Author: Cynthia Coe (
Series: Atlantis Rising, missing scenes -- post chapter 27
Date: 16 September 2000
Missing scene seven

Sam undressed slowly, his mind not on the task but still back in the command center and the escalating threat. Leaving his clothes in a pile, he stepped into the shower and put the sonics on high. The wave pulses hit his body in a descending then ascending pattern and he turned slowly. It was almost as good as a massage and he used the long handled brush to rub off the dead skin to the shower floor. Stepping out, he turned off the sonics and reached for his robe.

Peter came in while he was tying the terry cloth sash. "Seth will be here shortly. He's walking Ruth back to her room."

"Did you and Jane settle things?" Sam asked curious about their reunion.

His brother grimaced. "Yes and no. We're too far apart to ever to be more than friends. She's moved on and so have I. I think she may be interested in her editor. She sure talks about him a lot. I'm more worried about Ruth."

Sam watched Peter shed his clothes and step into the shower. He shaved with the electric shaver that he was slowly getting used to. Like a lot of things about the Moon, it was adapt to no-water-shaving or give up and grow a beard. He'd have to ask Seth if he'd ever grown one. Fingering his jaw, he felt smooth enough not to leave friction burns on his lover.

Peter came out and reached for his own robe. "Do you think she was serious about going down to face our critics?"

Handing his brother the razor, Sam thought about it. "Probably. She still has the idea that she must pay for this trip to the stars. We're going to have to watch over her because I have to think that she'd give herself up in a minute to save us."

Peter began to shave, his eyes unfocused on his image in the mirror. "The Biblical quote sounds like a religious fanatic and we've got our very own dissenter with us. Father Benson is so morally upright that I wonder he can bend to go to bed."

"He is her 'Doubting Thomas', Peter. I think he's her lodestone to what Middle America and conservative Christians believe. He is earnest in his beliefs and that's not altogether a bad thing. His truth may not be ours but it is the truth of a large portion of Earth." Sam sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Hey, on a lighter note, little brother, Wolf said the doors would be coming up soon. I know what a crimp in your love life that's been." Peter grinned.

Sam stuck out his tongue and made a rude gesture in his direction. "Thank God. I hate having to be quiet when Seth is driving me mad."

"More than I need to know, Sam." Peter gathered up his clothes with a grin and they went out to their living room together. "I think I'd like something hot and soothing. Do we have any of that stuff that Ruth drinks?"

"Sure. I had Mom send us up a suitcase full of herbal teas. Chamomile would be just right this late at night. I'll start the pot heating." He headed for the coffee maker that they used for water. Seth had a coffeepot that brewed coffee by the infusion method so they saved that for morning and used the hot water for tea in the evenings.

There was a water dispenser just like any office had that they kept full and when they got cups dirty, they took them down to the dining hall the next morning to sonic-wash. Pretty much all their meals were taken with the others. Although, occasionally Sam brought dessert home for just the two of them. That seemed to be the pattern for most of the moon's denizens.

At times they wanted to stick together but then they'd retreat to the observation dome, hydroponics, the gym or just their own quarters for some alone time. Doors were going to be very popular, he decided with a grin, and not just for their soundproofing. He wondered over to the CD player while he waited for the water to heat and checked to see what had been last played.

Air Supply. He smiled and hit play. Their mellow love songs were relaxing and he silently blessed Ruth for introducing him to the duo's music. The album was 'The Earth Is' and he'd played it more than once, although he usually used the head phones so he didn't irritate his two roommates.

A stray air current announced Seth's entrance and Sam watched the green gaze come straight to him as if he was true north and his lover was a magnet. That long, slow smile that did such interesting things to his equilibrium blossomed and they met in the middle of the room for a hug.

Forehead to forehead, Seth sighed and wearily closed his eyes. "I hate these threats. And I hate having to hire someone that I don't know to do the investigating that I'd prefer to do myself."

"I know, love." Sam forced himself to step back. "Go take a shower and by the time you're done, the chamomile tea will be brewed. Then I'll give you a neck massage to help you sleep."

"I love you, Sam. That sounds like the best offer I've had today." Seth managed a smile and let him go to head for the shower.

