Author: Athea (
Series: Atlantis Rising, following chapter 28
Date: 17 September 2000
Missing scene eight

Sam lifted the weights above his head, held them for fifteen seconds then with arms barely shaking, lowered them back to their holders. Taking a deep breath, he lifted them again. Five more times and he finished. Sitting up, he stretched his muscles and accepted a towel from Seth.

"That was good, Sam. You'll need to work that weight level for a couple more days before you move on -- if you want to go heavier?" Seth passed him a water bottle.

"I don't know. I never thought I could press 150 pounds before you got me started." Sam took a long drink.

"Starting you is my favorite activity these days." Seth's low voiced comment started a slow burn in his stomach.

Turning his head just far enough to meet green eyes, he whispered back. "I know exactly what you mean."

A movement at the corner of his eye brought his gaze to a hovering friend with full camera crew. Jane was interviewing one of the others using the gym but he knew she was waiting for him to get free. He'd put off telling her about the changes in his life but she was tenacious and he'd seen the questions in her eyes.

"Best to get it over with, Sam." Seth draped a towel around his neck and used his body to shield the brief caress to his lover's cheek. "She's a good friend."

"I know. I'm just afraid she'll go all quiet like ... like Dad has." Sam sighed and stood up to join Seth.

"It will be all right, Sam. Give him time." Seth rubbed a small circle on his back and Sam couldn't help but arch into the warm hand that could calm him in a heart beat or tease him into instant arousal.

His father's stiffness was like an open wound but he was trying to back off, not flaunt their relationship and give the older man time to come to terms with his choice. He knew it could have been worse. Some men were shunned by their entire family for coming out about their sexuality.

But loving Seth and being loved by him was worth any hurt. He just hoped that Jane wasn't going to come down on Edward Hamilton's side. Finishing up his shower, he redressed and went out to face the music. Waiting for them to finish up the filming of the children's exercise class, he got a hug from a sweaty Dakota before meeting Jane's gaze. "Do you have time for an old friend?"

Those green eyes so much like Seth's twinkled at him. "You bet. I heard a rumor that doors have actually been installed this morning. You can make me a cup of coffee before I inflict the Spanish Inquisition on you."

Sam laughed and tucked her arm into his. "Bring on the fluffy pillows and do your worst."

"Ah, nothing but the best for you, Sam." She took a moment to release the film crew to their own devices before walking beside him to his quarters.

And the door was there, opening out into the corridor on slightly squeaking hinges. Inside were four more doors and Sam sighed with a relief from tension that he hadn't even realized he felt. With no way to shut out the world, they had had to be so circumspect that he'd been afraid of even the smallest groan or moan.

"Freeing, aren't they?" Jane was busy looking around their common room.

Sam did his own gazing and decided that the comfortable clutter left by three men wasn't too bad. The hot water pot was still on so Peter must have been here recently. "How about some tea instead of coffee? We've taken to drinking the herbals to cut down on our caffeine."

"Do you have any with caffeine?" Jane asked with a grimace.

"Sure, Mom sent up some English Breakfast. Would that do?" Sam took the pot off the shelf and fished through the basket of tea packets. "I have to admit to craving a boost every now and then. I'll make a pot for both of us."

A soft touch on his arm stopped his babble. "Sam, you're my best friend. Always have been and always will be. I think congratulations are in order, don't you?"

He met the caring gaze and nodded shyly. "He just ... came out of nowhere. I love him so much."

"And he loves you. It shines from him whenever he sees you. How many know up here?" Jane pulled two cups from the shelf while he poured water over the teabags in the pot. Removing to the sofa, they sat back while the tea steeped. Jane grabbed his hand and sat cross ways so she could watch him while he talked.

The whole saga poured from him fueled by the tea and her gentle questions. By the time he finished, she was hugging him close and his arms were around her. Silence stretched out to fill the room but it was shared and comfortable unlike the awkward pauses when ever he talked to his father. Sam pondered why the women in his life all seemed to understand while the men didn't. Except for his brothers, he thought ruefully. Their support meant so much to him and he decided he needed to tell them that more often.

"Well, I can truthfully say that I didn't see this coming. And I'm a little jealous." She sighed. "Hell, I'm a lot jealous. You two have the kind of relationship that I always hoped I would have. I've been so busy that I haven't had a date in over six months."

"What about David?" Sam pulled back just far enough to catch her blush.

"He's my boss." She grimaced when his fingers threatened her one ticklish spot. "Okay, okay. He's gorgeous and intelligent and brave ... and at least three women are waiting for him to tumble into their beds."

