Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica, Wishes and Dreams, part 14
Date: 20 June 2000
Honeymoon II

I watched Starbuck duck down again disappearing in the warm water of this man-made ocean. We'd been here for three days already and we had yet to put on any clothes. We'd made love on the beach, the bed, the shower, one of the chairs in the outer room, against a tree and oh yes, my favorite place ... right here in the warm surf.

Starbuck was busy tonguing me to hardness under the water and I shivered at the strong suction of his voracious mouth. Popping to the surface, he slicked back his hair and gave me a sultry look. "I have some place where you could put that weapon of yours, 'Pollo."

"Really," I tried for innocent but the wicked look in his eyes drew me to him like a magnet. I followed him while he backed up to knee height water before turning and going down on all fours. The come-hither look over his shoulder undid me as it always did and I knelt behind him to practice what he'd taught me over the last few days.

He tasted good everywhere but his natural scent overlaid a little by salt water between his cheeks drew me in to make him shiver the way he did for me. My tongue lapped at the small entrance before fluttering over it until it spasmed open for me. We both kept ourselves cleaned out and lubed up so we could make love whenever the notion hit us.

It was going to be hard going back to wearing clothes. My Starbuck looks his best in nothing at all. I had two fingers inserted now and he felt loose enough so I knew I wouldn't hurt him when I slid myself inside. "I'm coming in, love. Docking procedures commencing."

He started to laugh, which set me off and I thrust in with a single slide that had my balls nudging his cheeks in a heartbeat. His muscles rippled beneath my hands and I rubbed away the little tension that showed up in his lower back. The waves surged around us, sometimes covering the spot where we were connected and sometimes flowing away.

"You feel so good inside of me, Apollo. Promise me that you'll never stop loving me this way." He rocked back and took my thrust with a groan.

"Always, Starbuck. I'll always love you." I began to thrust harder now while the chills raced through my body the way they always did when we loved. Angling just so, I knew I was hitting the sweet spot with every thrust when he began to pant and shake beneath me, his arms quivering with the strain of keeping his torso off the sand beach.

"Lock your elbows, love and come with me." I had hold of both his hips and I slammed into him with each thrust, digging my toes into the sand to keep up the pressure that I knew he liked.

He was shaking now and chanting my nickname like a prayer to the Lords. Without my even touching his cock, he froze and pulsed out his seed into the warm waters of our cove. The inner contractions milked my cock dry and I tried not to slump onto his back, knowing the added weight would send him face first into the sand.

"Docking commencing?" His little gusts of laughter were forcing my limp cock from its comfortable haven.

"What? You want poetry when I'm getting ready to slide into you?" I popped free and checked quickly to be sure I hadn't been too rough. He was a little reddened but nothing a little analgesic cream wouldn't cure.

Until the next time he invited me inside.

He sat back on his haunches then stood, turning to give me a hand up. Leaning against his long body, I slid my arms around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder. We stood like that for a long moment, watching the artificial sun sink beyond the horizon while the shadows fell over our golden beach. When it got dark here, it really got dark. We had about ten centons to reach the cottage before it went black as space.

With our arms still around each other, we meandered up the path to the small cottage that was already home and argued about what to cook for dinner. The cupboards were well stocked and the small cooler had filleted fish in the freezer compartment. Starbuck told me that certain species would over-breed if they weren't kept in check. The fishermen who came to fish the warm waters of this habitat kept the Fleet well supplied.

We rinsed off the salt water with a quick splash of water from the solar heated outdoor shower. I'd learned how important that was the first time the salt dried on my skin. The itching was horrible and only a bath could quell the burn. The indoor turbowash was small but then I loved washing Starbuck in close quarters so it was no hardship at all to bathe and be bathed.

I started steaming the vegetables while he turned on the outdoor grill for the fish. There was even fresh lime for squeezing over them just before serving. This really was a paradise for lovers. Even our silence was filled with contentment. Talk or no talk, we moved together like two parts of a single unit. Trading places when needed and cooking together as if we'd always done so.

