Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack, Samantha/Danny, Janet/Terry, et al
Title: The Claiming, part seven
Summary: There aren't enough babies.
Beta: Tinneantoo, Goddess of Grammar
Date: 25 December 2005
********* Teal'c *********

Dr. Fraiser is most astonished at our news. She keeps opening and closing her mouth without ever saying a word. O'Neill is trembling a little but only I would notice it since he is close held in my arms.

"Wow," the doctor clears her throat finally, "double wow and also whee!"

I begin to smile while O'Neill sputters her name. "Janet!"

She takes a deep breath and lets it out with a whoosh. "Jack, first - congratulations. Second - can we watch the next time you make love?" She slaps herself. "Forget I asked that. Okay, pictures are running through my head and most of them are x-rated. Whee!" The expression she wears is I believe what humans would call 'giddy'. "All right, I'm calm now. Really, I am."

O'Neill is pouting, and it makes me want to kiss him so I do so. He melts into my arms, and I am hard pressed to keep our kiss vertical since I suddenly have the urge to take him right here in front of the doctor.

"Oh my, that is definitely inspiring. Feel free to do that the next time Terry is here." She's fanning herself, and I can smell her arousal.

My mate ends our kiss, and still blushing turns to face his friend. "It's been almost a month since I got pregnant. Jaffa males only carry for about six months but I'm still partly human so we don't know what that will mean to our baby."

"Teal'c, are there any medical texts on Jaffa pregnancies?" Dr. Fraiser is now serious, although still aroused.

"Not that I know of, Dr. Fraiser. We have an oral tradition, as you know, and there are stories about how to guarantee pregnancy. Once conception takes place, there is a list of do's and don'ts for each partner. Some of them seem to remain true for humans also."

"Teal'c, please call me Janet. We're going to be seeing a lot of each other." She smiles at me and I nod.

O'Neill is blushing but his determination to carry this child safely wins out over his shyness. "I'm pretty much insatiable in bed lately. And I can feel a slight difference to my stomach. I think he's growing."

"Jack, I'd like you to lie down on the examination table so I can get a good look at you."

He nods and lies down. I stay close, my hand holding his tightly. When he is flat, I can definitely see a change in his stomach. He is slowly beginning to round. Janet's hands are gentle as they palpitate his abdomen. He catches his breath when she moves to his breasts.

"I'm more tender now than I was before," he tells her, and she nods.

"Any discharge?" She is making notes, and so misses his blush.

"Um, yeah, I'm finally starting to express the nutritive fluid that Teal'c does."

She looks up, startled. "Is that a normal Jaffa body function?"

"Yes, we often produce nutrients for our mates. It is another form of bonding." I am very proud that my One has reached this step of his evolution. "It is also a precursor to the milk he will produce for our child."

"Oh wow!" Janet's arousal spikes higher. "What a . . . provocative picture that is. Aside from increased tenderness, Jack, are there any other changes in your breasts?"

"They feel, um, fuller somehow even though I can't see any difference."

He can see no difference but I can, and I secretly trace each minute change while he is sleeping. "His back is beginning to ache some days, Janet."

"That's his body pushing his internal organs around. Depending on where he's carrying the embryo, his back muscles will be working overtime to compensate for his change in gravity." She makes more notes. "I wish we could see inside of you, Jack. But even if we could risk a trip to Earth and find a hospital where we could get you in, I won't risk the radiation of x-ray or even an MRI. We don't know what your new hybrid body can take."

His hand goes to his stomach protectively. "He's fine. I won't let anything hurt him."

Her smile is tender. "I know you won't, Jack. This a very lucky baby to have two such great fathers. I am going to take some measurements though so we can keep track of his growth. Stand up for me so I can get this tape measure around you."

I watch her pull a fabric ribbon with numbers on it from a drawer in her desk. Placing it around him, she measures his stomach in three places, then his hips in two places before moving up to his chest. He shivers when she brings the ribbon taut over his nipples, and they peak in an instant. He is blushing again but she just winks at him, and they laugh together.

"Are you ready to go public with your good news, my friends?" She lays her notes aside, and smiles at us. "Samantha shouldn't be the only one being pampered."

O'Neill looks at me with a question in his eyes. "Is that all right with you, Teal'c? I'd love to tell everyone."

"My One, I will proudly tell the others." I cup his cheek in my hand, and he leans into it with a sweet smile.

"Great, let's get to lunch so I have a front row seat." Janet rubs her hands together with a chuckle.

