Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and Samantha/Daniel
Title: The Claiming, part two
Summary: The vacation continues hot.
Beta: Tinneantoo, the Great
Date: 13 December 2005
********* Samantha Carter *********

Daniel and I are cuddling on a blanket under something that looks vaguely palm-like. I'm satiated and limp from repeated orgasms. Daniel is the king of multiple climaxes. I swear the man knows exactly where a woman's body needs to be touched. I've had inventive lovers and fairly insatiable lovers but none of them come even close to Daniel.

"I wonder if they're all right?"

Raising my head from my comfortable pillow on his shoulder, I ask, "Who?"

"Teal'c and Jack." There's a vaguely worried look on his face, and I don't understand.

"Why would they not be all right?"

Now he looks vaguely guilty. "Um, I might have . . . uh . . . I might have given Teal'c some advice on seducing Jack."

Whoa, the pictures flashing through my mind are x-rated. Chocolate creamy skin against satin white, strong arms and legs, really big - I shake my mind free of extremely graphic pictures. "Daniel Jackson, why in the world would you do that?"

He shrugs helplessly and clears his throat again. "He asked?"

"Teal'c asked?" Casting my mind back over the last three years, I wonder out loud. "I never got the impression the Colonel swung both ways. I can definitely picture the Jaffa being bisexual."

"That's a very lascivious look, Sam." Now he's pouting.

"You're going to tell me that you're not thinking about Teal'c picking the Colonel up in those big strong arms and carrying him back to the huts to have his wicked way with him?" I slide a hand down to his groin and sure enough, Little Dan is perking right up. "Jack will be all blustery while Teal'c calmly undresses him before sliding him into bed. The Colonel is a strong man but he can't match all . . . those . . . massive . . . muscles."

Oh yeah, somebody is waking up. I'm still dripping from our last session so I slither on top of him and guide him home. Nothing feels this good. My eyes are slitted with the pleasure and I smile down at Danny. "If it feels even half as good as this, I hope they're doing the wild thing right this moment."

********* Teal'c *********

My nap was most refreshing and I gaze down at O'Neill's still sleeping face. One finger delicately traces all the features I can finally allow myself to touch. So many differences between us but the similarities are there as well. Two eyes, one nose, a pair of lips that beg to be kissed over and over.

"You're watching me." His voice is husky but his eyes don't open. "You've done that before."

"Yes, I looked often but never touched. I did not know if it would be welcome." I continue running my finger over his jaw before moving lightly down the strong throat.

Those beautiful eyes open and gaze up into mine with a look of such joy, I am humbled. "Always welcome, Teal'c, your touch will always be welcome."

I kiss him tenderly and gather him closer so we are almost as one. His tongue slides along side of mine in a mock battle for dominance. But those games are not for us, and I suck it into my mouth so I can lazily caress him. My hands slide to his lower cheeks and the treasure trove waiting between them. I ache to be inside of him again but he will be sore and I will not hurt him.

But he slides his leg over my hip, exposing himself to my touch and his little sigh moves my fingers gently over the tender flesh. He pulls back a little and begins to scatter kisses over my face.

"It doesn't hurt, Teal'c. Maybe a little ache deep inside but not enough to matter." His eyes are smiling so he speaks true.

"Every ache matters, my One. We shall go swimming now the sun is setting and your skin will be protected. The warm waters will complete the healing." My hands pet the skin all the way up his spine. "Is the headache gone also?"

He blinks like a nocturnal bird in daylight. "How did you know I had a headache?"

I smooth a finger between his eyes. "A small wrinkle appears here when you get one. I was not allowed to help relax you out of it before."

His smile lights the hut. "You have my permission to heal all my headaches from now on, Teal'c."

"This is good, O'Neill. When too much paperwork interferes, I shall soothe it away over your desk." I tease him, wondering if it will be allowed.

But his eyes light up again. "Oh yeah, I can see it now. Me face down on the desk, my pants around my ankles while you pump inside of me until your special super-dooper healing liquid goes so deep inside me, it reaches my head."

I can also picture this and my shaft springs to life while my symbiont trills in excitement. This time O'Neill hears it, too but instead of frowning, he laughs out loud and pats the pouch. "Calm down, Junior, you're too young to be thinking about doing the wild thing."

