Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica, Wishes and Dreams, part 13
Date: 17 June 2000

I held Apollo's hand on the small shuttle practically vibrating with the need to hold him close and make love for hours. But we were still in public and had to be calm and circumspect. We were enough of an oddity without adding any behavior-faux pas to the mix. I just kept looking at him and repeating over and over to myself 'we're sealed'.

I could hardly believe it.

But he was smiling at me and curling his finger to stroke my palm while I went quietly insane with wanting him. He was sitting on one hip because of the thick plug I'd inserted just before we got dressed in our Sealing outfits. It had to be massaging him into constant arousal.

"I love you, Starbuck. And as soon as we get to Ocean I, I'm going to strip you naked and tease you until you're begging me to let you come." His voice was low so no one else could overhear us but since we were alone in the back it was probably just a ploy to get me hotter.

It was working.

"Then I'm going to smooth on some nice, slick lotion all up and down that rock hard cock of yours." His eyes were gleaming and he had this dreamy smile on his face that made me want to kiss him and never stop. "And then, when you're writhing beneath me, I'm going to take out this damn plug and sit down on you like you did to me so long ago, sliding you deep inside of me where you'll always be safe. And then I'll know what it feels like."

"Yes." It was all I could do to speak, let alone form words. I could see it so clearly that my cock was reacting as if he were open to me right now.

"Good. I just wanted you to know what I had planned. Of course, I'm always open to suggestions." He smiled smugly at me and I suddenly remembered the surprise I had in my pocket. "Okay, that's a very tantalizing grin. What does it mean?"

I put on an innocent look. "I don't know what you mean, Apollo."

"Oh yes, you do, love. Am I going to enjoy it?"

I nodded then tilted my head in a questioning manner. "It's a present for you but I don't know if I should give it to you now or not."

"Unless it involves significant nudity, I think now would be an excellent time."

"You're sure?" I reached over and began unbuttoning his shirt buttons. "I just need to see a little more skin, love. And I need to kiss you. Would that be all right?"

His hands came up to cover mine. "Unless we're in front of the Council or in church, you always have permission to kiss me."

"Oh, good. Then you'll like this. It's something I promised you a while back." I smiled having opened his shirt to the waist and began running my hands over his chest while I leaned in for the kiss I'd been dreaming about. For a long moment, I forgot everything but his taste then I used one hand to get the gold chain out of my pocket.

I'd loosened the clamps until they would barely cling to him. I didn't want any pain to mar our first night of being sealed. Running my hands over the hardening peaks, I clamped one on to his right nipple about a micron before I clamped his other nipple. He hissed into my mouth and almost bit my tongue, groaning into me. Drawing back, I looked at the picture he made; shirt open, eyes wild, lips swollen and the gold chain swinging back and forth between his nipples.

Debauched doesn't even cover it.

"They sting." He got his breath under control and gingerly touched one of the clamps. "But in a good way. The moment they went on, I felt as if you'd hardwired my cock. Which is already as hard as steel because of the plug."

I brushed against the bulge in his pants and the wild-eyed look came back. "I could take care of it for you. We've got a few moments before we dock at Ocean I."

He considered it then shook his head. "No, I want to wear them for a while and see how long I can last."

I unbuttoned four buttons of my shirt, just enough so he could see the chain he'd gotten me, clamped onto my nipples. I'd been half-hard since just before the ceremony. "We're a matching set, love."

He reached out and tugged just a little on the chain until my bulge matched his. "We are indeed a pair, Starbuck."

The shudder that comes with docking hit us then and we both buttoned up for our departure. I was excited in more ways than one. I'd only been here a few times but I'd fallen deeply in love with the ship and it's habitat. Almost as much in love as I was with Apollo. He gathered up the bags that Adama had packed for us and I grabbed the ones we'd packed for ourselves. Several of our toys and enough cleanser and lubricant so we wouldn't run out.

No matter how debauched we got.

Apollo was holding his shoulders rather stiffly and I brushed against his shoulder for the pleasure of seeing his eyes go wide. His shirt was teasing him into complete arousal and he wasn't used to being that out of control. I was going to be showing him just how crazy he could safely get once we were alone. He had no idea how many ideas I had about how we would make love.

We were greeted by one of the Life Guards who were the guardians of this water habitat. The briefing was mercifully short and the Guard who powered us out to the island where we would pass the next two sectons was amiable. He told us to give a call when we needed a ride back or more supplies or anything else. Leaving us on the white sand beach of our small island, he waved goodbye and floated away.

"This is incredible, Starbuck. There's even a breeze that smells like the ocean." Apollo looked around him. "And the trees look like they have fruit growing on them."

"It's as close as they could come to reproducing the atmosphere of the real sea. The fish and sea life that swim here were all saved from Caprica and a dozen other worlds. But we can look around later. Let's go find our cottage, dump the luggage and get naked." I was ready to do him right here on the beach but I was trying to restrain myself.

He grinned broadly, shaking his head. "What am I going to do with you?"

