Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica -- Wishes and Dreams, part 11
Date: 16 November 1999
Summary: The countdown to the ceremony speeds up.
Surprise, Surprise

I watched while Starbuck charmed his way into the good graces of the High Priestess of Caprica. They seemed to be talking about something very serious and I stiffened, unsure if I should go lend a helping hand or not. But he seemed to be all right and I went back to approving the menu for the banquet we'd be throwing for the squadron tonight. Athena had already chosen everything but they seemed to want my approval as well. Then from behind me, the Priestess giggled. My head whipped around in shock.

The ninety-year old High Priestess giggled like a young girl and reached up to kiss Starbuck's cheek. Whatever he'd said to her had completely gotten through her staid exterior to reveal the charmer she must have been as a girl. Trust my Starbuck to win over the clergy. Father would be officiating at the ceremony but the Priestess would be giving the benediction afterward.

I was ready for the whole thing to be over so we could be on our way to an entire secton of just the two of us. Wherever Father had planned. He was pretty cagey about the whole thing and I wondered for a moment what he had concocted for us. But then Boxey was there; tugging at my hand and asking when were we going to eat.

"Soon, Boxey. Just as soon as we tie up a few loose ends. Why don't you go get Starbuck? But be polite to the High Priestess Hestia. Don't interrupt if they're still talking." I gave him a little push towards my lover and he dashed away.

When he got there, he looked up at them and quietly slipped his hand into Starbuck's. The High Priestess looked down kindly and said something to my son that had him nodding vigorously. Then Starbuck laughed and swung Boxey up into his arms so he could be at eye level with the gracious woman who some considered the leading cleric of the Fleet.

Sighing wistfully, I finished up with the caterer and sent him on his way. Boomer had something for me to sign so we bantered back and forth while I did a quick read before signing. With the way the squadrons were going to be shuffled about, I was pretty sure that Boomer and Sheba would be the next leaders. It was going to be fun to watch from the sidelines of Command Central. Maybe I was getting older but flying just wasn't the overwhelming need it used to be. Could it be part of the growing up process? Or had loving Starbuck and desiring a real home-life changed me in some major way?

"Deep thoughts, Apollo. Are you ready to go?" Starbuck said from beside me with Boxey still in his arms.

"Yeah, I am. What in the world did you say to make Priestess Hestia giggle?" I tickled Boxey when he wasn't looking, reducing him to his own fit of giggles.

"I told her that joke that Boxey brought home last night." Starbuck looked innocently at him.

"You've got to be kidding! That old chestnut was probably around when she was young." I rolled my eyes and watched while my son and my lover shared a look of 'humoring-the-loved-one'.

"It was indeed. But then she capped it with the original joke. Which I will tell you later. Let's just say that her version made me blush." Starbuck said with a straight face.

"I'll remind you of that, love." I shook my head and waved goodbye to Athena and Cassie. There were several things I'd be reminding him about later. Right now I had a sudden need to drop Boxey off at his grandfather's so I could take my lover home to dress for this evenings festivities. And maybe a little reminder of how much I loved him.


I was weaving slightly, propping myself up on Starbuck's shoulder and rather glad that he had an arm around my waist. "Why aren't you drunk?"

He hugged me tighter and smiled into my eyes. "Because I'm getting Sealed in the morning, love. To the most wonderful man in the galaxy, who's just a wee bit soused at the moment."

"Oh." I had to think about that for a long moment. "Then why am I drunk?"

"I had a suspicion that the punch was spiked so I didn't drink any. Just the toasts with ambrosia. And I rather enjoyed watching you relax so completely." He grinned lovingly at me.

I loved that look. The one that said 'I can't believe how much I love you'. He was still a little unsure of us but everyday he got a little more comfortable with our relationship. I wasn't the only one relaxing slowly but surely. Hopefully, he would soon come to realize just how much I loved him.

The opening door took me by surprise. "Hey, we're home."

"We certainly are. Now, how about some of Cassie's special tea? It's great for curing hangovers." He sat me down in one of the dining room chairs and headed for the back counter of the kitchen to put the water on to boil.

"I love you, Starbuck. Have I said that recently?"

"Yes, you have, but it's always nice to hear it again. You can say it as often as you wish." He smiled gently and finished filling the teapot that had belonged to my mother. Measuring out a scoop of powdered herbal tea, he dumped it in and let it set while he got down two cups.

