Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate, SG1
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack and Sam/Jack
Title: The Claiming, part five
Summary: They make their plans as their vacation comes to an end.
Beta: Tinneantoo, Splendiferous Mistress of Consistency
Date: 23 December 2005
********* Samantha *********

Well, this is . . . absolutely amazing. Danny and I are walking down a long corridor inside a mountain while Teal'c and Jack argue ahead of us. Danny is on high alert and every time he sees a hieroglyphic, he stops and strokes it like a lover. I'm not even jealous, just amused by his excitement. He's so cute when he's in linguist mode.

"Come on, Sam, you've got to see this room." Jack is waving us to him and Teal'c is smiling at him indulgently.

Odd, but the big guy and I both have cute mates. Danny grabs my hand and hurries me as if I've been the one slowing us down. Men. But the room we look into is pretty amazing. It's huge for one thing and misty with the sound of running water that makes me think of the ocean. But we're still in the middle of a mountain. At least, I think we are.

//home, home, home// the world sings to us and I smile.

"We're going to have to come up with a name, guys," Jack is walking across a mossy floor towards the water sound with Teal'c trailing after him. "We can't just keep calling her 'world' or 'her'."

//name// and her tone is a question.

"Yes, a name like mine is Jack although Teal'c here still calls me O'Neill." He doesn't sound put out at that just kind of indulgent.

"Some of us have more than one name and then there are the pet names or nicknames we use on Earth, too." Danny tries to explain but if anything he makes it worse.

"Earth is the name of our home world." I try to be helpful.

//no, home here// she sounds pretty sure of that and she may be right.

"Wow, that's beautiful." Jack doesn't sound awestruck very often but he does now.

And he's right - the water sound is from a waterfall so high we can't see the top. The pool it drains into is huge and if the steam rising from it is any indication, it's like the spa. I can hardly wait to go swimming.

//home// this time she says it decisively //home is name//

Jack chuckles and nods at the same time. "Home it is. What other surprises do you have for us?"

********* Teal'c *********

We spend three days in the mountain, exploring all we can before we have Home transport us back to our original huts. We've been eating the fruits and vegetables of this planet and they are good but it also feels right to eat some of the food from Earth. After eating, we sit around the table and O'Neill begins our discussion.

"Danny, what do you know about the race who left all this technology behind?" He asks while rubbing his thumb over my hand absentmindedly.

"I think we're talking about 100,000 years ago they came to this world, built the mountain refuge and then left." He flips through some small flat round disks that play in the small hand units that Home showed us from their control center. "I don't know why but something about their technology or their psyches or something brought the planet to sentience. She's been very lonely since they left although she taught herself a lot over the years."

"The aliens weren't afraid of this world, were they?" Samantha asked.

"No, it wasn't here but there, wherever they came from that took them away. No idea why they didn't come back. Home has kept everything just the way they left it under some kind of stasis fields that she's now broken so we can assess everything." Daniel nodded.

"Teal'c, what about their transportation system?" My mate asks me with a squeeze of his hand.

"It is similar to the Stargate only in that it transports across space and time simultaneously." I take a deep breath because my One will not be pleased with what I say next. "I asked Home to activate it and actually took a trip."

"What?" My One sits up straight and glares at me. "By yourself?"

I must pull him onto my lap for that sweet avowal of our bond. "My One, it was necessary. I could not risk one of you. Although, so far as I am aware, this race never visited my world of origin," we were very careful not to use the words 'home world' any longer since this upset Home, "using the gold in my forehead, it moved me to that planet. I actually stood on the plain for a time before I came back here."

"Wow, that's amazing," Daniel and Samantha speak together.

"We are going to talk about this later, Teal'c." O'Neill's glare is less intense than before. With a sigh, he rests his forehead against mine. "I hate it when you endanger yourself. But I guess I . . . understand it. This time only though." His stern look is so sweet and I try to look contrite.

"We will speak later. I think it is safe for one of you to visit Earth. Daniel's glasses were made there. I do not know if cloth made on a world carry enough essence of the planet to serve as a guide."

