Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica, Wishes and Dreams, part 16
Date: 29 July 2000
Honeymoon III

I lay in the gently swinging hammock at the edge of the beach and watched Apollo standing in the water. He stared out at the artificial horizon as if it were real, his gaze unfocused and soft. He is so beautiful that he glows in the bright sunlight. How I wished that we were really on a beach, on a planet under a real sun. Sometimes the ache to stop moving and fighting grew so strong that it turned painful instead of merely melancholic.

The only thing that made this long, slow trip bearable was the man standing in the water, the waves lapping at his strong thighs. Being with Apollo brought a balance to my mind and heart. I'd hidden the bouts of depression under laughter for as long as I could remember. Nobody likes a whiner. But with Apollo, I'd found such contentment that I no longer had to fight the black cloud that sometimes descended on me.

He's my light.

He's the fire that keeps me from freezing in despair on the long flight into darkness that is our Fleet. Sad thoughts for a man celebrating his Sealing but for some reason his stance left me aching for permanence and an end to the constant running. It was laughable but devil-may-care Starbuck was turning into don't-rock-the-ship Starbuck.

I had someone to lose now.

Wet drops dragged me out of the doldrums and back to the smiling lover at my side. "Deep thoughts, love. What's wrong?"

"Did you mean what you said about giving up on the search and settling down?" I couldn't stop my unruly tongue from blurting it out.

Apollo joined me in the hammock, gingerly waiting while it stopped swinging and threatening to dump us both onto the gleaming sand. We'd learned the hard way how not to get in and out. His arms gathered me in and I listened to his heartbeat the way I did every night. He was my lullaby.

"Yes, I did mean it. Some of the ships are deteriorating and the quality of life is even less then in the frightening days of the initial escape. There are children growing up who don't know any different." His voice was somber. "And that's just not right. They deserve a world to grow up in where the future is theirs to shape. Not some made-over version of the past as dreamed by our leaders."

I was somewhat shocked at the passion in his voice. I hadn't realized he felt so strongly. "What about Earth?"

He snorted and hugged me closer. "What about it? If it exists, they're getting along just fine without us. They have a future of their own and just how are they going to react when a couple of million people show up begging for a place to live?"

"Yeah, that might strain their hospitality a bit." I licked that small patch of skin underneath his ear that always makes his skin flush and his cock harden. His little whimper turns me on faster than a Viper thruster. "And what if they're already over-populated? And have leaders that don't agree with ours?"

Running my tongue a little further north, I lightly outline his ear, flicking the tip in and out while he shuddered beneath my hands. "I can't see Sire Uri giving up control to some Earther politician. Maybe we should be scouting out a new system and just quietly divert while they're not looking."

"You don't think they'd miss us?" Apollo arched up into my body and set the hammock gently swinging.

"Not if we're quiet enough, love." I grabbed a quick kiss from smiling lips before moving over to the other ear. "I know that would be hard for you but I'll just gag you first so you can't make a speech and alert them."

He shivered a little but in a good way so I knew that I'd hit on a new kink. We'd been exploring all the body pleasures and our nightly games had slowly remade my world into one of consent and knowledge enjoyed rather than sex endured. I loved him more each day and found new ways to show him every centar. I was very careful what I introduced him to, making sure each step of the way that he was comfortable.

And right now seemed a good time to up the ante a little.

"Shift over a bit, Apollo and hold on while I get out." I slid over the side of the hammock and let it swing in slightly bigger circles while he hung on and watched me wide eyed. That's a good look for him and one I was rather fond of provoking. Grabbing the lotion that we kept near us at all times I slathered my hands with the stuff while the hammock steadied.

"Starbuck, what are you doing?" The slightly apprehensive tone didn't match the twinkle in his eyes so I kept on playing.

"Nothing much, Apollo, just making sure my hands aren't rough. This salt water is shockingly ... abrasive." I let my voice get a little deeper and tugged his legs around towards me so he lay cross-ways in the wide, open meshed hammock. Setting it rocking, I grabbed his rising cock with each forward swing.

He moaned every time I touched him, his eyes slitted with pleasure so I added a little flick of oiled fingers against his balls and watched him try to thrust up, only to find himself hanging on with both hands so he wouldn't fall out. I stopped the motion completely and pushed his hands through the mesh so they couldn't move. Checking on his comfort level, I took his wiggle as an okay to continue.

I brought my hands slowly down his arms to the sensitive skin at his armpits. I'd shaved him there two days before and the light pressure made him squirm. "Starbuck!"

"Sh-h-h, love. No talking or I stop."

"I don't think I can not talk." He shook his head but the gleam in his eyes told me what he wanted.

So I sighed as if put upon and reached for the thin damp towel lying with our cooler at the side. Whipping it into a thick rope, I leaned over and kissed him hard before gagging him. The startled look made me pause for a moment but then he nodded and I knew the next step would be okay. The hammock was very generous so I could position him right where I wanted him.

And that was right over my cock. Taking a moment to tilt him slightly up so that his tight little hole was squarely placed over an opening in the mesh, I poured more lotion onto my hands before tossing the container aside. I nudged the hammock into swinging again while I stood and slicked my thickening cock to complete hardness.

