Author: Athea (
Fandom: Emergency
Pairing: Johnny Gage and Kelly Bracket
Title: Tender Loving Care, part two
Summary: Johnny leaves the hospital.
Date: 1 September 2002

Kelly was hovering and had been hovering since I first woke up in the hospital. I didn't really mind it since my last thought under that wall was of him and the house that had become my home. I'd lain there and gone over each loving memory as if I'd never make another one with him. Waking up had been a relief since there had been the very real possibility that I wouldn't.

He looked terrible and his hands trembled when he brushed my hair off my forehead. Joe had run me through all the neurologic tests he could think of and Dixie had kissed me goodnight. My speech was a little slurred and I figured that was part of the concussion. All of me ached and I could still smell a little smoke even though somebody had cleaned me up. I was betting on that having been Kelly.

"How do you feel?" He was still stroking my hair.

"Achy, all over." I could barely keep my eyes opened.

"We can't give you anything for the pain until we're sure about your head."

"I know. That feels good, Kel."

"Good. Go back to sleep, Johnny. I love you."

"Love you, too." And with that, I fell back to sleep.

Roy and Captain Stanley were there at 9 a.m. to make sure I was okay. Kelly looked like he hadn't slept all night but since I had checked out all right every time they woke me up, the look in those beautiful blue eyes was serene. Captain Stanley told me that I had a week off and I wasn't to come back before.

I thought that sounded real good. I had aches on top of aches this morning and still no pain relievers in sight. But Roy brought me a get-well card colored by my favorite goddaughter, Cathy, and I had to laugh at the pink teddy bear with the Band-Aid on his head. She loved pink and I made a mental note to find her another hair ornament for her growing collection.

When Dr. Early came in to give me more tests, they left and Kelly went with them. That kind of surprised me but once Joe started tweaking me, I was too involved to wonder anymore. Half an hour later, I was pronounced good to go. Roy had taken what was left of my uniform back to the station and returned with the clothes from my locker so I had something to wear.

Dixie was by with the paperwork that had to be signed while Kelly was finishing tying my shoes. I couldn't bend to save my life, all the muscles in my back were in spasm. More importantly, my favorite nurse had some serious drugs for me to start taking. I took one of the muscle relaxers with what was left of my breakfast grape juice.

It couldn't start working too soon for me. Kelly disappeared again while I was still joking with Dixie and she made me promise to love him to distraction as soon as we were alone. I nodded. I'd have done that anyway. I needed to hold him and be held in the worst way. Hospital rooms are just too damn open to who ever wants to walk in.

Kelly and I weren't 'out' to anybody but a few friends. It was a dangerous world for same-sex lovers, even in California. The guys at the station might have their suspicions since I was still living with Kelly but then again, that might just be because of the lack of affordable housing. I still took my three-day shifts and Kelly still worked the occasional 18-hour day.

It might look like two friends splitting costs. With Kelly a widower, that might be providing the cover we needed. We were taking it one day at a time for now. But I let those thoughts slip away when Kelly returned in civilian clothes. Dixie laughed and wished us pleasant soaking.

That should have clued me in right then but I was too occupied in trying to get off of the bed. Standing hurt, hell, even sitting hurt. Kelly let me lean on his arm but it definitely felt like it would be a very long walk out to the car. But I should have known that Dixie would be prepared for that. Macho posturing aside, the wheelchair she directed me too with a steel-magnolia look was just what I needed.

She wheeled me out into the corridor and with Kelly by my side, we made it to the parking lot. Kelly went to bring the car up to the entrance and Dixie got in another hug before settling me into the front seat. Then we were off, while I tried to stay awake. But the pill was too strong and when Kelly told me to close my eyes and relax, I did.

"Johnny . . . Johnny, wake up for me." Kelly's voice came from my right and that didn't seem right.