I think I will not yet tell him that what I feel so does my Gou'ald. "We should swim now so we will be refreshed for the evening meal. I can smell the stew Samantha Carter fixed, from the dining hut." I see the moment he realizes he must now face his fellow team members. "Daniel Jackson told me he would explain our new relationship to her."

"Oh boy, that's going to be an interesting conversation." He disentangles himself from me and sits up with a wince he can not hide.

My hand goes to his back to rub away the sudden tension. "They do not wish us harm, O'Neill. They are our friends, and they will be happy for us."

His gaze is melancholy. "I've never been much of a Pollyanna, Teal'c. But I'll try to hope for the best." His eyes clear and his smile comes back. "Let's go get our swim, although this time, you're going to wear a pair of shorts when you come out. I don't want Danny getting jealous of Big T, here."

His hand wraps around my shaft and I chuckle. "Do all humans insist on short names for people and things?"

"This is no 'thing', Teal'c, he practically has his own zip code." O'Neill is teasing me but I'm not sure what a 'zip code' is.

"Very well, we shall both wear shorts for the walk down to the beach and back. I prefer seeing you naked though." I slip from the bed and help him stand. That tenses different muscles and will likely hurt after our bed sport.

"Ow!" He rubs his back and I join him with both hands. "Okay, didn't expect that. For something that feels so empty, I sure do have a lot of muscles complaining." After a few moments of rubbing, he straightens up and smiles at me. "I'm fine, Teal'c, and I prefer you naked, too. But I also don't share with others what belongs only to me."

"I too, O'Neill, do not share."

********* Jack *********

I can't explain how warm and safe that statement makes me feel. I am probably smiling like an idiot but I guess I've just been waiting for someone to claim me as theirs so I could claim them back. After half a lifetime of waiting, I'm finally experiencing love again. And that feels pretty damn good. "Well, now that's settled, let's get to the beach. I've got a little energy back after my nap and I'm ready to play."

His eyes go from banked embers to small flames while I watch. "I have noticed this affinity for water most humans have. The Jaffa also prefer a world with oceans both hot and cold."

I drag on a pair of shorts but leave my boots off, got to take a chance now and then. "There's no ocean out there you couldn't bring to a boil just by walking into it."

He chuckles again and I think I'm addicted to the sound. "I shall endeavor to keep you warm should it prove too cold, O'Neill. Come to my hut so I can also dress since you insist upon clothing."

Oh yeah, I follow him next door. I've never been as warm in my life as I was in his arms. Grabbing his duffel bag, I carry it back into my hut and let it drop next to mine. I am not sleeping alone this vacation, not now I've tasted him. He smiles and takes my hand to walk to the beach. That is just so sappy but I'm not calling him on it. I figure I'm way overdue for a little sappiness.

I catch sight of Sam and Danny all curled up together under a tree and tug Teal'c in the opposite direction. The shore meanders a bit so pretty soon we're out of sight and hopefully hearing of those two. Stopping for a minute to strip off our shorts, we both run into the surf with twin splashes. Gods, the water feels good. This is a non-salt body of water and it feels silky against my skin. It's still warm from the sun and the currents that heat this section of coast line.

The bottom drops off pretty quickly and I begin to swim away from the shore. Five minutes of steady stroking and the metal band on my right wrist beeps a warning. The survey team set buoys at intervals so swimmers couldn't get lost or wander too far from shore. Turning onto my back, I float peacefully. Teal'c is right by my side, having matched me stroke for stroke. When I turn my eyes towards him, he is on alert but mainly he's just watching me.

"Love you, Teal'c," I blurt out like a teenager then dunk myself to try and cool my blushing cheeks.

Strong hands bring me up and keep my head above water. "There is no dishonor in loving, O'Neill. I love you also."

I'm still blushing but my stomach is also doing that little dance that says I want him again. "I'm not used to saying it, big guy. I'm not embarrassed, well, not exactly. More like disconcerted."

"I do not know this word, my One." His head tilts a little and I just have to reach over to caress his cheek.

"It's kind of a cross between confused and disbelieving." I owe him my honesty. "I gave up hoping for someone like you a very long time ago. So I have to keep reminding myself I deserve you."

His eyes are soft and warm while one arm draws me closer. "We are both deserving, my One. Together we shall conquer your disbelief. I shall keep reminding you I am here to stay."