Daniel sits upright and nods vigorously. "Home, let's give it a try."

With a pop, he is gone and Samantha is crying out his name. O'Neill jumps up and grabs her into a hug. "He'll be all right, Sam. Home looked after Teal'c, she'll look after Danny."

The worried look on her face does not abate and her body trembles while my One holds her tightly. It seems a very long time but with another pop, Daniel reappears with a big grin on his face.

"Awesome, guys, I popped onto Earth and then came right back." His face is beaming and Samantha leaves O'Neill's arms to grab him tight. "What's wrong, sweetheart? It was a piece of cake."

"You and I are going to have that same talk Teal'c and Jack are going to have," she says calmly. "However, it appears we can come and go safely. But what if there are delayed reactions? What if popping back and forth uses up our energy or takes days away from our lives?"

These are most disquieting thoughts. "Home, to your knowledge, will going back and forth harm these bodies in which we reside?"

//no harm, protect you always, safe here//

"Okay, we think we're good to go. What about living here? Teal'c and I have talked about it and we want to. Neither of us wants to hide the fact we love each other." O'Neill comes back to me and sits on my lap again with his arms around my neck. "The military mindset would see us separated and who knows what else."

I know he thinks of our children yet unborn and I stroke his back calmingly. "I do not wish to hide nor do I wish to endure separation. Neither of us have family on Earth, only a few friends. This world offers us sanctuary and a chance to watch our love grow. This is already becoming our home."

//love you, my bright ones// her thoughts are like a warm hug.

"It will be hard and I'll miss my family but you're right," Samantha's eyes glimmer with unshed tears. "You are the friends who have become my family, and we'll be safe here."

Daniel kisses her tenderly. "I'm a very lucky man to have this family. I want to stay here and watch our own family grow."

********* Jack *********

I look into Teal'c's eyes and see only love there so I take my courage in hand. "Um, guys, there's something I need to tell you about our family."

Sam and Danny look up expectantly and I swallow hard before telling them the whole thing - the symbiont bite turning me into a bit of a Jaffa, and my new ability to carry children. Sam's mouth is wide open and Danny is thinking so hard I can hear his brain whirring by the time I stop talking.

Teal'c is watching them while his hands stroke my back soothingly. When they've had enough time to take it all in, he speaks. "Will this disturb you, Daniel and Samantha? Will our child be accepted by you and the children you will have?"

Sam blushes and Danny gets that deer in the headlights look. But Sam beats him into speech. "We're fine with it. Jack and I can bond over our cravings while the two of you pamper us during our pregnancies." Then she winks at me and I have to laugh.

"You got it, Sam. I'm thinking chocolate ice cream with candy sprinkles." I tease her.

She teases right back. "And marshmallows with gooey fudge topping - yeah, I can see us now."

Danny groans in mock dismay but grins. "Teal'c, my friend, we're in so much trouble."

My big Jaffa smiles and his hand below the table strokes my suddenly wide-awake cock. "We shall bond while our mates drive us insane, Daniel."

And the other two burst out into loud laughter while my blood heats up and I move my ass over a very lumpy lap. Whispering in his ear, "We still have a couple of things to decide then you're taking me back to our hut and fucking my brains out."

His hand squeezes gently around my hard cock and his smile turns tender. "I like your brains where they are, my One. But I shall enjoy taking you on the bed where first we loved."

Ah, the big guy really knows how to melt me into a puddle. But back to our discussion. I move around enough so I can see the other two easily. "Okay, a couple more things. Do we go back day after tomorrow and resign? What do we do if they won't allow us to go? Is there anything on Earth we can't live without? Any people we want to invite to come along? Any questions you have we need answers to?"

Danny nods. "I have books and resources I'd hate to leave behind. And if they don't want to let us go, can Home snatch us back anyway?"

"Clothes," Sam says decisively. "I know we're not wearing much now but if there's a cold season here, we need to think about it and none of the rooms have cloth that I can see. Well, except those wonderful blankets on the beds. And food, what about supplies for at least Teal'c's bread? I'm not ashamed to admit I love it."

