Author: Athea (
Title: Little Miss Mary, part three
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Date: 6 December 2004
Warnings: see part one
Thanks: Tinneantoo is a great beta and helps keep me on track. Any mistakes you find are mine alone.
********* Severus *********

I'd never spent a more wonderful summer in my life. We loved up and down the west coast of Great Britain, adding ley lines and nodes to our grid until we'd reached over load. Harry's sixteenth birthday was spent in a hot springs in Wales, literally in, I thought with fond memories of the passion with which we'd celebrated his coming-of-age.

Our summer expeditions had proven most profitable in more ways than one. I'd sketched all up and down the same coast line. My dealer in London would be pleased at my production this year. But since Harry had awoken my love, I'd felt energized beyond anything I'd ever known before. My love of sketching had taken second place for too long while I played the spy.

Potion making would always be my first career of choice but having my painting too would be a nice counterpoint to that exacting magic art. Oddly enough, our travels had also shown me a few improvements in some of my special recipes. Once back in my comfortable dungeons, I tried out the main change in the wolf bane potion. Rue instead of rosemary and a touch of sea salt instead of my usual binding agent.

Remus was my guinea pig, as always and his enthusiastic endorsement of fewer side effects told me it would be alright to write it up for Potions Monthly. Black was grudgingly grateful and I must to admit to a smidgeon of smugness when he also thanked me. Perhaps the wolf was slowly civilizing him.

//Sev, don't be mean// Harry's thoughts slid into mine. //He's trying really hard to be nice. Remember we have to eventually tell them about our relationship so we want them thinking good thoughts about us by the time we come clean//

//I was hoping we could do that by owl post// I said innocently.

His giggle almost made me smile and that would have shocked the entire Great Hall where the first year sorting was almost complete. I had ten new Slytherins and I prayed they would make the right decisions in the ever-growing war. I had a very odd feeling about young Lucas Snelling.

//He feels dark, Sev. Really dark, like a black hole// Harry's thoughts were somber.

//Yes, he does. I wonder if he's carrying another within him// I thought back and caught a determined look on his face. //You are *not* to investigate, my love. I will handle him if there is a problem//

His thoughts were chaotic but I sent him soothing waves of love that eventually calmed him. //I'm coming to you tonight, Sev - I need to be sure you're all right//

//Yes// I sent back a clear picture of me wrapped around him while we traded long drugging kisses.

Smiling, he turned to Hermione and said something while I began to eat. Keeping a sharp if surreptitious eye on my Slytherins, I finished our meal and prepared to go give them my welcome speech. Two hours later, I still had a very odd feeling about Snelling and even Draco was keeping his distance from the youngster. I feared he was already lost to us and I said yet another prayer of thanksgiving for Harry's safety.

I felt him behind my bedroom door the moment I passed through my wards and I shed my school robes before opening it. He was already beautifully nude and lying in the center of my bed, propped on the two pillows and lazily stroking his cock. His look was sizzling and I matched it easily. Black and Lupin had taken most of his time and energy when we returned three days ago. I tried not to begrudge his absence but after a summer of constant togetherness, I missed him like an addicting potion.

"I missed you too, Sev." A wave of his hand banished my clothing to the armoire and dirty clothes hamper. "I got ready for you while you were gone." He stretched languidly and slowly turned over to display the plug stretching him. "Take it out, please, and give me yourself instead."

"Demanding . . . beautiful . . . love," I stalked him, crawling into bed and turning him over to gather him closer for a kiss. He tasted of his favorite raspberry fool so I knew Dobby was still indulging his sweet tooth. His hands pulled me closer while our bodies touched everywhere else.

"Need you, Sev," he panted in my ear while I sketched a love rune down his sensitive throat with the tip of my tongue. "Gods, right there . . . again."

My cock had hardened the moment I saw him, the way it always did these days. "Sweet Harry, my beautiful boy," I pulled out the plug and inserted myself with one swift motion. We both groaned at the familiar sensations of heat and clutching walls. "My adorable kitten, I am tempted to just stay connected like this for the rest of the school year."

He undulated beneath me, his inner muscles massaging me with little ripples. "I'd like that, my Severus. We'd shock everybody but that might be a good thing."

I had to chuckle at that thought. "You may be legal, sweetheart but this is still forbidden between student and teacher." I began the slow thrusting that would make this last for a long time. "Your godfather would kill me for sure if we came out now."

He sighed and tilted his pelvis a little more to get me deeper. "I keep hoping he'll grow up and realize the past is just that - the past." The full body shiver told me my angle was exactly right. "He's so happy with Remus; I guess I hoped he'd accept me growing up, too."

I kissed him gently. Black still had a way to go to be considered 'grown-up' in my opinion. For Harry's sake, I really hoped he'd manage it before our secret came out. I didn't want my love to ever have regrets about loving me.

//Silly Sev, I'll never regret loving you and letting you love me// His affectionate thoughts wrapped me in love as surely as his body did.

We exchanged soft, moist kisses, sharing the faint hints of the dinner we'd just eaten while I slowly stroked in and out of his heat. Our rhythm was strong and sure after so many months of loving. What would I have done if Dumbledore hadn't given in so easily, I truly didn't know. All I knew for sure was I loved Harry Potter with all my heart and soul.

********* Harry *********

I was surrounded by Severus, within and without. These were the times when I felt safe and loved. The newest Slytherin had spooked me badly and all my defenses had come on line when I saw Snelling sit down at the long table with the other First Years. I wasn't afraid for myself even though I'd probably be the target of any attack. My greatest fear was that he'd go after Severus.

It was much too widely known in certain circles that Sev was a spy. That brought grudging acceptance from Sirius and some of the other Order members who knew. But it wasn't worth the fear one of them would reveal it accidentally or with malice to one of those on the Dark Lord's side. He hadn't been called since the night he'd been tortured and I was more grateful than I could possibly say for that reprieve.

"I'm fine, sweetheart," Sev's voice sounded husky and his dark eyes gleamed in the candlelight. "Don't borrow trouble, kitten. We're both safe here at Hogwarts."

My eyes were closed to mere slits while I burned inside from his thrusts. "I know we are, Sev-v-v-v." My body arched under him, the hair on his chest tickling my nipples to stiff peaks. "More, please more," I needed him to lose that control he was so famous for. "Harder, Sev, take me so hard I'll have trouble sitting tomorrow."

"Angel-eyes," his rough purr was music to my ears. His hips snapped into mine, his big hands cradling my arse cheeks. My cock was hard as a rock and tormented by the wiry curls on his stomach. I'd be all red and roughened tomorrow if I could talk him into not healing all the abrasions. "Gods, Harry, do you do exercises to get tighter?"

I grinned up at him and fluttered my eyelashes. "There was a book in the library about women and how they could drive their men wild." My legs tightened around his waist. "There were all kinds of exercises in muscle control to please our men, Uncle John. I've been practicing chapter four diligently with my wand."

He stilled for a long moment while absorbing the pictures I sent him of using my wand as a practice cock. "Naughty Mary, you were only supposed to experiment under my tutelage. However, the result is . . ." he went back to thrusting and this time he really was letting go, "inspiring."

I was almost breathless when I suddenly seized up and began to spurt between us. That triggered him and I smiled as hot come flooded me. Babies, I promised myself. Some day we'll be creating our very own children just like this. My nipples ached the way they always did when I pictured a baby suckling at my breast.

"Sweetest Harry, I never once thought of having a family." Sev brushed soft kisses over my cheeks and temple. "But you've made me a believer. I did some research on the hermaphrodite potions. Some of the ingredients are quite rare but I've begun a search for those I don't have in stock. By the time you're ready, I will be, too."

"Oh, Sev," I hugged him tighter and scattered kisses over his sweaty face. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

He chuckled and rolled over so I rested atop his furry body. We were still connected but I could tell he was softening and would soon leave me empty. I hated that moment and always coaxed him to stay inside of me as long as possible. His tongue wrapped around mine and gave me something to suck on while his big hands stroked down my back and over my arse.

That always felt so good, I purred for him. We traded lazy kisses until he slipped from me. It was getting really late so we finally got up and bathed in the bigger tub we'd made last year in his quarters. His old one was just too small for both of us. We only got to share it a few times but I was hoping this year we'd have more time for ourselves.

He kissed me tenderly before I dressed enough to return to my room through the drafty tunnel that joined the dungeons and the East Tower. Just before I opened the panel that led into my room, I cast the all-over-scent-be-gone spell. Sirius and Remus had really good smell receptors that would give away our secret with one good sniff. I hated losing Sev's delicious scent but I had the lovely ache inside of me to remind me of how much we loved each other.

It would have to do for now. I settled into my cold bed and hugged a pillow to my chest. Someday we wouldn't have to hide our love. That day couldn't come soon enough for me.

********* Dumbledore *********

Christmas wasn't quite as cheery as I could have hoped. A series of Death Eater attacks had frightened a good many of our families into leaving their children at Hogwarts. The house elves did their best but an institutional Christmas just isn't the same as being home. Most of the instructors spent their days trying to cure homesickness with structured activities to keep the children busy.

It was working somewhat but I was hoping the upcoming Solstice bonfire would raise spirits completely. It certainly never occurred to me that Voldemort would choose to attack during the holidays. I first realized we had trouble when the wards shrieked a warning. I felt a weakness appear in the middle of the Great Hall equidistant between the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables.

Severus had warned me that both he and Harry felt something wasn't right with young Mr. Snelling. Without something more concrete to go with, I'd opted for having him watched closely. Obviously not closely enough, I thought sadly, pushing away from the head table and heading for the disturbance. A small whirlwind had appeared in the center of the tables and the children were fleeing in all directions.

Except, of course, for Harry - I sighed and put a little more speed into my step. But Sirius and Remus reached him first and all three of them were chanting a dispersal spell in unison. I was quite proud of them but unfortunately it wasn't working. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Severus flanking the young man shaking in the center of the Hall. Lucas Snelling's head was back while the whirlwind cloud spewed forth from his gaping mouth.

No words were being spoken and I wondered if we were confronting soundless magic. It wasn't quite as rare as wandless magic but it was sufficiently uncommon to concern me. Adding my staff to the effort, I felt the energy suck the counter-spell away from me and into the vortex. Now that was interesting, I thought, redoubling my effort. Minerva joined me then, having gotten all the other Gryffindors to safety.

She leaned in and shouted in my ear. "Poppy thinks it's a reverse wind spell. The more we try to break it up, the more it will grow."

"Smart woman," I nodded and fought my way through the howling, growing wind. The vortex was twice as tall as Severus and he was fighting his way closer to the young boy who was the focus of all the swirling power. Getting to Harry's side, I shouted what we thought the spell was to him.

With their link, I thought that might be the fastest way to neutralize the problem. Harry nodded sharply and a moment later, the air grew thin in the center of the Hall. A minute passed while the whirlwind stayed the same size then Snelling's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed. Severus was there to soften the fall but the boy looked like he'd shed most of his body weight in the last half hour.

His Head of House picked him up in his arms and with a short nod to me, carried him away to Poppy. I rather thought Harry would be following shortly. I was pretty sure she was a member of the small circle who knew about them. Something about her partisan backing of Severus during the last staff meeting was my second clue. The first was her protection during his last medical crisis.

"Well, that was about what I'd expect from a Slytherin." Sirius said shortly, tucking away his wand.

Harry glared at him. "Don't be silly, Sirius. Being a Slytherin had nothing to do with it. Voldemort has to know we'd suspect something from his followers. This attack was pretty showy for him."

Remus nodded. "I agree, Harry. It's the non-Slytherin we need to worry about. Someone we trust like a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor will surprise us with the unexpected."

Sirius frowned at both of them but wisely kept further words unspoken. I smiled at them all. Maturity was breaking out all over Hogwarts. I soon had them back planning the bonfire for Saturday. Within an hour, Harry had disappeared and I made a small bet with myself that he was on his way to the dispensary.

********* Poppy *********

The holidays were fraught with tension but the one attack using Lucas Snelling was the only outright violence we suffered. The lad had been sent home after I stabilized his condition. Who ever had set the poor boy up had used his core magic to do so. He was completely drained of all vestiges of magic and I had my doubts whether he'd be more than a squib for the rest of his life.

