Author: Athea (
Title: Little Miss Mary, part one
Date: December 4, 2004
Universe: Harry Potter alternate universe
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Warnings: Okay, let's see how many warnings I can come up with. Underage (this is the biggie), cross-dressing, kinky shoes/clothes, sex - lots and lots of sex, character deaths (just the Dursleys), bestiality (if wolf and dog count), odd pairings, Mpreg, pagan rituals. I think that's about it.
Note: I have no clue where this came from but it's right outside anything I've written before. I'm frantically trying to make up for lost writing time due to the move. And when the Muse kicks loose, she does it big time!
Thanks: Much appreciation to Tinneantoo who did a fast beta for me and caught all kinds of mistakes. Any left over are my fault entirely. Thanks, Tinn!
********* Harry *********



Fear slapped me so hard I crumbled into a small ball.

Stop, they screamed.

Stop, scream.

Stop, the silence was worse.

Rolling behind the kitchen counter, I wished I could fit under it.

The screaming returned but this time it sounded like Dudley.

Go away.

Leave us alone.

Go away.

Leave me alone.

No, no, no, no, no . . .

Pain like knives carving my flesh made me gasp aloud.

No, no, no . . .

"Potter!" The low hiss didn't even frighten me; somehow I knew who it was even though the screaming has grown into a soulless shriek.

Opening my eyes, I found a potion stained hand reaching for me and I rolled to him. I was shaking all over and I could hardly see through the tears. My nose was running and I wiped it off on my sleeve.

It was bloody and I wondered why until I realized there's blood everywhere. Strong arms enfolded me into a dark robe and only then did I realize how badly I was shaking.

"Silence," the sharp tone was little more than a whisper but I obeyed him at once, trying to stop my sniffing and gasping. He drug me across the kitchen tile and out the back door before wrapping me in his cloak and lifting me in his arms.

I felt . . . safe . . . so very safe that I laid my head on the broad shoulder and shut my eyes. Nothing bad could happen to me now. Professor Snape might not like me very much but he had protected me for the last four years and I trusted him.

Maybe I should tell him that?

********* Severus *********

I could hardly believe I got him out of there in time. Cutting it fine simply begged the question - Harry almost got sliced and diced by my fellow Death Eaters while under the supposed wards of his Aunt's blood. I barely kept my shudder from disturbing him. The blood was still there, unfortunately there was none left in her body. Or the father's or son's come to that.

Stepping off the property, I ducked into the waiting Volvo with the tinted windows. Harry clung tightly to me, still not having said a word. Probably in shock, I decided and took a deep breath, trying to set him onto the seat away from me. That got a reaction from him and for a brief moment he strangled me.

"Potter, I need to see if you're hurt." I found myself stroking his hair, disliking the feel of matted blood coating the silken strands. Pulling my wand from an inside pocket, I muttered a quick diagnostician spell taught to me by Poppy many years ago. Anemic, bruised and hungry but not injured was the result.

"You're going to be fine, P-Harry but we need to get you cleaned up so we can get out of here." I felt a small nod and a slight lessening of his grip. Casting a hasty cleaning incantation, I decided to go with a wardrobe change, too. They were going to be looking for him.

Another spell and he started and wiggled a little at the new feel. Even though I'd rarely been in such danger, I couldn't resist indulging in my secret fantasy kink. He might hex me or he might be in such shock he'd let it go for now. Slowly he pulled a few inches away and looked down at the new crisp white blouse, short red plaid skirt, white knee socks and little black patent leather Mary Janes.

"Wow, I look like a girl." Was all he said, leaving his hands loosely linked about my neck.

My throat tightened at his acceptance. "They'll be looking for a 14 year old boy with glasses and short black hair." Another spell and his hair lengthened and curled into ringlets on his shoulders. "I'll be wearing Muggle clothing and looking rather more athletic than I normally do." A spell shortened my hair to above my ears and another put me into jeans and a buttoned down Henley in aubergine.

"Now, put your glasses in your purse, Harry." I slid under the wheel, leaving my hand on his arm in case he was still frightened. "I'm going to drive us to another town where I've got a safe house set up."

"D-does Dumbledore know where it is, Professor?" He said, sliding a little closer to me but obediently taking off his glasses and tucking them into the patent leather purse which matched his shoes.

"No, he doesn't." Starting the car, I pulled away from the house of death and sedately drove west. "I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner."

"I'm still alive." He said quietly and I felt a small hand creep back onto my arm.

********* Harry *********

It felt so unreal to watch Professor Snape driving - a car, a Muggle car. It felt even odder to be wearing girl's clothes. My skirt didn't even cover my knees and I wiggled a little to feel the soft underwear against my skin. It bound me differently then the worn-out y-fronts I'd worn all my life. I had the urge to lift my skirt to look at them but my life was already too weird.

Touching the professor made it seem more real and he didn't seem to mind my clinging to his arm. I set my purse - I had a purse, how odd was that, on the seat beside me and realized I didn't have my seatbelt on. I had to scoot a little over to the door to reach for the hanging part and my skirt slid up almost to my crotch. Blushing, I tugged it down and tried to pretend it was like a pair of shorts.

"Here, I'll get that for you," his voice was still soft and caring and it made me feel warm all over. His hand helped me tug it down and click it closed between us.

His fingers brushed against my thigh and I caught my breath at the sudden flare of heat. I did that now and then to myself but only when it was really, really dark and I knew everybody was asleep. But not even my hand felt that good. I was blushing; I just knew it and I hoped he wouldn't notice.

"We're driving to a town called York in northern England." His voice was velvety smooth and I listened carefully. "I'm known as a painter there, one who works on commission. That is one way to explain my frequent absences. You will be my niece come to stay with me while my sister - your mother, recuperates from an operation. I'll be Uncle John since my name here is John Aberforce. What name would you like to go by?"

"Um," I thought hard and fiddled with the edge of my skirt. "Mary is kind of like Harry. That way I won't forget to answer to it. What kind of painter are you?"

He chuckled and I thought his smile was really nice, what little I could see of it without my glasses. "I paint portraits of famous people. Mary will do nicely. Have you thought of doing something about your eyesight?"

"Is there something magic?" I asked eagerly. "I hate wearing glasses and lately they don't seem to be working as well as they used to."

He growled a little and I bit my lip at the thought I'd angered him. "Those damn muggles have a lot to answer for, Harry. Yes, there is something that can be done and I'll perform the spell when we reach home."

"Are they dead?" I had to hear the words even though I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

********* Severus *********

"They're dead, Harry." I said it flatly and watched him out of the corner of my eye. Driving took all my concentration and I rarely did it but the trains wouldn't be safe right now and none of my fellow Death Eaters knew I could drive a car. No one in the magical world knew. "It was not your fault and there was *nothing* you could have done to stop them. Your battle is not yet to be fought."

He rubbed his nose and I fished out a handkerchief. "Blow, Harry."

Taking it, he blew hard then crumbled it up in his hand. "Sorry, Professor, I'll try not to be so weepy."

"You're entitled to cry, Harry." I softened my voice even more and caught his wondering look up at me. Those lustrous green eyes shone with tears and it was all I could do not to stop the car and pull him into my arms. "Being sad and sorry is exactly the way you should be feeling right now. If you need to cry, then do so. I shall not condemn honest emotion. I only wish I could allow myself more of the softer feelings."

"Thank you," he said quietly and even though the seatbelt bisected his boyish chest, he leaned into my arm, resting his head against my sleeve. "Maybe once it has set in I'll be able to cry for them. Right now, I feel kind of numb but also . . ." he blushed and went back to plucking at his skirt hem, which had raised half-way up his smooth thigh again.

I was going straight to hell for what I was thinking but then I always knew that was my ultimate destination.

"But right now, I feel . . . free and kind of light." His face tilted up to me and I gripped the steering wheel tightly so I didn't do something inappropriate. "I trust you to keep me safe, Professor."

"I'm very grateful for your acceptance." I smiled down into his kitten-like face and was rewarded with a shy grin. "After my abominable treatment during the school year, I feared you wouldn't allow me to help or trust me to get you away."

"You had to act that way or everyone would have known you were a spy for Dumbledore." He leaned in a little harder. "I grew up a lot last month and took a good look at who had always protected me, even when it meant you had to do things you didn't want to. I wanted to say thank you but didn't know how or when."

I swallowed the sudden lump in my throat. "That is quite the nicest apology I've ever received, Harry. Thank you for making this so easy."

He squirmed a little and smoothed his skirt with both hands. "Um, Professor, could we stop for a bathroom break? I need to go really badly."

"Ten minutes to Little Pickford and we can stop for an early tea break." I picked up the speed and spared a thought for his first time in a woman's bathroom. Oh to be a little mouse to see how he handled it. "Now remember to call me Uncle John, 'Mary'."

********* Harry *********

The tea shop was in a small cottage and Uncle John walked me back to the ladies room, telling me he would watch the door for me. I shut it behind me with a sigh of relief before hiking up my skirt and finally seeing my new knickers. They were frilly and silky when I pulled them down to relieve myself. That felt really good and I found myself stroking the fabric while I shot a golden stream into the toilet.

Maybe this was kind of kinky or at least Ron would think so, I thought with a last guilty stroke before trying to rearrange myself more comfortably inside the panties. They didn't have the reinforcing of my old underwear but they clung real tightly. The material behind me kind of eased into my crack and the feel of the cloth right there made my nipples peak under my shirt. I'd noticed that happen once or twice when I was stroking myself in the bathtub. Why did they do that?

My body seemed to be sending me all kinds of odd signals. But I dropped my skirt and brushed it into place before going to wash my hands. My hair looked odd in the mirror and I leaned close to the glass so I could see the bangs that covered my scar. Reaching up, I tugged on a long curl and watched it bounce back onto my shoulder. It wasn't messy at all and I wondered if I could leave it this way once I got back to school.

"All right, Mary?"

I started and dried my hands hastily on my plaid skirt before going over to the door and opening it. "Yes, sir, I'm sorry to take so long."

His smile was so nice to see that I just had to smile back. "I understand that little girls like to take their time, Mary. I'm just an old bachelor who's forgotten what ages your mother used to take when we were kids. You take all the time you need, little one."

It seemed right to slip my hand into his and he led me into the front room where an empty table waited for us with a tea pot and two cups sitting alongside a plate full of little tea cakes. Once we sat down, he gestured to the tea pot and I tried to remember how Hermione poured it in the common room. It was funny but I just seemed to slip into her mindset and act like a girl.

The professor nodded to me with a smile and I could tell he was pleased. I found myself wanting to please him, wanting to throw myself into this odd little play that was taking me far away from what had been my life up until now. "Uncle John, could we stop and go shopping before reaching home?"

"Good idea, sweetheart, we need to pick up some play clothes for you." He nodded gravely to the waitress and accepted a plate of small no-crust sandwiches. "Your mother is so strict about dresses only but I think we could manage some shorts and t-shirts while you're visiting me." His dark eyes shone with mischief and I had the oddest urge to stick out my tongue at him.

"Oh but I like my dresses, Uncle John," I batted my eyelashes at him and wiggled a little on the soft cushioned chair. "They feel nice against my skin and they look so very pretty that I almost feel pretty."

"Sweet Mary, you are the prettiest twelve year-old in the county and if you want more skirts then that is what you shall have." He winked at me and I looked down with a blush.

He'd taken two years off my age and I figured that was because I was so flat-chested. "Thank you, Uncle, but you must help me pick out what to wear. You're so good with colors and fabrics."

"We shall find a dress shop and you will try on anything your little heart desires, Mary. I will enjoy helping you choose." He offered me the plate of sandwiches and I did my best to eat two daintily like Hermione would.

When we were all done, he paid our tab and I accepted a compliment from the tea shop owner on my manners. Whew, I thought while getting back in the car, I passed our first test of muggles. The Professor made sure I was strapped in again before starting the car. It was nice to be just the two of us again. It kind of felt like an enchanted car where I was safe and wanted.

********* Severus *********

Stopping at a local dress shop on the other side of York from my cottage, I helped Harry choose two new jumpers, three high-necked blouses, two more skirts, three pair of shorts, a white pinafore with lace inserts and while he was trying on a dress, I put aside several pairs of silk stockings and a little pink lace garter belt that made my groin tighten deliciously. I was buying them for 'Sunday wear' I murmured to the saleswoman. She murmured back that it was a lovely thought and my niece was a very lucky little girl.

I was the lucky one, I said with what I hoped was an uncle-like smile. But just then Harry came out of the dressing room in a green silk dress with lace on the bodice and little cap sleeves that showed off his tan beautifully. His shy look as he turned around slowly in front of me made my heart beat faster.

Harry - no, Mary - was absolutely beautiful.

"Sweetheart, I think we must have that one for Sunday. You look like a little angel." I told him truthfully and watched him blush. "Go and change while I make sure we have everything."

But instead he came over and wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me tight. The top of his head only came to my mid-chest and I returned his hug with a little more pressure than perhaps I should have but then it had been a very long time since I'd gotten a hug from anyone. "Thank you, Uncle John." Then he went up on tiptoe and I leaned down to hear his whisper. "I'm going to need more . . . um, underwear."

And my groin came right to attention. I haven't gotten that hard that fast in decades. I swallowed hard and whispered back. "I'll take care of it."

His smile and blush were absolutely addicting. Turning around, he ducked back into the dressing room while I went over to have a low-voiced conversation with the sales woman. Nothing but the best for my little Mary, I told her and selected six pairs of the daintiest, frilliest panties that they had. God willing, I'd get to see them on Harry.