Bringing everything over to the table, he poured for us both. I watched the steam rising from the cup he placed before me and was mesmerized by the shifting shapes I could see in the cloudy fog. Whew! I must be drunker than I thought. Shaking my head, I waited only a centon before drinking the cup down. The bitter aftertaste roiled my stomach but I just waited it out and pretty soon I felt much better.

"Apollo, are you very sure about this?" Starbuck's eyes were still uncertain. "We could postpone it for a while. Say a sectar or two. It's a big step you're taking."

"It's a big step, we're taking. I love you and I want to be with you in all ways for as long as we have. Is that what you want?" I reached across the table and stroked his hand.

He closed his eyes and entwined his fingers with mine. "With every breath I take, I love you. But this is a big step, getting Sealed and resigning from the squadron at the same time."

"Starbuck, look at me." I waited until he opened his eyes again. Such troubled blue eyes that I wanted to see shining again. "You and I have a chance at a long and happy life together. It's time to let some of the younger blood have a chance at the glory. I want to learn new things and have a little more control over my life. I'm ready to settle down and do something else. Just as important as flying and fighting, but safer."

Nodding, he finished his tea. "We've both got something to lose now. People who will miss us if we crash and burn."

"Exactly. I want us to have as happy and normal a life as is possible while we're still at war with the Cylons. Watching Boxey grow up. Making love as often as possible. You know, normal things."

Finally he grinned and poured some of the black brew into my cup. "Drink another cup of tea and take me to bed. Remind me how much you love me."

"No sooner said than done." I drained the cup and winced at the increased bitterness of the steeping brew. "We need another shower."

"We certainly do." Starbuck drained his own cup and rose from the table with an outstretched hand. "I love it when you're wet, looking like a sleek seally from Ocean I."

"You know, I don't think I've ever visited that ship." I let him lead me to the turbowash. "I never learned how to swim because I was too busy learning how to fly."

"They taught us to swim at the orphanage. It was just a big pond really but I loved it. Almost as much as I loved flying." He adjusted the water temperature and started stripping off his clothes. "One of these days, we'll go over and I'll teach you and Boxey how to swim."

I was a bit slower removing my clothes because I was so busy watching his lean golden body appear. Each garment that fell away bared more of him to my appreciative gaze. The long lean lines of his back made my fingers itch. Suddenly, I was in a big hurry to get as naked as he was. Thankfully, Boxey was staying with Father and would continue to until we got back from our time away from the Fleet.

Starbuck ducked into the wash and stood under one of the jets which instantly soaked him all over. His blue eyes twinkled at my fumbling fingers while I tried to finish undressing. Holding out his hand, he beckoned me in and I hurried to join him. I love the feel of water sluicing away the trials and tribulations of the day. His hands smoothed soap over my skin in slow circles that relaxed me completely.

"I'm always surprised at how soft your skin is. Usually, a man's skin is rough but yours is as smooth as Boxey's. Why don't I give you a massage tonight?" His wet hair was slicked back against his skull, revealing the pure shape and his delicate ears.

My hands combed through his hair. "I'd love a massage but only if you let me give you one too."

He purred under my touch, half closing his eyes and arching like the feline I sometimes compared him to. He loved having his ears rubbed and I kept my touch light until I let the tip of one dip briefly inside and watched him shudder in sudden need. His cock started hardening against mine and our touches changed to caresses in the blink of an eye.

We were neither one of us wearing any of the toys we'd been playing with for the last few weeks. The banquet was too important to the future of the squadrons for us to be too playful with each other. We'd both kept an ear out for opinions and feelings about the changes to come. Gossip and rumor had run rampant for awhile now, feeding on each other, as they are prone to do. A few words here, a comment there and we'd managed to steer the speculations into the proper channels.

My musings were cut short by my favorite bath toy drawing away from me and stepping out of the wash. "Hey, I wasn't done washing that spot."

He grinned at me and turned the water on full cold, which sent me yelping out of the wash myself. "You'll get wrinkles if you stay in much longer. And that spot didn't need any more rubbing." His look turned sultry. "There's a spot that's feeling left out."

I think I growled before chasing him into the bedroom and throwing myself on him upon the bed. We bounced and tackled each other in mock battle, which turned into serious caressing. I kissed every bit of skin under me, drawing my hands down his body to the nest of red-gold curls and the velvet hardness of his cock. He sighed my name when I slid a finger lower still to gently trace his balls.

Suddenly, I couldn't wait to taste him once again. I was fast growing addicted to his bittersweet fluid. He shuddered beneath my probing tongue and tugged at me to turn on the bed so he could play with me. Then it was my turn to shiver at the first lap of a warm, wet tongue. We were on our sides now, both of us trying to bring the other to the boil first.

