Author: Athea (
Title: Forbidden Forest, part 29
Summary: The enemy makes a move to sneak past Hogwart's wards.
Date: 1 November 2002

It felt so good to cuddle in Gersey's lap. It wasn't sexual although my body was taking notice of his scent and the feel of him against me. It was just . . . being with him. We had stopped talking finally and I relaxed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. I didn't want to ever move again.

"I missed you, Harry. The next time I leave, I'm giving you a cell phone. Owls don't work when I'm surrounded by muggles." He nuzzled my temple and I smiled. "I'm not kidding, little love, I felt like you'd disappeared except for my dreams."

I sat up straight and looked at him. "You dreamed me? I dreamed you every night. It was almost like having you there. I kind of hated to wake up some mornings."

He smiled and brushed back my hair again. "Me, too. On the plus side, I wrote like a demon for Peter because I wanted to get back here so badly."

"Will you play some of them for us?" I asked eagerly.

"Certainly, since most of them were written for you, little love." He cupped my chin and ran his thumb over my lips. "Peter thinks I'm sickening for something. I told him that I was lovesick."

I smiled and blushed at the same time. I loved hearing him say that. "Me, too. I missed holding you and hearing your voice."

"Peter let me have one of the CD's we cut so you could hear the new songs even if I'm not here. I've got a CD player for you, Harry. Call it a late birthday present." He kissed me gently and I licked my lips to get more of his taste, while I thought about my wonderful birthday.

But just when I thought we might get serious, Gersey started. "Damn, Mum has called in the big guns. Up you get, Harry, I'll introduce you to some more family."

I wondered what he meant but hurried to get up so we could go see what was happening. We were soon back at the house and the front door was standing wide open. When we came inside, I saw three ladies that I'd never met before. One of them was tall, dark-haired and beautiful. She had a heart-shaped face and beautiful almost almond shaped eyes that lit up when they saw Gersey.

"Dear Gersey, how very virile you look." She stood and sauntered over to us while I fought with an urge to curse her so she wouldn't get too close. But then her gaze dropped to me and she raised an eyebrow. "Robbing the cradle, Gersey? I thought better of you."

"Arwen, you're looking beautiful as always." He smiled at her and put an arm around my shoulders to pull me close. I approved of that and hugged him with both arms. "I'd like you to meet Harry Potter. We'll be bonding on his 18th birthday so hands off unless you want to pull back a stub."

His voice never changed a note from compliment to warning and I grinned up at him for putting a date on our bonding. I just hoped that I could wait that long. She surprised me though and laughed a kind of tinkling laugh that made me want to join in. Her hand raised my chin a little so she was looking into my eyes and I saw them go unfocused for a moment.

"Earlier is better, little one. You will fight for what is yours and reclaim your heritage from the Dark." Her voice was odd and when she blinked, I knew that she'd had a vision. Her eyes went to Ger's and they exchanged a kind of cryptic look. "I wish you luck with this one. He's going to run you ragged and love you to distraction."

Gersey laughed and so did I. "Thank you, Ma'am. I promise I will."

"Goodness gracious me, little Ger is bonding, too?" Another voice came from behind Arwen and a white-haired giantess crossed to us.

"Granny," Ger managed to say before being hugged off his feet. I watched wide-eyed at the sight. "It's been too long since I had one of your hugs."

"Well, if'n ya'd coom to visit more than once a year on me birthday, ya would na be so lackin'. And this is yar brave young lad, is it?" She let Gersey go and gently brushed my hair back from my forehead. "Yar a wee one, aren't ya, laddie? But with a 'eart as big as the sun. Welcome ta the family, Harry Potter." And then I was lifted right off my feet and hugged really well but more gently than she'd done her grandson.

I'd finally figured out that she must be Mum's mother so I hugged her right back and kissed her ruddy cheek with a soft 'thank you'. The room was filled with people and all the chairs were taken so Gersey and I went to sit by the stove. I met the third giantess then and she told me to call her Aunt Illona while she pinched my cheek tenderly. Every time I turned around, my family was growing.

I couldn't seem to stop smiling and I leaned into Ger so he could put an arm around me. When Voldemort was destroyed, I had so much to look forward to. But once tea was passed around and some of those cinnamon sugar biscuits that Severus and I liked so much, they got down to business. And I got scared really fast at their news.


Charlie and I walked home through the Forest. How odd that the small house near the lake had come to mean home to me, I thought wistfully. Without seeming to, I watched my companion's far away look. His father had taken him aside after our training and he'd been distracted ever since. I hoped that Arthur Weasley hadn't told him to stay away from me, although I wouldn't have blamed him if he had. I knew that I wasn't what the Auror would want for his son, money and pure blood status aside; I really had nothing to recommend me to their family.

And I still had an irrational fear of sex that colored everything I did with Charlie. I'd be feeling really good, laughing and joking then he'd say something or touch me and I'd freeze. Severus had taken me through the whole rape once he realized that I was still dreaming it. He'd put me under a spell that I'd never heard of before. I floated between the past and the present and he guided me through the whole disgusting event.

But I was one step removed from it and I watched the old Draco get raped; heard every nasty word he'd poured into my ear; saw my father watching with an uplifted eyebrow; and watched the explosion of green energy pass from me to MacNair. While I was still between, Severus showed me the small tendril of energy that bound me to my rapist and he helped me cut it, severing any link between us.

I hadn't had a nightmare since and I felt stronger than ever before. Mainly because Sev had also shown me the golden reservoir of energy that I now had to draw upon. Did I wish that I'd had someone gentle to initiate me into power? Yes, but I'd learn a long time ago that wishes don't come true. That said, sometimes late at night, I still made a wish on a star even while part of my brain chided me for it.

Charlie Weasley was just as far away from me as those stars were.

"Draco, what's wrong?" His voice brought me back to the here and now.

I smiled a little, he sounded like Severus for a moment. "Nothing, just thinking about the past and wondering what's for dinner."

"Dad said that a new regulation just came down from the Ministry." He pushed back a lock of hair that had escaped his ponytail and sighed. "It makes it illegal for any Auror to take a position on the governing boards of any corporation."

"Really?" I thought about that and smiled. "They've got the wind up and they're trying to head me off before I get started. That's good."

"Good?" He frowned at me. "I thought that you wanted some of the Aurors to go on one of your boards?"

"I did but it's better if they're forbidden. This way I can go in front of the press and tell them sadly that the Ministry is keeping them from helping their fellow wizards. With all the chicanery that the lawyers have discovered, it would have been awfully nice to have intelligent, law abiding Aurors to help me bring my businesses back to honesty."

"Hell, Draco, you look like an innocent angel when you say that." Charlie was smiling again and he gently ruffled my hair. "So, it's not a bad thing?"

