Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica - Wishes and Dreams, part 10
Date: 7 November 1999
Summary: The countdown to the Sealing ceremony begins.

We stood patiently waiting for the turbolift to reach our floor. Apollo leaned against the back wall trying not to move anymore than he had to. I tried to hide my smile but it kept breaking out. "We'll be home soon, love. And I'll take care of your ... little problem."

His pout was truly heart rending. "I feel like everyone knows."

"No one knows but us, Apollo. It doesn't show."

"It's driving me nuts."

"Sanity is highly over-rated." I said solemnly.

"You just wait, Starbuck." The threat would have been more intimidating if he hadn't been snuggling into my arms when he said it.

We were alone for the moment and I hugged him tight, brushing my hand over his lower back and cupping his lower cheeks. He groaned piteously and ground his hips into mine. "I'll be taking it out soon, love. And trust me, you're going to enjoy it."

"Always trust you, Starbuck. You're the only one who can put the fire out." He sighed into my shoulder and I tightened my grip just because I finally could.

"Promise, Apollo. I'll make you feel so good, you'll want to wear it everyday."

He shuddered. "You have got to be kidding. Can you imagine wearing this for a six centar flight? I'd think you'd have internal bruises."

"There are soft, gel filled plugs that move with you and just keep you pleasantly stimulated. But you're right, there's definitely a time limit. You've only had this one in for two centars." I kept one arm around him and led him out on our level. It was only another few steps before we'd be safe behind the door of our home and I'd be free to ravage him.

He'd never looked more desirable to me then now, with his color heightened and his natural grace slightly impaired by the unfamiliar internal massage of the stretching plug. I was determined that there would be no pain when I finally took him and we only had two more days to get him ready for me. He pulled ahead of me and palmed open the door with a sigh of relief once we were inside.

He was just slightly blushing when he turned back to me and opened his arms. I gathered him in and kissed him hard, the way I'd wanted to since we'd left the privacy of our home for the frantic ceremony planning meetings. He still tasted like our morning char and the little cakes that the caterer had for us to taste-test. I let one hand drift to where the plug was snugly seated and pressed it in just a bit.

Groaning, he ground his groin into mine, matching semi-hardness to semi-hardness. We'd both been on a slow boil for centars now and it was time to put out the fire. For now.

"Apollo, let's take this to bed. Boxey will be home from school all too soon." I breathed a puff of heated air into his ear and felt him shiver.

"Yes." He let his head fall back while I kissed down his throat to that hollow that always sent him into ecstasy. He let me back him towards the bedroom, never letting go of my shoulders.

Once in the half lighted room, I began to slowly strip Apollo down to his skin. He was busy too; removing my shirt and scattering kisses over my shoulders and chest. All too soon, I had him half way stripped and pushed back onto the bed so I could pull off his boots and pants. He wriggled a little as the plug came into contact with the soft cover on the bed.

It was by far the most erotic sight I'd ever seen. Apollo spread out before me like an edible buffet, his hips moving back and forth against the velvet nap and his cock rising to hardness. I finished pushing off my own clothes and crawled up between his legs. Pressing moist kisses to his inner thighs, I slid my hands closer and closer to my goal. He moaned and raised his hips to try and entice me to speed up.

But I couldn't hurry this. Not ever. Loving him was too important to rush. There were so many fantasies to explore but I decided to speed up a bit since he'd been half-hard for several centars now. Licking up from the base of his cock to the flaring head, I ran my tongue over the sensitive flesh, feeling him shiver under me.

"Starbuck, if you don't do something very soon, I'm going to explode anyway." His voice was breathless and his hands moved restlessly over his chest, tweaking his nipples and sliding over his skin in an attempt to increase the sensations.

"Whatever you need, Apollo. Ready to come for me?" I rolled his balls between my fingers and managed to press in the plug a trifle further.

He almost arched off the bed. "YES! I want to come. Please!"

Deciding I'd teased him enough, I stretched my lips around him and sucked gently once before relaxing my throat muscles and sliding down to the root. Starting to hum, I swallowed twice before pulling out the plug with one quick jerk. He shouted in surprise and released into me. Moving back up quickly, I caught each spurt on my tongue and savored his taste like I used to savor ambrosia. He'd spoiled me for alcoholic beverages because I was now addicted to him.

