Author: Athea (
Title: Little Miss Mary, part two
Date: 5 December 2004
Pairing: Harry/Severus and Remus/Sirius
Warnings: see part one
Thanks: Tinneantoo did a great job betaing this epic. And mistakes left are mine alone. ********* Severus *********

He thought about that for a long moment while I felt contentment well up like the spring below us. Nothing had ever felt so right as Harry did inside of me. Perhaps some of his magic had slipped in when he did, whatever the answer, I was happy for the first time in a very long time indeed.

"I like that idea, Sev. The Dursleys was never a home for me because I was never really welcome there." He spoke softly as if someone might overhear. "But you brought me here, made me feel at home and wrapped me in love. I feel like I've always lived here."

The lump in my throat wasn't easily swallowed but I had to. "Sweetheart, I wanted you here so much but never thought I'd see the day. Never doubt I love you and need you with me here in our home. There are still things we have to do, schooling to finish and a power-hungry madman to get rid of. But we will always come home to rest and renew our souls."

His smile illuminated the whole room. "Yes please, I want to do all of that."

"Good, let's clean up again and finish off the leftover stew." I rolled him over and kissed him before letting go.

We took a quick bath since I was sticky pretty much everywhere. There are drawbacks to having so much hair. I was rather enjoying the short hair of my Aberforce persona. But I was addicted to Harry's long curls and was going to hate losing them for the school year. He liked my brushing it and so did I. Threading a blue ribbon through it, I tied it in a rather sloppy bow.

I promised him I'd work on getting it prettier while he grinned and batted his eyes at me. He put the new, now old, nightgown on and looked so sweet I just knew I was in trouble. Still wearing the plug, he decided to sit on my lap for our dinner and we took turns feeding each other spoonfuls of stew with hunks of fresh bread from the bakery. It was all delicious but that may have just been our hunger.

It didn't hurt that we kissed between each bite, too. He tried a sip of wine but it was too dry for him and he went back to cranberry juice. The tartness appealed to me and he seemed to like it too. Every touch fueled the fire which never went out and warmed me from my heart on out.

Once we were finished and the dishes done, we settled in the lounge. I lit the fire in the fireplace while he started sorting through the books we'd brought home. I turned the lamp on behind the leather sofa then sat down beside him. Reaching for the Egyptian mystery by Lauren Haney, I started reading while keeping an eye on how he was doing. He started one then put it aside and picked up another one.

It wasn't until book three that he settled in and started seriously reading. Captain Kidd would keep his interest I thought with a smile. My mystery was good and I made a mental note to pickup the rest of the series. We'd visit the bookstore in a day or so. We read for an hour before I realized he was leaning heavily against me and he hadn't turned a page in a while.

I laid my book aside and gently tugged his free from lax hands. A sleepy murmur when I cradled him against my chest was all he gave me, never waking up at all when I carried him upstairs and tucked him into bed. I removed the ribbon but otherwise left him as is before taking a last bathroom break and coming back. He'd probably be up with the sun but maybe he'd catch up on some of his sleep.

Whispering 'goodnight' to him, I cuddled him close and closed my eyes.


Morning arrived and this time I woke up first. The windows let in the early light and I watched him sleep with fond eyes. He was drooling a bit on my shoulder but even that made me smile. I was truly besotted with this boy upon whom so many hopes were pinned. If there was a way I could remove that burden, I would. I am not a really brave man but I would be for him, I vowed silently.

"Sev, is it morning?" The sleepy voice made me smile.

"It is indeed. You slept the night away, Harry." I stroked his hair aside and he smiled up at me, blinking like a little owl.

"I didn't have any nightmares." He squirmed a little and moved up to kiss me. His rich taste was addicting and better than any cup of coffee at waking me up.

We swapped tongues while our hands sought each newly memorized spot on our lover's body. Harry was extremely anal sensitive and I could feel his cock hardening when I stroked over his arse, pausing now and then to push in the plug. His fascination with my nipples was endearing and his little gasps when I flipped him over to torment his were music to my ears.

How in the world he'd lived this long without knowing men's nipples were an erogenous zone, I couldn't figure out - unless it was his supposed 'family' and their teachings about his body. They were sure to be the kind who thought sex was dirty and perhaps even a duty from his aunt's point of view. Having seen Vernon Dursley, I could well imagine her distaste for marital relations.

"Severus, you're frowning. Did I do something wrong?" The small voice caught my attention.

"Never, Kitten, you're absolutely perfect in every way." I reassured him, kissing his lips open and darting inside. Pulling a little bit away, I smiled into wide green eyes. "I was just wondering why you hadn't experimented with your body before this. You've got a body made for making love and you seem to be enjoying all we do."

"I do enjoy it!" He said eagerly, wiggling a little beneath me. "I like everything you've done so far and I know there's more to learn. I can hardly wait." His hands found my nipples again and pinched them. "I guess I just never had any privacy to explore. My family thought I was a pervert anyway. When I stayed with the Weasleys, there wasn't any more privacy than there is in the dorms at Hogwarts. I was always curious but just couldn't find a place or time to discover what I might like."

"You shall have the privacy you need, Kitten-Harry." I licked the end of his nose and listened to his giggles. "I also have two books with illustrations about sex both hetero and homosexual, which should answer some of your questions."

His grin was infectious. "Oh good, homework, Professor Snape. I promise to study really hard."

I tickled him, freeing more giggles. "I shall test you every night on what you've learned. The practical exams will be rigorous."

Green eyes lit up and he kissed me sweetly for a long moment. "I will practice with you as many times as I need to get a perfect score."

"We have plenty of time this summer, Kitten." I rolled over again until he was on top of me. "I think we can get through chapter 1 through 15 before we have to take a break."

His stomach growled again and he smiled. "I'm starving, Severus."

Excellent, I thought silently, he knows it's all right to ask for food. "Me too, Kitten. We'll finish off the baked goods today so we'll need to go back to the bakery. I thought we'd go to the bookstore, too. There are a few titles I'd like to pick up. But for now, we need to get ready to face the day."

Nodding, he slid off of me and rolled off the edge of the bed to land on the floor with all the grace of the kitten, I'd named him. He stretched all over and grinned impishly at me. "May we get more of the lemon tea cake? I really liked that."

Joining him, I dropped a kiss on his head. "I like that tart/sweet taste, too. What about the wheat bread, did you enjoy that?"

We walked hand in hand to the bathroom to start our morning ablutions, still talking about what we liked and didn't like about baked goods. He wanted to try some new things and I agreed.

********* Harry *********

I like having Severus help me get dressed. I was hard by the time he finished teasing me while we ate. He really liked my nightgown and the buttons he opened to get to my nipples. I didn't know why my nipples were so sensitive but we both liked playing with them so that was okay. He said we'd do some reading this afternoon for my first lesson in sex.

He was on his knees between my legs where I sat on my bed trying not to scream at how good his hot mouth felt wrapped around me. I held out longer than I ever had before but eventually I let go and shot my release down his throat. Collapsing back onto the blue coverlet, I grinned foolishly at the ceiling.

"Sweet Kitten, thank you for my morning milk." He delicately licked away any stray seed. "I think you'll fit those green panties now, sweetheart."

Raising up on both elbows, I looked down into his dark brown eyes. "Thank you, Sev. May I choose your silk boxers?"

He chuckled and rose gracefully. "I think I have some green ones that match yours."

"Oh good," I sat up and slid off the bed into his arms. Hugging him close, I reveled at all the naked skin touching me. "I like the idea we're the same underneath our outer clothes."

He smiled and brushed back my hair, cupping my chin in those long elegant fingers of his. "I like that idea, too. Eventually, we'll have to coordinate our school robes into our wardrobe. What about this blouse and skirt today?"

I approved the soft white blouse with the ruffled neck and cuffs, buttoning it up while he held out a black skirt with the ruffled hem. It was just a ruffley kind of day, I decided. My nipples peaked as soon as I tucked my blouse in, the soft cloth rubbing against them while I bit my lip in pleasure.

His chuckle was good to hear. "I believe I'll have to get you that bra, Kitten. Our exercises look like they're working."

Soft, sucking kisses and gentle tugging with his teeth, just thinking about that made me bite my lip. "Yes, please, I think I need it. Everyone will know I have nipples if this keeps up."

He kissed me swiftly. "I'm the only one who gets to see them, my sweet. Definitely time to get a bra to keep things private. Now, I believe you were going to pick out my boxers?"

I darted into his room and opened the dresser drawer I'd seen him open before. There was a pile of silk in every color of the rainbow and he was right, he did have a pair the same color of mine. "These, Sev, I want to think of you wearing these under all your other layers."

Helping him dress was almost as much fun as him helping me. He didn't have any buttons on this Henley so I didn't get to button anything but I did get to put socks on his long feet. I liked touching him and I suddenly remembered how it had felt when he kissed mine that first day. I decided silently to surprise him in our evening bath. His shoes were soft-as-butter brown leather and I breathed in their smell with a smile.

"Leather is a good odor, isn't it, Kitten?" Sev ran his hands through my hair. "I love the patent leather look on you but some nice brown leather boots would feel nice for a second pair, wouldn't they?"

"You don't have to buy me things, Severus. You've already given me so much." I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the last few days.

He pulled me up swiftly and cuddled me in his lap, wrapping warm arms around me and tucking my head under his chin. "I like buying you things, Harry. There's been no one in my life for so long. No one I could hold and love. No one to be silly with or just sit quietly with in front of the fire."

"Me either," I breathed in his slightly spicy scent and calmed down. "I don't want to be a burden, Sev."

"You could never be that to me, Harry." He dropped a kiss on top of my head. "You are light and love to my dark soul." His hands stroked my back but in a soothing way instead of a sexy way. "I promise not to go overboard, sweetheart. I just want to see you wearing pretty things instead of ill-fitting hand-me-downs."

I sighed happily before sitting up straighter so I could look him in the eye. "I like wearing nice things and I love you picking out pretty clothes for me. It makes me feel special."

"You are special, Harry." His dark eyes gleamed and his lips smiled the smile that only I get to see. "And you were born to wear beautiful things in silks and satins, not to mention - leather."

Giggling, I squirmed on his lumpy lap, wondering if he'd let me suck on him some more before we went shopping. "Hermione has a pair of ankle boots with a little heel. She says they're her most comfortable shoes. Could we look for a pair like them?"

"Most assuredly, Kitten. And when we get back, I think you should have to take care of your poor decrepit old uncle's cock." He admonished me with a little thrust of his hips into mine.

"Poor uncle," I batted my eyes at him. "You must be so uncomfortable like that. Maybe I should take care of you right now?"

********* Severus *********

I was going to die an early death by sex but what a way to go. "Not just now, Kitten, I can wait until we get back. Then I think we shall have our first lesson in our new curriculum. I'll get out your new books."

His eyes lit up and he teasingly slid slowly off my lap, dragging his hand over my groin with a little flirt of his eyelashes. He had no idea how beautiful he was and I was the most selfish bastard in Britain but I was going to keep him. I'd do whatever it took to bind him to me body and soul. 'Going to hell in a hand basket', I told myself silently. But I would not stop now.

We left the house after I tied a better bow in her hair with a wide white ribbon. The bakery was first on our list and we bought more lemon tea cake but added croissants and brownies to this order along with the wheat bread I liked. There was a shoe shop just a block away and I watched her jealously while the young male clerk brought out pair after pair of shoes and boots for her to try on.

Mary had small feet but with an average width that expanded the choices by about a hundred. We found a pair of ankle boots like Hermione's but in a rich deep chocolate leather that made both of us smile. I also had the clerk bring out some heels for my niece to try on but nothing over an inch tall. She was too young for anything higher, I told her and she nodded.

A pair of green pumps would go nicely with her new green dress and she walked a bit hesitantly around the chairs until she got used to the way her body moved in the different height. The slight sway in her body mesmerized the sales boy and I had to twice call his attention back to the business at hand. While she was walking, she spied the display of socks and stockings on the back wall.

By the time we left, we both had two sacks each to carry. The bookstore owner greeted us genially and let us put our parcels down near the register so we were unencumbered while we browsed. Mr. Green was an elderly man who stocked a good selection of both fiction and nonfiction. Mary was directed to the children's section while I chatted with him about the new mystery author I wanted to collect.

The next hour passed pleasantly and we had yet two more bags to carry home. Mary had garnered several compliments by the time we closed our front door behind us. Her sweet nature and beauty were natural magnets for all eyes. But the more she gathered attention, the more she shrank back against me and sought to efface herself from the public eye.

Yet another way she and Harry reacted to the world around them. Why had I not realized that his first year? I was a blind fool but thank goodness the shutters had finally fallen from my eyes. Dumping the parcels on the kitchen table, we had them sorted quickly while we debated what to eat for lunch.

Harry took his new shoes and socks upstairs while I sliced some of the cooked ham for sandwiches. Returning, he carried our new/old books to the living room before coming back to tear some lettuce, chop tomatoes and grate cheddar for our salad. Shyly, he asked if he could sit on my lap while we ate and I hugged him close before sitting down.

We fed each other from one plate and one bowl. A new raspberry vinaigrette got our approval from the salad and I made a mental note to check out the brand name to see what other flavors they might have. My cock, which had subsided during our shopping, came back to life with a vengeance once Harry's warm sweet weight settled in atop him. The artful squirming didn't help and my appetite for him roared back to life.

"Oh dear, your lap is awfully lumpy, Uncle John." He peeked up at me and moved that tight little arse over my cock. "And I feel terribly empty without my toy, dearest uncle. May I please have it inside of me while we have lessons this afternoon?"

Dear god, I was going straight to hell. "You've been such a good girl today I think that's a fair request. Would you like me to help you put it in, my sweet kitten?"

His smile was beaming and the little bounce he gave hardened me completely. "Oh yes, please, I like it most when you touch me and slowly press it inside. It feels so very good."

A true wanton was born that July 31st almost fifteen years ago, I thought breathlessly. "My sweet girl, I'm more than glad to touch you. Perhaps we'll have time for me to suck on your nipples to make them grow."

His whole body shivered then. "Oh please, they ache so much and it only goes away when you're sucking and licking them."