********* Janet *********

Oh, it is worth it. I just hope I didn't look that dumbfounded when they told me. I expect I did though. The sheer enormity of a male pregnancy still overwhelms me when I really think about it. Jack O'Neill, hard-assed marine, carries new life inside of him. If I thought he and Teal'c were hot before, now they are incandescent. I can just imagine that great big Jaffa cock sliding into Jack's fuckable ass.

Damn it, now I'm horny again. Terry's nipples are hard as a rock while she looks back and forth between the two men across the table. Sam is squealing and hugging Jack while Daniel looks pole-axed. Yes, my work here is done. Sliding a hand into my lover's, I tug her closer.

"Congratulations, you two," she manages before pulling us to our feet. "Jan and I are going to go celebrate your great news."

The other four are laughing when she practically dances us out of the room. "Oh god, that is so hot. I am going to fuck you so hard, Janet Fraiser."

I finally manage to stop laughing by the time she pushes me down onto our bed. With one pull, my shorts are off and her face is between my legs. I shriek when she starts fucking me with her tongue, and I come like the slut I am less than a minute later. I'm nothing but a puddle when she rises up, still licking her lips.

Standing up, she shimmies out of her shorts and unties her top so those lush breasts pop out. At 23, she has no sag whatsoever and my hands itch to touch them. But she's pulling open our toy drawer and I bite my lips in anticipation of whatever sex device she wants to play with. Oh good, she pulls out the big chocolate double strap-on dildo.

"Do you think this is as big as Teal'c?" She teases me while sliding the straps up over my legs, and cinching them tight around my hips. "I bet his cock is bigger. Can you just imagine the Colonel's tiny little hole taking that great . . . big . . . Jaffa pole?"

"Oh-h-h," I quiver as the backside of the double dildo slides into my vagina, seating itself within my moist depths. The little knob that slides against my clit turns up the temp in my body. "Yeah, I can see him squirming on Teal'c lap while the big guy slow-w-w-wly sinks inside of him."

"Oh god," Terry straddles my hips, and I position the bulbous crown at her dripping entrance. She rubs against it until it's coated with her juices then begins to sink down. "Oh, it feels bigger than yesterday. God, lucky, lucky Jack to have Teal'c at his beck and call."

She has it all, and I shift my hips a little to move it inside of her. But when I do, I move the backside deeper into me and we both groan. Leaning down, she kisses me deeply, her tongue entwining with mine. We start with gentle rocking, both enjoying the tingles that begin building. My hands cup her breasts while my fingers pinch her nipples to hard peaks. She loves that, and she moves a little quicker, fucking herself on the dildo.

I'm already coming for the second time when she clenches hard and shudders into climax. Collapsing onto me, she shivers again and again. I hold her close and stroke soothing caresses down her sweaty back. Gently, I roll us to our sides so I can breathe easier. She's all muscle and I can only take so much of her weight before I need to move. I wonder if Jack has the same problem.

Which leads me to picturing them like this, and I can feel myself get ready to go again. This time, I get to be on top, and I roll us again so I'm straddling her hips. Her grin is so bright it lights the room.

"I like the way you think, Jan." Her fingers tweak my nipples, and I retaliate with a hard pinch to her rosebuds. Her back arches up into me, and the dildo gives us both a jolt. "Oh yeah, Janet, pinch them hard."

"Jack's nipples are all ready changing to get ready to feed their baby." I roll my hips, enjoying the hard but soft skinned dildo inside me.

"Really?" For a moment the look of yearning on her face stops all motion between us. "Lucky Jack, I always wondered what it would be like to nurse a child."

My touch gentles and I lean down to kiss each rosy nipple. "You'd look beautiful, sweetheart. You know being a lesbian doesn't mean we can't have children."

This time the look is heartbreakingly needy. "You'd consider it, Janet? Really think about having a child of our own?"

"Of course I would, Terry." I gather my scattered wits. Why didn't I know this secret wish of hers? "Sweetheart, if you want babies then we'll have babies. We can get sperm from Earth or ask one of our friends for a donation."

And with a squeal, she sits up and hugs me tight. Scattering kisses over my face, she chants, "Janet, Janet, Janet, you are so wonderful."

We kiss back and forth until we both come again. Gingerly we separate, the dildo falling between us dripping liberally with our come. Grabbing robes, we head down to the waterfall for a long warm swim in the mineralized waters.

********* Jack *********

Well, it feels good not to be keeping any secrets from the others. Sam and I swapped a few stories while Danny tried really hard not to ask any questions. Teal'c says he'll answer them later. Right now, we're floating under the waterfall, and I'm feeling a little needy again.

