sighed, flexing his legs beneath me and nudging my balls. Jim was growing quite hard.

"Very nice, little slave, but I want you to stretch those pretty lips around me and suck very hard on him." He leaned forward and brought my head closer to his, dropping his voice and sending shivers up my spine. "Pretty little slave, there are so many things I could force up that tiny little hole of yours. I don't think you want to find out what some of them are. So, I'd work very hard at pleasing this cock of mine."

He sounded so menacing that I immediately opened wider and sucked his crown into my mouth. "Very good. I like to see you like that, my blue eyed one. I can't believe that no one in your cold country ever took you in and took his pleasure in you. But their loss is my gain. Stop a moment, slave. Change positions and straddle me here."

Patting his stomach, he looked at me expectantly and I uneasily changed position and wondered what he had in mind for me. I couldn't see him now and I wished we had another mirror at the foot of the bed so I could watch him. "Up on all fours for me. Keep sucking, little one while I do a little tasting of my own."

But all I felt was a slick finger entering me and going deep before coming out. Then two fingers slid in and when they came out, I felt his tongue licking my entrance. I shook a little because that always feels so good. "Open for me, little taster so I can see if the wine is sweeter in the glass or in you."

I shook at the feeling of cool liquid being funneled into me through his rolled up tongue. That was so decadent that I had to hold on to him before I lost all control. But he must have felt it because his fingers were pinching that nerve at the base of my cock while I shook at the feeling of his tongue lapping at me. Then my whole cock was dipped in the wineglass and I clenched around his cock while his strong hands lifted my hips so he could swallow Jim.

He sucked strongly, his tongue roughly swiping a swath from tip to root. Then he let it go long enough to chuckle before engulfing him again. I just knew I was going to disgrace myself and release prematurely but his fingers kept me from coming while I groaned at the sensations. I could hardly contain myself so when he let me go and moved me to one side, I had to blink and remember where I was.

"My little taster tastes very good with the Emir's wine but I think my cock is ready to plug that hole I found while I was tasting." His strong arms brought me up and over him while he held his cock to my entrance and slowly slid inside of me. Every time feels like the first time with him and I panted while his dark eyes watched me.

"Such a tender little hole, my sweet mare has. I believe I've never filled a better." He was still holding my hips up a little and watching my eyes so he'd know when to drop me. But when he did, I wasn't prepared for the flash of electricity that bolted through me. I heard myself keen in a high voice and he immediately pulled me off, checking me for pain.

"James, what's wrong? Where does it hurt?" His voice was frantic and he turned me over to check my entrance before I could even open my mouth.

"No pain, my Artemis. Just a ... a bolt of lightning flashing through me." I reassured him with a shaky voice while he turned me over. "It's never felt that way before but it definitely wasn't pain. More like pleasure so strong it truly pierced me."

"Sweetheart, you scared me out of a year's growth. You're sure there is no pain?" His eyes were anxious and I basked in his caring.

"Never pain, Artemis. Just a new pleasure that I've never felt before." I kissed him and tasted the wine on his lips. "The wine definitely tastes better from your mouth."

He finally smiled and scattered little teasing nips over my face. "But it tastes even better when your sweet body is the glass, my little one."

"This little slave was rather looking forward to his stallion coming back inside of him." I batted my eyelashes at him the way I remembered Cousin Lucille batting them at me. "What would it take to bring him back to mount me?"

"My little jewel of the north, I believe that a naughty little mare might need to be taken from behind while he watches his stallion stalk him and lay claim to what is his." Artemis' eyes glowed into mine and I nodded quickly.

He positioned me looking towards the mirror and spread my knees so I was splayed open for him while he stroked Artie back to full hardness. "I believe I may have to mount this small mare every day. Spraying my seed deep inside of him and marking him as mine."

Artemis rubbed his soft crown over my entrance and rocked just a little, butting up against it before pulling back. "Such a precious mare but so small that perhaps he doesn't need to go back inside tonight."

I gritted my teeth and pushed back at the same moment he came forward. Just the crown popped through and I shook at how big he felt. "This mare is definitely getting mounted tonight or his stallion is going to sleep in the other stable."

That surprised him into a shout of laughter and he slid completely inside of me, his groin flush to my ass cheeks. "Oh, little mare, that is a threat that this stallion will always succumb to. How very nice it feels to be joined with you this way."

"Oh yes, my stallion. Very nice indeed." I flexed my muscles around him and gloried in the feeling of being joined. "I can feel your heartbeat this way, my Artemis. Thank you for worrying about me and caring about how I feel."

"That is my first thought every day and my last thought at night, sweet James." He pulled almost out and thrust back in, hitting my gland squarely. "Ah, I love the way you flush, sweetheart. I always know when the angle is just right."

"Oh, there. Yes, you do. Now, let me have that lightning bolt back, my stallion. One day, I'll show you what it feels like but for now ... mate with me." I pushed back against his thrust and felt the burn flash through me. All of me was involved in taking each stroke and making it mine.

"No riding for you tomorrow, my sweet James. Charger will just have to rest while I feed you breakfast in bed and take you inside of me in search of that lightning bolt." His hands held my hips steady while he impaled me on Artie. "Come for me, my love."

I reached down and gloved my cock in time to his thrusts and soon, it was all too much and I clenched and came. It must have been enough for him because I felt his seed spray deep.

When I came to, we were on our side and Artie was just sliding from me. I turned in Artemis' arms and kissed him hungrily. He held me close and returned my fervency with his own sure caress. I'd never felt so loved and I wanted that feeling to go on forever.

"My James, you are unique in the annals of pleasure slaves. One night with you and the Sultan would have thrown over Scheherazade and stayed with you for the rest of his life." He kissed me gently.

I could see his love for me in his eyes and I knew how very lucky I was. "But I wouldn't want the Sultan or the Emir, because my heart belongs to the Sheik and always will."

"Ah, a faithful pleasure slave, that is a different matter entirely. I shall lock you up in my harem of one so no one can ever see your beautiful face and form. And every day and every night I shall come to you for ease."

"And I shall take you in and pleasure you over and over so you have no strength to go looking for other slaves for your voracious appetites."

"Hm-m-m, voracious am I?" He started to tickle me while I laughed and tried to get away. "I like that. If ever I should get bored, I can always tie you up and introduce you to a new stallion."

I wiggled just far enough to get off the bed. Standing with my hands on my hips, I said in my most severe manner. "This mare is only mounted by one stallion and one stallion only. I'm not taking any applications for a stand-in. Only the original stallion will do."

He laughed aloud and chased me out of the room, catching me at the bathroom door. "Instead of a brushing, how about a bath, my faithful mare?"

I shivered just a little. "I think I'd like both. That would feel very interesting, don't you think?"

"Hm-m-m, I'll see what I can come up with. But for now, a bath and you can soak away the ache I can see in your eyes." He kissed me gently and set me aside so he could release the hot water into the tub.

I poured in the cold and wondered what he'd come up with. What ever it was, I would certainly enjoy it. I had his word on it.

End of Looking for Home