Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and Samantha/Daniel
Summary: A vacation leads to more.
Title: The Claiming, part one
Beta: Many thanks to Tinneantoo who did a quick beta for me. Any mistakes left are all mine.
Date: 11 December 2005
********* Jack *********

I'm feeling old today. Daniel and Sam are cavorting in the green waves on this alien beach and I'm sitting in the shade like an old man watching them play. Okay, they're cute as hell and maybe I'm smiling a little but I'm not admitting it to anybody. Wiping my forehead, I drink some more water.

Janet confiscated all the beer before we came through the gate. Damn her anyway.

Old and cranky - I silently add. If I can just shake this headache, maybe I'll do a little swimming of my own. My eyes crinkle while I try to remember when I'd last gone into water for recreation. Huh, it's been longer than I thought. I heave a big sigh just because I can and watch the kids keep running around the bend and out of sight. At least the drinking water is cold, that insulator thing from our last planet really keeps things chilled.

Motion to the left catches my eye and I turn my head just enough to watch Teal'c finish removing his pants and stride confidently into the surf. My mouth goes dry; my palms start to sweat; and I pop a woody between one heartbeat and the next. Oh damn, this is so not good. I want to close my eyes - really, I do but I'm helpless to cease watching the man who holds my heart.

He's more of a god than Apophis ever was. Gleaming golden skin; rippling muscles from his splayed feet to his bald head; strong arms stretching towards the sun; the tightest ass in a thousand worlds flexing as he enters the water; oh god, water sluicing over skin the way my hands want to; his broad chest hairless; the water beads heading straight over the 'x' on his otherwise flat stomach to the proud cock rising from his groin; dark eyes glowing in the light of this alien world -

Eyes, shit, he caught me staring again. I drop my gaze and make very sure I'm concentrating on my absolutely fascinating mug of water.

********* Teal'c *********

O'Neill is watching me again but he pretends he is not. His behavior is puzzling. When we are on a mission, he watches all of us to make sure we are all right and any danger is kept from our team. There is no pretense. He protects us and we protect him. I am a protector myself and I understand this. But this other watching is different and I remember what Daniel Jackson said when I asked him about it.

He got rather red-faced when I detailed some of the times I had noticed this 'look'. We spoke in circles it seemed to me until I asked him about an Earth legend I'd read about early Greek warriors called Hoplites. He'd broken into a smile then and nodded happily before detailing why the current military preferred not to - he had paused and searched for some few moments for the correct word.

Utilize such warriors or even know about them. He spoke of a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy with severe repercussions for those who failed to do so. Dismissal from the military and even bodily harm could accompany such an event. His look of sorrow told me he perhaps had experience with that outcome. He also mentioned the role of leader to subordinate and how those roles could be abused by someone less honorable than Colonel O'Neill.

But I replied 'I am an alien and therefore not a member of his military'. He smiled then and nodded agreement but reminded me of how seriously O'Neill took his job as team leader. He used the term 'mother hen' which made no sense but he told me not to worry about that. He suggested I approach him when we were off duty and therefore not in our normal roles. But we had been on duty for 87 Earth days until the human members of the team were fatigued and in two cases injured.

General Hammond had called us into his office, all four of us, and ordered us to take a vacation off world. He'd mandated we go as a team to the same place and even chose the planet for us. P3Q65 is a semi-tropical world inhabited by no civilizations above the level of microbes, which in turn are not harmful to Humans or Jaffas. We arrived this morning and moved into small huts built by an earlier team.

Supplies will last us for two weeks. I intend to show O'Neill his interest is returned. He is a strong man and honorable but with me he does not need to be the strong one. He will relax soon, then I will show him how the Jaffa love.

I leave the water and cross the hot sands to where he sits. It is time.

********* Jack *********

Shit, he's coming, and he's going to ask me questions. And I have no answers but the truth, and I really don't think that's what he wants to hear. Damn it, look at him. He's big and warm and hard and everything a man could want. I'm old and gray with a bony body and more scars than any one man should have.

"O'Neill, forgive me if this is not what you wish." He kneels at my side, and I glance up with what I'm sure is a puzzled look on my face.

Then he leans in and those lips are on mine. My eyes close, and I fall into his arms like a sixteen year old with his first kiss. I'm weightless and damn near boneless while breathing in the warm musk of him. He smells like fresh baked bread or maybe the first snow of winter. And he tastes of salt and something I've never tasted before. But I want more.

