Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate, SG1
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and Samantha/Daniel
Title: The Claiming, part four
Summary: A few more changes occur and another party is heard from.
Beta: Tinneanto, Champion of Tense(s)
Date: 22 December 2005
********* Jack *********

Okay, I'm a slut for Teal'c. Only his distaste for slang prevents him from calling me what I am - a total, unabashed junkie for his cock. So far, we've made love on the beach and in bed but I'm starting to eye the dining room table and the big recliner in the recreation hut to see if they're sturdy enough to take our weight. The more of him I have, the more I want.

Yep, I'm a wanton hussy as my grandmother used to say. I should be on fire but there's something in the big guy's come that leaves me feeling great. You'd think all that friction we're creating when he's pounding into me would leave some kind of soreness behind but . . . nada, nothing, nil. I'm the luckiest man in the galaxy.

We're doing a little exploring away from the beach at the moment and I'm eyeing my naked lover with a gleam in my gaze that would probably warn him I'm about to pounce if he wasn't concentrating on . . . something. My hearing catches up to his and I hear the sound of falling water. Ah, naked wet Jaffa, my favorite thing of all. The trees grow denser around us and Teal'c is pushing hanging vines aside for us to squeeze through.

"Wow," my breath catches at the sight of a steaming pool about twenty feet across under a shimmering waterfall almost twice that high. "How hot is it, Teal'c?"

My lover is already trailing a hand through the water and his smile is slow but sure. "Not too warm, my One but hotter than the cove. There is something like a . . ."

I drop our supplies and join him, trailing a hand through the deep green water. "Fizzy, maybe minerals or a natural gas fissure."

Teal'c takes a deep sniff then shakes his head. "No gas but perhaps minerals. Let us eat first so we can see if it affects our hands. I will not risk it hurting you."

He's in protector mode and I smile while kissing the soft lips I love. I'll never get tired of tasting him. No kidding but I'm addicted to every inch of his skin. If I can't touch him or slip in a taste of slick flesh, I get jittery like a boozer at a teetotalers convention.

Lunch is spread out on the soft moss-like ground cover and we feed each other bite after bite, interspersed with water flavored kisses. Oranges, celery, carrots, cheese cubes and the delicious flat bread we bake every morning. It's from Teal'c's home planet adapted to Earth ingredients. He made up a big bowl of the mixture our second day here and it stays in the fridge until he takes some out and kneads it again before baking it each morning. Simple but so good, all you can hear is little hums of pleasure while we're eating it.

Funny, but my taste buds are changing along with the rest of me. Junior's saliva seems to still be working even though he's never bitten me again. Talk about addicted though; the little guy really likes my seed. He likes it when we're face to face while Teal'c fucks me through what ever surface I'm lying on. Like a mini-vacuum, he drinks me down to the last drop.

Saves a lot of messy cleanup and he's actually kind of cute when I don't remember he could kill my Jaffa just by maturing. I'm not worried about that exactly but every once in a while I do think about it. Janet said something awhile back about working on a drug that might take the place of a Gou'ald. Hell, maybe drinking my seed will retard his growth or something.

Strong fingers pluck at my nipples while a wet tongue washes that spot under my ear that makes me moan. "I think it is safe, O'Neill. Perhaps we should bathe away the crumbs of our meal?"

"Oh yeah, I think we should." Leaning into him, I slide my mouth over his hot cheek to catch his tasty lips. I'm suddenly hotter than that steamy water, and I can't wait to get him wet all over.

Helping each other up, we don't stop kissing until we ease into the pool. It's only about four feet deep so it comes about to our waists. Warmer than bath water, it feels good with the bubbles racing over our skins like a million little hands. Even under water, I can hear Junior trill. He must like the bubbles, too.

********** Teal'c *********

A wet O'Neill is a beautiful O'Neill. His hair darkens and slicks back from his forehead, while his long limbs gleam with water droplets. He heads for the waterfall almost immediately, and I follow. It's slightly cooler than the water in the pool and feels refreshing when we raise our faces into the stream. There is more of the mineral taste upon my lips, and I lick it off with a smile.

And just like that, my One's scent changes to what he calls 'take me now, take me hard'. We make love so often I no longer even have to stretch him. After seven days of our loving, he simply turns and braces himself against the rock wall behind the waterfall. Moving into position, I kiss the nape of his neck while pressing into his tight channel. His moan is lush and long while I slide deep and stop.

