Author: Athea (
Series: Battlestar Galactica -- Wishes and Dreams, part 7
Date: 9 May 1999
Family Ties

He kept touching me while we made our way down the hall to Adama's quarters. But then I couldn't take my eyes off him either, so we were a real pair. And that was still a miracle, I couldn't quite grasp. He'd asked me to Seal with him. Sealing. I'd offer to Seal with Cassie because I was feeling fatalistic. But with Apollo, it would be with love and hope for a future that I had a hard time believing in.

"It will be fine, Starbuck. I doubt Father will even be surprised." Apollo smiled at me and kissed me quickly before pressing the comm panel by the door.

It opened quickly and Boxey yelled over his shoulder. "It's Dad and Starbuck, Grandpa." Then he was hugging me as if we hadn't just seen him a few hours before. So I picked him up and hung him upside down over my shoulder and soaked up his giggles while Apollo tickled the bits of him he could reach.

Adama was seated in his oversized chair with an open book on his lap. We'd obviously interrupted story time. "Welcome, boys. So much for a quiet story before bedtime."

"Well, we have a story for both of you." Apollo locked eyes with the white haired leader of our fleet, while I dropped my eyes in panic and met the wide-eyed stare of the little boy in my arms.

I sat down on a footstool with Boxey in my lap while Apollo stood at our side calmly to tell his father that we loved each other and wanted to be sealed. Boxey went very still and I shakily lifted his chin to see his face. *What if he hates the idea? Thinks I'm taking Apollo away from him?*

"Does that mean that you'll live with us, Starbuck? All the time?" He asked me hesitantly and out of the corner of my eye I saw Adama and Apollo watching us.

"Yes. I'd live with you all the time. If that's okay with you?" I got it out and held my breath.

He nodded before putting his arms around my neck and squeezing me tightly. "I love you, Starbuck. Now, Dad and I can take care of you so the bad dreams don't get you. And you can tell me a story every night."

My eyes filled with tears again. I seemed to being do that a lot lately. Hugging him back, I tried to clear my throat but a lump kept getting in my way. Apollo knelt beside us and put his arms around us both, kissing first Boxey's cheek and then mine.

"Yes, we will, Boxey. No bad dreams will dare come when we're both on guard. But you're going to have to help me feed him, son. He's just skin and bones so we're going to have to cook something special every night to tempt his appetite." He tickled the little imp in my arms and Boxey giggled.

I finally got past the lump and kissed the soft hair of my new son. "I love you too, Boxey. And I love your dad. But how about if I cook every now and then?"

He sat up and grinned at me. "Once in a while, Starbuck. Will you be my father too? I don't know anyone with two fathers."

We exchanged a look but Adama spoke up for the first time since we first came in. "Only very special children have two fathers or two mothers, Boxey. Just like you. But for now, you need to get to bed, young man. Starbuck can get started on all those stories he's going to be telling you."

I looked speakingly at Apollo but he just nodded and kissed Boxey good night. We left them alone while I guided the very talkative young man through the nightly ritual. Part of my brain worried at what Adama might be saying to my lover while the rest of my mind told Boxey a story and answered more questions. Including the one about where I was going to be sleeping.

He offered his room but I explained that I loved his dad so much, I really needed to sleep with him. I told him I had been having bad dreams and that Apollo always woke me up before they got too bad. He nodded solemnly and agreed that might be better since Apollo's bed was bigger too. Then I talked him to sleep with more tales of the forest creatures in Eden II.

*Out like a light.* I thought affectionately, hoping that the rest of the family would be as generous as the little boy I was tucking in. Turning to leave, I found Apollo watching me from the doorway, just the way he had a few days before and my heart melted under the loving gaze.

"Good one, Starbuck, and an excellent explanation for why you'll be sleeping with me. Father wants to speak with both of us." He held out his hand and I took it in a too strong grip. "He's all right with us, love. Really he is. He said he saw it coming ages ago. Come here."

And pulling me close, he kissed me. Not a 'here's some courage' kiss. But a full bore, 'power up the thrusters' kind of kiss that pretty much melted my boots to the floor. When my brain came back online, I gazed at him dazedly and let him lead me back out to where Adama waited with a bottle of ambrosia and three glasses.

"Starbuck, welcome to the family." He handed me a glass, filled to the brim before handing one to his son. "May you and Apollo have many happy years together." And we all took a sip of the fine old wine.

"Thank you, Father. We're going to try." Apollo took a sip and watched me try to think of something to say.

