Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Forbidden Forest, part five - eight
Pairing: Snape/Hagrid
Summary: The lessons continue.
Date: 24 August 2002

I awoke slowly. My head was pillowed on a hairy chest and the heartbeat could only belong to one person. Hagrid, the animal handler, grounds keeper, general factotum of Hogwarts. Hagrid, my . . . well, what was he now? My rescuer, my nurse, my teacher in lessons that I'd never dreamed of taking. There was something hard beneath my cheek, something besides his hard muscles. Moving my head a little to rub against it, I realized that it was a nipple.

He had liked it when I touched it before. Turning my head a little more, I licked it a couple of times. Each lick made it harder until I just had to open my eyes to see what it looked like. It was a big pebbled brown peak surrounded by wiry curls of cinnamon brown. The salty sweet skin beckoned my tongue to explore further.

"Morning, Sev." The rumble beneath my cheek told me that Hagrid was awake. "How did you sleep?"

"Good morning, Hagrid. I slept quite well, thank you." I felt like a schoolboy on a sleepover. Not that I'd ever done that before but I did know the theory. Mother had always insisted on good manners but I'd rather let them go the last few years.

He chuckled and stroked my back with his large hands, waking up every bit of skin that he touched. "That's good, Sev. I slept great. Are you hungry yet?"

I thought about it while I kept licking that nipple that fascinated me. "I think I am, Hagrid. Are there any more of those sugar biscuits?"

"Sorry, we ate them all but I was thinking of bacon and eggs and maybe some fried potatoes." He offered.

And suddenly my stomach thought that sounded like a fine idea. "Yes, all right."

He slowly rolled me off his chest and kissed me gently before sliding out of bed. "Then I'd best get to cookin'."

Hagrid stretched all over and my eyes widened. Unclothed, he was a veritable Herculean figure. The musculature of the race of giants was his, long lean muscles from his calves all the way up to his shoulder blades. Carelessly, he tied back his hair so it wouldn't interfere with his cooking. His long arms had been so tender in the night that I'd never once felt constrained; only comforted. His hands were callused but the fingers were in proportion to the rest of him. They were warm and gentle, I could attest to that.

Once he turned to beat the eggs with a whisk, I took a good look at his front. His chest hair was profuse and I'd greatly enjoyed the feel of it against my own mostly hairless skin. He had what I would call a barrel chest with muscles that rippled all the way down and across his flat stomach. His work handling the magical creatures and taking care of the grounds at Hogwarts kept him in tiptop condition.

My gaze finally fell to his groin and the organ, which had felt so huge to me in the bath. It was in proportion to the rest of him and that made me wonder just what it would feel like inside of me. I'd never thought that the act of sex might be pleasurable even though I knew it was touted as wonderful. People kept on doing it so somewhere along the line it had to at least feel good.

He'd said that he wouldn't hurt me and I believed him implicitly. However, that didn't solve the equation of his plus 12 organ inside my perhaps number 8 sheath. Perhaps there were spells that would help? I wanted to explore it some more, take it in hand, taste him, maybe stroke him to completion again.

"Sev, you're goin' to make me come just lookin' at me like that." He said good- naturedly and chuckled again.

Oops, caught looking. "Well, last night it was dark and this morning . . . it isn't." Well, that was coherent, I thought with a sigh of disgust with myself. I had no idea had to act with a . . . a lover. Sentimental statements were foreign to me and endearments did not come naturally to my tongue. It would be like learning another language and I didn't know if I could start this late in my life.

Still, he deserved my honesty and an acknowledgement of his place in my life. "Hagrid, I am sorry to be awkward but I do not yet understand what is happening between us."

"You're doing just fine, Sev." His teeth gleamed in the morning sunlight. "We don't either of us 'ave much experience making love. I've watched a lot of mating creatures though so I'll use them as teaching guides."

"Great heavens, you must be joking." Rutting like animals was not my idea of love making.

"Yes, Sev, it was a joke." He said patiently with a gentle smile. "We'll muddle through okay. Course, like anything else, we'll have to practice until we get it right."

I blushed like a new student in the first class of the year and that is exactly the way I felt. I couldn't seem to catch my breath at this new world into which I'd fallen. I was afraid that I'd botch it the way I had all my almost-friendships in school. Lupin had come the closest to being a friend but Black had soured that when he tried to use him to kill me. One day I hoped to find out why he hated me so much but until then I was going to do my level best to be what Hagrid wanted and needed me to be.

"You want to eat in bed or sit at the table, Sev?" Hagrid was dishing up mounds of fluffy yellow eggs and rashers of thick crackly bacon.

"The table," I said, eyeing the delicious plate of food and finally remembering my manners, "um, please."

"Good, I'll come and get you once I grab your robe from the bathroom." He rescued the teakettle that was whistling away and poured the steaming water into the big brown pot on the table. Then he disappeared for a moment before bringing out the black silk robe that Albus had brought when he packed a bag for me.

I sat up on my own and he helped me slide the sleeves up my arms before picking me up and carrying me to the comfortable oak chair at the solid round table that served his dining room. It felt quite odd to be doing something as normal as sitting up. It had truly been days since I'd last done that and it felt good.

"Now, you eat as much or as little as you want, Sev. I don't want you to overfill after a week of not much solid food." He set a plate of eggs, bacon and potatoes in front of me and caressed my shoulder with his warm hand. "Whatever you don't eat, I will so nothin' goes to waste."

"It looks delicious, Hagrid. You're a good cook." I picked up the fork and took my first bite. It practically melted on my tongue and I sighed happily before spearing a slice of lightly browned potato. It was all so good that I had to force myself to slow down. It would be all too easy to over tax my healing stomach and I didn't want to do that.

He sat down and poured us both a cup of tea, stirring a spoonful of apple blossom honey into each cup. He'd remembered my favorite sweetener and I smiled at him, wondering what he was thinking when he smiled back. I didn't understand him at all and yet, I did trust him with my life but more importantly with my heart. Hagrid didn't have a cruel bone in his body and that was rare among my acquaintances.