Sam made sure Seth's robe was hanging up in the bathroom before gathering up his discarded clothes to put in the sonic washer in the spare room that would have been his if he'd needed one. He grinned at the rather sterile space that held an unused bed, his dresser and two wardrobes full of his and Seth's uniforms. The sonic washer that the Ikiiri used for their bedding was a compact unit that they'd given to one of the electronic firms in Canada. In exchange for rights to the technology, the company made enough units for each suite of rooms but in a slightly larger size so they 'washed' clothes every day instead of waiting for the weekend.

If they had only had a weekend, Sam returned to the living room and wished for a day off to do nothing. The water was boiling and he took down the white porcelain teapot that his mother had sent up to them. Dangling three herbal tea bags inside, he poured the hot water in before putting the lid on so they could steep. Carrying it and three mugs to the sofa table, he sank down onto the butter soft leather couch.

"I'm a very lucky man to have such a beautiful mate to come home to." Seth leaned over the back of the couch to give him an upside down kiss. Then he detoured around the end of the sofa and sat down by Sam. "I think I may have enough energy to drink a cup of tea and go to sleep."

"Our ambitions are pretty low these days." Sam agreed.

"I'm pumped but then, I soloed." Peter's cheerful accents preceded him into the room from his bedroom. "I think you guys need a day off. Tomorrow would be good. Sleep in late, eat lunch, maybe take one of the carts out into the crater, you know, relax."

"I wish. But for the next few days, we're going to have the TV reporters exploring the Base and we need to be alert for any potential guffaws." Seth leaned forward and poured the golden tea into the white mugs. "Once they leave, maybe we can schedule a day off."

"That would be nice, Seth." Sam tried not to sound plaintive but he wanted that day off in the worst way.

"Jane wants to watch the mining tomorrow." Peter volunteered.

"David Elliot wants to sit about ten of us down and ask us questions as a group. Why we're here, what we do, how we feel about the Council, what would we change about the Moon, how the Ikiiri seem to us -- you know just a few questions." Seth settled back with a sigh.

Sam snickered and accepted his cup. "He seems like a nice guy but somehow I expected him to be older. It seems like I've been watching him on the news forever."

"Infant." Seth teased him.

"Old man." Sam smiled sweetly.

"You two are better than a comedy act. Why does Jane seem to think you and Marag are a couple?" Peter sipped his tea with a grimace. "This stuff tastes like hay."

"When have you ever eaten hay, big brother?" Sam grinned at him. "And I don't know why except I introduced her to Marag first. However I did notice that when she met Seth, she had to wipe the drool off her chin."

"Now, now, it wasn't that bad." Seth chuckled. "She just got a rather ... interesting note in her voice."

"Well, I can see why. You look incredibly sexy in your uniform." Sam managed that same note in his own voice.

"Hey, no flirting with each other while I'm in the room. Especially now when I've been brushed off for the second time." Peter pouted.

"Poor big brother." Sam crooned. "If you'd take time off from flying, you might have a better chance at really connecting with someone. NASA said the next batch of astronauts will include several of their female pilots."

"Nah, its too much trouble. I'm too tired to connect with anyone." Peter's head lolled against the back of the chair. "It just doesn't feel right anymore. Maybe I'm too set in my ways, too old to flirt with the young things out there. They seem so silly."

Seth's eyes twinkled at the young man slumped in the chair across from them. "Yes, I can see those little age lines, Peter. I've heard Geritol can be a big help."

Peter snorted his tea and spewed it out his nose. Helpless laughter rose in the room from all three of them while Peter rubbed a terry cloth sleeve over his dripping face. Sam laughed as hard as the others but he knew exactly what his brother meant. He'd felt the same way before he met Seth.

"Thanks, guys. I needed that." Peter laid his cup on the table and got up with another chuckle. "Good night."

"Peter, maybe you're looking in the wrong places. Forget the young things and go for someone mature like Marag." Sam smiled. "When I stopped looking in the wrong direction, love just up and ambushed me."

"Hey, I resemble that remark." Seth said indignantly.

Sam waved his laughing brother away while turning to placate his lover. "I know you do. I know something else but you're going to have to follow me to find out." And getting up, he sauntered to their bedroom.