He joined me then and took two of the bags while I finished paying and accepted the other two sacks. Once back in the car, I transfigured one of them into a small brown leather suitcase and with a tap of my wand; all the clothes packed themselves into it. Harry wiggled a little and I realized that was his reaction to pleasure.

"Ready to go home?" I asked him while starting the car.

His look was shy but hopeful. "I've never really had a home before, Professor. But I'm ready."

Driving down the cobblestone avenues, I smiled. "This is the first real home I've ever owned and it's all mine. It's been my refuge when things got bad and I hope it will be one for you, as well."

His little hand slipped into mine. "It will be wonderful because we'll both be safe and happy there."

"Yes, we will. From now on we need to be Uncle John and Mary only," I gave him a questioning look. "I know that will be hard but if you can just think of yourself as a little girl and me as your artist uncle, even in your inner most thoughts, you'll be less likely to slip up and call me professor or for me to slip and call you Harry."

"I understand, Uncle John." He squeezed my hand. "It's funny but wearing skirts is kind of fun. I like the freedom of them even though my . . . uh, panties feel odd." He hesitated then slid a little closer. "Is it okay if they feel good?"

I swallowed again and hardened at that provocative picture. "They're silk so they should feel good. They don't bind your shaft too much?"

He blushed pale pink and squirmed a little before clearing his throat. "Um, no, no they don't. They kind of creep up a little . . ." a little darting look up at me while I tried to look benign, "um, behind a little."

Dear god, I was going to come in my pants. Getting a good grip on my wayward tongue, I hummed a little while casting about for the right thing to say. "Silk boxers do that, too sometimes. So long as it doesn't hurt, can you live with a little teasing?"

His blush looked to be permanent and what a delicious sight it was.

********* Harry *********

I held onto his big hand and squirmed a little. "I didn't know that." Did that mean he wore boxers? "When it did it before, it made my . . . chest ache a little." Could I say nipples out loud? "You know?"

He hummed again. "All kinds of things make a boy or girl's nipples hard, Mary. There's nothing wrong with that reaction so long as it doesn't hurt. Even your new dress looked like maybe it made your nipples peak a little."

Sighing, I relaxed. "Oh good, I thought there was something wrong with me. Does that happen to you, too?"

He chuckled and I grinned at the nice sound. "It does indeed, Mary. Have you ever rubbed them while in the bath?"

I blushed again. "Yes, once or twice but . . ." could I mention the whole shaft thing? "May I ask you a question about boys' bodies?"

He blinked down at me and I realized we'd stopped. "A little later, Mary, I'll answer all your questions. But we're home."

I sat up straight and tried to see everything out the side window. Impatiently, I undid my seat belt and almost opened the door myself but a big hand tapped my shoulder and I sat back. That was one of the hard things about being a girl, having the whole manners thing drilled into them. Silently I told myself my story, I was Mary Aberforce and this was my first visit to my Uncle John's home. I was worried about my Mum but she was healing in a sanatorium after her operation and I'd be well taken care of by my doting uncle.

Uncle John opened my door and I got out primly, smoothing my skirt down from where it had ridden up when I slid across the seat. Then he took my hand in his and led me up to a wrought iron gate made in moon and stars. The short flagstone path led through a small garden and up to a bright blue door with a dragon door knocker on it. He had a key in his hand already and he opened it with a flourish.

"Welcome home, Mary, may you find nothing but happiness within these walls." He said and gave me a gentle push across the threshold.

Home, I was finally in what could be a real home. I'd always felt temporary with the Dursleys and even with the Weasleys. But Molly Weasley had welcomed me with open arms and at least one hug per visit. I'd already gotten several hugs just today from Uncle John and they'd felt wonderful. I had him all to myself and I could feel myself relaxing all over while I looked around with curiosity.

The lounge was to the left and the dining room to the right. The hall stair led up to the next floor and the carpets were all deeply colored oriental rugs that gleamed over polished wood floors. The colors were kind of dark and subdued but the furniture looked comfortable and I could hardly wait to sit on the leather sofa in front of the stone fireplace.

"Go upstairs and pick out your bedroom, sweetheart. I'll lock up the car and bring in your luggage." He smiled down at me but his eyes slid over to the house next door and I wondered if somebody was listening.

"Which one is yours, Uncle John?" I let go of his hand reluctantly and moved to the bottom step. I liked the endearment. Nobody had ever called me that before.

"Mine is next to the bathroom at the back of the house, Mary. The two front rooms are both furnished but we can make whichever one you choose more what a little girl would like." He smiled again and I smiled back before walking upstairs.

Funny, but I could feel his eyes on me all the way up and I had the strangest urge to kind of wiggle my hips like Cho used to do at Hogwarts. I liked the feeling that he was watching me. It made me feel safe and wanted. Upstairs, I opened the first door on the left and saw a bed, dresser and chair. It was really bland with white walls and gray bedclothes. But that was almost all I could see without my glasses.

Going further down the hall, I spotted the open bathroom door and stuck my head in to see an enormous claw-footed bathtub, a pedestal sink and a gleaming white toilet next to something that looked like a chopped off toilet. I'd have to ask Uncle John what it was. The next room was done in shades of blue and the four poster bed looked just like the one I had at school.

This was it; I decided and stepped in to run a hand over the soft duvet.

"Ah, I thought this might be the one." The quiet voice startled me and I turned around to find him standing there with my new suitcase and little black purse. "Why don't I help you unpack then we can finish seeing the rest of the house?"

"Yes, thank you, Uncle John." I wanted to see what kind of underwear he'd gotten me. My hair kept startling me by falling over my shoulder and I pushed it back a little impatiently before reaching for the suitcase.

"We forgot to get you a new brush for these pretty curls of yours, Mary." His fingers stroked through my hair and my whole scalp tingled. "We can do that before dinner tonight, which reminds me we need to go to the shops before they close for something to cook for our meal."

I opened the suitcase and pulled out the pretty green dress first. Uncle John opened the closet door and brought me some empty hangars. I knew how to take care of clothing since I'd done laundry since I was big enough to put the clothes in the washer. Ironing was no fun so I always tried to hang things up before they were quite dry so gravity would do part of the job for me.

"Uncle John, thank you. I've never, ever had anything so beautiful in my life." I looked up at him and suddenly felt like crying.

"There, there, Mary," he sat down on the bed and pulled me up onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me. "It's been a long day and full of surprises. Things have been moving much too fast. Everything will be all right, I promise."

I clutched the dress to my chest with one hand and held onto his shirt hard while burying my head into the curve of his shoulder. My stomach had butterflies in it and the cotton of his jeans was rough on my bare legs. My panties felt about two sizes too small and I could swear my shaft had gotten hard without me even touching it. I was confused but not frightened. Deep inside of me, I knew I was safe with Severus.

********* Severus *********

I had very little experience being tender but I suddenly wanted to show him all the tenderness he'd had little of in his short life. He deserved so much more than the wizarding world had given him. We'd sent him into exile for ten years, forced him to fight adult battles while bombarding him with rules and concepts about which he could not possibly have a clue.

And I'd made it worse with my prejudices and memories of a man who'd been dead for over a decade. I rocked him slowly and found myself rubbing circles on his thin back. The fine lawn of his blouse heated quickly and I felt him settle a little closer to me, letting go just a little of his fierce grip on my shirt.

"I feel safe here," his soft murmur came to my ears. "You make me feel safe, Uncle John. I like getting hugs so much but . . . I didn't have any for such a long time."

"I will always want to give you a hug and get one back from you, Mary." I rubbed his arm and dared to drop a kiss on the top of his head.

"I'm not too heavy?" He asked hesitantly.

"Never," I clasped him a bit closer, savoring the sweet weight of him across my legs. And just like that, I started to swell. Not even thinking of Dumbledore naked was going to get rid of this erection. Not when all I'd ever wanted was sitting in my lap in a short skirt and lace panties.

He giggled just a little and raised his head to look at me. Then in a little whisper, he asked me the question I'd never thought to hear from his lips. "You get hard, too? What makes that happen?"

For a long moment, I froze in disbelief. Dear heavens, did I answer honestly? Did I hope he might feel a fraction for me what I was feeling for him? Swallowing hard, I decided to go the honesty route. A flick of my fingers and a small privacy bubble kept anyone from over hearing us.

"Harry, you're growing up and your body is changing to meet new needs. A man's shaft can do more than one thing. It helps us eliminate wastes but it also delivers seed to a woman's uterus for the making of a child." Looking into wide green eyes, I suddenly wished for an anatomy text. "When you harden it simply means you're . . . sexually excited."

"So when my shaft gets hard, it wants to find a girl?" His voice rose to a squeak.

"Sometimes it does. But some people get excited about both girls and boys, which means you're bisexual instead of heterosexual or homosexual."

He frowned a little. "What do those words mean? How can you tell if you're one or the other?"

I chuckled and used my finger to smooth out the little wrinkle between his eyes. "Think of your Latin, Harry. Hetero means male/female; homo means male/male and bisexual means you like both. Your body usually tells your brain what feels good. Being in your teens, you can experiment and see what happens."

He thought about that for a long moment while I kept up my soothing circles on his back. His eyes came back to mine shyly. "Um, I sort of like boys more than girls. Sometimes lately I . . . get hard in the locker room after a game when I see some of the other boys. I kissed Cho a few months ago and it was okay but not really special. I didn't get hard like this at all."

"Ah," I wanted very badly to kiss him but I didn't want to frighten him. "I must admit I have always preferred men to women although they are beautiful creatures."

"You too?" His smile was beautiful. "They have prettier clothes, too." Harry smoothed out the green dress he'd picked.

"Now that is very true." I chuckled and watched him grin impishly. "Some men like dressing up in women's clothing in the privacy of their own home. Will it be hard for you to keep wearing girl's skirts and dresses?"

He shook his head and smiled up at me. "No, they feel kind of neat. The air feels nice under my skirt and the underwear makes my stomach feel funny but good. What kind did you get me while I was changing?"

I reached into the suitcase and pulled out a pair of pale pink panties with ruffles around the waistband. His eyes widened and he laid down the dress to take them from me into his own hands. He ran them through his fingers with a soft exclamation then rubbed them against his cheek.

"They're beautiful and so soft. I bet they'll feel really good on."

Did I dare? Clearing my throat, I decided to go for it. "You could try them on now to make sure I got the right size."

He blushed the delicate pink that made me want to devour him before nodding slowly. "Do I have to change in the bathroom, Professor?"

"Not if you don't want to, Harry. I've seen young male bodies before." I tried to sound casual and he took me at my word, sliding off my lap and gently laying them onto the bed before reaching for the hem of his skirt.

********* Harry *********

My stomach was jumping up and down but in a good way. Severus was looking at me with a gleam in his eye that maybe meant he wanted to see me in the panties. Reaching up under my skirt, I slowly pulled down the ones I'd been wearing all day. That felt really good because my shaft was so hard it ached. The skirt hid my private parts until I leaned over to step into the pink panties and that's when I heard him catch his breath.

I felt a little scared but a lot excited at what I was doing. I wasn't the only guy who liked wearing girls' clothes and Severus seemed to like me wearing them, too. Pulling them up over my hips, I had to reach in to push my shaft down so they'd fit. But by now I was so hard; it stretched the pretty silk all out of shape.

"Would you like me to help you fit them better?" Severus' silky voice matched my new panties and felt just as good.

"Yes please, S-severus. It just won't go down." I glanced sideways at him, up through my eyelashes, the way I'd seen Hermione look at Ron once.

His chuckle was a little hoarse but his hands lifted me up onto his lap again. "Such an adorable appeal for aid will be rewarded, little one. But first I think this would be a good time for a kiss, Harry. May I?"

I sat up straight and put my arms around his neck. With his hair so short, I could easily feel his skin under my fingers. "I'd like that very much, Severus. I'm sure it will feel much better than my last one. I want to know why people like doing it so much."

He smiled and lifted my chin with one hand while the other one rested on my skirt. Then his lips brushed over mine gently, once, twice then they stayed on mine while his breath ghosted over my cheek. My eyes had closed and I had to gasp out loud to breathe. While my lips were parted, his tongue slid in a little and brushed against mine. It felt so good I wanted to kiss him forever.

But then his hand moved and I felt it slide up under my skirt. My legs parted automatically to let him have more room. Those long fingers of his moved the waistband down away from my shaft and then they were wrapped around me. I just couldn't help but moan at how good it felt and his kiss got a little rougher. I really liked the fact I could make him lose some of his iron control. I tried to lift my hips towards him but his hands kept me anchored to his lap.

Rubbing my shaft with just a few strokes, he caught my scream in his mouth and my seed in his hand. Dazedly, I wondered why girls were necessary at all when boys could do this with each other. Severus scattered kisses over my face while I panted through coming.

"Severus, can we do this again?" I opened my eyes and smiled up at him, taking my courage in hand and initiating a kiss on those thin lips I'd daydreamed about. "I liked it."

"We will do what ever you wish to do, Harry, and nothing you do not wish. But we really need to clean up now and take down this silencing block." He licked his lips and I wanted to kiss him again, just like that.

But I did understand. "And go back to being Mary and Uncle John, I know. After we go shopping and come back home, may I touch you?"

He closed his eyes for a moment then sighed. "I think bathing tonight would be a good time for another lesson. Alright?"

I bounced just a little and realized I was still half-naked under my skirt. He was still really hard beneath me. Should I ask if I could help him? "Oops, I feel kind of sticky."

