Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack, Samantha/Daniel, Janet/Terry and more to come
Title: The Claiming, part six
Beta: Tinneantoo, Queen of All She Surveys
Summary: Things heat up and their numbers grow.,br> Date: 25 December 2005
********* Jack *********

One minute we're playing in the waterfall pool, all four of us; the next moment Janet and Terry are collapsed on the moss next to the water's edge. They both look like screaming would be a good thing, and Sam rushes out of the water to pull them into a hug.

"What's wrong, Janet? Are you guys all right?" She asks them although all of us can see they're shaking hard.

"No brakes, the bastards did something to the brakes," is all Janet can get out before she faints.

Terry is shaking all over, her hand gripping Janet's like it's her only lifeline. "First the General wouldn't accept Janet's resignation then a couple of hours later he did. I pretended to be injured since they confined her to sickbay so he told her to drive me home. We thought we'd gotten away clean but that first curve after you leave the front gate?" She pauses until I nod. "Well, that's when we discovered her brakes had been cut."

"Damn them to hell and back," I growl and pick her up while she shivers so hard I'm afraid her bones will break. Teal'c has Janet in his arms, and we carry them to the rooms we'd tentatively put aside for them. Looks like we've got more family, and a bigger problem back on Earth than we thought.

"Home, I think the Stargate needs to be disabled. Can you do that?" I say into thin air while my eyes meet Teal'c's. He understands and nods his approval.

//bad, bad gate, make it gone// she says firmly and I have no doubt she's taking care of it while we see to Terry and Janet.

"Um, guys," Terry is fidgeting on the side of the bed, her eyes everywhere but on us.

Oops, we forgot we decided on a naked day. Sam is giggling like a school girl while the three of us guys back up and flee the room. Smooth, real smooth I think while streaking back to our rooms and the shorts we normally wear for modesty's sake. Oh well, it could have been worse, we could have been fucking right there on the moss. Hell, we're all family now.

I've got a good lock on Janet's place so Teal'c and I go check it out. We can see where they'd been packing so we drop pebbles in all the boxes and suitcases and send them to Home. Janet's desk still has papers on it so Teal'c finds an empty box and we put everything from the desk into it before going Home ourselves. Anything else and we'd come back for it.

It could be days before their accident is investigated - if it ever is. I am beginning to think Earth has been invaded by serious bad asses or someone is taking over the US government from within. I am also thinking Sam needs to go talk to her family and maybe get them here to safety. Better safe than sorry as my grandpa used to say. Now that I've got a family again, I'm going to be very protective.

We meet at dinner and already I can see Janet and Terry relaxing. Our conversation is about the little things we're discovering in our new home like the indoor orchard where some of the new fruits we enjoy grow; the strange music Daniel released when he pushed a wrong button in the control room; the beach where we still go almost every day to swim and relax.

The sudden terror of their escape is catching up to them, and we escort them back to their new rooms and kiss them goodnight. If they think it odd that we all kiss each other, they don't say anything, just peck us on our cheeks and close the door behind them. I ask Home to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't have nightmares and she agrees. It's nice having someone who looks after us with only the best intentions in mind.

********* Teal'c *********

My One is tense after the revelations of the day, and I ask Home to transport us to the beach. Fresh air and a vigorous swim will relax him. He smiles at me and strips off his shorts before heading into the water. I follow and we swim out three miles before heading back to the cove where we first loved.

"Thanks, Teal'c." He puts his feet down, slicks back his wet hair, and smiles at me. "I needed that. Damn it, I want to worry about getting pregnant, not about who's trying to take over the Stargate project."

I pull him close and his arms hug me tightly. "I know, my One. I too, wish to work with life instead of death. If Earth was awakened like Home is, she would be able to sort this out."

He stills and I can see him thinking. "Home, do you remember when you first knew yourself?"

//long, long ago, my bright ones//

"Do you remember waking up, Home?" O'Neill cocks his head, his eyes slightly unfocused.

There is silence for a long moment then she speaks //much energy, much, much power flowing around me when the first ones arrive//

"Did it feel anything like when the Stargate activates?" he asks, and I wonder where his mind is taking him.

//like but not-like, thunder and lightning like//

"Hm-m," he rests his head on my chest. "Did the first ones bring anything with them on their first trip in? Anything that is still here now?"