Abruptly, I stood up with him in my arms. His legs automatically came around my waist and he rubbed himself shamelessly against me while his mouth opened under mine. A fast hard kiss had us both panting while I got back enough control to carry him swiftly upstairs and set him down beside our bed. We undressed each other as quickly as we could but his blouse was still on when I pulled down his panties and swallowed his cock to the root.

He writhed on the rumpled sheets, chanting my name over and over while leaking salty precome. "So good, Sev . . . so hot, I'm so hot . . . empty, Sev . . . need you so much."

I hummed around him and he bucked up and came down my throat. I was definitely addicted to him. Gently letting him fall from my lips after a last lick, I found his wanton sprawl to be quite delectable. Swiftly, I pulled off my Henley and unzipped my jeans with a sigh of relief. I'd been hard for almost too long.

"Am I stretched enough for him, Sev?" His eyes were looking at me with quite a different look than his first almost scared glance. He'd come a long way in three days.

"Not quite yet, Kitten, but I will thicken up the plug a bit so you can see how that feels." Kicking off my shoes, I leaned down and got his off as well. Peeling off his socks, I took a deep breath of slightly sweaty skin and licked up his high arch while he started in surprise and squeaked.

"Why does that feel good, Sev?" His blush was adorable. "I thought feet and arses were kind of forbidden for touches."

I kissed my way from his toes up his leg, savoring the delicious skin. "They're not for polite society and therefore not for touching. But between lovers, there is no part of your body or mine that's forbidden." Kissing his limp cock, I continued up to his navel while my hands finished unbuttoning his wrinkled blouse. "Love your nipples, sweetheart, and the way they perk up for me."

His hands combed through my hair while he sighed and arched his back to get closer to my lips. "I love the way you touch me, Sev. Every touch tells me you love me and every time you show me something new, I get that fluttery feeling in my stomach. It all feels so good and I know if it doesn't, I can tell you and you'll stop."

I stopped suckling and leaned up so I could see his eyes. "Thank you, little love. I promise not to hurt you in any way." We kissed gently, tenderly and I felt my heart expand still bigger in answer to his. I was the luckiest wizard in the world to have him in my life.

We finished undressing and he found the plug under my pillow, looking from it to me and back before thickening it another half inch. That was really going to stretch him and I made sure I slathered lubricant deep inside his channel before having him go onto all fours so I could slide it in. There was tension in his lower back this time and I slid a slippery hand over his slightly wilted cock to change his focus.

Gradually, I distracted him enough to finish pushing it in and the little sigh he gave when it impacted his gland made his whole body untense. He was a natural and my cock gave a little jump at the thought of all that tight heat that would soon be mine. Rolling him onto his back, I went back to suckling his pink nipples while he sighed happily and stroked my hairy chest.

Sliding one of my legs between his, I gave him something to rock against while he hardened more. His little hands slid down to my cock and gripped me harder than he ever had. His wiggles tormented both of us and finally he pushed me onto the bed and swarmed over me. His little gasp when the plug moved was music to my ears. It meant he was enjoying the size.

"Oh, Sev, it feels so good to have something inside of me. Why do men ever go with women if they could feel this instead?" He determinedly opened wide and stretched around my crown, his rough tongue bathing the head and slit with fervor.

My hips came up a bit and I had to cut back a moan. "Some men never know the pleasure to be had. It's considered sinful to make love with someone with whom you can't have children."

He sucked hard then let go for a moment. "I don't quite understand how the whole baby thing works. Do the books say?"

I shivered at the cooler air hitting my wet cock. "They do say and we'll read them a little later. Love is never sinful even if you and I can't get pregnant."

He grinned and went back to trying to fit more of me in his mouth. His jaws were going to be aching if I didn't come soon but that wasn't going to be a problem because I'd been on edge forever and with a shout of warning, I sprayed him. He swallowed as fast as he could but some still escaped and ran down his chin and face. I relaxed all over and sighed in contentment.

It had been a long dry spell but it was finally over.

********* Harry *********

I loved seeing that contented look on his face. Licking up the last of his seed, I felt the hard plug move inside of me and wished it was him. What would it feel like to feel all that hot come shooting up inside of me? Kind of like the warm water of the bidet, I decided, letting him go reluctantly when he pulled me up. He licked my face clean, too while I squirmed a little at the teasing roughness of his tongue.

Tucking me into a different position, he went back to sucking my nipples while I hugged his shoulders. A sudden thought came to me then and I decided to ask him. "Severus, if I was really Mary and had a female opening, could you come inside it and make me grow a baby? Would my nipples give out milk like you talked about earlier?"

He chuckled and kept licking. "If you had a vagina, Harry, I could come inside of it and shoot my seed deep inside of you. If one of mine combined with one of your eggs, it would create a child who would grow slowly in your uterus for nine months. During that time, your breasts would grow a little more and your nipples would get ready to give milk. And once our baby was born, he or she would suckle at your breasts for their nourishment for six months or more."

Our baby, that sounded even better than our home. I sighed a little. "I wish I could do that, Severus. I wish the world was safe enough to have babies. It's too bad there isn't a spell to give me a vagina and a uterus. My nipples really like the idea of giving milk."

He paused and raised an eyebrow at me. "There are spells, Harry but you're much too young to even be thinking of that. In ten years, once Voldemort is dead and the world is a more stable place, come and ask me again about those spells."

Then he went back to sucking me while one hand slowly stroked my cock against his furry leg. I was going to remember that promise, I made a secret vow and I wasn't going to wait ten years. He didn't think I'd still want to when I got older but all I'd ever wanted was someone to love me and a family I could love. I liked wearing women's clothing so I was pretty sure I'd like the extra woman parts.

But first, I had to stretch enough so he could come inside of me. Shifting my hips a little, the plug moved inside of me and warmed me from head to toe. I was going to ask him if I could wear it outside tomorrow when we went shopping for my first bra. The sooner I got bigger for him, the better I'd like it. I loved the way he made me feel.

My nipples were both hard and aching now when he stopped and looked at them with a smile of satisfaction. "Kitten, you have the prettiest nipples in England. How do they feel now?"

"Better than good, Sev, they have a warm ache like the one inside of me from the plug." I flirted up at him and loved his indulgent smile. "I think I'm going to need that bra to keep from showing them under my blouses."

He chuckled and swooped in to kiss my lips. His arms held me tight while mine slid around his neck to hold him closer. Rolling, he pulled me fully on top of him which gave me room to wiggle and squirm against his hairy body. I really liked his fur. His hands slid down to my cheeks and the plug nestled between them. He pushed it in and set off little shocks to my gland.

I moaned and pushed up into his fingers, tearing my lips away to suck in air. "Please do that again, Sev. It feels so good. I wish it was bigger still."

His smile was a bit hesitant. "I don't want to go too fast, Harry. You're body is still so young and small. Don't let me hurt you with my desire."

I felt like preening at the compliment that I could make him want me so much. "My body wants yours and so does my heart, Severus. I'm learning more everyday and soon I want you deep inside of me, making this ache go away."

"Let me know if it's too much." He said quietly before tapping the end of the plug and saying something not in English or Latin.

For a moment nothing happened then I felt the plug swell bigger. It ached and I swallowed hard at the new sensation. But it didn't hurt so I nodded to him to continue. Another tap and spell and my eyes began to water at the stretching movement. This time it did hurt a little.

"That's enough for now, sweetheart." He cradled me close and moved us to our sides, one of his legs still between mine. It was snug against my pelvis with my cock and balls lying on top and the plug behind. "Is there pain, little love?"

I shook my head. "Just really, really full, Severus. It's kind of like my nipples with a sweet ache that makes me feel loved."

"Sweetheart," he kissed my face all over before settling in to suck my tongue into his mouth. His cock was getting hard again against my stomach and I wrapped a hand around him so I could stroke him. He liked that a lot and his lips smiled against mine.

Being able to affect him like this made me feel powerful. It was *my* touch that made him hard; my nipples that he liked to suck; my hole that he wanted to come inside. Me, scrawny Harry Potter, was the boy who he loved. I was going to be so good; he'd never want to leave our bed. I was going to satisfy every desire he had, no matter what it was. Even if I didn't already like them for myself, I'd wear girl's clothes to entice him.

I really liked the way he lifted my skirt and fondled my arse in my silk panties. How would it feel to wear them while the plug was inside of me? I could hardly wait to find out. The pressure was gradually subsiding and every time it slid past my gland, the heat got hotter.

"While we're simmering, Kitten, why don't I show you the sex books you're going to be studying?" He waited for me to nod yes before sliding away and out of bed.

I felt cold almost at once but I enjoyed looking down my body at all the changes. Instead of bruises from beatings, I had little scratch marks here and there from his wiry hair. My nipples were bright pink and stood up in little stiff peaks. My fingers touched them and wondered why it didn't feel as good as when he touched them. My cock was hard and standing up from between my legs.

Sliding a hand down to it, I stroked him once before sliding lower to cup my balls. They felt more sensitive now and when I moved my hips against the sheets, the plug warmed up even more.

"That is the sexiest picture I've ever seen." Severus' voice was deep and low and it made my stomach flutter. "I think I shall have to paint you looking just like that in my studio this summer. We'll keep it in the basement, safe from prying eyes."

I blushed and looked down. "I'm too scrawny to be in a picture."

He slid in beside me and laid a book on my stomach. "Nonsense, sweetheart, you're slender and some more good meals will take away any hint of scrawniness."

'Slender', I thought about it. That sounded much better so I smiled up at him when he dropped a kiss on my lips. I picked up the book and read the cover - The Wizard's Guide to Gay Sex. Severus was pulling all the pillows up behind him and sitting back against them so I sat up, wincing at the fullness of the expanded plug.

"Here, Kitten, lean against me," his arms tucked me into his side and propped the book up on his flat stomach. "Ready?"

"Yes, please." I opened it up and the first picture was of two naked men lying in a bed kind of like ours. They were kissing and my eyes widened when I saw their hands stroking each other's cocks like we did.

"Mutual masturbation is common among gay wizards; chapter three has a lot of variations we can try." Sev was grinning at me but I didn't mind because his hand was stroking me. "Turn the pages slowly and stop when you have a question, little love."

Nodding, I turned the pages. Short wizards, tall wizards, wizards with average cocks like mine and some with really big ones like Sev's, blond and brunette wizards, they all looked like they were having fun. One picture where they were on a furry rug in front of a blazing fire, sucking on each other really made me feel hot.

"We'll do that tonight in the lounge, all right?" Sev whispered in my ear and I nodded eagerly. "What kind of fur rug would you like?"

I thought about it for a minute. "Something short and thick and plush, maybe?"

He smiled and kissed me. "Absolutely, sweetheart, soft fur for my little kitten."

I really liked that nickname. "I love you, Severus. Thank you for the sweet names."

"Oh, Harry, there are a hundred more I want to call you but you truly do remind me of a kitten." He licked my cheek before nuzzling the suddenly sensitive skin.

********* Severus *********

Harry giggled a little but tilted his head up for more kisses. He was such a sweetheart, I wanted to lock the front door and say 'goodbye' to the wizarding world forever. They thought they owned him but they were wrong. He was mine now, forever mine and soon I would stake my claim before the old gods to his heart and soul.

I had the oddest feeling that he meant what he said about adding female parts so he could bear our children. Little more than a child himself, he was an adult about many things. I'd have to study up on the ancient spells and potions it would take to give him the equipment he needed to bear a baby. From the dark time I lost my virginity at 14, I'd never even considered having a family.

Lucius Malfoy had made sure of that when he took me so callously and sneered at my feelings. I'd buried all the gentler emotions deep and layered on thick shields to protect my heart. It should have been a shriveled up husk but Harry had peeled back all my layers and exposed it to his light. It had grown out of all recognition to me but so long as he was happy, I would be, too.

"Oh my," his whisper was rather shocked and I looked down to see a young man being fucked across a desk that looked oddly like my potions desk. He turned bright pink and his look up at me was rather shy but determined. "We're going to do that some day. You're going to come inside me just like that only you'll be wearing your robes unbuttoned just far enough for your great big cock to come out."

"And you'll be wearing your robes but pushed up just far enough so I can slide down your pants, exposing your bright pink ruffled panties and that sweet little hole that's waiting for my . . . great . . . big . . . snake."

He was unconsciously moving between the plug and my hand around his cock. "Oh, and I'll have gotten ready for you with lots of slippery lubricant before I came to class. Maybe I'll even be wearing my plug so I'm all stretched for you. And I'll have been really bad in class so you make me stay for detention."

"Really, Mr. Potter, how did you get your green potion to come out yellow?" I used my snarky voice and he moaned, moving faster between the two sensations. "Such a disobedient little boy, I think I'll have to come up with a new punishment for you. Lay over my desk while I ready the tool of your discipline."

"Oh yes, Professor Snape," his breathy little murmur went straight to my cock. "I've been really, really bad and need to be punished hard."

He squirmed against me and I moved the book down so we could still see the picture of the two men fucking. "Spanking isn't hard enough for this punishment, Mr. Potter. I believe a good . . . fucking should do the trick."

"Oh-h-h-h," he clenched hard and came in my hand, his body almost rigid in his throes. I kissed him with tongue and he shuddered against me, soaking my hand with his seed. "Oh, Severus, that was so good."

Chuckling, I slid my lips down his chest to lick away the seed that had escaped me. "Naughty Harry, you have a good imagination. I love you."

He stretched languidly and linked his hands around my neck. "I love you too, Sev. That was a really hot fantasy. Is the word 'fuck' like cock, not used in polite company?"

"Exactly right, between the two of us, we can use it when we're feeling earthy instead of emotional. There are nuances in language that only come out when two people are as close as we are."

His smile was bright. "You're the only one I'll *ever* be this close to, Sev. Well, you and Uncle John," this grin was cheeky and I started tickling his sides while he giggled and tried to escape.

We played for an hour in between looking at the pictures. While we bathed our sticky bodies, he asked to wear his other nightgown and I agreed. With all the stimulation his breasts had been receiving, only the softest of material would do for his tender nipples. Going back into his room, I sat on his bed and watched while he lifted it reverently over his head and gave a little shake so it fell in soft folds about his body.

For a brief moment, I saw him a little older wearing a gown almost like it while his abdomen swelled gently beneath. Blinking, I wondered if I'd just had a vision of our future. Oddly enough, I liked it. Was I so depraved I was going to take his virginity and his future and let him bear our children?