"I wonder if Dr. Fraiser would like to leave the mountain." Teal'c says calmly. "She is mated to Lieutenant Terry Brady and O'Neill says their love is forbidden under military regulations."

"What, Janet's in love with blonde Viking Terry?" I ask him in amazement. "Whoa, didn't see that coming."

"Their scent is the same, and Dr. Fraiser often mutters about leaving for sunnier climates." My mate continues to surprise me.

"Let's make lists of things and people and run them by Home to see what she thinks." I really need to get Teal'c naked in the next five minutes. Luckily, he knows exactly what I'm thinking and stands up still holding me.

Sam is laughing at us but I don't care. Attacking my mate's soft earlobe with nips and licks, I urge him to hurry to our bed. Luckily, he has me stripped and flat on my back in a minute's time while he strips away his own shorts and frees Big T. I pull back my legs to expose myself to him, and he licks my hole until I'm writhing on the sheets and chanting his name.

With a swift thrust, he's inside me and I'm stuffed all the way to my throat with his cock. I relax all over and he goes deep enough to make me scream. My prostate is a happy camper but the new membrane I grew feels even better. "More, my own, make me scream again."

"It will be fast, my One, since we need to make our lists." He plants his knees, takes my legs over his arms and begins to thrust hard. "The sooner we leave our old life, the sooner we can begin our new."

"I'm a little scared about getting pregnant." I decide to come clean. "I want to but I'm a little bit worried I'm too old. A woman my age would think twice about carrying a child to term."

"I would carry him, my One but my symbiont will not allow it." Teal'c is still moving strongly and the little guy is trilling from his pouch. "There is not enough room for both a child and him. Your age should not be a factor, O'Neill. The changes in your body have regressed your physical age to a male in his 30's."

"Really?" I hadn't thought about that. "Okay, that makes me feel better. Oh-h-h-h, that makes me feel really, really good. Harder, Teal'c."

His chuckle makes me smile while I arch my back and come hard. One final thrust and the familiar feel of hot seed races through me. He leans down and kisses me while my arms come up around his thick neck and pull him closer. His symbiont is busy licking us clean while we feast on each other.

We've got work to do but so long as we make time to make love frequently, we'll be okay.

********* Teal'c *********

We walk through the Stargate and are welcomed by the Earth guard on duty. Our duffle bags are full of dirty clothes and some pretty rocks but nothing that would raise any concerns. Lt. Brady is waiting for us and requests O'Neill report to General Hammond at once. He leaves us with a smile and his bag, and we continue to our quarters. Already the air smells stale to me, and the base is cold even though we are wearing more clothes than we've worn in two weeks.

But around my neck a crystal from Home glows warmly against my skin.

The next two days are busy. O'Neill speaks frankly with the General about his desire to retire; Daniel and Samantha box up all his books and research in large crates and send them to Home with a pebble in each one that we brought with us; I pack up those items my One wishes to keep and send them off, too.

O'Neill invites Dr. Fraiser over for dinner and swears her to secrecy. She listens with an open mind and even visits Home when my One takes her with him. I am not jealous but I do make haste to reclaim him when the others leave. We are surrounded by Earth items but nothing feels right except for him. O'Neill takes his savings and puts them in another bank under a pseudonym he established many years ago. It is also in San Francisco, a city where he says I'd be a big hit.

I'm not sure what he means by this but he's smiling so it must be all right.

He admits to feeling constrained by this place he has called home for many years. Where ever he is, there is my home, I tell him and his smile tells me we shall be making love in front of the fireplace in his house tonight. But instead a short mission comes up, and we take it with trepidation but resolve that it shall be our last.

It is dirty and dangerous but we survive and return. Dr. Fraiser is waiting for us, and she asks us over to her house for dinner. Lt. Brady is there also, and they ask to visit Home again. We all go this time, and I can see O'Neill relax tense muscles. Home shows us the medical center, and the doctor's eyes gleam with excitement. Lt. Brady smiles at her glee, and I think perhaps we have more friends who will be here for us.