And my entire body begins to tingle. "I think I need another reminder, Teal'c," I float closer and put both my arms around his neck, interspersing words with kisses, "another . . . great . . . big reminder."

His little growl goes straight to my cock which is dueling with his again. I'm damned if I'm going to waste that great lubricant he makes on ocean water. I need it inside of me right now. Sinking, I kick away from him and back to shore. He's right with me every stroke of the way.

********* Teal'c *********

I can catch him but racing is a form of playing too, and I wish for him to do more of this. So, I keep pace until we are close enough to shore for me to put my feet down. With a long arm, I sweep him up against me and seek those lips that open to me so sweetly. With a moan, he wraps his legs around my waist and holds on tight. I plunder his hot mouth while one hand rubs my shaft against his entrance.

My body makes the soothing liquid more quickly this time and with a little squeeze; I manage to squirt some up inside of him. He groans and arches against me, the small muscle already relaxing. I take a chance and slide two fingers in to begin stretching him. He flexes around me while babbling nonsense words interspersed with my name.

Carrying him until we are half in the water and half out, I unwrap his legs while he fights to get closer to me. "My One, I can not give you what you want like this. Not yet . . . hush . . . little one, let me position you so there is no pain. Please, my One, don't let me hurt you."

He calms a little and finds his footing. His shaft is hard and angry red so I slide down to my knees and engulf his whole length in my mouth. His shout echoes in the small cove and his hands go to my head. My hands hold his hips still while I slide him in and out of my throat. His taste is like treasured macha from my home world and I hum around him to bring more of it onto my tongue.

Then he is releasing into my mouth and his fingers clutch my ears until there is almost pain. But the look on his face is worth any momentary sting. His skin has smoothed out until only joy is left. I wish to always bring that look to him. I gently let his spent shaft fall from my lips and he tugs me to my feet so he can kiss me. Sharing his taste with him, I lead him a little higher onto the shore, the water foaming around our knees.

"Right here, Teal'c, right now," he murmurs, guiding my hand to his crease while his fingers wrap around my pulsing shaft. "I need this inside of me again. It's the only thing that can reach that ache you left deep within me."

"My One," I turn him from me and he understands, going to his hands and knees at my feet. Such a sight tests my patience but once I follow him down and put the crown of my shaft to his hole, I produce more fluid and open him again with two fingers. It spasms open at once and I fold in a third finger while his whole back ripples.

I am leaking copiously now and the moment I press my crown against him, he pushes back. We both groan, I think. The way is easier this time and I slide in without hesitation until I am flush against his cheeks. His moan comes from his heart and he flexes around me with little muscle twinges. He is a quick learner and I reward him with slow slides in and out until his back is continuously rippling with our rhythm.

"Teal'c!" His cry brings my release again.

I pulse out seed into his depths for long moments. My whole body feels energized while darkness falls on this world. Sliding my arms further down to his chest, I gently bring him up so he doesn't fall face first into the sand. His hands cover mine, holding them to his stomach while his head falls back onto my shoulder.

"You feel so good, Teal'c." His lips graze the soft skin under my jaw. "I think I was made just for your cock. I may have to give up the Stargate so you can keep me naked in your bed, ready at a moments notice to love you."

"That is a very provocative picture, my One." I stroke his stomach. "I believe the phrase is 'barefoot and pregnant' on your world."

He snorts, rippling around me again while I pulse out a tiny bit more seed. "We're both men, Teal'c. That would be kind of difficult."

I start to speak but his stomach growls and he laughs, beginning to gingerly pull away. I am careful not to hurt him when I pull out but still he groans and flexes all his muscles. Bending, I kiss his entrance in thanks for the great pleasure it has brought me and even in the twilight I see his blush.

"Every part of you tastes good, my One." I assure him before standing and helping him up. I could carry him if need be but he is independent and I will not make him feel less than he is.

********* Jack *********

We put on our shorts and start the walk back to my, no . . . our hut. I'm both looking forward to seeing the other two and dreading it. I've been so cold and hard for so long, I'm not sure how they'll react to a softer me. And there is no way I can go back to being the hard-ass Air Force Colonel. Flexing my buttocks, I savor the ache left behind by Teal'c. Not just no way but never. I wasn't kidding when I said I was ready, willing, and able to assume the position.