Only Albus and perhaps Remus fell into that category with now the ever-lucky Mr. Potter to be added in. I abandoned that train of thought when my stomach tightened. Breakfast was too good to waste bad memories on it. I munched a strip of thick bacon and pondered the delicious taste of well-done pork. I didn't indulge frequently but this morning, it seemed like the perfect addition.

My taste buds were getting a good workout but I still wanted to taste Hagrid again. Perhaps after a short nap to digest our meal, I could explore more of his body. Of course, he would probably want to touch me, too. Glancing at him from under my eyelashes, I caught him looking at me with longing. I was going to enjoy my breakfast dessert.


Sev was so beautiful in the sunlight from the open windows. He was making these little moans while he ate and I don't think he even knew he was doing that. His hair was tousled and gleaming. All the lines in his face were smoothed out and that smile I'd been seeing over the last two days was peeking out. He had the cutest little dimple but I wasn't going to tell him that it was showing, in case he thought he shouldn't be cute.

And that almost shy look through his long eyelashes was making me harder than hard. But we needed to go real slow so he didn't get spooked. I know that I was kind of scary naked but I hadn't wanted to get a robe. It was better that he get a good look at me now so if he wanted to quit, he could. I hated those nasty people who'd taken advantage of him with their raping and hurting.

Nobody deserved that, not even that nasty Malfoy or idiot Black. Severus didn't look scared but instead he was thinking real hard about something. He'd eaten real good for a few minutes but he was definitely slowing down now. That was okay with me. It had been a while since he'd filled his stomach and I didn't want him to overdo.

"That's all I can manage, Hagrid. It was very good." He laid his fork down kind of regretfully and I grinned at him.

"Ya did good, Sev. I'll finish it off." Taking his plate, I laid it on top of my empty one and finished eating the last of his eggs and bacon. He wrapped both hands around his cup and eyed me over the edge while he delicately sipped the black brew. Oh, to be that cup, I thought breathlessly.

"Hagrid," he paused and took another sip, his eyes never leaving mine. "Hagrid, I believe that I need to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I would like to take you back to bed and . . . explore you. Would that be all right?"

I was going to come with just that little flirt in his voice and the shy smile on his face. "I, uh, I think that can be arranged, Sev. How about a shave, too? It's time I get rid of my beard for the summer."

"Really?" He sat up a little straighter. "May I watch?"

Watch me shave? I blinked. "Sure you can, Sev, but why?"

"I never saw anyone shave before. I learned how from a book in the library." He said with a little shrug.

Right then, I wanted to go back in time and throttle Septimus Snape before he could hurt the man on the other side of the table. He couldn't even be bothered to help his son learn to shave. What a nasty man he'd been. My Sev had a lot of interesting things to learn. "Well, I'll show you how I do it. In fact, you can help me out. I have to cut it first before I shave or I blunt the razor real bad."

"Ah, I see. Yes, I can do that if you'll get the scissors." He drank some more tea while assessing my face.

I could hardly wait to help him clean up. Finishing breakfast, I got up and put the dirty dishes to soak in the kitchen sink. Then I came back and lifted him in my arms for the trip to the bathroom. I'd been spelling him clean both inside and out while he was healing but it was time for him to start taking some of those things. That would give him a little more of the control that he liked to wrap around his body and heart.

He sighed in relief when I gave him an arm to hold while he relieved himself. I'd taken a whiz when I went in to get his bathrobe so I just looked away to give him a little privacy. When he was done, I flipped the lid down and sat him down so I could go get the scissors. He could reach the toothbrushes from there and when I came back he was attacking his teeth like they were really dirty.

I knew how he felt. That was one thing that Mum had always insisted on, clean teeth and gums. I puttered around, getting out the straight edge that Dad had taught me to shave with. I could hardly wait to get all that hair off my chin. Scratching Sev wasn't going to happen if I had anything to say about it.

"Sit in front of me so I can see what I'm cutting." He suggested after spitting and rinsing a couple of times.

That made sense so I sat down on the cool tiles cross-legged in front of him. He combed his fingers through it a few times before taking the scissors from me and starting to cut. In no time at all, it was so short that I felt lighter than air. He looked at me, turning my head from one side to the other with a real considering look on his face.

"You have a good strong jaw, Hagrid. It's a pity to hide it with such a long beard. Why do you?"

I chuckled. "It keeps me warm in the winter, Sev."

He thought about that for a moment then said confidently, "I can do that from now on, Hagrid."

My eyes had to be big as fairy toadstools on May Day. Did he mean what I thought he meant? "Next winter, Sev?"

"And all the winters to come, Hagrid. You'll no doubt be sick of me." He stroked a trembling hand to my cheek. "I have no desire to return to teaching."

"That would be a right waste, it would indeed, Sev. You're one of the best teachers I know. But ya' don't 'ave to decide that right now." I leaned up just a little and kissed him. He tasted of eggs and apple blossom marmalade. When I pulled away, he was smiling at me, those black eyes sparkling.

"You may be right. Now, I want to see you shave." He began to tidy the pile of hair in his lap and I knelt up before using the edge of the tub to help myself up. My knees creak something awful some days.

"Hagrid, may I have this?" He asked a little diffidently and I glanced over at him.

"My beard? What for?" I was confused.

"Hair is one of those items that confers great strength in a potion. Yours especially." He said quietly and I wondered what thoughts were teeming in that big brain of his.

"Sure, Sev, you can use anything of mine that you want." I started lathering my face with the lavender soap that I always used.

"Thank you." He said absentmindedly, watching me closely when I wet the cold steel razor and prepared to make the first pass.

No one has ever given me such an audience since the first time Dad showed me how to scrape my face without slitting my throat. I never got the hang of safety razors but I could see they might be a good idea for someone who shaved every day. Severus was absorbed in every little move I made and when I laid the razor aside to splash my face, he touched it hesitantly.

"You want me to shave you, Sev? You're probably used to those newer razors." I offered but he shook his head no, so I didn't push him. Maybe he'd decided to grow a beard while he was healing? "Ready for bed?"

And just like that, he laid the towel full of my beard aside and raised his arms to me. I picked him up and held him close, breathing in the lovely Severus-scent. His tongue hesitantly licked my newly shaven cheek and I trembled. Me, a big strong half-giant, was almost scared of the scarred man in my arms. He made me feel like no one ever had before.