Severus chuckled and stood up, still holding me one handed. His long fingers splayed over my behind and suddenly that fluttery feeling was back so I gasped. "Harry?"

I clutched his neck tighter and wiggled a little to make that feeling stay. "Why does it feel good when my underwear rubs there where you're touching me?"

He chuckled and carried me into the bathroom before setting me back down. He ran some water in the sink and washed his hands first, while I lifted my skirt to see what my new panties looked like on. My shaft was still hanging out but the waistband was cutting into my balls and I slid it out a little to relieve the pressure. Severus knelt beside me with a damp washcloth and began to matter-of-factly wash my shaft.

"A male body has many different places that respond to stimulation." He gloved my shaft and slid the damp cloth up and down while I bit my lip because it felt so good. "One of those places is the same hole where we eliminate our wastes. Every male has a special gland inside our anal channel which responds dramatically to a touch. Your body knows that so it gets excited when ever there's a touch there."

And he slid the cloth over my hip and down over my cheeks inside the silk. It felt really odd but also good and I went up on my toes and tried to widen my legs when he tickled my hole. Then he was kissing me and I hugged him close and opened my mouth to invite him in. I was getting hard again and he seemed to know that would happen because he lifted my skirt and started rubbing my shaft with his callused fingers.

This time he pushed and pulled all along my length while his thumb rubbed my balls through the silk. That felt good too and I came in his hand again while the terry cloth on his finger pushed into my hole just a little way. It felt odd instead of good but maybe that was the cloth, I thought to myself. What would just his finger feel like? I'd ask him tonight to do that again.

He ended our kiss with a slight lick to my lips and rewet the cloth to clean me up again. "You are beautiful everywhere, Harry. Now let me see you fit yourself into your new panties."

********* Severus *********

He was a natural at loving and I was going to go insane by the end of the week. But he just giggled and tucked himself into the pink silk panties, holding up his skirt rather shyly to show me how they looked. The ruffles were a nice touch; I decided and had him turn around so I could see that tight little arse encased in silk. He'd taken each caress with a curiosity that bode well for our future love life.

"Beautiful Harry," I caressed his lower cheeks and he smiled at me over his shoulder. "You are beautiful everywhere and you will get tired of me telling you that."

Impulsively he turned and threw his arms around my neck, squeezing me tight. "I'll never get tired of hearing what you think about me. Even if you make me blush with compliments. I've never had very many. Why is it considered bad form to say nice things to another guy?"

"We're supposed to be stoic creatures with modest beliefs about ourselves." I ran my fingers down the soft skin of his throat and felt his heartbeat flutter there. "While you're here and playing the part of a little girl, you will receive many, many compliments. That reminds me, I need to fix your eyes."

He nodded eagerly and I had him sit on the toilet lid while I went to get my wand from his bedroom. When I came back, he was looking at his underwear again and I thought he'd really enjoy the silk stockings and garter belt I'd gotten him. He was made for silk and satin. Going down on one knee, I placed my wand between his eyes and gathered my energy into a spear of power.

A soft incantation and the energy flowed into his retinas, finding and repairing the broken connections behind his eyeballs. A moment later, I asked him to open them and watched them widen before darting here and there with a look of awe in those beautiful green eyes. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Severus."

He was kissing and strangling me with his hug, all the while thanking me in an excited voice. I laughed and picked him up to whirl him around just a little. His giggles made my soul sing with joy. I'd never felt like this before. Harry was a creature of sunshine and happiness who'd been kept in the dark most of his life. I would be damned if I contributed any more to his unhappiness than I already had.

"Severus, what is that?" He was pointing at the bidet.

"It's a European invention called a bidet. It's for washing your private parts." I was already licking my lips at the thought of introducing him to the joys of water play. "I promise I'll show you how to use it. I think you'll like it."

He grinned at me and kissed me sweetly. "Tonight, please after our bath?"

"Yes, of course, now wash your hands and straighten your clothes so we can go shopping. I think we'll make stew for dinner so it can simmer while we're . . . playing."

He wiggled all over when I set him down on the ground and I caressed his arse with a little slap that made him yelp and stick out his tongue at me. Oh, what I wanted to do with that tongue. My cock ached and I adjusted him behind the jeans zipper. 'Later', I told him silently then noticed Harry's curious gaze on my crotch.

"You'll get to meet him later, Harry." I reminded him and he blushed. I dearly loved that reaction and had to remind myself I was going straight to hell for sullying his innocence. But unless Voldemort or Dumbledore tracked us down within the next few days, I was going to teach Harry everything his body could feel.

"I'm ready, Uncle John." He finished drying his hands and smoothed his skirt down over his slender hips.

"Then let us be off, Mary." I waved my wand and took down the silencing charm. "Do you have any favorite foods we should get?"

We talked about food while walking out to the car and driving down to the local grocer. I made sure he told me every dish he'd ever liked so we had the right ingredients for our meals. The diagnostician spell had told me he was malnourished and I was determined to make sure he put on a little weight before his birthday later in the summer.

Stopping in at the local Marks and Spencer's, I bought him a silver plated dresser set with a soft brush. I was looking forward to brushing his hair. He chose some pretty hair ribbons and then shyly asked about nightgowns. I'd forgotten all about night clothes and felt a frisson of desire flash through me. We took our time and picked out one satin slip-like sheath and one linen flowing gown with buttons down the entire front that I was looking forward to unbuttoning.

Our grocery shopping went well and he carried two of the big parcels while I juggled the rest back to the car. We were silent all the way home. He was too excited and I was trying to keep my own desire from overwhelming me. I was going to have to take the edge off or I'd frightened him by going too far, too quickly. It took us two trips to empty the car and I got to introduce Mary to my nearest neighbor.

Mrs. Tyler was a sweet old lady of 82 who found my niece 'simply charming and so well behaved'. We received an invitation to tea the next day and we agreed to visit around five. Then we locked the front door behind us and I got hugged hard. I returned it, picking him up and making him giggle. I loved that beautiful sound and silently vowed to free it every day.

"Dinner, Mary, we need to get the stew to cooking if we want to eat tonight." I carried him back to the kitchen and he looked around eagerly, taking it all in. It wasn't a huge room but it was big enough for two of us. We worked well together. The vegetables were all chopped up by him and added to the iron cook pot while I braised the beef to be added once the stock had boiled once. With a few herbs and a final stir, we put the lid on and lowered the temperature to a simmer.

"I haven't seen your bedroom yet, Uncle John. And where do you paint?" Eager eyes looked up into mine.

"I'll show you my studio tomorrow, sweetheart. For now, let's put away your clothes. We got side tracked earlier." I winked at him and he laughed, slipping his little hand into mine and tugging me towards the door.

"Yes, please, Uncle John." He pulled me up the stairs but I kept two steps below him so I could see that flash of pink that hardened me so quickly. He knew what I was doing because he used his other hand to ruffle his skirt, making it ride up a little more. "Will you hang up my dresses while I put my under things in the dresser?"

"I'd be glad to, Mary. You know, you're growing up now and when you want to get your first bra, tell me so we can go shopping again." I fondled that pert little arse and he gasped quietly before leaning back into the caress.

"Oh, Uncle John, I'm just flatter than flat. I don't think I'll ever grow big like my friend Pansy." He fluttered his eyelashes at me and I spanked him one swat while he pouted.

"You are sweetly beautiful just the way you are, Mary, even if you never grow breasts." I deliberately brushed my fingers over his chest and he gasped at the feel of another's touch there. "Don't worry about it at your age."

"I'll be thirteen this summer." He reminded me with a flirtatious look and a reminder that he was really going to be fifteen. "Maybe there are exercises or something that will help me grow?"

The little imp, I pretended to scowl but he just fluttered his eyelashes at me. Where had he learned that? "I'll look it up for you. Now, let's get this done so we can . . . clean up."

He nodded eagerly and quickly emptied the suitcase. We both touched the new underwear before putting it away; I hung up the rest while he put the new nightgowns in the next drawer. I had to explain what the stockings and garter belt were for and his eyes got wide when he let the silk flow through his fingers.

"We'll have to shave your legs so they're smooth before you put those on. We can do that Saturday night." I stroked his hair and he leaned into it like a kitten purring contentment. "I'll help."

He put them away carefully then hugged me again. "Uncle John, I'm so tired. Could I take a bath first and dress in my nightgown before dinner?"

********* Harry *********

His eyes gleamed and I hoped that meant yes. I wanted to see what he looked like naked and I really wanted him to touch me some more. "What an excellent idea, Mary. We have an hour before the stew is ready and I think I have some bubble bath left over from your mother's last visit."

"Yes, please, I love her bubble bath." My stomach fluttered when he picked me up in his arms. He coaxed my legs around his waist and his big hands cradled my behind with only the silk between my skin and his. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning at how good it felt and one of his fingers slid down my crack to circle right at my hole.

"I'll stay near by just in case," he carried me upstairs while I scattered kisses over his face. "That bath oil can be slippery." His fingers poked in a little and my heart gave a little thump at how much better that felt than the rougher terry cloth.

"That feels so good," I whispered in his ear and he hugged me a little tighter.

"It's supposed to feel good and if it ever doesn't I need you to tell me to stop." His whisper back was a little stern but it only made me feel safe.

"I promise." I said before kissing his lips soft again.

We kissed all the way into the bathroom. Then he set me down and turned on the gleaming silver faucet in the tub. I felt kind of fluttery inside but I reached up and started unbuttoning my blouse. He stopped me with a soft look and knelt in front of me. His fingers looked so big against my chest and when the blouse was completely undone, he pushed it off my shoulders and just looked at me.

"How did this happen?" He gently touched the large bruise on my lower left side.

I shivered and he immediately hugged me close, kissing the bruise very gently. The almost forgotten pain went away and I smiled a kind of wobbly smile at him. In a low whisper, I told him of the beating Dudley had given me just that morning. I started shaking all over when I suddenly remembered my cousin was dead.

"I said I hated him and now I can't ever tell him different." I tried not to cry but he just rocked me back and forth.

"You are not to blame for what happened to them, Harry." That little flick of his fingers was another silencing spell going up and I made a mental note to have him teach it to me. "They chose their own paths long ago. Put all thoughts of them out of your mind for now."

I sniffed and nodded while he matter-of-factly unbuttoned my skirt and slid it down to the tile floor. He had me sit on the toilet lid again while he took off my patent leather shoes and rolled down my knee socks. Every time he found a bruise, he kissed it and the pain went away. He was way better than Madame Pomfrey.

"You have beautiful feet, Harry." His hands cradled my left one and he laid a series of soft, almost sucking kisses from my big toe over my arch and down my heel.

"Th-thank you, Severus." I was blushing again but no one had ever touched my feet before and my shaft really liked it because it was swelling harder and harder.

"Stand up for me, sweetheart." He urged me up and gently started tugging off my panties.

My shaft sprang out at him and he licked his lips before putting a kiss right on the end of it. I gasped and he did it again. Then his tongue was sliding over the crown and licking away the tears of seed. I gripped his shoulders hard because I felt like I was going to faint. It felt so good I just had to moan out loud. And that was when he swallowed me whole and I yelled and came.

He sucked me dry while holding my hips when my knees went wobbly. Wow, I thought in a daze. He has got to teach me how to do that. Gently he let me fall from his lips and he licked them again as if to catch anything left. His chuckle at the look on my face made me blush.

"You taste delicious, Harry. I'm afraid I'm going to be after you all hours of the day and night to give me more." He leaned over and turned off the water before it overflowed the tub. "Now, in you get while I get undressed. That's if you don't mind sharing your bath?"

"No," I said eagerly and eyed his pants zipper with the big bulge behind it. "May I help?"

"Not this time, little one, I'm on a bit of a hair trigger with all your teasing." He stood up with his own groan and I climbed into the tub without my eyes ever leaving him.

First, he unbuttoned the placket of his Henley and pulled it off over his head. His chest was hard and muscled with brown nipples that looked a lot bigger than mine. Fine white lines snaked across his front and I realized they were old scars puckering his skin. There were a lot of them and I suddenly wanted to kiss each one like he'd done for my bruises.

But then he was kicking off his shoes and his hands were unbuttoning his waistband and sl-lo-w-ly lowering the zipper with a slight hiss. He *was* wearing silk boxers and they looked as full as mine had earlier. Kicking off his pants, he leaned down and slid off his socks before gingerly coming back to his boxers. I was biting my lip hard to keep from telling him to hurry up.

His little smirk told me he'd caught my reaction and so of course I blushed again. But then he was sliding them down his hips and my eyes just got bigger and bigger. It was huge . . . really, really huge. It was hard, curving out from the dark hair at his groin with big heavy balls hanging down between his legs. The dark hair was everywhere, I suddenly realized.

Chest, groin and legs all had dark curly hair growing there. Looking down at my practically hairless self, I wondered if he'd mind. And he read my thoughts, just like that. "Smooth is beautiful, Harry. Don't ever think I don't love every beautiful inch of your skin. Is there room for me?"

I nodded eagerly and moved down to the faucet so he could have the sloped end. The water got really close to the edge when he started to sit down so I quick popped the drain to get rid of the excess. He paused, half in and half out until it was safe before settling in with a sigh. Daringly, I ran my hands up his shins, already liking the way his hair felt under my fingers.

********* Severus *********

My cock had never been so hard, not ever. But I wanted a touch or two from my Harry before letting go so I reached for the soap and crooked a finger to bring him closer. "Let me wash you, sweetheart."

He slid up eagerly, his legs on either side of mine. "I like your hair, Severus. It feels good and makes my skin tingle."