Such a waste of a young man, I thought sadly. Now we were coasting along waiting for the next attack. The first two months after the holidays, we endured the usual sneezes and sniffles. All our magic and we can't do a thing about the common cold, I thought with a sigh while dispensing another bottle of cough potion. We were running low so I thought I'd go down and see if Severus had thought to brew any extra.

The dungeons were not my favorite venue but I did realize the good sense that put the potion laboratories in such a well-warded location. Grounded in solid earth, they endured when one of the towers would have shaken itself apart by now. Still, it was so cool and damp all year round that it made my bones ache. However, Severus' rooms were nicely warmed by the fires he had going constantly.

Knocking on his private door, I waited for him to verify my presence. It swung open and his smile was genuine. He never did much smiling but since I'd found out about his relationship with Harry, he'd lowered his guard with me. "Severus, good evening. I'm running low on several potions."

"Come on through to my lab, Poppy. I have a few helpers tonight who are assisting me with that little problem." His smile was positively evil and I could hardly wait to see which students were working off their detentions.

But he surprised me when I walked through the door to the potions classroom. There weren't just students helping but instructors as well. Sirius and Remus were laboring over a pot of bubbling cough potion. While on one table beside them Draco and Ron were chopping up ingredients for their own cauldron. And on the other side, Harry was gently stirring a magenta gel that just had to be the chest decongestant.

"How very nice of all of you to volunteer your time to help me out, gentlemen," I spoke up with a genuine smile. This would stock me up for the foreseeable future. "What can I help with, Severus?"

"I'm just finishing up a cauldron of fever-fugue. If you'd be so good as to finish stirring it then I can start some more Pepper-Up." He pointed towards a silver cauldron that was hissing slightly.

"Excellent, Severus, however if I may suggest another we need even more?" I took up the silver ladle and prepared to stir when the last of the sand trickled out of the hourglass. "Our Dreamless Sleep is almost gone."

He stilled beside me. "Nightmares?"

I nodded and he sighed soundlessly. Harry's quick glance told me they were talking together silently. I'd have loved to study the phenomenon but Severus was quite touchy about anything to do with his young lover. It still didn't bother me they were together. I should have been upset but I wasn't. I wouldn't condone it in any other pair but Harry had always needed someone and for some reason Severus matched him completely.

While I stirred, I watched and listened to the other pairs of workers. Sirius and Remus were joking with each other while Ron and Draco bickered back and forth good-naturedly. Harry worked quietly, sometimes smiling at his godfather and his lover or snickering at something his best friend and former enemy said. All in all, it was a most pleasant gathering and I enjoyed myself immensely.

The boys helped me carry up all the filled bottles of potions to my back room and helped me put them away in order. By then it was quite late and I gave them passes so Filch wouldn't bother them. It had been an interesting evening and I thought I saw a slight thaw in the ice between Sirius and Severus. Remus and Harry were helping it along so perhaps the resulting explosion wouldn't be quite so bad.

If only we could hold off any explanations until Harry turned 18.

********* Harry *********

It was harder this summer to get away from Sirius and Remus. They insisted on two weeks at a beach in Greece and I enjoyed it but I missed Severus terribly. He went on to York and began painting a commission he'd received over the Christmas break. Luckily, our bond stretched far enough so I could end each day with him, telling him everything we were seeing and doing.

However, I saved back a couple of memories of two evenings for when I could tell him face to face. My godfather was quite determined to show me both sides of relationships. So one night we went to a restaurant where they had female belly dancers and the next night we went to a gay strip club. I took it all in with wide eyes and the very strong feeling that Sev would not approve of some of the things the club patrons were doing.

It was really odd but both the men at the club and the women at the restaurant made me feel turned on. Remus had taken me aside and given me the talk on sex that Sirius was too embarrassed to give me. I learned a lot of nuances but nothing really new since I'd pretty much memorized both sets of Kama Sutras. What the books couldn't teach me, even with moving pictures, was how the dancers got their bodies to move like that.

So, I went back to the restaurant the next day and took a couple of lessons in belly dancing while Sirius and Remus thought I was asking one of the dancers for a date. Fatima was really beautiful with large dark eyes and rippling black hair. She was only two years older than me but I told her right up front that I was in love with someone else. She thought it was funny that I wanted to learn belly dancing but then she smiled and said she would teach me properly.

Women really do have great muscle control. I learned things from her I'd never be able to learn from a book. She even kissed me when I asked her if she would. 'Hari, you are a very strange young man,' she said and then she kissed me for a few moments. It was interesting and I was glad I'd tried but it didn't even come close to making me want to do anything else.

As Severus would say, even a failed experiment teaches us something. I didn't go back to the gay club again because I really hadn't liked the way some of the men there looked at me. I felt like a little mouse surrounded by hungry cats and I didn't like that feeling. Only with Severus did I want to be helpless and vulnerable. Still, it did help me make some more decisions.

I hugged Sirius hard and thanked him sincerely for helping me grow up a little more. He had tears in his eyes when he let me go. "I love you, kid, not just because I'm your godfather or because I diapered your bottom when you were a baby. Harry Potter, you're a good young man with a heart as big as the Gryffindor lion."

Blushing, I shook my head but Remus hugged me in turn and spoke up, too. "Harry, you'd be special in anyone's book but you're also your own man. Once Voldemort is taken care of, you're going to do whatever your heart desires and we'll be right there to help you in any way we can."

I couldn't speak; my heart was too full so I just hugged them both in a three-way hug that lasted until Sirius started to laugh. "Boys, it's time to hit the beach for our last chance to get a tan. Last one there has to cook dinner tonight."

We all scrambled for our suits which were hanging on the balcony railing drying out after our last swim. I'd gotten several good looks at both my guardians' bodies and the differences were interesting. Remus was whipcord lean with long white scars on his body that made me hurt for him. His chest hair was almost nonexistent like mine while Sirius was another matter.

My godfather was as hairy as Sev but he was shorter and a little pudgier. Once he got to eat all he wanted, he'd kind of over-indulged. Remus kept saying he was going to put him on a diet once they got back to Hogwarts and Sirius just stuck out his tongue at him. His muscles were heavy and bulkier than Sev's, actually more like Hagrid's body.

And neither of them made my cock twitch even a little. But some of the strippers in the gay bar had made me harder than hard. One of them had been kind of like Sev with long black hair he whipped around his head while he whirled. It was almost embarrassing how hard I got and Sirius had noticed of course. He'd just winked at me and we had a long embarrassing talk the next morning.

But I kept reminding myself that he loved me and only wanted to help. So we got through it unscathed although I blushed an awful lot. It was a good vacation but once we got home to Hogwarts, I was really looking forward to going home - my real home with Sev. The logistics for me leaving were intense and for a while I thought I'd never get away. But Sirius and Remus suddenly got handed an assignment in Ireland from the Order and finally I was free to head home.

Minerva and I headed for Hogsmeade where we flooed to Lincoln and the hotel I knew from before. I changed into my female disguise while she watched, fascinated by the transformation. I grew my hair while I picked out the clothes to be turned into my favorite skirt and blouse. Minerva took care of that while I searched for my earrings in the secret compartment in my luggage. Sev had given me the matching emerald for my 16th birthday and when I magicked the holes open again, I slid them both in.

They flashed a brilliant green in the mirror when I turned my head and I remembered to remove my glasses to tuck them away for the summer. We'd spelled the glass plain in them after my eyes were fixed so they were just one more part of the Harry Potter disguise. It was great to be free of them for a couple of months. I changed into my new clothes in the hotel bathroom, foregoing my tights because of the great tan I'd gotten in Greece.

It felt so good to be in a skirt again. I changed a pair of boxers into white lace panties and pulled them on with a little wriggle of enjoyment. Then I pulled on my matching bra before buttoning up my blouse. Sitting on the toilet lid, I slipped into a new pair of sandals I'd bought in Greece. The heels were a little higher than I'd ever worn before but I'd practiced walking when I was alone so I knew I wouldn't turn my ankle or anything. How embarrassing that would be, I thought standing up and swishing my skirt a bit, just because I could.

It felt so free to not be wearing shorts or pants. I hoped Sev would take one look and throw me down on the nearest surface and fuck me hard. Opening the door to the bedroom where Minerva was waiting, I saw Sev standing beside her.

********* Severus *********

My beautiful lover had finally returned. He came into my arms with a sigh of the same relief I was feeling. Being without him had been harder than undergoing Voldemort torture. I'd missed him with every fiber of my being. But now, feeling him against me, his arms around my neck and his lips opening under mine, I was complete.

Our kiss was more gentle than passionate while we connected fully again after the last three weeks. Part of me remembered Minerva was in the room while the rest of me wanted nothing more than to slide Harry out of his pretty outfit so I could slide into him. But my control held - barely.

"Sweet kitten, how very long the last few weeks have been." I managed to set him a little bit away from me.

Starry emerald eyes glowed into mine. "I know, Sev. It felt more like a year than just three weeks. May we please go home?"

"Yes," I managed to say before grabbing at the tattered remains of my control. "Minerva, thank you for getting him here. I know it wasn't easy."

"Nonsense, Severus, I was glad to do it. I haven't seen the Lincoln Cathedral in decades. I have a cousin I'm going to visit before returning to Hogwarts." Her smile was indulgent. "Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you this fall."

She kissed both our cheeks before leaving, walking briskly out of our hotel room. The silence was electric and Harry moved back into my arms with a sigh. "Oh Sev, it felt like each day was a year long. I really liked Greece but not without you."

"We can go there for our honeymoon," I licked his throat, tasting several new nuances to his usual taste. "Or maybe to celebrate our first child's birth?"

He hugged me tighter and tilted his head so I could reach the spot that made him shiver. I laved it with my rough tongue and he caught his breath. "I think that would be perfect. The light is so beautiful there, I think you'd paint even better than at home. Maybe we could rent a villa for a while so you can be inspired."

"You're the only inspiration I need, sweetheart." I pulled back reluctantly but I didn't want our reunion to be in an anonymous hotel room. "Home, angel-face, the wards have been waiting for you impatiently."

He chuckled and went to tidy up. "I missed you brushing my hair, Sev. Now that it's long again, I need you to keep it tidy for me."

I picked up the two suitcases he'd brought with him. "I'd be more than happy to do so, kitten. I have a few new outfits for you."

Turning back to me, he smiled mischievously. "I have a couple of new outfits to show off myself. I think you'll like my new swim suit even if it is for men. But I learned something new while I was in Greece and I have a new costume to wear when I show you what I learned."

I was going to die such a happy man, I thought with satisfaction. "I look forward to it, sweet Mary. Now let's get on the road so we can get home. The whole neighborhood missed you and asks after you every time I go out in public."

She picked up her purse and opened the door for me, her hips swishing just a little bit extra. Her long tan legs with the strappy heels she was wearing made my groin tighten. It was going to be a long drive. Stowing the luggage in the boot, I held the door for her and she slid in, leaving her skirt hiked a little higher than normal.

A very, very long trip, I thought putting the key in the ignition and backing out of the small car park attached to the hotel. The moment we began moving, the doors locked automatically and the home wards kicked in. We were now protected from prying eyes and speed traps even this far away from them

"Gods, Sev, it is so good to be going home." His hands were still small but the light sheen of pink nail polish on the manicured tips of his fingers made them look even more beautiful to my eyes. "I missed holding you . . . stroking you . . . lying on your wonderful fur . . . tasting your musk."

His hand slid up my thigh and I got even harder, if that was possible. But before I could admonish him, he was shrugging out of his seatbelt and sliding closer. "Harry, what are you doing?"

His grin was pure imp. "I need a little something to tide me over before you get the chance to fuck me through the altar." And with that, he unzipped my jeans and went down on my wand-hard cock.

It was all I could do to keep the car on the road. His mouth is a real work of art and his vacuuming skills were highly advanced. I didn't dare look down since that would set me off like a premature firework. Then he hummed around me and I about strangled the steering wheel. With one hand wrapped around the base of my cock and almost half of it down his throat, it was a wonder I lasted as long as I did. Repeated humming sent me over the edge in less than ten minutes.