"I'm ready, Hagrid." He hid his face beneath my chin and I felt his lips there.

I was ready, too.


I felt as if I were flying when Hagrid picked me up and carried me back to our bed. Without a broom, I still felt lighter than air like I might soar up to the sky without magical assistance. He was an amazing man and for the first time in my life, I felt lucky, not star crossed or hexed or cursed, just lucky. I'd pinch myself but I didn't want to let go of the gentle man carrying me to bed.

The bed was soft as down and he laid me down as if I were the most fragile thing in the universe. Even though I considered myself tough as old boots, I liked the tenderness. It was so different from anything I'd ever felt before that I literally didn't know what to do. It had been a long time since I was the student but Hagrid didn't seem to mind that I was a novice in these gentler emotions.

He lay down beside me and I turned to him instantly, my body knew what it wanted so I let it have its way. It wanted warmth and caring touches; the tickle of dark curls against my chest; the weight of a gentle hand stroking my hip; the taste of a warm, wet tongue slipped between my lips; the sound of little moans coming from both of us. I was drunk with love and I wanted nothing more than the power of him deep inside of me.

"Oh, Sev," he breathed my name and I felt unbearably smug. His hands were moving over my skin as if I'd break at his touch. "Ya taste better than apple blossom honey."

I chuckled and kissed him again. He was the one who tasted good. "If I could bottle you, I'd make a fortune." I tasted his newly shaved cheek. "A little soap but mostly your natural musk." I nibbled my way down to the spot below his ear that had felt so good to me when he did it. He shivered and I chuckled. "Even better here . . . salty." I sucked on the hollow below his adam's apple and his little moan was music to my ears.

"No fair . . . Sev . . . oh my . . . I want to taste you, too." He said a little breathlessly and I looked down into his dark gaze with satisfaction.

He did want me, really and truly wanted me. "Then show me how, Rubeus. Show me how to make love to you."

He caught his breath. "Ya called me by my first name."

Hadn't I ever done that before, I thought back over the years we'd known each other. It appears he was right. "Rubeus," a tender kiss. "Rubeus," deeper voice while I combed through the curls on his broad chest. "Rubeus," was almost a growl that time.

"Oh Sev, it sounds good when you say it." He was blushing a little, which was really quite charming when I thought about it. "Is it all right if I explore ya now then you can explore me some more later?"

"Yes, please. Show me what feels good." I felt safe here in his arms and eager to learn from my new tutor.

He chuckled and began to slide his hands over my chest. He had the gentlest touch and every place he stroked began to tingle. When he leaned over me and blew on my nipples, I shivered all the way down to my toes. Why were they so sensitive?

"Beautiful, Sev, you're so beautiful." Each puff of air made them a little harder. "Nipples are a real erogenous zone for most mammals, including humans."

"Really?" I would have been upset at the comparison but he was licking them and that felt so good that I just had to move. "Oh, more."

Rubeus kissed his way down my chest and it tickled when his newly shaved chin brushed over my stomach. His tongue teased my navel and I squirmed a bit before beginning to tremble. My shaft was rising with just that bit of teasing and when his warm fingers wrapped around it, I couldn't seem to catch my breath.

"Easy now, Sev. Don't be gettin' too excited." He stroked his hands over my stomach. "I want ya to relax now and let me do the movin'."

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I can't help it, Rubeus. It feels so good when you touch me."

"It's supposed to, Sev. If it ever hurts, ya have to tell me." His voice was suddenly serious. "I don't ever want to hurt ya."

He meant it. I looked into those dark eyes and saw only truth there. "You're the first person since my mother who has ever wanted to protect me from pain." I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. "Thank you, Rubeus."

"Oh, Sev," he lay down beside me and pulled me up onto his chest and into his arms so we touched everywhere. "I wish that I could go back and erase every bad memory, every bit of pain that ya ever suffered. I wish that I could have been there for you."

I blinked back tears and clung to him. "You're here now, right here making love to me. Showing me how to return that love. Maybe I had to go through all my past experiences so I could reach this place in your arms."

"Aye, Sev, I know that sometimes I wonder why things happen the way they do." His hands slowly slid up and down my spine until I felt like arching up like a cat into that warm caress. "But sometimes they happen because we're not paying attention to the world around us. Animals don't do that, well, those that survive are paying attention and the ones that don't are somebody else's dinner."

I chuckled a little and licked that small brown nipple over his heart again. "I feel like I've been 'dinner' for some years now. First my father, then Voldemort and now for Dumbledore. I'm tired, Rubeus. So very tired that I want to sleep for a thousand years."

"Nah, Sev, ya'd miss out on all the good stuff it ya did that." His rumbling laughter shook my whole body. "Let me show you some of the good bits."

I was flying again, only this time, it was Hagrid's fingers that were making me soar. For such strong digits, they were amazingly gentle. He stroked me from my feet up to my shoulders. Literally every place he touched became an erogenous zone. My inner thighs trembled, my knees flamed, my stomach rippled and my shaft rose up, demanding more. More of his tender grip, more of those talented fingers that rolled my balls so gently, I just wanted more of everything.

The first touch of his lips to my crown broke my control the way that Voldemort had never been able to. The rough tongue-washing made me shake from head to toe until I exploded into his mouth. I may have passed out, since I have no memory of how I came to be back in his arms while he rocked me slowly, petting my hair like the cat I felt like.

"Rubeus," I managed his name.

"Ya liked that, I think." He pulled far enough away to look me in the eyes. "Yeah, that felt good."

I blushed and admitted the truth. "I loved it. It felt like I was flying."

"Oh, Sev, I do thank ya for letting me touch you." He ever so gently kissed my temple and I felt something melt inside of me. Something that I thought I didn't own any more finally thawed.

My frozen heart began to beat again. "Rubeus, I am the one who's thankful. I . . . I don't think that I'm capable of giving you the gift you've given me so freely. I don't know how and you deserve only the best."

His smile was bright. "Silly Sev, ya never failed at anything ya set your mind and hand to. If'fn ya want to, ya can be absolutely the best lover in the world. I've seen the way that ya concentrate on your potions. Think of me as a new recipe that ya're learning."