It would be a great cost saver for my budget. I chuckled while running my tongue over his spent flesh. A shiver ran over his stomach muscles and I thought he was cold so I called up the heat.

"Not cold." His husky whisper barely reached me. "I think I died."

Now it was my turn to shiver, picturing him limp and lifeless on the ship. I quickly slid up to take him in my arms. "Don't even joke about it, Apollo."

He opened his eyes and pulled me close. "Sorry, love. I meant in a good way."

"I know but sometimes I still dream about it." I laid my head on his shoulder and hugged him tight. "But then I wake up and you're there, living and breathing by my side so I can go back to sleep."

"Wake me up the next time, Starbuck." He was using his command voice, the one I found such an incredible turn-on. "I mean it. I don't want you suffering alone when I can do something about it."

"Yes, Sir."

"Hm-m-m, I think I like that tone in your voice." He was smiling and when his hand found my unsatisfied cock drilling a hole in his hip, he gave it a light caress. "I think it's my turn to do a little teasing."

"Everything I have is yours to play with, Apollo."

"Everything, huh. Well, let's see what I can come up with." He pushed me onto my back and kissed me slowly, sliding his tongue into my mouth to scour out any of his seed left behind. Straddling my hips, he trailed barely there caresses over my upper chest, making sure he never once touched my sensitive nipples.

Oh, I was in for it, for sure. He was a master at the teasing tickle and he proceeded to pay me back for every moment of torment I'd put him through this morning. Ghost touches shivered over my skin. Then warm, moist kisses, which tantalized and burned my flesh with his afternoon whiskers. His solid weight kept my hips down but my cock nestled between his cheeks, so close to where it wanted to go.

He stopped for a moment and reached up under his pillow for one of our toys. "Starbuck, I want you to close your eyes and not open them until I say you can."

"Whatever you say, Apollo. I'm all yours."

He kissed me hard for that comment. "I never wanted anyone more than I want you, Starbuck. When you say that, I feel like one of the Lords of Kobol. Ten feet tall and twice as lucky. I am going to make you feel so good."

"I'm the lucky one, love. Everything you do makes me feel good." I trembled restlessly under his wandering hands, trying to figure out his pattern of movement. But there didn't seem to be one.

Suddenly, one of my nipples was lapped with a rough tongue and as it peaked, he bit it gently. I almost bucked him off at the pain/pleasure surge. "Too much?"

I felt like panting. "No-o-o. Do it again."

He chuckled and moved to the other nipple. I was ready for him this time and managed to keep my reaction to a groan. Two more times and I was holding on to the blanket on either side of me to keep from grabbing him. "Something a little different now, love. Tell me if it hurts."

I stilled and waited, holding my breath. When the clamp tightened on my right nipple, I shuddered in anticipation. When the left was pierced with the same pain and the cool metal chain lay on my skin, I thrust upward once and climaxed. His exclamation reached me through a blurring haze. I needed to reassure him but I didn't have the energy at that moment to do more that come between his thighs.

"Starbuck, you're scaring me here."

My nipples were tingling but the pressure was gone and his voice was filled with tightly controlled panic. It took all my energy to open my eyes and smile up at him.

"Did I hurt you? Are you all right?"

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" I managed to say.

"You passed out. I thought I'd hurt you." His voice was unsteady and he kissed me gently.

"I can't wait for you to do it again." I stretched against him and purred in contentment. I hadn't come that hard in years. "My nipples are sensitive and when you 'closed the circuit', to give it a name, it felt like a shot of electricity traveled straight to my cock. Where are they?"

"Really?" He perked up and showed me the chain and clamps.

They were adjustable and I loosened them a bit before handing them back to Apollo. "Now, put them on me again."

He hesitated. "You're sure?"

I grinned up at him. "I'm sure. Kiss them first. It feels more intense when the nipples are wet and erect."

He still looked a little unsure but he's a brave man, my Apollo. And he leaned over and kissed them erect before clamping on the first one and then the second. I was half-hard again in moments, even after the killer climax I'd just had. I've never felt so turned on before and it was even better because it was Apollo stroking my stomach and watching me.

