Author: Athea (
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Title: The Claiming, part eight
Pairing: Teal'c/Jack, Sam/Daniel, Janet/Terry, et al
Summary: New settlers are invited to join our intrepid heroes.
Beta: Tinneantoo, She Who Must Be Obeyed
Date: 26 December 2005
********* Jack *********

I stroke my stomach while thinking about the future. Teal'c is on Chulak talking to his old friends Mel'tic and Gaal'c. I hope they want to come here and live. I'm dying to talk with someone who's already gone through the changes I'm going through. I can see my stomach curving outward more every day. I've got a little more breast now too although Janet hasn't measured me this week

The sun is warm on my skin and I wiggle a little deeper into the sand. I told Teal'c to come and find me in our cove when he got back. I seem to crave sunshine all the time and I think that is part of the Jaffa changes. I love the beautiful glowing chocolate skin of my mate and my tan is darker than it's ever been. Of course, it's all over, no tan lines for me or Teal'c.

We'll see if the pigment changes any more, I think sleepily. Stroking my stomach, I talk to my baby. "Your daddy is talking to old friends, little one. Then he's going to come home and make love to me right here on the beach. Well, not in the sand, that could be scratchy. We'll go into the water and do it there. Then we'll swim for a while so I can exercise different muscles. Then we'll take another nap since I sure do get tired easy these days."

I sip my decaf iced tea with the fruit slice on the glass rim. I'm kind of addicted to it now, and Sam and I both drink gallons. Home suggested it and the leaves of the gua'ange tree make up the tea while the fruit provides the garnish. I hope Teal'c brings back more of his bread starter. All six of us are addicted to that. Setting my glass aside, I curl up around my Teal'c scented pillow and take a little nap.

Soft kisses wake me up and I smile into the familiar taste. Opening my eyes, I see Teal'c glowing above me. "Hey, big guy, they coming?"

"They are thinking about it. Mel'tic would come now but Gaal'c has a duty to the summer palace guard. I spoke with Bra'tac and he will work on him." He pulls me closer and shifts the pillow to under my head. "How do you feel, my One?"

"Sleepy but my nap helped. I'm up for a swim if you want to?" I ask him hopefully and he chuckles before standing and pulling me up with him.

"I like swimming, my One. And swimming with you is even more fun." He strokes my stomach. "Perhaps only two miles today, O'Neill? I can help you exercise further when we return."

He quirks up an eyebrow and I melt. I am such a sap for my lover. "I'll hold you to that, my own. Race you."

We hit the water running and are soon sluicing through the greenish water out where the current runs cool. It's so invigorating and I feel charged with energy when we make the turn and swim a little slower back to shore. The moment our feet touch sand, Teal'c has me in his arms and his tongue in my mouth. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so we're plastered together.

Nothing else feels this good and I revel in the tingling that races over my whole body. His big hands cup my cheeks and two fingers sink in where I need Big T. Wiggling free of his arms, I go down to all fours so he can fuck me. The moment when he sets his crown to my hole and starts to push is the moment I say thanks to every god I ever knew. How I went 46 years without knowing this bliss is a mystery.

The moment I saw him, I should have gone on my back. Who knew the power staff of the Jaffa wasn't his most potent weapon. His hands stroke my sides when he's all the way in and I ripple my muscles around him to let him know it's okay to move. Making love in silence makes everything feel like more. Not that a good noisy fuck isn't fun, too but somehow this feels more like the claiming we did that first day.

********* Teal'c *********

My One is concentrating on our lovemaking and I appreciate it. I am still humbled by his easy acceptance of our love. Why did I not know the moment our eyes first met that he would be my One? I know the gods measure time differently than we do and we did need that time to learn about each other. But now we are mated, I cannot imagine a life without him.

"Oh-h-h-h," he moans and squeezes so tight around me, my seed flows. "Teal'c."