I thought about that for a long moment. I could do that. I would do that.


I often lie awake in bed of a morning, just going over what needs to be done by day's end. But this morning was like no other. Severus had given himself to me at the same time that I'd given myself to him. We hadn't done much really, touching and tasting and talking. He was curious about all the different textures that we shared between us. I'd been right about him being able to focus.

I was the only man in the world when he touched me. We were the only two men in the whole Forbidden Forest. It kind of felt like being on the moon or something. I didn't want to waste time thinking about that, not when he was curled up against my side, his hand possessively gripping my cock. He'd had questions about foreskin that was endearing in a man of his age.

His father had had him snipped when he was a baby but giants don't go in for that so he'd investigated it with careful hands. Not for the first time, I wished that I wasn't so big. I couldn't see how I'd fit inside of him at all. I was looking forward to him coming inside of me though. He was going to feel real good. But we were taking it slow so I could be sure that every touch was all right with him.

I'd been pleasured a time or two but he hadn't ever been so everything I was showing him was brand new. He'd come six times before he fell dead asleep on me. I'd gingerly slid out from under him and gotten a damp cloth to clean him up. I wasn't going to waste a spell on something that I enjoyed doing so much. He'd murmured my name and almost made me cry.

But when I slid back into bed, he'd immediately rolled towards me with a murmur that I think was the word 'warm'. I'd been told that before but from Severus, it was a real compliment. The sun was creeping up the west wall from the windows on the east side of the cottage and I could tell that it was going to be a beautiful day. Maybe Sev would like to come outside with me while I tended to my outdoor patients.

His tongue licked my nipple. "Good morning, Rubeus."

"Morning, Sev, you feel all right?" I asked a little anxiously. He was a hard man to read sometimes.

"I feel," he hesitated for a long moment before looking up at me with kind of a bewildered look on his beautiful face. "I feel happy and satisfied and hungry."

I laughed out loud and hugged him to me. "Good, I feel all those things, too. I'm thinking pancakes and honeyed rose syrup with a side of fresh grapes."

He actually licked his lips. "Yes, please. That sounds wonderful. May I help?"

"Sure, Sev, you can sit at the table and wash the grapes before we eat them. I always like to make sure that they're free of any kind of fairy dust or bird dander." I carefully separated us so I could slide out of bed and I immediately missed his touch. My cock did, too and I gave it a stroke to remind him that he'd already come more in a single night than he'd come in the previous six months.

But Sev was sitting up on his own and I could feel his eyes on my back so I squeezed my cheeks together a couple of times and pretended not to hear his little sigh. Gathering up his robe, I helped him on with it then carried him over to the table. "Stay here for a minute while I go out and gather the grapes."

"I wish I could help." He looked so sad that I just had to lean over and give him a kiss. He tasted great and I loved the way he slid his hands around my neck, under my hair. His hands had some strength in them and it felt good to feel them kneading my skin. When I pulled away, he still had his eyes closed and that little pink tongue of his was licking his lips like I tasted real good.

"You're getting better all the time, Sev. One of these days, you'll be out there helping me with the squid." I joked with him a little breathlessly while I thought about that tongue of his.

"I'm not that fond of the water creatures. Now the Nemean lion is another story." He teased me right back. "I must be drawn to hairy creatures."

I laughed out loud. "Maybe I shouldn't have shaved then?"

He looked up at me through those long dark lashes of his, kind of shy like. "As long as you don't shave your magnificent chest, I think it will be all right."

I looked down for a moment and tried to see what he saw. "Magnificent? Hairy, that's for sure but I don't see the magnificent part."

"That's all right, Ru'. I can see it and I believe I've never seen a more muscular one in my entire life." He ran his hands over the wiry curls, flexing his fingers and tickling me. "I think you should dress though before you go outside. I don't want to share you with who ever happens to be passing by."

He'd given me a nickname, I thought with a fond smile. I chuckled and stood up. "Doubt there's much traffic today but if you insist."

He watched me don a pair of shorts and smiled. "You never know, Ru'. Dumbledore has an appalling sense of timing. It would be just our luck to have him come whistling up to the front door at the exact moment I try to fit more of you in my mouth."

Shivering, I remembered the feeling of his hot, wet mouth around me and his tongue rasping over the tender skin. "Yeah, that would be right off-putting, it would indeed."

He chuckled and with a flick of his hand turned on the burner under the tea kettle. "Go and gather our breakfast so we can see what other kind of mischief we can get up to."

Grabbing the colander from the nail by the front door, I opened the door and left it open to let in all the fresh air. There was a sharpness to the wind that spoke of a storm brewing over the lake. Maybe I'd take the time to harvest a few of the apples, too. I could make apple upside-down crumble. Sev would like that, I thought happily while I headed for the grape arbor.

Casting a quick seeking spell, I picked the bunches of red-purple grapes that were completely ripe. The wrens seemed to like them almost fermented so I left a few that would ripen in the next few days. The apple trees were on the edge of my acre of garden and I strode over to them, seeking the brightest reds on their branches. Another kind of seeking spell and I'd gathered three for each pocket and two under my chin.

I looked pretty silly but I was pretty sure that Sev wouldn't mind a bit. Carrying them back, I found the teakettle steaming gently and the ingredients for pancakes neatly lined up on the table. "Sev, did that much magic tire you?"

"A little," he shrugged ruefully and smiled at me. "I stopped when I thought I might drop the teapot. It's coming back but so slowly."

"We've got time to bring ya back at your own pace, Sev." I unloaded my pockets and set the colander down in front of him. "I knew that I wasn't the only one who could do wandless magic. That come in handy when ya're stirring a potion?"

"Yes, indeed it does. I imagine that working with the magic creatures of the Forest gives you a bit of practice?" He accepted the bowl of water that I handed him and sat it on his lap before dumping the grapes in it and swishing them around. "Dumbledore is the only other wizard I know who can use a single gesture to more effect than most wizards can with a wand."

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" The Headmaster's cheery voice startled me so badly that I almost dropped the pancake batter.

Sev raised his eyebrow at me and I thanked Atlas that I'd pulled on a pair of shorts. This was going to be a very interesting breakfast.