Soaping my hands, I slid them over his torso, making sure I tenderly rubbed his nipples into peaking for me. "I'm glad you like it, Harry. How does that feel?"

He sighed and practically purred for me. "Nipples feel good and everywhere you touch it kind of aches. But it's a good ache."

"Excellent," I said, dropping my hands to glove his cock.

"Oh-h-h-h, that feels so good." His eyes dropped to watch me touch him. "May I touch you too, Severus?"

"Not just yet, sweetheart." I washed both his arms and tickled his arm pits while he giggled and squirmed. "The moment you touch me, I'm going to come hard. We'll save that for last."

"All right," he nodded and turned for me when I asked him to. Long soapy strokes had him wiggling again. "Oh, that feels good now all the bruises are gone."

I wished for a brief moment the damn muggles were still alive so I could kill them myself. But then I banished all emotions but the tender ones that he deserved. "Kneel up for me, Harry so I can finish washing you."

He knelt up and looked back over his shoulder while I soaped my hands again. "Are you going to put a finger inside me, Severus? It felt funny with the wash cloth but really good with the silk."

My hands cupped his tight arse cheeks and I ran a thumb down his cleft while he shivered. "I am going to make sure you're clean inside and out, little one. Be sure to tell me if it hurts or even if it scares you."

His smile was luminous. "You won't ever hurt me or scare me, Severus. I want you to teach me everything."

My heart clenched at his trust and I couldn't have spoken if my life depended on it so I just nodded and smiled back at him. One hand slid between his legs to wash his small round balls while the other splayed out his cheeks to make room for my middle finger. The tiny pucker suddenly looked too small for even a finger but I gently teased it into spasming for me and slid in to the first knuckle.

"Oh, that feels weird." He tightened around me.

"Relax, Harry or I can't go any deeper." I wiggled it a bit and he moaned before obeying.

"Big, it feels really big." He was panting and squeezing around me.

I'd slid in half way and the tight channel clung to me. I was searching for his gland and finally the pea sized nodule appeared after I was all the way in.

"Oh, it's warm and shivery." He gasped and rocked on my finger. "Do that again, Severus. Is that my gland?"

"It's called the prostate gland and I'm glad it feels good to you, Harry." I made sure I stroked it several times before gloving his shaft. "Which feels better, little one, my finger inside of you or my hand on your cock?"

"Oh-h-h, they both feel good." He panted and rocked back and forth between the two caresses. "I thought c-c-cock was a bad word."

"In mixed company, it is but when it's just the two of us, I'd love to hear you say it, Harry." I licked his shoulder blade and he shuddered all over and came again in my hand. His inner muscles milked my finger and I did a little shivering of my own at the thought of how good he was going to feel around me.

"Oh, Sev, oh-h-h," he shuddered all over before slumping into my arms. "That feels so good." He straightened and looked over his shoulder again with a gleam in his eye. "Thank you again but now it's my turn. May I touch your . . . cock?"

And it sounded just as good as I thought it would. "He's yours to play with as you wish, Harry."

"Good," he wiggled a little and I came out of him so I could pick him up and over my wand-hard cock. Once it was between his legs, rising up like a branch growing from his thighs, he wrapped both hands around him. "Wow, he's soft and hard at the same time." I felt tentative strokes down the whole length and then the feel of a raspy tongue on the crown.

I was going to last about one minute and my grip on his hips would probably leave bruises. He was growing bolder and one small hand dropped to gently touch my balls.

"Am I really small or are you just really big?" He said over his shoulder with a little frown.

"You're growing, Harry. The next few years will show how big you end up." I forcibly gentled my grip and moved my hands up his sides in a tender caress. "I will admit to a wee bit of pride at my own size. There's an old saying that nose size and cock size are related."

He giggled and leaned back to rest his head on my shoulder. "Then I'd say that saying is absolutely right. You're bigger than anybody I ever saw in the showers - even Goyle is smaller. I think I like it although I don't see how I'd ever get all of him in my mouth."

I shivered at the erotic vision that conjured up. "You start small and learn a few tricks along the way. But hands are good and so are legs. Tighten them around me now and keep stroking."

He did as I asked and the pressure of Quidditch hardened muscles made me dribble copious amounts of come. Looking down, I watched him stare with fascinated eyes while his hands kept frictioning my cock. My balls drew up hard and with a shout that echoed in the steamy air, I came hard. It had been a long time for me and I fountained like a geyser for long moments before I relaxed into a puddle.

"Wow, you come a lot." Harry's voice and feel of his tongue cleaning the crown made me twitch even after that killer climax. "Is this what I taste like? It's kind of bitter."

"Bland or bitter is the usual description." I opened lazy eyes to watch him licking me like a lollipop. Unbelievable, I thought with awe. Harry Potter playing with my cock while sitting in my lap.

"Hm-m, kind of bitter like green olives. I had one of those once and I really liked it." His voice was contemplative and I fought back the urge to go resurrect his relatives just so I could kill them again.

"The next time we go to market, we'll pick some up. There are more kinds than just one. We can have a taste test." I gently tugged him back to lie on my chest.

Like a fish, he slid around until we were face to face. "I could eat an olive then suck on your cock? Or you could do the same?"

I really, really liked the way he said that. "Ah, you do have the scientific attitude when it comes to experimentation."

His grin lit the room. "Maybe you're rubbing off on me?"

I chuckled and slid my hands down his back to those pert buttocks that just fit my hands. "It certainly appears that way. And it feels like a little more rubbing would be appreciated?"

The blush was so adorable I felt the last little misgivings about this path melt away. His young cock was slowly hardening against my stomach. He wiggled against me and the look of bliss was good to see.

"Your hair is like a hundred little hands tickling me. It feels so good." His eyes were half closed and his hips flexed in and out to get more sensation. "Do you want to put another finger in me, Severus?"

Is the pope Catholic, I kept back the sarcastic comment. "Would you like me to? Remember, we do nothing you don't want to."

"I liked it," his blush flooded all the way down to those pert nipples. "It was warm and tingly and made my insides melt. Are fingers all you put in there?"

I was going to die a very satisfied man. "Actually, you can put all kinds of things inside your channel but you have to be very careful. Unlike women's vaginas, men don't have any lubrication in their anal canal. It's why I waited until I was slippery with soap. There are all kinds of oils and lotions that help loosen the way for one male to penetrate another."

He shivered. "Wow, is that what, um, making love is?"

********* Harry *********

He chuckled again. I really love that sound and I'm going to make sure he does it all the time. His deep voice was like another touch only with sound instead of hands. "There's many euphemisms about making love. I will teach them all to you, if you'd like?"

I slid up so I could kiss him. "Yes, yes, yes," I found another splotch of seed and licked it off his cheek. "I want to feel it all," my hands latched onto his shoulders so I could move against him easier. "And I want you to be my teacher," I could feel my stomach fluttering while his fingers played with my arse hole.

Then a thought hit me and I froze. His gaze went from hooded to concerned. "Severus, is one of the things you put in there . . . your c-c-cock?"

His smile was rueful. "Yes, but you're not ready for that. I'm going to spend the next week just stretching you and getting you used to the stimulation. I think by this weekend you'll be ready to come inside of me though."

My cock really, really liked that idea even though it was kind of scary. "I think I'd like that a lot, Severus. But I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't, Harry, I promise. We'll practice getting both of us ready." His hands came up to cup my face and his lips pressed soft sucking kisses all over my skin.

I love his kisses, I thought in a haze, but the best ones are . . . right . . . there. His tongue surged into my mouth and my cock burst between us. Boneless, I floated on his chest while he sucked on my tongue. Underneath me, I could feel his cock begin to take a new interest in our bath. He was rising between my legs and it just nudged my balls.

Big, he was really big and I was really small. Could he possibly fit inside of me? His tongue fit my mouth okay and I was going to work on getting my lips stretched around at least his crown. My skin tingled everywhere he touched me and I wondered what it would feel like to be connected to him that way. But I trusted him to teach me these lessons and if there was a little pain, well - I was used to that and it would make him happy.

I wanted to make him really happy so he smiled all the time and laughed out loud.

He finally left my lips so he could look into my eyes. "We'll take it slow, Harry. Every touch and caress should bring only pleasure although I will admit the first time you take a cock here," his hands slid back to my cheeks and one finger tickled my hole before sliding in to trigger that hot spot, "it will hurt a little. Just like learning to fly, you need to train the muscles to accommodate new moves."

That struck me as funny and I giggled. "Gives a whole new meaning to 'riding a broom' doesn't it?"

His eyebrow raised sardonically but then he smiled. "I told you there were all kinds of euphemisms for making love. Wand-happy, broom riding, breaking a rider to the saddle, the list goes on and on."

"People stick their wands up there?" I squirmed a little and smiled at his deep laugh.

"Boys have been known to experiment but you will not, unless I am there to supervise." He spoke sternly but the twinkle in his eyes gave him away. His finger was still inside of me, moving gently in and out and the ache was gone completely, leaving just the warmth behind.

"It doesn't ache anymore, it just feels good." I told him.

His eyes lightened to a rich deep brown. "Would you like me to try two fingers?"

I nodded immediately, curious to know what that would feel like. He came out and for a moment I felt empty then he was back with two soapy fingers and the muscles didn't like that one bit. They burned and I bit my lip at the sudden pain flaring into my lower back.

"Relax, Harry or I'll stop." His other hand slid between us and stroked my cock, which had kind of wilted when the pain started. "What does it feel like, a slight burn or the feel of a tear?"

I thought about it and noticed the ache was lessening or maybe it was just being masked by the warmth that had come back. "A burn but it's getting better, Sev." I practiced a little clench of the muscles in my behind and he caught his breath. "Is that what you meant about learning new moves?"

He chuckled and started to flex the fingers inside of me, moving them deeper. "Exactly, Harry, teaching those inner muscles to squeeze around me gives even more pleasure to both of us. Perhaps I should assign homework?"

"I promise to study really hard, Professor?" I batted my eyelashes, laughed and squirmed a little. "Could you please rub my cock, Sev? It's feeling a little neglected."

"Certainly, Mr. Potter," his old snarky voice was back but his eyes were laughing and that made me feel higher than a Quidditch goal. "Due diligence and long hours of hard work will see your grades in this subject improve immeasurably."

I rocked back and forth between the two sensations and was just about to go out of my mind. "Oh . . . the tests . . . will be fun . . . won't they?" I was probably leaving bruises on his shoulders with my tight grip. "Just think . . . you could bend me . . . over your . . . desk and . . . fill me up . . . with your . . . cock."

It was like fireworks going off in my body and I shouted and came all over him. Water splashed around us while I seized up and part of my mind automatically thought about finding a mop later. Then all my muscles relaxed at once and I slumped onto his chest. I could hear my name, murmured over and over in that deep sexy voice.

"Dearest Harry . . . beautiful Harry . . . sweet Harry . . . most beloved Harry . . . my Harry," he said and then repeated it.

I liked that. I was his Harry now and that was all I wanted to be. My cheek was pillowed on his shoulder and I smiled into the wet skin. "Your Harry . . . always and forever your Harry . . . my Severus."

"Yours, Harry, always and forever your Severus," he said against the soft skin of my temple. "Yours."

Just when I thought I could lay like that forever, my stomach growled loudly. Severus' chest heaved once then his chuckle rumbled out. "Well, so much for romance, Harry. We'd better go check on the stew and feed that empty tummy."

I wiggled a little when he pulled out his fingers. "It feels empty, Sev, I think I like having something in there."

His eyes gleamed and his smile was a little wicked. "I like it too, Harry. I may introduce you to a little toy I have after dinner. But for now, we need to get up before we turn into prunes."

It was fun drying each other and the feel of the soft nightgown on my skin was wonderful. Sev put on a Slytherin green silk robe and tied the sash so his chest hair showed through the front v. It was funny but I felt dainty and small in my new night clothes and the sight of all that curly dark hair made my nipples get hard.

The stew smelled delicious and we ate at the kitchen table instead of the formal dining room. The privacy spell was off so we were 'dear Uncle John' and 'little Miss Mary'. I don't know why but I really liked this game we were playing. As a boy I didn't know how to flirt or what to say but as a girl, I was free to tease him.

********* Severus *********

This had been the most magical day of my life. Harry Potter was alive and safe in my home and wonder of wonders, he was flirting with me. It was like the very best kind of dream only I wanted it to be true. I wanted his heart and soul and I was ready to give him mine. The fact that our bodies were so attuned was just icing on the cake. He had a loving nature and I was going to take full advantage of that to bind him to me in every way possible.

We washed the dishes and left them to dry in the drainer. Then he slipped his little hand in mine and tugged me towards the stairs. "I'm so tired, Uncle John. Would you tuck me in and tell me a story?"

"Of course, I will, Mary." I picked him up and listened to the giggle that made my heart light. "What story would you like? One of the 1001 Arabian Nights perhaps?"

He looked puzzled. "I don't know those stories, Uncle John. But they sound exciting so, yes please, I'd like to hear one of them."

I carried him past his new room and into mine. His eyes widened and he tried to take in everything at once. My bed was a four poster but twice as big as his single. Heavy crimson velvet draperies surrounded it and the coverlet was matching velvet in dark green. The floor was mahogany with a Persian rug in rich jewel tones by the bed. It was the only thing from the Snape estate that I had saved after the purge.

A black oak trunk stood at the foot of the bed and it was warded to shield all the magic items I had in the house. An oak armoire stood between the windows and held the rest of my clothes that wouldn't fit in the closet. Casting a low level silencing spell, I set Harry down on the carpet and waited for him to take it all in. While he was looking, I pulled back the coverlet and exposed the soft Egyptian cotton sheets in pale green.