"That is a good thought, my One." I kiss the tender skin at his temple and feel his smile against my nipple.

//yes, tall arrow on top// she projects into our minds a pillar of dull green standing in what appears to be an ice field

"Is that at your north or south pole?" O'Neill concentrates on it.

//north// she shows more detail of the pillar and the hieroglyphics covering the sides.

"Danny needs to look at it more closely, Home. If it left here and traveled to Earth, could you still move us back and forth? Is it powering what you can and can't do?" O'Neill is biting his lip and I sooth it with mine.

While Home thinks, he opens to me and sucks my tongue into his mouth where he entwines it with his. We taste of each other. But Home interrupts us with an excited thought.

//not active now, silent since first come here, move it like move you, use Earth stone//

"Wow, it could work." O'Neill licks his lips. "We need to talk to the others. Home, could you take us back?"

Before I have time to blink, we are in our rooms. Hastily we dress and head for the control room where the others are waiting. Home shows the others the pillar and Daniel goes into a trance while his hands twitch and blur on the tabletop keypad. The screen overhead flashes in a rainbow of symbols and words almost too fast for Jaffa eyes to perceive.

We must fill in our new friends and by the time we've told our stories, Daniel is sitting back with a sigh. Samantha rubs his shoulders free of tension and he looks at us with a look of wonder.

"It's like a defibrillator, guys, but for planets. The First Ones went world to world waking up each planet, bringing them up to speed, then moving on. For some reason, they didn't finish their plan for Home, but had to leave. I think they thought they'd be back but something kept them from ever doing so." He grasps one of Samantha's hands and brings it to his lips.

"Is it self-starting or is there something needed to spark it?" O'Neill is holding a cup of coffee that's half-full.

"Home could provide the spark when she transports it. There's a receptacle on the side for a sample of the planet's ore. I don't want to give up my glasses though." Daniel smiles sheepishly.

"I have a geode from a recent rock climbing trip I took to Yosemite National Park," Lt. Brady offers shyly.

"That would work," my mate is excited but trying to hide it. "Now, the big question - do we have the right to use alien technology to try to wake up Earth and bring her to sentience?"

Silence falls around the round table.

"The six of us can't take on the entire Stargate project. We don't know how far into government circles this . . . this what ever this is . . ." Dr. Fraiser sounds exasperated. "If nothing else, Earth can decide for herself what she wants. There's a reason we call her 'Mother Earth'."

"I'm afraid of what may be happening to my family." Samantha is sitting on Daniel's lap now, their arms holding each other tight. "But whatever is happening is big . . . really big and it frightens me. I don't want anyone here hurt. Home, could you talk with Earth when she wakes up?"

//yes, talk now to world before me// she sends us a picture of a lush green world revolving around a yellow star

"That's great," my mate sits up straight. "Could you ask her if her experience was like yours?"

//yes, she says yes, wants to help// there is a fond note in her thoughts

"Excellent, we have a plan. Do we do it?" He looks in each face as if searching for truth.

"Yes," I say simply.

"Yes," Dr. Fraiser concurs.

"I believe it's a viable option," Daniel nods.

********* Jack *********

"Yes," Sam agrees.

"Yes." Terry looks a little overwhelmed but anyone would be. Luckily, she has Janet to lean on.

"I think it's our best shot. We need to get Earth's Stargate turned off so if there is out-planet interference, they can't get in any more troops or advisors or whatever they're doing." I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Teal'c's hand clasps mine tightly and I squeeze back in thanks.

"I'll go get the geode." Terry stands up and hurries out with Janet right on her heels.

I hope they take a long moment to reassure each other.

I'm full of nervous energy and I need to get fucked really soon. Sliding closer to my mate, I lean in to whisper in his ear. "As soon as Home transports the pillar to Earth, I need you to take me to bed and fuck me unconscious."

His breath catches and the gleam in his eye makes my heart beat faster. His whisper touches my ear softly. "I shall take you to bed and make you scream, my One. Then I shall paint my shaft with your seed and slide so deep inside of you, you'll think I am never coming out."

My moan is almost a growl. "Yes, Teal'c, oh yes, we'll practice making our son."

I feel so empty inside and only he can fill me up. Our seed combining is such a hot idea, I'm practically panting already and we haven't even gotten naked yet. But the girls are back and with great determination, I act the part of leader. Terry puts the geode on the table and we look at the sparkly quartz before taking a collective deep breath.

