Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Title: The Claiming, part twelve
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and others
Summary: More babies are born and the battle for Earth continues.
Beta: Tinneantoo, Seductive Phrase Turner and Polisher
Date: 11 February 2006
********* Jack *********

Okay, Tony is right. Abby's a little out there. Maybe way-y-y out there but then I'm the one who brought her a real live alien so it's partly my fault. She's got a big heart though, and while I may not ever let her baby-sit Sebal'c, she's welcome on my world. I swear she has enough energy for ten. Although, I think that may have something to do with that stuff she drinks.

I think I'm going to warn Sebal'c about girls like her around sixteen years from now.

Ducky finally finishes his autopsy and joins us. By then, I already know we need some allies in the government. All conversation ceases in that uncanny way it does at a party sometimes. I look around at our friends. We've got some good people but we need more.

"Guys, we need more input and we need trusted friends in high places." I pause but all I get are nods. "Mother, can you vet people for us? Tell us who is Earth-born and trustworthy?"

//yes// her thought doesn't hesitate at all //Director Morrow is good//

Gibbs blinks then picks up the phone and calls upstairs. His conversation is brief but within ten minutes, Tom Morrow appears. He listens then nods and mentions some names to Mother Earth. She approves two of them but the third appears in front of us. Teal'c immediately takes him into a headlock, disarms him and damned if he isn't another Gryshan. My mate starts sneezing and Gibbs takes over so we can ask Home to bring us back to her.

I don't want Sebal'c to be anywhere near an assassin, and Teal'c needs a good scrubbing. Janet and Terry take our son for a while, and I take my mate back to our rooms for a hot bath. My hands are suddenly trembling while I smooth soap over his skin. Then I'm holding onto him tightly while my brain thinks of all the things that could have gone wrong.

"My One, we are safe and sound." His voice whispers into my ear while his hands soothe my back. "We will be more careful now we know some of our enemies. And Mother Earth can distinguish between human and Gryshan."

"Yeah, I know but," I shiver and hold on tighter. "I'm turning into a wimp, Teal'c. I'm afraid for Sebal'c . . . and us."

"There is nothing of the wimp about you, my One." His deep tones soothe my soul. "We now have a child who depends on us for everything. It is not appropriate for us to take him into danger, and Earth is dangerous right now."

For some reason, I feel a lot better and suddenly realize something else. "I don't think of Earth as home anymore. This is home in all ways now. It's where I want us to live forever."

"Then we shall do so, my One." Teal'c's smile is so warm that I just have to taste it.

Loving kisses and roving hands soon have me on my hands and knees while Teal'c slowly sinks into me. Ah-h-h-h, that feels so-o-o-o good, I think with the tiny portion of my brain that isn't in bliss-mode. Better than good, he feels great moving inside of me. The water sloshes gently around us while he thrusts in and out.

My whole body seizes up into one giant climax then he floods me with his hot seed. My arms give way, and I end up face first into the hot water. His chuckle makes me smile while his big hands bring me up and back onto his body. Big T is still lodged deep, and I flex my inner muscles around him in thanks.

"Beloved O'Neill," Teal'c's deep whisper makes me go all liquid inside. "You and our son are the most precious beings on any of our worlds. And you are right; this world is our home in every way. What help we can give our former peoples, we will. But our first priority is to our family, and the others here on Home."

I hold his arms tight around me, feeling safe and back on an even keel. "Our new family is growing by leaps and bounds. It looks like Terry and Mel'tic are going to go into labor about the same time. Maybe we should call this world the 'Baby Planet'."

His deep chuckle makes me smile even broader. "Perhaps a subsidiary name of 'Home - the Baby Planet'?"

I ripple my muscles around his cock, and feel him perk up. "We can practice making Sebal'c a little brother."

"You must heal further before carrying another child." Warm fingers pinch my left nipple, and I wiggle with delight. "Your body gave many nutrients to Sebal'c. You must replenish them before chancing another pregnancy."

"I know, Teal'c, but just so you know, I really want more children and soon." Using his arms as a lever, I flex and sit up, spearing myself deeper on Big T. Pausing, I just enjoy the pain/pleasure of something so big inside of me. Then I pull off of him while biting my lip at the loss of his bulk. "Let's take this to bed, big guy. Sebal'c needs to feed."

