Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica, Wishes and Dreams, part 17
Date: 8 October 2000
Honeymoon 4

I stretched lazily and pondered my sleeping lover. He was sprawled across the bed face down leaving me a very small space. But it was worth it to see him so relaxed. This honeymoon was the best thing that ever happened to me except for the moment I realized I loved him. I'd learned so much since then and he's been very patient with my inexperience.

It never occurred to me that after all these years, I could still be a virgin.

Chuckling silently, I leaned up on one elbow and contemplated the beautiful body next to mine. He was so tender with me, as if after all these sectons, he still couldn't believe that I wanted to be with him. And I did want to be here, learning and growing right along with him. Starbuck deserved all the love I could give him but I was unsure of exactly how to go about it.

We'd done everything I could think of and all that he'd been willing to teach me but I could sense that he was keeping some things back. But I had an idea about how to go about freeing some of his creativity. Reaching under my pillow, I pulled out the long feather I'd found on one of our walks. I thought I'd give it to Boxey but now I decided to use it first.

With a smile that would have warned an awake-Starbuck, I lightly brought the long green feather to brush across his shoulders then down his spine to the beautiful curve of his buttocks. I'd taken him last night and the thought of going back inside of him was tempting but not right at the moment. Continuing down one leg to a foot, I reversed my path and slowly brought it back up. Little shivers raced over his skin in the wake of the feather and I wondered how long it would take him to wake up.

"Apollo, are you playing with Boxey's present?" His sleepy voice held a smile.


"Well, I hope he's not going to use it the way I am." I admitted and sitting up, I slid over him so I had a bigger palette to paint my picture on.

"The Talk is coming sooner than you might want it to, Apollo. Especially when we get back and start living together openly. He's a curious little boy and he's going to be asked questions at school that he'll want answers to." That little resigned note was back in his voice. The one that said 'he was sorry but he was causing trouble again', the one that I thought I'd loved out of him.

I slid to one side and pulled him into my arms. "Then you're going to have to help me explain what we're doing. When we Sealed, you took on half the responsibility of teaching him. Also, taking care of him, tickling him and loving him to pieces. It was somewhere in the vows."

He smiled that sweet smile that always melts me into a puddle. "Well, then we better not use his present for painting. There's something better."

Oh, this was going to be good. He had that little smirk on his face that told me I was about to learn something really, really good about my body and hopefully, his. "What?"

Leaning over, he kissed me gently, his lips just barely grazing mine. My blood pressure began a slow climb into Starbuck-country. Then he was rolling off the bed and dashing for the outer room. I enjoyed the picture he presented from the rear and wondered what he had in store for me. And could we do it back on the Galactica?

"Shut your eyes, Apollo." He called from the other room. "And lie right in the middle of the bed. May I use the scarves?"

I didn't even hesitate. "You bet."

Freedom while being restrained, I never knew that was possible. But with Starbuck, I could let go and give myself without thinking of the consequences. Because he loved me, I could give him control and know that I would love whatever he had planned. And sooner or later, I'd return the favor.

He was back, setting several somethings on the bedside table. They clinked a bit and I tried to picture what they could be but the scarves distracted me. The heavy silk was stronger than it looked but so soft that it didn't leave any marks. He kissed my right foot before looping it to the bedpost then repeated on the left. It left me achingly open to him and I felt the first layer of control peel away.

Then a scarf trailed up my body followed by soft kisses from my lover until my left wrist was pulled and tied to that bedpost. When the right wrist followed, I felt myself begin to float. He never stopped touching me and I reveled in his loving strokes. But then he was touching my cock and it felt different. Really different and I had to open my eyes to see what he was doing.

"It's called a cock ring and it will help you stay hard while I ... paint you." He leaned between my legs and fingered my balls, which were caught up in the rings. "Do they feel all right? Not too tight?"

"Not now they're not but when I start to get aroused how are they going to feel?" I wiggled just a little and he smiled.

"If it starts to hurt, tell me. Now, let's see what else I need? Oh yes, wait right there." He grinned and leaned in to kiss the head of my cock before heading into the wash room.

