Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and Samantha/Daniel
Title: The Claiming, part 3
Summary: The boys get to know each other better.
Beta: Tinneanto, Master of the Comma
Date: 17 December 2005
********* Jack *********

I wake up wondering why I feel so good. I'd gone to sleep in one position and awakened in another. Strong arms wrap around me; one large hand is stroking my stomach while the other holds my morning stiffie; but the major difference is the cock sliding through my legs to bump my balls.

"Good morning, O'Neill." Teal'c licks the back of my neck and I know my face is looking absolutely silly but it's been a long time since I woke up happy.

"It's a great morning so far but I can think of a couple things that would make it even better." I turn a little so I can see his face. "A good morning kiss would be nice."

His lips promptly take mine tenderly and I give a happy sigh. Teal'c tastes wonderful and I suck on his tongue again while shivering at how good it all feels. All my senses are tingling, and I feel alive in new and exciting ways I never expected. All of me is wrapped up in him, and I want to hold on and never let go.

And I'm feeling a little slutty. "So, Teal'c, I bet I know where Big T would like to be."

He chuckles and pulls back a little so he can get that slippery stuff to my hole. He switches hands so his right holds my cock and his left can start opening me up. I can't begin to say why I like that almost-pain of getting ready for him, but I do. Maybe it's because I don't have to do a damn thing but lie here and let it happen. I really am tired of being in charge.

I'm still pretty relaxed so he starts with two fingers and the first touch to my sweet spot has my cock leaking salty tears. I push back to get him deeper. "More, Teal'c, I need more. God, if I'd only known how good this feels, I'd have tripped you into bed long ago. We've wasted a lot of time."

His kiss to the hot spot behind my ear coincides with a third finger sliding in. "We wasted nothing, my One. Both of us needed time to come to terms with our former losses. We are the sum of all our experiences." He twists his fingers and I almost levitate off the bed. "We can now trust our feelings and each other."

I pant a little to get more oxygen into starving lungs. "Oh god, there - right there. I know what you mean, Teal'c. Trust comes hard to me but even from the first, I did trust you to watch my back."

"We are shield brothers, my One." He removes his fingers and I feel the blunt pressure begin.

I swear to god, he grows right before he comes inside of me. I concentrate on relaxing that muscle to let him in and the familiar pain comes when he pops the crown into my channel. The fluid has done its job though, so he keeps sliding right in.

"Yes-s-s-s, that's good . . . so good." I relax and revel in the feeling of possession. I've got him all. "I never knew how much I'd like this, Teal'c. Big T feels like he's going to come out of my stomach."

He chuckles and strokes my cock with his strong fingers. "According to the books Daniel Jackson gave me, that is not possible, O'Neill. But you feel very good around me, and I thank you for this gift."

"I will always take you in, Teal'c. Just consider me your new home." The slow slides in and out are driving me insane. My hips don't have a lot of movement possible but I do my best to help him impale me harder and deeper.

********* Teal'c *********

I connect to my mate in more ways than one. Our bodies join in this most intimate fashion while our hearts beat together. My symbiont is trilling softly in his own pleasure. Today, I must make sure O'Neill realizes all the ramifications of our lovemaking. I was not sure human and Jaffa could combine but his scent this morning tells me the process is well underway.

When my symbiont accepted and marked him during our first joining, his bite triggered certain changes. I must be sure he understands what our continued lovemaking might mean. But at this moment, all I can think of is his heat and the way his channel welcomes me in. His hips move in counterpoint to my thrusts and the little sounds he is making heat my blood to boiling.

"Harder, Teal'c, I want to feel you in my throat." The need in his voice satisfies my desire for his complete surrender.

"My One," I bite down gently on the delectable shoulder nearest my mouth, thrust as deep as I can, and feel his balls tighten before his shaft releases into my hand. That is all I need to complete my own coming.

"Ah-h-h-h, that feels so good." He is boneless in my arms but I can see his hands slowly caressing his stomach. His voice is low and a bit hoarse from his moaning. "All that hot seed flowing through me feels . . . so . . . so right."