My mate nods and rises with me. A quick kiss, and we're toweling off so he can go get our son. I don't even bother getting dressed, just crawl into our big bed while Teal'c pulls on a pair of shorts. While he's gone to pick up Sebal'c from Janet and Terry, I think about Earth and the battles my former planet is facing. Somebody hired the Gryshans and it wasn't someone from Earth.

Who is making a world grab? And just how far up the chain of command has this conspiracy gone?

********* Gibbs *********

I finish off another report, and take a deep breath. Not even coffee is going to keep me awake much longer. In the last twenty-four hours, we've discovered 212 Gryshan assassins among the governments in 32 countries. Mother Earth transported all non-humans to an island off the coast of Australia then moved the USS Eisenhower offshore.

My team and I were moved right along with her. Earth has raised some kind of force field to protect us from the aliens. Sorting out who is who, and what happened to the original humans proved to be terribly simple. Vice President Howard was killed, and disintegrated by his replacement. Unfortunately, that is business as usual for Gryshans.

The world has come to a screeching halt. Mother Earth grounded all transports - sky, water, and land. The media is in a frenzy and governments aren't far behind. Chaos would be the order of the day but our planet seems to be sending out soothing pulses that calm the worst of the fear.

Strong hands gently land on my shoulders, and I catch my breath while fingers start to massage tense muscles. "That the last one, Boss?"

"Yeah, all present and accounted for." I resist leaning my head back against a taut stomach. We're not alone at the moment. "The last body was exhumed in Bonn. Their Minister of Defense was the last Gryshan Mother sent us."

"Good, how about you take a little rest now?" Tony keeps working my shoulders until I just want to melt into a puddle under this Navy-issue desk. "Ducky says he's going to drop a tranquilizer in your next cup of coffee if you don't take a break."

I snort but nod yes. Ducky would do it, too. "We been assigned bunks, Tony?"

His smile gleams. "Oh yeah, Boss, we've got a tiny cabin on C deck. Bunk beds, I'm afraid, and you have to share with me."

I sit up straight, and surge to my feet. "Lead the way, Tony, I'm suddenly feeling sleepy."

Waving goodbye to McGee and Morrow, I follow my lover down a deck to what has to be an ensign's quarters. I spare a brief thought for where the poor guys are now bunking but then Tony's mouth is on mine, and all I can do is feel. A warm, slippery tongue; the rich scent of cinnamon; the feel of his soft cotton shirt under my fingers; the sound of harsh breathing - I revel in every sensation.

"God, I've wanted to do that for hours." He starts undressing me with clever fingers, and I let him while my hands comb through the soft hair I love.

"You in the mood to ravage me?" I mange to husk out while his lips find my skin beneath the shirt. "I think I'm up for that."

His chuckle makes me smile. "Gosh, Jethro, I don't know. You look kind of tired to me. Maybe we should just take a nap on separate bunks?"

I'm pouting, I just know it. Damn it to hell and back. "You better be teasing me, Tony, or . . . or I'm going to have to do something Marine-like."

"Ooo-oh, I'm shaking here, Boss." Those warm fingers are unbuttoning my pants and slowly sliding them down my legs. He folds easily down to his knees, his hot lips slowly mouthing my rising cock through my cotton boxers. "Goodness, Jethro, I'm going to have to disarm this weapon I found."

Hands remove my shoes then each foot is lifted so my pants can come off. A slick tongue slides through the slit in my underwear, and I have to bite back a moan. God, the things Tony can do with his tongue. Opening my eyes, I look down to find him just staring at me.

"You're so beautiful like this, Jethro. Disheveled, your shirt hanging open, your hands flat against the door, and your cock tenting your black boxers - you look like you're ready to be ravished." His voice is husky, and makes me shiver all over.

But he thinks I'm cold, and stands up to guide me to the lower bunk. Now it's my turn to undress him, and I'm a lot more impatient. He kicks his loafers off while I'm tearing at his waistband so I can peel those sinfully tight jeans off of him.

"Commando, Tony?" I lick my lips when his cock springs out at me. "Tell me next time so I can fantasize."

