Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica - Wishes and Dreams, part 5
Date: 25 April 1999

I lay back and watched the subdued light create a halo around Starbuck's fair head. He seemed to glow from within as well while his eyes gazed at me like I was something too beautiful to be real. I hadn't convinced him that we were going to be a couple. That would take some time but I swore to myself that he *would* be convinced. Eventually.

His hands were moving slowly over my skin, rubbing and touching half shyly as if he couldn't believe he really had the right. But this was his show for now and I was determined to let him go at his own speed. Even if it drove me insane, like his fingers on my nipples were doing. Who knew that they could be so sensitive?

I must have closed my eyes because I was surprised when I felt the first hesitant moist warmth following his fingers. My eyes flew open in time to see his pink tongue lap at the hardening peak. I think I groaned and closed my eyes again. It was too much to see as well as feel the erotic sensation. His hair brushed my skin in tantalizing little strokes that made me squirm.

Soon, he moved to my other nipple and gave it the same whole-hearted attention he'd given the first one. My hands were automatically threading through the silken strands that were tormenting me so. He was so warm and solid on me. Our cocks were nestled together and I could feel myself begin to stir and harden.

He wriggled just a little and gently bit me. I arched up and felt lightening streak through my chest, straight to my groin. I moaned his name this time and felt him grin while sucking on the skin above my heart. Another erogenous zone. Why hadn't I known about that one either?

His tongue moved up to the hollow at my throat and he lapped at the sweat that was breaking out all over my body. "Hm-m-m. Salty. I think I've been lacking that in my diet."

My voice was a little shaky when I replied. "By all means ... take all you want."

"I think I will." His growl was so husky, I shivered all the way down to my toes. I always knew that he was a generous lover. Totally focused on the person he was with. And right now, I was the lucky one he was concentrating on.

His lips had moved up to cover mine while I was busy processing all the sensations. Our tongues mated a little more frantically than before while he counted my teeth and rubbed that ticklish spot on the roof of my mouth. I was moaning continuously now and when his hand closed around my cock, I almost bit his tongue.

Starbuck just chuckled and licked my lips one last time before slithering down my body using his hands and tongue to enflame each and every nerve ending I had. And I had more than I ever dreamed possible. My hands were still entangled in his hair and when he came to rest between my legs, moving them so far apart I felt vulnerable for the first time since we'd come to bed, I know I was clutching him too tightly.

"Sh-h-h, Apollo. It's all right. Nothing you don't want. I'll never hurt you, love. Never." His voice wrapped me in longing and I forced my eyes open again to look into his worried blue gaze.

"I know you won't, Starbuck. But I should be doing something more than just laying here. I want to make you feel good as well." Suddenly, I wanted to taste him, to return the pleasure he was giving me.

"Your turn will come, Apollo." His eyes were tear bright and I could feel his hand shake where he was stroking the muscles of my stomach. "But I need this so much. Please?"

I couldn't bear to see him plead. "Anything, love. It all feels so good."

That smile was back, the one that I think only a very few of us have ever seen. The one that lights the room and makes you feel ten feet tall. And then I watched while he bent his head and slowly sucked me in deep. I only thought I was hard before. Now ... I was steel sheathed durilium.

My eyes were closed again and every part of me was numb except for my cock. His tongue was tracing up from my balls to the flared head and I was suddenly hotter than a viper engine. I could feel the tremors begin and when he sucked gently, tonguing the small slit free of weeping fluid, I thrust up for more.

Heat. Pressure. Suction.

His fingers were rolling my balls back and forth and I felt like a pair of dice in his talented hands. I had a sudden flash of myself nude and spread wide on a gaming table while Starbuck played out his winning hand for the admiring crowds. If it was possible, I got even harder at that little fantasy.

Cool air bathed my overheated cock while his mouth slowly slid down the side to my balls. Starbuck's hair tickled the over sensitized organ while he mouthed my balls, one at a time until I thought I'd go insane.

"Starbuck!" I could hear a note of desperation in my voice but he just chuckled around his mouthful and the vibration sent my hips thrusting upward again.