"I've never seen anything more erotic than you right at this moment. You're all flushed and your nipples look like jewels." He gave an experimental tug on the chain that connected the clamps and I arched up at the familiar streak of heat. "You are so beautiful, Starbuck. I think you should wear these tonight while we have dinner with Father and Boxey."

I nodded while pondering how long I could last with the added stimulation of the clamps and the friction of my shirt against the nipples. "Sounds fair, love. I just hope I can last all the way through dinner without disgracing myself."

He grinned and petted my cock. "We'll take them off for now so we can wash, then I'll put them back on before we get dressed. If we hurry, we can get a shower in before Boxey gets home from school."

Pulling me from the bed, he tenderly undid the clamps and led me into the wash. We soaped each other gently, taking our time and making sure that every inch of skin was clean. While he was rinsing out the shampoo, I played with his nipples and wondered how the gold chain would look against his tan skin. He read my mind and laughed.

"After we're Sealed, Starbuck, I'll let you get a set for me." He turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

We were half dressed when the door buzzer rang and Apollo went out to welcome Boxey home. We'd set up an early warning system so he didn't have to see anything too blatant. I was making a guess that The Talk was going to be coming up sooner than Apollo was ready for. But so far, Boxey's curiosity was at a minimum and easily satisfied with our hugs and the occasional kiss.

Apollo came back shaking his head and laughing. "The little imp has a joke for you. I can see a long future with bad jokes from the pair of you."

"I'm shocked, Apollo. I thought you liked my sense of humor." I pouted and pulled on my heaviest silk shirt.

"I love your sense of humor, love. It's your jokes that make me groan." His eyes gleamed and he stilled my hands before I could button up. "You're forgetting something, Starbuck. Wait right there."

Sighing, I held still in front of the mirrored door of our closet. He came back with the chain dangling from his hand. Standing behind me with his chin on my shoulder, he attached first one then the other, the chain swinging free against the gold-red curls on my chest.

"Beautiful, love. So very beautiful." He buttoned my shirt starting two buttons down, his hands grazing my nipples.

I had to lean back against him while my knees went weak and my pants suddenly grew too tight. I'd been right. The silk was teasing my nipples to sharp points, clearly outlined under the shirt. He finished the buttons and unbuttoned my pants to tuck in the shirt tails, giving my cock a lingering caress that hardened me further before doing my pants back up.

"I think you'd better wear a vest, Starbuck, if you don't want to shock Father." He was pressed up against me and I could feel his cock between my cheeks.

"I think you're right, Apollo. Could I suggest that we don't take our time with dinner?" I wriggled my hips just a bit and watched in the mirror while his eyes darkened.

"What a good idea, Starbuck. We can come back here and I can undress you slowly, leaving your shirt for last so you can feel the silk sliding up and down over your nipples. They should be quite sensitive by then." His voice made love to me while his fingers drifted slowly up my shirt to where the chain hung hidden. "Then I'll just touch the chain, maybe give it a little tug or two. Your shirt will be teasing your cock, which will be ever so hard by then."

I watched his hands in the mirror, mesmerized by his husky voice and the wonderful pictures he was painting with his words.

"And when you think you can't take anymore, I'll slide deep inside of you, right here in front of the mirror so I can watch you watching me fuck you so hard you'll be able to taste it." He kissed the hot spot behind my left ear. "But for now, we'd better finish dressing for dinner."

I almost fell over when he let go of me. "You are an evil man, Captain Apollo."

"Yes, I am, Lieutenant Starbuck."

"I love that in a man." I sighed and pulled open the closet door to find a nice long vest that would hide the hard-on I was going to be sporting for the rest of the evening.

"So do I, love." He pulled on his shirt and slapped me on the butt before heading out to help Boxey get ready. Turning back at the door to send me his best grin. "You know what? We deserve each other."

I started to laugh helplessly. He was right. I was finally beginning to believe that we could make this work. If his lovemaking didn't kill me, the Sealing ceremony would be a breeze. I frowned into the mirror.

Wouldn't it?

End part 10