I tried to guess what toy he would come back with. We'd played with them all at one time or another and some of them were just so decadent that they still made me blush. But I knew that Starbuck enjoyed seeing me turn red so it could be worse. He came out with my clamps and my nipples began to harden in anticipation of the pleasure/pain to come.

He kissed each nipple slowly, wetting them with broad swipes of his tongue before clamping the gold clasps on them. They seemed tighter than before and when he tugged on the chain, I started breathing more shallowly. He circled the bed until he was back between my legs and he worked the scarves up to the first notch in the bedposts.

We'd speculated on why the notches were there, every guess more obscene than the last. Right now though, I was guessing that he needed some room to work beneath me and that thought made me wiggle just a little. He admonished me with a stern look and I tried to look contrite while he brought out a can of our favorite depilitating cream.

He smoothed it over my groin and the dark curls there, even sliding some up the crease between my buttocks. Waiting a few seconds, he brought the warm wet washcloth up and slowly wiped me clean. Really clean. Then he spread a thick towel under me and uncapped our favorite lubricant. But before he used it, he leaned in close and licked me all over with broad strokes of rough tongue.

I moaned at how sensitive I was now that all the hair was gone. Part of me was trembling, wanting more. And he gave it to me stabbing my entrance with his tongue and making it spasm open to him. Then his finger was there spreading the lubricant deep inside of me and sparking the gland that gave so much pleasure. I lifted my hips trying to get him deeper but he pulled out before coming back in with two fingers and more lubricant.

He always took this part of our ritual so carefully that I sometimes wondered if he knew what it was to be taken without enough preparation. But I hadn't asked and he hadn't shared that yet so I waited impatiently for the next step. And he didn't disappoint me. The largest plug we'd brought with us had only been used once on him and he held it up for me to say yes or no to. I shivered but it was still smaller than Starbuck although not by much so I nodded yes.

He grinned and made a big production of sliding lubricant up and down the shiny black sides. The odd pattern of bumps and ridges were intriguing and I'd wondered what they would feel like. Leaning in, he deep throated me and while my mind was caught up in that pleasure, he popped the plug in and slowly thrust it in as far as it would go. I shouted as I stretched, panting at the feeling of something so big lodged deep inside.

But I slowly relaxed and he kept my cock in his mouth while he played with my balls, constrained in the cock rings. When my hips were jerking up and down in reaction to his motions, he pressed the plug in and I felt heat flush through me in reaction. I was back to moaning and panting when he mouthed his way up and off my wet cock.

When I protested, he leaned up and pulled on the nipple chain then turned the plug so the ridges massaged my channel walls. The feeling was indescribable and I groaned while my skin rippled with tremors. Then he crouched over me, the hair on his legs tickling my whole groin like a dozen tiny feathers while he wet my nipples with his tongue before biting down gently.

It was a good thing I was tied down because I wanted to go every which way but couldn't. His chuckle told me that he knew what I was thinking and I pouted at his headshake but before I could say anything, Starbuck was gagging me with another scarf. That really put me at his mercy and I had a flash of panic before something inside of me relaxed and let go.

His eyes were watching me like a hawk and I nodded to let him know that it was all right. He's careful of me which makes me think yet again that someone in his past had not been so caring. I vowed to erase those memories over the next fifty yahren. But at the moment, he was sliding from between my legs and going to the bedside table for his supplies.

"Since you can't say anything, love, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. You are my canvas and I'm going to make you even more beautiful than you are right now. I know that's hard to believe but I think a little adornment is a good thing for my very own Captain." He set a bowl of something heated on my stomach, the warmth leaching into my muscles. Then with a bowl in one hand and a can of something in the other, he crossed back to the foot of the bed and moved up between my legs.

"Now, your legs are truly beautiful and strong but I think the muscles need a little more defining. So, I'll just trace them with a little jam." He dipped his fingers into the red costaberry jam we usually spread on our toast. Then very carefully, he stroked it up and down the long muscles of my legs. But every time he came back for more jam, he turned the plug and thoroughly wet my cock.