His tongue is thick and tasty in my mouth, and I suck on it like a babe at his mother's teat. My fingers smooth the warm skin of his shoulders and suddenly I need more - more skin, more taste, more moans. Is that me? My brain catches up to me, and I pull back reluctantly.

"Teal'c?" Great, now I sound like a breathless male Monroe.

"O'Neill, Daniel Jackson has told me of the restrictions your military places on warriors who love their own kind." His eyes are dark but fiery at the same time. "I follow where you lead when we are on duty. But when at leisure, I would like to show you how the Jaffa love each other."

"Love?" Again with the breathy-ness.

Those strong fingers stroke the side of my face and down my jaw to smooth a soft caress to my throat. "Love as warriors and friends, O'Neill. I do not need a 'mother' but a lover."

Mother? I wonder briefly but it takes too much effort to try to think. I'm tired of thinking anyway but I need to warn him. "I want to, Teal'c. But I'm not good at love or caring or anything but . . ."

Soft lips stop me cold. My tongue is pulled into the warm wet cavern of his mouth and that wonderful taste is back. Cinnamon, maybe. While I'm trying to figure the taste-thing out, he gently pulls back, and I open dazed eyes to gaze at him.

The look on his face is one I've never seen before. "You are an excellent caregiver, O'Neill. And I think you hide your love for fear of being hurt. I shall not hurt you."

Then the world goes a little wonky, and I clutch at those broad shoulders to try and keep my balance. It takes me more than a moment to realize he's carrying me away from the beach. Damn, he's strong and with a sense of freedom, I decide to let him take charge for now. I'm a little tired of the responsibility of my life and the lives of everyone it's my duty to protect.

Maybe I should tell him that? "Teal'c, thank you."

That slow smile on my normally stoic Jaffa's face is one I'd like to see again. "You are welcome, O'Neill. Will you let me love you?"

My headache is still there but it's not important any more. The rest of my body is waking up all over. "Please, Teal'c."

The smile is back, and I tentatively give him one in return. My arms hug that thick neck of his while one hand smoothes the soft skin at the back of his skull. Then the sunshine is muted, and I realize we're inside the hut I threw my bag into earlier. He gently sets me down on the rush mats beside the bed, and I clutch at him until the world stops spinning. Strong fingers pull my t-shirt from my pants and over my head in one fast motion.

I'm scrawny compared to him, and I drop my eyes so I don't have to see the look of disappointment.

********* Teal'c *********

I know he is not shy although his look is and I wonder why his shoulders are slumping. "O'Neill, is what I am doing displeasing to you?"

"NO," he stands up straighter while his hands clutch at my arms. "I . . . guess I just don't think I look very . . . um . . ."

"You have a warrior's body with the scars of battle boldly scattered upon your beautiful skin." I tell him the truth and see his eyes go wide. Ah, I have found the reason. "You do not look as my fellow Jaffa but rather as an exotic creature from some of the myths of my people."

"Exotic?" He snorts and quirks his upper lip. "I'm about the least exotic person on this planet. You're the one who looks like a golden soldier of myth."

My hands continue to strip away the clothes from his body. "I have heard some of the others in the mountain say I am too 'beefy'. Your lean shape is much admired when we are in the gymnasium."

His eyes flash fire. "You're not beefy. You're nothing but strong muscle and bone. Don't listen to them."

Good, he is forgetting his original misgiving. "I simply observe. If my body is pleasing to you then I am content. Your body is more than pleasing to me."

I turn him gently so he sits on the bed after I slide down his pants. Once I untie his boots, I can ease them off. His long fingers trace the golden symbol in my forehead. His smile is sweeter now.

"You're beautiful from the top of your head to the soles of your feet." He sighs a little when his pants slide off. "Are you sure, Teal'c?"

I move his legs onto the bed and slide him over the cool sheets to the middle of the wide mattress. Then I join him and take his hand to lay it upon my pouch. "I am very sure, O'Neill. Are you sure you do not mind being this close to my symbiont?"

His eyes drop to the large 'x' of the pouch which houses the infant Gou'ald. A gentle finger traces the opening. "For a long time I didn't think I could. But he keeps you healthy and alive. I owe him for that." Brown eyes meet mine with that little wrinkle between them. "What will he think about us making love?"