"It is right, my One." I kiss the small mark left from my need. "I am sorry, O'Neill. I have bitten you."

Turning his head, his smile is bright. "No problem, big guy. I like making you lose control. God knows, you've made me lose all control myself. Feels good - hell, everything we do feels good."

"You must tell me if something does not feel right, my One." I kiss those smiling lips and he opens as naturally as if we'd done this for years. He welcomes me everywhere and I am blessed by his acceptance. Lazy kisses last until his body pushes my shaft from him. That's when he turns in my arms and winds his arms around my neck so we are nose to nose.

His look is serious. "I will tell you if something doesn't feel good, Teal'c. But so far, not even the pain of our first joining matters. In fact, I kind of enjoy that pain-to- pleasure thing that happens when you first come inside of me. I'm not sure exactly why but I really like leaving all the work up to you."

"It is not work, O'Neill, but pleasure extreme to prepare you for our joining. I have never felt with another what I feel when we are connected." We are interrupted by my symbiont coming out to scour the last of my mate's seed from his stomach and my hand.

O'Neill starts to laugh and that wonderful sound is one I wish to hear again and again. "Junior really likes me."

"We both like the way you taste, my One." I rub my cheek against his, and he kisses the tip of my nose.

"I like it when you call me your One. No one ever gave me a nickname like that before." His eyes are shy and I reward him with another kiss.

When we finally part, I tell him truth. "You are my One and there shall be no other in my life or heart until I die."

That little wrinkle comes back. "When Junior grows up, he'll leave you, and you'll die. We have to come up with something to keep that from happening. I won't lose you the way I've lost everyone else I love."

********* Jack *********

His eyes are so warm and his smile so tender, it makes me feel better. "My One, we shall deal with that when it is time. There is much to happen before we must worry about my death or yours."

"I've never been real fond of that 'live for today, for tomorrow we die' shit." I shiver. "There has to be something we can do, Teal'c."

His smile grows solemn. "We may have already done it, my One. Jaffa and Human have never mated the way we are now. Do you remember yesterday when first we joined?"

"Of course, I do." I bite my lip and think back with worry. Did I miss something?

"Hush, my One, there is nothing to fear." His lips cover mine until I relax again. Damn, he's good at that. "You may have felt a slight sting when we both released."

Thinking back, I pinpoint the moment and nod. "Yeah, it was at the base of my spine."

"My symbiont marked you as mine." His hands never stop moving over my back and each time I tense, he smoothes it away. "His saliva entered your skin and has been working to change you enough so all Jaffa who meet you will know you are Chosen. Your scent is different this morning." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, a wide smile creasing his face. "We begin to smell alike."

"I like your scent, Teal'c. Just that little sting was enough to change me?" I put a hand back to touch the spot and find strong fingers already massaging the area.

"The Gou'ald are powerful, my One, even the infants. Scent is just one change. There will be more." His lips are smoothing soft kisses over my face and I relax further. "Your eyesight will grow sharper and your sense of smell will increase to include many more layers of odor. Your hearing is already good but it will get better as your body adjusts."

"Wow, that's some kind of gift, Teal'c. Why did he decide to bite me then?" I've been close to him before, and nothing like this had ever happened.

"What I feel, he feels, O'Neill. When I chose you for my One and claimed you, he sealed our Joining with his approval."

What? "So, we're what? Joined, married, claimed," I look at him quizzically with a raised eyebrow.

His smile is bright. "We are all of the above. You have still to claim my body, and when that happens, the circle will be complete."

"O-o-o-okay, I need to claim you?" My cock really likes that idea even after the killer climax I just had. "I've got to admit I'd like to. But we need to get up and have some breakfast so I can stoke up a little energy."

"I too, O'Neill. There are good smells coming from the dining hut again," he tells me, and I take a good sniff.

"Danny's making his famous blueberry pancakes." I realize what I just did. The dining hut is a good 100 yards from our hut. "Hey, I think my nose is kicking in."

"Little by little you will notice the differences." He rolls away from me and stands with a stretch that makes my mouth go dry.