"I know you think I talk just to hear my own voice but there's something very sexy about you not being able to answer me back. So, I'm going to take full advantage of the situation and tell you everything I'm feeling." I watched his eyes then went ahead. "I feel very hard right now. My hand feels like silk as I stroke myself. And he's really hard right now because he knows where he's going next. Just thinking about that hot, tight place is making him weep salty tears. But he knows it's not slick enough just yet so he's willing to wait until my fingers prepare the way."

Letting the hammock swing just a little, I slid my fingers up through the mesh and slowly let them rub against the opening to Apollo's body. After all our play over the last few days, it spasmed open almost immediately and let me slide in two fingers. The inner walls gripped them tightly and I made sure I smoothed lotion as deep as they could reach. Pain would never be an option for my lover.

"Yes, my fingers are happy campers right now. How about you?" I listened to his strangled moans. "Good to hear it. Now, I think I'd better plug up this little hole I just found. Why didn't you tell me that you needed patching? I wonder how it happened."

With one sure thrust, I removed my fingers and impaled him on my durilium hard cock. His breath caught and he writhed against the soft mesh while I filled him completely. Standing still, I brought my hands up to his chest to play with his nipples. Not moving, just enjoying the tight fit. He was panting through the gag and his eyes were a little wild while he tried to make me move. But I wasn't going anywhere and I wanted him to realize that he wasn't in charge here.

Losing control was hard for him but he was learning.

"Yep, this is just about the tightest hole I've ever been in. Hot as a Viper engine but not as noisy." He tried to say something but couldn't. "I take that back. I obviously haven't tired you out enough if you can still find the energy to try and talk." Shaking my head, I pulled back until I was almost out before thrusting in again. "Tight and hot is just the way I like it. But next time, I'm going to bring your nipple clamps so I can watch your nipples harden before I squeeze them tighter than you've ever felt them. Maybe I'll bite them first so you can feel that pain/pleasure response."

Leaning in, I lapped gently at the hardening brown nubs before taking the right one between my teeth and biting down. Not really hard, just enough to let him know I could. He keened something through the gag but it wasn't stop. No, his eyes had closed to slits but the rest of him was alive with ripples. I loved watching his skin shiver into goose bumps while I moved within him.

Pulling out again, I slowly thrust back in while my mouth continued to tease his nipples. My right hand found his cock as if by accident and I moved up and down it once before moving it away. His protest was immediate but I ignored it in favor of moving both hands back to his armpits. Not tickling but stroking to bring those nerve endings alive.

"Yes, Apollo's tight ass is just about my favorite place to be. He's always so welcoming, just opens the bay door and says come on in." I was thrusting harder and adding a little swing to the game so he really had no control over our lovemaking at all. His eyes were wilder now and his torso shimmered with little muscle spasms where my hands stroked and pinched.

At every other thrust, I bit his nipples and they'd swollen to twice their normal size. His muffled groans were almost continuous now and when I next tested his cock, he arched up once and climaxed in my hand finally falling completely silent. I wanted to let go and come as well but I had one more fantasy to fulfill so I held on.

Reaching up, I undid the gag and pulled his hands free of the mesh. Then I slid from him, biting my lip to help me concentrate. Petting my cock gently, I consoled him with a mental thought of what was to come. Soon, big guy, real soon now, I'll let you go.

"Star, you didn't come?" A puzzled voice broke my concentration.

"I've got another fantasy."

His eyes blazed. "Yes. Whatever it is, the answer is yes."

"Then come out for a minute so we can change places but with a slightly different position." I held out my hand and he let me pull him out and into my arms. Kissing him was ecstasy and the one thing you can't do with a gag in place. Then setting him firmly aside, I sat down in the hammock lengthwise, gathering the outer edges against my sides so it was no wider than I was.

My cock was standing straight up and had turned an angry red that Apollo was eyeing like his favorite dinner. "Now, straddle me and let me back in."

He thought about it for a minute and I could see his clever little brain figuring out the logistics. Then his face lit up and he swung his right leg over my body so he was right over me. His hand slid over me while he guided me back inside. Slowly, he sank down until he'd engulfed me completely. His eyes widened at how deep I went. For some reason, this position always felt more intense.

"Move when you want to. I probably won't last long." I managed to gasp out. It was taking all my energy to not come right then.

Apollo smiled down at me and tweaked my nipples before using his legs to make us swing back and forth. He didn't move up and down but the gentle swaying had its own rewards. When he leaned forward to bite my nipples into complete hardness, he moaned at the stimulation.

"I love it when you're deep inside of me. I know you're safe there because I would never hurt you, never give you anything but pleasure." His voice was quiet but I heard every word like a prayer. "Safe ... warm ... loved."

It was too much and I let go, trembling all over. He kissed my tears away and gentled me with loving strokes that kept me focused on the here and now. "You are my life," a soft kiss, "my heart," a gentle squeeze of his anal muscles, "my soul."

I slipped from him naturally and he clenched tight as if to keep me inside. But I'd shot my bolt for the moment and he knew it. Bringing his legs up into the hammock, we lay side by side, arms around each other. "Love you, 'Pollo."

"I love you too, Star'. Rest now. I have a fantasy or two as well that we haven't gotten to."

"Oh good. Something to look forward to." I managed a sleepy sentence but sleep was overcoming my muscles. With an almost silent chuckle, we fell asleep.

End part 16