Good, he knows this is lovemaking. "He will feel my pleasure and respond by releasing endorphins into my blood stream."

His smile is slow but almost incandescent. "That gives you more stamina, I'm betting."

I stroke my hands over his long arms. "I have long been known for my stamina."

He shivers but I do not think it is with cold. "Good, because I don't have much at the moment. I guess I'll just have to lie back and let you do whatever you'd like with me."

My shaft rises at his surrender and his eyes drop to watch it swell. He licks his lips and I find I must have them again. His taste is clean like sweet water and I suck on his tongue to release more of that nectar. His little moan hardens me further and his shaft rises to meet mine when I move a hand to caress it. Now he gasps and arches up a little while I move my left leg to part both of his.

He is open to me everywhere and the little sounds he makes fire my blood as no other has ever done. Wantonly he spreads his legs so I can move between them. His testicles hang out in the open beneath his shaft and I wonder yet again at how vulnerable that makes human males.

********* Jack *********

His touch is fire and I'm burning alive. I feel open . . . vulnerable . . . needy. His lips scorch my skin everywhere they roam. He's moving down my chest to my nipples where he pauses to nurse with his soft mouth. I never knew that would feel good but it does. I moan again and feel his lips smile against my flesh. Then he moves down my chest to my stomach and the achingly hard cock waiting for his turn.

Warm . . . heat . . . molten lava flowing around me while my hips arch up to get more of him. My hands hold his head as if afraid he might leave me but his palm my hips and ass cheeks. That's so close to my crease and suddenly I ache to feel his touch there. I've never given myself to another man that way. Never dared lose control like that. Do I want to now?

Hell yes. I want everything he can give me. But I'll think about that later. Right now he's sucking on me and I'm leaking like a hose set to trickle. That tongue of his should be declared a lethal weapon. It's wrapping around me like a symbiont and the moment I think that, I explode like a 10 kg bomb.

I think I blacked out. There's a steady thump under my ear and my mattress has some very interesting lumps in it. Big hands are slowly working out the kinks in my spine and I feel like purring. "Teal'c, 'es good."

"You taste like the fabled macha of my world, tart and sour at the same time." His voice rumbles through me. "Are you all right?"

I don't have the energy to move but I manage to swipe my tongue over a convenient nipple. His hands pause and tighten over my ass cheeks, right where I want them. Clearing my throat, I tell him, "I'm better than I have ever been in my life. Sometimes humans overload on pleasure and pass out. It's a compliment, big guy."

"Ah, that is good, O'Neill." His hands begin to move again, up my spine then down.

"Teal'c, does making love the Jaffa-way mean I can get you to fuck me?"

He moves under me and I realize he is laughing silently. That gives me the energy to prop myself up and look at him. Eyes shining and his mouth curved upward make me smile in return.

"It will be a joy to share my body with you, O'Neill. But we will take our time so I can prepare you properly." His hands close possessively over my ass and a blunt finger moves slowly through my crease to the small hole hiding there. "Humans appear to be very small here and I am large."

I shiver with an odd combination of fear and need. "Slow is fine so long as you know I want you inside of me."

His gaze heats in a heartbeat. "I wish this, too. Daniel Jackson gave me information on the human body and what it is capable of. You do not self lubricate like the female of your species does. Jaffa, however, do secrete sufficient fluid to make penetration easier. Shall I demonstrate?"

I am suddenly weak with anticipation. "Yes, please."

His hands tug my legs down over his hips so I'm splayed open for him. My cock slides over the stomach pouch while his springs up between my cheeks. Grabbing it, he rubs it up and down my crease until I begin to feel something warm and liquid begin to spread along my skin.

It's almost hot and I squirm a little at the odd sensation. Then his fingers are there instead and one is rubbing the fluid into my hole and the heat and pressure make me want to open up to him. The tip of one finger slides in and I clench around it in reflex before relaxing again. It goes deeper and while it feels odd, it doesn't feel wrong. Instinctively, I stretch up so I can kiss him while he's finger-fucking me.

His tongue surges into my mouth and mates with mine while that thick finger sinks slowly inside of me. I bite his tongue when a fire ball flashes through me. But he just chuckles and does it again. I pull away to breathe - okay, pant is more like it.