"No, it will work in our favor when I disenfranchise the current members of all the boards." I thought about it. "They should get their letters tomorrow by owl. I can hardly wait to hear the screams of outrage. Some of them depend on their salaries as trustees to keep up with their neighbors." I caught his quick flinch at that and inwardly sighed. He didn't have a ruthless bone in his body. "Of course, I've made sure that their children have scholarships to Hogwarts so they won't suffer."

"I love the way that you think ahead, Draco." He smiled again and I memorized it for later. He had the most beautiful smile and it always gave me a twinge whenever he flashed it my way.

"It looks like there's company." I said when we reached the crowded clearing. Raised voices from the house didn't sound familiar and our steps quickened to see who it was. The introductions were numerous when we got inside and learned what was going on.

Charlie looked pole-axed when he met Arwen Innes and I sighed silently. Damn, just when I was dreaming a little innocuous dream, reality had to crash in. I kissed each lady's hand and bowed politely, accepting their exclamations of 'more family' with a little wish that it were true. Although I'd never admit it, I felt safe being a member of the Hagrid family.

After getting a piece of apple crumble, I sat down on the floor by Harry so he could catch me up on the situation. It was the first time that I'd heard of Geil MacPherson and Granny was tight-lipped at his membership in her family. He was a black sheep of the clan and she was practically gnashing her teeth at his further betrayal. Voldemort was using him to try and get a toe-hold into Hogwarts.

Our elders were all talking back and forth above us but Harry had his thinking look on and I know that I was considering a way to let Geil in and at the same time, keep him out. I told Harry about my idea and he grinned then told me what he'd been thinking. It would work and still keep the Dark from the warded grounds.

Now, all we had to do was wait for a lull in the conversation to share our idea.


I licked my fingers and wished we'd gotten back earlier. Rubeus' apple crumble was delicious but his Mum's was pure ambrosia. Without seeming to, I watched Draco to make sure he was all right. It seemed like that was my only goal in life these days. After Severus and I had our little chat, I'd had to swim the lake about six times to get rid of the anger or at least transmute it into energy I could work with.

When I first met the teenager, I'd only thought of how handy he was with Ss-serens. But something had happened when I came back with the vitamin supplements she needed and overheard the little elf tell him that one of the death eaters had murdered his own son for Voldemort. He'd taken it so calmly and I thought at the time how brave he was and how lucky that he'd escaped his father in time. I just hadn't realized that he hadn't escaped unscathed.

His cool blond looks had stirred something inside of me. Something in his wounded soul called to me. I've always wanted to take care of the rare and beautiful dragons from the moment I first saw one. Perhaps it was his name or his angelic looks or his acerbic wit but Draco was no less rare or precious to me now. I wanted to take care of him, make him smile and watch his Machiavellian plans unfold.

Dad had asked me straight out what was going on between us. I told him that I was his friend and that he might never return anything more than friendship. He sighed and hugged me close, telling me to be careful with both of our hearts. I didn't have the heart to tell him of the rape. Severus had only told me because of the direction our paths seemed to be taking. I'd been rather bewildered by his sudden freezing when I touched him even though it wasn't sexual at all.

But now I understood and I would be damned before I ever knowingly scared him. My attention came back to the here and now when I heard his voice. Those cool, educated tones always made me smile.

"Move the gates outwards into unprotected territory with an illusion and with wards that appear strong and sure." He spoke so clearly that the others began nodding. "Then the real gates should be made invisible. Those wards would remain intact so whatever they have planned would happen on neutral ground."

Harry spoke up next. "Then we could erect a magical mirror at the real gates so whatever they do is reflected back to them. Maybe all the way back to Voldemort."

I nodded and silently agreed, listening to the adults begin to elaborate on the bare bones of the teens plans. Draco smiled at me when I whispered 'good thinking' and I fought my urge to touch him, only giving in when he gently patted my knee. When that had become an erogenous zone, I didn't know but it was one now. I exchanged a look of commiseration with the returned Gersey.

I was jealous as hell that he could touch Harry in front of everyone while I had to hold back and pretend to just be a friend. Black's reaction had shown a bit of trouble in the works and I wondered what I could do to help. I understood why he felt the way he did but neither of these teens was the innocent that my littlest brother was. I love Ron dearly and perhaps he'd surprise me but I didn't think he'd survive being cursed the way these two boys had been.

Watching Bill throw curse after curse on them was an exercise in biting my tongue. Only after they were worn out and aching did I get to give them my lessons in the care of dragons and other magical creatures. How sick was that? I often wondered to myself. Rubeus had consoled me when I'd gone to him with my questions. He felt the same way, he said. But all we could do was what we knew best and that meant letting them make mistakes and taking care of them afterwards.

If I only could really take care of Draco, I thought. Hold him, be strong for him and take care of the pain, all of the pain. I found myself looking at him with longing and I quickly dropped my eyes. But it was too late and I heard him gasp. I had to make it right before he fled from me. "Draco, I . . ."

Slim fingers pressed against my lips and I had the insane urge to lick them. "Charlie, we're going to go and sit with Ss-serens while we talk about . . . this."

I nodded shakily and he smiled shyly at me. Looking up, I saw Gersey give me a smile and a subtle thumbs-up. One of these days, I was going to sit down with him and ask for pointers. Later today sounded good to me. The others were talking and dividing up the duties that would put the plan into action. Draco and I slipped out the door and around the corner to the greenhouse.

Ss-serens had claimed it as her own and laid her egg in the coziest dragon's nest that we could build for her. She barely stirred when we slipped inside for our talk. Draco dragged me down one side to the pile of pillows that Severus used when he was reading to her. She liked the Edda Sagas in the original Icelandic and he just happened to be fluent in that language.

"Charlie, I would like to know your intentions." Draco said almost quaintly to my ears but I could hear the note of uncertainty there. "I know that I'm not much of a catch except for the money but are you . . . do you like me?"

Not much of a catch? I thought incredulously. "Draco, you're . . . brave and daring. Intelligent and so much smarter than I am that it's not funny."

"You think I'm smart?" He looked tentatively pleased. "We know different things and you're just as intelligent."

"You think so?" I was grinning foolishly, I just knew it. "You're sixteen and I'm ten years older than you." I had both of his hands in mine and I realized that he was shaking a little. I didn't want that but when I tried to let go, he wouldn't let me. "Are you afraid of me, Dra'?"

"Not really of you, Charlie." He swallowed hard. "But some of the feelings definitely scare me. I don't know anything about making love, being raped yes. Making love doesn't have to be like that, Severus told me so. He spoke to you too, didn't he?"

"Yes, I thought I was doing something wrong when you froze up or suddenly went silent." I brought one of his hands up to my lips and brushed a kiss across his white knuckles on first that hand then the other. "I don't want to hurt you, Draco. I want to hold you and kiss you and make the pain all go away."