"Home, are you ready? Is there anything we can do to help?" I ask her, not really sure if we could be hurting her with our request.

//Laulac will help// and the picture of her sister world flashes through our minds //now//

It feels a little anticlimactic until Home sends us a picture of the tall pillar now pulsating with green and gold lights. It looks like it's at Earth's north-pole and I wonder if that's where all the awakenings have occurred since the First Ones started waking up planets. I smile and lean against my lover for a soft kiss.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm taking Teal'c back to our rooms to celebrate." Rising, I pull him up with me. Sam is laughing at us but Danny is nodding agreement.

"I think that's the best idea you've had in a long time, Jack." Janet springs up and Terry comes with her. "We'll see you all later."

Teal'c sets a fast pace back to our rooms and I match him step for step. The emptiness is an ache that never really goes away. Finally naked, we roll on the bed, first with me on top then with Teal'c. I like that best and so does his symbiont. The little guy is trilling away while my cock oozes salty tears of precome. My lover's hot mouth is nursing my crown and I can tell I'm going to come fast and hard.

And then I'm there, arching up and releasing onto his tongue. Oh, that feels good. I relax into the soft blanket and watch with lazy eyes while he carefully spits some of my seed into his big hand. Our eyes meet and I catch my breath. This is it. If we do this, I could get pregnant. Our child's cells could begin multiplying and growing.

My stomach is quivering and it's hard to breathe. But dear god, I want this. I want him to give me our child. So I take my courage in hand. "Do it, Teal'c, let's get started on our future. I love you."

His eyes are glowing and I watch while he smoothes my seed over his hard cock. He's already oozing his slippery lubricant and I wonder if there's any of his DNA in it yet. "I love you, my One. This will be better if you are on your side, facing away from me. That way I can stay inside you for a while."

"Give the little swimmers some time to find my membrane, huh?" I smile shakily and lift a leg over him so I can go to my side.

His warmth is there at my back immediately and his fingers spread more of my seed inside of me before I feel his crown push past the tight muscle. Then he's sliding in all the way and I sigh in relief. Nothing else feels this good. Nothing ever will.

"My One," his kisses are placed randomly along my hairline and I shiver at the erotic feeling. "You are my dearest love . . . the other half of my soul . . . the mother of our future children . . . the man who brings me peace after a lifetime of war."

Sudden tears flood my eyes and I blink hard to keep them from falling. "My own love, you keep me sane and give me a peace I never knew I needed."

We hold each other tight and slowly make love for a long time. When he finally fills me with his come, I pulse out a drop or two into his hand. I must have come so hard before, I didn't have time to make more. In my mind, I picture one of his sperms finding one of mine and coaxing it through the membrane for a little privacy. And just like Teal'c pierces me, so does his sperm arrow into mine until they become one cell.

And our love feeds it until it divides once, then twice - and so it begins. New life, partly him and partly me, growing safe and secure inside of me. After being a warrior most of my life, just like Teal'c, I'm creating something new - no, someone new. Falling asleep, I hold his arms tighter around me and sleepily wonder if I'm really pregnant on the first try. If not, we'll have to do this again . . . and again . . . and a-.

********* Teal'c *********

He sleeps in my arms and my shaft fits snugly into his depths. I do not know if we have succeeded in creating a child but my heart swells with joy anyway. He has given me his love and his trust, two such precious gifts. I remember speaking with my friend Mel'tic when he was close to delivering his first child.

The Jaffa's stomach had swollen to three times its normal size and occasionally the imprint of a tiny foot could be seen from within his skin. Mel'tic had a joyous nature and each change in his body had been celebrated with his mate Gaal'c. The moment when he first saw his belly curve out; his insatiable desire to be mated at least six times a day; his craving for jeltac at each meal; the first time the baby moved within him; all these experiences brought him happiness.

O'Neill is a very private man but since we began to love, he has opened up with the others and allowed play to enter our lives. Dr. Fraiser and Lt. Brady still do not know about the changes in his body. The doctor will need to know soon, especially if we have succeeded in creating our first child.