Actually, yes I was. Smiling, I picked up his brush and started the sweeping strokes we both loved. He leaned back against me, settled between my legs while I brushed. "I like this, Uncle John. It's very soothing to have you brush my hair. I like having all your attention focused just on me. Is that very greedy?"

"Never, Kitten, you should have been loved and wanted like this from the moment you were born." I dropped a kiss on the satin strap on his shoulder. "I love you and will always love you."

He turned his head a little and I saw tears shining in his eyes. "I love you, too. Forever and ever, I will always love you first."

"Until our children start arriving and then we'll both love them with all our hearts." I said tenderly and his smile blossomed.

He smoothed his hands over his flat stomach, the satin rippling under his fingers. "Once I get the extra parts, we can practice you giving me your seed until they combine. I wonder how odd it will feel to have something growing inside of me. Oh, it will be kind of like the plug, maybe?"

"I'll get a good book on pregnancy so you can see all the changes your body will go through. Male pregnancies are much harder on the carrier than a woman's. Her body is created for just such a task while yours will have to stretch and grow differently." I kissed his temple and kept brushing. "We'll both think long and hard on it before making that decision."

"All right, Uncle John, I can wait." His tones were placid as if humoring me. "I really like the idea of creating a bigger family. We're already a family of two."

"We are indeed, sweetheart." I finished brushing and hugged him close. "Now, how about we go down and make dinner? Do you want the plug out for now?"

He shook his head and turned into my arms, smiling up at me. "No, I want it to keep on stretching me. I want you inside of me."

"So do I, Kitten, so do I." I kissed him again and savored his sweet taste before picking him up and carrying him downstairs.

The next three days passed smoothly and occasionally I wondered what the rest of the wizarding world was doing. Harry and I were cocooned in our own little world and I'm afraid I really didn't care if the Order was having collective kittens. My own little kitten was more than enough to keep my attention.

Harry explored my body and his own, mastering the first ten chapters of the guide with diligent practice. We ate huge meals and then worked them off in the most pleasant way possible. The trip to the undergarments department was interesting and Miss Mary now had three new bras. One in silk, one in cotton and one in some new muggle fabric called 'micro-fiber', what ever that meant.

She loved them all but mostly she loved it when I suckled on her little breasts. Oddly, her chest seemed to do a little expanding to accommodate the increased mass under her nipples and I checked on that in a wizarding compendium of arcane spells and conditions. It appeared Harry was part of the 1% of wizards who were naturally disposed to carrying children.

The constant suckling would eventually result in his growing small but adequate breast fat to provide milk for our children. And they would be 'our' children for he was still determined to take me inside of him. Every day he insisted on the plug being spelled a little thicker and longer. And every night, he took a little more of my cock in his mouth and throat.

I'd never been so satisfied in my life. Constant sex seemed to agree with both of us. The new moon was Saturday and we'd carefully shaved his legs during our bath so he could wear his silk stockings on Sunday. We both had enemas so we were cleaned out and ready to play in the bidet. Harry writhed as the little geyser squirted up into his hole.

"Oh, so good, that feels so good, Sev," he panted and I kissed him again and again. "Pretty soon it will be your hot come inside of me, Sev. Oh, please . . ."

He almost came but we were saving ourselves for the altar and our homes wards tonight and he shuddered when I pulled down on his balls. Just the sound of those words coming out of his mouth had almost made me come and I did my own shivering. Picking him up off the bidet, I carried him out into the hall, down the stairs to my studio and then into the dark basement.

Summer was heating up outside so it felt cool to our over heated skin. I set him down on the altar and he stretched out across it with a wanton sprawl that made my cock pulse. "You know you want me, Sev. I'm all cleaned out and stretched. Your cock wants to fuck me right here on our home altar. I brought your special lubricant down earlier and asked the house if it was all right. It wants you to take me, too."

The wards shimmered around us like another heartbeat or a second sun. They did want us to seal our bond with them tonight. I wanted him so badly I could taste blood where I'd bitten my lip. "Harry . . . it's too soon. You're still so young."

His smile was almost lazy while his hands stroked over his body like a lover. "The ancient druids said a boy became a man when he turned 14. Most of them were married before they turned 15. And once we take care of Voldemort, I want to get pregnant. I want to take your seed so deep inside of me it will spontaneously create our first child."

"Gods . . ." I was panting in need. "I want that too, Harry. I want to open your body and shove my cock so deep inside of you it feels like he's going to come out of your stomach."

He moaned and sat up, holding his hands out beseechingly to me. "Yes, Severus, yes please do it now. I need you so much."

The air heated between us like a volcano and I splashed oil on my hands hastily, almost shaking in my need for him. He kissed me hard while I stretched his tiny hole and slicked my diamond hard cock. The altar was just the right height for me to lay him down with his arse almost hanging off the stone. My fingers came out and my crown breeched his hole in the same moment.

He screamed when the wide crown stretched him wider than even the plug had. Tears ran down his cheeks and I kissed each one away while murmuring all the sweet nicknames I'd given him. When the extreme pressure eased a bit, I pulled back a little. "All right, sweetheart, talk to me, little love."

"Oh-h-h-h," his voice wavered but his eyes opened to gaze up at me in a daze. "You're inside of me. It hurts but it's a good hurt. I can feel your heartbeat there." His smile grew. "More, Severus, give me all of him. I want to feel him all the way up to my heart."

My own smile finally broke through my fear and I pushed in an inch before stopping. "I've never been inside anyone tighter. Your heat is amazing, Harry." Another inch and his skin blushed cherry. "So fucking good, sweetheart, you feel so right around me."

"That's because you were born to love me and I was born to love you." His gland reacted to me and his hips levitated a bit. "Oh there, oh he feels so very, very right."

"He was made to love you, sweet Harry, my own pure and innocent lover." I slid in the rest of the way and panted at the squeezing constriction.

"He really does feel like he's about to come out of my stomach," his hands smoothed over the skin there and I swear my cock felt his fingers. "So good, Severus, fuck me now."

I started the gentle rocking that would bring us both pleasure in this most sacred of spots. My hands slid under him to cushion his lower back and his hands slid up my arms to bring me down to his lips. The glow of the single candle seemed to multiply around us until I could have sworn we were outside under the full light of day.

We exchanged every vow we'd spoken before and added new ones between kisses. He vowed to love me forever, forsaking all others while I promised him my life and love for an eternity. When I finally thrust and came deep within his bowels, he cried out and spurted between us, the drops sizzling onto the altar and writing odd characters into the stone.

Panting, we rested for a long moment while the light around us slowly died away to the single candle. He came back first to our current bodies. "Sev, that was so intense. What happened? Well, other than you finally taking my virginity."

I rested on my elbows beside his head and smoothed kisses across his face. "Virginity is a powerful thing to give to someone. The energy involved is intense and spiritual. But we did more than that, sweet love. We gave all of us to each other, the good and the bad, the weak and the strong, the pure and the earthy. Our bond has been growing steadily and I think we just sealed it for all time."

His smile was luminous. "Good. I don't want anyone else ever. I just want you for as long as we live. And I want our children too so it's a good thing we're going to be practicing a lot. Your seed feels really good inside of me and so does your cock."

"It hurt at first though and I'm sorry about that." I felt myself begin to shrink a little and I stood to gingerly begin the delicate unweaving of our bodies.

He bit his lip a little and moaned when my crown stretched his guardian muscle again. The discharge was copious and slightly bloody, the altar stone soaking it up almost before it hit the surface. But then Harry smiled and relaxed all over. "Oh, that feels so good, Severus. It's like the stone reached inside of me and healed the little tear I felt earlier. That's really handy to remember. Maybe I should give birth on the altar, too."

I scooped him up in my arms and headed for the stairs. "That will not be any time soon, sweetheart.

********* Harry *********

Severus treated me like the little princess he called me while I healed from giving myself to him. I kept wearing the plug, dialed up to its highest setting but now that I'd taken his cock, it just didn't feel as good as he did. He liked me to come inside of him and I liked that too but I didn't know how to explain to him what it felt like when he took me.

I felt small and dainty and so open for him. The feel of his crown, so hot and big, pushing into me gave me the helpless feeling I craved. I like all the euphemisms for making love but sometimes I just wanted to be laid down and fucked. We were working on that. My birthday was especially good. We baked a cake with lots of icing and really good vanilla ice cream with hot fudge drizzled on it.

We ate at the kitchen table mostly and Sev had laid me face down on the table so he could dribble fudge sauce between my cheeks. He sat in the chair and licked me until I was begging for him to fuck me. "Fuck me, Uncle John, put your giant cock there and fuck me hard." I panted and writhed under his tongue. "You know you want to give me that great big present I've been begging for all summer. You want to shove inside of me and fuck me with your mighty cock. You want me to scream and scream your name until I'm hoarse."

"Gods," he stood up and slid both his thumbs inside me at once while I cried out at the sudden intrusion. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you'll have to sit on a cushion for the rest of the week. I'm going to split you in two, my little birthday boy. This tiny little hole is going to have to take my big pole whether you want me or not."

I felt a warm drizzle and realized he was putting in more chocolate. "That's all the lubricant you're going to get, little one." He put the crown to my hole and pushed once hard. "You're going to take all of him, sweet Harry. I'm going to slide in so far and so deep you're going to feel him in your throat." He thrust in hard and I shrieked again.

Gods, he felt so good. No matter how many times he took me, it still felt like the first time all over again. I hadn't torn since but that was because he was so careful of me. Today, he seemed to be losing some of the control he always kept and that made me feel really good. He'd accepted this was what I wanted, he was what I craved.

"Yes, Severus, deeper, go deeper," I panted through the pain and felt my gland begin to glow. "Oh yes! More, give him all to me. I'm greedy and I want all of him. I want you to pound me right into this table then I want you to come hot and strong inside of me."

"Yes," he held my hips so I couldn't move much and his thrusts got deeper and wilder than ever before. "My little Harry with the tight arse and the glove-soft channel, I'm going to flood you with my seed, so deep it will stay until the next time you tempt me with your beautiful body."

"Yes!" I felt my cock burst under the table but still he kept pounding away. "I'll be all slick and open and hungry for your cock. Every day I want you to wake up and take me. Every night I want you to split me wide with your cock. I want to sit on you at lunch and make love to you in the backyard under the full moon. I want to have trouble walking because I can still feel you inside of me."

"Harry," he spoke softly and came in a hot gush of seed. I felt his breath against the back of my neck. "My beautiful, desirable, fuckable Harry."

I smiled into the oak tabletop. "Your Harry."

He pulled back but not out and with my arse held tight to his groin, he sat down in the kitchen chair with me still sitting on his cock and lap. That felt really good and I laid my head back on his chest. We just sat there and breathed each other in. Our scent was kind of odd but I knew I'd never be able to eat fudge sauce again without wanting him to fuck me.

"You are without a doubt the most beautiful birthday boy in the British Isles." His hands rubbed my stomach before sliding up to my nipples and giving them a tweak. "I haven't sucked on these little jewels today, Harry. I think I'll spread some of your birthday cake on them and eat them clean."

They peaked in an instant. "Yes, please, that would be brilliant, Sev. They're fifteen years old now and I'm sure to grow more. I kind of like the way they plump out for you."

"No more than I do, sweetheart." His lips outlined my ear and his teeth gently bit my lobe. "Would you like to have an ear pierced, little love? I'd love to give you an emerald as beautiful as your eyes to wear."

I hadn't thought about that before. I'd never worn any jewelry but I loved getting presents from Sev. "I think I'd like that, Severus. It would be like an engagement ring only in my ear."

He chuckled and I felt his cock twitch inside of me so I squeezed my inner muscles around him gently to see if I couldn't get him hard again. I was in the mood to get fucked in this position. His wand flew down the stairs and into his hand. The wards had gotten so strong since my blood had soaked into the altar that we could do any kind of magic we wanted and you couldn't tell it from outside.

"Hold still, Kitten." He laid the tip against my lobe and concentrated for a moment before speaking. It felt like a sharp prick then a heaviness stretched it a bit. "I was right, it looks beautiful."

A mirror floated in from the front hall and showed me my ear. A beautiful stone of flashing green was nestled in the lobe and I felt the back of it to see how it stayed on. There was a little stud and holder keeping it in place and I smiled at myself. "Thank you, Sev. It's the most beautiful birthday present I've ever gotten."

His arms squeezed me tight and his lips grazed my throat while I tilted my head back to give him more room. His tongue laved all the spots that made me shiver before it licked my newly pierced ear. That made me shudder hard and his cock surged back to life inside of me.

His big hands rested on my hips and moved my legs outside of his. I was splayed in his lap with my cock starting to rise and the mirror grew bigger to show us both in the chair. His fingers stroked me while his hips nudged up then down gently. My gland was warming up again and I used my thigh muscles to help move my body in counterpoint to his thrusts.

"That's it, little princess, show me how much you want my cock up your tight, little arse." His deep voice liked teasing me and I moaned while still watching us make love. "Sweet Harry, once we're done, I'm going to carry you upstairs and draw us a bath." His hands moved me a little quicker, pulling me down harder and making my gland sing. "Then I'm going to shave every bit of hair below your waist. Once we're dry, I'm going to rub a special potion into your newly depilitated skin that will make it even smoother."

I groaned and pushed back hard while watching his fingers grip my cock tighter.

"Then we're going into the innocent rose-pink room we created for your alter-ego, Mary." He licked my neck and bit lightly while I moaned some more. "Once you're beautifully naked, I'll pick out a new pair of silk stockings and help you roll them up your smooth legs. Then you'll put on the new panties I ordered just for you. And then the garter belt to hold up your stockings."

"Oh-h-h, can I wear the satin nightgown over them, Uncle John?" I wanted to feel all of that against my skin.

"I have a new outfit for you, sweet Mary." His tongue painted obscure symbols on my throat and shoulder. "I promise it will feel even better than your pretty nightgown."

I was practically bouncing on his lap while his cock moved in and out of me and I knew we couldn't last much longer. It was the third time today we'd made love. "Oh, g-g-good, I love getting new clothes. Will I be able to wear it outside, Uncle John?"

"No!" He shouted and came inside of me while I seized up and painted the table with my spray of come. We both sat there quivering for a long moment before he finally sighed contentedly and licked the spot he'd bitten in apology. "This outfit is strictly for us, sweetheart. The neighborhood would have a collective heart attack if they ever saw it."

