Author: Cynthia Coe (
Series: Atlantis Rising, part two, missing scene after chapter 25
Date: 25 July 2000
Copyright held by Cynthia K. Coe
Missing scene 6

Sam laid his head back against the couch and sighed. "What a long ... odd day."

"I want to know why Grandmother came up. She was asking all kinds of questions about Ruth and Seth." Peter's voice came from the matching chair. "She's up to something."

"Well, I know that." Sam said exasperatedly. "Didn't she say anything about why she came up here?"

"You know how she wanders around the point." Peter eyed him. "Probably something about you and Seth on the one hand and me flying on the other."

"Maybe she just wanted to make sure that the two of you are all right?" Seth said from the hall door where he'd just come in.

Sam and Peter looked at each other, then in unison shook their heads and said, "Nah!"

"You're quite the comedians, you two." Ruth said from Seth's side. "No, don't get up. We'll need a Council meeting in the morning. Sam, I'd like you to come and be diplomatic. Peter, did I hear you say that you have one ship modified?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I got a short flight in between mining section alpha and beta."

Sam smiled at her frown when she drifted in and sat on the coffee table near Peter's chair. "Don't call me ma'am, Peter. I know I'm ancient but that really makes me feel old. Tomorrow, I want you and the lead Ikiiri pilot, Solantha, to start training. We're probably going to be inundated with NASA applications and while I want them here, I want us to have seniority over them. Will that be a problem?"

Peter was leaning forward by now, his hands clasped around his knees. "No. It saves me having to get on my knees and beg for the chance."

She grinned her half smile. "Well, darn. I missed out again."

He slid forward onto his knees and picked up her hand, kissing her scarred knuckles. "Thank you, Ruth."

She blushed and shook her head. "I don't know what it is about the Hamilton genes but they breed true. Seth, you have my sympathy."

"It's a dirty job but someone has to keep this one in line." Seth patted Sam's shoulder. "We'll have to find a pilot sitter to watch the other one."

"I think we'll give him to the Ikiiri." Ruth said dryly but Sam noticed that she squeezed Peter's hand before letting go. "And now, I'll say goodnight. I admit that I'm a little tired."

"I'll walk you to your quarters." Peter stood first and held out his hand.

"I'm hardly likely to get lost between here and my room." She accepted his hand up but spoke dryly.

"Yeah, but I need to talk to you about something." He smiled down at her and she shook her head but Sam could tell that she was smiling.

"Fine, Peter. Goodnight, you two. Sleep well and dream only of love."

"Night, Ruth." They chorused and Sam felt Seth's arms slide over his shoulders and an upside down kiss at his temple when the others left.

"Shower and bed." Seth's voice finally sounded tired.

"I feel like we worked like demons today but I can't point to anything in particular that we did and half the day was spent with Christmas stuff." Sam stood and pulled his lover into their room to undress.

"I know. What was it you said earlier about our circadian rhythms?"

"Oh, yeah." Sam pulled his sweater over his head and dropped it on the bed before unbuttoning his pants and sliding them down his legs. "We were on West Coast time and now we're back on East Coast time but without day and night cycles. We've got those lights that fight the SADD disorder in the hydroponics wing but we never got there today so we're feeling a little off."

"Okay, something to bring up in the meeting. Do you think Peter minds not being on the council?" Seth had skimmed out of his clothes and was throwing them in the open hamper. "Laundry. What are we going to do about laundry? Do sonics work and if they do, can we just hang clothes up in the shower and set it to clean?"

"Good question. The Ikiiri don't wear clothes but we've got a sonic dishwasher so maybe the shower would work. Peter may know." Sam started to head naked into the outer room but a long arm reached out and pulled him back.

"We need to be circumspect in the living room. Peter may want to bring home someone one of these days and as much as I love seeing you naked, I don't particularly want anyone else to."

"Good thought. My robe is in the other bedroom. I should have brought it back in here after I got dressed this morning." Sam sighed.

Seth shrugged into his robe. "I'll get it for you. Wait a minute." A moment later, he was back and holding it open for Sam. Once in, he wrapped his arms around him and took a deep breath. "I love the scent of unwashed Sam. It's the best aphrodisiac I can think of."

Sam leaned his weight back on the convenient body, taking his own deep breath. "I know what you mean. Unfiltered Seth is becoming a real turn-on for me."