He sucked contentedly once the initial burst hit his mouth. I relaxed muscles I hadn't even realized were tense. His absence really had almost physically hurt, the longer he was away. Raising his head, he tucked my limp cock back behind my boxers and zipped me back up.

"That's so tasty," he licked his lips and smiled smugly up at me. "You taste much better than any Grecian recipe."

"You shall pay dearly for this naughty behavior, young lady." I tried to sound stern but part of my brain had melted the moment he took me in. "Once we get home, I believe we'll have to adjourn to the basement where I'll have to chastise you most severely."

His demure look was priceless. "Dear Uncle John, whatever punishment you think is necessary, I'll gladly endure because I'm so very glad to be home."

"Sweetheart," I caught his closest hand up to my lips. Kissing each finger, I watched his breath catch and his little pink tongue come out to lick suddenly dry lips. "I could be persuaded to forego any punishment if you'd model your pretty panties for me."

He blushed but immediately began sliding his skirt higher and higher until the frilly edge of lace came into view. His cock distended the pretty silk and I slid my hand over the bulge while he bit his lip and wiggled. "Oh, Uncle John, I really, really missed our exercises. My nipples ache terribly and so does that private place inside of me that only you ever touch."

I chuckled and slid my hand over his hip and behind him so I could caress his cleft. But I felt the presence of our special lube and decided to push this game to a new level. "Sweet Mary, sit up for me a bit." When he raised himself, I tickled his hole then slid in two fingers while he moaned. "Good girl, now I want you to stroke your pretty cock for me while I make sure that special spot is well touched."

"Oh yes," his eyes were half-closed while he clenched around me, both hands sliding his silk panties down far enough to free his cock. "You're the only one I ever want to touch me, dear Uncle John. Some of the men on the trip paid me compliments but I just frowned at them and sent them on their way."

Someone had dared to look at my beautiful lover, I thought grimly. Probably young beautiful men and women, closer to his age. I watched him bounce a little on the seat, intent on the sensations before and aft of him. But the look of joy on his face told me more than any words that he was still committed to our relationship.

"You must tell me all the compliments since I didn't get to hear them for myself." I managed to say, while twisting my fingers to tease his gland. His inner muscles clamped down on them like a vise and I chanced another look at him.

"I will, sweet uncle, I remembered them because they were mostly pretty silly." His sigh was heated. "I only like your compliments because I know you mean every word. Oh, there, please there again."

I twisted and started to fold in my thumb as well but at the familiar fullness, he groaned and climaxed in his hand. His sweet face relaxed completely and I slid in my thumb easily. His guardian muscle spasmed and my cock decided it had rested long enough and needed more.

"Sweet Mary, we are going to carry in the luggage, drop it on the floor and then I'm going to take you right on the stairway." I reluctantly left his depths and we both moaned at the loss of connection. "I'm going to fling up your skirt, pull down those deliciously decadent panties and thrust in so hard, you'll have to sit on a cushion for the next week."

He squirmed around, tucking in his limp cock and trying to pull down his skirt. "Perfect, Uncle John, I'll still be all slick from the lubricant I carefully put inside of my private place for you. I'll be on my hands and knees the moment we lock the door. Then once you're inside of me, all the way inside where I can feel you in my stomach, I'll practice clenching those muscles around you until we both come again."

"Sweet girl, once we're done reconnecting, I'm going to take you up to our big bed and suckle on your nipples until they're bright pink. Then we'll take a hot bath while I shave you everywhere. Then I'll give you one of the new dresses I bought for you. Did I tell you how beautiful your new sandals are?"

He bounced a little and fluttered his eyelashes at me. "I'm so glad you like them, Uncle John. They're a little higher than you said I should wear but they are so very pretty and I love the way they make my body sway when I walk in them."

"You're growing up, sweetheart and that means you can wear new things, more grown-up things." I caught his hand up in mine and brought it to my lips so I could lick away the last remnants of his tasty seed.

"Oh-h-h-h," he sighed contentedly. "I'll be 17 in a few weeks. Only one more year before we can tell everyone we love each other. I can hardly wait."

"Angel," I laid a kiss in the palm of his hand. "Only after Voldemort is dead and gone can we tell the world our secret. You've still got one year of school left and the decision of what you want to do with your life to be made."

His smile was enigmatic to say the least. "I know what I want to do and who I want to do it with. The moment Voldemort is gone and it's safe, I want to start undergoing the hermaphrodite spells and potions. I want to be pregnant before I turn 19."

"You humble me, Harry," I let go of his hand reluctantly because traffic was getting heavier and I needed to concentrate. "If that's what you want to do, then that's what we'll do. I had a dream a few nights ago and you were sitting in a rocking chair with a tiny baby suckling at your breast. I woke up with such a smile on my face, you wouldn't believe it."

"Yes, I would, Sev." His smile was beatific. "I've had that same dream except we were out in the gazebo and I was sitting all cuddled up in your lap while our son nursed at my nipple."

A son - I hadn't even thought about the sex of the child. We would have a son

********* Harry *********

Sev got the calmest look of surprise on his face. I liked seeing it there. I'd asked Remus about who carried what name when two men got married and he explained it was just like a man and a woman marrying. The woman usually took her husband's last name but sometimes she kept her own, especially if she was known for her work or specialty. He told me about hyphenated last names and I thought about it for a long time.

I really didn't want to be Harry Potter once I'd done the job of getting rid of Voldemort. But if I took Sev's name then the Potter name would die out. "Sev, could we have half the children be Potters and the other half Snapes?"

He blinked and risked another look at me. "If you want to, we can do that. What brought that up?"

"I was thinking about taking your name because of all the notoriety around mine but I don't want the Potter line to peter out completely just because I love you." I hoped I was explaining it right.

"Sweetheart, we're both the last of our bloodlines." He pulled up in front of our home and I sighed in relief. "I think your solution is just perfect. We'll flip a coin to see which our first son will be."

I just couldn't help beaming at him. He'd really accepted we were going to have babies together and more than one. And just like that I was hard as a rock. I really needed his cock inside of me. My channel throbbed in memory of how big he was and how much he stretched all my muscles. My nipples ached and grew hard for his lips. The padding of my bra hid them but I knew Sev could sense them when he patted my hand before getting out of the car.

The next few minutes were hectic while Mrs. Tyler welcomed me home with a big hug and I told her the jet lag had me reeling but I'd come over first thing tomorrow to tell her about my trip with my mother to Greece. She brushed my hair back behind one ear and patted my cheek with her soft hand. It was like having a grandmother for the first time and I hugged her until she squeaked. Shooing me off, she promised to have my favorite lemon bars for midmorning tea.

Uncle John was already inside and I walked sedately up the steps when I really wanted to just fling myself through the door and into his arms. The moment the door closed and locked behind me, I was on all fours, begging Sev to come inside. My panties tangled around my thighs and I felt his crown, hot and hard and velvety soft press inexorably against my entrance.

I stretched and stretched and moaned at the almost-pain before he surged inside of me, sliding deep. Maybe it was because I couldn't spread my legs but he felt bigger than he'd ever been. I groaned at his bulk sliding deeper and deeper. My arms trembled and barely supported me.

"Dear gods, you tightened up to pre-virgin levels again." His voice poured over me like hot syrup. "So hot and tight around me . . . so fucking good, sweetheart . . . I may never come out of you ever again."

"Yes-s-s-s," I hissed in Parse tongue, which I knew turned him on dreadfully.

"Sweet Harry, my little snake," he started the long pull out before pushing back in. I shivered all over and pressed back to get him deep. "My sweet serpent of the beautiful green eyes and the tightest arse in Great Britain if not the world."

I had to giggle at that and his chuckle joined mine while he steadily thrust inside of me. His hands caressed my hips before sliding up my spine and back again. "It all feels so good, Sev. You need to promise to take me again tonight over the altar. And tomorrow you can wake me up by sliding in deep and fucking me through the mattress."

"Ah, sweetheart, you won't need the plug because I'm going to be inside of you constantly for the next few weeks." His hips snapped a little harder into mine and his fingers held my hips still when I would have moved. "The new moon is three days from now so I'll need to take you in the herb bed so you can spray the new seedlings with your hot seed."

I really liked that idea. "Yes-s-s, I'll ride your cock like the seasoned rider I am then after I rest up, I'll take you in the rose bed so your seed can feed them."

"Excellent idea, sweetheart. I think the ivy could use a little pick-me-up, too." He thrust one last time and flooded me with his hot seed. "Dearest love, I missed you more than I can say."

"Me, too," I sighed and felt each little sperm swimming through my bowels. "Some day, when I have eggs instead of just seed, one of your strong sperm will swim up and find one or two to pierce."

"And our son will be created," his lips caressed the back of my neck where my hair had fallen away. "He'll grow safe and secure in the womb we'll make for him until it's time for him to come out and suckle at your beautiful breasts."

"Oh, Sev," suddenly I needed his lips. "I really, really need you to suck on my nipples right now. I missed that even more than having you inside of me."

He chuckled a little and gently pulled out of me. I cherished that moment when his crown stretched me to the point of pain. It was a reminder that one day something even larger would be forced from my body. His hot come dripped from my well-used hole when I went to stand up but then he picked me up in his strong arms and swiftly carried me up the stairs to our room.

We stopped in the bathroom so we could clean up and I got to use the bidet for the first time that year. Sev told me he was definitely installing one in his rooms at Hogwarts since we both enjoyed it so much. I wiggled all over at the thought of being able to play with the jets of hot water during the school year. But it was those long, elegant fingers unbuttoning my blouse to expose my lacy bra that really had my attention.

His fingers brushed against one breast then the other while my blouse dropped to the floor to join my skirt and panties. I was going to kick my sandals off but he stopped me with a small shake of his head. Then he was peeling down the straps of my bra but leaving them to bind my arms to my side. My breasts ached and he dropped his head to tongue first one stiff nipple then the other.

I had to cry out at the welcome sensation and his chuckle vibrated through me all the way down to my toes. Gently, he bit first one then the other, alternating each touch until I thought I'd go mad. Then he picked me up and carried me into our bedroom. Laying me on the cool cotton sheets, he banished his clothes, followed me down and settled in to nurse.

Nothing feels that good, nothing in the world ever will, I thought with a deeply contented sigh. My fingers stroked through his hair slowly while his hands splayed under my back. He'd settled between my legs so I moved my right one slowly up his hairy leg, using the sharp heel of my sandal to tickle him. He chuckled against my chest and bit down a little harder while I arched up to get him closer.

"Such perfect nipples, little love," he dragged his tongue from one to the other, leaving behind cool patches of skin. "I think I'll paint a close up of just one of your pretty breasts with a large pink nipple to titillate the viewer into wanting to taste it. And all the while the art patrons yearn to possess it for their own; I shall sit back and smile smugly because the original belongs only to me."

I smiled and brought the other heel up to tease the skin at his waist. "And I shall blush each time someone compliments your artist's model. You'll be smirking, you know you will."

"I certainly will, sweetheart." His dark eyes gleamed at me and he moved up far enough to kiss my lips. Our tongues twisted together, rubbing the way our bodies were rubbing together. "I missed you so much I couldn't even pleasure myself. It just didn't feel right to touch my cock when he really wanted your touch. I did wear the plug a couple of days though so I'd be ready for you."

That sounded really good to me and I grinned up at him. "I think I should take care of you while I wear the plug. Then after dinner, you can take it out and replace it with you."

"The wards would appreciate that, little love. In fact," he rubbed his hips against mine and my cock started to rise. "I think we should go feed the wards while you take me. Then we'll eat the stew that's simmering on the stove and change places."

I beamed up at him. "Perfect, Sev, you are absolutely perfect."

"Only because it's you, sweetheart." He smiled down at me before rolling us to the edge of the bed. Reaching out a long arm, he brought out the silver plug that I'd missed so much. I was going to see if he'd let me take it to Hogwart's this fall so I could replay one of my favorite fantasies. Wearing it and nothing else under my school robes while reporting for a detention with my stern potion master.

Slathering it in lube, he split my legs and had me hold them back so he could lick around my hole. I loved when he did that and he'd told me when I grew a vagina, I'd like his tongue there even more. I could hardly wait to find out.