I smile into his neck and stroke his stomach with my hands. What will it feel like to watch it round out over our child? Although, he is now part Jaffa, he is still part human and no human male has ever born a child before. Should I have even told him this was possible? We have both had sons and I would not give up any of my memories of my Rya'c just as he cherishes each memory of Charlie.

"Home," I hesitate, unsure how to ask my question.

//new light// she answers before I even know what to ask //all lights will be safe, my bright one//

"Thank you, Home." I think harder. "Soon, I wish to travel to Chulak to see if others of my kind also wish to move here to have their children in freedom."

A warm thought is my only answer and I have the impression that her attention is now on the newest sentient planet. I think of my former friends and companions. Mel'tic had never recovered from having to give their son to Apophis. He'd been relegated to the kitchens of the royal palace while Gaal'c stood guard over the summer palace. I think they would welcome the chance to love openly and bear children they could save and protect.

I wonder if my now grown son, Rya'c would like to come. Bra'tac has told me he is interested in one of the young women of the village. Perhaps I will be a grandfather before I am a father again.

"You're thinking very hard about something, my own." O'Neill's voice is rough from sleep. "Oh good, you're still inside of me. I bet I can get you excited again."

"You excite me by just lying here, my One." I admit the truth and enjoy his chuckle. His inner muscles are flexing around my shaft. I do not think I ever softened after coming the first time so it is easy to begin to rock in and out of his warm channel.

"Yeah, you're my very own Jaffa stud," he teases me when I begin to lick along his shoulder. "What were you thinking about, Teal'c? I could feel it when I woke up."

"I was wondering if some of my Jaffa friends might wish to join us." I tell him about Mel'tic and Gaal'c.

"We'll ask them soon. I'd love to have someone to answer questions for me. What aren't you saying about them?"

O'Neill is a very perceptive man so I tell him of their son and his being given to Apophis. His hands stroke his stomach protectively as if he already knows he has conceived. "That won't happen ever again. Did he ever have another child?"

"No, my One, he never did, although he longed for one. Gaal'c told me he would never dare risk it. But now, they could create another child who would grow up free like our son." I slide a hand around his reawakened shaft and he presses back against me.

"I'm pregnant, aren't I?" He twists a little and those beautiful eyes gaze into mine.

"Home says there is a new bright light inside of you." I rub my cheek against his and slide a soft kiss over his mouth.

His silent 'oh' is swallowed by our kiss and for a long moment we celebrate new life in a tender embrace. But this position is not easy on his neck so we go back to rocking our way to another release. This time he comes first and squeezes my seed into his depths. His sigh of completion is music to my ears and I finally pull from him so I can properly embrace him for a long kiss.

********* Janet *********

I wake up with a racing heart but the low light in the room shows me our new living quarters. Slowly, it's beginning to look like ours. Terry and I hadn't had the chance to live together so this is a new endeavor in more ways than one. We're safe, I keep repeating to myself, we're safe. In all the years I practiced medicine in war zones, I'd never been as afraid as I was on Cheyenne Mountain three weeks ago.

"Hm-m, you're awake." Terry pulls me closer and I smooth a caress down her back.

Our first kiss of the day is just as sweet as the last one was. She really likes this new world and through her easy acceptance of our new life, I'm beginning to come around. It's extremely freeing to be able to kiss and touch in front of our friends.

I murmur contentedly when her lips trail down to the nipple over my heart. She's into dedicated nursing and it always makes me arch into that hot mouth of hers. Knowing fingers delve between my legs and I spread them wantonly so she can plunge deep. Her thumb rubs my clitoris and I gasp before arching my back.

Her chuckle and nip of my now turgid nipple starts me panting. She's the only one who can turn me on so quickly. Now her leg is between mine and I'm rocking back and forth to get the friction I need to come. Switching breasts, she keeps on sucking until I explode. Lying there, limp and loose, I comb shaky fingers through her long blonde hair.

"Love being able to see you with all this beautiful hair cascading over your shoulders," I start the scalp massage she likes best.

Letting my nipple fall from her lips, she smiles up at me. "And I love not having to screw it up tight everyday. You feeling better, Jan?"

Smiling ruefully, I run a gentle finger down her dear face. "I'm feeling much better. Every day I find yet another reason to be grateful to the others. I didn't realize how uptight I was until I started to relax. Thank god, they found this refuge and invited us to join them."