"Oh good," I hugged his arms closer around my waist. "I like those kind of outfits. Is it sexy or innocent in a depraved-fifteen-year-old-going-to-hell sort of way?"

His laughter forced him out of me and his come dripped out onto his lap. But I didn't mind and I'd gotten really good with my cleaning spells. Turning towards him, I kissed his laughing lips and wrapped my tongue around his. I love his kisses and he liked getting them all the time. Sometimes when he was painting, I'd interrupt him because I just had to kiss him right that moment.

He understood and sometimes when I least expected it; he'd swoop down and kiss me hard. I could come more often he did and I came at least four times a day. Finally he pulled away and stood up with me in his arms. I loved it when he carried me like that because I always felt safe in his embrace.

"Sweet Harry, I believe it's more depraved than deprived." He carried me up the stairs and into the bathroom where the water was already gently steaming. Stepping over the side, he set me down before sinking beneath the hot water. I followed him, hissing a bit when the hot water hit my well-used hole. He instantly healed it for me, drawing me into his arms and touching it with a muttered spell.

"Thank you, Severus but I was enjoying it." I rubbed the soap between my palms and got a really good lather going before swirling it into his chest hair. I love playing with all that fur. "I like the ache that reminds me you were inside me. I lie at night sometimes when I don't go right to sleep and think about growing a woman's parts and how it will feel when you come inside me in an entirely new way. Just think, I'll be a different kind of virgin. The altar will like that."

He chuckled and soaped his own hands to gently wash my chest. "We'll both enjoy it, sweetheart. And the altar will be overjoyed to help create new life. It's the oddest thing but I have the sense the ward lines are expanding all around us. The neighborhood as far away as the Cathedral feels more welcoming to me."

I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. "Me too, I feel the same way. I don't ever want to leave here, Sev. What are we going to do when school starts?"

He pulled me close and kissed me softly until I was calmer. "We're going to go back to Hogwarts where you are going to study really hard and I'm going to do everything I can to keep you safe. If we can, we'll have some time to ourselves but if we can't, we'll wait for the holidays and come back here to sate our passions for the entire week."

I laughed the way he wanted me to then determinedly went back to washing. "And I'm going to learn everything I can to destroy Voldemort. I've got three more years of school but he has to be gone by then because I want to get pregnant. By the time I'm 18, I want to be well along to having our first child."

He paused, the way he always does when I say that. He was still not sure I knew what I really wanted but he'd learn that when I set my mind to something, I always followed through. I could hardly wait. The baker's assistant was also her daughter and she was pregnant at almost eight months along. We'd become friends and she was very kind when she answered my shy questions.

She was really big in front and she complained about having to go to the bathroom all the time but she sounded pretty contented when she said it. Her husband delivered their baked goods all over town and he treated her like fine china when they were together. They were really sweet and a little ache settled inside of me whenever I saw them.

I wanted that feeling and closeness. I wanted to be planning for giving life instead of death. But if I had to kill Voldemort then I would. He was in the way of our having a safe future in a country where we could raise our family. I wanted a lot of kids, kind of like the Weasleys. I just wasn't going to tell Sev that yet.

"Sweetheart, stand up for me so I can shave you." Sev's voice brought me out of my trance and I scrambled to my feet. I loved the shaving spell and often practiced it on Sev's face in the morning but he liked to use it on me all over and that always felt so good I didn't mind at all.

A few muttered words and I felt my skin tingle everywhere. Now the silk would feel even better on my skin. I loved going to church on Sunday because I got to wear my garter belt and stockings and my prettiest green dress. I felt as pretty as the princess, Uncle John named me. All the old ladies of the parish ooh-ed and aah-ed over me and to tell the truth it felt pretty good.

But not as good as what we did when we came home.

"Out we go, Kitten. You've got another present to put on." Sev knelt up and kissed my cock before standing up the rest of the way.

"Oh good," I dried myself hurriedly and followed him into my newly decorated room. In case we ever had company who asked to use the bathroom and got snoopy, we had turned the former blue bedroom into the prettiest room in the house. My bed was now a white canopy with rose-pink gauze hanging from the railings like soft clouds. The bedding was soft damask in shades of rose with white lace pillow shams at the head.

I even had a beautiful doll who wore a dress identical to my green one who sat at the head of my bed to watch over me while I slept. Of course, I didn't sleep here but we had lain here once and made love so I knew if I had to I could. But for now, I gazed expectantly at my grinning lover and wondered what my new outfit was going to be like.

He got out a shopping bag with the name of a store I'd never heard of before on it and pulled out a little scrap of red silk. "These are a new style so let's see how they feel on."

He held them out and I stepped into them, wondering where all the material had gone. Suddenly, I saw that the front was a pouch that my cock slid into and the tiny straps came up over my hips while the narrow back eased between my arse cheeks. "It's called a thong and I think you look absolutely delectable in them."

I blushed and wiggled a little. "The strap up my crack feels weird but kind of good and the silk sheath feels almost as good as you do when I'm inside you."

That got me a hard kiss and a gentle stroke to my cock before he pushed me onto the bed so he could roll up the cobweb like silk stockings. They felt wonderful and when he slid the pink garter belt up to hold them, I trembled a little. I love the way they cling to me. He kissed the end of my cock while he snapped them in place then he helped me stand and pulled out something else red.

It was one piece with silk and petticoats and it looked complicated. The skirt flared out and had a couple of rows of stiff ruffles or something to keep its shape. The waist nipped in with something that looked like a corset I'd seen in the lingerie store where we'd gotten my bras. The bust was tight and it looked like it had something inside the cups that would hug me.

I could hardly wait to try it on. Severus held it out and showed me where to slide my hands first. It closed around me like a second skin and the cups had fur inside of them that made me tingle all over when he started fastening the hooks up in the back. I'd never be able to get them undone on my own and that made my heart beat faster for some reason. I liked it when I was at his mercy. I got to be weak a little instead of being always strong and ready to fight.

I'd been fighting all my life and it felt good not to have to. The cups closed over my small breasts and when Sev whispered something, the fur began to vibrate against my nipples. "Oh-h-h-h-h, that feels good. I love it, Sev."

He chuckled and swept my hair to one side so he could kiss that hot spot behind my ear.

********* Severus *********

He purred for me like the kitten I called him. "Sweetheart, how does it feel everywhere else?"

He wiggled a little and stood away from me so he could move freely. "I like it. It fits tightly but I can still twist and turn." He ruffled his skirt and all the petticoats. "I really like my skirt. I bet it will feel really good when I sit on your lap. The thong is teasing me and I'm already leaking a bit into the pouch. But my nipples feel wonderful. I wonder if we could spell fur into all my bras?"

Chuckling, I pulled him close and ran my hands up under his petticoats to cup those taut cheeks of his. "I think we could do that, Harry. I've never met anyone who likes their nipples teased so much. I truthfully think your breasts are changing, sweetheart. Our babies are going to enjoy nursing from you."

He smiled all over and hopped up onto my leg so he could rock back and forth. "They'll like it but I will, too. I won't want to wean them so long as I can feed them. But I'll always love it when you suckle the best. Even if I'm not pregnant, maybe I'll still create milk for you."

I slipped two fingers under the thong and into his loosened hole. He was absolutely addicting and my cock had never been so happy. Kissing him was always new and exciting so we did it all the time. Hogwarts was going to be absolute hell if I had to completely keep my hands off of him.

"Oh, Sev, more, my legs are tingling." He squirmed to get better friction on his cock but I moved him off my lap completely and watched him pout.

"You still have something more for your new outfit." I told him and watched his eyes light up.

"Shoes, you got me new shoes, didn't you, Sev?" He asked excitedly.

"Shoes, it is, Princess." I reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of two inch spiky heels, taller than anything he'd worn before.

"Oooo-oo, Sev, they're beautiful." He sighed happily and I helped him put them on. The first two steps were awkward while he found his balance but when he did, his walk turned into that swivel-hipped stride that turned my knees to spaghetti. Turning back to me, he put his hands on his hips and wiggled a little. Then he was in my arms, kissing my face over and over.

Laughing, we walked down the stairs to the lounge so he could open the rest of his presents. I'd informed Dumbledore of his safety two weeks before and his friends had sent his gifts to a safe house where I picked them up. I'd refused to bring him in until we had to start school and he'd instantly agreed to let him have this summer free.

I wondered if he knew of Harry and mine's transformation. If he did, perhaps he'd run interference for us and give us chances to reconnect. If not, Harry was just going to have to be assigned lots of detentions. I was looking forward to the first one and the enactment of our fantasy on my potions desk. What I was not looking forward to was the need to keep this relationship secret. Harry was going to find it hard to prevaricate to his friends and the first time I was harsh with him it was going to hurt.

And I hated hurting him. There were going to be many long and sleepless nights without him by my side. Our lessons would still be needed although we'd been working on them since the wards strengthened. He'd learned Occumency and Legilimans within the last three weeks and he'd soaked up each lesson like a sponge. He was determined to fulfill the prophecy so we could get back to living our lives.

He was really single-minded about getting pregnant. His reading hadn't slowed him down at all. The side effects - the bloating, sore muscles, hormone driven mood swings, cravings and all the others simply didn't faze him. He looked at the pictures of a woman at each stage of development and stroked his stomach with a smile. Had I influenced him too much with the girls clothing at the beginning of this charade?

"Sev, what's wrong?" Harry's small hand stroked my cheek and I realized we were snuggled on the rug in front of the crackling fire with a pile of unwrapped gifts to one side of us.

"Nothing's really wrong, sweetheart." I decided to ask him. "If I hadn't disguised you as a little girl two months ago, would you still be so determined to grow women's parts?"

He curled in my arms with one hand rubbing his right breast absentmindedly. "I'm pretty sure I would, Sev. I've always wanted a big family but couldn't really picture what it would take to get one. Wearing girl's clothes felt so free and being a little girl in public was so much fun that I decided to never give it up. Then when I found out what making love meant, I really, really wanted you inside of me."

He stopped there while we kissed for a long moment, his hands unbuttoning my shirt so he could bury his fingers in my chest hair. He wasn't the only one who liked his nipples played with and he'd discovered pretty early on he could make me melt with a good pinch or two. When we stopped to breathe, he was straddling my lap with his hands on my shoulders.

"It just feels right to be the one who wants to carry our babies inside of me. My mother gave life to me twice; once when she gave birth and secondly when she turned the killing curse aside with my scar. I want to make sure our children always have two parents." He got that determined look on his face I was becoming so familiar with. "If people get upset because that's what I want, then to hell with them. I've spent my whole life doing what other people want, once Voldemort is taken care of, it's time for me to do what I want to."

"I love you, Harry Potter." I kissed him gently, leaning my forehead against his. "We will find a way for you to do exactly what you want. I'll support you completely. This will always be our home. I've told the Vicar's wife that you were adopted by my sister and her husband as a baby and I couldn't love you more if you were blood related."

"Clever Sev," he beamed at me and wiggled over my robe covered groin. "That way we can slowly change our relationship to one where we get married and start a family. I love the way you think ahead. Oh good, you've got another present for me."

I growled at him but he ignored it and parted the robe so we touched everywhere along our torsos. The silk of his dress rippled across my stomach and the delicate stockings ghosted over my legs like a cobweb. His cock was hard and leaking through the silk pouch and my fingers wrapped around him to give him something to slide through.

He purred and leaned down to lick my nipples into peaking for him. I murmured the spell again and the fur vibrated a little harder against his breasts. He moaned and licked his lips while his eyes half-closed in sensual enjoyment. The fire behind him crackled and I felt my cock hardening between his legs. It always felt new when we started making love even after two months.

Our bodies slid together then apart while hands stroked and pinched all the hot spots we'd discovered over the weeks we'd been together. He had slithered down to my groin and was languidly stroking my cock while cat-licking around the flared crown. Only Harry could get me so hard so quickly.

"Inside me again, Sev," he panted and knelt up between my legs, running his hands up under his own skirt. "I'm all wet and leaking. I want you to pull down my thong and use that new lubricant you created for me. I want you to take me hard while I'm wearing my new dress. Maybe you could bring in the big mirror like you did in the kitchen? I liked watching us make love earlier."

I chuckled but spelled the hand mirror into the room and enlarged it. "Are you sure, birthday princess? You could take me this time."

"Tomorrow, Sev, I'd like that tomorrow but tonight I want you in me again. I'm still tender so it will feel even more intense when you slide through my hole." He pulled the jar of lubricant to us with a wordless spell that would surprise anyone who still thought he was a neophyte.

I shed my robe and positioned him on all fours in front of the fire but far enough away he wouldn't get too hot. Licking his entrance, I rimmed him until he was begging for my cock. I lubed him quickly and set my cock to his hole before pushing inside. He groaned and arched back against me to get me inside quicker.

"You're always in such a hurry, sweetheart. One of these days I'm going to tie you to the bed and gag you so I can take my time driving you insane and you won't be able to stop me." I slowly slid deep and watched his ruffles frame my groin in the big mirror.

"Oh that would be so good," he moaned and wiggled around me. "What would be even better is if you tied me up on the altar and took your time while I got hotter and hotter until I exploded all over it. The wards would really like that since it loves everything we do together."

I started stroking in and out while he bit his lip and watched avidly while we moved together in front of the glass. "There's a hook over the altar, I could just tie you up and suspend you from it and enter you from behind like this so you spray all over the altar when you come."

He hiccupped and moaned while pushing back. "Deeper, Sev, I want to feel you in my throat. I like every way you take me, my sweet Sev. It will always be special."

Each stroke was heating me until I had to reach around and grip his cock. Once he seized up, he pulled my climax from me. I flooded him with seed and gradually lowered us to our sides, partly facing the fire and partly the mirror. He relaxed in my arms, his eyes never leaving our mirror-image.

"We look beautiful together, Sev." His hand held mine close to his stomach. "I want to remember how this looks and feels for when we have to be apart. Do you think we'll be able to see each other aside from potions class?"

"I hope so. Dumbledore gave in very quickly when I told him you were safe and staying right where you were." I kissed down his neck and over his shoulder. "I hesitate to predict what he will say or do but he truly does have your best interests to heart, Harry."

