Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Forbidden Forest, part 46
Pairing: Rubeus/Severus
Summary: Keeping up with a one year old can be exhausting.
Date: 3 May 2003
******** Toby ********

I had to be really quiet. When I woke up early from my nap, I got down all by myself from my crib. It's nice and warm here in my room but I don't have time to play right this minute. I'm a big boy now that I've had my first birthday. The party was de-lis-ius, that's one of my new words. Mama says that I have lots more to learn but Papa just laughs and laughs when I say something the wrong way round.

Gama says her words different from most everybody else, 'cept for Granny. They sound really pretty when the words come rolling out like a song. But that reminds me that I have something to do today while everybody is gone. Well, everybody except for Ara who looks after me. I frowned a little because I needed to go and get my surprise for the big Solstice party by myself.

I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser and stood on the edge so I could reach the top drawer where my warmest sweater was. Aunt Rhea had knitted it for my birthday and it was my favorite-est blue. Mama said it was knitted from a glance of Papa's eyes but I didn't see how that could be since I'd seen the cotton myself in Aunt Rhea's bag while she was working.

Pulling it over my head, I real quietly closed up the drawer and jumped down. I'd probably need warmer socks so I got out the ones that my big brother Draco gave me. They're real thin but super warm because they're silk. They feel really good and I wanted to wear them everyday but Mama said that I couldn't play favorites. The other socks would feel bad if I didn't wear them, too.

My boots were by the front door and so was my coat. It wasn't horrible-cold like it had been for my birthday, just kind of damp and snowy. But I'd need to wear them both or Mama would be sad. I don't like making Mama sad because he gets such a horrible-frown that I want to cry. So I very, very carefully cracked open the door to my room and looked to see where Ara was.

There was humming coming from the big bathroom where we take our baths so I tiptoed out and tugged on my boots first. Then I got my coat down from the hook that was just a couple inches taller than me and put it on, remembering to button all my buttons and wrap my soft scarf that Aunt Royan made for me around my neck. I was ready to go.

The door knob is too high for me to reach but the open-spell is simple and I'd figured it out almost two weeks ago. I pulled it shut behind me and took a deep breath of the snowy air. There was more snow just about to fall, I could feel it. So I'd have to hurry to get there and come back. I jumped off the front step onto the path that Papa had shoveled for us. Once I got past the green house, the path disappeared so I made myself light so I could walk on top of the snow instead of through it.

Mama had been real surprised when I showed him how to do it. At first I thought I'd done something wrong because he sniffed a little like he was going to cry but then he smiled that soft smile that is just for me and Papa. He hugged me close and told me what a smart boy I was. We saved it for a surprise for later when I showed Papa what I could do.

Papa had cried but he told me they were happy tears because I was really, really talented. Mama told me what talent meant later. It was what Papa had when he was fixing one of the animals that got hurt and what Mama had when he played the violin. I like to hear him play and when he and Uncle Gersey play together it's wonderful. We were going to the Uncles home in London for Solstice this year instead of Hogwarts so there'd be lots of music.

I didn't remember my first Solstice because I was just a baby last year but Uncle Gersey had played his memory box for me a few weeks ago so I could hear the neat songs everybody had sung. I could hardly wait for the party but right now, I needed to hurry to the cave where my presents were growing. Jenny Wren flew along with me, telling me all the stories of what was going on with her family.

Running meant that I couldn't talk back but then she liked to talk, kind of like Gampa when he was talking to Godpa Albus. I really don't know all the big words that they use but they sound pretty. Mama says that I'll learn them all when I grow up. I can hardly wait but for now, I was learning one new word every day. Papa picked one out of the big dictionary and taught it to me each morning.

I had to use it at least three times during the day and that was a fun game to play with my friends. The trees were getting closer together so I knew I was close. Calling out to Ty, I waited until he came to the entrance of his cave. He purred so I knew it was safe to come on in. Mama said to always ask to be allowed to enter someone's home even if there wasn't a door. Even without one, it was a lot warmer in their snug cave.