"Now your legs look much better but the rest of you is so unadorned that we'll have to fix that." He moved to my side and brought the second bowl with him. "Your nipples look swollen and so beautiful but a little choco would really spice them up." And he dribbled warm choco from one nipple to the other while my skin tightened all over.

"Hm-m-m, that may be too much. I'd better wipe it off and start over." He grinned and began lapping at my nipples, nibbling a little here and there. I squirmed all over but that just got me a mock-frown and a sharp tug on the chain before he painted me again.

"Okay, that looks good. Now let's decorate your navel with this costaberry and add just a hint of choco." He pressed the berry into the indentation and drizzled warm choco over it.

I was starting to get hungry.

"Now, for the piece-de-resistance. A little whipped cream and some more choco on your most outstanding feature." He slid back between my legs and shook the can well, eyeing my cock like a demented artist. I started to harden further without him even touching me. I couldn't believe how into this fantasy I'd gotten.

Then the whisper-soft whipped cream began to slide over my cock and I groaned through the gag. It felt so decadent and out of control. "Oops, too much. Guess I'll have to suck it off."

When that talented tongue began to wipe me clean, I hardened to durilium-like proportions. The coolness of the cream and the heat of his mouth had me panting. Then he sat back on his heels and waited for me to open my eyes. When I forced them open, his grin was outlined in cream and I watched him lick his lips suggestively. Then he pointed the can back at my cock and let fly.

The white foam hissed a little when it touched my skin. But instead of continuing, he shook the can again. We both watched the cream melt a little to trickle down to my captured balls. I was shivering at this point but I couldn't help but notice that his cock had hardened completely. So I was more than ready when he smiled and sprayed the whipped cream on his own cock.

Then he was pulling out the plug and replacing it with himself. I groaned as he slid deep then stopped while I adjusted. No plug that was ever made could feel as good as he does when he's inside of me. I wanted to scream or touch him or something, anything but I couldn't and I felt myself shudder at all the conflicting messages my body was sending.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good, Apollo. Squeeze those muscles, love." He moved in and out just a bit and I did my best to massage his cock with my inner muscles. "Now, for that choco topping."

He dipped his fingers in the bowl of choco and slid his hand down my cock then back up. I lost track of what else he did because all my higher reasoning headed south to my cock. His thrusts began to speed up and one hand would pull on my nipple chain before moving back to glove my cock. The scarf restraints around my ankles were the only things keeping me in place.

I felt the hard pounding in my ass muscles and I knew I was going to be feeling him for some time to come. But all I wanted was more and harder and deeper. When he shot his cream deep within me I groaned but then the rings holding me back were unsnapped and he squeezed me gently.

I screamed when I arched up and came ... and came ... and came.

It was a while later when I came to. I was untied and pillowed on a Starbuck pillow. Moving reminded me of all the muscles that I'd just used. Turning my head, I met his solemn gaze.

"I love you, Starbuck. When can we do it again?"

His blue eyes gleamed and the smile I loved the most crept over his face. "I love you too, Apollo. Maybe next time, you could ... paint me?"

Ambrosia crème pie a la Starbuck.


"I can do that, lover. But right now, I think I need to do a little cleaning." I raised up and saw the mess that was our bodies. Moving low on Starbuck's stomach, I licked at the mixture of choco cream and salty lover. "Why this could take some time, take a nap if you need to."

"The day I can take a nap while you're licking me is the day that you'll know I've gone totally and completely numb." He arched up just a little. "Oh my, Apollo, how do I taste?"

"Absolutely ... delicious. If we could patent your flavor, we could retire on our earnings." I rubbed my nose in his navel and he squirmed.

"No, we'd have to patent an Apollo-flavor to really get rich." He threaded his fingers through my hair and rubbed gently.

"Hush now or I'll have to gag you." I felt the tremor beneath my hands and I looked up quickly to see if I'd frightened him but all I could see was love so I went back to my self-appointed task of cleaning him while planning our next 'meal'. Before we were done, I'd probably have to go on a diet. Smiling, I nibbled my way up to Starbuck's lips and drank down his honeyed whimpers.

We both would.

End part seventeen