His weight held me down though and finally, his mouth was back on my cock. But instead of just sucking on the weeping head, he was slowly but surely swallowing me whole. I could feel it and when I pried my eyes open, I felt my temperature go up another notch. He finished deep throating me and it was indescribable.

I was held in a firm moist sheath with a wiggling tongue for a little added distraction. I wanted to thrust but I was afraid of hurting him. Shivers were wracking my entire body and my hands were back in his hair. I felt him hum around me and then the sheath was undulating around me and all I could feel was ... him.

Flames were licking my body, tremors raced under my skin and I could myself moaning his name, over and over. "Starbuck ... Starbuck ... Oh Lords!"

He chuckled again and pressed a spot behind my balls that made me arch up, ramming myself even deeper into his elastic throat. The pressure was unbearable and when he pulled gently on my balls, I felt my body boil over into a volcanic eruption of heat and sweet release.

It was long moments before I came back to myself. His tongue was lazily washing my groin clean and his hands kept stroking my stomach with soothing circles. I have never felt so loved. Not ever. I thought back to the last person in my bed. Serina was a wonderful woman and she would always have a special place in my heart.

But I could see now, that Starbuck had been there first. Never asking for anything for himself but my friendship. I was so blind to the love right underneath my nose. I must have hurt him unbearably but that was in the past. Time had healed the heart that I was sure was broken by Serina's death and now a new/old love was completing my cure.

"Starbuck." I whispered his name and watched him look up with just a hint of uncertainty. "Come up here, please."

He started to move from between my legs but I scissored them tight around them, not letting go. My hands tugged him up onto my chest and I could have wept at how light he felt. I pulled him down to my mouth and tasted myself for the first time in my life. Bland with a hint of salt but mostly, I just savored the lovely Starbuck-taste.

When I finally let him go, he'd relaxed enough to smile at me again. "Was that okay? You ... liked it?"

I had to blink hard at the eagerness in his voice which when paired with that note of hesitation made me realize how many fears I had to combat. "I loved it. Just like I love you. And I can't wait to practice on you."

He blushed. My worldly-wise lover flushed and dropped his eyes shyly like a young girl. "I came when you did. It was ... too much to see you and feel you explode. Because of me."

It was the note of wonder that made my eyes tear again. "Then I think we need to take a nap for now. And when we wake up, we'll wash and eat again then I'll bring you back here and show you just how good a pupil I am."

He rubbed his head on my shoulder and I saw his eyes droop with tiredness. "What if ... I have the nightmare again?"

"Then, I'll wake you up and make love to you until you pass out." I massaged his shoulder with my left hand while my right combed through his disheveled hair. "Over and over, until you know that I'm here. Alive and so much in love that I can't contain myself."

That damnable uncertainty was still there but he smiled anyway and tried to hide his yawn. His voice was so soft that I almost didn't hear him. "Okay. Love you, Apollo."

"I love you too, Starbuck. Now go to sleep and dream of me returning the favor. I can't wait to see what you taste like." I made my strokes as soothing as I could and felt him smile against my skin.

"Always. Guess wishes do come true." His voice was slurred with sleep and I just held him while he fell into a slumber so deep, I didn't think any dreams, bad or otherwise, could find him.

"Yes, they do, love. Even wishes I didn't know I had." I smoothed a kiss on the tender skin of his temple, right over the vein that pulsed so gently beneath my lips. His heartbeat resounded in my own chest and I felt his skin begin to cool.

It was a bit of a struggle to pull the blanket up without letting him go but I finally managed to get us covered. "Lights, 25 percent."

Starbuck was going to take some convincing but I've never failed yet to accomplish my goals and I wasn't about to start with something this important. Someone, this important. He was in my heart and now he was in my soul. I would convince him the best way I knew how ... with actions and words. He was mine and I was his.

Smiling, I felt myself finally relax. His breath was hot and sweet against my throat, reminding me of our lovemaking. Everything would be all right now that I knew what I was fighting for, his love and his heart. I fell asleep with one thought in my mind and heart. My Starbuck.

End part 5