"Hey, big guy, wanna play hide the sausage again?" I tease him with a caress to his big cock. "I've got a nice warm place for him."

"My One," his eyes gleam and the moment he stands up, I start secreting the same slippery fluid he does.

That makes it a whole lot easier for me to turn around, brace myself against the stone wall, and feel him start to slide inside. I moan and push back, as always in a hurry to feel him take me. That long slide in just makes me feel unbearably smug that I get all of him.

"You are so tight, my One." His big body is flush against my back, and I luxuriate in his warmth. "I love to feel you around me. Did you mind when Janet was fantasizing about us like this?"

"Hell, no," I clench around him, and he gets the message, starting the slow pull-out and thrust-back-in that turns me to mush. "It's kind of a cliché on Earth about how men get turned on by the thought of two women fucking each other. I have to admit, I like fantasizing about watching the two of them make love together."

His rich chuckle ripples through me. "Jaffa and human are more alike than I had thought. There have long been tales about what goes on between the priestesses in their temples. The speculation fuels many a fantasy between young Jaffa."

I laugh and catch my breath when he catches my gland. I don't know which I like the most - prostate stimulation or the new membrane tingle. "Teal'c, does the baby feel it when I climax?"

"I do not know, my One." His hands pull me back against him, and I love the slightly different angle that creates in his next thrust. "I hope he can feel the love we make. Perhaps the sparks warm him the way you warm me."

Bringing my hands up to hold onto his forearms, I open my legs and let them float in the warm water. That changes his angle again and I shiver when he sinks even deeper. My head falls back on his broad shoulder and his lips slide up and down the side of my throat while I moan breathlessly.

"So good, Teal'c, everything feels so good when you hold me." I'm panting and squeezing my inner muscles around him.

"My One, you give me great pleasure." With a playful little growl, he bites my earlobe and I squeal at the unexpected nip.

My stomach is jumping but in a good way when he hugs me tight and with a slippery hand grasps my overheated cock. With a shout, I come hard and feel him flood me with his seed. It's a damn good thing he's holding me up because I'm limp all over. I've noticed I have the urge to nap after sex these days and this time is no exception. When we separate, I just let him pick me up and carry me to the soft moss shore.

I fall asleep while he's covering me with a blanket.

********* Teal'c *********

A week after we tell the others our news, Janet asks us to come to their rooms for coffee. Jack tells me they want something and to play 'hard to get'. I must look puzzled because he kisses me and tells me he'll keep me safe. We go to their rooms after our evening swim in the warm ocean waters off the coast. Home delights in transporting us back and forth so we indulge ourselves with long swims almost every day.

O'Neill rings their bell and Janet answers. "Come in, gentlemen. How was your swim?"

"Great, Janet, you two should come with us." O'Neill kisses her on the cheek still talking. "Terry, you look lovely this evening."

Both of the ladies are wearing dresses and they do look very nice. I take a seat next to my One and Terry serves us coffee. She and Janet sit down across from us, and I sense they are nervous.

"Thank you, Jack. How is the coffee?" Terry is holding her own cup but does not drink.

"It's good." O'Neill splits a look between them. "Out with it, ladies. Just ask us."

I am confused but they are not. Janet relaxes and smiles at my mate. "Very perceptive, Jack. We have something to ask you - both of you actually." She takes a deep breath before speaking. "Hear me out first. Terry and I have been thinking about growing our family. Maybe it's you and Sam getting pregnant or maybe it's just our biological clocks ticking away, but we've decided we'd like to have a child. I can go back to Earth and raid a sperm bank . . . but neither of us like that idea much. Too impersonal. So, we were hoping that maybe one of you would donate some sperm for us."

"Whoa, didn't see that one coming," O'Neill leans into my side and I slip an arm around him to cuddle him close. "Either one of us? I'm a hybrid now and Teal'c is pure Jaffa so who's to say if it would work. Our sperm may be too alien to provide a viable embryo when combined with your eggs."

"We thought about that but I could run some tests in the lab first to see if we could combine them that way." Janet leaned forward. "You're our friends. We both like the idea that the fathers of our children would still be a part of their lives."

"Home, what do you think about this combining?" O'Neill asks suddenly. "Could we produce a viable embryo between Jaffa and human?"

//new lights, yes, change to work// her singing makes us all smile

"Teal'c," my mate's eyes are bright and I think he wants to do this. "It's all right with me. The more kids the better and I like the idea of being part of their lives. Are there any Jaffa taboos about spreading their seed around?"