It was good to see Severus up and sitting at the table. Hagrid drew up another chair with a mumble and turned back to the stove. He'd shaved off his beard for the summer and I pondered the change in his looks. Without it, he looked less like a giant and more like a very large Man. It's odd how hair changes a person, I thought while I stroked my own beard and watched the two of them.

Something had changed but I wasn't sure what. Severus had gone rather quiet although I'd heard him talking to Hagrid when I came up the path from the beach. My poor Potion Master had every right to be wary around me but it hurt just a little that he trusted me so little. Of course the news that I was bringing would dent that trust even more.

Those black eyes looked at me while passing the colander full of fruit over to Hagrid. "It's bad news, Albus, I can tell that from here."

"You've been declared dead, Severus. The Ministry has taken your manor and lands by eminent domain after declaring you a rogue wizard." I said it all in one breath and sat back to await the explosion.

Severus sat very still and silent while Hagrid dropped the teapot to shatter on the floor and knelt by his side. They looked at each other solemnly and I could almost hear a conversation pass between them with just the raising of an eyebrow and the clasp of a hand. Really, this was fascinating, I thought while levitating the pieces of pottery over to the garbage bin. Visualizing one of my bookshelves, I spelled the big white teapot that was too big to use for everyday in to take the broken one's place.

"Good riddance," Severus said quietly and stroked Hagrid's cheek. "I always hated the place. Are the Hogwarts dungeons still locked up?"

"Yes, indeed, I took care of that once Fudge owled me. I told him that we'd use them for the new potions instructor. The hidden rooms are still invisible to everyone but me and Minerva. She is also the only one who knows that you're still alive." I busied myself in making the tea while they continued their silent dialog.

"Ya're really all right, Sev?" Hagrid was holding Severus' hand now and stroking it gently. "It's where ya were born after all."

"The old Severus was born there. He died in the Forbidden Forest." Those graceful hands of his cupped Hagrid's face and for the first time in a very long time, I saw Severus smile. "The new Sev was reborn here, in your cottage. He could care less about the possessions of his predecessor. So long as he has his books and his potions, he is content to stay right here for the rest of his life."

Hagrid gently rested his forehead against the man the chair. "The new Sev can stay forever right here so long as he lets me stay by his side."

"Forever, Rubeus, I think that might just be long enough." Severus sighed and rested his head on top of the half-giant's head.

Goodness, I was witness to a bonding ceremony and I could hardly wait to tell Minerva. Beaming at them, I said. "Congratulations, gentlemen, I'll serve as your witness, shall I?"

Severus' mouth quirked upwards just a trifle in the sardonic smirk with which I was more familiar. "If you would be so kind, Albus."

Hagrid started and looked over his shoulder at me. My smile must have reassured him because he gave me a blinding smile of his own. "That's right kind of you, Sir. Me mum will be ever so pleased once we tell her. When we have the party, we'll invite you up to Scotland. Now, I need to start making breakfast. What other news do you have for us?"

He rose and I pretended not to see him kiss Severus gently. "Well, the summer school session has started and for the first time without a class on potions. Severus, do you have any recommendations for an instructor?"

"My lesson plans are already in place as well as the ingredients for them. If I were you, I'd give them the lessons yourself. You were once quite an adequate potion maker and they'll be less likely to blow anything up with you in attendance." He idly ate a grape then another. "Actually, I'd be glad to grade the essays for you if you'd owl them to me. Also, I would appreciate it if you could keep the redoubtable Mr. Potter from messing about in my private quarters. Is there a way to get my books to me by any chance?"

I'd known that was coming and I drew out the one inch square boxes from my belt pouch, lining them up one after the other until all 30 were in place. "If Hagrid will make some bookshelves for you, these should fit quite nicely on them."

The half-giant set a stack of pancakes between us and took a look at the miniature boxes. "Those'll need a lot of bookcases. I reckon I'd better just build onto the cottage so we've got a room the creatures can't get into and the books can't get out of."

"Excellent thought, Hagrid. I'll help, shall I?" I speared a fluffy pancake and poured some of the dark red syrup over it. My first bite was pure ecstasy. He really was an excellent cook. We ate every last one of them and the subsequent two batches as well.

"Actually, Severus, I was wondering if you'd mind too greatly if young Harry helped us with the building." I caught his grimace and smiled a little. "I know the two of you are like fire and water but he's already come to me with one of his prophetic dreams about you. He saw you bathing in a moonlit pool of water with a dragon watching over you."

His bark of laughter surprised me but his affectionate look at Hagrid did not. "My fierce dragon, Ru', that's who he saw. I suppose if we keep him busy, we can keep him out of trouble, but only if he comes with you, Albus. Perhaps I can catch him unawares with some potions homework?"

The sardonic look was much more like the Potions Master that I knew and loved. "Of course, my boy, I'm looking forward to it. What story shall we give out for the lumber delivered to the Forest?"

"I've been meaning to build on a small animal hospital for the creatures of the Forest." Hagrid said quietly.

Severus nodded. "Then get enough lumber for two rooms, Albus. I will not have Hagrid be in the position of having to lie. Are there sufficient rocks nearby to provide a basement room, Ru'?"

"Aye, Sev, there's plenty within a mile or so." Hagrid and I both looked at him.

"Then we'll build a good foundation under both rooms and that will become my potions laboratory." He said calmly and I saw Hagrid light up with joy.

"Sev, that's a wonderful idea. I'll ask my brothers to come for a visit. We'll have it up in no time at all." Hagrid positively beamed. "While we're at it, I think we'll build on another bedroom. Be a bit more private, that."

Severus blushed beautifully and I busied myself with pouring some more tea for all of us. This was just what I wanted young Harry to experience. He'd already come to me with questions about same sex loving and these two would be the perfect example of the old adage that opposites attract.

I could hardly wait to begin the building. In such a time of darkness, it was good to see their light.


Dear Gration and Hossic,

I hope this letter finds you well. The weather here has turned real hot but the lake stays nice and cool, kind of like Loch Ness. I was wondering if the pair of you would like to come down here for a week or so. I finally got the lumber that I need to build on to the cottage by the lake. I need a place where the little ones can be safe while they're healing.