********* Severus *********

Harry's hips arched up to me while I tongued the little muscle into spasming open for me. He was such a natural in all his reactions to our lovemaking. His gasps and moans filled me with the need to make him purr for me. Sliding my lips up to his balls, I tongued them before heading up his cock. He looked so wanton with his legs splayed lewdly in front of me and those sexy sandals making his feet arch elegantly.

I rocked the plug past his muscles while I sucked his cock into my throat. His shout made me smile around my mouthful. "Sev! Oh gods, oh gods, that feels so good. Bigger, Sev, make it bigger so I'm all stretched and ready for you."

I had a little surprise for him and I tapped the end of the plug so it would widen inside of him. He shrieked when it began to vibrate. "Sev! How is it doing that?"

Letting go of the tasty cock in my mouth, I grinned at him. "This is a new plug and it has a few extra added features. I'll let you discover them slowly. But right now, I need you inside of me. Do you think you can walk down the steps to the basement? I love what those heels do to your hips."

He laughed and stretched all over, letting his legs drop to the bed. "I think I can but you'll have to help me up. I feel a little shivery and weak."

Rising to my feet, I took each hand stretched out to me and pulled him upright. He was biting his lip but the feelings of pleasure through our link told me he was all right. His first step was a bit awkward but then the plug settled down and his hips took up that swivel that drew my eyes to his long legs. He wouldn't grow much taller than he was right now. Years of malnutrition had seen to that but at almost 17, he was filling out nicely.

His arse was a thing of beauty and I loved nothing more than fondling it both clothed and unclothed. His sweet voice was still a bit alto and would probably stay that way also. He sounded more like Lily than James and that was fine with me. "Sev, are you coming?"

I blinked and realized he was standing in the doorway, hands on those slender hips and his cock standing straight out from his groin. "I certainly hope so, sweetheart."

He laughed and held out a hand to me. Crossing the room swiftly, I kissed him tenderly before bowing him out of our bedroom. Watching him sway down the hall and stairs, I felt my groin come to life again. Only Harry could get me so hard again so quickly. I had missed him more than I had thought I would. For a solitary man who'd lived most of his life alone, I was now addicted to the sexiest man alive.

//Thank you, Sev// he smiled over his shoulder at me. //But you're the sexiest man alive. You're my very own Slytherin Sex God//

I chuckled and followed him down the steps to the altar where the wards welcomed him home with a burst of light and chimes. He threw open his arms and whirled around, returning their welcome with his own sweet self. I was such a lucky wizard, I thought fondly while watching his excitement. But then he spun himself into my arms and I kissed his laughing lips as if we hadn't touched in weeks.

The more of him I have, the more I want. I smoothed my fingers through his soft curls and wished he didn't have to cut it for school. //Love your hair like this, sweetheart//

//Me too, Sev// He purred before pulling away with a glint in his eye. //The wards want you on the altar and spread out for me//

//Just the wards?// I teased him before leaning across the glowing altar and spreading my legs so he could come between them.

//Cool, the sandals put me at just the right height to come inside of you// His fingers slick with the lotion we kept by the altar slid inside of me and unerringly hit my gland. "Yes-s-s," I relaxed all over and started the slow burn that would eventually burn me down to the ground.

His fingers came out and his cock slid in just as tenderly as I usually took him. He might not be as large as me but his length was perfect and his aim right on target. His hands slid up my spine then grasped my shoulders so he could thrust even harder. I absolutely loved having him inside of me.

Our thoughts and feelings meshed along with our bodies. I'd missed him so much - it had been a physical ache no potion could dissolve. But that feeling was going away with each thrust. Pictures of his trip began to filter into our bond, much clearer and more detailed than our evening talks - a sunset, a fishing boat, a sea urchin seen up close below the waves. There were bits and pieces that bound us even closer together.

I was still on a hair-trigger and all too soon, I sprayed the altar with my release. My climax drew out his and he slumped along my back with a contented sigh. "It's so good to be home, Severus. I love you."

"I love you too, sweet Harry." I flexed and he slipped from me with another sigh. But then I could turn to take him into my arms for a comforting kiss, the first of many he was due since he'd left me bereft. I really had missed him. His seed seeped out of me and onto the stone I was propped against while the wards brightened immeasurably.

They really did enjoy our lovemaking. Perhaps Aphrodite still held sway over this spring, I thought lightheartedly. Harry giggled through the kiss when he caught my comment. //I like to think she's watching over us because we're her favorite lovers//

Switching to speech, I began to scatter kisses over his golden skin. "Did you feel any of the ley lines in Greece? Did they respond like ours do?"

He tilted his head so I could get his favorite hot spot below his ear. "They were really old and sleepy but they were kind of curious when I greeted them. In fact, when Sirius took us to the island of Crete, they flared up really bright and sang to me in a bay on the southern coast. I'd like to take you there and see what they do for both of us."

"Sounds good to me, sweetheart," I pulled back far enough to feast my eyes on him. "We'll go once it's safe. Until then, how about we clean up and eat before planning the rest of our summer?"

He nodded happily and we headed upstairs. I could hardly wait to begin our own travels.


It was a more dangerous summer than the one preceding. Death Eater attacks were more numerous and the muggles were putting it down to terrorism and taking precautions. We moved quietly among them, taking our own measures to ensure our safety. A couple of times we were able to thwart an attack and Harry discovered another talent to call his own. He was really good at moving the earth out from under an attacker. His command of that element was growing quickly and that was good. Water also responded to his call and he played for hours in the cool waters off the southern coast.

For me, air and fire appeared to have adopted me as theirs. Once we got home to Hogwarts, we'd practice the elements until we could merge them into a working whole. I had a feeling this new talent would prove necessary for the fight against Voldemort. And that could not happen soon enough for me. I was impatient for the future Harry had spun for us.

Still, we finished the lower half of England and stopped off for a few days in muggle London. Harry had never been there and I enjoyed showing him some of my favorite book stores and restaurants. However we came very close to losing our anonymity when we almost ran into Hermione and her mother in Harrod's Department Store. Only Harry's quick thinking got us into a dressing room before she could do more than furrow her brow.

A slight obfuscate-spell and within a few moments they were gone. We both breathed a sigh of relief and to celebrate, I bought my niece a skirt in tight black leather. She wiggled into it and I zipped it up for her. A short white lace blouse that barely covered her midriff, exposing a little of that beautiful tan she'd gotten in Greece, with short sleeves completed her new outfit.

She was indeed a little princess when we left with our shopping bags. To celebrate the final ward being added to our grid, we went out to dinner that night to a little club I knew in Soho. There'd be live singing at nine so we purposely made our reservations for later. While sharing the shower, I shaved Harry completely. He loved it when I did that because I always followed it with the application of a special lotion that becomes a scented powder.

We both enjoyed that and after I made sure a silencing spell totally encapsulated our suite, I beckoned him to bed. First I brushed his hair for a while, soothing him with long sweeps of the camelhair brush. Then with a couple of twists, he secured it to the top of his head with a quick binding spell. That left the nape of his beautiful neck free for my lips to kiss along his sensitive hair line.

He moaned happily and leaned back, trusting me to hold him upright. My hands stroked his chest, cupping his small, plump breasts and thumbing the nipples to hard peaks. He arched into the touch. "Oh, Sev, more . . . I need more . . . it's been two days since you were inside of me. Take me now so I'm tender and full of your come when we go out to eat."

********* Harry *********

His hands pulled me closer than rolled me onto my front before moving between my legs. "Up on all fours for me, sweetheart, I'm feeling rather needy, too. How I can go a day without your heat is beyond my imagining."

I giggled and rose up to all fours while he rimmed my hole and began moistening the clean skin there. His tongue always feels big at first but then it just feels good. Having no hair anywhere made every touch feel 'more', more hot, more scratchy, just more. I stretched like my kitten form would and heard his chuckle.

"Sweet kitten, how like your namesake you are." Slick fingers slid through my entrance while his thumb rubbed behind my balls, making me shiver with need. "So hot inside, you should be the one who channels fire, little princess."

I laughed with him. "Oh no, Uncle John, you're the one who pours liquid fire into me every time you take me. Love it when your seed races through me, looking for my womb and the eggs hidden there."

His thumb folded in and made me ache with sudden need. I moaned and tried to spread my legs wider to draw him deeper. But he just chuckled and replaced his fingers with his warm cock. The first push in always reminded me of how big he is and how much I missed his bulk. He was everything I ever wanted and he was the one I dreamed about at night in my cold bed at Hogwarts.

But he was here now and balls deep inside of me while I panted beneath him. His dark fur tickled my back and legs with more warmth until I was pierced and surrounded by him. "I love you, Sev, so very, very much."

"You're my sweet angel . . . my funny kitten" each nickname came with another kiss down my spine and a thrust deeper inside of me. "My little princess . . . the keeper of my heart . . . and mind . . . and soul," his voice dropped to the purr I loved.

"More," I gasped, pushing back to get him deeper, harder, something before I burned alive. "Sev."

"I know, sweetheart, more." He chuckled, his hands gripping my hips hard and slamming into me in a pounding rhythm that dried up my voice completely, leaving only my needy moans.

It was fast and furious but just what I needed right then after the fright of almost being discovered by Hermione. I hoped she would accept me but what did one person really know about another? What if I disgusted her with my liking for dressing up as a girl? I already knew Ron wouldn't understand, although I had a funny feeling that Draco might. There was just something about the blond that made me tingle all over.

I thought we were more alike than different. Suddenly I seized up and came all over the hotel sheets. Sev moaned behind me and I felt hot liquid flow deep. That made me smile the way it always did and I made the wish for strong sons and daughters. Soft sucking kisses were placed tenderly down my neck and over my shoulders while I shivered under his hot tongue.

"My sweet Harry, my only love," his soft murmur made my heart leap. "I love you more today than when we first began three summers ago. Sweet seventeen and more beautiful every day, sweetheart."

I sighed happily then bit my lip when his bulk left me empty. A tiny spell tingled through me and all the mess disappeared on the sheets but then I felt the smaller plug being inserted. "Thanks, Sev, how did you know I wanted to keep your essences inside of me?"

He kissed each arse cheek before biting the left one and making me jump. "I'm feeling quite possessive tonight, kitten. I'm marking my territory in more ways than one. Now, how about your special lotion for your satin skin?"

"Yes, please," I said happily and turned over to stretch out on the rumpled sheets. I watched him pool some on my taut stomach before spreading it down my legs with his big, warm hands. It went on cool and wet then dried to a soft clear powder that smelled sweet and tart at the same time. He raised my left leg to his shoulder so he could smooth the lotion over the front and back of my leg then repeated it on the right.

I sat up so he could get my back, shoulders and arms. I felt like the most pampered person in London when he was done. He approved my new outfit for the evening and I chose a silk thong with a white lace pouch and silky straps that teased my crease a little even with the plug in the way. The black leather stretched a bit over my narrow hips or I'd have never gotten the zipper up. It hugged them beautifully and I turned slowly in front of the mirror to get the full effect of the shortest skirt I'd ever worn.

"You're beautiful, sweetheart. All the men at the club will have their tongues hanging out when you walk by." Sev was pulling on a black turtleneck and I admired the way the black set off his pale skin.

"All the women will envy me my handsome escort." I told him sweetly and enjoyed his laughter. I had a strapless bra now with a little padding so I had more than two bumps to show under my blouses. Fastening it behind me was always a little difficult but Sev came to my rescue with his clever fingers and a soft kiss to the nape of my neck.

He really liked it when I wore my hair like this. I grinned up at him and pulled the new blouse off its hanger. It was some kind of muggle material and it stretched a bit when I pulled it on over my head. It clung like a second skin and barely reached my waist so an inch or two of skin showed along with my navel. It was quite the most daring top I'd ever worn and Sev obviously approved because he encircled my waist with his big hands, making me shiver with renewed need.

"Absolutely the most beautiful girl in all of London, sweet Mary, that's what you are tonight." He kissed my ear. "Wear your emeralds, please. They'll be just the right finishing touch."