"If he hasn't tumbled by now, he's not going to. He's Seth's age and if he's anything like him, he's not expecting fireworks or grand passion. He wants friendship first and a shared commitment next and a joy that grows with each day." Sam sighed happily.

"Damn, do you know that you glow when you think about him?" Jane shook her head and sat up to pour the last of the tea into her cup. "I'm so glad that you found each other. I want to feel like that at least once in my life. Did you know that Ruth lost her first love to an accident while she was in college?"

Sam shook his head. "She's a puzzle with so many pieces that I don't know if any of us will ever be able to understand her completely. I love her like the sister-in-law that she was in ancient Greece."

"What's with the healing touch?" Jane reverted to a reporter in a blink. "Nobody says anything but when ever there's an accident, she's there in a heartbeat. And I caught Peter giving her the riot act about sneaking back to Earth."

He thought quickly but decided to take a chance. "It has to be off the record, Janey. Scout's honor and all that."

"Okay." She nodded.

"She's a healer but when she heals, she takes the problem or disease into her own body. Earth is the element that she uses to replenish her energy supply. Or she can absorb some of a person's life force when she gets too low." He could tell from her absorbed look that she was replaying some of her meetings with their leader. "Lenora started to miscarry and Ruth stopped it but in the process almost drained herself dry. She was afraid of hurting us with too much need so she convinced Wolf to take her planetside so she could soak up some natural energies."

"Wow, that's kind of spooky." Jane frowned. "I can see why it's a secret. The fundamentalists would have a field day. Energy vampire would be the least of what they'd call her. With the threats already targeting her, I promise I won't mention it. That's why you all hug her so much."

"She's a very tactile person anyway but she's paranoid about hurting us so we have to initiate contact. Hugs work great and the loss of energy is so slight that most of us never notice it. But moon rock doesn't have the right harmonic frequency for her replenishment so we're going to have to figure out a way to get her ... safely ... back to Earth periodically." Sam sighed. "I'm working in the dark here. Healing is thought of as pure quackery back home so it's never been studied. I keep a journal on her abilities and hopefully, someday we'll have some answers."

The front door opened and Seth walked in listening to a hand waving Peter. Sam's eyes met his lover's gaze with a smile and he saw Seth relax. "Well, it looks like some celebrating is in order, Peter. How are you, Jane?"

Jane slipped off the couch and hugged Seth impetuously. "Congratulations and if you ever hurt him, I will hunt you down."

"If I ever hurt him, you have my permission to take revenge." Seth returned her hug but his eyes met Sam's with relief.

"Hey, we should celebrate one less secret with dinner." Peter grinned happily.

"Good idea, then you could take Jane out into the crater for some night shots." Sam suggested while winking at Seth.

"Okay with you, Jane?" Peter asked hopefully and she nodded with a slight grimace.

"We'll have to wear those suits, right?" She asked.

Peter just laughed and threw his arm about her shoulders.


Two hours later, Sam and Seth walked back to their quarters and shut the door behind them. Jane and her camera crew were being suited up for their trip outside and they'd snuck away for some alone time. Strong arms wrapped around him from behind and Sam relaxed against the hard body.

"Feeling better?" Seth nuzzled his neck.

"Yes." Sam brought his hands up to hold onto Seth's. "She said she was jealous and she really meant it."

"Good. She should be jealous. I got the best when I got you." Seth bit his ear lobe gently and Sam trembled.

"She meant you and you're right, I got the best." Sam turned his head enough to graze a kiss across the rather bristly cheek. "Teach me something new tonight."

Seth stilled. "Ready to go a little further?"

Sam felt the groin behind him begin to stir and he shivered with delicious anticipation. "Oh, yes."

"Good. Let's take a shower and go to bed." Seth propelled him forward towards the bathroom. "And just for jollies, let's lock our new door."

"As Jane would say ... yum!" Sam chuckled and let himself be stripped rapidly until he could return the favor. The shower felt good especially when Seth brushed the skin on his back with the natural bristle brush. Turning, he returned the strokes all the way down the long legs.

Shrugging into their robes, they headed to their bedroom. Seth sent him on ahead with the promise of a surprise. Throwing his robe onto the chair, Sam slipped under the duvet and stretched all over. Enjoying the quickly warming flannel sheets, he propped up his head on his linked hands so he could see Seth come in.

He came in, clicking the door behind him. For the first time, Sam felt as if they were really alone. Seth's robe was dropped to the floor and he came to bed with a bottle in his hand. "Turn over, love. I thought you might like a massage."