Taut buttocks and long legs make my cock twitch. Giving him a short stroke, I roll out of my side of the bed and do a little stretching of my own. I should be stiff and sore after my workout this morning but I just feel good. Maybe that is another side effect from Junior's bite. Turning back to Teal'c, I catch the tail end of a lusty look of appreciation and I promptly blush.

"You are beautiful in the morning sunlight, my One." He tells me and I blush again.

"I think maybe your eyesight is a little off today, Teal'c. You're the beautiful one." And he sure is. He gleams in the light through the filtered windows. "I'm looking forward to seeing you in daylight again. We should go back to the cove from last night, take a few supplies with us, and do some sunbathing."

"I agree, O'Neill. I wish you to claim me there in the water as I did you last night." His eyes are gleaming now and I feel hot desire flush through me.

"Oh yeah, big guy, that sounds just right." I find a pair of shorts and drag them on, forcing my cock back down so it isn't too noticeable. But that brings something else to mind. "Teal'c, do you make . . . um . . . that lubricating fluid inside as well as out?"

He nods. "Yes, O'Neill, the way will be prepared for you when you claim me."

Cold thoughts, icebergs in January, General Hammond naked, and wearing a thong - okay, that does it. I clear my throat and manage to stammer. "Gg-good, Teal'c, which means we don't need to take oil with us."

********* Samantha *********

I have never seen the Colonel this relaxed. His gait is loose, his smile just short of beaming, and he can't seem to stop touching Teal'c. The big alien is just as bad with the casual touches and a smile that doesn't stop. They look good together and . . . I guess joyful is the best word to describe the happiness they're radiating.

Since I know happy personally these days, I'm glad for them. And if I'm a wee bit curious about what they'd look like making love, well, that's the way a woman's libido bounces. Maybe I'll be able to indulge my voyeuristic side on this vacation. The way we're all going at it, I'm pretty sure we're going to be losing a few inhibitions around each other.

And that could be really fun. The guys are all wearing shorts and nothing else while I'm sporting a bikini with a little sarong tied at my waist. Danny likes having something to rip off me and just the thought makes my itsy-bitsy bikini thong get damp. Looking down, I notice my nipples are peaking and a hand on my thigh tells me Danny has noticed, too.

Looking back up, I see Jack's nostrils flare wide and wonder what he's smelling. He does love Danny's pancakes though so I decide it must be the syrup we brought with us. "Hey guys, it's your turn to cook dinner tonight. I thought we'd just take sandwiches with us to the beach."

"We'll grill steaks tonight, and some of those vegetables you like," the Colonel offers, and Teal'c nods in agreement.

"Sounds good, guys," Danny is stroking my leg now, and I'm turning on like a cheap firecracker. He knows what that does to me.

Teal'c has this little smile on his face and I realize his left hand is below table height. Who knew the big guy had such a randy streak? I'd love to see him groping his lover but maybe later. Right now, they're eating heartily while I nibble on a pear that Daniel peeled for me. Beats the hell out of grapes and he loves licking the juice from my skin. There's a whole 'nother conversation going on under our little talk about the weather and whether or not we should go exploring.

Maybe later, I decide with a look around the table. The only thing on our minds is making love. Places and positions are only two of the variations available to us and I'm pretty sure we're all going to be experimenting. Maybe later I can talk Danny into us finding the cove where they swam last night and doing a little reconnaissance in the interests of - research.

Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

********* Teal'c *********

Breakfast is an interesting meal. Our friends tease O'Neill with smiles and subtle comments that make him blush. But they mean no harm and this form of verbal playing is good for him. Once we return to duty, such play will be curtailed and I wish him to enjoy our time here in every fashion.

I stroke his leg beneath the table and feel his shaft begin to stir. Samantha Carter's scent is strong and I think Daniel Jackson is stroking her also. I wonder if blueberry pancakes have strong stimulants for lust in them. I will ask O'Neill later. For now, I finish my meal and think about making love in the light of day, out in the open. I think it will be even better than what we've already experienced.