I love the way he sighs my name. He is going limp and I bring him up so his arms can rest. Our child takes much of his energy these days and I must be ever watchful of his health. Mel'tic smiled a true smile when I spoke of O'Neill's conception of our child. His wistful look at Gaal'c may do what all my words could not.

Pulling out of his welcoming body, I pick him up and carry him to the small nest we've created for after our swims. The sun has moved enough so it's now in shade, and I lay him down gently before sitting myself.

"Tell me about your friends. Did Mel'tic talk about being pregnant?" O'Neill's eyes are sleepy but he's not yet ready for another nap.

"I asked him when he first felt him move and he said it was at three months." I pour some of the tea he and Samantha like so well, and hand it to him.

"Soon then." O'Neill strokes the bulge that seems to grow daily. "I wonder if there's some kind of Jaffa oil that would help my skin while it's stretching so tight over him."

Clearing my throat, I wonder why I feel a little shy. "Actually, I asked him that very question, and he said that he spread Gaal'c lubricating fluid every day over his stomach."

O'Neill's grin is slightly wicked. "I have to say the Jaffa are kinky, my own. But I think it's a really good idea." He sits up, lays his glass aside, and reaches for my shaft. "I'll be glad to help you prime the pump."

Gazing fondly at my One, I lean in to kiss him while his hands rub my shaft into releasing some of the slippery fluid we use for mating. His fingers have calluses that feel good against my skin but they feel good everywhere when he touches me. When his fingers are slick, he begins to rub it over his bulging middle. The slight numbing properties seem to be helping and he sighs a little, I think in relief. I must pay better attention to the clues his body give me about how he is feeling.

Human males tend to suffer in silence, I've noticed. "We shall make sure we rub some in every morning and every evening."

"I'll smell like you all over, my own." He scoots closer, sits in my lap, and wraps his legs around my waist again. "Junior didn't get any of my come this morning or this afternoon so I think we should feed him just like this."

I chuckle and kiss him while my hand slides up and down his shaft. My symbiont trills in excitement and when the first pearls of seed squirt onto my stomach pouch, he's right there to lick it up. O'Neill sighs happily and goes back to scattering kisses over my cheeks, my eyes, my chin and finally my hungry lips. Our tongues mate languidly and when we clean up, we head back to our rooms.

Dinner is soon and Janet is making omelets.

********* Janet *********

Well, it is time. I drop the five drops of urine in the test tube and wait. Terry is holding her breath and when it turns blue; she squeals and hugs me tight.

"We did it. We did it." She kisses me hard then lets me go. "Do yours now. Let's see if we have a two base hit."

I grab my urine sample and another eye dropper. The second test stays pink. Terry groans but I feel nothing but relief. At 38, I really don't want the loss of control being pregnant would bring. "Sweetheart, it's better this way. I can concentrate on pampering you and I can really enjoy it."

She looks in my eyes, and sees the relief there before nodding slowly. "All right, if you're sure." Then her eyes began to dance. "Or we can ask for a repeat performance from the studly duo?"

I chuckle and kiss her smiling lips. That only gets better with practice. Her naturally sweet taste has tarted up a bit since she's mainlining the gua'ange fruit. When we break apart, I tuck a blonde curl behind her ear. "If you want a repeat, all you need to do is ask. I don't know about Jack now that his body is changing so radically but I'll bet Teal'c would be happy to oblige."

The former Colonel is moving a little slower than before and his stomach has rounded out so you can really tell he is pregnant. If he continues this way, he is going to lose sight of his feet by the time he hits the four month mark. I wish I could talk to some of the Chulak priests who deliver their males. Was Jack enough of a Jaffa to bear his baby safely their way or should I be reading up on caesarian sections?

"I wouldn't hurt Jack like that. It wouldn't be fair if all four of us can't play." Terry says with a little nod. "But it would be nice to have a celebratory fuck or three."

I comb my fingers through her hair. "Let's announce it at dinner. Then we can ask them privately if they're up for it."