The lights of the front room cast a soft glow on my lover's fair hair that was bleaching out even more with the sunny climate that Ocean I maintained. He looked more like an angel than ever but I knew better than to say so. He was still sensitive about the creatures of light although he'd not had a single nightmare since we'd arrived.

"Apollo, how long for the greens?"

"About five centons. Why?"

"That will be just right for the fish on the grill. Bring them outside when you're done so we can eat outdoors. I'm not ready to come in yet."

I smiled indulgently at him and agreed. I'd never realized what an outdoor lover he was. He'd always seemed like the quintessential city-boy to me but I was discovering that he had a hidden nature streak. But since I was benefiting from it, I was more than ready to acquiesce.

A few moments later and I pulled out the strainer with the fresh greens in it cooked just right. Arranging them in a round dish, I chopped a couple of limes into quarters and put them into the middle. Not too bad if I did say so myself. Grabbing some silverware, I carried out my dish to join Starbuck by the glowing red grill. He was just turning the fillets for the last time and he smiled at me, pointing with his tongs to the small table and chairs we'd moved outside.

I slapped at one of the insects that had decided to feast on me and went back in for the lotion that seemed to deter the little beasts. And in a pinch, it worked as lubricant too. I slathered it on then went out to rub some into Starbuck's back. The mellow scent rose around us and I listened to the disappointed whine of the departing bugs.

"Thanks, Apollo. I forgot to debug when I came out."

"It's part of my job now, lover. Taking care of you is a full time effort." I kissed his cheek and melted a little at the sweet smile he gave me.

"I appreciate all your hard work." He turned the fish one more time and motioned for the plates, sliding them off the grill and onto the white china dishes.

"Smells like heaven. We're so spoiled that we won't know what to do with ourselves when we get back to real life." I sighed and sat down on the towel-padded chair. We'd tried without any padding and both sported criss-crossed bottoms for a few hours.

The next few moments were spent eating while everything was hot then Starbuck looked over at me and raised his glass of water to me. "Here's to another perfect day."

I raised mine and clinked it against his. "And another perfect night."

"We have to think of something really, really nice for your father. He couldn't have picked a better Sealing present if he'd tried for twenty yahren." He went back to eating and I chuckled.

"Well, unless you're willing to carry a grandchild for him, I can't think of anything he'd really like."

He choked when he tried to laugh, breathe and swallow at the same time. I had to pound him on the back until the piece of fish came back up. "Apollo, don't do that. I'd be a terrible mother."

I dropped a kiss on his fair hair and smiled down at him. "But you're a great father, Star'. Maybe one of these days, we can adopt another son as company for Boxey."

He looked up at me with such a sweet smile. "That would be really nice, 'Pollo. I always wanted a family of my own but it never happened. Maybe it had to be that way so we could meet. I wouldn't have wanted to miss being your friend for anything."

I leaned over and kissed him hard, unable to speak over the lump in my throat. The rest of the meal was passed in a simmering silence while we watched each other in the light of the single candle on the table between us. His eyes were like shimmering aqua-stars from the planet Aquaria. Someday, I was going to find one perfect gem and have it made up as an earring for him.

Or maybe a nipple ring.

He began to laugh and I knew I was busted. "Oh love, I don't know what you're thinking about but that look of lust will get you anything you want."

"You. Will it get me you?"

"But you've already got me and you have from the moment I met you."

"We were twelve, Star'."

He blushed and looked down at his plate. "I'd already been ... active. The orphanage kids grew up quick and some of the bigger boys had made sure that we knew what to do."

I felt a flush of white-hot anger towards any male that might have taken advantage of my Starbuck's innocence. And in the next moment, I knew how to make it better, take away a little of that old pain. "Against your will, Starbuck?"

"Not exactly. It felt good right up until he first fucked me and that only hurt for a little while." He shrugged and finished his fish.