Tabalonia, Ty's mate welcomed me with a little purr, too. She led me to my Christmas gifts and they looked wonderful. I sat down by the soft nest and the kittens immediately crawled out to play with me. They were six weeks old today and I could hardly wait for everybody to see them. I'd found their mama all torn up, dragging herself away from the path.

I brought her to Ty since we were so close to his den. But she was having her babies too fast and even though I tried and tried, her light went out. That was sad and I felt bad that I hadn't helped more. But Papa told me later when I told him about her that we couldn't save every life no matter how hard we tried. He and Mama cuddled me real close for the rest of the evening until they tucked me into bed.

I'd forgotten to tell them about the kittens and when I remembered, I was already pretty sure that they'd make good Solstice presents so then I kept them a secret. Taba had almost grown kits and she'd kept my kittens fed with her rich milk. But she'd already told me that they were weaned and ready to go to their new homes. I took off my scarf and made a sling.

The orange marmalade kitten jumped right into it once I showed him by sending a picture into his baby mind. The white and orange one followed him then the tiger striped one joined his brothers. The little gray and gray-striped girls weren't sure about jumping in but Taba nosed them over and pretty soon I had my arms full. They'd grown so big that it was going to be hard to carry them all back.

It was kind of a long way and it was already dusk. But Ty snorted the way he does when he's laughing at someone and lay down by me, showing me with a picture that I was to ride him home. I kissed Taba for helping the kittens and she licked my cheek with her rough tongue. That always tickles so I was laughing when I sat down on Ty's back.

He got up real carefully and made sure that I was seated all right before leaving his den. The trip didn't seem to take any time at all with him loping through the trees, taking me through a part of the Forest that Papa told me not to go to if I was alone. Some parts are really old and have ancient magic creatures that aren't used to little boys. But it was all right if I was with him or Mama or Draco and Charlie.

I hoped that dragons liked kittens because I really thought that the tiger kitten was just right for my big brother. Draco was the best-est brother in the whole world and I wanted to give him something really special this Solstice. The kittens were getting a little restless when I heard Papa's voice. He sounded kind of worried so I called back to him. Within a minute, he was right there, all bundled up against the cold and his face all wrinkled in a frown.

"Toby, are ya all right?" He said while plucking me from Ty's back. "Thank ya, Ty, for bringin' him home ta us."

Ty purred and butted up against Papa's leg. I added my thanks before showing Papa my surprise. "See Papa, got kitties for Solstice."

"I kin see that, little one." Papa hugged me real gently and kissed the top of my head. "Ya should 'ave told Ara where ya were going. She and yar mama are right worried."

"Had to get 'em 'fore we left." I didn't think they'd be so worried about me. I was in big trouble. "Will Mama and Ara be sad wit' me?"

"Maybe a little, Toby but ya can make it up ta them by being a real good boy while we get ready for our trip. Me thanks ta ya, Ty and give me best wishes to Taba and the kits."

Ty nodded then turned and left for home while Papa tucked me into his big coat so I was warmer. The kittens thought that was really nice and they poked their heads out to check out Papa's beard.

********* Severus *********

Seeing Rubeus come striding into the clearing with Toby in his arms made me almost faint with relief. Our son was trying not to cry but his little lip was quivering. Once I saw the kittens, I understood completely. He inherited his father's need to heal the wounded and with his natural talent at healing, he succeeded more often than he failed.

"Toby, you're safe." I said thankfully while untangling him from Rubeus and his kittens. Once he was in my arms, I hugged him tightly. "I do love you, Tobias but please don't do that again. You worried all of us. Draco and Charles are searching for you, too."

He kissed me sweetly and almost throttled me with his hug. "Did't mean to, Mama. Love 'ou, too. I gots kitties."

"Are these your surprises?" I watched them crawl over and under Rubeus' coat with a chuckle. "Who gets which one?"

"Gots to t'ink 'bout it. But Tiger for Draco, for sure," he nodded emphatically and kissed my cheek with a smack.