He was driving, wasn't he? And what was that wonderful smell? Forcing my eyes open, I saw the beach house where we'd stayed after the assassination attempt. "Kelly?"

"Ace called last night and told me to bring you here for some 'water-healing'." He grinned and helped me out of the car. "I packed a bag for us about midnight while you were sleeping and Ace sent the keys via messenger service so we're all set to veg out for a week."

"You, too?" I could hardly believe that we'd be off at the same time.

"Me too, Johnny. I cleared it with Mr. Snyder this morning." Kelly steadied me with an arm around my waist, all the way up to the front door.

The scent of brine was everywhere and I breathed it in with a smile. I had always considered myself a forest and desert lover but there was something about the ocean that made me feel whole again. The days we'd spent here before were etched in my mind with clear blue and gold strokes. We walked through the house and out onto the deck.

And there was the golden sand stretching out before us like a shimmering highway leading straight into the blue and white waves that crashed on the shore. I relaxed all over and Kelly was the only thing holding me up. "Come back in, Johnny. We both need a nap so we'll have the energy to take a walk later."

He'd been up all night with me and the medication I'd taken was making me sleepy so I nodded agreement. He walked me back to the bedroom and stripped me bare before tucking me under the cool sheets. I stayed awake with a real effort to watch him undress then he was sliding in beside me, gathering me into his arms and rocking me back to sleep.

I woke up feeling more like myself. The aches and pains were still there but my body belonged to me again. I flexed all my muscles starting at my toes and moving up until I'd cataloged each one. My chest was still sore and my right shoulder needed some heat to relax those sore tendons. But the welcome warmth of Kelly all along my left side reminded me that I had my own private doctor to take care of me.

Easing over to my side, I trailed my fingers down his arm. I loved feeling all that hair against my skin. Normally he'd have been awake instantly but the emotions of the previous day had exhausted him. I liked to watch him sleep and I leaned in to breathe his musky scent deep into my lungs, driving out the memory of heated, smoky air.

He was a treat for all my senses and I gently pushed the sheet down his body so I could see all of him. His cock was nestled in the furry nest that was his groin and I slid down until I could lean in and taste him. His scent was stronger here and I breathed deep before I ran my tongue over the plum colored head. He shifted a little and I froze, willing him back to sleep.

I wanted to play for a while.

Kelly sighed and moved his hand closer to me before settling back into sleep. I waited for another long minute then licked him again, swirling my tongue around the velvet soft crown of his beautiful cock. He was firming slowly and beginning to lift towards me. With just a little pain, I moved my right hand up to gently cup his thick shaft to help him along.

Nibbling down his tender flesh, I breathed deeply again, drawing in the male musk that was always stronger here. Then I mouthed gentle sucking kisses up the swelling organ and back to the crown where he leaked a single salty tear for me. I fluttered my tongue against the small slit and his hips shifted restlessly, seeking my mouth unconsciously. Grinning, I obliged him by opening wide and sucking just the flared head into my mouth.

"Johnny." His sleepy murmur went straight to my heart and I fluttered against him again. "That's a lovely wake-up call but I need to know how you feel."

I let him go reluctantly and smiled. "I feel fine, achy but bearable. Some heat would be nice on my right shoulder and one of your world-renowned massages later. But I need a little protein right now, so if you don't mind?"

He grinned at me. "Oh, by all means, Johnny. Don't let me interrupt your breakfast."

Sitting up and sliding over his legs, I slid both hands around his now extremely hard cock. Letting one drop to play with his balls, I leaned in to suck him back inside. He was leaking more now but I took it slow and varied my caresses until he was begging me to finish him. And that's when I slid a long finger over his perineum and into him, searching for his gland.

He shouted once and his hips tried to thrust up but I held him down and sucked him deep. With a little hum, I drank down his seed like it was a magic elixir that would heal all that ailed me. Maybe it was, I thought while I drained him dry. I was definitely feeling better if my own cock was any indication. Pressed against his legs, it was hard as a rock and ready to explode.