"Th-thank you, sir. I appreciate your ..." oh Lords, I couldn't think of how to end that sentence and I could feel my cheeks flushing while I tried to meet Adama's eyes.

"Tolerance? Forbearance? Acceptance?" He quipped with a smile before shaking his head and smiling kindly at me. "Starbuck, you've been a part of this family for many years and I'm sorry that I never told you how very glad I am that you are Apollo's friend. You've been another son to me all this time and now, you'll be one legally as well."

He took a sip of the ambrosia while I stood there in stunned silence. Apollo stepped up close and slid his arm around me, grounding me in this strange alternate universe I found myself in. "We appreciate it, Father. There have just been a lot of changes in too short a time. We'll come get Boxey tomorrow and take him home."

"It will be very quiet without that young man's exuberance. Perhaps you'll let him visit me on a regular basis? It's very important to spend some time alone, now and then. Your mother and I would sneak away for a weekend every month or so. It kept the spice in our love life and reminded us how much we still loved each other." Adama got a faraway look in his eyes and a fond smile softened his whole face.

"Good idea, Father. Boxey loves visiting you. I hope you didn't spoil him too badly this time." Apollo took another sip of his ambrosia and rubbed his hand across my hip.

"Nonsense. It's a grandfather's duty to spoil his grandchildren." Adama tried to look insulted but his sly grin surprised a laugh out of me.

Apollo hugged me closer and the glow in his eyes lit an answering fire in mine. "All right for now, Father. I need to get Starbuck home and get him fed. We didn't eat on the Rising Star. And I can hear his stomach growling."

With a start, I realized I was hungry for the first time that day. I grinned at my lover then sighed melodramatically. "If we have to."

"Oh, you!" He pinched me and I couldn't retaliate because Adama was watching us with an indulgent smile. "Thanks, Father. We'll call you tomorrow."

We put down our glasses and Adama walked us to the front door. He hugged Apollo then gave me my own hug, which surprised me. I gingerly hugged him back and felt him pat my shoulder. He quietly spoke in my ear. "You're good for each other, Starbuck. Love each other and every thing will be all right."

I just nodded, that damn lump back in my throat. He seemed to understand and waved us on down the hall. We walked back quietly, our arms around each other. I needed to touch him to make this all real. Once we locked ourselves in, he kissed me as if it had been sectons rather than just centars since we'd last held each other.

Never would I get used to this. He made me feel as if I was the only person in the world. I loved the feel of him in my arms, all that warm strength against every inch of me. When he pulled away with a chuckle, for a moment I couldn't figure out why then I heard the grumble from both our stomachs.

"Food." "Food." We spoke simultaneously.

I set the table while he pulled out some of the fresh greens we'd picked up in the shop at Eden II. Fresh vegetables are always a treat and he set to steaming them gently with a dash of spice. We had about twenty centons before we could eat so I talked him into a quick wash. I love Apollo wet. He looks like one of the sculpted Lords of Kobol, with muscles on top of muscles.

We played with the soap and came out squeaky clean, not to mention half hard with the soapy caresses. He shrugged on his robe and went out to check on dinner. I looked at myself in the mirror above the sinks, thinking about what we'd done the last few days. Touching and tasting while we learned where all the hot spots were. But I was ready for more so I reached within the cabinet for the squeeze bottle of internal cleanser.

It took about five centons to fill me up and flush me out. I thought about taking him inside, all that strength filling me. Smiling, I fantasized about it while I finger fucked myself with a lot of my favorite lubricant. I didn't want to take a chance that he'd argue that we weren't ready for this step, so I got myself ready while I pretended that it was his fingers stroking me to simmering arousal. Last step was to insert a plug that would continue to stretch me for him.

Washing my hands, I shrugged into the robe that we'd brought over earlier from my former quarters. Feeling extremely wanton, I sauntered out to seduce my lover into a quick meal so we could go straight to bed.

"That's a cat-ate-the-canary look if I ever saw one." He was just setting out the vegetables when I came up and took him in my arms.

I kissed him slowly but with passion, feeling him melt against me. Gently, I pulled back a little and watched those dark eyes open to gaze into mine with a slightly dazed look. "I've got a surprise for you. But you have to eat all your vegetables first."

He pouted but with a twinkle that told me he was willing to let it go for now. I sat down gingerly, on one cheek while the plug massaged me into a slow boil. We fed each other bites from our plates while we talked about the changes that were inevitable with Boxey's coming home. But I kept touching him every chance I got, stroking his hand or caressing his arm, until he caught fire and pulled me from the table.