I will never take this privilege for granted. The water slows our normally fast pace to a languid in-and-out. His inner muscles ripple around me and I slide one hand up to play with his nipples some more. He is so sensitive there I once made him come just by suckling each one to hard aching peaks. I enjoy the stimulation but not as he does. I wonder if he was always so sensitive or if this is one of the changes from our joining.

"Gods, yes, Teal'c, harder . . . deeper . . . I need you to plant Big T so deep I won't be able to sit down." His voice is dropping into that little growl that makes me lose my control. "More . . . so good . . . yeah-h-h-h."

His shaft jumps in my fingers and his seed fills my hand while his muscles rip my own from me. Pulsing, I rest inside my love and lazily lick the sweat from his sensitive hairline. He shudders around me and I gentle my hold.

"If I live to 150, I will never get enough of you, Teal'c." His voice is satiated, and I smile into the warm flesh of the side of his throat. "It's just a damn good thing your self-lube has healing properties or I'd be walking funny like poor Sam. We'll have to tell them about this place. It's kind of healing in its own right."

"True, my One, it is a place of peace and calm." I gently bite his ear and begin to back out. "Perhaps we should nap on the soft moss for a while."

He hums happily before turning in my arms to kiss me. Each kiss is slightly different than any other we've shared and I do not think this will change, no matter what age we reach. I know only it will never be long enough. An eternity in his arms would be too short.

"Nap, big guy, and then you're going to take me again on that nice soft moss." He leads me from the water and I watch the water-drops bead on his skin like fine jewels in the muted light filtering through the trees shading this area. "This time I'll be on my back, all open and wanting."

I shiver with returned need and leave the water to stalk him to where we ate. I tackle him gently onto the green earth and begin sucking on one of his nipples.

"Oh-h-h-h, yeah-h-h-h," his hands lace around my head to keep me there. "I love it when you nurse there, Teal'c. I never knew how good it would feel." One of his legs wraps around me, while the other bends at the knee and flops to one side. "I keep feeling empty, lover, and you're the only one who can fill me up. Now's the time for some of that stamina to kick in, big guy."

I chuckle around his nipple and he moans pitifully. Changing to broad licks with my tongue, I move down to greet his rising shaft with kisses just for him.

"My stamina is just fine, O'Neill. I wish you to lie there and let me try something." I let him fall from my lips, feeling the fine tremors that shake his body. "Can you do that for me, my One? Lie back and not move?"

********* Jack *********

Gods, the things he asks me to do. "I'll try, Teal'c, but when you're inside of me it's harder than hard."

His smile is slow and sensuous. I'm definitely in for a hard ride. He's sitting back on his heels with his knees together, and he slowly pulls me towards him. Moving my legs over his shoulders, he positions Big T right at my hole, and I relax to welcome him in. Maybe it's the angle or maybe it's something from the water but I suddenly feel all virginal again. That monster mushroom of a crown feels almost too big.

But he slowly pushes in and I stretch-h-h while panting. My head tosses back and forth on the soft moss and I can't catch my breath. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, he's too big. Splitting me in two but the pleasure of it is swamping me with heat and need. If I look down I just know I'll see his crown pressing against my stomach from the inside.

He stops moving and I flex around him gently. Yep, I've got all of him. His hands are stroking my stomach and I slide mine down to meet his. Opening my eyes, I meet his and find nothing but love in them. I haven't cried in years but I'm just so damn grateful he loves me, I feel a bit weepy.

"My One," his voice is so deep it seeps in my ears and settles against my brain's pleasure center. "I love you."

It's been so damn long since I heard those words from someone who really means them. But Teal'c does and I'm getting better at returning them to him - like now.

"I love you, Teal'c. You're my One, too." He deserves more than my usual nickname. I'm not a very sentimental person but I have the oddest urge to call him 'my love' or 'sweetheart'. But they're not quite right. Maybe when we've been together longer, I'll come up with something. For now, I'll just borrow his.

His eyes are sparkling and his smile stretches across his whole face. "We are blessed by the Ancients, my One."

My blood is sizzling and the air seems charged with more oxygen than normal. I find myself taking deep breaths while my eyes suddenly see twenty different shades of green in this hidden retreat. The moss beneath me feels soft and tickling at the same time. My hands move up to meet Teal'c's and our fingers intertwine. He's pulsing inside of me while my cock stands up and waves between us.

"By all the ancient gods who bore us, we are blessed." My words are a vow, and my voice seems to echo around this protected place. Lately one god just doesn't seem like enough for me. 'Cause I'm definitely feeling Aphrodite's fine hand in our getting together.