He was blinking back tears and he pulled hard on his hands. I let go in dismay, thinking that I'd gone too fast, only to have him hesitantly move into my arms. I hugged him close for a moment than gently held him so he wouldn't feel constrained. He was rigid at first but slowly he relaxed against my chest and I let my hands begin to stroke his back. I tucked him into my side in case I got an inappropriate reaction to his slim weight molded against me.

He felt good and I turned my head just enough so I could lay a kiss on his fair head. We sat half-inclined against the cushions while Ss-serens purred beside us. It seemed we had her blessing too. "All right, Draco? Is this too much?"

I felt the tiny shake of his head and his fingers began to stroke my arm gently. "I was envious of Harry. He can touch Gersey any time he wants. And hug him without flinching or being told no. Watching Sev with Rubeus hurt too, because they love each other so much it makes me ache inside."

"I was jealous, too." I admitted. "I didn't expect to find you here, Draco Malfoy. I've been looking for a couple of years now for someone to be a friend and lover. Now that I've found you, I'm not letting go."

He looked up at me and slowly smiled. "It may take a while, Charlie, but I want that too, to be a friend and lover."

"Then that's what we'll do." I leaned in and brushed my lips very, very gently against his. Over his shoulder, I saw Ss-serens blow a little steam our way and wink a silver eye at me. There was one partisan on our side. Hopefully, there'd be a few more. Finally, I knew what I wanted. And he was definitely worth waiting for.


Royan stroked my hair and I quivered from the force of my climax. I was still buried within her, my head on her shoulder while I tried to get a little more air into my starved lungs. I'd never been so comfortable in my life or so fulfilled or happy. Sometimes I still pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

"Remus, do you think Dobby could find some more of those green olives?" Her soft voice broke into my stupor and I smiled into her throat.

"If you want them then Dobby will have them." I stretched a little and raised my head to look into her beautiful eyes. "Another craving?"

She grinned. "I just have this urge for that delicious briny taste."

"Well, today's the day that we go see Poppy for the three month check up so we can ask her if it's all right for you to have that much salt." I reminded her.

"I am getting big awfully fast." She looked down at the small mound that was replacing her flat stomach. "Wouldn't it be funny if we were having twins?"

Twins? I froze for a moment but the wolf inside of me barked in anticipation. "Are there lots of dual births in the Hagrid family?"

She chuckled. "Yes, there's at least six sets within my generation and four in Mum's. It's a MacPherson trait." She blinked and for a moment I heard a call inside my mind. "That's Mum calling in the Matriarchs. We need to get up and head for home."

I nodded and eased myself from her warm depths. She kissed me hard and rolled to her side of the big bed that had replaced my single. I joined her in the shower and we washed each other from head to toe before drying off and getting dressed. I looked around at the well furnished bedroom and felt . . . content. Such an odd feeling and most unexpected for the loner that I had been.

The wolf in me was ecstatic at having such a large pack and the man part was just grateful for being loved by the family who'd taken me in. The baby still surprised and disconcerted me. I'd thought that teaching would be my only link to children but now I was going to be a father and that frightened me. I didn't know anything about taking care of babies or nurturing them. What if I screwed up? What if I harmed them while I was in wolf-form?

"Sweetheart, it's going to be all right." Royan's warm hands cupped my face and she kissed me tenderly. "All new parents go through a questioning phase. Will I be a good mother? Will I be as good as my Mum was? What if I drop one of them?"

I didn't want to but I chuckled. "Or hold one upside down? Or stick him or her with the diaper pin? Or get boiled peas spit back into my face?"

"No child of mine will be eating boiled peas." She shuddered. "I hate peas with a passion. They'll have to go to their Uncle Rubeus' to get peas. Rube loves them."

We shared a laugh and finished getting dressed. Since school wasn't in session, we wore our muggle clothes and Royan complained that she'd outgrown another pair of jeans while pulling on a loose skirt. She grumbled all the way down the stairs to the front hall where we met Sirius and Rhea. Now, that was a surprise to me, the fact that Siri had fallen so fast and hard for a woman bigger than him.

Royan was three inches taller than me but slender. Rhea was a full figured woman almost half a foot taller than him. The painter Rubin would have paid a fortune to paint the voluptuous red head. If Siri had been a wolf, he'd have rolled over and exposed his soft underbelly to her, which is pretty much what he'd done as a man. He looked the way I felt.

Stunned but happy.

Rhea had gotten the same call that Royan had so we began the walk to the place that had become home to all of us. Odd that the Forbidden Forest had welcomed so many of us, strays that needed a good home and found one within its dark depths. We talked of little things like Royan's cravings, Siri's battle with the school librarian to get more muggle books on the shelves and my lesson plans for the coming school year.

We were so comfortable with each other that even silence felt good. I had my arm around Royan's waist and Siri had his around Rhea while I sighed in contentment. If only we didn't have a threat hanging over us, I thought with a little frisson of warning that I got some times when things were about to go bad.

The cottage came into view or rather what had been a cottage and was now a growing house. I could just see the top of Ss-seren's head through the greenhouse glass and I smiled at the thought of the beautiful dragon and her handlers. Draco was relaxing more and more with his training and the friendships that were growing between the members of the Order.

Walking through the front door brought us face to face with three giantesses. Once we all got sorted out and introduced to them, I almost had my spine snapped by Granny's hug. Arwen took one look at Royan and broke out into laughter.

"Dear cousin, you're such an over-achiever." She chuckled and gently laid her hand a few inches above Royan's stomach. "Congratulations, you're carrying triplets."

Triplets? I wanted to faint but Sirius was holding me up. Mum was exclaiming excitedly and the rest of the family was cheering. Royan was looking a little stunned herself and I could feel the wolf inside of me howling with delight. A litter of Lupins, that almost sounded like a song that Gersey might write.

Somehow I found myself in the big green leather chair with Royan in my lap and the rest of the Hagrids talking about whatever they'd been talking about before we arrived. Her head rested on my shoulder and I had one of her hands in mine while my thoughts began to slow. "Royan, is it all right that they're . . . triplets?"

When she raised her head, she was crying slowly and I almost panicked before I saw her smile. Our eyes met and said all those things that we'd later say out loud. But for now, we accepted our fate and quietly rejoiced. When I finally began listening to the conversation, my heart almost seized. An attack on Hogwarts would put Royan and the babies in danger.

My wolf-self began to growl and I tightened my hold on her. Catching Rubeus' eyes, I saw my fears mirrored in his eyes. When we broke up into groups, I found us paired with Harry, Gersey, Aunt Illona and Dad. Aunt Illona and Dad were talking about the mirror that would reflect back the attack. I understood some of what they were talking about but I was still getting used to Dad's knowledge of magic theory.