It feels like a missing part of me has been returned. I am going to savor every moment we have together. We are all getting a little burned out on SG-1. It's why I didn't fight the enforced vacation. The last few months felt like a permanent headache. It didn't help that both Danny and I had gotten wounded on our last mission. That time the headache came from a concussion and Danny had added another scar to his left arm.

The smell of stew hits us on the perimeter of our vacation lodgings. Teal'c and I walk a little faster and join the low murmur of voices coming from the dining hut. Danny and Sam look up with welcoming smiles and I see relief on our archaeologist's face. God bless him. I owe him my thanks but I think I'll wait until we've got some privacy. Sam's face has a speculative look that tells me she's okay with it, too.

Dinner is good and we stuff ourselves. My compliment to Sam leaves her almost shocked but also tickled and she curtseys to me with a 'thank you kindly, sir'. Smart aleck, still it feels like an almost sisterly reaction, and I feel good about it. Danny is watching and cataloging all of our behavior but that's just what he does. Teal'c is much looser than I've ever seen him so I know he's confounding the pair of them.

He actually tells a joke about some ruins on our last planet and surprises Danny into laughter. I'm just sitting here, grinning like a fool and feeling this urge to lean against the warm alien beside me. How in the world did I ever do without his touch? I'm addicted after only a day. Not to mention I have this urge for some dessert and I think I'd like to see if his lubricating cock tastes as good as it feels.

Something in my gaze must warn him because he gathers our dishes and volunteers us for KP duty since Sam cooked. It's not that hard since our ultrasonic unit is fully charged from this world's sun and it cleans everything once we put them inside. Still, it gets us moving to our respective beds, and I'm so glad we picked huts as far apart as we could be.

It feels like I've been cold for decades but the heat source walking beside me is warming all of me from the inside out. I can feel myself thawing and there's an ache but it's a good ache. Squeezing my ass muscles, I savor the memory of how good he felt. Maybe I'll forego tasting him and get him to come back inside of me. Who knew I'd enjoy being on the bottom so much?

Is it because Teal'c is an alien? I don't think so but I never felt this way for any of the men I've worked with. Did I just not notice or even consider another man? Or was I just that much of a control freak, afraid to give it away to someone as strong as I thought I was?

But there's nothing wrong with giving away control to someone who loves you. And I truly believe Teal'c when he says he loves me. I am the luckiest son of a bitch in a thousand worlds. We're inside our hut and it smells like us or rather, it smells like our lovemaking from this afternoon. It's a good smell and I find myself grinning like a loon at the thought of doing it all over again.

Teal'c lights the candles on the bed stand and the flickering light gleams on his chocolate skin. He always looks like he just oiled himself, and I wonder if that's part of why he tastes so good.

"Teal'c, is your sweat at all like your cock's liquid?" Did that come out all right?

He smiles at me, white teeth gleaming. "It is similar. The Jaffa are bred to war and having a slippery body when fighting hand-to-hand can be an asset."

Oh god, that brings up an entirely too graphic picture of naked grappling. I hastily slide off my shorts and leer at him. "Great, you wanna practice a little one-on-one wrestling in bed?"

********* Teal'c *********

I must smile at his playful look but the sight of him naked causes my body to react. Removing my shorts, I follow him into our bed. It has been too long since last I touched him. My hands pull him close and I feel my symbiont awaken. He has imprinted himself on O'Neill now we are mated. Sliding my fingers over the skin of his back, I pull him even closer so I may breathe in his scent.

We begin to smell like each other and that pleases me. On a crowded world, I will be able to find my mate by scent alone. But his taste fills my senses as I press my tongue against the pulse in his throat. It is beating very fast and I drink it down while he moans sweetly in my ear. His fingers are sliding over my arms and when he starts to laugh, I pull back to see why.

"You really do exude something slippery all over." His smile is delighted and I smile in return. "Teal'c, would you let me do something right now?"

"Yes, my One, you may do anything you wish with me." I trust him and am rewarded with a kiss full of love.

But when he pulls away this time, he pushes me onto my back. "Stay still, if you can, Teal'c. I want to explore you with my hands . . . and lips . . . and tongue."

Every word is murmured into a different part of my chest. I shiver instinctively but this is my One and it is only right he knows me so intimately. "I am yours, O'Neill. Explore me to your heart's content."