His laughter is so precious to me. I have got to get him to do it more often. His hands are stripping off his polo shirt while my breath goes short. He's so damn beautiful but when I tell him, he doesn't believe me. When we get a spare moment, I'm going to sic Mother on his child-abusing parents. They deserve a little punishment, and I won't have to lie to him.

"Where are you, love?" His long fingers stroke my cheeks, and I blink. "Are we going too fast, Jethro? I promised to go slow and I will."

"I know you will, Tony." Carefully, I fall back on the bunk and bring him down with me. "Part of me is glad about that but part of me wants more. I want you inside of me."

"Ah, love, we've got all the time in the world."

His kiss is so tender. I want it to last forever. My hands run over his naked back and down to pert cheeks. They just fit my hands, and I can't help but give them a little squeeze. His moan is good to hear so I tickle his crease to release another one. This time it's a gasp and that's almost as good.

"Hm-m-m, give you a hundred years to stop that." He's scattering kisses over my face. "How about I stretch you a little so you see what all the fireworks are about?"

"Yeah." I roll my head so he can reach that hot spot below my right ear. "Did we pack lube?"

His chuckle and a tube of Wet arrive together, the one from under my pillow. "You know my motto, always prepared."

And am I glad about that. "Always thinking ahead, that's what I like about you, Tony. How are we going to do this? We've barely got room for one of us, let alone two."

"Yeah, it's kind of tight quarters." His pun makes me laugh. "How about you go on your stomach for me while I try not to hit my head on the overhead bunk?"

My nerves quiver a moment. This is Tony, I tell myself while we awkwardly maneuver into position. I trust him with my life so I can easily trust him with my body. It feels so strange though. He's slipped a pillow under my hips and he's kneeling between my legs while I try not to tense up. I wish I was more flexible so we could do this face to face.

Strong hands massage my back until I finally relax. "Not going to hurt you, Jethro, love you too much to ever do that."

So much love in his voice, I say another silent prayer of thanks to a merciful deity. "I trust you, Tony. You're the only one I'd ever let get this close. It's been a while since I was the virgin."

A faint snort is followed by a chortle but his hands never stop soothing me. "Yeah, I can see where that might be a little disconcerting, Boss. How about I promise to be gentle?"

I grin into my pillow. "I'd be ever so grateful, Tony. I'm just a fair and fragile flower waiting to be debauched."

The chortle turns into laughter, and he starts kissing down my spine between gusts of mirth. "Boss, we're going to have a long talk about what you've been reading lately."

"The woman next to me on that last trip was reading a Harlequin romance." I wiggle a little when those warm fingers ghost a caress between my cheeks. "I couldn't help reading a little of it now and then. Do you know they actually put sex in those things now?"

He's laughing again. "I know that, Jethro. Even the trashy romances have gone hard core these days. But for the really trashy, you need to go online and read some slash stories. I'll print off a couple of my favorites for you."

"Slash?" I wonder what that means but something slick is tickling my hole, and I take a deep breath before letting it slowly out.

********* Tony *********

He's so brave, this beautiful man of mine. Some of the lube trickles into him, and he twitches just slightly. He may not be fragile but he is indeed my fairest one. "Slash is a name for same-sex pairings." I slip a finger in easily and wait through the inevitable tightening. "We'd definitely be a good inspiration for some writer." He relaxes and I slide in further, still not believing he's letting me do this.

"Men write this kind of sex?" His voice is faintly incredulous.

Good thing he can't see my grin. "Well, some do but the majority of writers are female and they do a really delicious job of writing male-on-male sex. I can just see one of them writing about a silver fox like you."

His snort of laughter shakes his whole body. "More likely they'd pick a hot young stud like you."

"Why, thank you, Jethro. Good to know you think I'm hot." I twist my finger and feel the bump of his prostate.

"Jesus Christ, Superstar, what was that?" He tightens up all over, and I brush it again.

"Welcome to your prostate gland, Agent Gibbs." I go back to moving in and out while squeezing out a little more Wet into his crease. "I'm going to try for two fingers, love. Relax for me."

"That's kind of hard to do when you're torturing me." He's panting just a little, and I smile down. "Why the hell doesn't it feel that good when Dr. Jones is giving me my physical?"

"Damn good thing it doesn't or I'd have to go kill the good doctor." Sudden jealousy rears its ugly head and I fight it back.