"We'll certainly have fun figuring it out. Now, you need to apologize to Ara and help her set the table for dinner." I carried him in and brought him to our house elf who was sniffing a little by the stove. Once I set him down, he hugged her immediately and told her he was sorry while she hugged him back and patted his cheek with her small hand.

Peace restored, I went back to our bedroom to change out of my school robes and into the casual wear that suited the cottage. One more day of classes and then the break for the holidays would begin. After years of not celebrating, I'd entered into the festivities with both feet. Having a child will do that to you, I thought sardonically.

"Ya would na give 'im back, Sev." My bonded slid his big arms around me and hugged me tight. "I think ya kind'a like celebrating now."

Chuckling, I turned and reached up to kiss him. "True, Ru', I can not imagine not having him in our lives. And the Hagrid family must be the most welcoming family on Earth."

We kissed for a long moment until giggles from the outer room reminded us that we had one baby and six kittens now with which we needed to cope. We pulled apart gently and Ru' went out to see what was going on while I finished buttoning my soft blue silk shirt. I'd taken to Muggle clothing with a vengeance and half the time I wore them under my robes. But the chill weather had sent me back to the woolens of my youth to stay warm in the old dungeons.

Did I miss living and working in them? Not at all, I'd decided with a smile. All the warmth in the world was mine here in this home that Rubeus and I had created for our love. Coming into the dining space, I found our son being separated from his surprises with many a backward look. Hand washing was always a bit of a battle since he didn't think it necessary.

Mum had warned me that little boys were like that and she was right. I corralled the kittens in a wooden box lined with a sheepskin I'd conjured from an old sheet. They really were cute little things and I anticipated giving them away with glee, although I did just have a premonition that we'd be keeping one. Little boys and kittens seemed to go together.

Yet another thing that I'd learned in the last two years, I smiled to myself and turned to greet our oldest son and his mate. "Draco, Charles, Tobias was out picking up his Solstice presents for the family."

Charles sighed while Draco closed those bright blue eyes of his in relief. "Really, Severus, we need to put a bell on Toby or perhaps a permanent locator spell that will move with him."

Rubeus and Tobias came out of the bathroom at that moment and our son lit up like a candle. "Draco! Got's 'ou present."

Draco chuckled and crossed to take his little brother in a firm hug. "I appreciate it, Toby but you had us really worried. I was afraid one of the spider's had gotten you."

Tobias shook his head firmly and kissed Draco's cheek. "Nah, Dra', got's kitties."

Charles was trying to turn his laughter into a cough at the taken-aback look on his mate's face. But Draco handled it quite well. "Really, Toby, kittens as in more than one?"

"Yes, six kitties." Tobias pointed to the box on the hearth. "Come see."

My sons bent over the box and I suddenly had the oddest feeling. Toby was growing up and soon these precious moments would just be memories in a pensieve. Firmly I told myself that I did 'not' want to get pregnant again. I tried to dredge up the horrible lack of energy, the body that tired just walking across the room, the hundred indignities and the pain of labor.

Rubeus was looking at me, I'm sure wondering just what I was thinking. Our bond had continued to grow but we were not telepathic. Feelings and general pictures were the most that we shared but that was enough to keep us in touch with our daily lives. His blue eyes were always full of love when they looked at me and heaven knows, mine were no different. If I didn't have twenty potion tests to grade, I'd be plotting how to get him to bed earlier than usual.

But Ara was serving dinner and we all gathered around the big table for the evening meal. Tobias was still at the pick-it-up-and-chew-on-it stage so our house elf made sure that the pieces of lamb and carrots were Toby-sized. With his father on one side and me on his other, he had someone to keep him half way clean although those bibs with a trough were still needed.

Conversation was mainly about the logistics of transporting all of us to London and our pied-a-terre for the holidays. Each member of the Hagrid family had one or two rooms, depending on if they had children yet in Harry and Gersey's home. The children's floor would hold us, Remus and Royan, Sirius and Rhea. The triplets had just started walking so the wards would need to be strengthened on their doors.

I thought ours might need to be just a touch stronger also. Tobias was much too curious for London, not to mention five kittens on the loose. Draco and Charles, our triad of Arwen, Hossic and William, Elfrida and Petronicus, Gration and his new wife Fiona, would be one floor down from us. The next floor down held the guest rooms for everyone else, including the Hogwart's' contingent.