It was immense and made me feel like a first year student trying to keep up with the teacher. But when he finished and Aunt Illona added her bit, I still wasn't quite sure that I understood. Harry was scratching his head and looking puzzled so I let him ask the questions. Royan knew what I was doing but she just smiled and kept my secret.

"Dad, how about I give it a try?" Gersey said with an affectionate smile at his father.

"Too much again?" Dad said with a sigh and combed his hand through his silky black hair. He grinned suddenly and I saw again how much alike he and Royan looked. "It's your fault for being such a good audience."

Gersey chuckled. "Harry, you like music. Why?"

The teen looked at him and tilted his head to one side. "Aside from the fact that I love your voice and listening to you play?" Gersey ruffled his hair and they exchanged the same kind of look that Royan and I did. "It makes me feel happy . . . and loved."

"Remus?" Those blue eyes came to mine and I thought about it.

"A good tune can make you laugh or cry. The songs you remember have words that stick with you. A really good song makes you want to sing along." I thought about what I liked best about Gersey's songs. "Even when I didn't know that a wizard was writing some of your songs, I responded to the rhythm and the harmonies that layer each of them."

"Harmonics is the key, Remus." Aunt Illona said briskly. "That's a good description of Gersey's talent. The layering you mentioned is mainly a series of dual harmonics. That is why we're paired as we are. Remus, you and Royan are perfectly matched - harmonically speaking as well as personally. Gersey and Harry are, too. And for many years, Petronicus and I have worked on matching our magic so we can work together."

Harry lit up with his biggest smile and leaned into Gersey's side. "So we're going to make the mirror with harmonics, three on each side?"

"Exactly, my boy," Dad beamed at him. "Remus and Royan are suited for the base of the mirror while Illona and I will take the middle and you and Gersey the top. Gersey, what would be the best instrument to use to keep us in sync?"

"I'm thinking drums, Dad. They'd be easy to keep the beat going." Gersey reached behind him and pulled forward a small drum, tapping gently on the stretched hide.

A shiver went up my spine at the same time that Harry shook himself. The simple tapping was slightly hollow and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The tap became more solid and began to speed up, combining the heel of his hand and his fingers. Royan put out her hands to the middle of our circle, palms facing me just above the floor. I copied her motion, feeling a tingle in my palms.

Dad and Aunt Illona mirrored that about a hands width above ours and in the space between us, something began to take shape. Harry cast a quick look at Gersey and put his hands above theirs while Ger stopped drumming and matched him. But the drumming was still in my head and I mentally visualized a mirror growing from the tingling in our hands.

And within a few moments, it was there . . . perfect and silvery. I smiled at Royan's giggle and Harry's muted 'brill' but it was Dad's almost silent 'yes' that made me smile. He was a perfectionist whose opinion I was beginning to seek. Aunt Illona nodded sharply and lowered her hands. But the mirror stayed intact while Royan pulled hers away next.

Gersey nodded to Harry and the teen slowly pulled his away, leaving the three of us sustaining the shimmering mirror between us. We held it for a long moment then Dad spoke. "Good, we'll try it outside next then practice growing it bigger until it is capable of catching anything the enemy throws at us."

Aunt Illona smiled. "Then we'll let the others try to bring it down. Royan and Harry will both need to get it started before moving to a safe distance."

"No," Harry exclaimed. "I want to help."

Gersey sighed. "I know you do, Har' but if they see you then they might concentrate on you and notice the mirror."

The teen frowned but nodded slowly. Royan was looking a bit rebellious, too but Aunt Illona shook her head. "Child, you're carrying babies and your hormones are all over the map. Neither of those conditions is conducive to holding steady for long moments. The mirror is going to have to be in place long before they come so no stray energy betrays us to the enemy. I expect we'll have to sit there for about three hours."

Harry's eyes were wide and I could see him think about that. "Wow, that's a long time to hold a spell. Why don't you run out of energy when you're using it for hours?"

Dad smiled at him. "That's where age and experience win out over youthful energy, Harry. You're learning quickly but some of that knowledge needs to settle inside of you while you practice control and patience. Not unlike what Mum and I hope you're practicing with . . . other parts of your life."

Harry and Gersey both blushed at that gentle reminder that they were supposed to be going slow in their relationship. I was pretty sure that Sirius didn't know how they'd celebrated Harry's birthday after we'd left. Gersey had told me right before he'd left for London so I could give Harry my understanding and a shoulder to cry on if he needed it. I have to admit that I'd wondered if they'd gone too far but Harry's demeanor had quieted any questions I might have had.

He'd buckled down and studied hard. He was growing up so fast under constant scrutiny and expectations that I regretted the loss of his innocence. But I soon realized that his loving Gersey was the first thing that was his alone. It was just for him, Gersey's love. The musician loved Harry, not the Boy-Who-Lived or the student or the orphan or Hope-of-the-Wizarding-World. He just loved the teenager with the messy hair, enthusiastic smile and joyful spirit.

As much as I wanted to protect him from going too far, too fast with this love, it might well prove to be the one thing that kept him alive in the coming confrontation. I know that having Royan and the babies were keeping my nose to the grindstone so I could keep them safe. I wanted Voldemort dead and dispersed to the elements so he could no longer return or even manifest one . . . tiny . . . little . . . effect.

I wanted a future with her and our children. I wanted Harry to be able to finish growing up without fear. From one or two things he'd asked my wife, I had the funny feeling that he was planning to give Gersey babies. He helped Severus whenever he could and I'd seen him lay a hand on the latest kick spot, smiling big enough to burst. Sirius was going to have a royal fit. But I was betting on Harry and Gersey.


I hated when Father had the others over and made me serve them. I was just a curiosity for them, just a pathetic ghost that Father kept around so he could drain me. Every time I saw the Light and began to move towards it, he dragged me back. He laughed at my pathetic attempts to escape him and at first I hated him. I hated every breath he took.

But my hatred fed his passion and I began to work on letting it go. He would have noticed, I expect but he was busy absorbing energy from all the muggles they were killing. So I kept quiet and did what he wanted while I watched and waited. Voldemort was planning his victory and that was something that I was terrified of. I'd never be free if He won.

I levitated the silver tray with the brandy on it and silently served the wizards around the great table in the dungeons where their plans were laid out. Laying the tray down, I dematerialized to conserve my strength.

"Here, MacPherson, once you're within the gates, we'll follow. You are our wedge," Father said with a cold look at the giant who leaned on the table and pointed to the gate on the plans. "I hope you're worth what we're paying you."

"I'm worth twice that piddlin' amount." He said with a lazy brogue. "The only one on the grounds who might give you trouble is my dear cousin, Rubeus. I'll take care of him and enjoy wiping the dirt with his pansy ass."