"I find it intriguing that all human males have this gland that gives such pleasure but think it unmanly to stimulate it." His perplexed look makes me smile.

"Well, I knew about it and never bothered to try this before." I rock back onto his finger for more of the fire. "From either side, giving or taking."

"Never, O'Neill." He pauses and I freeze.

"Um, well, when I was younger, I was a bit of a prude and after my marriage fell apart, I kind of froze up and didn't bother about sex." I flex my ass muscles and he goes back to moving back and forth. "So yeah, it's been a while since I indulged."

"Then I am honored you have chosen me to be your First." His finger leaves me and I whimper at the loss.

"Sh-h-h, I fear this position will become a strain on your back, O'Neill." He rolls us to our sides and straightens my lower leg out so he's not lying on it. But my other leg he leaves over his hip so I'm open to him. "You must tell me if there is any pain. Jaffa do not delight in pain, not among their brothers."

"I promise, Teal'c. More," I rub myself against him wantonly and his chuckle makes me smile with pleasure.

He rubs his crown over my hole again and more of that slippery fluid comes out until I feel some go inside the tight muscle. This time, when one finger slips in, he crooks it and a second one comes in, too. There's a feeling of extreme fullness and almost pain but I concentrate on relaxing and accepting them. I find myself reaching blindly for his lips and he kisses me while his fingers slide deep.

********* Teal'c *********

He is a virgin to male loving. I feel something I never felt before. Apophis was my First and he took me to prove his superiority with the pain necessary to show me my place. There were no emotions but pride in my duty to service my god. But O'Neill has chosen me out of love to be his mate. He does not understand all he is giving me and all I can give to him but I will tell him more when he is ready.

For now, I prepare him slowly while feasting on his delicious mouth. Two fingers are barely half the thickness of my shaft so it will be a while before he is fully stretched. My secretions have a slight muscle relaxant in them and that is helping but his channel walls are still tight around me. It will be paradise when I am seated within his depths.

"Oh, god, that's good." He is panting and rubbing his shaft against my stomach. I feel the moment when my symbiont awakes and comes to the surface to taste the new sweat along the edges of the pouch.

My lips nibble down his neck then up to the small ears that cling to the side of his head. He is so soft here while the rest of his body is hard with muscle and taut skin. His skin tastes of spices not known to the Jaffa and for a moment, I pity my brothers their lack.

He shudders around me while I stroke the small nub the book had described. It is intoxicating to watch his skin flush and his shaft swell against me. It is leaking that musk I found so tasty, and I wonder what my symbiont will think of it. O'Neill is too far into the pleasure to realize that 'Junior' as he calls him had partially left the pouch to taste the fluid leaking from the hard shaft.

I kiss him again because I wish to drink the sounds he's making. They are intoxicating to me and the more I hear, the more I wish to release from him. His hands are gripping my shoulders and when I pull out my fingers for more lubricant, his moan is almost a scream.

"More, Teal'c." His eyes are fevered and his shaft pulses out more seed. "Empty . . . I feel so empty without you inside of me."

My shaft spurts straight into him and his whole body flushes with heat. He is chanting something that sounds like 'in, in, in' when I ease three fingers inside of him. Then his shaft bursts upon my stomach in long spurts of salty liquid. My symbiont cleans it from my skin with a little trill of delight. He finds it as tasty as I do.

My fingers gently flex within him and he comes back to me with a start.

"Am I stretched enough for you," his hand slides down to stroke the soft skin of my shaft and I shudder at his touch.

"That is for you to tell me, O'Neill." I brush small kisses over his sweaty face and watch him smile sweetly at me.

"I'm so relaxed right now, I can't move." His eyes are soft and slightly unfocused. "Turn me over and come in that way. Somebody told me once it is easier that way."

********* Jack *********

He looks into my eyes for a long moment before nodding. His fingers leave me and the empty feeling returns. Then he's moving me like I weigh nothing so my back is to his front. Oddly, I feel like my stomach has been washed. There isn't any come there at all. Weird.

But all thoughts flee when I feel the blunt crown of his massive cock nudge between my cheeks. A long moment passes before hot liquid eases into my hole and I feel myself relax. Pressure makes me widen. . . . and widen . . . and widen. For the first time, pain flares through my lower back. He pauses then and begins to move away.