I nodded and fished them out of my purse, slipping them in my ears before pulling out the emerald necklace he'd given me for my 17th birthday. He fastened it for me with a soft kiss to the nape of my neck. The hanging heart shaped pendant was almost an inch long and wide with tiny diamonds in a gold ribbon motif at the top. I was afraid it had been really expensive. But he laughed when I asked him about it and told me he liked spending money on me. So I wore it with pride, knowing he really wanted me to have it.

I sat on the bed to put on a new pair of strappy heels that Sev had let me buy. The three inch heels would be a challenge but if I walked around a bit in the hotel room then I should be all right. If I felt wobbly, I'd just take my tall uncle's arm. Grinning, I opened my makeup bag and got out my blush and lip gloss.

Poppy had been a really good guide to what makeup I might be able to use and enjoy. The nail polish was my first attempt and I really liked the way it made my nails look. Then I tried face powder but it felt heavy and goopy on my skin so I wasn't sure about the powdered blush when she suggested it. But it was much lighter and I only needed to use a little to accent my cheekbones.

The lip gloss came in scents and colors. Sev had vowed to create some that wouldn't come off if I bit my lip or if he kissed me hard. Those had been really fun experiments but he'd finally succeeded on his last try and I had a supply of both colored and non. I used the plain when I was Harry and the colored when I was Mary. Tonight, I stroked it on with my little finger and used a little extra to bring out the cherry of my lips.

"Are you going to leave your hair up or take it down?" Sev finished zipping up his black pants and I admired his darkly dangerous look. His black leather vest practically matched my skirt.

"I think I'll leave it up and just coax a curl or two down by my ear." I turned my head this way and that. "Poppy had all kinds of ideas about hairstyles. It's a pity I have to leave my bangs so long to cover the scar. Sev, do you think it will go away once we get rid of Voldemort?"

"I don't know, sweetheart." He caressed my upper arms and I leaned back against his chest, liking the image of us in the mirror. "We don't know what caused it, your mother's love or a residue of Voldemort's death. When he dies again, will that remove it or will it begin to fade naturally? We just don't know."

Smiling at him, I brought one of his hands to my lips so I could kiss it. "Bangs aren't so bad, Sev. So long as he's dead, I'll accept what happens next. It will be a fun story to tell our children."

His eyes crinkled in a smile. "We'll never run out of stories to tell them, kitten. Now, are we ready for our evening?"

I checked my look in the mirror and picked up my little leather purse to hang on my shoulder. Taking a few steps, I balanced on my new heels, turning and then moving back to where Sev watched me with a lustful look on his face. I practiced my demure blush and knew it had worked when his hands rose to take mine. He kissed each one before offering his arm.

I loved going out in public when I'm disguised as a girl. I loved the admiring looks and the way Sev bristled when someone got too close to me. I liked the way my body moved in heels and how sexy my skirts made me feel. And wearing a bra reminded me how much my nipples enjoyed being pleasured. I just enjoyed pretending to be a girl, I thought while the taxi drove us to the club where we had reservations.

Sev had to help me out of the cab, my skirt was so tight. I loved that feeling of slight helplessness. And the taxi driver's eyes were glued to my legs all the while Sev paid him. So I was smiling when we entered the club. It was dark and kind of smoky when we entered but the maitre de seated us in the nonsmoking section when Sev asked him. The menus were big and I looked through the selections before closing it up.

"You order for me, Uncle John." I fluttered my eyelashes at him and watched him smile. "There's so much I've never tried before."

The waiter was a young man in what appeared to be a kind of uniform for the wait staff, black t-shirt with the name of the club on the front and black pants. Sev gave him our meal order and also ordered my favorite lemon squash to drink. A glass of wine now and then was the extent of our drinking at home. Sev said he'd been too paranoid for too long to drink liquor in public.

That was all right with me. I liked being alert so I didn't miss anything. A quartet of two men and two women had just taken the small stage across the room and I sat up to see them better. Sev leaned over and told me quietly they were a group he'd heard before. They specialized in jazz from the forties before we both were born. I nodded and wondered what they would play.

Their music started out fast and loud to get our attention then smoothed out into something mellow and rich that flowed over my ears like silk. I'd never heard a saxophone before but I fell in love with it instantly. When one of the women began to sing along, I was mesmerized by her husky voice and how it meshed with the sounds of the sax.

Sev held my hand until the food arrived. The quartet took a break about the same time we began to eat so I could give my full attention to my meal. It was chicken in some kind of garlic sauce that was just delicious. The vegetables were fresh and lightly sautéed in the same sauce so each taste blended with the others. I was sure to have garlic breath by the end of our meal.

When I whispered that to Sev, he chuckled and said he was looking forward to it. I squirmed a little and crossed my legs under the table so one foot could tickle his pant leg. His heated look told me I was definitely going to be chastised when we got back to our hotel room. A slight flick of his fingers on my hip and the plug began a low level vibration. I was going to be well and truly turned on and begging for it by the time we got back.

I could hardly wait.

********* Remus *********

I collapsed on Sirius' back, still buried balls deep in his arse. His canine whine was music to my wolf ears. My knot swelled just inside his hole and his panting was just this side of pained. I licked the scruff of his neck and buried my muzzle into his scented fur. I'd grown to love the full moon now that I had a lover who could change with me. The latest wolf bane potion had given me back even more control over the transformation and that was the best present I'd ever received.

Severus had even cracked a joke when he informed me of the latest change to the formula. There had been a definite thaw in our relations but also with others. He and Harry were very polite to each other. That was odd but with Harry's studying so acidulously he was doing quite well in all his studies, including potions. The ones who really surprised me though were Ron and Draco.

Sometime over the summer, Draco had fled his family estate and taken refuge with the Weasleys. He'd rejected the path to Voldemort and been disinherited rather spectacularly by Lucius. The one rather disquieting note was the absence of Narcissa during all the news interviews. Draco said she'd disappeared almost a month before he'd escaped. The look in his eyes was so lost when he told us that.

Sirius hadn't said anything but a few hours later, I found him in the library at Grimauld Place. He was staring into space with an open book upon the table before him. I laid a gentle hand on his shoulder and he sighed, pointing silently to the family tree drawn there. Narcissa's name was written in black while Sirius and Draco were both in green. It seemed either Lucius or Voldemort had taken exception to her championing her son.

We made sure we spent time with both the young men since Harry wasn't available. The sparks were really flying by the time school started again. They were such opposites and yet . . . I sighed contentedly. They were rather like Sirius and me in temperament. Ron and Sirius had hot tempers and the tendency to speak before thinking. Draco and I always thought twice before speaking once but we could both be passionate about what and who we loved.

I nuzzled Sirius' neck again and licked the fur on his ear. He whined contentedly and wiggled but my knot was still stuck fast inside of him. It would be another half hour or so before it eased out. For the first time in years, I had sex whenever I wanted it. That was such a pleasure. I was normally a rather pessimistic person but lately I'd begun to hope for the future. Hope for a future with the man I loved.


I sat back puzzled and not sure why. Harry had turned in his History of Magic paper and I'd just finished reading it. It was well researched and slightly revolutionary in its theories about why magic had gathered around towns, leaving behind the oak groves and rivers where our ancestors practiced magic. He'd told me that once Voldemort was dead, he'd like to add a few things to it.

Perhaps that was it, I mused while rolling it back up. There was a maturity in his background verbiage that I would expect from someone my age rather than his. And his conclusions did feel unfinished to me, as if he knew something he didn't dare write just yet. That went along with his calm demeanor and the hopeful air he projected sometimes when I caught him unaware.

"Remus, what's wrong?" Siri's voice startled me.

I looked up to see him carrying in a tea tray comfortably full of cakes and sandwiches. My appetite had returned with regular meals and I'd been pleased to put on a few pounds which I'd sorely needed. "Nothing's wrong, love, I'm just considering Harry's essay. It's very well written but there are a few things missing, I think."

"He said he wanted to continue it once Voldemort is dead." Sirius sat down beside me and put the tray on the table in front of me. But before pouring me a cup of tea, he hugged me close and kissed me hard.

That always scattered what few wits I have left. His taste was like no other and I craved it when a few days went by without us connecting intimately. Between our two schedules and the time he wanted to spend with Harry, we didn't always get to do much together. I licked my lips to get every last drop of his essence. He chuckled and poured our tea before handing me the plate of fairy cakes with pink icing that I loved.

I ate two before taking a sip of tea but he surprised me by continuing our conversation. "Harry is determined to kill Voldemort and he's going to use every trick in the book to do it. I think he's read more Defense against the Dark Arts texts than I have. He actually had a book yesterday from Snape's private library."

I stilled but his voice was calm. A year ago it would have been incensed. But today it was simply matter-of-fact. "Really . . . was it helpful?"

He shook his head. "I don't know but he's going to let me borrow it when he's done. Draco also offered a couple of books he spirited out of the Malfoy library before he escaped. They look really interesting. Harry and Draco came up with a rather fiendish exercise for the fourth years." He grinned at me. "It's going to be a massacre."

Appalled, I opened my mouth to remonstrate with him only to have him break into delighted laughter. "Got ya, Mooney!"

"Siri! You dog," I elbowed him sharply. He just continued to laugh and I found myself snickering along with him. "So, you've decided that Severus isn't so bad after all?"

He shook his head and poured some more tea. "I won't go so far as to say that, Remy. But he does know his Dark Arts and I want Harry to have every advantage he can get for the upcoming battle."

"Has he said anymore about where he goes in the summer?" My curiosity was at an all time high. Harry had exuded contentment and joy when he returned to school just before the school year started. "Or who he's with?"

"Nothing, but he's happy and that's what I want for him." His blue eyes misted a bit and his smile was tender.

"What if what makes him happy doesn't conform to . . . normal?" I had a feeling that was growing by the day about Harry and his sexual orientation. His clothes sense had matured to the point I was pretty sure he wore silk boxers under his regular teenage jeans.

"You mean normal sexuality and I'd be a right hypocrite to fault him for liking blokes more than girls when I love you the way I do." He smiled at me and I melted. "If he finds someone as good as you then I'll be content. It just won't be Ron or Draco."

"I was thinking one of the older Weasley boys. Harry is an old soul who seems more comfortable with people our age than with his own." I snuggled a little closer to him and his arm came around me so he could nuzzle under my ear.

"Maybe . . . he's suffered so much both physically and mentally for one so young. He needs someone who'll love him for the sweet soul he is and not just the hero he's becoming." Siri sighed, his breath gusting against my sensitive skin.

"That means someone older, my love, someone perhaps who's also suffered or overcome a negative past." I said tentatively. "Harry wants a family so badly; I wonder how he'll overcome his initial urge towards males."

"He can adopt just like we can," he eyed me a bit nervously. "I mean if we wanted to after the war is over. There's sure to be an orphan or two like Harry and Draco who needs a home and someone to love them."

My heart overflowed at that moment and I literally couldn't have spoken a word if I'd tried. So I just nodded and hugged him tight. A family, what a wonderful idea to look forward to.

********* Severus *********

The holiday season passed with more Death Eater attacks and heightened tensions in the muggle world. I found the name 'terrorists' quite appropriate for my former colleagues. They spread terror and despair over all they touched until the wizarding community was at an all time high for paranoia. The Order was spread thin putting out fires both physical and emotional. Harry and I were studying hard, trying to weld a weapon out of our control of every magic ley line in Great Britain and the elements which responded to each of us.

It had never been done before so we were rather blindly seeking our path. It helped that Black and I had declared a truce in our war of words. Perhaps we'd both grown up over the last few years. I know we were united in our care of Harry. My little love needed more people who loved him unconditionally the way Remus and his godfather did. Hermione, Ron, Draco and even Neville accepted Harry in every personality change he'd evidenced the last few years.

I just hoped they'd stick with him once our relationship was revealed. Harry had grown another inch taller but Poppy thought that was the last growth spurt he'd have. He reminded her with a little cheek that he'd be growing a child as soon as he could. She ruffled his hair and told him she was looking forward to it. If truth were told, so was I.

He convinced me that our children were absolutely necessary. I had more visions of Harry and our son both in night and day dreams. I had never had a talent for prophecy and yet I believed in each and every picture of the tiny babe and my beautiful lover. What his godfather and Remus would say, I didn't have a clue. However, I wanted that future more with every day we loved.