"But he keeps sending you into danger, Sev." He turned towards me, his eyes serious. "I don't really trust him with you. I'm afraid he'll put you back to spying and Voldemort will unmask you."

"It's a valid fear, Harry." I would respect his feelings. "I am the only one who can do what I do. Voldemort's been gaining power every month for the last two years and I'm afraid of what he'll do now that he has a base from which to draw."

His face set into older lines and his green eyes met mine. "We're going to take his base away and destroy him. The wards have been talking to me in my dreams, Sev. There's a place near here where there's a well of power we could draw from. Did you know about magic ley lines?"

I searched my memory. "Just the bare minimum, little love. Magnetic ley lines run all through Europe and Great Britain. It never occurred to me that magic might run along the same lines. We can do some research when we go back to Hogwarts. We still have three weeks though before we have to go back. I promise to help you every way I can."

"I know you will, Sev. You want to destroy him as much as I do." He smiled up at me and I just had to kiss him, again and again, until his lips were slightly swollen with our kisses.

We cuddled for some time before I slipped from him. He fell asleep in my arms and I carried him to bed after tenderly removing his new outfit. I loved his innocence and no matter what I'd try to preserve that for him. Should we ever have children, they would inherit that from my sweet love.

********* Harry *********

The next few weeks went by so fast I could hardly believe it. Every day we did something new I'd never done before. We ate out and visited museums, forests and hiking trails. I always wore my skirts but sometimes my brown boots instead of the little heels I liked so much. My hair grew really fast and I left it loose to fall down my back. Sev loved brushing it and he was right - I really did love when he washed it.

His strong fingers would massage my scalp until I purred for him. I was going to ask Professor McGonagall if she'd teach me how to be an animagus. Sometimes I was a kitten in my dreams and I was pretty sure Sev would like that. He'd dreamed the ley lines a couple of times so we were going to research them once we returned to Hogwarts.

I didn't want to go back but we had to. Sometimes I'd hold Sev so tight I left bruises but he did the same so I know we felt the same way. We cuddled together each night and told each other secrets. He had a lot more than I did but I kept each one close to my heart. He'd be safe with me just like I was safe with him. We'd have to be really circumspect at school and I already hated it.

I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved him but no one would believe me.

Finally our last day at home arrived and I walked through every room committing every part to my memory. I had a suitcase full of clothes we'd spelled to boy's clothes instead of girl's. I was really going to miss my skirts and silk panties. Sev said he'd spell them to cotton boxers instead when we got to Hogwarts. But I already missed them. Today, I dressed in the very first outfit he'd given me the day he rescued me.

He was painting in his studio while I wandered through the house saying goodbye to things. But I had a surprise for him that the wards had helped me set up. I'd stroked lots of lubricant inside of me before carefully dressing in my plaid skirt, lace knee highs and a ruffley blouse. My patent leather shoes were all polished.

They would stay here and maybe when we came back, they'd still fit me. I'd grown an inch taller over the summer and Sev kept feeding me as if to fatten me up. Making love used up a lot of energy though so I stayed skinny or slender as Sev always corrected me. I walked into the studio and watched him finishing up a portrait of the Mayor of York. He'd commissioned it over the spring and Sev had finally gotten around to having him sit twice for him. I'd stayed like a mouse in the corner and listened to them talk about politics and cooking.

Mayor Richer was kind of fat and looked like he really enjoyed eating. But he liked the cooking part a lot and it was fascinating to listen to them exchange recipes while Sev first sketched him then began painting. He was finishing it when I came in and I stood behind him, sliding my arms around his waist and resting my chin on his shoulder.

"It looks just like him." I said in satisfaction. "I like the fact he's holding a cookbook. It makes him more a real person."

He took one of my hands and kissed it tenderly. "I'm glad you like it, sweetheart. I think he will too and hopefully pay his bill on time. I was thinking we could build a tea gazebo in the rear garden next summer."

I hugged him hard. "Yes, I'd like that, Sev. We could have Mrs. Tyler over to show her our herbaceous borders."

He chuckled and turned around to pull me into his lap. "Sweetheart, we can indeed. How sweet you look, Princess."

"Thank you, Sev. I have a surprise for you below." I practically vibrated on his lap and he raised an eyebrow before letting me lead him to the hidden trap door.

The wards had shown me how to combine all four elements when we made love so we could bond even closer than we were now. Once we approached the altar, the walls began to glow fiery red and the water in the spring started to bubble. A soft breeze brushed our cheeks and the stone floors vibrated through our bones.

I hugged Severus close. "Lay me on the altar, Sev. I got myself ready for you upstairs and I want you inside of me in every way possible. The wards showed me how we can bind ourselves together even closer if you want to."

He picked me up and sat me down, crowding close between my legs. "I love you, Harry. I want every square inch of you both in body and in mind. If there's a way to be closer that won't hurt you, then I want to."

I smiled at him and linked my hands around his neck so I could kiss him softly. "It won't hurt me or you, just make us be able to feel and hear and see what the other is doing. We'll be able to mentally talk so even if we have to be apart for long periods of time, we will know the other is all right. I'm going to miss you so much."

His eyes gleamed and his hands stroked up my back. "I can think of nothing better, sweetheart. We just need to make sure we can keep some things private. There will be times when I'll be counseling my Slytherins when I need to keep their secrets."

I nodded solemnly. "I know, Severus. I know you want to save as many of them as you can and I want to help you. But if you get in trouble, I want to know it."

He sighed but nodded. "I understand, Harry. I know I must be sure you are safe at all times and I will respect your need for the same."

Smiling, I kissed him again. "Together we'll be stronger, Severus. Voldemort doesn't stand a chance if we face him bonded on all levels."

"Sweet kitten, I love you." He gathered me even closer to him and my nipples began to ache for his touch. "You make me believe in a future where we can live and love."

Carding my hands through his hair, I wished that, too. "Our babies are waiting for us to win so we can bring them to life. We can do anything we set our hearts to do."

"Such a wise kitten, my sweet Harry." His hands brushed through my hair. "We shall win through and when you're ready to bear our children, I will help."

He'd never said it so plainly before but it seemed I finally made him realize how serious I am. My hands slipped down his chest to start unbuttoning his pants. I needed him right now while the elements around us were merging into our bodies. He chuckled at my impatience but obediently slipped his hands beneath me to find I'd neglected to put on any underwear.

His fingers cupped my arse and two fingers slid in through my loosened entrance. I'd dialed the plug up to its highest setting and worn it all morning so I'd be ready for him. My fingers delved inside his boxers and pulled out his swiftly hardening cock. He didn't scare me anymore because I knew I could take all of him and he'd bring me nothing but pleasure.

He laid me back on the altar and raised my legs to his shoulders before going back to loosening my hole. Leaning down, he kissed me hard while I vibrated under him. The need to connect was growing and even he felt the urge because I soon felt his broad crown begin to stretch me wider and wider. It felt like he'd grown but I just sucked harder on his tongue until he'd breached me and begun to surge inside.

Heat and light exploded around us. I could both feel and hear his heartbeat. I drank in his taste and saw it like an aura of rose pink. The vibration became a bell and the heat began to burn deep inside of me. Opening my eyes, I stared into his while the world expanded around us. His hips snapped into mine over and over while he pounded me into the stone.

I felt nothing but joy and a rising expectation that this was going to be the best climax of my life. Severus was panting in time with me and for a brief moment, I realized that one day we'd be sharing the same kind of panting with me in labor. Smiling, I arched into a particularly hard thrust and felt my cock burst into my petticoats. Liquid heat began to flood me at the same moment and I wished with all my heart to be one with my Severus.


I was looking straight at him and his mouth didn't move.

//Sweetheart, I can feel you inside my head//

I blinked and realized I was hearing him with my mind instead of my ears. //Severus?//

//Dearest one, I think the wards have gifted us with themselves//

I nodded slowly. //Do you think it will last? I don't want to ever be without you//

//Beloved, we will always be together// He kissed me softly and lifted me into his arms and off the altar. //I think when we investigate the ley lines, we'll find an answer to the Voldemort problem//

//Good, remember as soon as he's gone, we're going to work on getting me pregnant//

He chuckled and slipped from me. "Angel-eyes, we will work day and night until we can fulfill our dreams. For now, let's go take a last bath before driving to Lincoln and storing the car."

I smiled and hugged him tighter. "I wonder what the Headmaster will say when he sees us?"

********* Dumbledore *********

I'd lived a long life; had my share of surprises, both good and bad; fought when I had to but then became the wizard who sent others out to fight. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw from my window when the front gate charm let me know that Severus and Harry had arrived. Fawlkes trilled a question from my shoulder when he saw them.

They glowed with good health but their auras were woven into one. Harry sported Slytherin green entwined with Gryffindor crimson while Severus' aura did the same. My potions master had never looked so good. The healthy halo about his whole body told me the lingering trauma of his poor decision two decades before had been cured. But Harry's did, too.

It had never occurred to me that the gray and black patches had been so omnipresent I'd ceased to find them troubling but just accepted them. The contrast could not be more painfully obvious. I'd missed something huge in the young boy's life and suddenly remembered Minerva's reservations about the muggles with whom we'd left him.

What in the world had gone on this summer? Remembering the horrific news about the slaughter of the Dursleys, I stroked my beard and continued to watch the unlikely pair cross the vast lawn. I'd known Harry survived but not how or with whom and the entire Order had searched high and low for him. There'd been faint indications he was in the northern counties but after a week that had disappeared as if cut with a knife.

Until Severus called through a fire from a safe house and flatly refused to let any of us see him. 'He's safe and happy and he shall remain that way until the beginning of school.' I'd agreed since even then I'd seen the profound changes in his aura. Looking back, I lost sight of them when they entered the portico. Testing the wards, I had another shock. They didn't show up on any of them.

Yet they'd entered Hogwarts. The wards had welcomed them with a melodious chime. But now it was as if they had vanished. Shaken, I called for Dobby to bring us up some tea. Even if they didn't, I knew I'd need the comfort. It appeared some very old decisions were coming home to roost.

"And how very glad I am, I told no one about their arrival time." I told Fawlkes with a sigh. Once we got through this first awkward interview, I'd make sure that Sirius and Remus were told Harry was home.

The door opened and Harry stepped in, casting a lightening fast glance about the whole room. His shoulders relaxed and he kept coming, followed closely by my potions master. "Headmaster Dumbledore." Was all he said.

"Harry, I'm so glad you're all right." I kept it simple.

"Thank you," he nodded once before sitting down gracefully in the arm chair nearest the fire.

"Severus, thank you for the news of Harry's survival." I welcomed him quietly.

"You're welcome, Albus. We've spent a most profitable summer in training." He took the other chair and relaxed into it, something he'd never before done in my memory.

Dobby popped in at that moment carrying a heavy tray. Harry stood up and helped steady it when the house elf saw who my guests were. "Harry Potter, sir, you is safe."

His smile was bright. "Thank you, Dobby. I'm safe and happy. Tea looks wonderful. I'm famished."

"You're always famished, Harry." Severus' amused tones had my head whipping back to him in astonishment. "But it does indeed look appetizing, Dobby. Thank you."

I don't think the poor elf's eyes could have gotten any bigger. "Y-y-y-you're welcome, P-p-professor."

Harry set the tray down between he and Severus on the table between the chairs. "I'll pour, Headmaster. Thank you, Dobby."

The house elf popped back out, still sputtering while I watched Harry pour out the steaming tea and serve first me then Severus. Then he offered the tiered stand filled with cakes and sandwiches to us before settling back in his chair.

I sipped my tea and regained a slight measure of composure. "I am going to assume you were in a non-wizarding community for the summer since there were literally 'no' sightings reported to the Order."

"Correct, Albus, we were safely tucked away and we stayed there. And no, we shall not reveal where it was." He said firmly.

"Harry, I can see you are healthier than you've ever been." I started tentatively and was rewarded with a smiling nod. Where in the world did this calm come from? "I can also see you and Severus have bonded . . . intimately."

His shy blush was expected but the adoring look at my potions master was not. The most shocking aspect however was the returned look and smile. Severus' gaze was fond and (dared I think it) possessive. Somehow they seemed to fit together. Even sitting two feet apart, their auras were entwined.

"We have bonded in every sense of the word, Albus." Severus said calmly. "I know it was wrong of me but I do not care. I will protect him with my last breath and I will allow nothing and no one to interfere in our lives."

I blinked at that amazing statement.

"I love Severus and I am fully aware that many will question this relationship." Harry spoke just as firmly. "They'll say he took advantage of me; that I'm too young to know what I'm doing; that he's a pervert preying on a young boy; that I can do better." His hand reached out and Severus' was there to meet it. "But I did know what I was doing; I love everything we do together; I've never been allowed to be young but Severus gave me the best summer of my life. I actually got to play and be silly and experience new foods and places. That was the very best gift I've *ever* gotten."

I blinked again and gulped my tea. This was most unexpected. "I see. There are rules about teacher/student relationships. Harry, you will not be considered an adult until you are 16, one year from now. And if word of this got out, there would be an uproar the likes of which none of us have ever seen."

His eyes were suddenly fierce. "I know that, Headmaster. And it would put Severus' life in danger from both sides. My godfather would try to kill him and Voldemort would want to punish him for being a traitor. Neither of those things will happen. We will keep this a secret until we can let everyone know that we've chosen each other."

"I see," and truthfully, I did. Harry was throwing down the gauntlet early. I accepted it or not. I had no illusions that either one of the men in front of me would let outsiders interfere in their bond. "Very well, this will be a secret between the three of us. On a perhaps related note - when you entered Hogwarts the wards lost track of you. Do you know why that is?"

Harry's gamin grin broke out and his eyebrow did a perfect Severus' imitation. "Sev?"

"The wards welcomed us when we entered and allowed us to link to them." Severus said quietly.

He could not possibly know how earthshaking that statement was. "Linked with Hogwarts' wards? How is that possible?"

Severus detailed the wards that protected his home in the muggle community, being careful to make no mention of where it was. I listened, fascinated by the revolutionary concepts he was barely sketching. And suddenly I realized what this could mean.

"If you link to all the wards surrounding magical Britain, you'll know exactly where Voldemort and the Death Easters are."