I'd really appreciate your help, although the Headmaster and one of the students are going to help, too. In fact, one of the instructors has been staying with me while he heals up from a real bad illness. I think you'll like him. I sure do. Please let me know if you can come and when. I'll meet your train.

Oh, and bring your camping gear. Severus needs the bed.

Love, Hagrid


I read it over twice and decided that it would have to do. I wanted the twins to meet Sev first before I took him home to meet the folks. With my family, it would be better to kind of get him used to a few at a time. Like I'd told him before, we could be real noisy. I rolled it up and made it small, going outside to find someone to take it north. The same Greeley wren who'd taken my letter to the Headmaster chirped a yes and swallowed it up before taking wing.

Sev was taking a nap so I checked on him before heading for the side of the cottage where the new library bedroom would be. We'd decided that it would be better to have that room and the animal hospital on opposite sides of the cottage. Safer, too. I could see Sev being disturbed by the warble of a drunk phoenix. Those crazy creatures love the malt liquor and they can be right rude singers when they're pissed.

Or the whistling of a wounded snipe. Or the bellowing of a molting sphinx. Poor things can't help being smelly and noisy but with a good spell or two, our bedroom would be real quiet. I smiled while I began digging down further. The potions lab would be here and I wanted it nice and deep for Sev, about fifteen feet down would give us a good foundation where a hellbender or two could over-winter with us.

They would keep it warm for him and also have a safe place to hide. While I was at it, I'd decided to tunnel under the rest of the cottage too so they could swarm in and out without bothering anybody. That would go a long way towards heating the rest of our home on those cold winter nights. We were about three miles from Hogwarts and I'd decided to just commute like the muggles did.

It would be safer for Sev to stay here and I didn't want to be away from him any more than I had to be. I'd worked long hours before to fill up my days but now that I had Sev, I wanted to be with him. I had the urge to sing out loud but I've not got much of a voice, not like his beautiful, silky tones. Just thinking about his voice made me hard. But then, the sight and the taste of him made me hard, too.

Everything about him was so beautiful that I just wanted to worship him night and day.

He was getting stronger and he'd actually walked a few steps this morning. He'd had to hold onto my arm read hard but he made it all the way to the table before having to sit down. He'd smiled so big that I'd just had to kiss him. That delayed breakfast a bit but he tasted better than anything I could cook.

"Hagrid," the Headmaster's voice surprised me and I turned to see him and young Harry standing by the pile of dirt that was growing just beyond the new basement.

"Hello, Headmaster. It's good to see you 'arry." I climbed up the incline that we'd dug to get the rocks down where they were needed. "How about a nice cup of tea?"

"We've come to work, my friend." Dumbledore smiled at me. "We brought the first load of lumber with us. Is there some place that you'd like us to put it?"

"All ready?" I hadn't expected to get that quite so soon. "Let's see, how about just behind the cottage with a spell to keep the rain off?"

Harry nodded and trotted back to the shore with me right behind him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the older wizard go in the front door. I was torn between wanting to be there when he and Sev talked and wanting to give Sev his privacy. It's a fine line some days but I wanted him to have anything he wanted and he was surely used to being alone rather than with somebody 24 hours a day.

"Hagrid?" Harry's voice brought me back to the shore and the unsure look in his eyes. "Is Professor Snape really here?"

I sat down on one of the shorter stacks of lumber and gestured for him to join me. "He is 'ere. He's still healing from a real bad beating. 'is legs were all twisted up and he's just now able to walk a few steps every day."

He shuddered. "I dreamed him being hurt, Hagrid. It was awful and there was nothing I could do to help."

I hugged him close and felt him bury his face in my shoulder. "I know that if you could have, then you'd of been right there helping 'im, Harry. You're still a little young to be rescuing Professors. I got to him just in time and the Headmaster fixed him up real good."

He sniffed a little and pulled away to blow his nose on his handkerchief. "I'm glad, Hagrid. He used to scare me a little when I was younger and I'm not ever going to be very good in potions but I don't want him to get hurt in place of me."

"He weren't taking that punishment for you, Harry." I raised his chin and looked him straight in the eye. "He chose to be a spy for Dumbledore and even if you weren't 'ere, he'd have still been fighting for the Light. And he's safe now."

He looked at me with that wide-eyed look that I'd seen a time or two before. "Um, Hagrid, are you really the dragon that I saw with Professor Snape?"

I blushed at the unexpected question. "I surely do hope so, 'arry. I love him something fierce and he loves me back."

Harry blinked at me then smiled that sweet smile that I remembered Lily having. "I'm glad, Hagrid. You kind of fit together now that I think about it. He'll be safe with you, won't he?"

"As safe as safe can be in these frightening days." I smiled at him. "So, don't ya be worrying about what ya might have done, ya just soak up all the learnin' ya can and listen to the Headmaster. Now, let's get this lumber off the beach and up to the cottage."

He jumped up and we soon had it all nicely levitated to the spot behind the cottage where I thought it would be safe. I had him cast the protection spell, reminding him of all the things that it needed to be protected from. We'd worked up quite an appetite before Dumbledore called us in for tea.

Sev was nicely dressed in a shirt and pants with a pair of black slippers on his feet. He and the Headmaster were seated at the table, acting all unconcerned but I could see the little tremors that my lover was trying to hide. It was the first time that he'd been with anyone but the two of us for weeks now and Harry and him had a kind of love/hate relationship.

Harry though, he marched right up to Sev and held out his hand. "I'm glad that you're all right, Professor Snape. I wish I could have helped."

He relaxed just a little and shook the lad's hand. "Thank you, M- Harry." He caught himself and tried a tiny smile. "I will be fine and I appreciate your concern. Although we plan on working you very hard over the next few weeks."

Harry laughed and sat down by Dumbledore. "I've never helped build a house before. I think I like building something up rather than tearing something down."

"Yes indeed, Harry, you'll have some interesting lessons here with Hagrid and Severus." The Headmaster smiled genially and began to pour the tea. "I believe that we can create a safe path through the Forest so that Harry can come every day. Do you think that's doable, Hagrid?"

We started to plan out our work schedule. I was looking forward to building up, too.


"Yo, Gra'." I called to my brother who was currently working under one of our trucks. "We got a letter from Rube."

