Author: Athea (
Show: Battlestar Galactica -- Wishes and Dreams, part 9
Date: 2 October 1999

I stretched out fully on the wrinkled sheets, listening to the turbo wash next to my bedroom. Aching pleasantly in all the right places, I smiled and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Maybe Cassie needed a hand with the soap. My hair was a mess and I decided we should shower together and save water.

Walking into the steam filled room, I watched the shadowy figure behind the glass panel. Voluptuous ... golden ... beautiful. They were all adjectives that barely described the lovely woman in my life. How had I gotten so lucky? Thanking all the Lords of Kobol for their bounty, I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Need a hand?" I said to the golden haired sprite.

"You don't think two are sufficient?" She mockingly frowned and handed me the soap.

"I think four are better than two. This way we'll be done in half the time." I assured her.

"Care to make a wager on that?" She slid her hands down from my shoulders to cup my aching breasts. Gently she flicked the nipples with her thumbs and drank down my groan with her lips.

Every part of me that touched her body heated to boiling in a matter of moments. I could still count the number of kisses we'd exchanged. Each one was different and better than the one before. I was looking forward to the day that the kisses were too numerous to mention. That would be right after I grew tired of being set on fire with lust.

Which would be never.

I ran my soap slick hands down her back and over her cheeks, garnering a sigh. She pressed a little closer and our breasts rubbed together with the sweetest of caresses. Her hands slid down to my stomach then lower yet, tangling in the wet curls. A finger softly slid through the curls over my swollen mons and I shuddered with the pleasure as she moved deeper between the folds of skin.

My hand was sliding between the downy cheeks and circling the sensitive tissues there with just the callused pad of my finger. We were both moaning a bit and I realized that very little cleaning was going on. Pulling back just far enough to meet her eyes, I tried for some restraint.

"How about we both just wash ourselves and then if there's time, we go back to bed and continue this?" My voice wavered just a bit at the sultry look in those deep blue eyes.

She sighed but stepped back under the water, rinsing out the shampoo in her long blond hair. "You're right, love. We're supposed to meet with the caterers on the Rising Star in about a centar. But we'll continue this tonight. Yes?"

My hands held her creamy white breasts for just a moment before I stepped to the second sprayer on the opposite side of the wash. "Yes, we will. That thought is the only thing that will get me through this day. Back here?"

"Hm-m-m-m," she purred. "You have a deal."

I watched her graceful twists and turns while I washed my own hair. Why I didn't get soap in my eyes, I'll never know. I wanted to memorize every movement and tuck it away in my heart, in case she decided to move on. I was beginning to sympathize with Starbuck, hardly daring to believe that this gorgeous woman would want to stay with me.

She interrupted my musings with a tender kiss. "Don't frown, 'The. It gives you wrinkles."

It was all I could do to hold my tongue and not pour out my misgivings to her.

"What ever is worrying you can't be all that bad, love. Together we can solve any problem that comes up."

"That's not what I'm worrying about." I hesitated then gathered my courage. "I was wondering if you'd like to move some of your things in ... here."

She cocked her head and I held my breath. "I think ... that is an excellent idea."

I could feel my eyes light up and she laughed up into my face, going up on tiptoe and brushing a kiss to my tingling lips before opening the door and leaving me alone in the wash. I closed my eyes in relief and finished my shower quickly, eager to be about our tasks for the day.

Cassie had made some char by the time I dried my hair and stepped out to pick an outfit for the day. It felt odd not to be reporting for duty in the Command Center but Father had cleared me to plan the Sealing ceremony for my brother and Starbuck. Not something I'd ever thought to be doing again. For either of us. But right now I was dreaming of more than just one ceremony. How odd it would be if both of us had found our other halves at this late date.

"That's a very odd smile, 'The." Cassie leaned against the doorjamb and watched me dress with an appraising eye.

I wiggled just a little as I settled the skirt over my hips, enjoying the way she caught her breath. "Oh, I was just thinking that I never expected to be doing this again. But I'm so glad that I am. Apollo and Starbuck deserve each other."

"Just as we deserve each other, Athena. Even if we've only been together for a week."

I swear she reads minds. Crossing the room to stand before her, I stole the cup of char and drank from the same spot her lips had just touched. I could taste her sweetness even through the hot drink. "Yes, we do deserve each other. Can't imagine what I ever did to have you look twice at me but whatever it was, I'm glad I did it."

Her eyes widened. "That's odd. I was wondering the same thing. How in the universe did I get so lucky? Maybe some of Starbuck's famous luck has rubbed off on us?"