"Johnny." His blue eyes opened slowly and the love in them made me want to cry for some reason. I really didn't deserve him but his great big heart had taken me in and I was selfish enough not to want him to ever let me go. "Come up here, love. I need a kiss."

I would always obey that tender command.

"Love," he said pulling me up and over onto my back. His kiss was gentle but thorough, scouring my mouth for traces of his own seed. His warm hand was slowly sliding up and down my cock and the too gentle touch was driving me insane.

And he knew it, that teasing lover of mine because he finally broke our kiss with a boyish grin that always melted me into a puddle. Then he was sliding down to my groin and sucking me deep. I withstood that tormenting tongue for almost a minute, fighting the urge to come. But my control was nonexistent and all too soon, I released into that hot, wet mouth of his. Tender sucking drained me completely and I puddled into the sheets with a boneless sprawl. Everything had melted into complete and utter relaxation.

Kelly slid back up and pulled me into his arms, being very careful of the bruises that were springing up all over my torso. But he'd loved me so well that I couldn't feel anything but the pleasure that sang through my whole body. He was my talisman and shield, so long as he held me I was safe.

I must have napped a little more because I awoke to the smell of freshly peeled oranges and fragrant tea. Kelly was nowhere in sight so I rolled out of bed gingerly. A plate with a single slice of orange and a cup with about a swallow of tea sat on the side table. There was also a pair of shorts folded nicely and a sleeveless t-shirt beside them.

Message received. I sucked the orange into my mouth while slowly pulling on the blue shorts. I couldn't raise my arms high enough to get the t-shirt on so I swallowed the tea and went to find my lover. The door to the deck was open and I walked through to see the sun low on the horizon.

"Ah, I knew the oranges would bring you out." Kelly was sprawled on the covered lounger with a tray of finger food beside him. He beckoned me down between his legs and reached for the t-shirt I was holding. Carefully, he eased it over my sore shoulder then stretched it out so I could finish getting it on. Smoothing it down over my chest, he took the opportunity to tweak my nipples while I caught my breath.

"Food first then maybe a walk?" He asked me and I nodded with my mouth full of fresh pineapple. He chuckled a little and poured me a cup of tea. I smiled at him and kept chewing. It felt like a week since I'd eaten. He held me and watched me eat, occasionally slipping in a kiss or two when my mouth was empty.

When I felt pleasantly full, he helped me out of the lounger and let me catch my balance before we walked down to the soft sand. It stretched out before us, the white sugar sand turned blood red by the setting sun. The waves were soft and lazy, just the way I felt right now. Another couple was walking near the wave line and they smiled at us as we passed them.

They were in their sixties and unashamedly holding hands. I was kind of envious of them. Would the world ever be accepting enough to let Kelly and me do that? I sighed and felt his warm hand on my lower back. "Someday, Johnny, maybe it will be safe, even accepted. I love you."

"I love you too, Kel. Maybe someday." I smiled at him then stopped in awe of the beautiful sunset. Red and gold flared on the horizon until slowly but surely the sun sank beneath the waves. I sighed or maybe it was Kelly but we exchanged a look of complete contentment before walking on a little further. Dusk was well advanced when we came back to the beach house.

Ace had stocked the fridge with fresh fish, vegetables and fruit so we set up the grill on the deck and ate like kings. I was pleasantly stuffed but also stiffening up by the time that Kelly put the dishes in the dishwasher. I walked stiff-legged to the bathroom and started the tub filling. It was one of those big Jacuzzis and I could hardly wait to soak.

Strong arms slid around me and helped me finish pushing my shorts off. A warm hand cupped my cock and balls and I relaxed against him with a sigh. We didn't have to say a word, he knew me so well by now that he knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling. That might have been scary but I knew him inside and out, too. Even though it had only been a few months, our years of friendship had been preparing the way for this new form of communication.