"How about we take a shower, come back to bed and go to sleep. Then, early tomorrow morning, the first one to wake up gets to pounce the other one."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Hm-m-m, I do love the way you say that." Seth hugged him more tightly then began to propel him towards the door. "Shower, sleep, pounce, got it?"

"Got it." And Sam let himself be steered into the bathroom.


He woke gradually, aware at a lower level that something was stroking his skin. A rhythmic something that was also wet and warm. It felt good ... no, it felt better than good. It felt fantastic. The warmth encompassed his left nipple and he shivered at the sensation of teeth pulling gently on the hardening nub. Then the tongue moved to the other nipple and he realized that his hands had come up to keep the head right there.

"Hm-m-m, you're sensitive. I love that about you." Seth's deep voice was a whisper that drifted up to his ears. "I wonder what else turns you on."

Sam almost bit his tongue when the hard body at his side slid down just far enough for the wet tongue to flicker into his navel before heading south to his morning erection. He found his breath short and he remembered with difficulty to keep his moans to himself. There was no way he was sharing this with his big brother.

"What a tasty treat I've found. How kind of you to bring this to bed." Seth's words floated up to him through a haze of desire. His tongue was slowly moving up his erection from the base to the tip, following the large vein whose name Sam had just forgotten.

Dr. Howard would grade me down for that, Sam's thoughts were fragmenting into little words like 'oh' and 'ah' and 'my god'. The side of Seth's tongue was rougher than the top and his lover used that difference to drive him right out of his mind. He'd never felt so hard in his life. The skin of his cock felt too thin as if one more lick would rub it away completely.

But now Seth had engulfed the head and lightly sucked away the leaking drops of fluid, fluttering the tip of his tongue over the small slit before rimming the flared head. Sam felt as if the room had no more air left, dragging oxygen into starved lungs while keeping from moaning out loud. But that was a lost cause when Seth's fingers slid up to play with his nipples again while he sucked lazily on Sam's cock.

Sam had never been this hard, never needed to come so badly and he raised a leaden hand to Seth's cheek to warn him. But a warm chuckle was his answer and he felt himself thrust up once into that warm wet haven before pulsing out a steady stream of semen. The release of muscle tension was immediate. He felt as if he'd turned into melted putty beneath Seth's talented mouth.

"Tasty and filling, just the kind of breakfast juice to get my day going right." Seth slid up and took Sam into his arms, kissing his throat and stroking his fingers over his shoulder. "You are satin and silk ... everywhere."

"I love you, Seth." Sam unglued his eyes and turned into the warm emerald gaze. "What do I taste like?"

"Nutty and slightly salty." Seth hesitated but Sam leaned in and tasted himself on the warm lips that quickly parted for him, allowing him to sample their combined taste.

"Hm-m-m, kind of bland. Now you, on the other hand, taste very, very good." Sam moved closer and moved his left leg over Seth's hip to make room for Seth's neglected cock. "What do you need, Seth? My hand or my mouth?"

"It won't take much, love. Every little whimper you made turned me into steel. One touch and I'll make a mess." Seth rubbed the thick organ against Sam's flacid cock. It bumped against his balls and made him shiver again.

"Do that again." He tried to move closer but they were already skin to skin.

Seth did a little shivering of his own. "Do you trust me, Sam?"

"Yes." He looked expectantly at his more experienced lover. "What are you going to show me today?"

"Roll onto your other side for me so we can spoon. I promise you'll like it and there will be no pain involved." Seth's look was serious.

"Oh, good." Sam leaned in and kissed him again before rolling over so his back was presented to Seth. Small wet kisses trailed down his spine then back up again and he felt Seth's wonderful warmth press all along his back. His hands slid around him and went back to playing with his nipples again. The feeling of the thick cock sliding between his legs and nudging his balls made him twitch.

"The nerve endings here are especially close to the surface so any stimulation feels really good. How does it feel to you?" Seth's normally calm voice was shaky as he thrust himself between Sam's tight legs.

"Neural ... pathways ... that ... lead ... straight ... to ... my cock." Sam managed to get out while his sex organ tried to come back to life. "Oh-h-h-h."

Seth jerked when he came, bathing Sam's balls with his warm fluid. Fingers tightened on his nipples and hot breath gusted against his neck. Sam had never felt so loved in his entire life. He was still a little unsure about all the aspects of male sex but he was looking forward to learning more. Tomorrow morning, he was going to practice on Seth. He was going to be the best pupil his lover had ever had.

Even if he couldn't remember the name of that vein.

End missing scene six