Author: Cynthia Coe (
Series: Atlantis Rising, part one, set between chapters 15 and 17
Date: 9 July 2000
Note: This is the nap scene in Colonel Green's quarters.
Copyright held by Cynthia K. Coe
The Nap
Missing scene 3

Sam nodded to Colonel Green and stayed upright with an effort of will. The quarters were like officer quarters the world over. Clean, tidy but not as sterile as some. The art on the wall was beautiful, narrow and long strings of calligraphy that caught the eye and focused the attention. Tracing the long sinuous lines, he found himself swaying towards the wall.

"Bed, Sam. Lay down and let me cover you up." Seth's long arms gathered him in and held him close.

"The Colonel?" Sam almost jerked away but found them alone and he relaxed against the hard chest.

"We've got about three hours, love. I've locked the bedroom door and Marag said she'd come wake us." Seth kissed him gently before turning him towards the bathroom. "Take a leak and come back to bed."

Sam nodded sleepily and fumbled with the bathroom door. Relieving himself with a sigh of relief, he removed his shirt and hung it on the hanger on the back of the door. Hesitating, he took off his belt, kicked off his shoes and carefully slid his pants off to hang over the towel rack.

Coming out, he found Seth stripped down to his shorts, waiting for his turn in the bathroom. The bed was turned down and the crisp white sheets were calling his name. Seth tucked him in first before heading for the john. Sam sighed in contentment while he adjusted to being still. Flying was not his favorite mode of transportation especially when so much depended on them.

And he'd never sat in the co-pilot's seat before but Seth had made it seem so easy that he'd relaxed completely. But that made him think about Ruth which led him to thinking about Peter and what he might say about Seth and he. Surely he'd be okay with it? Wouldn't he?

"Sam, that's a thinking frown if I ever saw one. Let it go and sleep." Seth's voice startled him. The dark man rounded the bed and slid in beside him. He gravitated into the arms that reached for him immediately. This was what he'd needed.

"My mind won't stop thinking." He admitted.
"Well, we can't have that." Seth's eyes twinkled down at him at the same moment his hand slid underneath the waistband of his shorts.

"Seth!" Sam couldn't believe that he would do that in his friend's bed. "We can't do it here."

"Oh, I don't know, Sam. I think this is the perfect place." Seth leaned down and kissed him lingeringly while his hand slid over Sam's cock like a glove.

Sam felt as if every atom in his body had just become supercharged. There wasn't enough air left in the room to keep his lungs going and when Seth's mouth left his, all he could do was breathe deeply while those warm lips moved down to torment his nipples. His skin felt alive, little sparks rippling through each neural pathway straight to his cock.

The wet tongue bathed his navel and made his hips move restlessly. The blankets moved south along with his shorts, his cock bobbing upright to lie against his right thigh. Then that maddeningly agile tongue was stroking up from the base of his cock to the head. And he was back to not breathing again.

It bathed the entire crown before gentle teeth nibbled at the flared edges. Sam felt each warm gust of breath on the too sensitive skin of his cock. He was panting when the incredible sensation of being encased in a hot wet mouth rocked him again. Opening his eyes, he gazed down in disbelief at the sight of his cock disappearing into the stretched mouth of his lover.

A tongue fluttered over the underside of his cock and he tried to thrust up only to have his hips held down by Seth's strong hands. He felt a light sheen of sweat break out over his whole body and he grabbed the other pillow to hold over his face. There was no way he could keep quiet with Seth trying to suck his cock dry.

The rhythmic swallowing was destroying his self-control and he felt his whole body tighten before he let go into that suction. He seemed to come forever, pulsing into Seth's mouth. All his muscles relaxed at once and he felt like a puddle of satiated goo. Letting him go, Seth moved back up and pulled the covers over them both.

"You taste good, Sam. Now go to sleep and dream of happy endings." The warm voice followed him into sleep.

End of missing scene 3