"And if we can convince them to withdraw their protection, we can destroy Voldemort and his movement forever." Harry's eyes were fierce but no fiercer than my potions master's. "Then I'll have done my duty to the wizarding world and can take back my life."

Severus agreed. "We must have your word on this, Albus. Once we've destroyed the Dark, no one makes decisions for us but ourselves."

"Agreed," I said instantly. "I will do everything I can to further this plan and to protect you both." Harry's eyes narrowed at me and I felt a flash of . . . not fear but perhaps a healthy respect for the young boy's powers. "There will be much discussion on our strategy this year but what will you need to do to work with the wards?"

Our strategy session lasted two hours but at the end, I'd agreed to all their requests, I hesitate to call them demands. Again and again I marveled at the maturity and commitment they both evidenced. Harry had grown up and Severus had lightened beyond all recognition. Their only request for themselves was a change in their living quarters. Harry was adamant that he could not go for long periods of time without having alone time with Severus.

And Severus was equally adamant that he would give Harry detentions every week if there wasn't some way for them to reconnect. I wasn't sure I wanted to know exactly what the sizzling look from Harry to him entailed when the word 'detention' was spoken. I wished I could be a little mouse in a corner the first time Harry reported for punishment. I wasn't all that old that I'd forgotten the passions of my youth.

They agreed Minerva had to be told of the changes but no other. Their cover story was that Harry had been in a healing facility recovering from horrific wounds caused by the Death Eaters in the attack on the Dursleys. I'd kept it a secret because of the danger. But because of the wounds, Harry would need to be in a ground floor room. The East Tower had been unused for many decades and Severus suggested that Harry's godfather be hired as the Defense against the Dark Arts instructor.

Harry and I both blinked at that request. But then the sweetest smile crossed the boy's face. "Thank you, Sev. I do love you."

And Severus actually blushed. My face had a severe time not reacting to that unlikely sight. "Yes, well actually I have hired him as the instructor with Remus as the new History of Magic instructor. Professor Binns moved on to the next level this summer. The three of you in that tower should keep all of you safe."

"And there will be a way for Sev to come visit me or me to go visit him?" Harry asked with a flirty look in the potions master's direction.

Severus' expression was casual but potent when he returned the look. "I believe the tunnel between my quarters and the tower's third bedroom is still intact. And the wards could be persuaded to mask any such movement to or from."

Harry bounced and he made a movement I could only describe as feline. "I think I'd like to see them first hand."

"Well, there's no time like the present." Ringing the bell that summoned a house elf, I watched Dobby pop back in. "Dobby, we're going to need cleaners and painters in the East Tower to prepare rooms for Harry and two instructors."

The house elf eeked happily and nodded vigorously. "Dobby is getting Winky and Blinky and Pinky to help make everything beautiful for Harry Potter."

Harry stood and stretched. "Thank you, Dobby. We're going over there now but I already know the third bedroom on the ground floor is mine."

Dobby nodded excitedly and popped out. Severus stood as well and shook out his robes. "Lead the way, Albus. The sooner we're settled in, the sooner you can let the Order know Harry is back."

I nodded and stood. "How very glad I am you are both safe and sound. And congratulations on your bonding. May you have many years of joy and love."

Harry blushed but took Severus' hand. "Thank you, Headmaster. We will."

Severus merely nodded but did not let go of his bonded's hand. What an interesting year we were going to have.

********* Remus *********

It was odd coming back to Hogwarts as an instructor. Still odder was the fact that Sirius was with me, a free man. But the oddest of all was Harry. Small, delicate Harry, who'd survived the worst the world had to offer yet retained an air of innocence and purity that tugged at my heart strings.

Something had changed for him . . . something profound. He was still the same fun-loving lad who enjoyed Quidditch and liked romping with Padfoot. But he had a poise and an awareness of his body that intrigued me. There were moments when he seemed ten years older and so mature he broke my heart. He confused Sirius no end with his insistence that we treat Snape as an ally and not an enemy.

And Severus, well there was another enigma. He was cold and terse still to both of us but the sarcasm was gone. He made the wolf's bane potion for me each month and Harry would deliver it to me the day of the full moon. He always had such a contented air when he brought it, as if he'd just been to visit an old friend. That puzzled me no end but I chalked it up to his growing maturity.

We settled in for another school year and I watched the students with indulgent eyes. Harry's year mates were good kids with fun loving spirits. Miss Granger was still the brains of Gryffindor but Harry had turned into her shadow with his studying. Ron was bewildered by the abrupt about-face of his best friend and I could see a small rift growing in their friendship.

Even though Harry looked fine, the lingering effects of whatever torture he'd undergone were still visible. He flew but no longer played Quidditch. That more than anything put an end to the rivalry between he and Malfoy. Draco and Ron found themselves on the same side when it came to Harry and that really disconcerted them. I found it all most amusing but Sirius didn't.

He was trying so hard to be the best godfather he could be and Harry was affectionate with him but there was a barrier there that neither of us understood. The Christmas holidays were a case in point. We stayed at Hogwarts when everyone else left but instead of goofing off like any young lad of fifteen would; Harry settled in to the library and spent hours researching a special project on magnetic ley lines in Britain.

We helped, of course but Sirius set a limit of two hours of study at a stretch before we'd take a break and go outside to fly or wander down to the lake. A couple of times, Snape gave us lists of plants he needed harvested from the Forbidden Forest and we'd go looking for them. Sirius grumbled but Harry just smiled and said it would be fun. I went along since most of the ingredients were used for the wolf bane potion.

Purely self-interest on my part since fresher herbs meant less gagging at the taste, I told myself. But occasionally, we'd go looking for Harry and couldn't find him. It happened three times during the holidays and worried Sirius deeply. But when we went to the Headmaster, he told us Harry was on an errand for him. What it was, he wouldn't say but he assured us that he was fine.

Sirius and I went into Hogsmeade for a pint of beer on Christmas Eve and I watched him enjoy this simple pleasure with a satisfied air. I was lucky to have him back in my life and my faith in him restored. And if I sometimes wished for a closer relationship, well, I was a grown man and capable of containing my disappointment.

"Moony, do you think Harry's all right?" His voice interrupted my musings. "I mean really all right, not just physically healthy but mentally, too."

I thought about it. "Yes, I do. He's changed from 3rd year but the Tournament would have changed anyone. He's been burdened for so long with the most impossible tasks and yet he's come through with flying colors. He's at an age when he's experimenting with likes and dislikes. The study habit is new but he's really taking responsibility for his learning."

"Yeah, but he's not experimenting with his emotions." Sirius moodily swirled the beer in his tankard. "I asked him if he and Hermione were dating among all that studying and he just laughed at me. He said she was his friend and he didn't really want to date anybody. Then he looked at me really carefully and asked if it would be all right with me if he liked boys better than girls."

Oh dear, I thought with a sense of shock. "And what did you say, Sirius?"

He looked affronted. "I told him it was fine. You know me, Moony. I've flown both sides of the field. It's the heart inside the body that really matters. He got this big smile on his face and he hugged me tight and kissed my cheek. He was really worried I'd turn on him or something. Am I that unapproachable?"

Patting his hand, I wished we were having this conversation some where more private. "Of course you're not, Siri. He's just testing his boundaries in more ways than one. He's had to make do without any real family support for so long that he's a little hesitant to break this new relationship. He knows you love him and you probably made him very happy with your answer."

He smiled, the old beaming smile I remembered from our school days. "Thanks, Remus, I'm glad you're here to help me with him. I'm not very good at this parenting thing."

"Like I am?" I asked incredulously.

His little smirk was incredibly annoying. "You taught before so you're used to this whole 'loco parentis'."

"Oh please, being a teacher and being a parent are two very different vocations. I'll never be a parent. Being an honorary uncle is as close as I'll ever get."

"You'd be a great father, Remus." Sirius was suddenly as serious as I'd ever seen him. "I'm sorry you think no woman will ever marry you."

I swallowed around the lump in my throat. It was now or never. "A - I'm gay so it's not a woman that's to blame and B - werewolves are sterile. We don't reproduce."

He just nodded calmly. "I knew about the gay part but not the sterile part. I'm sorry."

He knew? I blinked and finished my beer to give myself a minute to regroup. He just watched me with dark blue eyes that seemed to look into my soul. "How did you know and why didn't you say anything?"

"I knew at school. When I was Padfoot, I could smell your interest in Snape and me. It never went anywhere so I figured it was none of my business." He shrugged while turning my world on its head. "But lately I've been getting that same smell when you're Moony. I just didn't know what to say or do about it."

"Do you mind if I'm attracted to you?" I asked hesitantly. I didn't have so many friends I could afford to alienate any of them.

He grinned affectionately at me and pretended to preen a little. "Nah, just shows your good taste in men. Do you want to do something about it?"

"Yes," I said softly and caught a whiff of aroused Sirius. "Let's go back to Hogwarts and . . . explore the possibilities."

He was on his feet and throwing some money on the table. "Let's."

*********Minerva *********

Harry Potter was quite the most amazing young man. I'd watched him grow and mature for the past five years but the beginning of his fifth year of school had seen the greatest changes yet. I hadn't believed it possible but his bond with Severus was rock solid and the center around which they revolved. Harry had asked me questions about becoming an animagus and I'd pledged to help him learn.

The evening when he first changed was hilarious. All along he'd told me that he thought his shape was a cat and it certainly was. He turned into a fluffy black kitten on his third attempt and looked so surprised to find himself on four paws that he fell onto his nose trying to keep his balance. Severus was trying so hard not to laugh he was turning red. But Harry quickly found his paws and started determinedly across the rug to pounce on his potions master's outstretched hand.

They mock battled for a few moments before Harry leapt up into Severus' lap and turned back into a boy. They hugged for long moments while I averted my eyes from their embrace. Truly, although I had wondered if it was real, their bond was true and strong. How it had happened I might never know but happen it had and I was pleased to approve.

They both needed someone to ground them and they were peculiarly fitted to each other. I did a little interference running for the two of them when Hermione or Sirius seemed to be getting too close to their secret. Albus deflected interest when they went out to add more ley lines to their personal wards. I could vaguely see what benefits would accrue from their plan.

But I was glad I didn't need to be a part of it. I was too old to learn these new tricks. And I could see a time when the fewer who knew how they brought down Voldemort and his minions, the better. The power needed to incorporate all the magical wards of Great Britain into their control was beyond my imagining. Of course, I hadn't thought they could encompass the ancient wards of Hogwarts and according to Albus, they'd done it in less than two minutes.

Unbelievable, I thought with a sigh before changing into my own cat form to teach Harry a few things he'd need to know as a kitten. How to move from level to level; gauge distances and more importantly heights - there is nothing worse than gracefully leaping up only to land on your face. Cats always landing on their feet - a myth. Take it from one who knows.

How to distinguish scents and know when a too-good-to-be-true scent is really a trap, that's a real nuance that can save your life. Hunting, napping, catching mice, and the all important - keeping your libido in check. Harry had told me about his desire to undergo the hermaphrodite spells when it was safe so he could carry their children. I was honored by his trust and pledged to help him however possible.

I'd been sterilized by a particularly nasty hex when I was only forty and thus would never be able to have children myself. If I was lucky, perhaps I could be a favorite great-aunt. I thought I'd like that very much.


"Professor McGonagal, do you have a moment?" Hermione Granger spoke from the door to my office.

"Certainly, Hermione, come in and close the door." I sat back and laid down my marking quill. I had an inkling I knew what she'd come about. Harry had politely refused to help with the school production of Henry V because it would take away from his study time. That had disconcerted more than just the Gryffindors.

She sat down in the side chair and smoothed her skirt absentmindedly. "I'm worried about Harry, Ma'am. I know people make fun of my constant studying but Harry is worse than me by far. He hasn't even been on his broom for a month. Even I've gone up for a couple of flights since spring arrived." She bit her lip and looked appraisingly at me.

I tried to look open and nonjudgmental. I must have succeeded for she continued.

"And I saw a bruise on his neck today that bothers me. Is he doing something dangerous and can I help?" She finished in a rush and I smiled inwardly.

"Harry is very lucky to have such a good friend." I had an internal debate on how much to tell her. If anyone was going to find out his secret, it would be her. "Harry is undergoing some . . . changes both physically and mentally. I wouldn't worry about the bruise although I will mention to him that he needs to check himself before going out into public."

She looked frustrated. "But *what* is the physical change he's going through?"

The door to my study opened a crack and I espied a familiar kitten dart in as if Mrs. Norris was after him. "I believe that Harry should tell you himself. Harry, Hermione is worried about you."

The girl looked around, her eyes falling on the little ball of fur. Her eyes lit up and a wide smile appeared. "Oh, Harry, that's brilliant."

The kitten morphed back to a young man and he blushed under Hermione's regard. "Thanks, Mione, I've been working hard all year on it. Only two people know about it, well - three now. Please don't tell anyone."

She stood up and crossed to hug him. "Of course I won't, Harry. I'm just so glad you're all right. I wish you'd told me though. I've wanted to learn for ages but was too afraid to ask anyone."

Harry's eyes came to mine and I nodded. "Well then, the professor and I meet once a week on Saturdays for about three hours. Why don't you join us in the East Tower in my study this weekend?"

Her eyes sparkled and she looked at me to make sure it was all right. "Oh, Professor McGonagal, thank you so much. I promise to study hard."

"I know you will, Hermione. I look forward to our lessons." I returned her smile. "It must be a secret however. This is not knowledge we want coming to the ears of either side of the war."

She nodded solemnly. "I do understand, Professor. If anyone asks, I'll just tell them we're working on our Transfiguration project." She went back to smiling. "Oh, I can hardly wait to learn this."

I do love honest enthusiasm. Few students understand how important learning is. It was refreshing to have one who loved every aspect of it. I thought shape changing would be more difficult for her since her mind was extremely analytical and part of being an animagus was being able to *feel* the entire creature into which you turned. Harry had already been ready emotionally involved in being a kitten.

The one time I heard Severus lovingly call him that, my jaw had dropped and I'd had to close my mouth quickly to try and hide my surprise. Simply amazing, I thought then and still did. Their relationship never ceased to amaze me. But more than that, it gave me hope - hope for a future where their love could see the light of day.

That was what we were fighting for.

********* Poppy *********

"Come quick, Ma'am." An agitated house elf tugged on my arm and I blinked up at him.

