Author: Cynthia Coe (
Series: Atlantis Rising, part two, missing scene from the end of chapter 23
Date: 12 July 2000
Copyright held by Cynthia K. Coe
Christmas Eve
Missing scene 5

Sam laughed out loud when Seth stuck his tongue out at him. He was lying naked in the queen-sized bed with the wonderful mattress on silky sheets the color of his lover's eyes. Seth was undressing and checking the drawers to see if everything had made it. So far, they had. Sam had teased him about being anal retentive and Seth had turned it into a pun that made him glad that Peter had already gone to bed.

"With no doors, you'll have to be quiet tonight." Seth joined him in the middle of the bed. "I know how hard that will be for you. Maybe I should just keep your lips occupied?" And warm lips took his in a searing kiss that he returned with interest. Even knowing that there was no door wasn't enough to keep him from kissing his heart mate with all his strength.

When they broke apart to breathe, Sam was on top of Seth, his legs splayed on either side of the hard body and his hands clutching the broad shoulders. "I want you to love me until I pass out. Then I'll return the favor. Okay?"

Seth rolled them over until he was on top. "I can do that. What would you like on our first night on the moon?"

For a moment, it hit Sam with the power of a Force 10 warhead. They were on the Moon ... in a moon base built by an alien culture . . . with his brother one room over. He gasped and held onto Seth, glad that his body was anchoring him.

"Breathe, sweetheart." Seth's voice finally reached him. "Just realized it, huh?"

Sam nodded mutely, unable to find the words to speak. Soft lips followed a familiar pattern across his eyes, down his nose and over each cheek until they reached his lips. A gentle tongue slipped through to entwine with his in a tender stroking that never failed to relax him.

So ... they were on the Moon. They were together and Peter didn't hate Seth. They would be able to sleep together in safety while building their future. The only way it could be better would be if Seth made mad, passionate love to him and when he quit kissing him, he'd tell him so.

"Better?" Seth checked first then began to make a round of all the hot spots that he'd cataloged over the last few weeks. Sam shivered under the knowing touch and began to return the favor, his hands ghosting across Seth's back and kneading away the tension he found in the long muscles. The man between his legs sighed in relief and went back to suckling on a rigid nipple.

They feasted on each other for long moments before Seth began to move down towards the cock that stood up from Sam's groin. But he stopped him and the green eyes looked up into his. "I want to play too."

"All right!" Seth moved up again, nibbling as he came. "I'll lie down and you come up over me. That will be easier on both of us."

Sam tried to envision it but his feet kept getting in the way. Seth just chuckled and tickled him into position. It was a bit awkward at first but after the older man slid down a foot, Sam found the right place for his knees on either side of Seth's ears. By leaning forward just a little, he had a world class lollipop to lick.

It was odd to be giving pleasure at the same moment he received it. But not so odd that Sam couldn't learn the rhythm quickly. He used one hand to keep himself propped up and the other to clasp the long thick length he was concentrating on. He tried to take in more than he'd managed before but his gag reflex set in and he had to back off. So he went back to nibbling down one side before moving back up to suck away whatever cream was leaking.

Seth was gloving his cock while he rolled the twin globes in his hot wet mouth. But it was the next caress that almost made Sam bite him. Letting the balls fall free, he blew a stream of cooler air over them before running his tongue further back across the perineum. Sam had read about the nerves in that area but he'd never experienced such an electric surge in his life.

He gasped and remembered just in time to not bite his lover. "What is that?"

The chuckle from behind him almost made him lose his place. "Just a nice little hot spot that rarely gets stimulated unless you're ready to get really intimate. Do you mind?"

Sam thought about it. Twisting around, he looked at Seth as best he could. "It felt fantastic but am I ... clean enough for that?"

"You taste a little more musky but it's still you. And all of you is delicious, Sam." Warm hands still stroked along his thighs.

"It's at moments like this that I suddenly realize that we're making love and you're a man." Sam rested his forehead against a convenient thigh and sighed.

"Come up here, love, I need to see those beautiful blue eyes of yours." Seth slid out from under him and moved them to their sides.
Sam let go his fear of disappointing Seth and met the green eyes squarely. But the eyes held only love and affection. "Sorry."

"I'm not. We have no need to speed ahead, Sam. This is a time in our lives when we're discovering new things about each other." Seth smiled and shook his head slightly. "It's a wondrous time and one we'll never have again. I'd like you to enjoy it with me."

"Me too." He felt tears well up.

"Oh, love. Come here." Seth gathered him in and rocked him slowly. "We're together against all the odds. We found each other among a hundred million people in the world. We're the luckiest two men on the moon."

Sam nodded, unable to speak around the lump in his throat. He felt as if everything he knew about the world had just been overturned. The only anchor was the man who held him ... the man who loved him. He hugged him back, touching his forehead to Seth's and breathing in each breath with his lover.

"I love you, Seth Griffin."

"I love you too, Sam Hamilton."

"It's our first night in our new home. I'm glad we're together in this strange place."

Seth chuckled. "It's not your normal two bedroom house in the suburbs."

Sam tried to picture them living in a tract house with a grass lawn and a barbecue pit in the back yard. He snickered. "That wasn't ever what I hoped for but I can't say I ever envisioned ... the moon."

"Me either but things change and here we are." Seth tried to stop a yawn but didn't succeed. "How about we postpone this until tomorrow night? Maybe Santa will deliver some energy to us."

"You're the best present I've ever gotten, Seth." Sam yawned too and pulled the covers up a little higher.

"You're the gift I never thought to have, Sam. Sleep tight." Seth kissed him gently and they snuggled a little closer together.

Christmas had a new meaning, Sam thought before falling asleep.

End of missing scene 5