Father smiled without any humor the way he always did. "See to it. Evans, I want you to transform and find Malfoy junior. We're not leaving without him. If you can find Potter at the same time, then let Hughes know so he can grab him. Our Master wants Hogwarts leveled to the ground and every single soul within it snack food for his delectation."

I shivered and thought longingly of the school that I'd once hoped to escape to. The Headmaster had been so nice when I met him that I had thought it would be great fun to go to school there. But that had been before Father killed me and sucked out all my energy. I was tied to the family estate now and my only hope was that Father would fail in his pursuit of power so I could escape.

I pitied the two he wanted, Malfoy and Potter, pitied them with all my heart.


I lay in bed and thought about the future. If I was thinking about our son being born then I wasn't thinking of this afternoon when I'd meet the boogeyman of my youth. We needed to go through the trunk of baby clothes that Mum had bought at the auction to make sure that they had escaped the moths. I was concentrating on that.

"Rubeus, stop brooding." Sev leaned up on one elbow and looked down at me. "That's my job and I won't have you usurping my prerogative." He leaned down and kissed me gently, his tongue stroking my lips until I opened to suck him inside. I loved his early morning taste so I concentrated on scouring his mouth clean.

His chuckle caught me off guard and I opened my eyes to look into his. His black eyes sparkled in the sunlight creeping in the window. "Ru', I love you. Geil MacPherson is a bully and a coward. You are neither. You are a brave man to love me and even braver to embark on fatherhood. That takes guts and strong determination."

"I'm no' feelin' very gutsy at the moment." I admitted shamefaced to my lover.

"Then, I shall inject some courage into you." He slid up and blanketed me with his warmth. "There will be no other in your memory, Rubeus Hagrid. No one belongs there but me."

He held my gaze while he moved between my legs and I began to burn while he prepared me for his beautiful shaft. Then he was in me, moving slowly but surely and staking his claim to my body and my heart. Our hands clasped between us and his swelling belly caressed my own cock to aching hardness.

"See me, Rubeus, see only me." He said fiercely and I nodded immediately. "I love you so much that there is no room for any other inside of me."

"Ya've filled up all me empty spaces, Sev." I realized that it was true. The long ago gangbang was like a pale memory that had happened to another me, not something that meant anything at all now. Now was filled with my Severus and our child.

"Good," he said and continued to stroke into me until I fountained between us and he flooded me with his heat. I turned us so he could relax without squishing our child. We rested for a long moment and I realized that I was truly relaxed. Our focus today was on keeping Voldemort out of Hogwarts and we would not fail.


"Rhea?" I said quietly in case she was still asleep.

"Good morning, love." She turned over and smilingly kissed me. That was something I hoped to never, ever get too used to.

But when we broke apart, I looked deep into her beautiful eyes. "Harry likes boys."

Her hand stroked my cheek lovingly. "Yes, he does and his heart is given to Gersey."

"And Gersey's is given to Harry?" I'd been watching them for over a week now.

"He's as taken as they come, Siri. He's been waiting for wee Harry since he first discovered that he liked his own sex. He experimented a bit but he kept his heart until he turned around and saw your godson." Rhea smiled and kissed me again.

It wasn't what I'd thought would be Harry's path but it could have been worse. He might have fallen in love with Snape or my new brother-in-law. Still, there was plenty of time for him to do some experimenting of his own. If we could just get through today's battle intact and with no casualties.

"Siri?" Rhea pulled back a little. "You do realize that Harry wants children and is prepared to carry them himself?"

"What?" I blinked at her in disbelief. "He's too young."

She shook her head and went up on one elbow to look down into my face. "He's an old soul, Harry is. I expect he'll wait until Voldemort is dead and his schooling done but I also expect within a year, he'll be ready and eager to get pregnant. If you've a problem with that, you'll need to be working on it."

I couldn't think of anything to say. I still couldn't bear to think of Snape as pregnant so Harry was right out. I opened and closed my mouth twice before looking miserably at my wife. There was just too much going on and my brain couldn't handle anything else. She smiled and kissed me gently, hugging me to her breasts while I hung on and tried to come to terms with all the changes in my life.

"I'll try, Rhea. Really I will but not today, not when we've got a battle on our hands." I murmured against her warm skin and held her as close as I could. "Be safe for me, love. I just found you and I couldn't bear to have anything happen to you."

"You too, my love." She kissed the top of my head. "May we all stay safe today."


I checked Ss'seren's wings and she flexed them for me with a flirty hiss in my direction. Chuckling, I gave her the okay to fly reconnaissance for us. Draco was already up at the school with Dumbledore getting ready to hold a press conference. I didn't like being so far away from him and I don't think that Ss' did either because she hurried me up when I would have done one more check.

The hellbenders were egg sitting for her and we checked it one more time before I left to join the others for the walk through the Forest and she took to the skies. There is nothing more beautiful than a dragon in flight. She soared upward on a sudden thermal wind and I smiled before joining Gersey in front of the greenhouse.

"Everything all right?" He asked before striding out into the trees. Harry had stayed at the school with Sirius and Rhea so he hadn't seen him since yesterday.

I knew just how he felt. I'd gotten up early and had breakfast with Draco but had to watch him stride off into the Forest with Dad Hagrid and Aunt Illona. "Fine. Ss' will keep a dragon's eye out for trouble. What board did you end up on?"

He snorted and rolled his eyes. "Somehow I ended up on the Shetland Island Petroleum board. I know zip about oil drilling in the Northern Sea but Dra' seemed to think that I'd catch what was off at their meeting next Wednesday. He said something about disharmony slowing the drilling schedule."

"It could be that one of them is triggering little earthquakes to disrupt the platforms." I'd read something about it in the Witches Daily and quoted what I remembered to him.

His eyebrow went up and he began to whistle slowly. I envied him that ability and pondered why I'd never learned how. But thinking of pursing my lips led me to thinking of Draco and how focused he'd looked this morning, reading aloud to Aunt Illona part of his speech while Dad Hagrid looked on with a judicious air.

I had to chuckle and Gersey stopped whistling with another raised eyebrow. "Just thinking how easy it is to think of Illona as 'my' aunt and your Dad as another father."

"The lines are blurring among all of us and I can't help but think of that as a good thing, Charlie." He slowed a bit. "I also don't think it's an accident. The Light is good at drawing allies together and working them into a seamless whole. I want this whole thing over so Harry and Draco can finish school and get on with their lives."

"Me, too." I said wholeheartedly. "There's so much to look forward to. After we finish with Voldemort."


I listened proudly as Draco gave his speech to the handpicked reporters from the papers we'd selected. Dale Smithers of the Naiad Street Journal, a business daily, asked Draco about the reason behind the board shakeups and the dear boy looked properly horrified at the malfeasance he'd found among the wizards that his late father had trusted.