"It's beautiful, Uncle John." He looked at the sheets and then hugged me close to whisper. "Does this mean I get to sleep with you?"

"I couldn't bear to let you out of my sight, this first night together." I admitted and watched his face light up.

"Me, too," he nodded eagerly, "I feel just the same. May we close the windows and pull the curtains?"

"Certainly, Mary, you take that one and I'll close this one." Soon, we were in the bed with the curtain enclosing us in a safe little cocoon. I'd removed my robe but stopped him from taking off the new nightgown. "Now, I think you were saying something about being flatter than flat, little Mary."

"Oh yes," he fluttered those dark eyelashes and smoothed the fine linen over his chest. "Why, I look like a boy, I'm so flat."

My fingers began to unbutton each button slowly. "Why don't I take a closer look, sweetheart and see if there's something I can do to help." Three buttons down and he was already panting for me. Two more and I was able to expose one pink nipple. "My goodness, your nipples are just beautiful, Mary. I read once that gentle suction can make them grow but since you can't do that for yourself, would you like me to try?"

"Oh please do," his voice was breathy and low. "They ache, Uncle John, why are they aching?" I lowered my head and licked one to a peak before very gently taking it between my teeth and pulling a little. His cry was music to my ears. "Oh-h-h-h, that feels so good, Uncle John. I think we should practice this a lot. I'm sure to grow if we do this everyday."

I chuckled and kept unbuttoning so I could switch to his other nipple. "I'll be glad to help you out, sweet Mary." He was biting his lip while his hands tugged on my hair. A couple of licks then a slightly harder bite had his hips lifting. "You taste delicious here, Mary. But next time I think I'll dribble a little chocolate on each nub so I can lick it off."

"Oh-h-h-h," he was reduced to sighs and moans while I feasted on his delicate nipples. "Please . . . do . . . something . . . it feels . . . so good everywhere."

I was finally on the last button and his cock had risen straight up from his groin, peaking through the chaste folds of the bright white nightgown. "My little virgin," I murmured and he giggled. "You're my beautiful girl," I kissed down his chest to the straining cock. "My shy virgin lover," he'd come so many times today I doubted he had much left. "My sweet and pure innocent," I swallowed him whole while his hips thrust up and he pulsed a tiny bit of fluid onto my tongue.

"Oh, Uncle John," his sigh was replete and I tenderly let him drop from my lips. "I love you, Severus."

I froze and stared at him. He loved me? How could that be? Searching my heart, I realized it was true for me as well. When had distaste turned to liking and the feeling I had to take care of him turn to the need to possess him utterly? Could I say it? Should I bind this beautiful creature to my jaded self? Didn't he deserve better than a broken down old potions master?

But he was mine; the little voice inside my head reminded me. He gave himself to me a mere hour ago. I tongued his belly button then kissed my way back up to his smiling lips. "I love you too, Harry. I don't know how long I've felt this way but it's real and true."

His eyes sparkled with tears again but they were happy ones because he pulled me down to scatter kisses all over my face. "I've had a crush on you for the last month. I love your hands and your voice and your tall body. You make me feel safe and today you made me feel so very wanted and needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I was hardening again and he could feel it growing between his legs. Pressing against me, he gave that little wiggle that would turn a troll to stone. I had an idea of how much farther we could go tonight. "Are you ready for another lesson, little love?"

"Yes!" He pouted when I pulled away from him then watched while I got out of bed and opened the trunk. "Something magic?"

I brought out the bottle of special lubricating oil I made once a year and one of the plugs I'd gotten in a wizard sex shop in Paris. It was safer to take care of my own needs with toys than to trust one of my fellow Order members or Death Eaters. Coming back to bed, I laid the plug on his stomach and the tube of lubricant between us to warm up.

His fingers immediately explored the shapeless plug. "What does it do, Sev? It feels so soft and warm."

"It's made of a synthetic material invented by muggles but it responds to where it's placed and adjusts to fit any aperture. Now, there's something we have to do first and I'm going to give you the choice to do it by magic or the muggle way."

He thought about that for a moment. "We're trying to keep the use of magic down so let's do it the muggle way."

I chuckled. "All right, little love, we need to go to the bathroom again."

********* Harry *********

I rolled out of bed and looked at him. "Do I need my nightgown?"

He slid out after me and hugged me close. "As beautiful as you are in it, we can dispense with it for now."

I laid it aside and walked naked beside him to the bathroom. That felt really decadent but he seemed to take it as a matter-of-fact thing so I tried to, also. But once in the bathroom, he led me over to the toilet. "Harry, why don't you take a piss now, while I get your surprise ready?"

While he was in the same room? I gulped but pointed myself at the bowl and whizzed away. He was running warm water in the sink and he'd pulled something out of the cabinet below it that I couldn't see. I finished peeing and shook off the last drop before turning to see what he was doing.

"All done, Harry?" He asked me and I nodded while trying to figure out what the oddly shaped plastic bottle was for. "Just a minute and I'll introduce you to something rather radical. Come and give me a kiss while we're waiting."

I stood on tiptoe and he leaned down to reach my lips. He tasted of stew and the glass of red wine he'd had for dinner. I liked the spicy taste to go with his potion-y smell. But eventually we had to breathe and he led me back to the toilet. Putting the lid down, he sat down and drew me between his legs.

"Has Madame Pomphrey ever given you an enema?" He asked me and I had to blush.

"Um, once when I got hexed with brick-bowel." I eyed the bottle he was carrying.

"Ouch, that's a nasty one." He grimaced and rubbed my arm. "This is the muggle way to administer an enema. One of the main components of anal sex is staying clean and empty. This is one way to do both. Trust me?"

I nodded immediately even though I was feeling a little weird. "I trust you, Sev. How do you do it?"

He kissed me again hard then gestured to his lap. "Pretend I'm picking pine needles out of your backside. It will be easier if I insert it this time."

Spreading his legs out a little, he positioned me on my stomach then spread my cheeks and tickled my hole into opening for his finger. With a pop, the top came off of the bottle and something cool and slick slid inside of me. Warm water rushed in all at once and it felt absolutely bizarre. It was warmer than the bath and I started feeling full almost at once.

"How much is in there?" I twisted a little to look up at him, my arms holding onto his leg to keep my balance.

His hand stroked my arse and the little tingle was back. "A quart of this special mixture and you've almost got all of it. You need to keep it in for five minutes and it's going to feel like you really need to go but the wait will be worth it. Then I'm going to show you what fun the bidet can be."

"Okay," I was getting a little breathless with all the blood rushing to my head. I felt a little dizzy and I closed my eyes to keep the room from swimming. It felt like I had drunk too much butter beer.

Then the nozzle was gone and Sev was stroking my cheeks with his right hand while his left raised me up to level with the floor. "Dizzy, sweetheart? Just a bit longer and you'll be all cleaned out. Tomorrow I'll let you give me one so you can play, too."

"Brilliant," I turned my head to watch him and my hair fell in my face again. "Darn it, I need one of those hair ribbons."

He chuckled. "Yes, you do, little love. But it looks beautiful all tumbling around your shoulders. You look like a young goddess."

My cheeks were already red so the new blush was hidden, I hoped. "It does feel nice. And it seems to like being long because it's behaving itself for the first time in my life."

"Perhaps we'll be able to think of a way you can keep it long once we leave here." He said before sliding me off his legs to kneel on the floor.

"Oh," the urge to go was instantaneous and he quickly raised the lid and perched me on the stool. Before I could be embarrassed, he kissed me and that felt so good, I never even noticed I was going.

I went and went and went before I finally finished. I felt a little limp but his arms were holding me close while his mouth scoured mine with his tongue. With a little start, the roar of the toilet flushing surprised me. He'd done if for me and he pulled back with a smile.

"And now for some personal hygiene, Harry," he gestured to the bidet and I moved over to gingerly sit on the open basin. Behind me, he turned on the faucets and a little geyser shot up and hit my balls. I jumped a foot but his laughter brought me sheepishly down again. "Sorry, I forgot to warn you. Is it too warm?"

"No, it feels good." I moved a little and the stream hit my hole, going up inside a little. "Oh, that feels really nice."

His hands slid between my legs with one hand rolling my balls and the other rubbing between my cheeks. "It does feel good and is an excellent way to make sure you're clean and fresh for your partner. That's one reason I keep the soap right here."

Slick fingers cleaned me from front to back and the geyser washed all the soap away. "Can you do it everyday, Sev?"

"Of course," he said and kissed me again.

I will never get used to his kisses, not if I live to be 100.

********* Severus *********

He tasted of our spicy stew and the cranberry juice he'd had for dinner. Ambrosia by any other name, I decided before pulling away. I wanted to see how he'd take the plug. "We'll make it a part of our routine morning and night."

Harry nodded smilingly. "I like being clean. I . . . didn't always get to during the summers. Before."

Those damn muggles, I thought for the hundredth time. "We shall bathe once a day or maybe even twice if we feel like it. Wet-Harry is now my favorite bath toy."

He giggled and leaned in to kiss me. His hands stroked my face while the rest of him wiggled in sensual enjoyment of his body. Harry Potter was absolutely the most erotic boy I'd ever known - and he wanted me to teach him about his body. I was the luckiest sod in Great Britain.

"I like being your bath toy, Sev. Can we go back to bed now?" His rather breathless request sounded fine to me.

"Just a moment," I checked to make sure all the soap was rinsed off before turning off the bidet. "Now, drip here for a minute while I reach a towel."

I grabbed one we'd used earlier to wipe up the trickles and he wiggled while I ran the towel between his legs. Throwing it on the toilet, I swept him up in my arms and carried him back to my bed. I was really looking forward to showing him something new about his body.

Once in bed, he rolled over expectantly, holding onto the lubricant and the plug. "Show me, Sev. Will this feel better than your fingers did inside of me?"

"Different, not necessarily better but it might." I unstoppered the bottle and poured some on my fingers.

He took a deep breath and cocked his head to one side. "It smells fresh and clean like . . . limes?"

"That's one of the ingredients - good sniffing, Harry." I oiled the plug and warmed it in my hands, making it change shape to a long narrow cylinder a little thicker than my middle finger. "Go up on your hands and knees for me, little love."

He obeyed instantly, watching me move behind him. I ran my fingers down his cleft and tickled his entrance before sliding in. He tightened around me and moaned a little. "Oh, it feels big again but it's just your finger."

"You tighten up once you've cleaned yourself." I moved it in and out slowly and he relaxed. So I pulled it out and replaced it with my tongue, licking the puckered skin and jabbing inside the tight muscle before he knew what was happening.

"Oh-h-h-h, Sev" his voice rose an octave and he sounded like Mary instead of Harry. "You're . . . you're . . . eating me."

I chuckled and jabbed in and out for a few moments while he panted and squirmed. He'd loosened significantly when I left my tasting and put the plug to his hole and pushed it in. Thank goodness for the silencing spell, I thought when he shrieked and practically cut the plug in two with his muscle spasm.

"And quite delicious you are, Harry Potter," I stroked his arse and tickled his balls to calm him down. "Is there any pain, little one? The plug is about two finger size at the moment."

"Um, it feels huge but the burn is going away and I just feel really full, the way I did in the bathtub." He looked over his shoulder at me, the dark curls hiding his face until I pulled them aside. His eyes were looking at my mouth and he was blushing so hard it reached his nipples. "That was amazing. I'm glad I was clean."

I chuckled and stretched out beside him, gloving his cock and teasing it with a too gentle touch. "That's why we'll be bathing so frequently. There is no place on or in your body that I don't find absolutely delicious, Harry. Come here, please."

He moved slowly, obviously off balance with the plug between his cheeks. But he came into my arms willingly and I pulled him on top of me completely, his legs falling to either side of my hips. That brought all our skin into contact and he grinned at the feeling of my hair everywhere on his body.

"Love all your fur, Sev. Would you suck on my nipples again? That felt so good earlier." He asked me shyly.

"Just what I was thinking I'd most like to do, Harry." Pulling him up until his nipples were in reach, I began the licking and sucking he seemed to love so much. He shivered all over and his hands carded through my hair while he moaned his pleasure. His cock was hard again and sliding against my chest.

"So good, that feels so good, Sev." He rocked back and forth in unconscious need.

One hand moved up to press on the plug while the other cradled his fragile balls like a pair of dice. He hiccupped and moaned again.

"Do that again," he demanded then blushed, "please. Please press that again. Hot - it feels so hot inside me. Big and hot and oh-h-h-h, I think I'm going to come again, Sev."

Blowing on the nipple over his heart, I smiled up at him. "Then come and let me taste you, sweet Harry." Sliding his hips higher, I mouthed his hard cock and swallowed him whole.

He shrieked and came down my throat while his whole body vibrated with his climax. I held him close and slowly let him drop from my mouth. He'd gone almost boneless and I moved him easily to my side. While he was still limp, I pushed in the plug until it would go no further. It was about seven inches long and maybe an inch around in this shape. That would be a good size to get him used to having something inside of him.

"That was brilliant, Sev." He reached up and kissed me. "I taste kind of bland. Are you going to leave that thing in all night?"

"Can you take it until morning?" I countered and watched him think about it, flexing around it and gauging the feeling.

"Yes, I . . . want to." He snuggled closer to me. "Once I'm used to this one, you can make it thicker so I get ready for your cock."