We rise from the table and clean it off while Samantha Carter gets more supplies from the cold box that keeps our food from spoiling. O'Neill and she make sandwiches while I take the dishes from the night before out of the sonic washer, putting them away in the overhead cupboards, and placing our dirty dishes inside. I am suddenly impatient to be gone to our cove.

"You ready, big guy?" O'Neill's hand strokes down my back and I shiver in arousal.

"Yes." My gaze is heated and he flushes down to his shorts. He has a string bag filled with food and water for us.

"Have a good day, guys," Daniel Jackson says over his shoulder as they leave with their own bag.

I step forward and kiss my mate with all the tenderness I can muster. His little moan fires my blood and I draw him closer yet. The bag bumps my back and I realize we should leave before I lay him right down on the dining table. Besides, I wish to feel him taking me with all his passion. Breaking the kiss, I take a deep breath.

"The beach, my One, you have promised to complete our circle," I remind him, and his eyes clear enough to understand what I'm saying.

"Oh yeah, I can do that." Tugging on my hand, he heads for the door and the second path leading away from the direction the others took. "You'll have to tell me if I'm doing it right, Teal'c. I don't want to hurt you."

"You shall not hurt me, O'Neill. I desire you too much." Our pace is rapid and with each step, I grow more excited. I can feel my inner channel begin to emit the oils needed to smooth his way.

His nostrils flare, and he looks up at me with dawning knowledge. "The scent this morning was Sam getting excited. You're starting to smell like that, too. You really are ready for me."

My smile is fond. "I have waited for you for a long time. I crave your body the way yours craves mine. There will be many new scents for you to learn."

"I smell like that, too?" His eyes are sparkling and his smile is one I hope to see for the rest of my life. "Cool, I like it."

The beach suddenly appears, and he sets the bag down before stripping off his shorts to free his hard shaft. I gladly remove my shorts since they bind me too tightly when my shaft swells.

"Last one in has to kiss me." He grins and races into the water.

I laugh at his carefree antics and join him at once. Slippery O'Neill is so much fun to play with. The water is still cool in the early morning sunlight and I hug him close to keep him warm.

********* Jack *********

Slippery Teal'c has to be my absolute favorite bath toy. I feel weightless and breathless while he drives me silly with soft kisses - not a long trip, of course. Our cocks are dueling between us and that slippery oil is getting me even harder. Backing us up, Teal'c falls to his knees and brings me down with him.

"Here, my One, take me here and claim me for your own." He kisses me gently and then moves to all fours.

"Wow." My cock is so hard I could hammer nails with it. "You're so beautiful in the sunlight." Moving between his legs, I smooth my hands down his strong back to the taut cheeks that hide his entrance. When I pry the cheeks apart, his back ripples and I remember how it felt when he did it to me. My fingers slip into his crease and brush lightly over the puckered muscle.

"Yes-s-s there, O'Neill, come inside of me now." His voice drops an octave and my cock gets even harder, if that's possible. "Two fingers, my One, open me for your shaft."

I start with one, remembering how gentle he'd been with me, and the feeling of heat immediately travels up my whole arm. But he's impatient and I fold in another finger, sliding them in and out. He really does feel slippery so I come out before going in with three fingers and suddenly his whole body goes rigid.

"I never asked if Jaffa have a gland, Teal'c." Making sure I hit that same spot again, I get the sensation of slightly different texture instead of a bump.

"Not a gland but a . . . membrane of sorts." He's squeezing rhythmically around my fingers and it's making me crazy. "It feels very good and I need you to come inside of me right now, O'Neill."

Fingers out, cock in. I'm shaking, I'm so hard and ready. His entrance opens up for me instantly and I slide in until my balls hit skin. Dear god, but he feels good around me. I sigh and kiss his spine, my hands holding his hips for balance.

"Okay, big guy?" I have to ask but the way he's pushing back against me tells me everything is going to be all right.

"Complete, my One, I feel complete for the first time in my life." His deep voice is like a verbal caress and I shiver under it. "Move, O'Neill, remember what you have learned."