Her nod and kiss are simultaneous and I pull her close to cradle her to my breast. "We're going to have a baby, sweetheart. Our family is going to grow even bigger."

"I can hardly wait to tell Sam. We'll have to go shopping on Earth for maternity clothes." Her busy brain is already making lists and I just let her talk while I daydream the changes coming up in her body.

Dinner is festive and Sam's hugs are heart felt. Danny asks the important question of who the father is and we have to admit we're not sure which of our male pair it is. Sam's eyes go a little glazed and Danny is back to looking like a fish. But then Sam declares a pampering day for all pregnant people and begins to plan what sounds like a trip to a spa. Luckily, Home already has several of those in place so we won't have to go far. It sounds like fun and we all enter into the planning.

After we leave the dining room, I stop Jack with our request. He looks at Teal'c and the Jaffa says he will do what ever his One wishes. That is so sweet and I can tell Jack is melting into a little puddle of goo. Then he nods and we go back to our rooms. It's a gentler romp this time. Tenderness prevails and we all kiss and caress whichever skin is closest.

Jack and I go together like bread and butter although we have to pile a couple of pillows under my back to get Jack at the right angle to slide into me because of his expanding stomach. I enjoy it even more if that's possible and I'm still quivering all over when Jack spoons behind me while Terry stretches around Teal'c. God that's hot, watching his monster cock slowly sink inside her. She's panting, and tossing her head back and forth on our green sheets, saying nonsense syllables interspersed with his name.

Her white skin glows next to his chocolate brown and when he starts to move, she comes hard right before her eyes roll back into her head. But he just keeps moving, and she starts awake before getting back into the rhythm when he alternates nursing at one nipple before moving to the other. Jack is gently pinching mine and I reach back to his cock to see if I can get him hard again.

But he seems to have never lost hardness, and he moves sideways so his stomach doesn't interfere with our movements, and slides back in. It's a gentle rocking in and out with his clever fingers stroking my clit until I come again and then again. His former wife must have mourned the day she lost him from her bed. Jack floods me with heat and I wonder if I should pick up some condoms when we go shopping.

I really am relieved not to be pregnant. I prefer pampering Terry and getting to be a mother without the pangs of childbirth. I am already cramping for my period though so today should be safe. I'm one of those women who get horny when they bleed so maybe I could talk Jack into helping out this month. Terry would enjoy Teal'c, although she might have to rest up from this bout.

I've lost track of how many times she's come. Teal'c finally finishes though, and she holds him between her breasts while he rests. Jack is napping while still inside of me and the big Jaffa is watching him with such a fond look. I'm glad we're all right with each other.

********* Jack *********

I'm a little nervous. Today is the day Mel'tic and Gaal'c come to visit. Teal'c visited them twice before they agreed to come and look Home over. Smoothing the light weight silk shirt over my stomach, I idly wonder if Sam and Terry will find something for me to wear while they shop in San Francisco. This shirt is the only one that still fits over my expanding stomach.

But I wouldn't change a thing. Sam is showing a little now but I feel huge. Getting up and down is becoming difficult with this basketball under my skin. I wish he would move. It's a couple of days over three months and I wonder if that means I'm going to go longer than six months. Janet says not to worry but she doesn't know any more than I do.

"My One," Teal'c's voice startles me and I open my eyes to see him standing between two absolutely beautiful Jaffa males. But he leaves them and comes to me at once, kissing me softly and taking my hand. "This is Mel'tic and Gaal'c."

Mel'tic is on the left and is wearing a blue loincloth with gold inlay while Gaal'c has on a green loincloth with silver trim. "Greetings, friends of my One. Welcome to our home."

"Greetings, O'Neill, thank you for inviting us." Mel'tic bows from the waist and Gaal'c does too.

"We have refreshment waiting then we can show you our world." Teal'c's voice is liquid honey, and I lean into him when his arm goes around me.