The list of names was new and he handed them out to the ten reporters with a sad look. "I grew up knowing these men and I couldn't believe what evil deeds the lawyers and I uncovered. Their families will suffer, I know, but Headmaster Dumbledore has agreed to let me pay for their children to continue here in school. Headmaster, if you'd explain that arrangement?"

He stepped back and looked at me respectfully while I silently applauded his demeanor. Stepping up to the desk of Minerva's classroom on the south side of Hogwarts, where we were holding the press conference, I laid out the plan that would keep the affected children here attending school for as long as they needed. My internal clock kept ticking away the minutes to the arrival of the duplicitous giant and his allies while I bantered with the reporters.

Smithers wanted to know why I was now on the board of the Cadbury Chocolate Emporium and I truthfully told him that I liked sweets. That got a nice laugh from the men and women of the press and a little quip from Draco about paying me in chocolate. Actually, I thought that was a splendid idea and so I told him.

Fiona Bailey of the Witch Daily asked Draco about the rumors about death threats. He acknowledged their existence and said that he'd turned all such correspondence over to the Ministry and the Aurors. "I have perfect confidence in their ability to track down and punish the criminals. I'm safe here at Hogwarts and looking forward to my seventh year. There's still so much to learn!"

They chuckled at his ingenuous look but I knew how very true that was. There was little time left and so much to be done to prepare Harry and him for the battles to come. Ten minutes to go, I realized and found Draco winding up the questions. Everyone looked excited, ready to go home and write up articles about the Malfoy heir and his amazing grasp of business.

Lucius had done a good job training his son to take over his businesses. It was just too bad that he'd been such a poor steward of his wealth and talent. I sighed silently. I'd failed him badly and the others of his generation. So many lost to greed and despair, I thought. Voldemort had much to answer for but then so did I. Gazing at Draco, I saw an almost affectionate gleam in his eyes when he looked at me.

Redemption was perhaps at hand.


I could tell that Sirius wanted to talk to me but I wasn't ready to talk to him. He was being stubborn about me being gay and really disgruntled about Gersey. Part of me understood but part of me was impatient and just wanted him to accept that I loved Gersey and move on. But that wasn't happening yet and I was praying that Rhea got pregnant really soon so he'd concentrate on something else.

Moving slowly, I finished the last position and lay breathing. Gersey's book on yoga had been a real revelation. I'd tried rushing each position but that didn't work. When I asked him for help, he went through them with me very, very slowly. I felt really stretched and limp when we were done and that felt good, not as good as flying but a close second.

Now I enjoyed the yoga just for itself and did at least an hour a day. Today was going to be frightening so I made sure that I moved really slowly, thinking only of each move. I had no desire to think too far ahead because then I'd just worry. I wasn't worried about me but about all of the family, any of whom could be hurt or killed. Unlike some of my classmates, I knew there was nothing exciting about battling the Dark.

It was scary business and people died. People I knew and liked had already died.

I set my jaw, no one I loved would die today. I would follow orders even though I wanted to stay with Ger, holding up the mirror. But Dumbledore was pretty sure that coming to Hogwarts to get Draco and me was the reason for their push. Severus and Mum had told us the stories of Samhain sacrifices and I knew that we were just what Voldemort wanted.

Almost as if I'd heard him give the orders in his hissing voice, I shivered and sat up. I had time for a quick shower and then I'd head for the press conference so we'd all be together when the attack hit. Grabbing a towel, I thought about raising the mirror earlier and leaving Dad, Ger and Remus there to hold it up. Ducking under the stinging water, I wasn't even hard, the way I usually was when I'd been thinking about Gersey.

Once we were done with this attack, I was going to wrap myself around him and not let go for a day. I soaped and rinsed, getting out and drying off quickly. Dressing took two minutes and then I was flying down the stairs and across the lawn to the great hall where the Headmaster and Draco, with all the reporters should be.

I didn't want to be late. We needed witnesses to this attack so the wizarding world at large would know just what was happening. Voldemort was real and everyone needed to know that.


Baffling people with bullshit was one of my very favorite things, I thought with another smile at Fiona Bailey. She was a beautiful witch with raven black hair and the most beautiful green eyes so I was flirting shyly the way I'd been trained by my mother. For a moment I thought of Narcissa, she hadn't wanted to be a mother or even acknowledge that she could have a sixteen year old son.

But she didn't deserve to die, tortured by a big green lizard with delusions of grandeur. So now I was going to help bring him down in part for her but mostly so none of my new family or friends would get hurt. The other students really had no idea of the evil and death that followed Voldemort. But Harry did and I smiled at his entrance into the great hall.

The reporters were stunned for a moment then looked surreptitiously between us when Harry came over to me and stood close. I smiled at him then spoke to our audience. "Harry, do you mind if I tell them what board you're going to be on?"

"Let me, Draco." He ran a hand through that silky black hair of his and grinned at them. "I chose the board of the Manchester United Quidditch team that the Malfoys have owned since almost the beginning of the franchise. It's going to be great fun to see how a professional team works."

"Will you be flying with them, Mr. Potter?" Fiona asked while her colleagues were still stunned. "Are the two of you friends?"

"Harry and I have been flying against each other for six years now. We know each other pretty well and yes, I do consider us friends. He was there for me when I became an orphan." I'd known what I wanted to say earlier but somehow saying it made the pain come back for a moment, sharper than ever.

Harry just threw his arm around my shoulders and squeezed once. "We're friends."

"And your flying?" Smithers asked avidly.

"I'd love to fly with them some practice but Quidditch is still a game and not what I want to have as my career." Harry said with a smile. "I'm still deciding what that will be."

"Now boys, we need to let these ladies and gentlemen get on with their stories. And you too have some homework, I believe." Dumbledore smiled at all of us and began moving them towards the doors.

And that's when we heard the explosions.

Fiona Bailey

I was badly frightened by the sounds of explosions but the two young men who I'd just been interviewing straightened up like hunters and sped for the door, the Headmaster right behind them. Dale took off after them and I wasn't going to let him scoop me on this story. The others followed me out of the hall and we saw through the gates of Hogwarts a battle raging.

There were giants and wizards in black with glowing wands and colored trails of spells zapping through the air. If I didn't get fried in the next few moments, I was going to have an even better story than I had right now. There were two giants trading blows and around them were the oddest group of wizards dueling that I'd ever seen. Short and tall, dark and red-haired, male and female, some of them had to be professors here while others wearing muggle clothing looked to be passer-byes.