We return to Earth and it is harder this time. I miss being with O'Neill every moment of every day. His meetings take him away from us frequently and there is an odd feeling about the base that seems to bring out more negative comments when I am without my team. I do not go to the gym anymore for fear of a confrontation. Daniel witnessed one such incident accidentally and his anger at the disrespect shown me was intense.

He complains to the General and that is when we are told that one faction of SG1 has asked for all aliens to be returned to their home worlds. O'Neill is incensed and only my hand on his knee keeps him from standing up and pounding on the table. Daniel, too, is angry and resigns then and there. He tells General Hammond that he will go with me if I am sent away so he can continue his research.

Unexpectedly, the General accepts his resignation and I feel a touch of fear at his calculating look. Then he tells me he is sorry but I will be confined to the base until it is decided when I will be sent back. I nod calmly but inside I am shouting in anger. My quarters here are monitored so I will not be able to be with my One.

O'Neill stands up and goes to attention. "I respectfully resign, General Hammond. I can not in good conscience stay with a program which throws away good people because of some kind of xenophobia."

Samantha is right beside him. "General Hammond, I must respectfully concur. I resign."

"Both of you are resigning your commissions?" He asks as if it is of no matter to him.

"Yes, Sir," they say in unison.

"Well, if that's how you feel, I must accept them. Team One is hereby disbanded. You will have the rest of today to clear your offices of any personal items. All boxes will be examined before you leave the base. Dr. Jackson and Teal'c will be escorted to the Gate at 1600 hours for transport to . . . ah, Chulak. That should give you time to say your goodbyes." His smile is genial and I feel the cold intensify. "It was a pleasure serving with you, gentlemen and Captain Carter. I wish you luck in your future endeavors."

O'Neill is trembling with anger but he manages a curt nod before turning and leaving the room. Daniel is quivering with the need to speak while Samantha is seething but remaining professional. I simply follow them and keep myself ready for attack, in case something even more strange should occur.

We meet in O'Neill's office which still has a few items in it. We speak only of memories and good times. Samantha talks of going home for a long visit while Daniel talks of a research project he's always wanted to do on my home world. O'Neill manages a few words about going fishing while his eyes tell me that he needs to be held. We say our goodbyes to a few others, including Dr. Fraiser and Lt. Brady. One last meal in the crowded mess hall and it is time for Daniel and I to depart through the Stargate.

O'Neill hugs us both then Samantha does also and we shoulder our backpacks to walk up the ramp. The familiar sparkle of the Gate swallows us whole but a moment later we are with Home. How she snatched us out of the vortex, I do not know but I feel myself relax when I see the familiar smooth walls of our new home.

"Damn it, we've got at least an hour until the others can leave." Daniel is pacing.

I feel the same anxiety. I need my One.

//safe, all safe here// she reassures us but it does not help.

Only holding O'Neill in my arms will help. But it will be some time before they can leave the base to come to us so we work on unpacking one of Daniel's crates in the space where he has his office. The task is tedious but it keeps us busy and that is something of a relief.

Finally, a soft pop and our companions join us. A moment later and O'Neill is in my arms, his lips on mine while I drink in his essence. Being without him is agony and I vow to never again let that happen. Daniel and Samantha are doing the same thing across the room and I pick my One up and carry him away to our new home.

We have discovered ten layers of this complex so far and there is more to come but for the moment we are remaining in the top five. The very top three floors seem to be for singles while the next few layers have suites of rooms to accommodate families. Since we will be growing our family, O'Neill and I chose a suite near the waterfall cavern. I love to see him wet.

He scatters kisses all over my face while speaking quickly of the time separating us. "It was surreal, Teal'c. The base felt like a time bomb and everybody was so jumpy, it's a wonder we got out of there alive. I called Janet and told her to make up her mind soon. I honestly don't know what to think. General Hammond is acting so strangely. I kept waiting for him to take me aside and explain why he jumped on our resignations but . . . nada. Thank god we'd already sent everything ahead."

"You are all right," I scanned his body the moment he hugged me but I think the damage is to his heart and soul.