"Maybe it has." I swallowed a lump in my throat. "Maybe it will spread throughout the Fleet and we'll finally lose the Cylons, find Earth and be able to settle down and live normal lives."

"Normal?" She sighed. "I don't think I know what that is anymore."

Laughing, I kissed her and nudged her towards the outer door. "Normal is whatever we want it to mean. We're all just making this up as we go along."

"Now that was a Starbuck argument if I ever heard one."

I let her have the last word as we headed out to plan the perfect party.


Watching Starbuck watch Apollo, as he chatted with the musicians who had just auditioned for the after Sealing party, was a revelation. The devil-may-care pilot's heart was on display for anyone who cared to look. For the first time in our long history, he actually looked vulnerable. His eyes followed Apollo with such a look of wonder that it brought tears to my eyes. This was a side of the pilot that I don't think anyone had ever seen.

When I touched his arm, he actually started not normally something he would have done. Being very aware of his surroundings was a Starbuck trademark. "Having any last thoughts?"

He shook his head and his eyes went right back to my brother. "Never, 'The. I keep waiting for him to have some, though."

"Oh, I think Apollo's mind was made up several weeks ago. You know how stubborn he can be." I slipped my arm through his and leaned in. "I expect the amazing sex will keep him busy for the next few yahren."

He blushed. Brash-Take-No-Prisoners-Starbuck blushed beet-red. What a delicious sight! I wondered what button I'd pushed and I surreptitiously beckoned Cassie over to help me find out.

"So, Starbuck, where do you two plan on spending your Sealing Night?" She linked up with his other arm so we had him bracketed.

He looked rather warily at the pair of us before answering. "It's a secret, even from us. Adama planned it as a Sealing present. I just hope it's someplace warm."

"Oo-o-o, sounds like you plan on getting naked and staying that way." I purred into his ear.

Back came the blush and a little wiggle that reminded me of Boxey.

"It also sounds like he's taking the bare minimum of accessories. Just be sure you have plenty of oil." Cassie winked at me behind his back. "You know, for massaging sore muscles after ... strenuous activity."

I don't think he could have gotten any redder if he'd tried. I saw Apollo finish up his little talk and turn towards us. One look at Starbuck and he was striding over to us with a rather militant gleam in his eye. For some reason, his gait wasn't quite as graceful as it normally was and I wondered what they'd been doing.

"Sorry, ladies, but its time for a break. I really appreciate all the time and trouble you've taken but except for a few last minute items, I think we're ready for tomorrow." He pulled Starbuck out from between us, slipping his arms around his wingman rather possessively.

"It was our pleasure, brother." I stepped closer to Cassie and mimicked the caress. She felt so good to hold. "It looks like Starbuck needs a nap. And you need a good massage. Did you sprain a muscle or something?"

This time it was my brother's turn to blush and I wondered what in the galaxy I'd said to turn him so red. Starbuck leaned over and kissed him gently then turned back to us. "I think we could all use a nap. Can't be tired tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to pledging myself. Not something I ever thought to do."

Cassie leaned against me. "You deserve it, love. You both deserve to be happy."

Apollo pulled his lover in even closer. "Yes, we do. And so do you two, if I may be so bold?"

I laughed and hugged her hard, echoing his words. "Yes, we do. Maybe someday we'll all be involved in another ceremony."

"Someday." Cassie smiled at me and short-circuited my thinking cells.

"Looks like its naps for everybody." Starbuck joked.

"See you later." Apollo steered his lover towards the door and we watched them go with broad grins on our faces.

"Ah, young love. It's a wonderful sight."

"I still think Apollo's walking oddly. What in the world did they do?" I mused while guiding Cassie towards the other door, which would leave us only two corridors from her rooms.

"Oh, I have my suspicions." Cassie looked just like a Capri-Cat. If she'd had whiskers they would have been twitching. "After I pack a few things, I'll be glad to demonstrate."

I shivered and started walking faster. "I'm always glad to learn new things, Cassie. Wouldn't want to become stale."

"Not to worry, love. I adore teaching." Her hand slid up from my waist to just below my breast. The phantom caress gave me goose bumps. "It could take some time to pass on all I've learned over the years."

"We've got all the time in the galaxy. And I promise to be a very attentive student." I moved my hand lightly over her stomach with just a barely there caress.

"I plan on learning a few things from you, too." She opened her door and pulled me into the small room. "Why it could take years."

"Good." I enclosed her in my arms and pulled her in tight. "Now, about that first lesson?"

She laughed and reached up to kiss me. Another kiss to add to my memory book. I planned to make it a very thick book, filled with years of laughter and loving. Maybe my brother and his mate wouldn't have to wait too long before paying us back in kind.

Not very long at all.

End part 9