We show them pretty much everything and even have Home transport us to the ocean cove so they can see the outside world. We're sitting on the blanket on the beach, sipping iced gua'ange when I get up the nerve to ask Mel'tic about his pregnancy.

"Mel'tic, I have questions about carrying Teal'c's child. Will it hurt you to speak of your experience?" I ask tentatively.

The Jaffa squeezes his mate's hand. "I would be honored to speak of this. How far along is the child?"

"95 days and he still hasn't moved yet."

"My child moved at day 88 but another friend had no movement until day 105. Each one is different and the fact you have human blood still will change the pattern." He smiles at me sweetly and we talk for hours.

Gaal'c and Teal'c leave us alone for a time and I ask him about my constant need for my Jaffa's big body. He laughs at that and tells a few tales of his own insatiable desire for his mate. I feel loads better when it's time to say goodbye. Truthfully, I tell them both that I hope they will immigrate to Home. New friends are always good to have, I say simply and Mel'tic gets a gleam in his eye that I'm pretty sure Gaal'c won't be able to say no to.

Teal'c hugs me tight and I get turned on, just like that. Scooping me up in his arms, he carries me back to our rooms and strips me bare. We can't make love face to face anymore since I'm getting so big. But he scoots up behind, his warm arms around me, and his tongue already licking away my sweat. Big T slowly surges in and I moan at the wonderful feeling of possession. When he's all the way in, I start the little undulations of my hips that move him in and out just enough to start me burning.

"Mel'tic likes you, my One. Gaal'c says he will come if only because Mel'tic wants another child so badly." His hands stroke over my expanding belly then up to my breasts to gently tweak my nipples.

I stretch and press back against his groin where Junior is busy licking away my sweat. "I like him, too. He made me feel a lot better about some of the changes coming. I'm enjoying this so much; I think everybody should be pregnant."

His chuckle is deep and I shiver at the wonderful sound. "You glow with good health, my One. Our son is growing and in his own time, he will move. We shall celebrate then."

"Hm-m," the rhythm speeds up a little and my cock gives a little jump before spurting all over the bottom of my belly. "Oh, that feels good, my own."

He stops moving and begins to back out while I protest with a little moan. "Hush, my One, I merely move so I can come over your stomach. We didn't rub any of my seed in this morning."

I pout but let him out. Rubbing his seed over my stomach really does take the soreness from the too-tight stretched skin. Besides, Junior is trilling for my come and I hate to disappoint the little guy. Flat on my back, Teal'c kneels between my outstretched legs and takes himself in hand. Love watching him pleasure himself and when he explodes over me, I catch some of the tasty seed to satisfy my own cravings.

He is delicious. But those big hands are smoothing his seed into my skin and I help, our fingers meeting and tickling each other before going back to the sensuous anointing of our child's resting place. And that's when it happens, a tingle, just a tiny thing really. We stop and hold our breath. And there it is again, the smallest flutter beneath my skin.

I'm crying and laughing at the same time while Teal'c leans down and reverently kisses the spot. "My One, there are no words for this joy."

"He's . . . he's all right." I manage to stammer out. I've been so afraid that I'm too old or too scarred or too something to really carry our child. The little flutter comes again against his daddy's lips and I finally relax all over. It is going to be fine. "We're going to be fine."

"Yes, my One, our family is going to grow by one." He slides up beside me and enfolds me in his arms. "Everything is happening at its own time. Thank you, O'Neill, for taking this chance."

"I'd do it all over again and probably will." I snuggle close and hold him tight. "So far, except for being unable to get out of some of those low chairs, I've enjoyed every part of this pregnancy. Especially the being insatiable parts," I tease him with my mouth on those big brown nipples of his.

His chuckle shakes both our bodies. "I like those parts, too. If there is anything you wish, my One, you must tell me so I can do it for you."

I sigh happily. "Nurse for a while, Teal'c. That makes me feel so good."

"Always, my One." He slides down a bit and gently begins to suckle at my right breast.