"You had a pretty good plan of attack worked out on the shuttle." I started down the path between the trees, throwing in a little extra hip swing. "Of course, I have plans too if you're too busy."

"Never too busy for you, Starbuck. I'm right behind you." I could hear him behind me but I was too bemused at the building in the center of the clearing to really pay attention to the words. It was like something out of one of the fairy tales that Boxey enjoyed. One story with large windows covered by white wooden shutters, the green front door was open.

Apollo nudged me and we stepped inside, peering around at the sparse furnishings and letting our luggage fall to the white and green tiled floor. The front room had a table with two chairs, a tiny kitchen, two comfortable chairs and a long bench between them. A bookcase held some of the old fashioned books that had long since been replaced by data-readers. All in all, it had a cozy feel to it that was extremely welcoming.

Tugging on Apollo's hand, I led him through the door on the other side of the front room and into the bedroom. It was cool and dim now since the artificial sunlight was on the other side of the island. The large four-posted bed was hung with white gauze that was probably meant to keep off the flying insects. Fluffy white pillows and linen covered the mattress and I suddenly couldn't wait to see Apollo's dark beauty spread across the bed.

"Need you, love. Right now. Right here." I started unbuttoning his shirt and he shivered at the slight pressure against his oversensitized nipples. His hands came up to cover mine but he let me keep on unbuttoning until I had it completely undone and pulled from his pants. The gold chain dangled against his dark skin and I leaned in to lick one of the rosy nipples that stood out in stiff peaks.

He groaned and swayed toward me so I backed him up and sat him down on the side of the bed, kneeling down to take off his boots and kissing the instep of his foot. "Starbuck, oh lords, you're driving me crazy. Get up here."

I just grinned and kissed the other arch before sliding my hands up the inside seam of those tight pants to his bulging crotch. His hiss of need told me I'd better hurry up or he might just ruin his wedding outfit. While I was down here, I slid off my own boots before moving on up to unfasten his pants. His sigh of relief when I freed his cock was a great turn-on for me.

"You look so beautiful lying there against all that white with my chain against your chest. How do the clamps feel? Are they too much?" I needed to know that he wasn't enduring something just because I could.

"When you licked it, I thought I'd pass out with the pleasure or come in my pants." Those dark eyes were watching me while I pulled off his pants, leaving him naked.

"Good. Now, scoot up the bed so you're comfortable while I go get something." I watched him move sinuously over the soft blanket until he was propped against the headboard. "My beautiful Apollo."

"All yours, Starbuck. Only and ever yours." His voice whispered to me and I had to close my eyes to keep myself from coming just from the sound of his words.

"Stay there and think sexy thoughts, lover. I'll be right back." I left him chuckling and hurriedly undid my shirt and pants in the front room so I could get as naked as he was. Opening one of our bags, I grabbed the lube. Taking a deep breath, I got myself under control and went back into our bedroom.

He'd taken me seriously, one hand teasing his nipples while the other stroked his cock gently, the very picture of a wanton. His eyes met mine and the slow smile told me I was in for it. "I missed you, love. Come over here and let me love you."

Sliding under the gauze, I laid the supplies on my pillow while leaning down to kiss him. It felt different this time. Maybe it was because we were sealed now and this really was 'our' bed. Our hands touched gently, all those spots that enticed and enflamed. But for the first time, we had all the time in the universe. There was nowhere we had to be nor anything we had to do but pleasure each other.

My hands slid down his torso to the steel hard cock that leaned towards me. I kissed my way down to it, nibbling up one side then down the other while he moaned and tossed his head back and forth on the pillow. Pressing in the plug brought his hips up sharply and I had to lean hard to keep them down.

Reaching for the lubricant, I found he'd gotten it before me. Sultry eyes met mine while I swirled my tongue over his leaking cock. "Come up so I can get you ready. I need you to replace that artificial plug with your beautiful cock."

"I love you, Apollo. Have I told you that recently?" I rose up on my knees, my cock jutting out, painfully hard and swollen with need.

His hands were gentle as they smoothed the cream over me. "I love you too, Starbuck. I can't ever tell you often enough. Now, make love to me."

I leaned in for a kiss before moving back down to his groin. Pushing back his legs until he could grab them, I gently grabbed the plug and began to pull it out. He shivered so hard that I was afraid he was going to come so I pressed hard at the base of his cock until the plug popped out. His entrance was a little red and I wiped a finger across my cock to gather up some cream to dab on the spasming muscle.

"Apollo, squeeze some of the cream on my fingers, please."

He was panting and his first grab for the tube was a miss. Taking a deep breath, he finally was able to squeeze some out onto my fingers. "Hurry, love. I think I'm on fire. I need you."

"I won't hurt you, 'Pollo. But I think I can put the fire out in just a bit. Come on and open up for me, love." I moved my fingers in and out, finally judging that he was ready for me. "Now, I need you to roll onto your side. I know you want to watch me but this will be easier on you."

He pouted but rolled where I needed him. Slipping one of my legs between his, I pulled out my fingers and eased the head of my cock inside while the muscle was still loose. He hissed and I felt the tension in his back. Lords, he was tight. I held him close and waited for him to tell me to move or leave.