Sam eagerly turned over. "Yes, please."

The deep laugh was carefree and the first touch of heated oil made him shiver. The strong hands spread the oil over his back in long strokes that relaxed him all over. Seth straddled his hips to really get his strength into the deep muscle massage. Sam felt himself puddle into a satiated heap of bones and sinew. Seth kept his downward movement until he got to Sam's feet.

"Turn over, Sam and I'll work my way back up." Seth turned him tenderly and began to work the ligaments in his feet. Then his legs were moved apart so Seth could move upwards.

For a moment he felt vulnerable then he realized that every touch and stroke was telling him of Seth's love. Opening his eyes, he gazed on the face that was set in lines of concentration. The heavy muscles of Seth's arms rippled beneath the tanned skin that was finally starting to pale with the lack of sun.

"I love you, Seth. I don't tell you that often enough." He moved his hands to cover Seth's, transferring some of the oil to his fingers. "You make me feel so cherished that I have to pinch myself to make it seem real. It's time to go further. I want to feel all of you with all of me."

"I love you, too. And all you have to say is stop and we'll stop." Seth gentled his touch and reached for the oil bottle. He squirted some onto Sam's stomach and watched the taut muscles ripple in reaction. "I need you to be comfortable and relaxed." He smoothed the oil puddle over Sam's torso, paying particular attention to his nipples. "Not too relaxed, of course."

Sam squirmed under the loving touch as his massage became a sensual series of caresses. Seth's mouth slid over his hardening cock while his fingers pinched the suddenly peaking nipples. Sam ran his hands up the long arms to card through the silky dark hair. Then he felt a new touch and he held his breath for a moment. Fingers rolled his balls gently then slid back over the perineum to slide between his cheeks.

Every nerve in his body went to instant alert. Little tremors flooded his body as a blunt finger pressed within then out again. It felt odd then it was back while strong suction pulled his attention back to his cock. Between the two sensations, he couldn't decide which one to go with. More oil slid inside of him along with Seth's finger, going deeper than before.


"Prostate?" He managed to husk out.

"Hm-m-m-m," the hum sent another ripple thorough his groin.

He was panting now as the finger wiggled, loosening up the outer muscles. The hot wet mouth was destroying any control he might have managed to keep. When the finger left, he groaned, missing it already. Then he lost the other stimulus and opened his eyes in protest.

"Breathe out, love." Seth's voice was soothing and Sam automatically obeyed.

Two fingers slid inside of him and the fullness was almost too much. He felt himself wilt a little then Seth took his cock in again and he felt the tremors start over. The interior massage no longer felt so strange and the inner gland sent ripples of heat throughout his entire body. His fingers gripped Seth's head while his hips undulated between up and down.

"Seth!" He felt his climax start at his toes and travel up his body until his hips snapped up and released into Seth's mouth. It felt like he came forever and when the fingers slid out, he clenched to keep them in.

"No pain, Sam. Never any pain." Seth nuzzled the curls of his groin. "I don't want you sore tomorrow. Relax and let me slip out."

Sam pouted but let him go. "Come up here. I need a kiss."

They kissed for a long moment before Sam turned his slippery body so the cock drilling a hole in his leg moved between his cheeks. Seth caught his breath before licking the back of his neck at his sensitive hairline. "Not yet, love. We've got some more stretching to do."

Sam tightened his legs to provide the pressure Seth would need. "Then come for me this way and we'll work on stretching later." Four strokes later, he felt Seth reach his peak and come behind his balls. Strong arms held him against a broad chest and he leaned into that strength while they both caught their breath.

"We're going to need another wash." Seth chuckled. "What does that make ... three today alone. It's a good thing it's not water. We'd be way over our limit."

Sam turned again so they were face to face. "I'd shower five times a day if it meant we could make love that often."

Seth shook his head ruefully. "I'm not Superman, sweetheart. You'll have to take pity on my aging body."

"Then you'll just have to lay there while I take liberties with your sexy body. Are we heading for full intercourse?" Sam stole a kiss.

"Do you want to?" Seth returned the caress.

"Yes. I want to do it all."

"Good, I want you so deep inside of me that you'll touch my heart."

Surprise widened Sam's eyes. "Me inside of you? I thought you wanted inside of me."

"We could take turns." Seth licked Sam's lips before plunging inside. Languid tongues entwined, first in one mouth than the other.

"Okay. I'd like that. Teach me what I need to know." Sam smiled into green eyes that twinkled at him. He was already looking forward to his next lesson.

End missing scene eight