And I melt into a puddle the moment I feel the little squirt of liquid through my nipple. "Soon, it will be our son nursing there. Does the fluid change to milk when the baby is born? Remind me to ask Mel'tic."

"I shall, my One." He moves to the other one and I sigh again. It just doesn't get any better than this.

********* Samantha *********

Home says it's okay to come back to Earth for a shopping trip. She asked Earth to make sure we'd be all right and the newest sentient planet said it would be safe. Jack and Teal'c can't come with us since Jack is definitely showing his pregnancy. Danny came ahead and checked news reports through the Internet at the San Francisco Public Library. They reported on a series of odd incidents in parts of the United States and some of our allies. Natural disasters were all over the news.

Floods at Air Force bases; earthquakes over seas; and the worst for us, Cheyenne Mountain had imploded with a large loss of life and we mourned those we knew who might have died. Since it was military, no lists of the dead were available. Jack sent letters to old friends who might know more but they call it snail mail for a reason and so far the PO Box Danny set up hasn't have any replies.

But life goes on, and we decide to continue getting ready for our babies to be born. Which leads me to now.

Terry and Janet and I are having a blast shopping in San Fran. I'm on the lookout for something for Jack to wear as he expands. It's just so sweet to see Teal'c help him out of a chair now when he's getting so big in front. But at the moment, I'm shopping for me and trying on a pretty blue sun dress with an expandable panel while Terry is trying on one in green. Janet is watching us strip and redress with a smile.

Clothing at Home is definitely optional these days and I love going naked whether we're at the beach or in the mountain. Danny is a little shyer then me so he usually at least wears shorts. And Teal'c gets by with that skimpy little loincloth that barely covers that gorgeous cock of his.

Terry says it's to die for but I don't feel any urge to try it out. Danny satisfies all my needs and he always will. Still, it was sweet of the guys to help Janet and Terry out when they wanted to get pregnant. Although, Janet seems pretty relieved she isn't carrying. All her energy is going towards pampering her lover, and I think that's the way it should be.

We're really lucky we all found our true loves and a new home. After we leave here, we'll go to lunch. Everything here seems okay but who knows what is going on below the surface? Home seems to think everything is serene but we can't talk to Earth the way we can to her so who knows for sure?

And her idea of okay and our idea of okay may not be the same. I called Mom first thing when we hit our hotel this morning. She said everyone is fine and Dad is working on the old car he's been restoring since I was a teenager. I miss them so much but I don't know how to tell them all the changes in my life. Tentatively I asked her if I can visit and bring a friend. She said, of course I can.

So I guess when we go Home, I'll grab Danny and we'll go see my folks. I'm starting to show now so it's time to let them in on the addition to our family. If I know Mom, she's going to be planning the wedding the minute she sets eyes on me. Pulling my thoughts back to the dressing room, I spin slowly around before pulling the fabric tight over my stomach. I'm gently rounded and I wish I could feel him or her move like Jack can.

"Soon, baby girl, move for mama soon," I murmur and Terry hugs me close.

"She will, Sam, any day now she'll be kicking up a storm," she reassures me. "And soon after that, my little one will, too. We're so lucky."

I hug her back. "We're the luckiest women on any world, Terry. Let's get these. I want to try on one of those caftans. You too, since Jack is more your height."

Janet already has two of them in her hands. "Let me take the sun dresses, and you try these on."

I kiss her cheek. "Thanks, Janet. See anything else out there you like?"

But her eyes are on Terry in her lacy underwear and bra. "Just in here, Sam, everything I ever wanted is right here."

Terry's eyes glimmer at her. "Me too, Jan, everything and more."

Okay, now I'm brushing away a tear or two. Damn hormones, good thing Danny isn't here. He panics when I cry. I get the best back rubs then. Tonight I'm going to need a foot rub or three. I haven't walked on concrete in months and it's seriously hard on my feet.