But when Starbuck upped the ante with a wet finger between my cheeks, I started to shake. I had told him I was ready but he'd just shaken his head with a rather shy grin and told me that he was planning something special for us. I didn't want to hurry him but part of me ached to find out just what made him go crazy when I was deep inside of him. I had had my prostate stimulated by his fingers and that damn plug that had tormented me yesterday.

I liked it. I liked it a lot. But I didn't want a toy; I wanted my lover in so deep he'd never want to come out. However, I could be patient. And right now, he was two fingers deep and massaging the gland that brought such pleasure. Wetting a finger, I decided that two could play at this game. His arching further down my throat was the result.

Gagging just a bit, I backed off and tried a different angle. I was nothing if not determined to bring him off first. I may be a novice compared to him but as I'd told him before, I was extremely motivated. Stubborn is what I'm called usually in an exasperated tone of voice. But I prefer to call myself, dedicated. Completely dedicated to learning everything I could about this fascinating man who was in my bed.

Our bed.

For just a moment, I had a sudden picture of what we were doing and it was as alien as a Cylon having tea with my Father. Then, I heard a groan and felt the first pulses of salty sweet seed on my tongue. Smiling, I lapped up all he could give me and blessed my sister for opening my eyes to the truth.

"Frack, Apollo. You're getting very good at that." He sighed and lightly caressed my still hard cock. "Roll over, love and let me get to you properly."

I chuckled and rolled over onto my back, sprawling on the coverlet with my legs open and my cock standing to attention. "I have a very good teacher. And I'm extremely motivated. I wouldn't want to disappoint my instructor."

He knelt up between my legs and slid his hands slowly over my inner thighs, tickling the dark hairs there until even they felt sensitized. "You could never disappoint me, Apollo. Every touch is a gift I never thought I could have."

I didn't like the sadness in his eyes and I sat up to gather him into a hug. "You are more than I ever dreamed possible. I'm planning a future where we grow old and gray together, probably telling tales to our grandchildren of the bad old days. Together."

His gaze was rather damp against my shoulder but he nodded hesitantly. "I want that, Apollo. More than you can know. But sometimes I get afraid that the dream will become a nightmare."

I rubbed slow circles on his back and concentrated on relaxing him. "No more nightmares, Starbuck. Only bright dreams filled with joy and love. Remember, I'm going to be telling you 'I love you' every day of our lives."

He laughed a little at that reminder and licked one of my nipples, reviving my cock from half-mast. "All right, Apollo. I believe you. But right now, I think I have some unfinished business here."

Pushing me back down on the bed, he bent and took me back in. Plunging me into his warm, wet mouth and sending me right back to a fast boil. Now, he was nibbling me gently and his fingers were rotating in little circles inside of me. I was long past feeling any discomfort so I was surprised when a twinge of pain sparked. Pulling back mentally from our lovemaking, I realized that the extreme fullness was three fingers wriggling back and forth.

I had to think about that for a moment. It was uncomfortable but not really painful. And his cock would be bigger, yet. So, maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought I was. Then he flicked my gland and the sudden warmth burned away the discomfort. I squirmed down onto his hand then back up into his elastic throat. All my thoughts focused on one thing and one thing only.

I had to come now... . really and truly ... now.

He drank me down like he'd been thirsty all his life, the gentle suction making me jerk into spasm after spasm. When he tenderly pulled his fingers from me, I felt empty. My murmur was rather plaintive and he slid up to take me in his arms.

"I love you, Apollo. Was that too much?" He kissed me before I could answer. I was growing addicted to those kisses.

When we finally had to break apart to breathe, I opened my eyes to gaze into his slightly worried gaze. "There are no words, Starbuck, to tell you how much I love you. And tomorrow night, I need you to fill up this empty place inside of me like you filled my heart with your love and laughter."

He sighed and kissed me again. When we broke apart this time, he sat up and pulled the blanket at the foot of the bed over us. Once I was safe in his arms again, he murmured into my ear. "You filled up all my empty spaces, Apollo. Tomorrow, I'd be honored to love you."

I snuggled as close as I could get and still be in my own skin. "We'll fill up our lives with love. We have so much that we'll probably have to share it with everyone else."

He chuckled a little at that. "That's what Sealing ceremonies are for, love. So we can show everyone what love and commitment truly are."

I sighed a sleepy sigh against his shoulder. "Night, Starbuck. Sweet dreams."

He kissed my hair. "Always, Apollo. Always."

Smiling, I fell asleep wrapped in his arms.


End part 11