"No, my One, we are encouraged to mate often and increase the ranks of the Jaffa." I think about the ramifications of this step. "But now, I find myself needing only you to satisfy my urges."

"Ah, my own." He leans in and kisses me softly. We part gently a few moments later. "You satisfy all my urges too, Teal'c. But this would only be for the purpose of getting Terry or Janet pregnant. We're friends so I think we could do it and stay friends." He looks at them with a smile. "You interested in the personal touch or going the 'deposit seed in this cup' route?"

Terry blushes, and Janet starts to laugh and talk at the same time. "God, I love you, Jack. If there are no taboos, we'd love to go the personal route. Heaven knows we've fantasized about the two of you often enough."

"Cool, I'll admit to a fantasy or two of my own. Teal'c says the boys on Chulak wonder what the priestesses in the temple get up to." He waggles his eyebrows and I have to chuckle. "You're okay with this, my own?"

"I am happy to help," I tell him truthfully and receive another kiss from my happy mate.

********* Janet *********

I'm damp and I can tell Terry is, too. We're really going to do this. I squeeze her hand and she is practically bouncing on the sofa. This is going to be hotter than hot. At the moment, she's just right in her monthly cycle so we're going to concentrate on her.

"Gentlemen, I suggest we retire to our bedroom and that sinfully big bed." I stand up and draw Terry with me. The other two rise and join us for the walk into the next room. I lit candles earlier and the sweet fragrance of vanilla scents the air. I hesitate, unsure of exactly how to proceed in this seduction.

But Jack takes over as he so often does and kisses first me then Terry. Teal'c is next and I taste the Jaffa for the first time. He's delicious and his arms make me feel quite petite and feminine. Terry is giggling at whatever Jack is whispering in her ear. But I'm doing a little heavy breathing of my own when a large hand slides up under my full skirt. We are wearing sun-dresses but nothing under them and I'm already wringing wet.

Teal'c slides my straps off my shoulders, and my dress falls to the floor with a little help. I need to see him too so with both hands I push down on his shorts. I find myself licking my lips when his cock is revealed. It's a monster all right, just like I thought. Sparing a look next to us, I see Terry naked and busy stripping Jack.

Oh, he's good and big, too. This is going to be more fun than I thought and my thoughts had been pretty damn good. "Okay, boys and girls, now that we're naked, let's play."

Teal'c's laughter is as much of a turn-on as his body. I feel weightless when he lifts me in his arms and places me in almost the middle of the bed. Jack throws Terry on the bed and then stalks her on hands and knees. Teal'c is scenting me and that's arousing as all hell. After he sniffs, he licks and I'm pretty much a puddle of goo by the time he reaches my pussy.

I shriek and come the minute his tongue slides into me, my thighs clamping around his head like a vice. But he just hums and licks harder. Okay, multiple orgasms-r-us and I arch my back and come again. Terry has a lock on my right hand, and I look over to see Jack deep inside of her while his mouth nurses at her breast. Oh, that is hot. I'm still quivering when I feel Teal'c move to kneel between my legs.

"I do not know if I will fit, Janet. You are very small and I am quite large." His deep voice is like velvet.

I take a good look before sitting up and wrapping both hands around him. "Damn, I think you may be right. Interesting fluid, though, it's like lubricant." I spread it over his cock and start rubbing up and down. He gets even harder and a little bit longer and I just know he'll split me in half. "Damn, he's definitely not going to fit, Teal'c. I've got narrow hips and a size 'b' vagina. You're at least a size 'd' or maybe an 'e'. How the hell do you fit inside of Jack?"

Twin groans from beside us draw our attention to our partners. Terry is quivering all over and Jack is practically passed out on top of her. It looks like they both enjoyed that. I reach over and stroke her breast while she shivers and opens her eyes.

"Oh, he's good, Jan. He's got a little corkscrew thing with his cock that feels wonderful." Her voice is sated and her eyes are just now starting to focus again. "You're going to love him, angel. He gives it everything he's got. Oh wow!"

I laugh as her eyes fall on Teal'c's cock, which I'm still holding. "He's not going to fit me, sweetheart but I think you're going to love him."

She licks her lips while I keep rubbing him with that slippery stuff exuding from his slit. "I think he will barely fit and I can hardly wait to feel him."

"Oh sure, throw me over when you see Big T." Jack is grinning and slowly coming out of my lover. "You're in for a treat if I do say so myself. He'll give you one hell of a ride, Terry."

My lover sits up and kisses Jack before he can slide from between her legs. "Jack, thank you. You give a pretty good ride yourself."

"You're welcome." He rubs his nose against hers playfully. "Any time, sweet thing."