He'd aroused me from a sound sleep and for a moment I felt disoriented. "What?" Clearing my throat, I sat up and pushed back the blankets. "Who is hurt?"

"Professor Snape is bad, very bad." His teeth were chattering as if with cold. "Master Harry says come quick."

Interesting, I thought. I hope he's not hurt, too. I got out of bed and slipped on my slippers while reaching for my robe. Tying the sash closed, I held out my hand for the small elf to hold. It was the fastest way to get to my patient. "Take me to him, Dobby."

He nodded and in a heartbeat, we were in Severus' bedroom. The potion master was lying limply on the coverlet of his bed while Harry knelt beside him, holding a bloody towel to his abdomen. His eyes were frightened but cleared a little when he saw me.

"Thank god, Madame Pomphrey. The wards let me know when he returned and I found him like this. The wound in his stomach won't stop bleeding." His voice wavered and broke but I was already by his side, lifting the compress and catching my breath at the pike sized hole.

I muttered a cleansing spell then a search-and-find spell to see what else might be lurking beneath all the blood. But that appeared to be the sole damage although it was extensive. Severus has always had a bit of a finicky stomach and this wasn't going to help. It would be a liquid diet for a week or so before he could start putting in solids. Using my wand, I did another internal cleaning to make sure nothing was left to fester and began the tedious process of stitching him back together.

First the stomach, then the veins and blood vessels that entered and exited, the small bowel perforation, I paused and considered his spleen. It was definitely pulped and though I hate removing organs, this one would have to go. Sighing, I apparated it to the special fire I kept burning so I could dispose of all those items that can be used in spells. Blood stained bandages were as good as having fresh blood for all except a few purposes. I wasn't going to let my helping someone turn into hurting them later.

Slowly the hole closed behind my spells and I found myself sitting down heavily on Severus' other side. Healing something that threatening always takes a lot out of me. A small hand touched my cheek and a draught of pure energy took away all the fatigue. I blinked at Harry and wondered how in the world he'd learned to do that.

"Thank you, Madame Pomphrey." His voice wavered again and I saw tears run down his cheeks. "I was so afraid."

"You did the right thing, Harry." I caught up his hand and flicked away the blood drying on his hands and arms. "Sending for help and trying to stop the bleeding was exactly right. I'll sit up with him while you go back to your room."

He shook his head. "I have to be near him, Ma'am. It's kind of complicated."

Odd, I thought but moved off the bed and into a wing backed chair I pulled over from the fire. With another flick of my wand, I lit the fire and called the comforter from my bed. I might as well be comfortable, I thought, taking Severus' thin wrist in my hand to count his pulse. It was slow and steady, already picking up to his normal cadence.

A slight murmur came from his lips. "Kitten?"

Kitten? I blinked and watched them in fascination.

"I'm here, Sev. Everything's all right." Harry was crying silently and trying not to let the tears fall on the potion master's face. "You're going to be fine. Madame Pomphrey healed you. I'll stay here tonight and keep you safe."

A slight smile crossed the usually frowning lips. "Safe."

Harry sniffed and buried his face in a convenient shoulder. "We're all safe, Sev. Go to sleep and heal for me."

"Love you," the sleepy murmur turned me to stone.

But Harry was smiling genuinely now. "I love you too, Sev. Sleep for me, now."

I sat there dumbstruck while the student I saw more than any other except for Neville Longbottom sang a tender lullaby to his teacher. Harry had a sweet voice, nothing out of the ordinary. But the love he sang in every word took me back to a time long ago. Too many long years separated the young girl I'd been the summer of the Blitz. Time had softened the grief and left behind the hazy memories of love lost.

But Harry sang of new love and hope for the future. I checked the potions master's pulse again and found he'd entered deep enough sleep I could cast a complicated spell of healing. But I needed Harry to stop touching him.

"Lad, why don't you go and clean up while I put him into Dreamless Sleep. It will help the healing process." I asked him quietly and he gave a slow nod, reluctance in every line as he let Severus go and slid off the bed. He stayed for a moment when I began the slow chanting that would send every atom in his poor wounded body to sleep. Then he disappeared into the bathroom after first detouring to pluck something white out of the bottom dresser drawer.

When I finally sat back, I'd depleted my energies again. Quietly, I called for Dobby, somehow knowing he'd be near by. He popped in at once and I sent him for my medical kit and a pot of tea in that order. That was when I realized Harry had been too long away. Getting up out of the comfortable chair, I knocked on the bathroom door but went straight in.

Harry was curled up in a small miserable ball by the tub, crying and rocking to and fro. I crossed to him quickly and got down on my knees to pull him into my arms. I said all the soft things I'd had to say too many times to other youngsters who were dealing with emotions far beyond what any child should have to experience. Poor Harry had had to deal with more than I probably knew.

I had the feeling he'd not had to really deal with all his losses from the summer. I'd given him a superficial diagnostic once he'd returned to school. I'm no fool and the rumors of his torture had been horrific. But aside from having lost his virginity, he was in tip-top shape. The effect of years of neglect had been erased completely. His health was perfect.

"S-s-sorry, Ma'am," he finally stopped soaking my robe.

"Nonsense, Harry, if anyone deserves to let loose a few emotions, it's you." I 'accioed' a washcloth and wiped his face. "You've been holding some of that inside of you for years. It's good to get it out and be done with it. Now, may I ask a question or two?"

He nodded. "You want to know about Severus and me."

I smiled. "That would be a good place to start. However, why don't you take a quick shower and get into your nightclothes? I've asked for tea and I'll tell the Headmaster you need to miss class tomorrow."

His gaze sharpened suddenly and added ten years to his age. "Please don't go into details with him. Sev would hate that."

"Very well, Harry. I'll evoke healer confidentiality." I took his helping hand to get up. My own bones were getting a bit creaky. I left him then and heard the water running a moment later.

The Headmaster was quite curious but didn't push too hard when I flatly told him I could say no more. He volunteered to take Severus' classes and promised to tell the Granger girl to give Harry's excuses. Interesting, I thought, he knew about Severus and Harry. It was quite against the rules for fraternization between staff and student. Sitting back in the comfortable chair I took a refreshing sip of tea.

Harry came out and I blinked at the pretty but feminine nightgown he wore. When he caught my eye, he blushed but kept on coming until he could crawl under the covers next to Severus. Then he began to talk . . . and talk . . . and talk. I listened wide-eyed to the adventures of the summer and the magnetic ley lines project they were working on. It almost took my breath away, the breadth and scope of their undertaking.

But the main thing I absorbed from his story was the love between them. It seemed to morph from the protective feelings of the rescue to the all-encompassing passion that I could see before me. Harry's eyes kept drooping from his comfortable position on Severus' shoulder and when his words died away, I held my breath before murmuring the spell that would send him into a healing sleep.

There were still things to talk about but I'd save them for when Severus could join in. I was surprised at how easily I accepted their relationship. Harry was underage but instead of feeling angry, I mostly felt relief. Severus was a powerful wizard who'd made some bad choices and worked a lifetime correcting them. I'd had my suspicions about Harry's relatives and was vexed by my letting them go when Albus told me he had everything under control.

That man, I snorted softly and checked Severus' pulse again. Steady and gaining strength with every hour. Leaning back, I tucked the comforter closer around me and closed my eyes. A little snooze and I'd be here when the potions master awoke. I wondered how he'd take another person knowing their secret.

********* Harry *********

Another school year ended and I smiled happily up at Uncle John. I'd said goodbye to Sirius and Remus, promising them I'd be as safe in the hospice where I'd healed last summer as I was at Hogwarts. Mentioning the kindly neighbors and the girl named Mary with whom I'd become friends went a long way towards reconciling them to my being away from them.

Sirius tried so hard to be the best godfather he could be that I bit my tongue a dozen times each week. Thank goodness he and Remus discovered they loved each other. I secretly thought they were glad I was taken care of so they could go off on a honeymoon. Severus had been so good about not hexing Sirius, I rewarded him every week with extra special love making.

His torture session the last time he'd gone to a Death Eater meeting had scared me badly. But it brought Poppy into our secret and that was a big help. I didn't feel comfortable talking to Minerva about girl things and Hermione was right out of the question. But Poppy answered all my questions and gave me new things to think about. She showed me a pensieve memory about a birth she'd helped with and it made me think twice about getting pregnant.

But after a lot of thought, I still wanted to and she promised to help anyway she could. That made me feel a lot better about our future. We had the entire western coast of Great Britain to add to our ward grid but first we were going home to York to relax for three weeks. We'd gone to Lincoln first and I turned into Mary for the first time since last summer.

Severus grew my hair out with a quick spell while cutting his own to Uncle John length. We had turned one of my Harry outfits into a blouse and skirt for Mary. Sev turned all my boxers back to the original panties and I loved pulling the first pair on. Reveling in the freedom they gave me, I stroked the soft silk before stepping into my new full skirt. Zipping it up on the side, I swished my hips a little to watch it move.

"Very sexy, sweetheart," Sev was watching me from his sprawl on the bed. He'd already changed into jeans and a Henley and he was the one who looked sexy. "Need any help with your bra?"

I stuck my tongue out at him but his long arm reached out and wrestled me into his lap. His lips opened mine and his hot tongue surged into me. I melted at once and slipped my arms around his neck. One of his hands slid up under my skirt and stroked my cock which immediately began to harden. I moaned and decided since we had the room for another hour we could play.

Sev read my mind and he rolled us higher on the bed so I was sprawled out under him, our bodies touching everywhere. His tongue tormented my right nipple while his hand delved into my underwear to stroke my cock. I panted while carding my fingers through his shorter hair. All summer, we had all summer to make love in every position and every room of our house.

"Sexy Harry," he purred and gently bit my nipple before moving to the other one. "All summer to feed the wards up and down the western coast of the country with our love. We're going to be worn out by the time we have to go back."

I chuckled and sighed happily. "All summer, Sev, I can hardly wait to get home."

He kissed his way down my body and disappeared under my skirt. Teasing kisses down my thighs avoided my cock until I was panting with frustration. I needed his mouth on my cock and I needed it now. But he took pity on me, freeing it and swallowing it whole. Even though it had only been two days since we'd made love, I was already writhing in need. A slick finger slid between my cheeks and in just far enough to trigger my gland.

I came hard and sank back with a sigh of relief. "Brilliant, Sev. I do love you."

His rough tongue licked me clean and his chuckle vibrated through my groin. "You just love me for the sex."

"The most incredible, mind blowing sex ever known to man," I reminded him cheekily and he laughed out loud. I love hearing that beautiful sound and I tugged him up to me so I could return the blow job. Unzipping him, I eyed his hard cock with a gleam in my eye. We didn't really have time for him to fuck me but since I love his taste, it was no problem at all to cat lick my way around the broad crown before sucking him into my mouth.

I still couldn't deep throat him. He was too big but I gripped him tightly and teased my tongue over the velvet soft head, scrubbing at the long slit until he hissed. I weighed more than I ever had in my life so by lying on his legs, I could keep his hips from moving up too much and choking me.

"Sweet Harry, you've got a mouth made for sin and a tongue to make an angel sing." The husky tones made my heart soar and I loved hearing him make love to me with his voice. "My beautiful boy soon to be beautiful girl, I'll be the envy of everyone we meet to have such a lovely niece."

I preened a little. I liked getting compliments and pretending to be a girl. Maybe that made me odd, I'm sure Ron would think so but I had decided not to let anybody make me into a person they thought I should be. Sev loved me just the way I was and he'd given me the chance to find what I like to do. And wearing dresses for a part of every year, made me happier than I'd ever been.

Someday I was going to have to explain it to Sirius and Remus but for now, I was free for another whole summer to indulge in my passions. And my favorite passion was beginning to pant under my tongue. I could draw it out but I knew we needed to go pick up our car. So I began to hum and suck at the same time. Finally he groaned and I felt the first spurts of his tasty come hit the back of my throat.

I watched him relax back onto the rumpled bed with a smile and I took my time licking him clean. Now he'd fit in those jeans of his. Letting him drop from my mouth, I tucked him away and zipped him back up. Then I left our bed and picked up the lacy bra I liked the best. It was slightly padded so I had a little more shape under my blouse. Slipping it on, I reached behind to fasten the two hooks.

Sev was watching me with a gleam in his eye that told me I'd have help removing it. I reached for the green blouse with a high necked lace collar and slowly buttoned it up. Sev really liked unbuttoning me, whether it was my favorite nightgown or one of the pretty blouses he'd bought for me. I was so lucky to have someone who understood me and wanted what I wanted.

Tucking it in to the band of my green skirt, I sat back on the bed to smooth on a pair of ivory tights. Standing again, I wiggled a little to get my cock more comfortable behind the groin panel. They weren't made to hold in a shaft but it did help keep mine hidden. Reaching into the shopping bag I'd carried in, I pulled out my favorite pair of heeled sandals. They were only an inch and a half but I really liked the way they made my legs look even longer.

"Beautiful Mary," Sev was off the bed and hugging me close. "I never cease to be amazed at how easily you transform into a feminine temptress. You're beautiful, my little princess."

"Thank you, Uncle John," I looked up through my eyelashes and laid a hand on his chest. A small spell and my nails took on a slight sheen of pearl pink polish. "I hope I can tempt you to drive us home quickly. I think I need you to start my exercises on my nipples again." I scratched the fabric under my fingers and felt his nipples peak beneath his shirt.

"And I have an early birthday present for my little princess, a great big one with your name on it." His low voice vibrated through my skin and made me break out in a light sweat.

"Oh yes," my breath was short and his mouth stole it away completely. We kissed for a long moment while arousal tingled through me.

Then he pulled away just a little and took a deep breath. "We leave now and I push the speed limit all the way to York."

I nodded and quickly brushed my new long curls before gathering up my two bags while he checked the room to make sure we hadn't left anything behind. Then we were on the cobbled Lincoln street, catching a cab to take us to the garage where he kept his car during the school year. Our luggage was stowed in the boot and then we were off. The moment we left the London traffic, he took my hand and brought it to his lips to kiss.

"Sweet kitten, a new adventure awaits us." His eyes flashed my way for a moment while my stomach tingled. "I think I shall take you to the basement first thing so we can enforce the wards and let them welcome us home."