Hermione had said in her last letter than she and Ron were coming but so far that still meant separate rooms. Mrs. Weasley was slowly coming around to all the changes in her family so several of the rooms would hold their entire family starting on Solstice Eve. It would be nice to have everyone together again. Letters back and forth were just not enough for the family members who weren't at Hogwarts.

And I never thought I would ever say that even to myself. I shook my head to brush the cobwebs away and was just in time to catch a tipping cup of milk. It had two handles and Tobias got a better grip then raised it to his mouth. He was so proud of himself when he got it back down without a spill. His smile could light up the whole cottage and it always made me melt just a little.

Dessert was lemon pudding with fresh baked macaroons and Tobias let me spoon the pudding into his voracious little mouth. His father wasn't any better and even his brother's eyes lit up while he savored the smooth treat. Charles and I weren't that enamored of dessert but we certainly were of our bondeds and my gaze was soft on Rubeus' smiling face.

This solstice might be even better then our last one. We had much to be thankful for, not the least of which was the little boy who was leaning against my arm and making the little purring sounds that seemed to be a Hagrid trait. Looking over his head to Rubeus, I decided right then and there to bring out his father's purr. Perhaps I could finish off those tests while Ru' read the three stories that were a bedtime tradition?

********* Harry *********

Gersey was trying to kill me with pleasure. I know that I gave him permission when he asked me if he could try something different but who knew he had this in mind. I tried to move to help but he'd stopped me when he whispered that immobilitas spell. All I could do was lie there and accept every touch from those magical fingers and tongue. I was going to be crazy when he finished but that was pretty much a given with my bonded.

Those long elegant fingers of his were stroking my sides just firmly enough to not be ticklish while his long hair brushed across my inner thighs until I wanted to scream. My shaft was rock hard and had been for what seemed like hours before he licked across the weeping slit and I let go with a whimper. I must have pulsed out seed for a good five minutes before I finally went limp.

He's always tender when that happens. His lips are so soft while they brush across my skin. His tongue licked its way up to my lips and they parted automatically so I could get that taste that's a little bit me and a lot him. I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. Sometimes I burst into tears these days over the oddest things. Severus told me that's perfectly normal for being almost four months pregnant.

"All right, little love," Gersey whispered in my ear. "Feel a little better now?"

I sniffed, needing to hold him but the spell still had my arms out flung and pinned to the flannel sheet. He quickly muttered the release and I slid both arms around his neck. "Love you, Ger. I'm sorry that I was in such a bad mood. It's frustrating to be so behind in everything. I wanted it all to be perfect for the family."

"It's already perfect, Harry." He rolled me over to my side and cuddled me close. "The family wouldn't know what to do if there wasn't something for them to do when they get here. It's not just that, is it?"

I sighed. "Classes this week have been weird." I thought about some of the comments I'd been overhearing, the nasty hateful comments that I in no way wanted to share. "The holiday spirit must have come early or maybe it's just my mood swings."

"Or maybe it's the too high expectations from professors and students?" He said calmly while my eyes widened. "Hermione ratted on you. Harry, you don't have to put up with such hateful little asides like 'I always knew the title was over-rated' or 'he thinks he's so special'. And let's not forget the ever popular, 'fag'. Ignorance is no excuse for most of them."

I blushed hard all the way down to my toes. "I thought that I'd leave that all behind. I really thought the University would just let me take classes and interact with grown-ups."

"Only to find that there's just as many petty-minded juveniles among the students and hateful bigots among the faculty." He kissed me softly and rested his forehead against mine. "Sweetheart, there isn't an institution out there that doesn't boast its share of idiots. They don't know you and they obviously don't care to learn you first-hand. Once they find out you're pregnant, it's going to be even worse. Male births are still an oddity even in this day and age. Severus' was totally in secret except for our family and friends. You're going to ruffle even more feathers when you start showing."