I could just see a young angelic looking boy innocently enjoying doing something under cover of the night until the moment that someone he trusted thrust into his body, taking his virginity without thought of the pain. White-hot didn't begin to cover the anger I was feeling. More like a super nova going off inside of my head.

"It was a long time ago, love." He was kneeling by my chair, stroking my hair gently. "It's all different with you, Apollo. You love me, not just the pretty face or the wise-cracking joker but the real me. The one I hid inside because no one wanted to see him. You love all of me, the good -- bad -- indifferent me."

I slid my arms around him and hugged him close. "I do love all of you and it makes me angry when I think of people who didn't take great care with you. Because you deserve to be worshipped like the bright Lord of Light that you are."

He chuckled and kissed my nipple. "I'm no Lord of Light, Apollo. But you are definitely the Lord of Water and I'm prepared to worship at your feet for the rest of our lives."

"Really? Well, I think I know something the Lords would enjoy doing tonight." My thoughts raced through the idea I'd just had, tweaking it here and there to make sure it was perfect. I looked down into his expectant face and fell in love all over again. "Let's clear the table and then I'm going to tell you a story."

One eyebrow went up then he grinned all over. "O-o-o-oh, a bedtime story. My favorite kind. Does it have a handsome hero and maybe a dragon or two to slay?"

"Yep, definitely a dragon and two handsome heroes." I pulled him up with me and grabbed our empty plates while he got the silverware, glasses and candle. Dumping everything but the candle in the sink, I ran some hot water over them and let them sit. Tomorrow would be soon enough to take care of the dishes.

Starbuck was looking expectantly at me and I took his hand to lead him into the turbowash. "Now, we're twelve years old again and we've been friends for forever. You were raised right alongside of Zack and I instead of an orphanage. You just taught me to swim without drowning me and we're back at our house, sharing a wash the way we have for years."

Tears glistened in those beautiful blue eyes but he nodded shakily and I pulled him into the shower before turning on the hot water. "Hey, Star, that was cool. It felt really good not to be afraid of putting my face in the water. Thanks for teaching me."

"No problem, 'Pollo. My ... dad taught me how when I was a baby." He soaped his hands and began to wash his own body while I ached to touch him. Handing me the soap, I saw him eye my cock beginning to firm. "Cool. That happens to you too, huh?"

"What? Oh, that." I blushed as if I'd just noticed it. "Yeah, it happens a lot lately. Mom keeps asking me why I keep taking cold showers."

"Why cold showers?" My innocent love asked.

"To get it to go away, of course. Sometimes it happens at a really bad time."

"There's a better way to get it to go away and it feels wonderful." Starbuck flexed his hands and I finally saw his cock begin to take notice of our game.

"Yeah. How?"

"Have you ever touched it until it's really hard?"

I blushed again and hardened even more. "Um, once when I was asleep, I rolled over on it and when I woke up it was hard and I rubbed it on the sheet and ... all this white stuff came out. I had to do the laundry early so Mom wouldn't find out."

"Let me show you something. It feels really good. Get your hands really soapy and then grab it and slide your hand up and down." Starbuck was definitely perking up so I did just what he said.

"Oh-h-h, that feels really strange."

"But good, right?"

"Yeah, really, really good. Hey, it's getting harder." I reached over Starbuck and turned off the water so we wouldn't run out before this little fantasy played itself out.

"I know. You're getting pretty big, 'Pollo. Why did your parents have the extra skin snipped away?"

"I dunno, something about religion. Why do you still have it? Does it hurt when you pull it back like that?" I eyed his crotch as if I didn't intimately know every square inch of it.

"Nah, it doesn't hurt. It feels good. You want to touch it?" That shy look was back, the one that hardened me to steel.

"Can I? I won't hurt you?" I touched him gently and his cock leaned towards me as if it knew what was coming.

"Oh, Lords. No, 'Pollo, you won't hurt me. It just felt really, really good. Can I touch you?"