"Suddenly, I don't feel quite so tired." Seth's voice lilted and Sam felt him right behind. His voice dropped so only Sam could hear. "I believe I might be ... rising to the occasion."

"Oh good, because I have plans for you." Sam turned by their bed and smiled into Seth's face. "He's right, you know. Did you think I was one of those young sillies?"

"Never. Your innocence was endearing but I truly wasn't looking for you. I'd given up just like Peter is thinking of doing and you came out of nowhere like a bright, shining light into my world." Seth's hand was warm where it cupped his face. "If it's meant to be then Peter will find his other half too. I can't believe that the Goddess doesn't have someone really interesting for him."

Sam closed his eyes and leaned into Seth's kiss. He'd finally given up counting them since he had a supply that never ran out. But after the early morning ones, these were the kisses he liked best. They were slow and tender, warming him from head to toe. The hint of chamomile just added a piquant taste to the mix.

They undressed each other slowly until they were skin to skin. Seth radiated heat and Sam soaked it up like a sponge until his lover broke away to pull the bedding back. Once settled in under the covers, Sam decided to practice what he'd been learning from his patient lover.

"Seth, it's my turn." He grinned down at him. "I promise to make it good."

A warm hand caressed his cheek. "Just having you here makes it the best place I've ever been, Angel. But this body is as much yours as it is mine. Go for it."

Sam kissed him again ... hard. Then he mapped the beloved body with hands and tongue, savoring the different texture of the furry chest, brown nipples and surprisingly ticklish navel. Just under his chin, Seth's cock bobbed up, demanding his attention. The thick organ and the flared crown that felt so silky firm to the touch fascinated him.

Pushing back the foreskin, he leaned forward to tentatively lick the single clear bead of fluid from the small slit. Slightly bitter and somewhat salty, he decided that it tasted better than he'd expected. Remembering how Seth's tongue had felt against the stretched skin of his cock, he slid his over the crown, down one side, around the base and back up the other side.

A strangled groan was his reward and another clear bead of fluid. Grinning slightly, he tongued the vein just under the crown and felt Seth shiver under his hands. Running his fingers over the tender skin of his lover's thighs at the same time he opened wide and sucked the tip of his cock into his mouth presented him with some difficulty. How had Seth managed it without raking the tender flesh with his teeth? Pulling back, he licked around the flared head and pondered how to best manage it.

"Relax, Sam. What you're doing is about ready to break my control." Seth's warm hand stroked his cheek and bright eyes met his gaze when he looked up. "We've got lots of time for you to figure out all the logistics."

He licked the crown again. "I know but you make me feel so good and this can't be enough for you."

Seth reached down and pulled him up over him. "It's more than enough, Sam. You touch me with love and it's been a long time for me without that feeling."

Sam kissed him softly, putting all his love into it before pulling back a bit. "I guess I just want it to be perfect."

"It's us, Sam. So it is perfect." Another soft kiss and callused hands ghosted down his back while he wiggled his enjoyment against Seth's furry chest.

Another kiss and then Sam was sliding back down between Seth's legs to glove the leaking cock. But he sucked the crown back in and washed the silky skin with his tongue. Moving his hand up and down with gentle friction, Sam concentrated on mapping each centimeter of the cock he was worshipping. A hand on his cheek warned him that Seth was close and he sucked a little harder.

A strangled groan was his next warning and he smiled around the pulsing organ that quivered in his hand. And then he was rewarded with burst after burst of salty fluid that he swallowed with difficulty, determined to catch it all. Seth was so quiet that he looked up to make sure he hadn't hurt him accidentally. But the blissful smile on the beloved face reassured him and he left the now limp organ to slide up to lie at his side.

"That was inspired, love." Seth's murmur made him smile but he wasn't prepared to be flipped onto his back, one leg between his and a warm hand close around his forgotten cock. The friction reminded him that he needed to come now ... right now.

A voracious mouth swallowed his groan. He felt himself go tense right before letting go into Seth's hand. All his muscles relaxed then and his lover's heavy weight made him feel safe and warm. "Love you, Seth."

"I love you too. Sleep now, Angel." And their breaths mingled into sleep.

End missing scene seven