"Not to worry, Tony. He's Ducky's age and doesn't do a thing for me." He wiggles again under me.

"Good, I have the feeling I'm going to be a bit possessive." I fold in the second finger, watching his back to judge the tension.

"Pot meet kettle," his dry tones bring a smile back to my face. "I love you, Tony, only and ever you."

Sudden tears spring to my eyes. Nobody ever said that to me before, not and meant it. "I love you too, Jethro, only and ever you."

I finger fuck him slowly, making sure he's enjoying it. His cock is hard and weeping in my other hand, but I don't want his first time to be on an aircraft carrier so I gently ease my fingers out after a few more moments.

"What?" He twists his head around to glare at me. "Why did you stop?"

"We're not doing this on board a ship, Jethro. I want to have more room and comfort before I ease myself into this sweet ass." I stroke his cheeks, and he blushes beet red. Oh, I love that reaction.

Clearing his throat, he says gruffly, "Fine, then let me turn over so I can kiss you."

More delicious Gibbs' kisses, oh yeah, I can do that. It's just as awkward as it was earlier but eventually we get face-to-face and side-by-side. Nothing tastes as good as him; he's just a banquet of delight. He's coffee, some of the popcorn we'd been snacking on, and just his own unique flavor. Sucking on his tongue, I entwine my own around it until we have to breathe.

"Never get enough of you, Tony." It's his turn to scatter kisses over my eyes and cheeks. "The minute we're free and clear, we're going to pay Jack and Teal'c a visit. If that hut was good enough for Teal'c to pop Jack's cherry, then it's good enough for you to pop mine."

I go hot then cold then back to hot again. My fingers are still slick with Wet so I grab his cock, and begin to jerk him off. His moan is so sexy, and his callused fingers slide around me to return the favor. It's enough and we're both coming within a few moments. Our lips smooth gentle caresses over any skin within reach. But semen is sticky, and we finally part before we're glued together.

I let him take the first shower while I get clean clothes out of our bags. The head in this tiny cabin is the size of a closet so there's no way we can share one. I really want to go back to Home for a long, lazy swim before too long. Little Sebal'c is in my heart now, and I want to see him again. It might be a while before Jack lets his son or mate visit Earth.

I wouldn't want to risk them either.

********* Jack *********

Mel'tic delivers a beautiful three pound, 13 inch long baby boy early one morning. I am smiling non-stop when Home unexpectedly whisks Teal'c and me to Janet and Terry's suite. Terry is grimacing, and we catch on right away.

"Yeah, Terry," I kiss her sweaty cheek, and she latches onto my hand with a grip of steel. "Looks like Grae'c will have to share his birthday with your two."

Janet's smile grows. "Did everything go all right?"

Teal'c nods. "Mel'tic is well, and the bleeding is contained. The baby cried most lustily once his air passages cleared. He is smaller than our Sebal'c but well formed just the same."

Janet nods. "I'll check on them later. Jack, could you go and get Ducky? He promised he would come and deliver our babies."

"You bet, sweetheart." I hand Sebal'c over to my mate, and he kisses me gently. "I'll be right back."

Home whisks me away then, and I find myself suddenly on board a big boat with two Navy guards pointing weapons at me. "Whoa, guys, just looking for Dr. Mallard."

"Ah, Jack, is it time for babies?" Ducky's dulcet tones comes from behind the guards. "Quite all right, gentlemen, he's on our side." He gently pushes through them, and joins me. "Let's go increase the population of Home."

"You want to tell Jethro you're leaving?" I raise an eyebrow at him. "You know how he worries."

His blue eyes twinkle up a storm. "I expect you're right, Jack. He can be such a mother hen."

"No, I'm not, Ducky." Gibbs' voice comes from over my shoulder, and I turn to see him looking rumpled but so happy I have to smile. Tony is right behind him, and he's beaming, too. "Jack, Tony, it's good to see you both."

"Good to be seen, Jethro. I'm stealing Ducky away to deliver the twins. We'll let you know when they're safely out." I catch the yearning look on Tony's face. That was something I really hoped my old friend was coming to terms with or their love story could still crash and burn.

"Later." I take Ducky's arm, and Home teleports us to Terry's side. She's panting hard, and walking down the long corridor leading to the waterfall chamber. Teal'c is on one side and Janet on the other. Our son is nowhere in sight.