Yes, indeed, I was going to die with a large smile on my face. No one will recognize me, I thought smugly. "I told you these lessons would be fun. We'll call this configuration your homework. Just think how interesting it will be sitting on that hard oak chair at the kitchen table with that inside of you."

His eyes widened and he squirmed. "That would be . . . whoa . . . that will be weird."

"Or of course, you could sit on my lap while I feed you breakfast." I offered and watched him start to smile.

He hugged me close and laid little kisses all over my face. "I like that idea a lot, Uncle John. I'll be wearing a new pair of silk panties and one of my new skirts with a new shirt, I mean blouse."

My nipples tightened at that charming picture. "Indeed you will, little Miss Mary. You'll be sitting on my lap while my hand dips to your leg and slowly slides up under those ruffles to see if your panties fit correctly both in front and behind."

He wiggled excitedly and petted my chest, finding my nipples among the curls and tweaking them like I'd done to his. "But you're going to suck on me first thing in the morning to see if I can grow breasts. So my nipples will be all tingly under the linen blouse. And if it's too rough, we'll have to go shopping for my first bra. Oh, will you let me wear the plug when we're outside in public?"

"I'll think about it, sweetheart. Those are a little more advanced games we can play a little later. I don't know if I ever want to let you leave these four walls. I want to lock the door and never go out again." I cradled him close and nudged my cock between his legs to rest against his cleft.

********* Harry *********

His cock was hard again and I tightened my legs around him to give him a little friction. The plug moved when I did and I was feeling rather warm all over because of it. But not ready to come again. "I think my cock is tired, Sev. All I can feel is tingles."

"I've forgotten how many times you came today, sweetheart but not even a teenager has unlimited opportunities to come in 24 hours." His hands rubbed down my back in soothing strokes and I hummed a little before closing my eyes for a minute.

With a start, I woke up and wondered where I was. There was a reassuring thud-thud-thud under my cheek and I remembered in a rush who I was lying on. It was dark and quiet here and I felt safer than safe. I had to go to the bathroom again but I was so comfortable I didn't want to move. And if Sev was asleep, I didn't want to wake him.

"Harry?" His sleepy murmur brought my head up. "All right?"

"Need the bathroom again, Sev," I whispered back and he chuckled.

"I do, too." He yawned, barely covering up in time before rolling us to our sides so we could slide out of bed.

We didn't turn on a light. He was used to where things were and I finally had sight to see things clearly. That was such a gift he'd given me, I thought while peeing. The unfamiliar plug inside me moved when I did and made walking a real challenge. I felt bow-legged and it didn't help when Sev stroked me there and pushed it in. The flash of heat was good though and I washed my hands while shifting back and forth to see if I could get it back on my own.

Sev was just shaking his cock free of a last drop when I turned around. The moonlight coming in the high window turned him to half-dark, half-shadow. I should have been scared of how ominous he looked but instead, all I could think of was how heavy his cock had felt when I touched him earlier; how the veins corded around his length; and how thick he'd been in my fingers.

His hand brushed back my hair when he came to the sink. "What are you thinking, sweetheart?"

"How powerful you look naked and how much I want to touch your cock again."

A chuckle was my answer and a soft kiss on the top of my head. "After we awake the next time, Harry, I promise we'll make time for every touch you want."

Then I was flying through the air and into his arms. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him tight. After fourteen years of no touches, I had as many as I wanted. He carried me back to bed and we slid in together under the soft sheet. I wasn't used to such nice ones, not even Hogwarts bedding was this nice. Moving as close to him as I could get, I murmured goodnight and fell back asleep.

This time is even better, I thought waking up with a sigh. Sev's hot mouth was sucking the nipple over my heart while one of his hands slowly stroked up and down my cock.

"Morning, Uncle John, I like waking up this way." I threaded my fingers through his short hair and wished it was long like mine.

He gave me a last lick before sliding up to kiss me. Our tongues swapped back and forth from my mouth to his and back again. He tasted strong and slightly bitter but that might be me, I thought.

"Good morning, Mary, wake-up calls are my specialty." His eyes glowed in the early morning light. "But you are the only one I will ever want to service."

I hugged him, my throat full of a big lump. Nobody had ever wanted me like this. Everybody else wanted me to save the world; kill Voldemort; and win at Quidditch. I liked the idea of winning at Quidditch but I was afraid most of the time about everything else. I was one of those pawns that Ron would sacrifice to win the game. I didn't trust Dumbledore any more. He was the chess master and I was only important because of that damn prophecy.

"Harry, what's causing this wrinkle?" Sev's finger smoothed between my eyes.

Looking up into concerned eyes, I tried a smile. "I worry about the Headmaster and what's going to happen next year at school."

He nodded somberly. "I worry, too. The Headmaster has many concerns and you and I are two of them. But we are only two of many others. What happens in three months will happen. This summer we'll enjoy each other and I will work with you to strengthen your abilities. You will *not* be alone when your battle comes. I promise you this."

And I started crying just like that. He rolled onto his back and brought me with him, wrapping his arms and legs around me until I was cocooned in a hug. He murmured soft words that I didn't really understand but the love in them lodged deep in my heart. Finally I tapered off and just lay there sniffing into his chest hair.

A white handkerchief appeared by my nose and I sat up slowly to take it and blow. He sat up too, keeping me close to his skin. "Harry, don't keep these fears inside of you. I promise not to judge or belittle them. Tell me when the pressure of 'what will' or 'why this' begins to build up. Sometimes a good cry works wonders. I've done it myself when I'm feeling all alone and trapped in a life I don't want."

I leaned in, the crumpled handkerchief in my hand and my arms around his neck. "Thank you, Sev. I promise to tell you when I get afraid or unsure."

"Or angry, Harry," his dark eyes gazed into mine. "Anger can be destructive but also healing. I'd prefer we don't destroy our home in a fit of mad."

"Our home," I savored the words slowly. "May I really be a part of it?"

"You already are." His hands stroked back my hair before muttering the 'accio' spell for my hair brush. It flew through the air and he began to brush my hair. "Something changed for me yesterday when I thought I'd be too late. All I could think of was 'find Harry' . . . 'save Harry' . . . 'hold Harry'."

Each stroke seemed to relax me further. Was it because it was longer or was it just the fact that he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was? "That feels good, Sev. Will you do this tomorrow, too?"

"Every morning, Harry, if you like this, you'll love it when I wash your hair. Perhaps Saturday will be wash day." He dropped a kiss on my lips and I leaned it to taste him some more.

I could feel his smile through the kiss and I felt so safe again I wanted to cry. But moving had moved the plug to pressing against my gland and suddenly my cock was hard again. Wow, I thought, I really like this. His chuckle broke our kiss and he laid the hair brush aside so he could tumble me onto the rumpled sheets and suck my cock into his hot mouth.

Oh that felt good, I thought and tried to raise my hips but his big hands held me down while he vacuumed my cock deep into his throat. And then he hummed around me and the vibrations made me want to scream. Was the privacy spell still on? I thought briefly before opening my mouth to yell.

Then a pillow hit my face and I screamed into it while spraying my seed down his throat. Oh, that was just brilliant, I panted happily into the plump pillow before moving it aside and grinning up at him. "That's the absolute best way to wake up in the whole wide world, Sev."

He chuckled, "Indeed it is, sweetheart. This room has a permanent silencing spell on it but I haven't renewed it since last summer so that's something we need to do today. Then you can scream to your heart's content. I think I'm addicted to the lovely sounds you make when you come."

I blushed then noticed his cock was hard against my thigh. He didn't look quite so fearsome this morning, still big and thick but I'd touched him and tasted him. I wanted to do that again. "Sev, may I explore your cock some more?"

"Heaven's yes, Harry, he'd love to have you touch him." He leaned back on his elbows and I sat up to get closer. "There's a vein leading from the crown down to my balls. See if you can find it. It's a known sensation getter."

"Okay," I used a single finger to rub around the velvety edge of the crown. "It's funny how it can be so hard it stands up straight yet still be so soft and smooth."

"Men's cocks are works of art, sweetheart even if our balls are our weakest point." He smiled at me. "The gods must have decided we needed a little vulnerability in our lives."

I laughed at that thought and gripped him with both hands so I could slide up and down. "I always wondered why they were so fragile. I hate it when they get pinched or hit."

"All men do, little one," he hissed and his hips rose an inch even with me sitting on his legs. "Oh, that's a good spot, Harry."

So I twisted right there again and watched his face melt in pleasure. He looked absolutely beautiful in the early morning sunlight and I needed to remember to tell him that when I could concentrate on something other than the warm . . . thick . . . weight of him in my hands. His little gasp was music to my ears and when I saw him clutch the sheets in his big hands, I knew he was close.

Gripping harder, almost to the point of what would be pain on me; I stroked up and down then leaned over to lick the long slit free of the drops of seed. Still bitter but good, I thought and tried a little suction to see if I could coax more out. He shook as if I was hitting him with a hex and he grabbed a pillow to yell into right after he warned me, "close, Harry."

Brilliant. I sucked harder and my teeth accidentally scraped the edge of the crown but before I could apologize, he groaned and came. Long thick spurts of ropey whitish come painted his groin, my hands and arms and my face. I caught some of it but most fell where it wanted and I wondered if we'd have to take another bath this morning. It was so nice to be clean.

"Beloved Harry," the husky whisper did something to my insides. Pulling me up, he kissed me slowly with his tongue scouring out my mouth. We tasted good together. "You were inspired, sweetheart. I haven't come that fast since I was your age."

I grinned. "I like being able to make you happy."

He brushed my hair back behind one ear and the oddest look came over his face. "Is this what it's like to be happy? I'd almost forgotten how the blood sings through your veins; how just the sight of your beloved makes your heart beat faster; how everything looks brighter with one glance of his eyes. Such a gift you've given me, Harry, such a beautiful gift of your trust."

I wanted to blush and cry and laugh out loud all at the same time but instead I kissed him again, hoping he'd understand. He seemed to because he kissed me back before rolling us out of bed onto the rug. "We need another bath, sweetheart then I'm going to cook us the biggest breakfast we've either one eaten in a year."

That sounded good to me. But first he bent me over and gently tugged the plug out of my hole, leaving me feeling really empty. He told me I could have it back later then we went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I watched him when he peed and when he brushed his teeth, I took my turn. We moved around each other like we'd practiced it for years. We splashed in the bathtub for not as long as I would have liked except my tummy was growling up a storm by the time we toweled dry.

"Harry, I think I'd like to see you in your nightgown again before we dress for the day. Do you mind?" He was shrugging on his robe and I shook my head.

"I like the way you look at me when I'm wearing it, Sev." It was lying on the foot of the bed and I put it on like a robe then started buttoning it from the top down. He knelt in front of me and went the opposite direction until we met somewhere in the middle. He kissed the crown of my cock before closing him away under the soft linen.

"I like looking at you in it, sweetheart." He cupped my chin in his hand and I rubbed against him like a big cat. "It reminds me of your shining innocence."

Blushing, I took his hand when he offered it and followed him down the stairs and back to the kitchen. It didn't take long at all to make the big breakfast he promised. I was starving since it seemed such a long time since dinner. We both ate heartily then washed the dishes and put everything away before heading upstairs to dress for the day.

Sev came into my room and helped me pick out the blouse and skirt I'd wear. I'd never had new clothes . . . not ever in my life and I loved picking a pair of bright yellow panties out of the drawer and slowly pulling them up over my hips. Tucking my semi-hard cock away, I turned for Sev when he gestured to me. His look was one of hunger and he pulled me close to kiss me hard while stroking my chest until my nipples ached for his mouth.

"Beautiful Mary, I love you in yellow but then I haven't seen a color yet you don't look good in." He handed me the short sleeved blouse with an embroidered front in blue but he wouldn't let me button it by myself. "I think we must go looking for a chemise for you to wear under your blouses, little one. I think these blouses will chafe your tender nipples."

"Oh," I sighed at the thought, "do they make them in silk like my panties?"

"Yes, indeed they do," the gleam in his eye told me I was shortly going to find myself wearing silk from head to toe.

And that reminded me of the pretty little belt and the strange stockings he'd gotten for me. I thought they'd feel pretty good but first I'd have to shave my legs. That would feel strange but if he thought I should then that's what I'd do. I knew in my heart of hearts he'd never hurt me. He'd never make me feel stupid or scared like my family had. Lately, I'd gotten really scared at the way Uncle Vernon and Dudley had looked at me. It made me feel sick to my stomach when they hit me or even touched me.

I think if Sev hadn't gotten me away from them, I'd have found out what rape was. But not with my potions master, it could never be rape with him because I loved him and he loved me. He was tapping my left leg when I stopped thinking and I raised it so I could step into the pretty blue flared skirt. The other leg went in too and then he pulled it up and fastened the button at the waist.

"Pretty as a picture, little love." He smiled at me and I smoothed my hands over the crisp cotton. "Tuck in your blouse for me then I thought the blue socks with the lace around the top would look nice with your shoes. I'm going in to my room to get dressed. Join me when you're ready."

I'd forgotten about the socks and I got them out of the drawer before sitting on the edge of the bed to put them on. I hurried because I didn't want to be away from him for long. There was still so much for him to show me and I loved these lessons with a passion. If only potions was half as exciting to study as love was, I'd be the best student at Hogwarts.

His shirt was on but unbuttoned when I came in and his pants were still unclosed because he had to tuck his semi-hard cock in before gingerly zipping up. "I expect this will be my condition all summer, Harry. Just seeing you makes me randy as an old goat, the more of you I have, the more I want. You must tell me when you need me to back away and give you time to yourself."