"Teal'c is the one who knew about us." Terry smirks at me. "Jack told me Teal'c said we were mates because we smelled like each other."

"What?" I open and close my mouth at least twice while she laughs at me. With a quick flex of my body, I push her flat on her back so I can slither over her. "Young lady, it's most unwise to tease your elders."

"Oh, most venerable ancient one," her mocking tones make me laugh. "Love it when you do that."

I wiggle over her flat stomach and lick my way up the plump breast to a tasty nipple. "This?" Sucking hard, I enjoy her gasp. Pushing both of my legs between hers, I spread her thighs. "Or how about this?" One hand delves deep between her moist folds, and she arches up with a groan. "Think maybe it could be this?" And with another slither, I'm between her legs, angling up her hips so I can get my tongue on her clit.

"Yes! That's what I'm talking about." She wiggles all over and I feel her hands on my head. "Oh . . . more . . . Jan . . . oh god . . . yes-s-s-s."

And I'm rewarded with her sweet come. She shudders once then again before going limp. I gentle my licks since she's always more sensitive then. Tenderly, I slide back up into arms already reaching for me. We kiss and she scours her taste from my mouth. It's so good to be able to take our time of a morning instead of rushing off to work.

"Hm-m, we taste good together. But I'm hungry, Jan." Her stomach growls and I chuckle.

"Me too, sweetheart, let's get up and see if Teal'c made more of his bread." I roll out of bed and she follows me.

It's exhilarating to dress in shorts and a halter top with only sandals for our feet. Hand in hand, we travel down the lighted corridor to the room where we normally start our days, a small room off the control room. There's cooking equipment there that we're figuring out. The others are already there and my heart gives that little jump is always gives when I see a laughing Jack.

He's sitting on Teal'c's lap while they kiss and I feel my crotch begin to dampen. Terry told me she has the same reaction so this morning will go to feed that fantasy file we're creating. Their love affair has to be the hottest thing since Teal'c's bread. I love the way they feel free to indulge in loving behavior in front of their friends. It means we can kiss in public, too.

And Terry lays one on me right then with a little whisper about 'later' that would have my panties dampening except I'm not wearing any.

"Morning, ladies," Jack squirms a little on Teal'c's lap and I can see the loving but chastising look the Jaffa sends him. "We've got bread and ripe gua'ange."

Terry loves the fruit which is a cross between a guava and orange, hence it's name. She licks her lips and bounces a little on her feet. I love that reaction and so does Jack if the glazed look is any indication. My Terry is six foot of Viking goddess and I love how she mows down the men. Teal'c is smiling though so he's not threatened by Jack's knee-jerk reaction to bouncing 42 D melons barely contained by the stretchy halter-top.

I know how much I love holding them so it's only fair others have a fantasy or two of their own. I pour us both some of the coffee while she fills two plates with our breakfast. Danny wanders in then and I hand him a cup of fresh brewed Blue Hawaiian. He inhales the steam like it's life blood and his smile is nothing short of beatific.

"Morning, everybody," he mumbles before taking his first sip. "Ah, that's good. Sam isn't feeling very well this morning. Janet, could you check her after breakfast?"

"Sure, honey, I'd be glad to." I sit down and catch an interesting look between Teal'c and Jack.

"Um, Danny," Jack clears his throat and then hesitates.

"Samantha is pregnant, Daniel. Her scent changed last week." Teal'c says calmly, and I freeze with toast in hand.

"What?" Danny sputters then starts to smile. "We're going to have a baby?"

"Yes, Daniel, you have created new life." Teal'c's smile is tender.

"Wow, I've got to go tell her." Danny rushes out and I get up to follow.

"Janet, I need to talk to you later, too." Jack is blushing and I can't imagine why.

"Sure, Jack, once I've spent some time with Sam, I'll come find you." I pat Terry's shoulder. "Save some fruit for me, sweetheart. I wonder if we've got any herbal teas in stock or if we need to make a trip to Earth."

She nods, halfway through her first gua'ange. "No problem, Jan, I'll take some back to our rooms. I'm going swimming when I'm done here. The waterfall is calling my name."

I drop a kiss on her fair hair. "I'll join you in a bit. What a great morning it is."

New life, I love delivering babies. Hopefully, this one is just the beginning of many to come. We really need more settlers so we can keep growing.

The end of part six