"You're so big. It feels like you're trying to park a Viper inside me." He was panting and the imagery made me laugh.

"That's it, love. Just relax those muscles for me and I promise to land in your shuttle bay."

He started to laugh and when the muscles let go, I slid on in until I could go no farther. "Oh ... Starbuck ... I've got you. All of you."

I kissed his shoulder and moved my hand to stroke his slightly wilted cock. "Yes you do, love. I've never been in a tighter ... hotter ... landing pad."

He squirmed and began to harden again so I began a gentle rocking motion that brought me out a little then back in again, getting him used to the feeling of pressure and fullness. I was barely holding onto my control but it was his little whimpers that got to me the most. I don't think he even knew he was doing it but every time I nudged that gland inside of him, he'd whimper and press back against me.

Getting bolder, I began to thrust a little harder, coming further out before impaling him again. He was moaning my name now, chanting the two syllables as if it was the only word he knew. By now, I knew I wouldn't last much longer so I gloved his cock and began to stroke it roughly, the way he liked it. He'd lost the use of language completely now, groans were all he could manage until with a shout, he came in my hand.

I managed one more thrust before I came and came hard inside of him. I think he passed out at that point because when my vision cleared, he was limp in my arms. I rested against his back and thought about what we'd just done. We'd just made love as a Sealed couple. It was legal and binding and something I'd never thought to have. How had I gotten so lucky?

When he stirred finally, I was almost ready to slip from him. His little whimper when I did come out made me afraid that I'd hurt him. Turning him in my arms, I found tears on his cheeks.

"I hurt you?" Even I could hear the dread in my voice.

"No." He grabbed my shoulders. "I wanted you to stay inside of me."

Resting my forehead against his with a sigh of relief, I closed my eyes. "Don't scare me like that, Apollo. Now you know why I always want you inside of me."

"It felt so good. Well, it was uncomfortable at first but nothing like that damn plug the first time I wore it." His brown eyes sparkled up at me when I opened my eyes again. "I think you'll have to practice on me a lot. It felt like I was flying every time you thrust inside."

"I promise to practice my ... landing if you'll promise to remember to park your Viper inside my hangar every other time." I moved my eyebrows up and down suggestively and watched him dissolve into laughter.

"Only you could make something so beautiful into something funny too. I do love you, Starbuck." He pulled me down for a kiss that threatened to reawaken both our libidos.

I broke away and shook my head. "Come on, love. We need to clean up and maybe take a little walk around the island before you make love to me again."

His eyes lit up. "All right. Do you think we could go and wade in the ocean?"

"Of course, we can. But first let me see if there's any damage." I rolled him over and spread his cheeks to check for redness. I hadn't felt anything tear but at the sight of no blood around the little hole, I breathed a sigh of relief. Leaning down, I kissed him right on the muscle that had given me so much pleasure.

"Starbuck, I'm fine but if you keep doing that, you're going to have to go back in to put out a new fire." Apollo said over his shoulder.

"Well, they do say that water's good for putting out fires." I said, vaulting over his body and standing on the cool tile floor. Holding out my hand, I helped him off the bed and steadied him when his ass muscles caught up to the rest of him.

"Oh." His eyes widened and he looked at me with the most amazed look. "It feels like you're still in there."

"You don't use those muscles often. You may be a little sore for awhile. After we get cleaned up, I'll spread some analgesic cream inside of you. That will help."

"Were you sore the first time you took me inside of you?" The little frown between his eyes was so endearing.

"Just a little. It had been a long time since I'd had another man inside but it felt good. Because it just wasn't another man . . . it was you, my very own Apollo."

"All yours, Starbuck, in every way, forever yours." He reached up and kissed me again and I fell in love all over again. We kissed for long moments until the trickle of fluid down his leg made him break away. "Clean up, now."

I laughed down into his pouting face and pulled him into the front room. He tried to hold back when I pulled him through the entrance. Complaining that we had to be dressed before we went outside, he dug in his heels in the sand. But I wanted my wanton Apollo back so I hoisted him over my shoulder and staggered down the path to the small bay where we had off-loaded.

He was still protesting when I walked us into the warm water and let him slide down. "Nobody can see us and I don't think we need clothes to swim in."

Apollo had a slightly panicky look until his feet touched the sand bar beneath us. "You do remember that I don't know how to swim?"

"Ah, but I am going to teach you, remember?" I ducked beneath the surface and came back up with my hair plastered against my head. With both hands, I slicked it back so it wouldn't drip in my eyes, only to find him gazing at me with a look of awe.

"Starbuck, you are so beautiful with the sun glowing on your skin and your hair slicked back like the seally you compared me to." He cupped my cheek and leaned in for another kiss.

He tasted of salt water and love. I was the luckiest man in the entire Fleet. And just as soon as he finished devouring me, I was going to get him to make love to me right here in the warm water. Mating like a pair of sealys under the sun. By the time we left here, we were both going to be satiated.

What a way to go.

End of chapter 13