"Sure." I arched into his loose grip. "You're right, it feels good. Why does it feel better than when I touch myself?"

He grip tightened and he started moving his hand up and down my aching cock. "Because we're friends. Dad ... Dad told me that friends always help out friends."

"Star', I think maybe that white stuff is going to come out again. Pretty soon now." I was panting just from the friction on my cock and my other hand touched one of his nipples while I gripped him a little more firmly.

"That's okay, 'Pollo. Me too. Oh, do that again. It feels good." He arched his chest into my hand and I pinched his nipple accidentally. "Oh." And with just that little bit of extra stimulation, his cock began shooting out pearly streams of cum. His cock felt so alive in my hand that I kept rubbing it until no more came out.

"Wow, 'Pollo, that felt really good. Hey, I heard another kid talking about something else that would feel great. Can I show you?" He pinched the base of my cock and kept me from coming. Then he reached around and turned on the hot water. "See, if you do it the shower, you don't have to clean the sheets."

"Oh, good. What did you hear?" I let him wash me while I ran my soapy hands all over his chest. If I did a little more pinching and nibbling, I could probably get him hard again in fairly short order. Oh, to be twelve again with the resurrection capability of a randy teen.

"I got to show you." His leer was rather wicked for a twelve-year old but I could ignore that since I had an idea what he had planned.

"C'mon, then. It sounded really cool." Starbuck pulled me from the wash and we roughly toweled ourselves dry. "Last one in has to turn off the light." And he raced from the wash and jumped in bed, grinning over his shoulder like the kid he was pretending to be.

"No fair." I could hear the whine in my voice but I padded over to the light and turned it off so only the small candle on the night-stand shed a small glow. "You cheated, Star'."

"I'll make it up to you." The wicked little chuckle brought a smile to my face.

"Okay." I never could hold a grudge against my friend. Sliding into bed, I looked up expectantly. "Now what?"

"Let me try something first. It felt really good when you did it to me." He gently touched my nipples and I shivered. Then he bent over and licked it. I thought the top of my head was going to come off. "Does it feel okay, Apollo? It doesn't hurt or anything?"

"Feels really good. It doesn't feel that good when I do it myself." He switched sides and this time he nibbled and I almost bucked him off. "Starbuck! Do that again."

I felt his grin even in the dim light. His hand was loosely gliding up and down my shaft and it felt so good that I knew this wouldn't take long. He feasted on my nipples for a long moment, while I restlessly moved on the sheets. When he raised his head and our eyes met, he looked almost scared.

"You're my best friend, Starbuck. Whatever you want to do is fine with me. I like it when you touch me." I gave him a more grown-up reassurance than my 12 year old self would have given but he seemed to need it.

"Okay." He spoke so softly that I could barely hear him. "Thanks, Apollo. You're my best friend, too. Is my grip too tight?"

"No, feels good. I'm going to get the sheets all dirty though in a minute."

That devilish grin was back. "Oh no, you're not."

And he slid down my body and licked my cock like a sugar-lolly. Lords, I hadn't thought of those dessert treats in yahren. I was more into this than I'd thought. I was groaning and trying not to when he took me in and swirled his tongue over the leaking crown. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face, hearing his chuckle but even more, feeling his chuckle like a lightning bolt right to my nervous system.

Thrusting my hips up in an involuntary spasm, I released into his mouth and every time he sucked, I let go a little more. The pillow was moved off my face and I felt his hand stroking my cheek. He nestled into my side and rolled me into his arms. I hugged him tightly and wondered what to say.

"Thanks, 'Pollo. I wondered what it would taste like. You taste good."

"You haven't done it before?"

"Nope, just with you, because I trust you."

I blinked back tears. "Me too, Starbuck. I trust you too. I want to know what you taste like. Tomorrow, I want to try. Okay?"

"Okay. Night, Apollo." I love you was unspoken but there.

"Night, Starbuck." I love you, too.

Then I cuddled him close and fell asleep, already planning tomorrow.

End of part 14