When the battle came, it felt almost like an anticlimax. Harry and I had mentally linked near the lake for a day long picnic with most of the student body when suddenly a convergence of the dots of energy we'd identified as Death Eaters gathered in the wizard community of Oxford. Harry and I looked at each other across the students spread out on blankets and nodded once before I headed for the Headmaster and he for his godfather.

Ten minutes later we met at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Tersely, I told them what had to be done. Sirius would have protested Harry's involvement but Draco and Ron were already there with Hermione and Blaise. Minerva and Poppy calmly joined us at the last minute and I was glad to see them. No matter what happened there were sure to be casualties.

//Be careful, my love// I thought to Harry while taking hold of his hands, no longer caring what Sirius thought.

//You too, Sev, remember our babies// Harry thought back and moved us to the center of the ancient university city.

Oddly enough, the city was built around a Druid spring much like our home in York. It sat in the city center in a square with one of the ugliest fountains I'd ever seen. Harry soaked up its energy while connecting through the cobblestones to the earth beneath. I called the wind to me while readying a fire ball to distract Voldemort while Harry attacked.

The others appeared beside us one by one, belying the myth that no one can apparate from within Hogwarts' wards. Screams echoed through the air and I deliberately made a magical gaffe to draw the attention of the Death Eaters. Voldemort appeared within a heartbeat and his ugly face creased in a ghastly smile at seeing Harry and I hand-in-hand.

"The traitor and the hero, how fitting you should come to me today." His hissing voice came from a throat obviously distorted from the mutations he'd undergone.

"We are tired of your presence, Tom." I said matter-of-factly and watched him still with rage. "You are a blot on the shield of wizardry and you must go."

"S-s-severu-s-ss, I am dis-s-sappointed in you. I expected better from s-s-such an intelligent s-s-scholar." He frowned.

"I think you'll dislike what I've researched lately." I linked my elements with Harry's and we cut him free of the wards in this sacred space. Before he could react to that, we reached into his magical aura and turned him inside out. Water became fire so his very blood burned in his veins. Air was displaced with earth, clogging his lungs with mud. Bone became liquid and flesh began to burn to ash.

What was left of his brain liquefied and oozed out his melting nostrils. The attack was so quick and complete, he disintegrated before our eyes and Harry turned one of the cobblestones into a container to hold the few remains. Then asking the wards for help, he opened a shaft to the core of the planet and let the stone plummet deep into the heart of the world. He leaned wearily back against me when the wards chimed it was done.

Albus apparated to us at that moment and the Aurors that came with him finished mopping up the remaining Death Eaters. None escaped because the wards kept us informed of where each one was. I held Harry clasped to me, his back to my front, next to the fountain, calling out who was where until finally Albus patted my shoulder and informed us the last one was captured.

Slowly, I let my lover go and shook my head. Linking with the ley lines sometimes left me disoriented. I felt like I'd been lifting rocks for a few hours and I was starved.

"Hungry," Harry moaned a little and put his hand to his head. "I could eat a dragon."

"Me, too," I sighed and looked around. Remus and Draco were staring at us with the oddest expression on their faces. Oh dear, we had some explanations to make.

"Food first then we'll explain," Harry yawned and belatedly covered his mouth. He smiled at Sirius and Ron who were looking at us in disbelief. "Back to Hogwarts, I think."

He apparated the two of us back to our home away from home. Dobby met us in the Great Hall and we ordered as much food as the elves could make and told him to keep it coming. Four hours had passed and most of the children were still out by the lake. So Harry and I configured the head table big enough to hold the ones who'd fought beside us. They were sure to be here shortly.

Albus, at least, knew where we were. Hogwarts' wards were nothing if not courteous. I snatched a quick kiss and Harry began to laugh. "We did it, Sev, we did it."

I twirled him around, enjoying his laughter. "We did indeed, little love. Do you still want to get pregnant?"

"Yes, yes, yes," he scattered kisses over my face. "How soon can the potion be ready?"

"One week, kitten, we'll have Poppy help." I hugged him close and wished we were naked. "Then we'll go home so I can take your new virginity on our altar."

He kissed my lips fervently before coming up for air. "And we'll create our first child shortly thereafter."

"My dearest love, we will," I hoped the explanations wouldn't take too long. I needed to reaffirm life in the most positive way possible.

********* Dumbledore *********

The explanations were as fully fleshed as our questions could make them. Severus and Harry answered every query with full, frank answers that didn't gloss over anything. Sirius had to be restrained twice by Remus, once when it became evident that they were in a personal relationship and secondly when Harry announced he and Sev would be pursuing an even closer bond.

Draco took it very well and because of his acceptance, Ron seemed to finally settle down and listen to what they had to say. Hermione just smiled as if she'd known it all along and who was to say she hadn't. Blaise followed her lead. Minerva, Poppy and I backed them unreservedly and so came in for some hostility from our DADA instructor when he realized we'd known about them all along.

This wouldn't be the last time we'd be talking about this, I was quite sure but for now, we all agreed we had to have a story ready for the Ministry and Press on how Voldemort had been destroyed. Severus was adamant that their ground-breaking work with the magical ley lines be kept quiet. I was equally adamant that such a feat could never be long kept a secret.

Remus weighed in on my side, mentioning the frightening thought that the Ministry might put them under indictment for illegal use of magic if we couldn't come up with a simple explanation. Harry suggested we all eleven take credit for a section of Great Britain. I'd take the counties around Hogwarts, Minerva those around Oxford and Cambridge and so forth.

We all paused and thought about that while Harry and Severus kept eating. Dobby was on constant alert to keep their plates full and I watched surreptitiously while they ate enough between the two of them to feed a Quidditch team. What must their bodies have used up to need such refueling, I wondered.

"That would work and also explain why we all arrived at the exact spot where they were attacking." Sirius said with a frown. He was still reacting with a low voiced growl to every touch between Harry and Severus. "But what are we going to tell them about Voldemort and his body? They're going to want proof he's gone."

Severus nodded and patted his pockets for a few moments before pulling out a very familiar wand. "This should do it. It's Voldemort's wand and it will show his last attack spell. The wards at the fountain will show his disintegration and dispersal to the center of the earth. It may take a while but they will have to finally accept it. The round up of the Death Eaters and their trials should take up enough of their attention that we can finally fade from the public eye."

"All Death Eaters?" Sirius growled at him.

Severus' smile broadened and he laid down his fork, rolling up his sleeve. The Dark Mark was gone leaving nothing but pale skin behind. Harry laughed delightedly and brushed back his bangs to reveal his scar faded to almost nothing. Sirius looked torn between joy and anger. Remus' smile matched my potion master's.

"Humph," was all Sirius said.

"Sirius, you've been a wonderful godfather and I love you dearly but I love Sev more than anyone in the world." Harry said determinedly, finally laying down his fork and wiping his lips with a napkin. "We bonded a little over a year ago but we'd like to have a public ceremony that will redirect some of the questions we don't want to answer. I'd like your blessing but if you feel you can't, I'll understand."

"Harry, no!" Sirius stood up abruptly and I noticed Harry and Severus tensed in unison. "You can't bond to him; he's old enough to be your father. He hated your father."

"I disliked the Marauders equally, Black." Severus' voice was calm. "The twenty years between us mean less to wizards than it might to muggles. You will probably not believe me but I love Harry more than my own life and have committed myself to his happiness."

"And I love Sev with all my heart." Harry slipped his hand into his potion master's. "He's the man I want to father my children and I sincerely hope you'll be a part of our lives as our family grows."

I held my breath and hoped Sirius would let the idea of Harry having children go for now. That explosion could hopefully be postponed. And it seemed my prayers were answered when Draco deflected attention away from that question with one of his own about how we were supposed to have linked to the ley lines so we could know where Voldemort and men would attack.

Ron backed him up with some rather intelligent questions of his own and the conversation turned towards planning what would be said sooner rather than later. The children and rest of the staff returned an hour later and I had them all gather in the Great Hall to hear the welcome news that the war was over. Spreading the kudos over all at the Head table, I began the process of molding public opinion.

The children would be sending owls home immediately and I made a mental note to borrow owls from Hogsmeade if needed so our story could begin to permeate the country. Heading back to my office, I made another list of those I needed to contact and in what order they should be fire-called. Minerva asked to help and I took her up on her offer.

It was going to be chaos but after so many years of war, I was looking forward to peace.

********* Severus *********

Shaking loose of the others proved difficult until Harry finally grabbed hold of Black and sat him down in their combined sitting room in the East Tower. Using words of one syllable, he laid down his needs and non-negotiable requirements. I've never been as proud of my young lover as I was at that moment. He was more mature at 17 than Sirius was at 37. Remus had accepted our relationship by the time we'd finished hashing out our statements about the war.

I was beginning to think it would take another 20 years to get Black to understand or even grudgingly accept us. I didn't want to grovel but I would if I had to. Harry deserved every thing he wanted and he wanted a godfather who accepted him. What the hell Sirius would say once we sprung the hermaphrodite decision of Harry's, I had no clue but the explosion would probably be heard in Greece. 'Just not now', I prayed quietly to the old gods.

Remus made the connection with Harry's summers and quietly asked me about them while Sirius and Harry were talking heatedly. I confirmed we'd spent the last few summers together as muggles in a secret location. When he asked if I was the one who rescued him the summer the Dursleys were slaughtered, I nodded. He was obviously conflicted, suspecting I'd taken advantage of a distraught boy but also glad I'd been able to save him.

There wasn't anything I could say to make it better; I too feared I'd taken advantage.

//Silly Sev, you saved my life and gave me my heart's desire// Harry said affectionately over our bond. //I think I've said enough right now. Sirius needs to have some time to think about what we've said and Remus can work on him//

//Bed?// I said hopefully.

//Bed// he caressed my mind with his warmth. "Sirius, think about this tonight. We'll be here tomorrow although we'll probably be busy giving interviews to Aurors and the press. Can you at least agree to support my decision to love?"

"Harry, I love you like a son." Black shook his head sadly and glared half-heartedly at me. "I'll try. That's all I can promise right now."

I stood and held out my hand to Harry who took it and arose. "I'll try to help, Black. I truly do love Harry more than anyone in the world. I want to love and take care of him for the rest of our lives. Please don't punish Harry for my past sins. He knows the best and the worst of me, even things I am ashamed of and those I regret with all my heart."

"Sev shared his life with me, Sirius, all of his life, the good and the bad." Harry sighed and leaned into my arm. "I can forgive everything he's done because he paid with years of his life to atone for the mistakes he made. We all have bad decisions in our pasts and some even cost lives. Please give him a chance to show you who he is now."

"I'll try," he said begrudgingly and Remus crossed to give him a hug. "Where will you be tonight, Harry?"

"With Sev," my lover said simply. "I need to wrap myself around him and go to sleep knowing our future is filled with life instead of death. Maybe you and Remus can do the same."

"We'll see you at breakfast in the morning." I held Harry's hand and bowed my head to them. "Good night."

Their goodnights echoed through the room then Harry and I were out the door and apparating to my private rooms. I hugged him as close as I could get him and he hugged back. My heart was too full for anything but a constant humming of 'we're alive', 'we won', and 'I love you'. That was enough for now.

********* Poppy *********

Well, you could just imagine how much hoopla descended on Hogwarts when it became known Voldemort was dead and all the Death Eaters were also dead or in custody. Draco took some of the attention away from Harry and Severus when it came out he'd been instrumental in fighting his own father. Minerva came in for her fair share of praise for their perception of her work on the country's ley lines. I shuddered to think what would happen if they knew that they were currently under Harry and Severus' control.

Harry and Severus, I mused while watching them across the table where we were working on the hermaphrodite potion. They were together constantly now. Sirius wasn't the only one who disliked their bond and the students were pretty much split down the middle. I'd patched up a couple of them who'd come to blows over the news. They got a stern lecture from me and another from their Head of House, who ever that was.

The Slytherins actually took the news rather well but I had the feeling that was because they saw it as a blatant reach for power on Severus' part. And to those who didn't really know them, it probably did look like that. Older man, impressionable boy, the Ministry asked some pretty impertinent questions of our Potions Master. He'd stayed calm and dispassionate even while taking truth serum.