I can do that and I start rocking in and out, finding my own rhythm until we're moving in counterpoint. He's got this little grunt-moan that makes my blood run hotter than the sun beating down on us. When the symbiont starts to trill, I know he's close and I slide my right hand down to jack his cock in time to my inward thrusts. He really likes that and his channel ripples around me until I just have to come.

"Yes-s-s-s," he clenches around me and I feel his slippery come explode out of him.

All my energy shoots out of my cock and his strong back is the only thing keeping me out of the water. We're both panting and I can feel his contentment like it was my own. I like being joined to him but I realize something very interesting. Being inside of him is wonderful but I feel empty. It looks like I've finally learned my place in life.

And that's under my lover with him inside of me. Now, how do I tell him that?

********* Teal'c *********

Amongst the satiated feelings from my mate, I feel a question emerge. But to answer it, I must first know what it is and that means I must move from this position so I can see him. Being taken with love is a far different feeling than performing my duty with Apophis. I must make sure he knows he is my First within this bond we're creating.

"Steady, big guy, let me come out so we can wash off and move to the shade." He carefully pulls his shaft from me and moves to stand, offering me a hand up.

I do not need it but it is comforting just the same to know his care. "It is too soon for your skin to have adapted to the sun. We must be careful you do not burn."

His grin is teasing and we splash each other clean before heading to the shade palm where our lunch lies. I had carried a blanket down with us and now we spread it over the soft sand before lying down together.

"You give me much joy, my One. I have never experienced a Joining done with love and I thank you for this." My kiss is gentle and his lips curve with a pleased smile.

"I'm glad, Teal'c. I love you and you felt incredible around me." Playing with my nipples, his voice dropped to a whisper. "Um, Teal'c . . . I liked making love to you . . . but um," his eyes came up to meet mine. "I really, really love it when you come inside of me. Is that okay?"

My kiss is hard and urgent and I feel myself harden again. His lips draw me in while his legs part automatically when I push him flat and move between them. Needy noises spill from his mouth. This need also makes him tilt his hips while his ankles cross over my back. Cradling his cheeks in my hands, I move him up further so my shaft can get to the small hole opening for me.

With a hard thrust, I breech the guarding muscle and slide in deep. His shout is lost in our kiss and I still for a moment to make sure he's all right. We must breathe and when our lips part, he is babbling disjointedly.

"Yes, yes, Teal'c, lover, oh there, more, more."

"Never doubt I wish to be inside of you, my One. If this is what you need, then you shall have me as often as you wish." I plant my knees and start the long, slow slides that target his small gland.

"Yes, oh yes, morning . . . noon . . . night . . . I want you taking me." His hands hold my shoulders while he tries to move closer. "In bed . . . on my desk . . . in the bath . . . over the arm of my couch . . . under a tree in my back yard . . . beneath a full moon on my deck. . . . upon the hood of my jeep - we'll never run out of places for you to love me."

His shaft is half-hard and it rubs between us, making my symbiont trill with happiness. I think I am not the only one addicted to his taste. O'Neill is panting now, his head thrown back and the muscles in his throat flexing the way his hips are. This time will be fast and I snap my hips into the 'v' of his legs so my seed will shoot deep inside of him.

"Oh gods," he shouts and squeezes his legs around my waist. He relaxes all over while his shaft dribbles a little seed for my symbiont. "That's it, Teal'c, that's what I crave the most. Feeling you open me up, friction me into coming and flood me with your seed. Maybe I'm addicted or something but I just seem to need your heat deep inside of me."

"I, too, am addicted to your taste and heat, my One." I move us to our sides so my weight does not crush him. "You have only to ask and I shall make love to you wherever we are."

His smile is shy. "Never knew I wanted to bottom for somebody but I guess I was just waiting for you to show me what I need. I love being this connected to you. Stay in me while we rest?"

"Forever, my One, I will stay in you forever," I vow to him and seal it with a kiss. It's slow and languid. We suck on each other's tongues while our hands smooth caresses over as much skin as we can reach. I am still within him when he falls asleep. Cradling him close, I slip into a meditative trance while my senses keep watch over us. Even here, in this empty world, I protect what is mine.

I hope we brought enough food for our stay. Making love brings out my appetite.

The end of part three