I came over and stroked the bulge to the left of the zipper. "I want to be close to you all the time. I like each time you touch me and call me by a pet name. Nobody ever wanted to before so it's all new and wonderful."

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me into his lap. "I will find a new name everyday for you and you will get tired of me touching you. I find myself needing to be skin to skin with you. When we're out in public and you are disguised, I can hold your hand or put a hand on your shoulder or back but we'll need to be circumspect around others. I find I'm a jealous man and want no one else touching you in any way."

I shivered a little, remembering unwanted touches. "Me too, Sev, I don't want anyone else getting that close. I trust you but not them. Maybe you can be painting a lot so I need to stay in to take care of the house. I'm good at housework, I really am."

"I'm sure you are, sweetheart but you are not a servant." He kissed my temple and I leaned into his hug. "We'll take the chores together and that way they'll be done in half the time. Then we can spend the rest of the time making love in every way possible."

********* Severus *********

He wiggled all over and kissed me sweetly. I would make sure he had time to play or read this summer. I had all too clear a picture of what his life with those damn muggles had been like. That statement about 'anyone getting that close' set off warning bells inside my head. One or both of the Dursleys had tried something and it was a damned good thing they were dead.

Nothing and no one would take him away from me, I vowed silently.

We still had to deal with Dumbledore and Voldemort and the cast of thousands across the wizarding world who saw Harry as public property. But he was mine now and somehow we'd find a way to be together. Prophecy or no, I would keep him safe. Why in the world had Dumbledore left him with those muggles? I'd begun to see the signs of abuse his third year when I dropped the shutters on my mind's eye and really looked at him. He was Harry not James and I'd finally seen him for the young man he truly was.

Why hadn't Minerva or Albus? Of course, they didn't want him in their bed and I was going straight to hell for corrupting him. I gazed down into happy emerald green eyes and couldn't find even an ounce of outrage. "My beautiful boy, you're going to be a heart breaker in a few years."

His head tilted and that impish grin broke out. "Probably, because if anyone else might want me, I'll have to tell them I'm taken."

I caught my breath and felt my heart expand yet again. "You are, sweet Harry, very-very taken by your greasy old potions master." I scattered kisses over his face, taking time to lick especially salty places. "We'll have years and years of exploring to do in this relationship."

"And the best part is, I get to dress up and pretend to be someone else entirely." He kissed me back and I felt my heart surge again.

"You don't mind playing the part of a little girl?" I asked him again.

He scoffed at that, wiggling on my lap and making my cock twitch. "It's fun to pretend and I love the underwear and how they make me feel special."

"You are special, Harry Potter, just because you're the brightest soul I've ever met." I reassured him and decided to tell him that every day. His self esteem had been battered by those damn muggles.

His whispered 'thank you' made my heart beat twinge and I rocked him slowly while running my fingers through his hair. The length was perfect on him and what had been a mess with short hair just waved and curled with the 12 inch length. I heard a little sniff under my ear and I turned so I could drop a kiss to his temple.

"What are we doing today, Sev?"

"I think we'll stop at the library and get you a card then stock up with good books that will last us for a while. There's a bakery a few blocks from here and I thought we'd see what Mrs. McDonald decided to feature this week. We'll get to stretch our legs since we won't need the car and you can see what all is near our home here."

His smile was sunnier than the sunlight streaming in through the windows. "I like walking but I like having a home even better."

"Quite right," I kissed the end of his nose and made him giggle. "Let me finish getting dressed and we'll see what else we can find in our neighborhood."

He nodded and hopped off my lap, leaving his warmth behind. I finished getting ready to face the world and we set off hand in hand to do some exploring. The look of wonder on his face when he eagerly tried to see everything at once was heartwarming. He must have thanked me twenty times for fixing his eyesight and I couldn't understand why Dumbledore or McGonagall hadn't done it years back. Glasses made him vulnerable.

I didn't like the implications of that neglect.

The bakery smelled divine and Mary's eyes couldn't have gotten any bigger as she took in the gleaming glass shelves filled with fragrant pies, cookies and cake. I'd noticed she had a bit of a sweet tooth and I let her choose anything she wanted although I had to reassure her twice that it was all right. I think she'd have stuck to two cookies and a brownie other wise.

Yet another example of how he'd been deprived.

Carrying our purchases, we walked down three more blocks to the small library tucked into an lane off the main road. The paperwork taken care of for her card, I let Mary browse the children's section while I checked on a couple of muggle mystery writers I liked. Lindsey Davis had a new volume in her ancient Roman series. The librarian suggested another author who set her series in Egypt and I picked up the first two titles to see if I liked them.

Perhaps I'd check with Bill Weasley to see if he'd read them and approved of their period detail. But even while I browsed the shelves, I found myself looking up to see where Mary was. A new herbal book completed my search and I gave in to the temptation to see how she was doing. She was sitting cross legged on the floor with a stack of books beside her.

I knelt down and she started, almost freezing before recognizing me. "I'm sorry, Uncle John. I don't need all of these."

Damn muggles. I took a look at them and smiled at her. "I think we'd better have them all, Mary. Some may not hold your interest after you start to read them. I've got a new author here myself to try out."

Her lips finally curved upwards. "Really? It's all right to check out so many?"

I dropped a kiss onto the silky hair. "It's absolutely essential we take all of them home. And we'll probably have to come back next week to get more."

She grinned and lifted up to kiss my cheek. "Thank you, Uncle John. I can hardly wait to start reading."

Chuckling, I picked up her 11 and added them to my pile. "I'll carry the books while you carry our shopping, sweetheart. We'll save the rest of our errands for tomorrow. I still have to show you my studio."

"Oh, yes," she leapt up and took the drawstring bags that held our bakery goods. "I want to see where you paint such beautiful paintings."

We checked out and walked home a slightly different way so I could show her the bookstore and apothecary. Interestingly, my niece gathered many an appreciative glance from the people we passed. She asked shy questions about everything I was showing her and I made a mental note to tell her quietly that all were owned and run by muggles so there was no chance we'd be seen by the wizard community. This part of York was completely empty of magic except for the lingering wards and wild magic left behind by the Druids and Romans of ancient Britain.

One of the reasons I'd chosen this place and the house I bought years ago. To a casual wizard, the only magic in my home was part of the background 'noise' that any older structure of England might have. All of the spells I used were passive ones like the silencing wards. The cellar of my house was a little different but it had once been the home of wild magic and it would serve as protection should I need to teach Harry.

Opening our front door, I barely had it closed before I was hugged again. "Thank you, Uncle John. I've never had so many books all to myself before."

Damn Dumbledore anyway, what had he been thinking to so deprive Harry of the joys of reading? "You're very welcome, sweetheart. Let's put them away then I'll show you my studio."

"Yes!" She took the bakery items back to the kitchen while I laid the stack of books in the front room. Then she was back with her bright green eyes gleaming. "Now, Uncle John?"

"Now, sweetheart." I took her offered hand and led her through a side door of the kitchen and into my studio. "The morning light is perfect here and usually I paint each day first thing. Will that be all right with you, Princess?"

She blushed and looked around her wide-eyed. "Yes, of course, it will. Do I need to be quiet for you? Oh, what is that?"

"That is where I mix some of my paints." I chuckled. "Once I start painting, a bomb could go off and I wouldn't notice a thing. You won't disturb me in the slightest. In fact, you may want to bring your book in here and read to keep me company."

Her whole face lit up. "Yes, please I'd like that best of all. The light is so pure it feels like a church."

"It does rather, Mary. When the light is like this, you can see clearly into the heart of your subject." I watched her wander around the big room, looking at the paintings on the wall, the tables where I did my matting and framing and the jars of colorful ingredients that reminded me of my beloved potions lab.

********* Harry *********

This place was fascinating and I could hardly wait to see him start to work. The pictures on the wall were beautiful although some of them were rather sad. One that captured my attention seemed especially so - it was a manor house fallen into ruin without even a touch of green about the place. Black and gray were the only two colors in it and it made me want to cry.

Walking back to my potions master, I whispered. "Uncle John, could we renew the wards now so I can ask questions?"

His smile was tender and he bent down to kiss my temple. "Good idea, I'll answer as many of them as I can. Let me show you the last secret of this house."

I watched him go over to a table with a mortar and pestle on it. Tapping it with his fingers, it moved aside and showed a dark square. He held out his hand and I crossed quickly to take it and peer down into the hole. "Don't be afraid, Princess, this is truly the heart of our home."

It felt so good when he said that, 'our home'. It reminded me I was safe and wanted. The stone steps twisted a bit but I followed him down to the underground cellar, my hand on his shoulder so I didn't fall. Candles sprang to life when his feet touched the floor and I could see the old stone walls reaching out even beyond the walls of the house above.

"This was once a sacred spring of the local druid circle." Severus touched the lip of an old well. I peered down into it and caught the faint sheen of water a few feet below. "It's still pure, kept so by the original binding spell they cast centuries ago. My realtor told me this spot has been continuously occupied for a thousand years. I didn't tell her it's been more like three thousand."

"Wow, that's a really long time." I looked around some more and wondered what the symbols carved into the walls meant. "Severus, is it safe to do magic down here? It feels warm and welcoming."

He hugged me close and I slipped my arms around his neck when he lifted me up. It was becoming second nature to close my legs around his waist and hold on tight. He made me feel so good. His kiss was gentle and almost made me forget my question. But eventually, his lips left mine and began ghosting kisses all over my face and down my throat.

"It is welcoming since we're the first wizards to live here for almost five hundred years. The last witch to live here was persecuted by Henry the VII and the property was given to one of his supporters who was muggle. They were a very long-lived family and it stayed in their line up until I bought it the year you were born." He carried me over to a big granite block that looked vaguely like an altar in the center of the room.

"Did the muggles know the cellar was here?" I asked while watching him walk slowly around the stone.

"Yes, but they used it for water and food storage. This stone was spelled to be unseen and the inner sanctuary under what is now our bedroom and my studio was never found. The wards were impressive even after all those centuries." He kissed my mouth again and this time he slid his tongue in too.

I got hard all over again and the feel of his hands slipping under my skirt made me want to squirm. Fingers slid up through my panty legs and my stomach got the flutters while my cock firmed up almost painfully. When we broke apart, he was breathing hard too and that made me feel really good.

"I'm going to introduce you to the wards and ask you to give something of yourself to this place. All right, Harry?" He was setting me down and I didn't want to leave his arms.

"Blood or something like that?" I wasn't afraid but I was curious.

"Something even better since this home has a feminine base in the spring," he smiled at me then turned me away to face the altar. "Templum excitare . . ."

I felt the air grow even warmer instead of chilly like the Dursley's basement. A tiny breeze brushed us as if a spirit was watching us.

"Harry Potter," his low voice made my name sound really sexy. "Gratus."

It was definitely warmer now and I had to kneel because my legs felt wobbly. I leaned back against Severus while my whole body flushed a cherry red.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to touch you and make you come onto the altar." He knelt behind me and both hands came up under my skirt. "The seed will be your offering and also your part of the wards we're reworking. This way the house will always know and protect you."

"Yes, please, Severus, do something." I was panting and his chuckle made me smile. One hand drew down my panties, freeing my cock to the warm breeze. The other held up my skirt so I could see what he was doing. His lips were on the back of my neck and his tongue was doing something really nice to a spot behind my ear. It wasn't going to take me long at all to come.

My eyelids drooped while my body got tighter and tighter under each stroke. The Latin he was chanting made me hot and the symbols on the side of the altar began to glow. I was moaning a little because it all felt so good when suddenly I arched towards the stone and began to come. The altar absorbed each squirt and I could suddenly feel the weight of the house above us settle into my bones.

"Oh-h-h-h," I sighed happily when I finally stopped. "That was brilliant, Severus."

His chuckle was right beside my ear. "The land is now partly yours as you are now a part of it."

"Do you need to do this too?" I asked eagerly and turned my head to see him.

"Yes, would you like to help me?" The gleam in his eye told me I was going to get to touch him.

I squirmed around even though it meant losing his hand on my cock. I watched in awe while he licked his fingers clean of my seed before tucking me away into my kind of sticky panties. "Can we come down here again and do this naked?"

His laughter made me smile. "We're going to both need stamina potions before the week is out, sweetheart. But yes, we'll come down at the new moon and replenish the wards. Now, if you'd be so kind as to help your aged uncle up off the ground."

He didn't really need help but I touched and held him anyway. It was so freeing to be able to do that for someone. His jeans looked painfully tight and he unzipped with a slight hiss. His big cock sprang out through the slit in the green silk boxers and I wrapped both hands around it eagerly.

"Hold on, Harry, stand to one side so my offering will fall on the altar." His big hands stroked through my hair while I tried to fit the whole crown into my mouth. "Gods, that feels good, sweetheart. This is one exercise I'd love you to practice a lot."

I grinned up at him but never stopped sucking. Some bitter seed came out and I licked it away while my hands twisted around and up and down the heavy shaft. He was chanting again and I felt his balls draw up a little before my jaws got too tired.

"I'm close, Harry," his panting made me feel pretty proud of myself.

I was the one who turned him on; it was my mouth that was giving him this pleasure. At the last minute, I pulled away but didn't drop my hands. He spurted all over the top of the stone and it was absorbed just like mine had been. The heat rose suddenly in waves from the altar, all the symbols glowing bright cherry red before dissipating into the walls and floor around us.

Somehow, I knew it was spreading throughout the house and leaving a layer of protection that would keep both of us safe. I was a little tired now, leaning against Severus, I kissed his slightly drooping cock and held it against my cheek as if it was a teddy bear.