Harry had simply helped him through their bond to divert some of the more dangerous questions and subvert the serum itself. Those asking the questions could have no clue to how far their bond had grown. Did I worry about that closeness and whether or not they could abuse it to grow into dark lords themselves? No, I didn't. They loved each other so much they wanted nothing but the privacy to be together.

And to create their children the old fashioned way, I smiled fondly at them. I was looking forward to birthing their babies myself. As far as I was concerned, they'd paid their dues to wizarding society and it was time for them to take care of themselves. I was pretty sure Sirius would eventually come around. Remus had already accepted their bond.

Draco and Ron had, too. In fact, between classes and test taking, they were busy planning their bonding ceremony, too. Hermione and Blaise were now an acknowledged couple and they had joined in the planning. The public ceremonies were going to be a nice shield for the ceremony Harry and Severus wanted. Albus could and would officiate for them all. The new Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley, would sign off on all the new bonds.

Molly was in seventh heaven although she'd also been disapproving at first about Harry and Severus. But no one could watch the two of them together and not see the love shining from each. They glowed with good health and the peace that was finally theirs. That had gone a long way to reconciling her to their bonding. I had the feeling there would be another brouhaha when Harry got pregnant but one crisis at a time, as I always said.

"It was awfully nice of Fawlkes to give us two of his feathers," Harry held one above the steaming cauldron and waited for Severus to nod. When he did, he slowly let it dip into the mixture and watched it dissolve with great satisfaction. It was the last ingredient and once the final incantation had been chanted, the potion part would be complete.

"Harry, have you asked Hermione to be your third?" I asked him.

His smile was luminous but then I thought that a lot about him lately. "She said yes after reading a couple of books on the subject. She kept asking me if I was sure." He laughed. "I told her I was really, really sure. Morning sickness and swollen ankles-sure. She just shook her head and told me even she wasn't sure about that until she was older."

Sev chuckled and extinguished the flame under the potion. "She will be fine once she's married to Blaise. I do hope he's told her how much he hated being an only child so she's ready to have the three or four he wants."

"He told her," Harry leaned into him and raised his face to his bonded's.

Severus promptly kissed him and I kept my happy sigh silent. I did love a good love match and this was one I would never have imagined three years ago. The full moon this month was going to be special indeed.

Three days later, Minerva, Hermione and I met in the Chamber of Secrets to cast the hermaphrodite spells for Harry. A thousand years ago, the spells were configured to make sure no male was ever coerced into becoming a child-bearer. Three women of the male's family or kin had to be asked by the man himself to cast the spells and they had to agree to do it without coercion for them to work.

Harry no longer had blood kin but he considered us part of his family and I must admit I was flattered. Minerva and I had spoken of his wish and thought long and hard on the matter. These spells were never to be taken lightly and we did not. The yearning in Harry's eyes had convinced me this was his true wish and the other two had seen it, too. So tonight we were here to fulfill his deepest desire.

Harry came through the door barefoot and in a loose white silk gown that flowed like water down his body. Bearing the goblet of potion he'd helped create, he knelt in the circle we'd drawn on the slate tiles and spoke. "I come asking your help, my sisters. I love a man and wish to bear his children. I have thought long and hard about the paths available to me. Therefore I come to you and ask your aid in giving me those feminine parts needed for the bearing of our children."

"There will be pain." I told him.

"I accept it."

"The changes will be permanent." Minerva told him.

"I accept them."

"You will suffer the pangs of childbirth in full measure and more." Hermione said.

Harry's smile lit up the chamber. "I accept both the pain and the joy."

"Then drink, my brother, and let the spell begin." I ended that part of the ritual and began the ceremonial chanting while he took a deep breath and began to drink.

When the goblet was empty, we pointed our wands at him and spoke the spell in the three languages of magic. I chanted the Greek; Minerva the Phoenician; and Hermione the Latin. According to the books, the spell began to work with a tingling throughout the man's body; then his internal organs would begin to move to make room for the uterus and one ovary; lastly, the vagina would lengthen down and create a new opening behind his balls in the sensitive perineum area.

That was the one that would cause the most pain and all too soon, Harry was silently crying and rocking back and forth while clutching his arms to his stomach. Spots of red began to fleck his white robes and I knew it was taking hold. While he wouldn't normally have monthly bleeding, this first time was like a year's worth of PMS and menstruation.

At last it was done and the last of the spell flushed through him in a tidal wave of emotion. All four of us were crying by then and we helped him off the tiles and into a hug that lasted until the tears were finally done.

"Thank you, thank you very much." Harry wiped his face on his sleeve and smiled at us.

"You're entirely welcome, Harry." Minerva stroked his cheek. "I expect to be a favored great-aunt, young man."

"Me too," I chimed in with a smile. "And the minute you think you're pregnant, you are to fire-call me immediately."

"I think I want to be a godmother." Hermione grinned at him. "And I want a blow by blow account of every single symptom and change once you're pregnant."

"Yes, to all of you," his own grin glowed. "I promise to keep you all informed and I hope to depend on your support for the rest of our lives."

"Yes," we chorused as one voice, which set all of us to laughing.

********* Harry *********

Severus was waiting impatiently outside the Chamber and treated me like the most fragile of princesses when we finally left it. The blood alarmed him until Poppy told him it was to be expected. He thanked each one individually before sweeping me up in his arms and apparating us to our bathroom in his quarters. Whisking away our clothes, he eased me into a hot bath with Epsom salts, since Poppy had told us to have that ready for after the ceremony.

It hurt a little sitting down in the hot water but within a moment or two, the cramping and bleeding finally stopped. He got in then and slid behind me so I was cradled against his chest. He banished the blood in the water away to our fire so it was consumed quickly. His big hands scooped up water and splashed my front clean. I was so curious as to what my new parts looked like, I tried pulling up my shaft and setting my balls to one side but it would have taken a contortionist to make that work.

"Hold on, sweetheart," Sev understood and with a gesture, he brought my hand mirror to the tub and set it floating just right so we could both see between my legs.

"Wow, that looks . . ." I frowned a little. "That's really, really small. Is it supposed to be that narrow a slit?"

He chuckled and began to stroke my nipples with the tips of his fingers. "It's bigger than it looks. The muscles around your new vagina are still adjusting. Female parts, rather like men's parts grow and expand when they're stimulated."

I bit my lip at how good my nipples felt and it seemed like something was happening inside of me. I felt hot and damp internally and not just from the water we were sitting in. Right before my eyes, he slid one hand down and gently fingered the soft folds of skin of my new parts. "Oh, that feels good, Sev, all hot and tingly."

"Good, little love, I was afraid it might be too soon." He kissed the spot behind my ear. "We'll have to explore all the new ways to make love until you're used to these new sensations. Remember, you have to let me know if something doesn't feel right."

"I promise, my Sev." I wiggled against his groin and felt his cock begin to grow between my arse cheeks. "I know we're going to wait to take this new virginity on our home altar but until we can get away, I hope you won't mind making love to me the old fashioned way."

He bit my ear lobe tenderly while one hand fondled my cock and the other kept teasing my nipples. "Oh, I think I can muddle through this messy business of making love to my bonded."

We both laughed and I called our favorite lubricant to the tub so he could put some inside of me. He sat me up and soon had three fingers stretching me for him. Reaching behind, I guided him to my hole and slowly sat back, taking all his long length inside of me. That felt wonderful and I could use my thigh muscles to rise and fall on his cock while his hands held my hips and helped.

The mirror was still there and I watched my cock bounce in the air while my balls drew up tight. We hadn't made love for 48 hours because of the spells and potion so we were on a bit of a hair trigger. I seized up the moment one hand grasped my shaft and he flooded me with heat a moment later. I relaxed back against him and realized my new vagina ached a bit.

"Sev, can we do anything with my new parts until we can go home?" I smoothed my hands down my chest to pull my male equipment aside so I could look at the new folds between my legs. It felt odd to still see Sev's cock disappearing through one hole while so close to this new opening.

"Yes, definitely," he held me close and went back to stroking my nipples. "Once we're done washing, I'll take you to bed and show you what a Slytherin tongue can do with your new possession. I think you'll also like what my nursing at your beautiful nipples will do with your vagina. The very nicest thing about a woman's vagina is the lubricant your body will produce to smooth my way inside of you."

"I did read that, Sev. I like the idea we won't have to stop right when I need you most." I felt him begin to shrink. "How soon can we leave Hogwarts? The NEWTS are done and there aren't that many classes left. Do you think we can sneak away for a long weekend?"

Gently, he sat up and slid me completely off of him. I bit my lip at the empty feeling but then he was turning me around so he could kiss me and that was wonderful. We kissed for a very long time but finally he pulled back and smiled at me. "We will take four days off and go home. Albus has already approved it. Once I melt you once more, we'll be on our way."

I laughed and stood up, dripping water all over his upturned face. "Then let's hurry up so we can be on our way."

"I like taking my time, little princess." He teased me but stood up, too. "And I definitely want to take my time with your brand new parts. Is there any pain left?"

Stepping out of the tub, I felt a new stretch and pull between my legs. "No pain, Sev but it does feel a little different. It feels hot and maybe a little sore."

"Poppy gave me some unguent to spread inside of you to help in the healing process." Sev wrapped me in one of our big warm towels and briskly toweled me dry. "It will be another 24 hours before I can even think of coming inside of you there. Your body has to fully accept the new uterus and everything else."

I returned the drying favor with another towel. "My stomach does kind of ache like it's stretched over an orb. I keep thinking I should look down and see it curve differently."

"Soon, my beautiful kitten, soon it will be stretched over our child." He told me tenderly and hugged me close.

I was so ready for that.

********* Severus *********

Sweeping him up in my arms, I carried him into our bedroom and laid him down gently in our bed. The warming charm had kept it cozy for us and he stretched in front of me like the kitten he was. The new scent of him drew me like a charm to the place between his legs. I pulled a pillow from the foot of the bed to put under his hips before I settled in to explore him.

He held his legs up to his chest and I gently lifted his male parts out of the way. The soft moist folds of his new entrance drew me like a bee to honey. Delicately licking my way around the edges, I came back to the small hood of skin he'd just grown. Nosing it first, I listened to his voice to make sure everything was all right.

"Oh gods, that tingles, Sev." He rocked back and forth a little. I licked a little harder, darting my tongue between the folds to taste his new musk. "Oh-h-h-h, that feels so good. More, please." I curled my tongue and sucked on the small bud hidden there.

He moaned and thrashed his head back and forth on the sheets. "Oh, Sev . . . melting . . . hot and so good . . . harder . . ."

I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly and he shrieked, emitting a gush of heated liquid from his new vagina. Sweeter than his semen, I knew I would quickly grow addicted to the new taste. He shivered under me and I eased from between his legs to take him into my arms. His lips opened under mine and he tasted his new musk from my tongue.

We kissed for long moments before he pulled away and smiled at me. "I taste all right, Sev?"

"You taste of ambrosia, sweetheart. But then I love how you taste no matter what climax you're giving me." I brushed the hair from his forehead and he purred.

"It feels really different when I come as a girl, it's more like melting than exploding." He said quietly, one hand brushing through my chest hair. "Or maybe like a wind-up clock, each circle makes me feel tighter and tighter until the spring unwinds all at once."

"Good analogy, Harry," I hoped I was understanding him. "Pleasure either way?"

"Lots and lots of pleasure, Sev," he assured me with another moist kiss. "I can hardly wait to pull on my first pair of panties. When do our four days start?"

"Two days from now. Poppy wanted you to be at hand in case there are any side effects from the spell or potion. And I have fourth year OWLS to grade. I thought you might spend some time with Sirius and Remus. But you are not to tell them about the changes unless I am with you. I won't risk you."

"They wouldn't hurt me, Sev," he said quietly. "They may yell a bit but I think Remus will understand right away. Siri will think I'm under a spell or something. I'm afraid he'll think I'm a freak."

I was worried about that, too. "Maybe we need to have Poppy or Minerva there when we tell them. The requirements are quite strict and all three of them had to agree that you were ready and willing."