More kisses but then he straddles me so our shafts duel for space between us. His hands explore every contour of my upper body. He tastes my nipples with soft lips until I guide him to bite gently. This pleases me and my shaft swells larger. When he notices this, he grins at me and does it again, alternating nipples until they secrete a tiny bit of fluid. His eyes widen then he licks it away.

"Delicious, Teal'c, will it do that every time I bite them?" His fingers are tracing my ribs now.

"When stimulated sufficiently, they will give out a nutritive liquid. It can be used to sustain life for a short period of time."

"Wow, that's kinky." He stops and sits back on my thighs, his fingers barely skimming the surface of the 'x' shaped opening. "Is Junior awake?"

"He is." I wonder what he is thinking. "He is curious about you, my One. He knows we are mated."

His cheeks flush but his smile is radiant. "Oh, we're mated all right. And we're going to mate a lot. Will that bother him? What if he doesn't like me?"

My hands gather his and place them directly on the opening. "He will love you because I love you. He is aware of what we're doing. While you were passed out before, he tasted your emissions, and he liked them."

He blinks at me in what I think is shock but just then, my symbiont comes a little way out of his pouch and rubs his head over our joined fingers. His soft trill is welcoming and O'Neill starts then begins to smile. It is a very small smile but there just the same. One of his fingers rubs between the nascent horns of the baby Gou'ald and Junior trills again.

"He's kind of soft." His gaze is focused on the infant. "He does like me." Then his eyes come back to me. "Tasted my emissions? He drank my come?"

"Yes, he likes the taste as much as I do. This is not taboo on Earth, is it?" I wonder if I've overstepped some boundary.

His flush is deeper but he's still gently stroking my symbiont. "It's not much of a problem on Earth because there aren't any other baby Gou'ald there. It won't make him sick, will it?"

Shaking my head, I let my hands slide up his arms to bring him down to my lips. "He and I consider it nutritive liquid."

His snort of laughter is lost in our kiss and his little chuckles continue until we separate for air. "Nutritious and delicious, as some of our advertising commercials would say. But that reminds me, I haven't tasted you yet."

If possible, I grow still harder. The thought of his mouth around the crown of my shaft has me leaking. He slides back a little further so he can get both hands around my shaft.

"Damn, you are beautiful here. Your balls must be internal. Cool." His fingers slide up and down, the slight friction pleasing to me. "You look like a Morel mushroom but you're harder than steel." He leans down and ventures a hesitant lick to the bead of fluid welling from my slit.

His tongue is rough and I watch his face to see what he thinks of the taste. He looks pleasantly surprised. "You taste sweet, Teal'c . . . like . . . like a soda apple. It's been years since I had one of those. My grandfather had a small orchard with one tree that bore them. They only produced a few apples every other year but they were my very favorite."

I like it when he shares his memories. Our worlds are very different. "So, it is a good taste?"

His eyes smile along with the rest of him. "A very good taste and one I plan on indulging in often. Now, lie back and let me see how much of this monster I can get in my mouth."

I did not expect him to succeed. Since he has never been with a male before, he can not know the secrets of relaxing the throat, flattening the tongue and hollowing his cheeks. But it does not matter. His hands and lips are more than enough to stimulate me. Just knowing he wants to take me into his body this way makes me very happy.

He nibbles, licks, rubs, strokes and twists his hands around my shaft. My symbiont is trilling nonstop when I touch O'Neill's cheek in warning. But he just winks and swallows around me until I release into his keeping. There is not as much as before but I will need true sleep before I can produce more seed. He swallows as much as he can while watching Junior devour what has fallen on my stomach.

"He really does like come." He shakes his head and grins up at me.

But he is hard and aching so I draw him up to my side so I can drink from him again. He comes quickly when I wrap my tongue around him and suck hard. There is not as much delicious macha, but I am sure true sleep will replenish us both. I turn off the light and gather him into my arms. "Good night, my One. Tomorrow we shall explore further."

"Night, Teal'c. I love you." He snuggles into my side, his head on my shoulder. "You taste good, big guy. Gonna taste more."

"I love you too, O'Neill." My hands stroke his back soothingly. "Sleep now and we will taste each other again in the morning."

My only answer is a hum and I smile into the darkness while my symbiont trills faintly from his pouch. We are all three complete this night. Tomorrow will be sweet indeed.

The end of part two