Soft lips kissed behind my ear and I shivered. "Johnny, into the tub with you. Once you're relaxed, I'll give you a massage. You're one big black and blue bruise."

I snorted and pulled just far enough away to slide into the round tub. "That's what it feels like, too." I batted my eyelashes at him and tried to look demure. "But your magical hands will help."

He sank into the other end with a little leer. "My hands are always at your disposal, Johnny."

Grabbing one of my feet, he proceeded to massage it into ecstasy. I lay back and floated in the steaming water while he moved to the other foot then slowly moved up my legs. Even though I was relaxed, my cock had different ideas. The closer he got to my groin, the harder I got. By the time he palmed and lifted my cheeks up so my cock broke the surface of the water, I was rock hard and leaking.

Taking pity on me, he swallowed me whole and sucked once, drinking me down like a hot cup of coffee. I went boneless, his hands the only thing keeping me from sinking to the bottom. He chuckled and tenderly helped me from the tub. Drying me gently, he carried me into the cool bedroom and laid me on the smooth cotton sheets. I was asleep almost before he took his hands away.

When I awoke, I couldn't tell what time it was but I was lying on my stomach on a beach towel. His warm hands were sliding smoothly up my legs leaving behind an oily finish that felt like a little bit of heaven. My legs were splayed open and he moved slowly over my buttocks to the small of my back. I sighed his name contentedly and he dropped a soft kiss between my shoulder blades.

"Make love to me, Kelly. Remind me that we're both alive and together." I said softly and felt his hands still just below my ribs.

"I'm afraid that I'll hurt you. Your back is one huge contusion." His lips ghosted down my spine while I shivered.

"You won't hurt me, Kel. Get me ready then I'll go to my side so you're not laying on my back." It would work and we'd last a long time.

"My brainy fireman," he slowly went back to stroking my cheeks, first together than apart. When his thumb popped inside, I moaned with pleasure. His other hand was rolling my balls gently and I could feel myself break into a sweat. He has the most healing hands in the world.

I was about to lose my mind when he rolled me over to one side and slid behind me. I was so relaxed that he impaled me with a single thrust. I felt deliciously filled and I waited for him to move. His tongue was painting his initials on my neck while his hands smoothed my stomach muscles. My cock was hard again but it wasn't a frantic hard just a waiting-to-be-touched hard.

Rocking his hips forward then back, he started stroking my cock randomly. When he slid one of his legs between mine, the wiry hairs on his legs started teasing my balls. My breath was coming faster and I had to moan again. That's when he started nibbling my ear lobe and a white-hot bolt of lightning sizzled through my body. My groan was heartfelt and he just chuckled, picking up the pace of his thrusts.

"Beautiful Johnny . . . my hot love . . . so tight . . . oh yeah, squeeze those muscles." His little comments were beginning to get a growl to them and I thought about my dream bear who'd begun to sound like my lover. "Mine, Johnny, you're all mine."

"Kelly, oh there, right there." I was flushing hot and cold, unable to feel a single bruise. "I'm yours, love, all yours."

His hips were slamming into me and his grip was tightening around my cock until I was about to lose my mind. I could feel my balls draw up tight against my scrotum and fell over the edge of pleasure. I filled his hand and felt him pulse once inside me before he flooded me with his heat. Trembling, I tried to get more air into my starved lungs while he jerked and came again.

"Johnny," he finally sighed against the spot where he'd bitten me. "Damn, I marked you. Does it hurt?"

It was my turn to chuckle. "I don't feel a thing, Doc. You've got the magic touch."

He kissed it then started licking the suddenly sensitive skin while my cock tried to come back to life. "If you're sure? I plan on touching you everywhere."

"Tender loving care, Kelly, that's what you're dispensing." I turned my head just enough to share a kiss. I was going to be a model patient so we could keep playing doctor. I was pretty sure he'd like that. And so would I.

The end for now