"Ah, ladies, how nice to see you again." Ducky bows his head to them, and they break out into delighted smiles. "I'm honored you have asked me to assist you."

"We're very pleased you said yes, Dr. Mallard." Terry kisses his cheek. "I feel much safer knowing you're here to help."

"I do too, Ducky. I don't trust myself to be completely impartial." Janet admits with a grimace.

"You'll be needed to help your mate through the late stages of labor." Ducky pats Janet's cheek. "If you don't mind, I'd like to head to the medical center to check on your progress."

So we all head down that way, and Teal'c tells me that Sam and Danny are taking care of our son. Ducky is such a curious soul, and his questions about our underground complex help take Terry's mind off the quickening contractions. I can hardly wait to see our sons. We've talked about our roles in their lives. We all agree that we'll raise them together with Sebal'c.

And we'll be there for each other, no matter what. It helps a lot that Home is watching out for all of us. All but me are first time parents but we've got the best grandma in the galaxy in our corner. I, for one, appreciate her no end.

Janet helps Terry out of her caftan, and onto the exam table. Ducky warms his hands with brisk rubbing then begins his exam. Terry is panting, and I find myself doing it with her. She's gripping my hand again, and I swear the small bones are just about to break. Teal'c has her other hand so hopefully she can feel our support in a concrete way. I can hardly believe this is really happening. My eyes meet Teal'c's, and we share a smile.

"Goodness, my dear, this is going quite quickly. You're already at eight centimeters." Ducky smiles up at her, and I can see Janet breathe a sigh of relief. "Do you still wish a water birth, Terry?"

"Yes, please," she nods and sits up with our help. "Jack had the right idea. The warm waters won't be such a shock for the babies. Did you bring a swimsuit, Dr. Mallard?"

He chuckles. "I'm afraid I did not but these pants are drip dry so I shall be fine. Let us depart. These babies are in a hurry."

I have my own ideas about why this birth is going so quickly. Home had my labor to go by, and that may have formed her opinions about the speed of delivery. Why ever it is happening, I just silently thank her. I hate seeing Terry in pain even though the results are going to be wonderful.

And I'm right. An hour longer and Jonathan makes his appearance with a wavering cry. I've got something in my eye because he looks just like my Charlie did all those years ago. Janet and Terry kiss him, counting fingers and toes before handing him to me. He's got to be over six pounds, and he's probably going to be tall because he's sure a long one. I hold his head with its shock of brown hair out of the warm waters but keep his body just under so he's comfortable.

Terry is panting and pushing again. Teal'c props her like he did me while Janet holds her hands and encourages her. Ducky is between her legs, giving us an update every now and then.

"Crowning head, my friends, and this one is bald." He chuckles. "He's an impatient little boy. Terry, one more good push, and you'll have another son to hold. His right shoulder is out and . . . there he is."

"Oh love, you do good work." Janet is crying, and smiling so big while caressing the golden skin of a small Teal'c look-alike on Terry's stomach.

"They're both beautiful." Terry is leaking tears but her smile is bright. "Welcome to our world, Te'ak. We're very glad you and your brother are finally here."

Ducky smiles and cuts the second umbilical cord. "Two fine boys, ladies and gentlemen, everything looks good for both mothers and sons. Shall we adjourn to the medical center so we can weigh and measure everyone?"

"Home, please move us." Janet asks and just like that, we are in the dry air of the lab.

It's all a bustle for a while, and the babies go from one set of arms to another. Te'ak is smaller than Jonathan but if he is anything like his big brother Sebal'c, he'll grow quickly. Terry delivers the afterbirth and Ducky takes care of it.

"I'm sleepy, guys. I need a nap." Terry is yawning so wide, she makes all of us feel the urge.

Teal'c gathers her up, and carries her to their suite with Janet and me following with the babies. Ducky walks with us, still asking questions about some of the things he's seen here. I promise him another visit soon. Once the ladies and their sons are tucked in, we tiptoe out to leave them to bond.

Taking Ducky back to the USS Eisenhower, I make a mental note to have Home talk to Earth about something like our crystal necklaces for her citizens. At least for the ones who want to travel between worlds, I amend my thought. Some of us are going to be going back and forth for some time to come.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The end of part 12