"My One," he's rocking gently in and out an inch or two. We have all the time in the world to take it slow, and I fall into the same meditative trance he's been teaching me.

Our hands are still joined, and my stomach ripples from side to side as if I have my own Gou'ald. Slowly, I begin to picture our future. The more I love Teal'c, the more I want to retire to a safe world where we can just live together in peace. Someplace like this planet with its moderate seasons, and abundant and diverse plant life. We've been eating some of the native fruit lately and even with my changed taste buds, they are pretty tasty.

"We could build a bigger home, O'Neill. One with room to hold our family when it grows," Teal'c is reading my mind again.

And suddenly I can see a little boy with Teal'c's glowing skin and my brown hair. "I wish we could have a child together, my love, especially if he was beautiful like you."

His smile widens and his thumbs stroke just below my belly button where I'm so sensitive. "Once you grow the same membrane within your channel like mine, you could carry our child within you, my One."

I freeze and blink up at him. "I'll grow a membrane like your hot spot?"

"Yes, O'Neill, it's one of the changes taking shape in your body. Some of my fellow Jaffa were allowed to have children for the glory of Apophis. The boys were given to him when they turned 12 for his pleasure."

"That's . . . that's . . . there are no words how awful that is." I am incensed at the thought of children being given away for pleasure of a tyrant.

He stops rocking. "You do not wish to bear a child?"

"What?" I snap my attention back to my lover. "No, not that, Teal'c, it's the whole child molester thing Apophis had going." I think about the first half of his amazing statement. "You mean, while we're making love, one of your sperm could . . . could . . . how does that work?"

He goes back to his rocking and I go back to simmering nicely. "When two Jaffa make a child, it takes seed from both. The one who carries the child comes first then his seed is used to stretch him for the shaft of the other father. When he comes, the seeds find each other and implant within the membrane in a sac of nutritive fluid. There he will grow for a space of six Earth months. When it is time for him to be born, the father carrying him will stretch to accommodate his passage."

"Whoa," I'm trying to picture that while my lower half sounds an enthusiastic 'hell yes, let's do it' kind of feeling. "How much does that hurt? How big would he be?"

"The two I have seen were almost 12 human inches long. Once out of the sac, the baby grows quickly until I do not think you could distinguish a Jaffa child from a human one of the same age. Your nipples are changing now so you could feed him with your own nutritive fluid." His hands continue to stroke me, and I want to purr. "You would grow here to make room for our child. You would also be insatiable and I would be hard pressed to keep up with your constant demands for sex."

I laugh and flex my inner muscles around him. "And that would be different from now?"

His chuckle joins mine and somehow his cock moves even deeper within me. "It would be much the same, my One. We have time to think on this. It would mean our leaving the team and the Stargate project. I think your world would not accept our child."

I shiver and grasp his hands tighter. "I'd be locked up and 'studied' like a freak. You'd be sent away and I'd be all alone again. That's not going to happen, my own."

His look is solemn but then he smiles again. "My own, I like that, O'Neill."

Thinking back, I realize what I said. It fits perfectly. "You're my very own Jaffa and I'm going to keep you forever. If we need to leave then we'll do that, too. We just need a very safe world like this one. It's like our very own Garden of Eden."

********* Teal'c *********

"My One, we shall study this together." I am pleased he accepts my explanation so readily. I felt a difference last night and I know he's already grown the membrane that will hold our child. But he likes to think and ponder a subject for a time before making a decision so I am giving him the space and freedom to do so.

I feel hope for our future and also a slight fear of the military who runs the Stargate project. They are good men and women for the most part but some are phobic about everything alien. I am tolerated by most, liked by some and hated by a few. I do not tell O'Neill about those times when I am verbally attacked. He would do something foolish and hurt himself with the ones in charge.

I find myself wishing very hard for a miracle to occur. This world would be a perfect place for our retirement but it is known by Stargate and I do not know if we could successfully hide from the technology of the humans. Saying a silent prayer to the ancient gods, I return to my meditative state and continue pleasuring my One. He is thinking again but his smile is full of wonder.

Perhaps we shall have our child after all. I let myself free to enjoy the beautiful day and this small paradise we've found. We rock together slowly until finally he comes between us, arching his back so his seed falls onto the soft moss upon which we lie. I release deep within him and relax completely. We move until he is cradled in my arms and we are kissing softly.

We have only seven more days left here and I wish to savor every one of them. I feel O'Neill kiss the nipple over my heart and I suddenly see our child nursing at one of his. And I hold that picture close to my soul like a sacred wish to the gods.