Pulling the caftan over my head, it shimmers down my body like the waterfall does. Whoa, this is seriously sensuous. It's one piece with simple slits for my arms. Silk really is a miracle fabric. I feel beautiful as I turn slowly in front of the mirror. Terry joins me shortly and the ice blue of her caftan matches her eyes.

"Oh, we definitely have to get these. Jan, is there one in golden brown?" Terry is outlining her voluptuous body with her hands and the temp in the dressing room goes up by about twenty degrees. "Jack would look so good in gold."

"Absolutely beautiful, sweetheart." Janet takes her hand and kisses it tenderly. "I'll go check. I doubt they've got anything as beautiful as Teal'c's skin tones. But maybe there's something in a soft blue to go with the gray in his hair."

We both chuckle and gently remove the caftans, putting them in the keep pile. I still have a couple of dresses to try on and Terry does, too. I don't really like being away from Home or Danny so this trip will have to last us for a while. Maybe it's getting pregnant but I keep feeling the urge to nest.

"Terry, I hate leaving Danny for so long. I've gotten used to us working together in the same office while he researches the First Ones, and I catalog all the disks we keep finding." I smile at the memory of quickies on his desk. "I get itchy if he's not nearby."

"I want to be with Jan all the time. When she's working in the medical center, I take along one of the readers and do more reading on the First Ones. It's a good thing Home figured out how to translate their symbols to ours. That's pretty satisfying and it means we can be together without getting on each other's nerves."

She looks so pretty in a white halter top dress. "That's a great look for you, Terry."

"I feel like Marilyn Monroe."

"You look good enough to eat." I wink at her and try on the same dress but in a bright yellow. I don't fill it out like she does but I have noticed my breasts getting fuller, the further along in my pregnancy I get. "I think I'll get this one is every color they have. When something fits, go for it."

"Yeah, the way the waist ends just below our breasts means our tummies can get as big as they want, we'll still be able to get in them." She smiles and pulls hers off. "Now if the nursing bras aren't as uncomfortable as they look."

Janet had brought in a couple of different kinds and we try them on one at a time. The Anita Seamless bra is made from microfiber and fits my 34 B breasts just right. Even if I get a bit bigger, I think they'll be all right. Maybe I can get one in a C cup just in case. Terry is having a harder time but she's a big girl and needs more support than I do. Finally she decides on a Bravado model with a leopard design that goes really well with the thong underwear Janet also brought in.

I try on a pair and absolutely love the way the band snuggly fits under my belly. I am definitely going to get some of these. Danny is going to love them. Of course, lately I've just been going panty-less and he really likes that. Some of our best sex yet is when he slides his hand up under my dress and starts finger fucking me. Suddenly damp, I squirm a little.

"Horny?" Terry grins at me and slides her arms around me, her hands cupping my breasts. "Thinking about Danny?"

"Oh yeah," I wiggle a little and suddenly Janet is there, on her knees, pulling down my panties, and leaning in to tongue my clit. "Oh-h-h."

Terry slides around so she's kissing me with lots of tongue and I sprinkle in less time than it takes to tell it. I relax into her arms and kiss back. Danny is the only guy I want or need but it's fun to play with my female friends. When Janet stands, we share our own kiss and she chuckles.

"Come on, ladies. I think we need to buy out the store and go home for some afternoon delight." She licks her lips and Terry leans in to kiss her hard.

That is so hot but right now I need Danny's cock so I get dressed hurriedly. It takes a while to check out but we use cash from Jack's account. I'm in the process of moving my account here to San Fran but his house sold so he's flush at the moment. As much as I'd like to eat at Fisherman's Wharf, I need Danny more.

We leave 'Stylin' Mamas' with vows to return soon. Terry is muttering about high prices and finding out where the fabric stores are here while Janet snickers and promises she'll find some for her.

I look longingly at a children's clothing store next door but we're headed back to the hotel so I just whisper, "Later."

Now, I just need to get home and do some modeling for my darling man.

The end of part eight