Before we change partners, I take time to pull Terry close and reconnect with her. She is still first in my heart although I do wonder if our relationship with our friends is about to change in a big way. When we come up for air, we watch Jack and Teal'c kiss. That is hotter than hot, and I stroke Terry's clit while she strokes mine. I'm almost ready to come again when they break apart and see us.

"Yum, more pussy," Jack slides between my legs and his tongue goes to work. He's even better than Teal'c, and the little flutter thing he does against my clit has me coming again. He sucks hard then slides up my body until I feel his cock slowly nudge between my folds. His big hands tilt my hips so he can sink inside of me. He's big but not too big and oddly enough, that slippery stuff is helping.

Terry's moan draws both our attention to the pair beside us. I reach for her hand and hold on while Teal'c sets his crown to her folds and very slowly pushes in.

"Oh god, oh-h-h-h," she's panting and trembling and her grip is about to cut off the circulation in my hand. Then with a shriek she bows her back and comes so hard she passes out.

And Teal'c isn't even all the way in. He stops moving though and I swallow hard. "Is there any give at all, Teal'c? Do you think you can go further?"

"Yes, but should I?" His eyes show fines lines of tension around them. "Perhaps this is far enough?"

"Try nursing at her breasts that usually relaxes her all over," I suggest and Jack gets the hint and begins nuzzling my nipple. Oh that does feel good, I think while using my free hand to card through his hair.

Those sensuous lips begin to suckle at Terry's breast and he arches an eyebrow before beginning to slowly move his hips in further. And that stimulation brings Terry awake with a groan. Her eyes are glazed but her lips are tilting up almost immediately.

"And it just keeps getting better. Oh god, tell me you're in all the way." Her voice is breathless but her free hand is now stroking the Jaffa's cheek.

He lets her nipple fall from his lips, and smiles at her. "You have all of me, Terry. May I move?"

"Oh yeah," her grin is bright and she brings his lips closer. "Move and kiss, that's what I need right now, Teal'c."

It is definitely hot in here. I'd keep watching but Jack's nursing is having the desired effect and I turn my attention to him. Terry and I mutually let go of each other so we can attend to the beautiful men in our bed. I cradle his head in my hands and he moves up to my lips. Quite the kisser is our Jack, I decide, he may be even better than Teal'c. His hips are moving gently in and out, and the friction is warming me all over.

And when he does that corkscrew thing, I almost bite his tongue. Panting, I pull on his hair while he laughs at me, and does it again. And again . . . and again until I have to come. My ripples surprise him, I think and I feel the hot rush of seed for the first time. I've had a few male lovers but we always used condoms so this is a first for me in more ways than one.

My cycle is odd but I should be all right, I decide. If not, well, Terry and I can just be pregnant together. Jack's head is cradled between my breasts and I hold him in my arms while our lovers keep right on making love beside us. Teal'c has the stamina of ten and I'm pretty sure Terry doesn't even know how many times she's already come. She is a sweaty mess and I've never thought her more beautiful.

She comes with a silent cry and passes out again but this time, Teal'c stills and throws back his head. Jack sighs and reaches over to stroke his hip. "It's okay, big guy, I'm right here."

The Jaffa relaxes all over and subsides on top of Terry for a brief moment before he begins to back out. He takes his time but finally his cock is free and Jack pulls out at the same moment. I feel empty but also content. Scooting over to Terry, I tug her into my arms. Teal'c takes my place with Jack, and I watch them cuddle out of the corner of my eye.

"Hm-m, Janet," without even opening her eyes, Terry snuggles close. "That was intense, angel. I think we should practice that until we know for sure I'm pregnant."

"Good thinking, sweetheart." I drop a kiss on her blonde head. "Of course, we could just lie here and watch them make love, too."

Jack starts to laugh and Teal'c chuckles while we join in. Then Jack waggles his eyebrows at us. "Okay by us. You watch us and we'll watch you. Deal?"

I look down into laughing blue eyes then back at our men. "Deal. You go first."

Jack looks up at Teal'c and pulls back his legs. "In me, my own, reclaim your territory."

"My One," the big Jaffa leans in to kiss him while that monster cock slowly sinks inside of Jack.

"Wow," Terry whispers in my ear and I echo her exclamation. It's beautiful and so right between these two men who had to search a galaxy to find each other. I sniff back a tear or two and bring Terry up and over me so we can kiss.

We have our own long trip to celebrate. I wonder how long it will take to know if one or both of us is pregnant. Perhaps a whole new journey is now starting.

The end of part seven