I kept young Draco in sight and saw him side-by-side with Harry, their wands at the ready while chaos played out just beyond the gates. It was odd but I could have sworn that I heard drumming nearby. What I couldn't understand was why all the battle was going on outside the gates while another set of gates appeared about fifty feet in front of them.

They hadn't been there when we arrived. A particularly vivid green flash flew like lightning towards Harry and Draco from the wand of a tall wizard near a swirling black hole that had appeared behind the fighting. The young wizards might have been connected by invisible cords, their wands came up to the ready but a few feet in front of them the spell hit some kind of invisible wall and zapped back to the casting wizard like a speeding arrow.

I can truthfully say that the look of menace on Draco's face was almost more frightening then the satisfactory splat of the spell hitting the wizard. The fact that the identical look was on Harry's face told me more than any words just how far they'd gone in their training. And no matter what the Ministry had to say about the attacks on muggles and wizards alike, I was seeing the truth in vivid detail.

If it wasn't Who-wasn't-to-be-named, it was the nearest thing to him and I was suddenly afraid as I had never been before. I saw bodies on the ground and when Harry cried out, I whipped my head around to see a dark haired man crumpling to the grass. Something wavered in front of us and Harry darted to the man's side, taking a protective stance over his prone body and using his wand to solidify whatever the shimmering 'thing' was.

Dumbledore hurried forward with Draco and I saw a full-grown mastiff break free of the conflict and head straight for the young Malfoy. I shouted a warning and the blond had his wand up in a heartbeat. When the dog sprang, he was met with a curse that I'd never heard before. He twisted in midair and hung there before crashing to earth and beginning to change.

The Headmaster added something to the curse and the animagus froze half-transformed and immobile. The cries of curses flew through the air and spells were sent and countered in less time than it took to see them. I was getting dizzy trying to watch it all when suddenly it was over. The bad wizards dove through the black hole and disappeared, leaving behind some bodies and scorched grass.

Only then did the Aurors appear but I followed Dumbledore over to Harry and the fallen wizard. Thankfully, he was sitting up with Harry's help and I was almost knocked over by a dark-haired woman calling out, "Remus!"

"He's all right, Royan, just knocked out." Harry told her and she sank down to his side, gathering him into her arms.

"Sweetheart," the wizard said, "I'm fine. Really, I am."

"Oh, Remus," she burst into tears and he cuddled her close.

I was jealous as Hades. They looked so sweet together and if I wasn't mistaken, she was pregnant. My mother would take one look and give me her lecture on finding a nice wizard and settling down. My biological clock was ticking but I liked what I was doing, reporting the news of the wizarding world. There weren't too many men out there who'd be willing to have a two career marriage.

At least I hadn't met many and I'd met a lot, just never the right one. While I was watching that little reunion, I looked up and saw the most beautiful man I'd ever seen come striding across to the couple. Blinking, I wondered who he was and if I could get his phone number.

"Harry, are you all right?" Were the first words out of his mouth and I watched him hug the young wizard while my jaw dropped to the ground.

Why were all the good ones married or gay, I wailed silently? Sighing, I got a little closer to eavesdrop on the conversation going on in front of me. Dumbledore was conversing with an older gentleman and a female giant with snow-white hair. They were talking about a mirror and its success with terms that I was going to have to look up later. It was some kind of magic that I'd never heard of.


I held Harry and said a grateful prayer to the Goddess-who-looks-after-young-wizards. This could have gone bad in a big way and it was a good test of what we could expect in the next battle. I hoped that one would be the final battle. It better be. Remembering the reporters, I took a quick look around and found a pretty woman giving me an interested look.

'Too late, I'm taken', I thought with satisfaction but put a little distance between my little love and me. We weren't quite ready to out ourselves on the wizard news. "Harry, we'd better see to Ru."

"Oh, wow!" Harry dropped his arms and turned to where Ru and Geil had been fighting. "I forgot all about the MacPherson, I was so worried about keeping the mirror up."

We hurried over to where Ru was sitting on the big red-haired giant who'd hurt him so badly when I was just a child. Severus was going to take one look at his bonded and go into full protective mode. Geil was cursing up a storm while my brother calmly broke his captured wand into tiny little pieces.

Ru sported a black eye that was already swelling shut, a gash on one cheek, a ripped sleeve that showed a slowly bleeding gash from a knife and his left knee looked swollen. Geil looked much worse and I smiled at my big brother, glad that he'd finally put the last of his bad memories behind him.

"Good job, 'arry, ya keepin' the mirror up like that." Ru' squinted up at us and Harry beamed at him. "Any of ya seen Granny? She said something about taking care of Geil, 'ere."

The giant blanched and flinched when he heard Granny's dulcet tones from behind us. "Aye, Rubeus, I'm 'ere and so's the others. If ya'd be so kind as to stand up, we'll take 'im from 'ere."

I gave Ru a hand up and he stood with a wince while I wrapped my arm around him so he could take the weight off his sore knee. Harry moved to his other side and offered his shoulder to Ru. That might have looked silly because of their disparate heights and weights but all I could think was my love's great big heart was manifesting again.

"Geil MacPherson, ye no longer are a member of our clan. Ye be exiled as of this moment. No one shall give ye aid or shelter and if we need ta, we'll testify agin ye at your trial." Granny had never sounded so cold before.

"I witness, sister." Aunt Illona said quietly, appearing on his other side.

"I witness, sisters." Arwen stated from my other side. "Bonded by earth and rain."

"Bonded by flame and wind."

"Bonded in darkness and in light, ye are cast out of our clan forever." Granny finished up while all three of their wands cast a gray spell that covered his body like a fine ash. Then she imperiously beckoned to Auror Weasley. "Ye can 'ave this one now."

He bowed to her and called over two other Aurors to wrap him in bindings and transport him away. "Thank you, Ma'am. I'm sorry that you had to do that."

"Aye, I'm sorry as weel." Granny sighed and looked her age for a moment. Aunt Illona put an arm around her and Arwen joined the hug. "Is there any more that we can do to help ye 'ere, Arthur?"

"No, Ma'am, we've got them well in hand. Headmaster Dumbledore will come with us to undo the spell on Nigel Evans so we can question him." He bowed again and turned back to the animagus who'd been heading for Draco.

I looked around and saw Draco and Charlie standing with the good looking reporter that had been giving me the eye earlier. She was asking eager questions and I had the feeling that this battle was going to be all over the newspapers for some time to come. But for now, we needed to get Ru to his cottage so Poppy could tend to him. I called to Hossic who was being interviewed by two of the covey of reporters that had scattered to talk to all of us.

He nodded and smiled down at the man who was interviewing him, saying something and then striding over. "Well, you did good, big brother. But we'd best get you cleaned up before," he caught himself, ". . . your bonded sees you or we'll be in big trouble. Harry, I can take that side if you'd like to go and check on Remus?"