********* Samantha *********

"Oh god, that feels good," I sigh deeply and settle into the bubbly water. I am sorer than I've ever been in my life. Thank god, the others found this spring. It has definite healing properties and do I need them.

Danny and I have been going at it like crazed rabbits since we got here and all that friction is hell on my vagina. We've had to limit our lovemaking to oral sex only for the last two days and part of me misses him desperately while part of me is saying 'thank you' over and over again. But these waters are like tonic for my skin and I feel the soreness fading away. Danny is sitting across from me doing a little sighing of his own.

A lock of hair is curling over his forehead and he looks about six years old. Suddenly the old ache blindsides me - the one about getting married, having a child or three, just settling down like my mother did. I never wanted her life, not exactly. I wonder if she and Dad have given up on me yet. Looking at Danny, I get the urge to take him home and show him off to all the nay-sayers in my old home town.

All the old biddies who called me a tomboy and 'probably no better than she ought to be'; all the boys who refused to let me play ball with them - even though I had the best arm in the neighborhood; the girls who looked down on me because I didn't trowel on the makeup or wear my skirts up to my navel; all the people who thought I was so much less than I knew I was; wouldn't Danny show them?

Maybe a class reunion - nah, that's way too cliché for me. Besides, I've got nothing to prove to anybody. I'm Captain Samantha Carter and damn good at what I do with my Stargate team.

"Sweetheart, that's a very scary look you're wearing." Danny is eyeing me with a bit of a squint since he isn't wearing his glasses.

"Just old thoughts about my hometown and some of the people there who would have a collective heart attack if they could see me now." I float over to where he's sitting on a rock the guys rolled into the pool yesterday.

"Any old boyfriends I should know about?" Danny pulls me in close and kisses the tip of my nose.

"Nope, I was a tomboy who thought boys were icky." I kiss him back and suck on that cute lower lip of his. "Unless, of course, they could throw a mean curve ball. Then they were okay."

He pouts. "I was never good at games."

"Oh, that doesn't turn me on any more, my love." I float closer so my breasts just graze his chest. The unfocused look is good on him. "Dead languages do it for me now. Tell me in ancient Babylonian that I look hot."

********* Teal'c *********

My meditation is taking a very odd turn. Instead of staying anchored in this spot on the beach while O'Neill naps beside me, I am soaring above this continent. My flight is taking me towards a large mountain almost ten days journey from the Stargate. I seem to be seeing through another's eyes but whose, I do not know.


The word echoes in my mind. I watch as I soar closer to the green colored mountain and begin to distinguish different kinds of trees and foliage. Boulders and meandering streams appear bigger, the closer we get. Then we are on the ground and walking towards two pillars guarding an opening of darkness. We do not stop at the entrance but continue in.

Under my feet are cool tiles and when my weight presses down on them, light blossoms above and beneath me. I am in a tunnel that stretches out before me but the lights only go so far until they stop. Somehow the knowledge is given to me about the preprogramming still in place here.

//Long, long ago//

They are sad, those thoughts. But there is also something hopeful about them.


And the new pictures show me and the others living here.

//Young ones// And that thought shows O'Neill and Samantha Carter holding babies.

"Who are you?" I ask the presence in my mind.

Pictures bombard my mind; the oceans whispering; the mountains standing tall under the sunlight; the green swathes of valleys and plains; flowers, grasses, stones, sand, ice at the polar caps . . . the images are soon a blur.

"Please . . . no more," I beg.

The presence stops and wraps me in loving arms of warm thought.

//I am the world//

And my eyes snap open to find a concerned O'Neill shaking me.

"Teal'c!" He stops abruptly. "Where were you, my own? Your whole body was trembling."

I look around us. We are still on the beach. "I took a trip to the tall mountain we see haloed by the sunrise each morning. Some . . . one took me there to show me something."

"Someone? Like a memory or a spirit or an alien we haven't met yet?" He hugs me close and strokes the back of my head soothingly.

"I believe it to be this world's spirit." I am not positive but that's what it feels like.

"The planet is sentient?" His eyes widen and then he smiles. "I always thought it would be neat to meet a world like that - kind of a hive mentality but on a billion-squared plus scale. Why did she take you to the mountain?"

I smile back. So quickly he decides the world is a female. "She wished to show me an underground complex built by a race that left here a long time ago. She called it 'home'."

This time his smile is uncertain but hopeful. "A home . . . like for us? What did you think of it? Would we be safe there?"