My panties grew damp and I moaned a little. "Yes, please, I'd like that above all things. You can just lift my skirts, peel down my tights and panties and slide inside of me slowly. I'll be really tight because it's been days since you fucked me. You'll be big and hot and it will ache like it did when you first took me there. The wards will light the whole room and all the elements will surge through us in turn."

"I'll move slowly so I don't hurt you any more than necessary but you'll be back at virgin tight levels so it will be hard. I'll want to thrust in eagerly, feeling your velvet soft walls clutch at me but I won't want to tear your delicate skin. Your cock will be spraying the altar with your come and it will glow so brightly we'll have to close our eyes." His fingers held mine close and I edged over to lay my head on his shoulder.

"But you won't be able to keep slow because you know how much I want you to take me hard and make me feel your giant cock in my throat. I'll be moaning your name over and over until with one last thrust, you'll flood me with your hot come until I'm full of your seed." I drew a shaky breath and clutched his hand to my chest so I could drop a kiss on it. "And I'll make the same wish I do every time you're inside me. I'll wish for Voldemort to be gone so we can make a baby at the same time we make love."

********* Severus *********

"Sweetheart, your generous heart humbles me." I risked another look since traffic was lighter now that we were out of the city. "I thought Poppy's memories were pretty graphic."

"They were and I know there will be blood and a lot of pain." He said quietly, settling our clasped hands into his lap. "But there's the joy, too. The fun of creating the baby, the changes in my body and the moment you first feel them move. I want to experience it all and I want to do it as soon as we can. I know there's school to get through but the OWLS are done and now I can concentrate more on what I need to learn to fight and win against him."

"My fierce kitten, I'm more pleased than words can say." I rubbed my thumb across his fingers. "The more I think about it, the more I want to see what our children will be like. With you as their mother, they are sure to be bright and full of laughter."

He beamed at me. "And they'll be intelligent like their father. Do you mind if we have lots?"

A slight frission went up my spine. "Define 'lots' for me."

His grin was more Harry than Mary. "I think six is a nice round number."

Dear gods, we were going to be overrun with babies. Clearing my throat, I cast him another look. "I see. Six is quite a large number, sweetheart. Are you sure you want that many?"

He nodded. "I want a big, noisy family. The oldest will be big enough to help me around the house while the youngest is still a baby. And you never know but twins might show up. I think it would be fun to have two the same age."

"Well," I gulped hard and squeezed his hand. "If that's what you want then that's what we will do. However, I insist on two years between pregnancies. I don't want you to put your body under too much strain. Being a male and being pregnant is a huge stress on you. I won't have you hurting yourself. Remember our children will have lots of friends and they'll be over, too. Noisy will be our perpetual state, I fear."

He brought our clasped hands to his lips and kissed each of my fingers. "I know . . . they will . . . but I want . . . our own . . . babies, too. I love you so much."

And my heart melted. "I love you more each day, Harry. Never forget that when we get so busy we forget to say it to each other."

"Every day, Sev, we will say it every day. I could never forget that." He nodded sharply, reminding me of Minerva's mannerisms. "May we stop for lunch somewhere new?"

There were so many things I wanted to share with him and each one reminded me of how isolated he'd been all his life. "I have a restaurant I like to stop at when I'm book shopping. It's a combination tea shop and book store. Two elderly sisters own and run it. They are charming ladies who cook like angels. Their menu is simple, what ever they felt like cooking that day is what you can order."

He beamed at me. "I like it. What kind of bookstore is it?"

"Mainly cooking, gardening, architecture, landscaping and home decorating," I answered. "I was thinking we could look for some books to give us ideas for the front garden. It's pretty plain compared to some of our neighbors."

"Mrs. Tyler would appreciate it, I'm sure." He chuckled and leaned a little harder into my arm. "She was making noises about finding some hardy roses for you."

"True, little love," I laughed with him. "I tend to neglect the outdoors in favor of the 'in'."

"We'll work on the garden before we start to travel." His eyes watched the road ahead of us. "Mrs. Tyler will water if needed while we're away. I can hardly wait to see the ocean."

Still one more thing he'd never seen, I thought sadly only to have his giggle echo through my thoughts. It made me smile and brightened my mood in an instant. Our closeness was a true blessing and one I depended on daily. Without him, I was nothing but a sour old man.

//Never old, Sev// he thought sweetly. //I depend on you to watch me and make sure I'm doing the right thing. You're the rock upon which I'm building my future. I'd have failed a dozen times if you hadn't been there to protect me or take the punishment I should have received//

//You didn't deserve some of those punishments, Harry// I watched the traffic and kept my speed just at the legal limit. //I hope to keep you from pain for the rest of our lives//

His smile was sweet and mysterious. //Not all pain is bad, my Sev// He stroked his stomach, smoothing the material down then up a little so he showed a bit more thigh. //Our babies will grow and stretch my body really painfully when they're born. But they'll be worth every single moment//

//Sweetheart// I had no words to tell him how very brave I thought he was but he seemed to catch all I felt, blushing and laying his head against my shoulder.

The rest of the drive went quickly and we arrived at our little house at about five. Mrs. Tyler popped out the moment we exited the car and invited us for dinner once we'd settled in. She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer and since we had no fresh food in, we accepted. So instead of heading straight downstairs to make love, we freshened up in our bathroom and went next door.

Dinner was a delicious corned beef brisket with fresh vegetables from her garden. We asked her advice about how we could improve our front garden and she got a gleam in her 83 year old eyes that told me we'd soon be elbow deep in dirt, compost and plantings. Mary was just as excited and she soon sat beside our elderly neighbor with open books of different garden plans we might consider.

I watched them indulgently and didn't even think of interrupting their conversation. Indeed, I pulled out my sketch book and surreptitiously began to sketch the two who seemed so alike on the brocade settee from an earlier age. Somehow I saw them dressed in Edwardian gowns and I knew this one was going to become a painting before the summer was done.

My beautiful little princess, I thought smugly while continuing to sketch. Mary delicately hid a yawn behind one small hand and apologized to Mrs. Tyler. She waved us off with an admonition to go straight to bed and have an early night after our long drive. We said our goodnights on the doorstep before silently making our way into our home. The wards sang sweetly to us of all the events happening in the northern counties.

We put on all the proper lights in both our bedrooms and the bathroom then turned them off before making our way down to the sacred altar in the sub-basement. The wards blazed to brilliant light around us and they welcomed us with a peal of chimes that resounded through our very bones. Harry swayed towards the altar with an almost feline stretch while I bowed to it with a reverence I'd rarely felt before.

Slowly we undressed each other. Unlike our fantasy, everything seemed in slow motion where every touch held a sacred significance beyond our ken. Harry stretched out on the altar as he had that first time I took him completely. The lubricant we'd left there was still as fresh as the day we'd brought it down. I spared a stray thought on the preserving capabilities of the wards before losing myself in the wonder that was my lover.

Sliding into his depths is still cause for me to pause and marvel at the beauty of his heart and soul. He took me in completely and we merged into one being while I stroked in and out of him as slowly as I could manage. He blazed like the sun at full noon and his little cries of pleasure were sweeter than the bells chiming around us. Hot . . . tight . . . supple . . . yielding . . . delirious pleasure multiplying into something too big for mere human flesh to bear.

He cried out, his seed splashing out and hitting the stone upon which he lay. The pulsing rhythms of his channel drew my own climax out and into his depths with a low moan. We rested for a long moment while the light gradually died to manageable levels. I was as tired as if I'd been chased by my fellow Death Eaters through the Forbidden Forest.

"Wow, that was . . . intense." Harry panted. "It felt like all the wards as far away as Hogwarts climaxed with us."

I chuckled at the thought of orgasmic wards. "I'd love to be a mouse in the corner at Hogwarts when Albus felt that."

Harry's eyes widened. "You don't think he did? Really?"

"I think he's connected to the wards there as all Headmasters and Headmistresses have been over the centuries." I slowly pulled him up into my arms and off the hard stone. That separated us and we both bit our lips at the loss. My come dripped onto the surface from his small hole and the wards flashed brightly once again.

Harry giggled and looped his arms tighter around my neck. "Maybe he felt that one, too? I kind of like the idea that all the ley lines we've linked to, got to experience our pleasure. It's sure to make the other lines we haven't gotten to yet to want to join in."

"One look at you, my brave and beautiful angel, would make any ley line want to become your slave." I told him solemnly to provoke his giggles.

He stuck out his tongue at me and I paused on the stone steps to suck it into my mouth for another taste of Mrs. Tyler's shepherds pie flavored with the special-Harry spice only I get to enjoy. But kissing on stairways was dangerous and I wanted to soak away the last school year with my sweetheart so I continued up to the bathroom where a steaming tub awaited.

"And tomorrow we get to settle in and work on the garden." Harry said contentedly and followed me down into the tub.

"And visit the bakery and green grocer and bookstore and library," a small hand covered my mouth and I promptly licked it. We had three weeks to ourselves and we'd enjoy every moment of it, I was quite sure.

********* Harry *********

The three weeks went by so fast it was frightening but I wasn't too sad to leave our cozy home since our first stop was the ocean and a ley line in the tiny coastal town of St. Bees. The bed and breakfast we stayed at was great fun although we had to be really careful of our touches. I was definitely Mary although we told them I was 14 already. Another month and Harry would be 16 and legal in every sense of the word.

I was looking forward to that, although we'd have to be careful still. At least it wouldn't involve Poppy, Minerva and Dumbledore in lying and looking the other way. I realized that the laws were there to protect innocent students from unscrupulous adults but I wasn't innocent and Sev was unscrupulous.

//You'll always be innocence personified to me, sweetheart// Sev caught my hand up in his to 'help' me over the stile to the beach beyond. //And I'm afraid I didn't think more than twice about giving into your beautiful temptation//

I giggled and smiled up at him. "Dear Uncle John, you're the only one who sees me as beautiful. Why I'm still flat as a board and not at all feminine."

"Sweet Mary, you're my own little angel come to tempt me into playing this summer when I should be working hard in the studio." He led me down the grassy path but stopped me just before we got to the cliff. "Close your eyes, sweetheart and don't open them until I say."

"Yes, Sir," I obediently shut my eyes and he chuckled, leading me forward to the sounds of crashing thunder.

"Good girl, now open them." I felt him behind me and I leaned back confidently, knowing he'd protect me. Then I opened my eyes and felt my mouth drop open in astonishment.

The ocean was huge and loud and moving in and out furiously from the bay below us. Waves crashed, almost exploding onto the sharp jagged rocks on the shore. This was no calm beach where mothers might bring their children to play in the water. This shore belonged to the sea itself.

"It's one of the most dangerous bits of shore line along this coast." Severus' voice almost startled me as he bent to speak directly into my ear. "I think part of the ley line nodes is here because of the strong energies focused right along this same line. There is a convergence of several different kinds of energies that make it particularly powerful. Once we add them to our grid, we'll take most of the coast from here north to Inverness and south to Chester."

"Wow, that will save a lot of time on our part." I held his big hand in both of mine, right between my breasts. Suddenly I wanted him again even though we'd sucked each other off in our room at the B&B. The never-ceasing emptiness made me ache and I knew he'd felt it when he dropped a kiss onto my windblown curls.

//The new moon is tonight so we'll find the ley line node now and then return in the dark// He spoke inside my mind so no one could overhear.

We had to be really careful but we hadn't slipped up once and we wouldn't start now. Our whole future depended on our being discreet until we were safe. I held his hand close and took another long look at the ocean surging beneath us. Tonight, I was going to be like the shore line while Severus was the wave coming in to possess me. All his power and strength would be mine.

But he'd be safe within my shore. I would accept all of him, gathering him into my depths where he could rest safe and sound. I could hardly wait. The old maps we'd found in the library were a bit vague so we wandered the cobblestone streets of St. Bees feeling our way with our psychic sensors set to ward detection.

The Headmaster had asked me to describe what the wards felt like to me but I didn't have the right words. They were a combination of at least four senses - light for my eyes, chimes to my ears, warmth to the touch and the scent of fresh green growing things. Sev said it was the same for him but then the Headmaster told us our auras had grown so close he could no longer tell one from the other.

I really liked that idea and just thinking about it made me smile. I was still my own person, with my own thoughts and hopes and wishes. But I was also part of a couple with shared goals and desires. I was the luckiest person in the whole world to have found the other half of my soul. Sirius and Remus told me over and over how much my parents loved each other and me, too.

That just made me even more determined to have children with Sev who would be that loved, too. I'd take the pleasure of conception and the pain of labor. Nothing ever worth having wasn't also worth a little hardship. Although, if the memories in Poppy's pensieve were half-way true, there was going to be high levels of pain on my part.

"Mary, why don't we take a breather here so I can do a quick sketch or two?" Severus nodded to a pair of old ladies walking slowly by us. They'd have some good gossip to pass on at the tea room about the 'artist and his niece'.

"That sounds like a splendid idea, Uncle John." I smiled at them and bowed my head to them and felt their pleasure at my good manners. "Oh, what a pretty grotto is blooming here."

The feel of latent power slumbering in the sunshine was present here in the little garden set next to a half fallen down memorial to some battle or other. The node was close by. Uncle John wandered one way while I took the opposite path so we'd meet somewhere near the plinth. An old Celtic cross had been erected sometime almost seven hundred years ago and its ghost was still there to my inner eye.

Uncle John met me there and nodded approvingly. "This will make a lovely sketch of forgotten valor memorialized in stone. It feels nice here, doesn't it, sweetheart?"

"Oh, yes, could we eat our lunch here, Uncle John? I'm sure the tea room would make us up some sandwiches."

"Eat on the nice hard ground instead of the nice soft cushions, kitten?" He teased me and I pouted just a little. He gave in as he always did and we walked over to get our sandwiches and perhaps a little history about the memorial.

I could hardly wait until nightfall so we could return, set up a protection dome and feed the node with our loving passion. If we added this ley line to our pattern, we'd be well on our way to finishing this project.

//And finishing Voldemort and his minions, too// Sev's thoughts joined mine. //That can not come too soon, kitten//

//I know, my Sev. I want our lives back and I want our future to start// I swung his hand in mine while we walked down the small street to the tea room.

//Our future is as bright as that sun above us, little princess// His thoughts were happy.

I was ready for anything, I decided. But mostly I was ready for some cold lemon squash.
The end of part two