He rolled out and sat up so I could hand it to him. I was already thinking about where we'd put the camping gear. "Whoa, never mentioned anybody's name before has 'e."

"Yeah, I noticed that, too. Think it's the same one he's been sighing over for the last few years?"

He sniggered and handed it back to me. "I wouldn't take any bets on it. Best let Angie know that we'll be away for a bit. You sending that on to Mum?"

"Aye, I'll no be keeping this from her. She'd snatch us both bald if'n we kept 'er in the dark." I headed for the front office of Hagrid & Hagrid Movers and our office manager, Angie Setters, to let her know we'd be heading south. I could hardly wait to meet this bloke who had our Rubeus all in a twitter.


The building was going faster than I'd dared hope. Between the two of them, Rubeus and Harry had finished digging out what would become my new lab and started on cementing in the tunnels, floor and walls. I watched from the shaded nook where Hagrid had prepared a veritable bower for me. My job was to read aloud to them and if I may say so, I did it quite well.

Hagrid's education had been a bit spotty and Harry was still behind in his reading so I read to them from some of the textbooks that were a part of my library. Slowly but surely, I was strengthening both in body, magic and spirit. I tired easily though and knew that my stamina was almost nonexistent. Of course, I preferred to keep my strength for the inspired lovemaking that took place when Harry left us each evening.

Smiling into the distance, I listened to the birds singing overhead. There was a gentle breeze tickling my cheeks and the pillows that I reclined upon automatically moved when I did so I was never uncomfortable. Really, Hagrid had proven to be quite resourceful in his magic abilities. I thought I knew why he hid some of those abilities but we had yet to speak of it. This place was truly enchanted with peace and healing. I never wanted to leave it or the gentle man who held my heart.

"Purr-rr-rr," Ty, the Nemean Lion had come to pay Hagrid a visit and I'd been brushing him while reading aloud. He butted his large head into my leg as a gentle reminder to cease thinking and get back to brushing.

I chuckled and started where I'd left off after first collecting the hair from the brush and putting it carefully into a sterile specimen bag. Ty had proven to be most accommodating about me using his fur in a potion or two. Between Hagrid and him, I was on my way to preparing some very powerful potions.

"Sev, you all right?" Hagrid's head appeared above the walls of dirt.

"I'm fine, Ru'. I was just resting my voice." I reassured him, watching for the grin that he always sent me. It wasn't sexual in the least but it always made me think of warm, dark honey dripping down the sides of a stack of his griddle cakes. In other words, it turned me on almost immediately.

His head disappeared. "What do you think, Harry? Is it time for a break?"

"Yes, please." Harry's rather breathless voice answered and I levitated the pitcher of iced tea from the cooler out to where I sat.

The rose and yellow quilt bag yielded three glasses, a pan of brownies that Hagrid had baked for us and a box of the chocolate frogs that Harry liked so much. The two appeared briefly then disappeared into the cottage for a quick wash-up. Ru' had shed his shirt and I watched him flex his muscles just a bit for me. That little warm glow in the pit of my stomach was back.

It pretty much appeared every time I saw him these days. I finished brushing Ty's tail and watched him wriggle all over in contentment. But when his head whipped around and he sprang up to stand guard over me, I almost dropped the brush. Casting a quick glance around, I couldn't see anything that might be dangerous. The sharp crack of a limb breaking sent my gaze towards the shore.

Dumbledore always announced his presence with a cheery call so it wasn't him. I groped for my wand before remembering that it didn't exist anymore. I had watched Voldemort burn it to ash in front of me, after all. I was struggling to my feet when two large men burst into sight. Luckily, I recognized them from the family picture on the mantle. I sagged back in relief only to sit bolt upright again.

Hagrid's brothers had obviously come to check out the strange man in his life.

I wasn't sure that I was going to pass their scrutiny. All the reasons for me cluttering up Hagrid's life seemed miniscule next to the reasons why I should protect him from myself.

"Hossic! Gration! You came!" Hagrid had just emerged from the cottage and he met them with a three-way hug.

Harry came over to me and dropped down to sit next to Ty, who was slowly relaxing on my right side. "Who are they, Professor?"

"They are Hagrid's twin brothers. Let's see if I have their genealogy down. There are six children in the family. In descending order, there's Hagrid, Rhea a sister, twins Hossic and Gration, then Royan another sister and Gersey his youngest brother."

"Wow, that is so cool to have such a big family." He beamed at them and I realized that I too thought it 'cool'.

But Hagrid was bringing them over to meet us and I took quick hold of my courage. "Sev, let me introduce ya to me brothers, Hossic and Gration. Boys, this is Professor Severus Snape and one of our students, Harry Potter."

"Pleased, I'm sure." Hossic was a little taller than Hagrid with wide shoulders and a muscular figure dressed in muggle jeans and a t-shirt. He knelt down next to Harry and shook hands with us both.

Gration's hair was almost as red as the hair of the Weasley clan. He looked more like Hagrid than his brother, something about the square-ness of his jaw and the lines around his eyes. He sat down squarely in front of me and also shook hands with us. I was almost hidden behind Ty and I was just coward enough to use him as a buffer.

Hagrid guessed, of course and made sure that he sat down so close that he could touch me. "Well, boys, a letter would 'ave been nice. Ya come to work or just check out Sev?"

Hossic laughed out loud. "Nah, Mum's comin' to check out Sev. We came to work."

"Dear god," I muttered under my breath and contemplated a quick run for the border.

"Not to worry, love. She's going to love ya just as much as I do." Hagrid squeezed my ankle gently.

Gration was looking at me with narrowed eyes. "Didn't I read something about a Snape bein' dead and a rogue wizard?"

I straightened my back and sat up straight. "Technically, I was dead when Ru' rescued and breathed life back into me. I'm also a former Death Eater, spy and teacher. What else would you like to know?"

"Hm, he's a feisty one, Rube. I think you better hang onto 'im." Gration grinned wide and slapped his brother on the shoulder. "It should be a great bondin'."

What? That was it? They just accepted my word?

Hagrid was blushing again. "Um, we kind of already bonded when the Headmaster was here as a witness." Actually we both blushed and looked at each other with what I am sure were very foolish smiles.