I draw him closer and kiss the lips he's biting. "She showed me you and Samantha Carter holding babies. I think she believes it to be safe. I also think we should make sure for ourselves. Unfortunately, the mountain is ten days away on foot so we do not have time for a through inspection on this trip."

"And who knows when we'll get any time off again." His sigh is resigned. "Duty doesn't give us much if any leeway."

Thankfully, I am hugging him tightly when the world swirls around us. For one long disorienting moment, I think I might be sick. But when I open my eyes, we are sitting between the stone pillars on the mountain.

"Hey, a little warning, please." O'Neill calls out and a warm breeze ruffles his hair.


His eyes go wide. "Did she just say 'sorry'?"

"Yes, my One, it appears she speaks directly to our minds." I rise and pull him up with me. "It looks like we can do our own reconnaissance now."

********* Jack *********

Okay, so I'm pretty open minded. Aliens, Stargates, baby Gou'alds - but sentient planets that can pick you up and move you across the world and talk to you in your mind? But Teal'c is with me and his warm presence says we can do this. He shows me the tiled floors that look like quartz and may be for all I know but the light source underneath them is interesting.

"How long ago is 'long'?" I wonder out loud while trailing a hand over the smooth rock walls.

//Many, many seasons//

"O-o-okay, we don't have a numbering system yet." I think about it then start counting tiles. "So far we've walked over twenty-eight tiles on the floor and we've just come to one door. Oh look, Teal'c, there's one door bell."

He chuckles and presses the brightly colored panel near what looks like a door seam. With a slight groan, the door slides into the wall on the right. He's my brave protector so he steps in first and light blooms around the room. There's only a little furniture that I recognize, a table and round hassocks that must be chairs.

There's a curvy lounge thing against one wall and it looks comfortable but not big enough for two. I'm not letting go of Teal'c's hand just yet. He's my anchor.

"Another door is over there, O'Neill." With a pointed finger, he shows me the arch.

And that's when I realize the room is round, full of curves and no sharp angles. "Well, let's see what's there."

The door opens to another round room with a great big round bed in the middle. Suddenly I really need to test it out. Tugging Teal'c with me, I poke it with a finger and feel it give in an odd way. Using my whole hand, I sink in about an inch before feeling warmth rise up around my palm. Pulling back, I watch the depression fill back in.

"I wonder why no dust? Okay, here goes nothing." I sit down on the soft suede-like material and feel the bed conform to my body. Lying back, it kind of cups me all around and a faint warmth begins to travel over my skin. And that's when I realize that Teal'c and I are still naked from our trip to the beach.

Teal'c's eyes are glowing down at me and before I can blink, he's lying next to me and pulling me closer. "You look very comfortable, my One. Perhaps we should further test this bed to see if it can withstand our normal . . . bed sport."

I sigh happily and snuggle close, one hand trailing down to his wide-awake cock. Wrapping my hand around him, I slide up and over his gorgeous body so I can ride him. "I think you're right, Teal'c. Not every surface can handle our wild rides."

He's leaking that slippery stuff again so I just hold it in place against my hole and slowly sink back on him. Wide . . . wider . . . wide to the point of pain then he's inside me and my weight takes me on down to his strong thighs.

"Oh yeah, my own Teal'c," I flex around him and feel his seed seep into me. "Make love to me, big guy. Let's test this bed so we can be sure we want our son to be conceived here."

"My One?" His eyes are glowing and his hands hold my hips still. "You wish to bear our child?"

My smile is undoubtedly sappy but I want him to know just how committed I am to him. "I want at least six kids with you. And I want them to be born here on a world that cares for us."

//yes, yes, yes//

The joy in her affirmative makes me smile and Teal'c joins in. "Then we shall do what we have to for our future, O'Neill. We must consult with Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson." His hips rise up a notch and I shiver all over. "But that can wait until after we practice making our son."

Oh yeah, I use my thigh muscles to raise up a little before letting gravity bring me on down. We'll make slow, passionate love for a while then go rock Sam and Danny's world. If I know my team, we've just become settlers. But we wouldn't be the only ones for long. Teal'c's long fingers stroke my cock firmly and I have a sudden vision of when he'll be coating his own cock with my seed.

Our son, he'll be a handful all right. Maybe Sam and Danny would have a little girl so our Garden of Eden would continue right through to another generation - those thoughts are for the future. Right now, I need to make Teal'c crazy. Well, as crazy as he's making me anyway. If the rest of the furniture is this comfortable, we are going to be testing every single piece for durability.

//Home, home, home// She sang to us.

Yeah, this is beginning to feel a whole lot like home.

The end of part four