"I'm full. How about you?" He teased while pulling me into our bedroom. And it was ours. I could see the picture of me at ten over the bed with the other family pictures. And my clothes were hanging in the closet.

He was pushing open my robe and I returned the favor, taking him off guard and pushing him backwards onto the bed where he bounced with a full bodied laugh, his bronzed body glowing in the dim light against the pale green coverlet. I dropped the robe from my body and knelt on the bed between his legs, sliding my hands up the strong muscles to the tender flesh of his inner thighs.

Shivering, he hitched himself further up the bed and I followed him, continuing the tender strokes with my lips and tongue. His hands carded through my hair, something he was fond of doing. I licked his stomach and he squirmed with a chuckle. He tasted so good that I bathed him with short tongue licks coming ever closer to my goal.

His cock was stabbing me below the chin and I rubbed the tender head with my evening stubble, feeling his shudder through my hands on his thighs. The skin is so smooth there, he really is perfect in every way. Gently, I kissed the flared head and nibbled around the edges. He groaned and tried to move his hips but I kept them anchored on the silky coverlet.

I licked up one side and down the other of the beautiful cock before me and listened to the tenor of his moans. Tonguing the slit free of the beads of moisture, I savored the taste of him. Better than ambrosia, any time. Every time I moved, the plug inside of me massaged my prostate and I was hard as a rock while I mouthed him almost to climax. When he started panting, I knew it was time.

Reaching behind me, I pulled out the plug with a moist pop and he opened his eyes. "Starbuck, what was that?"

I slid up his body slowly, straddling his hips and fingering his nipples while I clenched my teeth and concentrated on not coming just yet. "Part of your surprise, Apollo. Hold on and let me show you something."

Nibbling on the perk peaks, I soon had him writhing beneath me. While his eyes were closed, I positioned myself above him and drove him into my body with one fluid push. Oh, there was initial pain since it had been a long time for me but the pleasure of having him inside canceled out any further hurt.

"Lords! Starbuck." He grabbed my arms and forced me to look at him. "Are you all right?"

I moved tentatively and watched his jaw clench at the sensation. "I'm fine, love. I got myself ready while you were cooking." I shifted up a little and then back down again, feeling the impact against my pleasure spot. "I needed you inside of me tonight. Deep inside where I can feel every ... single ... inch of you."

"You're so tight. I've never felt ..." his hips came up while I was coming down and both of us groaned before we did it again "anything like your heat."

We were moving together now in a syncopated rhythm that drove us higher and higher, our bodies sweating in the dim light. I tweaked his nipples and in retaliation, he slid his hands around my cock and began a tight fisted driving stroke that tightened me past all control. I came and came hard, spurting my essence over his stomach and hands.

He froze when my inner muscles began milking him, flooding me with his warmth. I collapsed on his chest, breathing hard and his arms slid up around me, holding me tight against him while we both shook through the aftershocks. I wanted him to stay in there forever, holding him safe within my body and heart.

"Oh, Starbuck. That was incredible." His breath gusted into my ear and made me shiver.

"It always is, Apollo. When you take the time to prepare your body and you take it slow." I licked the skin beneath me, savoring the salty clean sweat.

With a moan, he slipped free of me and he rolled us to our sides. Lifting my chin, he smiled and kissed me softly. When he pulled back, he rested his forehead against mine. "A little later, I'd really like you to show me how to prepare. While we still have our privacy."

I stared at him in amazement. "We have plenty of time for that, Apollo. This isn't a contest. There will be other nights when we're alone. I love you and it will take time for you to be ready for me."

He actually pouted with his disappointment and I hid my smile in his throat. "But I want to know what it feels like."

"Then you will. After we spend some time getting you ready. I can promise that you'll enjoy the preparation." I tried to stifle a yawn but he felt it and moved away just long enough to pull the extra blanket over us.

"Thank you, Starbuck. I love you so much." He kissed me tenderly and held me close.

"I love you, too. Are you sure you want to be Sealed?" I couldn't help asking one more time.

"Too late, love. You said yes and I'm not letting you go." He chuckled. "You're stuck with me for life."

The lump was back but I managed a choked, "Good."

The impossible had come true. He loved and wanted me. Me, Starbuck. Every dream I'd ever had was right here in my arms. And he wanted to be here. Will wonders never cease?

I sure hoped not.

End part 7