"Whew! You can explain that one to Mum." Hossic grinned. "Those brownies the kind with double chocolate?"

My head was still reeling at their matter-of-fact acceptance of our relationship but Hagrid simply started cutting into the still warm pan of brownies. I'd thought the size of the pan excessive but within a few moments, only crumbs were left. Harry was wide-eyed but smiling while they quizzed him about his Quidditch playing. Their amazing tact was truly astounding.

They did what I'd been trying to do for the last five years, accept him as a fifteen-year old boy and not as some kind of savior for the wizarding world. Slowly I began to relax a little and with a start I realized that Hagrid was still stroking my ankle - my very sensitive naked ankle that was even now sending signals to my brain and other parts south.

And he was doing it on purpose, crafty giant that he was. I glared at him and he just smiled harder. I was definitely going to give him a piece of my mind if I had any left after it exploded into bliss. Merlin, what those fingers could do, I decided with a quick gasp to get more air into my lungs. Ty gave a big yawn and sprawled out for a nap, his head resting on my thighs so that I found myself with a lion blanket.

The brothers snickered a bit then got up to pitch their tent near the cottage while Harry carried their bags in. Hagrid leaned over to kiss me and I opened for him automatically with welcome relief. It appeared the worst was over for now. The little confrontation had exhausted me and I lay back when Hagrid left to join his brothers and quickly fell asleep. Ty's purr sent me deep where dreams couldn't find me.


We got a lot done although I had to keep checking on Sev. I knew that Ty was guarding him but I also knew how much he'd feared meeting my brothers. Hossic was giving Harry lessons in stone-laying while Gration gave me what the Yanks would probably call the third degree. He kept asking questions until he was satisfied that he'd wrung me dry. Then he told me that I never did anything easy and hugged me close.

I felt a lot better after that. We finished laying the floor and three of the walls. I'd had a pot of stew simmering on the back burner since morning and once we'd cleaned up, we had a picnic in what I was calling Sev's nook. He looked more rested and at ease with the twins although he was still real quiet. He'd been an onlooker most of his life and this had to be hard for him.

But Gration liked his dry comments and pretty soon Sev had them rolling on the grass with his tale of the first time he met Sebastian the sea dragon. It was just a good thing that he usually shielded himself when he was gathering magical scales. In this case, let's just say that Sebastian's breath was worse than his flame, especially after one of my jalapeno pepper mashes.

Harry went off to Hogwarts about eight o'clock with Ty keeping him company to the edge of the Forest. The twins went to wash up in the lake and I carried Sev in for our bath. I'd already told Gration that we were going to bed early and he just winked and promised not to interrupt us. I know I was grinning but I was so relieved that they'd accepted Sev and me that I couldn't seem to stop.

"Ah, alone at last," I said, kicking the door shut behind me.

Sev chuckled. "It's going to be an interesting week, Ru'. Are they really all right with us?"

I kissed him while carrying him into the bathroom and setting him down. I made sure he was steady before moving to the tub and turning on the water. "They're fine, Sev. I'm the first to bring a mate to the family. We're going to be a Hagrid family first in a lot of ways."

He was undressing slowly and I watched each piece of cloth flutter to the tiles, revealing more and more of that beautiful ivory skin that I love to touch. I didn't have as much to take off so I was in the tub when he finally stepped over the side and sank into the steaming water. He lay down on my chest and kissed me slowly. This was the moment of the day when everything went away but us.

We were once again the only people in the whole Forest. This small space was ours alone while we reconnected after being apart for most of the day. Our washing was leisurely, the soap slicking our skins while the bubbles tickled us. Sev loved soaping up my chest and watching the curls spring up to greet him. That's not the only thing that liked to spring up when he was lying naked on my chest.

Getting hard around Sev had become a habit that I really enjoyed. He'd wiggle over me and pretty soon, I'd be growing up through his legs. I'd given up hope of ever coming inside of him, I just wouldn't fit in there. That had always been a possibility and I'd taken it philosophically. There were lots of other things we could do and Sev was learning real fast what turned me on and made me explode.

"Ru', may we please take this to the bed?" He was kneeling between my legs, holding onto my cock with both hands and he had a real thoughtful look on his face.

"Good idea, Sev. This bathtub isn't big enough." I sat up and made sure that I was rinsed off. I hate the feel of dried soap flaking off me. He let me go reluctantly and I watched him climb out and pick up a towel. He has the most beautiful body of anyone that I know and I loved the long lean lines of him. He's got muscle where he needs it although I still thought he was a little too skinny.

His appetite was good though and he ate most everything I set in front of him, which reminded me that I needed to harvest some more of the apples. He'd really liked the apple crumb cake. I almost forgot to dry off myself because of watching him but he shook his head and began helping me. I was hard as a rock by the time we were both dry. I picked him up again, even though I knew he could walk that far.

I just liked holding him and so far he hadn't called me on it. He'd been a little scared, I think, about whether my brothers would like him touching me. But at the moment, he was kneeling beside me on our wide bed while he contemplated my cock, tracing some kind of pattern on it with one finger.

"You're beautiful here, Ru'," his voice was lazy and thoughtful at the same time. "I've measured you and measured me and it just won't work."

"I know, Sev." I reassured him. "But that's okay, I love it when you rub me and lick me all over. I'd really like it if you came inside of me. You can't hurt me or anything. It will just feel real good."

He looked at me with his head to one side and a little smile on his lips. "Thank you, Ru'. But that's not quite what I meant. I like your size and I very much want to feel you inside of me. I did a little research," he raised his hand and a bottle of oil appeared in it. "This is a rather rare potion just for lubricating." He poured some on his hands, spelling it away and beginning to slide them up and down my cock. "You actually had most of the ingredients and Harry brought me the last one from my stores just yesterday."

It felt so good that I was sure I was going right out of my mind.

"There, that's better." He smiled at me before straddling me. "Give me your hands, Ru'."

I clasped his tight. "Wait a minute, ya're not ready yet."

He chuckled and wiggled just a bit. "Amplificare, consummare."

And slowly, I slid into the tightest, hottest place I'd ever been.

The end of part 8