My little love smiled and let Hossic slip into his place before heading back to my brother-in-law and sister. Two Aurors were binding the animagus when suddenly he began to curse in a slow steady voice that was half-human and half-dog. The Aurors froze and we all had our wands up to the ready when a black cloud seemed to pour from his mouth and head for Harry.

I dropped Rubeus' arm and sprinted for my little love, afraid I'd be too late. But Draco was suddenly there by his side and together they raised their wands and chanted the curse-breaker that would send it back to him. The blackness hung in the air for a long moment, giving me time to reach them and reinforce their counter spell. Then it flowed back into wizard.

Suddenly he began to swell and I saw his eyes go from blank to knowing. "Master!" He cried out but he just kept on blowing up like a human balloon until with a pop he exploded into a million pieces.


I was afraid that I was going to throw up but I held on hard to my control, sneaking a look at Draco to see if he had the same urge. He was pretty tightlipped but he was swallowing hard so that made me feel better. I could feel Gersey's warmth behind me and I wanted to lean back so much but I knew that would look bad so I didn't. But when he hugged me close and I saw Charlie hugging Draco, I knew it would be all right.

Turning into him, I slid my arms around his waist and buried my head in his chest. There was a little pitter-patter sound that made me go nauseas. It was raining body parts and that was just sick. Then I had a sudden horrible thought and raised my head. "Gersey, it wasn't our counter spell, was it?"

"No, Harry, it wasn't." Gersey sounded angry and tired. "It's something Voldemort did through a link with him. The Dark Lord doesn't forgive failure."

"Then I hope MacNair is writhing in Hades right now." Draco said quietly from the safety of Charlie's arms.

"We can only hope, Dra'." The dragon handler said just as quietly, stroking the blond hair beneath his hand. "Dad, I want to get them away from here. Is it all right if we go?"

I saw Arthur pat both their shoulders and smile at Draco. "Yes, go and wash away this horrible sight. Draco, you did a fine job today. I'm proud of all of you."

"Auror Weasley, is the Ministry now acknowledging the return of . . . the Dark Lord?" The pretty reporter who'd come up behind him hesitated then swept on. "Is this the beginning of new warfare between wizards?"

Arthur smiled at her grimly and moved towards her and the other reporters with Dumbledore approaching from the other side, so we could make our escape to the Quidditch locker rooms. I was starting to shiver a little even though the day was warm. Gersey stripped me bare and had me under the hot water inside of two minutes. I shook hard but slowly the heat began to get through.

He had his shirt off so it didn't get wet and he never once let go of me. Slowly my legs felt less like noodles and more like they'd hold me up. I picked up the soap and hurriedly washed away the nastiness that curses left behind, even though we'd countered them all. I didn't want to think about that right now so I concentrated on making sure that all of me was clean.

"That's enough, Harry, there's nothing left of them on you." Gersey's voice woke me up from my hard scrubbing and I dropped the soap. "It's all right, little love. I've got you."

He turned off the water and wrapped a warm towel around me, lifting me up and carrying me over to a bench. Then he sat down with me in his lap and hugged me close, rocking me while I cried a little into the wiry curls on his chest. "It's never going to end, Ger'. He's always going to be out there plotting to kill us all."

"No, he won't, sweetheart." Gersey kissed my temple and I turned so I could taste him again. His lips are always so warm that I wanted to crawl inside of him and never come out. He kissed me for a long moment before pulling away and looking into my eyes. "Harry, we beat him today with only a few casualties that can be healed. The Light is getting stronger with each new convert to our cause. And I think we converted a few more today. The press saw for themselves what he can do, what he wants to do."

I nodded. "They won't let the Ministry hush this up, will they?"

He smiled and rubbed the towel over my back. "Twelve good reporters from as many newspapers? The Ministry is going to have to finally acknowledge what's happening. Maybe that idiot Fudge will get the boot and someone intelligent take his place?"

"Good, I've never liked him." I said vindictively. "He's always so condescending to everyone. He was really rude to Rubeus once." I stilled. "Oh no, we left Ru with just Hossic."

"Gration was headed towards them when I got you away, little love. Ru is probably being fussed over as we speak. Sev was waiting for them in the old cottage so I know that he's being well taken care of. The twins will make sure that nobody who shouldn't knows that he's there." He finished rubbing my back and started on my front.

I turned on faster than a light bulb. He noticed and suddenly I had a lumpy lap to sit on. Kissing him again, I pushed inside of his warm mouth and tasted everything that I loved about him. His callused hand slowly stroked my cock from tip to root then back up again while I shivered but in a good way. I moaned a little because it felt so good and he swallowed it up like I wished he'd do the rest of me.

We had to breathe finally and with a last gentle squeeze, I came and came and came while he whispered how much he loved me and scattered kisses over my face. I wanted to sleep for a week but I also didn't want to let go. Dumbledore's voice from the other side of the door told us that the reporters were gone and we were going to meet in the great hall for a debriefing in half an hour. Gersey called back that we'd be there.

I sat up straight and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "Thank you, Ger. I love you."

"I love you too, Harry Potter, and I always will." He kissed me and we both smiled.

Then we got up and finished cleaning so we could join the others.

A Spy

A small black widow spider crept through the tall grass and around smoking pieces of shriveled flesh. He shivered but kept on going. Evans had failed, he would not. None but he, MacNair and Voldemort had known that two animagi were going in to find the two young wizards that were wanted.

It was a long journey towards the school and he had to dodge some of the many pairs of feet that were moving to and from the main building. Once there he would spin a web and wait for them to come to him. The port key that he had around his neck would transport them straight to MacNair's manor house.

He dreamed of the reward that his Master had promised him. Wealth and power would be his when Voldemort ruled the world. If he'd had lips he would have been licking them at the thought of all the young girls that would serve him. The sweet young first years would be so delightfully frightened when he first stripped them.

So lithe with just the beginning buds of breasts and no pubic hair at all, he smiled and hurried faster. They'd be so tight when he thrust inside of them. They'd scream and plead while the blood ran thick between their legs. Oh, he'd taken his turn with the Malfoy bitch but she was nothing but an old hag and he'd barely been able to keep his cock hard enough to rape her.

But his Master knew the secret desires that he kept hidden from the rest. And he'd promised him that the innocent flowers of Hogwarts would be his, all his when the Dark Lord assumed his rightful place. Creeping along, he spied the double doors that led into the school. Perhaps he would scout out the girls dorms first, just to see what would soon be his?

He saw another body part, perhaps part of an eye, and he decided not to take the chance. It would be better if he found Malfoy and Potter first. Voldemort had a nasty habit of punishing those who failed him. The doors were closed but he could wait until someone came by and he could hitch a ride inside. Until then, he'd dream a little.

the end of part 32