"Beautiful Harry, the gods are well pleased with both our offerings. I think we need to go clean up before we take a little nap." His fingers stroked through my hair and I nodded, too tired to move.

He took back his cock and zipped up before pulling me up into his arms again and carrying me upstairs. The table moved back to cover the entrance with another tap of his hand before he carried me up to our bathroom and used a damp cloth to clean me up. I was practically asleep on my feet when he carried me into his bed, still rumpled from our getting up.

He slipped off my shoes and skirt then gently unbuttoned my blouse and helped me out of it before tucking me in. I tried to stay awake while he undressed but once he slid in beside me, I was asleep.

********* Severus *********

The power of his coming had strengthened the wards more than at any time in their past. I don't think a full Druid circle had ever raised such power. Harry Potter was the most powerful wizard of our age and at the same time, he was the most vulnerable. Watching the altar absorb his seed, I knew his virgin blood would have to be shed there also. Only Mother Earth would be able to keep the flare of energy from Voldemort and Dumbledore.

Losing his virginity would spark a supernova of reaction and while part of me wanted him with renewed passion, part of me was aghast at my presumption. Holding him atop of me in what had become his favorite position, I stroked down his thin back and felt the ridges left by what were probably countless beatings. Would my love be enough to save him from the questions of the future?

If I took his virginity and freed his nascent powers at the age of 15, would he then become the wizard who would defeat Voldemort and end this age of Dark magic? And what would it mean to me, to be so linked with him through every bond I could forge? The power would be enormous, the satisfaction immense and the problems enumerable.

His godfather for one, the Weasleys for another and let's not forget the entire wizarding world, I thought sardonically. Harry stirred and muttered my name, 'Severus'.

My heart clenched and my hold tightened. This was why I was doing it - my sweet Harry of the messy hair, tangled past, and wounded heart. He needed a champion and I was willing to do whatever I had to, to keep him safe and alive. Deciding that seemed to free something in me and I brushed a kiss against his hair before closing my eyes and falling to sleep.

When I awoke, it was to the sensation of lips suckling at one of my nipples. "Harry, that feels wonderful."

"Good, then I'm doing it right." He licked me then went back to work, gently biting the turgid nipple.

"A little harder, I can take quite a bit of sensation there." I brushed through the curls falling around his face and watched those green eyes gaze into mine. "Everyone is different there and down below. Some touches feel wonderful and others leave pain or soreness behind. Now, sometimes that's a good thing because it reminds you what happened but at others it just plain hurts. You have to tell me truthfully when it hurts too much."

He slid up a little so his arms could fold on my chest and his chin rest on them. "I will, Severus, I promise. I don't like pain but I do want to learn all the ways we can make love and some of it's going to hurt a little. I still want to wear my plug. It felt weird at first but then it just felt really, really good. And some day I want your cock inside of me and that will hurt at first."

So matter-of-factly, I marveled at his calm. And it was true calm not false bravado, I could tell. "Then that's what we shall do. Would you like to wear it this afternoon while we make lunch and maybe even when we go to tea?"

He blushed and wiggled. "Yes, that would be brilliant, Sev. All the while I'm sitting there primly with my knees together and on my best manners; the plug will be inside of me, making me all warm and tingly. I'd really like that."

The boy was a natural wanton and I pulled him up to my lips so I could reward him with a kiss. He opened to me at once and I entwined my tongue around his to pull it into my mouth so he could explore to his hearts content. Sliding both hands down to his cheeks, I discovered he'd removed his panties. So I fondled them, while slipping a finger up and down his cleft. He groaned and parted his legs as wide as they would go while his hands clutched my shoulders.

The lubricant had ended up between our pillows and I fished it out without breaking the kiss. Soon I had a slick finger through his hole, tickling his gland while his young cock firmed between us. Taking a chance, I oiled a thumb and removed my finger only to replace it with the fatter digit. He tensed a bit while I stayed still for a long moment. Then he relaxed and I let it sink in. He shuddered all over before starting to rock against me to get more stimulation of his cock.

I was hard again for a miraculous third time for the day. Harry was damn good for my libido, I decided before flipping him onto his back and leaning over him. Breaking our kiss, I slid down to suck him into my throat. He shrieked and came a moment later, his hips snapping up then down, impaling him fully on my thumb. He was trembling all over by the time he'd quit coming and I licked him clean before reaching for the plug.

Deciding he could take a little bit thicker setting, I gently eased my thumb out of him. I reshaped it to about an inch and a half wide but left it at seven inches long. Slicking it well, I rolled him onto his stomach and urged him up to his knees. He was still so relaxed, it slid in easily although he did catch his breath and tense up for just a moment. Harry truly was a natural at loving.

"Feels good, Sev, always feels so good when you touch me." He murmured and I gathered him into my arms.

"I love touching you, Harry. You're wonderful to hold and kiss and make love to." I punctuated each word with a soft kiss.

Those beautiful green eyes of his glistened in the afternoon sun. "No one ever told me that, Sev. I didn't think anybody ever would."

"There will be many who will when you get a bit older, sweetheart." I brushed a tangled curl away from his blushing cheek. "Just say 'thank you' and come tell me about all your compliments."

He giggled, the way I'd meant him to. "That's silly, Sev. Oh that feels won-der-ful."

I slid a hand down and pushed in the plug while his hips rocked back and forth. "We need to clean up, get dressed yet again and fix some lunch, sweetheart. I want to watch you move with the plug inside you."

His smile was infectious and we finally moved apart to leave the well-used bed. His stance was hesitant and he moved rather like someone with something up their arse. Each time he bent over, it massaged his gland. Pulling on his panties and fastening his skirt both had him biting his lower lip. Buttoning his blouse made him sigh a little and I knew we'd be shopping for a bra soon.

And as if he could read my mind, he glanced rather flirtatiously my way and smoothed his small hands over his blouse. "I think I'm growing, Uncle John. They feel fuller and more sensitive now that you've been sucking on them. I guess I'll just have to go shopping for a bra."

I knelt in front of him and touched the little nubs I could feel under the cotton. "I will enjoy helping you find your first bra, my sweet Mary. Something in silk or satin to make you feel pretty and protect these beautiful nipples." I tweaked them just a bit and he bit his lip with a little gasp.

"Why do they feel so good, Uncle John? Do everyone's feel like this?" He asked me with a real question in his voice.

"Women's tend to be more sensitive than men because a woman's breasts feed their young. Mothers' breasts give milk to their babies when their infants suckle everyday." Didn't Pomphrey go over this in sex educations classes?

"They do?" His eyes widened and he blinked. "Did my . . .?"

"Most purebred families do not but your mother Lily came from a different tradition and I know for a fact that she nursed you right up until her death." I just didn't want to have to tell him how I knew that. Lactating breasts have a different smell all their own.

"Oh," he leaned into me and I hugged him close, wishing for words to make it better. "I like that idea, that she loved me and wanted to feed me herself instead of with a bottle. Aunt Petunia used to yell I was such a nuisance when Dumbledore dropped me off because I didn't like the formula she fed me and I was always crying."

There were not enough bad words in my vocabulary to express my disgust and dismay. "I'm sorry, Harry. Lily loved you and your father very much and you were the tangible expression of her love for James." I would say this if it killed me. "I wish you'd never lost them or had to live for so many years with muggles who didn't care for you."

He sniffed a little into the side of my throat. "Me too, I wish they hadn't died and I wish I could have stayed with just about anybody other than the Dursleys but it could have been worse. Voldemort could have stolen me and raised me as his son."

I grimaced. "That's horrible, Harry, I'll have to drink a beer to get the bad taste from my mouth."

A little giggle was my reward. "Or the Malfoy's could have taken me in and Draco could be my brother."

"Double horrible, you little tease," I tickled his sides and his laughter rang out before we went down to the kitchen to make some lunch. We ate it at the table and Harry kept trying to find a comfortable position to sit in that didn't put too much pressure on the plug massaging him.

He practiced batting his eyelashes at me and being demure. Just before five, I had him walk upstairs with me two steps behind so I could ogle him. I brushed out the tangles in his hair and made sure we were both presentable for our tea date. Then, hand in hand we visited Mrs. Tyler. Who had invited four other neighborhood ladies to join us and meet my adorable little niece.

Mary held up well, sipping her tea, only speaking when spoken to and daintily eating her little cakes. Her shyness was rewarded with the neighborhood seal of approval and even I got a little approbation for taking her in during this trying time. The vicar's wife promised to pray for my sister's swift recovery and I thanked her most sincerely. All prayers directed towards us were greatly appreciated. Good thoughts usually equaled good energy and we could use it to stay undetected.

An hour later and we were home with twin sighs of relief. I picked Harry up and carried him upstairs to the bathroom. Soon we were soaking in hot water while he washed me from top to bottom, exploring all the differences between us along the way. I'd inserted an enema and flushed myself clean so he wouldn't be disgusted if he wanted to play inside of me.

I have to admit, I really like using the bidet and I'd pondered a time or two whether I dared install one at Hogwarts. So far, it had remained a guilty pleasure of my summer breaks. Harry was hard again and I was diamond textured by the time we dried each other off. Carrying him back to bed, I handed him the lubricant and went onto all fours for him.

********* Harry *********

I was kind of scared I might hurt him but when he told me that he'd worn the plug I was wearing, I knew my skinny fingers wouldn't be too big. Still, I used a lot of lubricant before I slid a finger inside of him. He felt so tight around me and really hot like a furnace on a cold winter day.

"Two, sweetheart, put in two and feel around for a little nodule inside of me." He said quietly but with a little sigh.

So I did and there was kind of a little bump that made him start and groan. I liked that I could make him do that so I found it again and again. Pretty soon, he wanted a third finger and I was really careful before doing that. He was so tight around me, I almost came without him even touching me. It was so intimate to have your fingers inside of somebody.

"Harry, you're my very own angel." His voice was deep and husky. "You're such a good student, I think you're ready for your practical exam." He sounded even better than in potions class. "Take out your fingers, smooth some lubricant on your cock and come back inside of me."

I gulped hard but pulled my fingers out. "Are you sure, Severus? I don't want to hurt you."

He turned over swiftly and kissed me hard. His tongue stroked in and out of my mouth while I got harder and harder. Then he pulled back a little ways. "You could never hurt me, sweetheart. I want to be connected to you in all ways. This is just the most fun way at the moment."

That made me smile and I nodded. He squeezed out some lubricant and slicked it onto my shaft. It felt so good, I almost came right then but he pulled down on my balls and the urge went away a little. "Inside me, little love."

Once he was in position again, I held onto my cock and nudged his hole. It was so tight I didn't think it would fit but when I was about to give up, he pushed back and my crown just popped right in. It was so hot and tight, I held onto his hips while squeezing all my control into not coming.

"Oh, that feels much better." His voice was rich and deep and I could feel myself relaxing a little bit. "Now slide on in, Harry. Lay claim to what belongs to you and you alone."

"My Severus," I said while thrusting a little further in.

"Your Severus, for ever and always," he agreed with a smile in his voice.

I wished I could kiss him right then while I was inside of him but our size differences were too great. Maybe I'd grow taller one of these days and then we could try something different, I decided while figuring out how to thrust in, pull out and find his gland again all at the same time.

He was really vocal though so I knew right away when I hit it. A little shiver ran up his spine and I smiled. Kind of like a snitch, I decided and I was really good at targeting the snitch. It felt better than anything in my whole life but I couldn't last and suddenly I seized up and came hard inside of him. He groaned and I got pushed out at the same moment.

I managed to fall onto the bed and he rolled onto his back with his big cock waving in the late afternoon sunlight. I was sleepy but instead of just watching him take care of it, I sat up and gripped him real hard with both hands. Alternating my twists, I rubbed him hard and sucked on his crown while he panted and groaned and finally came all over me. I couldn't drink it down fast enough but we could always have another bath, I thought with a grin.

I really liked being clean although being sticky because we'd been making love wasn't really dirty, just messy. He pulled me up to his lips and kissed me with lots of tongue. I liked that even though it made my jaws ache a bit. Parts of me were sore but I liked that because every spot had been touched with love, lots of love and they never had been before.

"Harry, we're going to be doing this frequently if you don't mind?" Severus asked me with a gleam in his eyes.

I tried to look put-upon like Aunt Petunia used to but I couldn't help but giggle instead. "It was all right, Sev?"

"Any more all right and I'd have passed out with you still inside of me," he reassured me and I grinned proudly. "I believe I shall award you an 'E' for exceeds expectations."

"Yeah!" I licked my lips. "I still need to study and practice a lot."

"Such a studious little princess," he brushed kisses over my lips, up to the tip of my nose then across each eyelid. "My sweet little rose with the beautiful petals."

I blushed but soaked up each word and stored them away in case I didn't get any more. But I was beginning to think maybe I'd never have to do without them again. I was starting to hope for a future with someone who loved me and who I could love back. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I wiggled against his furry skin and felt safe.

"Dearest Harry, we are going to make love in every room of this house." His warm brown eyes gazed up into mine. "I think our magic will combine to strengthen both of us the more we love."

"It feels like the cellar even up here now that I think about it. Is that because the wards are filled with both our magic?" I asked him, moving a little so my skin was gently rubbing his hair everywhere.

"I believe so, little love." Strong fingers rubbed up and down my back. "I always felt welcome throughout the house when they were just my wards. By giving of ourselves, we bound ourselves to it. But it is bound to us also and we'll always find a sanctuary here."

End of part one