I nodded and rolled back onto my back so I could smooth my hands over the growing bulge. "If it wasn't for school robes, I'd already be showing. He or she's getting so big, so fast."

"When is your next appointment with Poppy? Did you put it on the calendar?" He leaned over and kissed my stomach. "Hi, little one, are you ready to tell us yet if you're a boy or girl?"

We'd resisted the temptation to find out. "She's coming today for the party so I asked if she could just do the exam here. Ara already told me that if we wanted, she'd tell us when they came." While I was looking, I finally noticed that Gersey hadn't come yet and I grinned up at him before slipping a hand around his big, beautiful cock. "I can help you with that, love."

He bit his lip before kissing me hard. My lips parted to let him inside while I gestured for the tub of lubricant that we kept beside the bed. Wandless magic seemed to come more easily since Voldemort was destroyed. But right now, I needed Gersey inside me in the worst way. I slid a slick hand around him then up and down while he was stretching me. I was still pretty smug about having him all to myself.

I was getting too big for us to be face to face unless I laid flat and he pulled me up onto his legs while sliding inside me. And he must have read my mind because when I said the spell to open myself for him, he slid slowly in while pulling me far enough up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. I can hardly move at all in this position but that was all right because Gersey was doing just what I needed.

The long slide in satisfied something basic deep in my heart and body, knowing it was Gersey satisfied everything else. Opening my eyes, I watched that intent look on his face that he always gets when we're making love. No matter what else is going on in our lives, when we make love everything goes away but the feelings of owning and being owned.

From the moment I met him and knew he'd be mine someday, I'd stopped looking at anyone else. Mum told me that Hagrids were one person lovers and I guess the Potters were too because I just couldn't see anyone but Gersey. I belonged to him and he belonged to me and that was absolutely perfect.

His hands were smoothing caresses over my expanding stomach and every once in a while he'd stroke my shaft, which was getting interested again. His pace was picking up and I felt the familiar fire that always swept through me with each thrust of his cock. We burned each other right into the sheets but like Fawkes, we were reborn anew when we came. And that was going to be soon because Gersey was fisting my shaft and moving faster and faster while I trembled all over.

And it was now, his cock slamming into me and releasing his seed deep inside where it warmed our child. I froze and fountained all over his hand while we both shook through our climaxes. If I live to be two hundred, I will never get used to how much like one body we feel at that moment. I closed my eyes and dozed for a moment, the way that I seemed to do more and more.

A warm wet cloth cleaned us both up and I realized that he'd eased from me to spoon around me like a breathing blanket. This way I could feel him everywhere and his hands could stroke my stomach soothingly. I laid my hands over his and rejoiced at his much longer fingers. They made me feel so good that some days I felt like our piano, knowing he played beautiful music on and inside of me. It was too bad that we couldn't record our love songs although sometimes when Gersey wrote a new song, I could tell the notes that sang of our lovemaking.

Royan teased me sometimes about how inspirational I must be for him. I liked being that for him. Peter teased me about being Gersey's Muse and that always made me blush. Still, I could do a lot worse than be a music muse, I thought to myself. I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and the hassles at the university just underscored how much I didn't fit in with the rest of the wizarding world.

"Deep thoughts, little love, what has you worrying now." He was licking the sweat from the back of my neck and I felt like a kitten being groomed by his mother. "Share them with me."

"I just wish I knew what I wanted to do. Everybody else seems to already know except for me and Ron." I didn't want to sound like an idiot but it was beginning to bug me.

Gersey tongued my ear lobe and lightly bit it while I squirmed in pleasure. "Everybody goes through this phase, Harry. I wanted to be a song writer not a stage musician but I fell into my first gig and suddenly I was doing both. One of these days, I'll probably quit performing for the public and just write the songs inside my head."

"You'd better never stop singing for the family, Gersey," I turned in his arms to kiss him. "I'll discover my path sooner or later, I know that." I spotted the clock on our bedside table and winced. "We have to get up now. Family will be here in two hours."

We scrambled from our bed and headed for the bathroom. This Solstice was going to be even better than last years. I could hardly wait.

The end of part 46