His little shiver makes me hold him closer. "I wasn't sure you were safe except for my crystal heating up a few seconds after you and Danny disappeared through the Gate." He kisses my throat before continuing. "I called my realtor and told her to put the paperwork through. I'll check with her in a week or so and see if there are any nibbles."

Carrying him through our new front door, I finally feel we're both safe. His little sigh tells me we think as one. Our new bedroom is full of color now but the round bed is the original one from the ancients. Laying him down, I speedily undress him while his hands begin stripping me to bare skin. This time shall be fast and hard to reassure ourselves we are both safe and together.

Twisting under me, he goes up on all fours and shoots me a heated look over his shoulder. "Now, my own, come in and remind me that soon we'll create our first child."

I lick between his cheeks, enjoying the tangy musk that is his alone. His entrance spasms open for me and my shaft demands its home. I'm already leaking when I push inside and we both groan at the surge of reconnection. He is glove tight around me and I angle my thrusts so I hit both his gland and his new membrane. I put all my power into my hips while he shouts my name and pushes back against me.

I explode into him with a sigh and feel him constrict around me when he follows me. His arms give out about then and I follow him down, blanketing his body with mine. Licking the salty sweat from his neck, I move us just far enough to our sides so I don't crush him. His body is loose and limp against me and I stroke his stomach with both hands.

"I'll give you a thousand years to stop that." His voice is satiated and I smile in satisfaction. "I need a nap and then a big meal to celebrate us getting away. Oh, and a swim to loosen me up after we eat."

I nuzzle into the back of his neck, biting a tiny bit of skin with my teeth. "You are quite loose now, my One. But what ever you wish to do, we shall do."

His hands come up to cover mine. "Well, when I'm all loose, I thought maybe we'd come back here and see about getting me pregnant."

My shaft grows rigid in a heartbeat and his channel twitches around me. "We have time, my One. We do not need to rush this."

He brings our linked hands to his lips and softly kisses each of my fingers. "There is no rush, just an aching need to prepare for our future. The more I think of our son, the more I want him here - in our arms and our new world. And for him to be here, we need to create him with all the love we've been saving for each other."

"My One, you humble me," I kiss his shoulder and begin to rock inside of him. "We will create a beautiful son. He will grow big and strong safe within your body and I shall protect both of you until he is ready to be born. Then we will raise him to know only love and joy."

He flexes around me and relaxes even more. "You always take care of me, my own. I plan on being quite insatiable for the next few months. I wonder if we could journey to Chulak and speak with your healers for more information on what birthing our son will be like. I do have a few questions."

I release gently into him and hold him close. "I think it a fine idea. We might even gain one or two of my fellow Jaffa who would like a fresh start on a new world. Home will be pleased at that."

//more, more, more// she sings quietly to us while we slip into sleep.

********* Janet *********

Things are so wrong it isn't funny. The base is colder than a January day and everyone is acting odd. I miss Jack and Sam the most but every time I ask about them, I get stonewalled. More and more, I'm wishing I'd just said yes to their proposal to move to their new planet.

Terry agrees so we packed our bags and a few things we didn't want to leave behind in preparation for activating our crystals. I'm scared but also resolved when I hand in my resignation to the General. And that's when things go even weirder. He refuses to accept it and tells me I'm confined to the base. He even has a guard escort me to sickbay and keep me there.

Luckily, Terry sees my escort, and thinking quickly, she drops a weight on her foot in the gym. Limping down to sickbay, she cajoles the guard into letting her in so I can look at her injury. In low whispers, I explain what just happened. It's just too strange, and I wrap an ace bandage around her foot slowly to give us time to decide what to do. Just when I'm about to suggest we simply trigger our crystals, the General walks in and says he's changed his mind.

He accepts my resignation, suggests I drive Terry home and shakes our hands with a smile. I'm thinking about pod people and Twilight Zone episodes but I grab this chance to escape with both hands. Helping my lover to my car, I settle her in and start the drive down the mountain. I relax once we've cleared the base and Terry takes my right hand in hers with her own sigh of relief.

And that's when I realize the brakes don't work.

The end of part five