Putting a hand back to his hip, I stop him. "Give me a moment, big guy. He wants in and god knows I want him inside of me."

"There is no hurry, O'Neill. We can wait until you are more used to this position." His voice is rough velvet, and I feel a flash of pride that I can make him sound like that.

Wiggling just a bit, I feel my muscles give a tiny bit and just like that his crown pops inside of me. Hello, fence post, I am never going to be able to close my sphincter again. "Oh god . . . how can it hurt and feel good at the same time?"

A rough tongue washes the back of my neck and I shiver while he slips a little further inside of me. "There is a fine line between pain and pleasure, love and hate. In another universe, we are enemies. Here we can be lovers."

Slowly, inch by inch he's sinking inside of me. Muscles unused to such bulk are twinging all over. . . and yet . . . there's a burning need for more that makes me ache. Then I feel his legs meet the back of mine and realize I've got him all. Damn it, I'm panting like a woman in labor. Except I'm taking something in instead of trying to push it out.

"Thank you, O'Neill, for letting me be your First." His hips shimmy just a little and I feel that spark from my prostate that feels so good.

"My first and only, Teal'c," I venture a little flex of my inner muscles and hear him growl under his breath before he moves a little more.

I've only felt this from the other side. Being inside of someone is always such a great feeling that I never wondered what it would feel like from the other point of view. I tried to be a considerate lover and make sure Sarah climaxed before I did but I had no idea the person being taken could also feel so powerful. The little noises Teal'c is making gives me such a feeling of pride.

I am the one giving him this pleasure. I am the one he's chosen to love.

There's more liquid inside of me and it feels like a hot enema but it also seems to loosen me enough there's no more pain. Just wave after wave of pleasure. My cock is tired but it feels like something deep within me is going to climax when Teal'c does. There's a spiral of tension torquing tighter and tighter inside of me.

His hands are stroking my front, stopping now and then to gently pinch my nipples. His lips are nibbling along my hairline while his tongue tastes me like I'm his favorite flavor of ice cream. My stomach is quivering, my toes are curling and my hands are holding onto his forearms to keep his arms around me. His cock spears me deep, and I feel a gush of heated seed flood me.

A slight sting at the base of my spine and I uncoil completely, inside and out. Falling into darkness, I smile. The headache is gone.

********* Teal'c *********

I have never felt this feeling of . . . completeness before. Cradling O'Neill in my arms, I rest inside of him and wish never to leave. His body is pliable in my hands, and I see he's lost consciousness again. My pride in my ability to make him happy is a physical thing I can taste and hear unlike the quiet subservience I practiced with Apophis. The echo of our mingled shouts still ring in the still air. His skin calls to me, and I reverently stroke the satin smoothness interrupted by old scars.

His groin area has wiry hairs of cinnamon brown interspersed with gray and my fingers delight in the way it curls around them. He has so many different textures on his body, I wonder if he finds my hairlessness odd. I shall ask when he returns to me. My shaft is finally finished planting my seed deep within my mate and I think I should remove it before he awakes.

There will be some pain in the coming out as there was in the going in. Slowly, I inch my way from his tight channel and into the cool air. Small trickles come with it and I watch to see there is no blood. There often is when the Joining first occurs but I am blessed to find no red among the discharge. The small hole spasms several times and I slide down so I can soothe it with my tongue.

My symbiont demands a closer look and I use my hand as a bridge so he can taste our commingled juices. He rubs his head over the hole and I watch the redness disappear. The baby Gou'ald has healing properties for both his host and his host's mate. Satisfied, he returns to my pouch at almost the same moment O'Neill moves.

"Teal'c," he slurs my name and I help him onto his back, where he sprawls like a human with no bones. His eyes are drowsy and relaxed. "Love you, big guy."

"I love you also, O'Neill. Is there any pain?" I must be sure before we sleep.

"Nah-h-h-h, just kind of sore," his hand comes up to touch me. "I miss him already. When can you come back inside?"

"When the soreness goes away," I cradle him to my chest and stroke his back. "We will bathe in the warm waters tonight after evening meal. Then you shall come inside of me and gift me with your seed."

"'Kay," he is already mostly asleep, his face relaxed and younger.

I smile and enter a meditative state. I am looking forward to it.

The end of part one