"We'll be all right, love." Harry smiled into my eyes. "Maybe we should wait until after we get back. Then we can tell them I'm a hermaphrodite and pregnant at the same time."

I chuckled at the sudden vision of Sirius blowing up like a too full balloon and exploding all over their sitting room. Harry caught that vision from me and laughed too. No matter what happened, we were committed to this path and I wouldn't have it any other way. At peace with the future, I settled in to nurse at his nipples and finger his clitoris. Women can come much more often than men can so I was pretty sure I could totally exhaust my young lover into taking a nap before the hour was up.

********* Minerva *********

I double spelled the room noise proof while Poppy surreptitiously locked the door behind the five of them. Hermione and we had agreed to tell Sirius, Remus, Draco, Ron and Blaise what Harry had just undergone. I know Severus was worried about what Harry's godfather would say and it was just better all around if the initial explosion was felt without them.

"Thank you all for coming." I sat down beside Poppy on my loveseat while Sirius and Remus sat across from us on the matching loveseat. Draco sat in the wing chair by the fireplace with Ron perched on the arm and Hermione sat in the matching chair with Blaise mirroring Ron. "We have something to tell you about Harry. It's good news, not bad but it's probably not something any of you expected."

Remus slipped his hand into Sirius' while Draco and Ron exchanged a perplexed look. I started the tale, Poppy chimed in with enough of the physical details as were prudent and Hermione spoke about the soul-deep need Harry had to do this. No one said a word when we were done. All eyes pretty much stayed on Harry's godfather, who sat stone-faced on the loveseat.

Remus sighed and leaned into his bonded's side. "This was what Harry meant when he told us he loved Severus and wanted him to be the father of his children?"

"Yes," I said quietly. "He told me he wants to plan for life instead of death."

Sirius shook himself then and gripped Remus' hand. "It's permanent? He can't go back."

"Yes," Poppy confirmed it. "He will be a hermaphrodite until the end of his days."

"He wants a lot of children." Draco spoke for the first time. "He told me he wanted to have six or seven like the Weasleys so he'd always have a family. I thought he meant they would adopt orphans."

"Well, Mom will be excited." Ron said hesitantly, still watching Sirius out of the corner of his eye. "She'll probably insist on moving the weddings up a month or so."

Blaise was grinning down at his fiancé. "You're a sly woman, Mione. I'm glad Harry thinks of you as family."

Sirius looked a little bewildered at that statement and I elaborated on the ritual. I still had a copy of the book I'd given to Hermione to read and I offered it to him to clear up any other misconceptions he might have. He still hadn't said much but Remus took the book and thanked me quietly. Two by two, they left my sitting room until it was just Poppy and I and the other two professors.

"He really wants to carry his own children." Sirius kept coming back to that idea. "He wants to carry Snape's babies."

"Sirius, what bothers you the most?" Poppy asked him kindly. "That Harry grew enough womanly parts to get pregnant or that he loves Severus and wants to have *his* children?"

Sirius grimaced and got up to pace. Remus sat back at that and relaxed a little so I hoped that was a good sign. I spoke up again. "Sirius, Harry spoke to me many, many times about his hopes for the future. Do you know he thought for his first four years here that he would fight Voldemort and die? He truly felt his usefulness would be over and he'd die once his task was done."

"What?" Sirius stopped pacing and Remus sat bolt upright. "He couldn't have thought that. He was only 14."

"Oh, my dear, he'd grown up so isolated from the world that he thought his only reason for being was to be the Boy-Who-Lived. He didn't think anyone would ever see beyond the title and so no one would ever love him for just Harry." I shook my head, remembering my shock when I'd first heard him say those words. "Severus gave him back a purpose and a reason for living beyond his duty. He gave him his love and asked for nothing but his love in return."

Sirius frowned and clasped his hands behind him. "He took advantage of a young impressionable boy."

"He saved Harry's life at the risk of his own. He gave him the first free summer he'd ever known. He let Harry experience new things and new sensations." Poppy skirted the whole underage issue. "They are both men who have suffered loss. Severus made some spectacularly bad decisions and has paid his penance for twenty years. They are both lonely men who crave a family. Harry has been good for Severus but Sev has also been good for Harry. He never did buy into the whole Boy-Who-Lived legend. He always saw Harry, just Harry."

Remus stood and crossed to take Sirius' hands in his. "Love, they're right. Harry has a light in his eyes he never had before that summer. He's planning for a bright future with his one true love. Admittedly, he's taken a step I didn't expect or even dream. It's a big step but it takes him closer to his dream of a family. We can accept it and continue to love him and be a part of that family. Or we can reject his choices and lose him forever."

"Gods, Remy, what a horrible choice." Sirius looked tired all of a sudden. Remus gathered him into his arms and began to rock him. His voice, when it came again was muffled by a shoulder. "I love Harry so much but this is such a huge decision for him to make. What if it was just hormones talking and now he's permanently changed? What if Snape doesn't treat him right? He's so young to be thinking about getting pregnant. It will limit his choices in a career and in wizarding society."

Remus laid his cheek on Sirius' head. "All those things are possible, Siri. But Harry is a very brave young man and he's the heir of Gryffindor. There's a little bit of James in him but even more of Lily's spunk and determination. Petunia told her the same things you just said about being young and irresponsible enough to get pregnant. She didn't listen then and Harry isn't going to listen now. If Lily had listened, we wouldn't have Harry at all. It comes down to trust, my love. We need to trust Harry to know his heart and mind."

"But what about Snape?" Sirius said fretfully. "I trust Harry but not him."

"Siri, I think we have to trust Harry's feelings if we can't trust our own." Remus stroked his lover's hair. "What would Lily and James say if they were here right now? What would they want for their only son?"

Silence stretched out endlessly while Poppy and I almost held our breath. Then a small voice came from Remus' shoulder. "They'd want him to be happy. They'd want him to love and be loved." A long sigh then he raised his head to show a tear streaked face. "Even if it's Snape."

Remus smiled and kissed him gently. "Just think of Severus having to change dirty diaper after dirty diaper for six or seven babies."

And the first genuine smile of the evening crossed Sirius' face. I relaxed back into the cushion behind me and thought about dinner. One more slippery mountain traversed safely. Poppy squeezed my hand and I smiled at her. We made a pretty good team ourselves.

********* Harry *********

I was shocked and amazed when Hermione told me what they'd done. Severus burst out laughing right after she confessed and he was still chuckling every now and then even though it had been a good twenty minutes since she'd first started the story. Blaise had just raised an elegant eyebrow at his Head of House then broken into a mischievous grin as more and more reactions came out.

But before they left us, Sev hugged Hermione and kissed her cheek, calling her the bravest Gryffindor in the room. I just stuck my tongue out at him and hugged her myself, thanking her for taking on one of my battles. She just whispered to ask her if I had any 'girl' questions. I blushed rosy red at that and knew Sev had eavesdropped on us by the little smirk on his face.

Blaise wished us both luck when he shook our hands. Then we were alone again and Sev hugged me close. "My sweet love, we have some very good friends. We must think of something really nice to gift Poppy and Minerva. They braved lions for us and must be thanked royally."

"I know." I hugged him back and felt my new parts tingle at the feel of his hardening cock against my stomach. "I was thinking maybe you could do a painting for Minerva and brew some special potions for Poppy. Minerva loves gardens and old architecture so maybe a painting of York?"

"That's are excellent ideas, Harry." Sev picked me up and made my stomach flutter. Carrying me back into our bedroom, he gently laid me on the satin duvet cover before following me down. "I think Mrs. Tyler would love to have me paint her back garden with the bit of Roman wall showing. But right this moment, I want to ravish you."

"Yes, please," I shivered and arched up into his long body. I would never get tired of making love with my Sev.


We talked with Sirius and Remus once before we apparated to Lincoln. It was kind of subdued and strained but they were trying really hard to accept my choices and Severus took special pains to be serious. I could tell it would take time for them to come to terms with my hopes and wishes. But now that Voldemort was dead, we had all the time we needed.

But then we were in the hotel lobby in Lincoln getting a room for the night. My overnight bag had my summer clothes in it but spring had been warmer than usual so I thought they would be all right. I was really looking forward to getting dressed as a girl again. It seemed symbolic somehow now that I had female parts to go with my masquerade.

Once we were in our room, Sev hugged me close. I sighed happily and buried my face in his chest. "Love you, Sev, love you so much."

"I love you too, angel-eyes." His breath stirred my hair just before he uttered the spell that grew it out to tumble around my shoulders. "My beautiful love, how very glad I am we could get away. Are you ready for this trip?"

I drew back a couple of inches so I could smile up at him. "I'm ready, Sev. What are we going to tell the neighborhood about the change in our relationship?"

"Well, you know I wrote Mrs. Tyler at Christmas that your mother had suffered a relapse and wasn't expected to live much longer. At the Spring Solstice, I wrote her that she'd gone into the hospital and we were both spending all our time with her." He started undressing me so I returned the favor. Getting dressed this time would be fun. "Then I wrote her that I had important news to tell her when next she saw me. Do you think you proposed to me?"

"I proposed to you?" I stopped with his pants half unzipped under my hands.

"If we don't want the entire community accusing me of seducing my underage niece, maybe you should be the one who comes after me." He grinned and pulled off my shirt.

"Well," I thought about that while finishing his pants and pushing them off. His cock came to life the moment I touched him and I thought about my alter-ego, Mary. She was determined all right. So I started musing out loud. "I decided when I was a little girl that when I grew up, I was going to marry you. Mother always laughed when I said that but before she died, she asked what I wished for and I told her again how much I loved you and wanted to marry you. She smiled and kissed me softly and told me she was glad. She wanted me to be safe and loved and she knew you would take care of me."

"Sweetheart," he kissed me hard and my knees went weak. I love it when we're both naked and all our skin touches everywhere. When he pulled back, we were both harder than hard. "Say it just like that and the entire neighborhood will approve. I think we could bring Minerva, Poppy and Hermione into our secret. Having some older women and a school mate would go a long way towards reconciling our past history with the present."

"I think we're already married, Sev. I think it was the last thing Mother wanted to see, her little girl getting married to her only brother." I stroked his dark fur and laid my head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

"I think that's brilliant, kitten." Sev dropped a kiss on my head. "We'll pick out a set of wedding rings and a diamond that could be your mother's engagement ring; and a beautiful white dress for your wedding dress."

"It was my mother's dress and I finally grew up enough to fit it." I said with satisfaction and kissed the nipple under my cheek.

"Another brilliant idea, my love," he kissed me again and set me aside. "We don't have time to play if we've got shopping to do. Although, I'll be glad to help you fasten that lacy bra if you can't quite reach."

I chortled and opened my overnight bag. "I love it when you help me get dressed, dearest John. But I adore it when you undress me."

He chuckled and opened his own bag to get out the more casual clothes he wore in his John Aberforce persona. I pulled on a pair of buttercup yellow lace panties and wiggled my hips in enjoyment. Then I sat down and pulled on a pair of white tights before slipping into my black ruffled skirt and zipping it up. My two inch black pumps would be all right if we had to do much walking.

Then I was pulling on my lace push-up bra that made the most of my small breasts. Sev fastened it for me, pulling my hair aside so he could kiss the nape of my neck and that hot spot behind my ear. My nipples hardened at once and I caught my breath, leaning back against him and wishing we had more time to play.

"My sweet girl, you are more beautiful half-dressed then most women are fully armored to face the world." His breath was hot on my throat and I smiled.

"I'm glad you think so, my love." I turned my head to kiss his cheek. "Are we still going shopping?"

He sighed and kissed my lips briefly before stepping back. "Shopping, angel-eyes, we're going shopping then driving home to begin the next phase of our lives."

A fluttering in my stomach reminded me I still had Mary's virginity to lose. My voice was too tremulous at that moment to say a word so I just nodded and finished getting dressed. I chose a white blouse and gray/black sweater since I was still in mourning for Mother. Hand in hand, we left the hotel and headed for a jeweler near the Lincoln Cathedral.

It was great fun picking out gold wedding bands in a Celtic knot design. Luckily they had them in our sizes so we were able to take them with us. I thought we were getting mother's engagement ring here too but John just shook his head and winked at me. It was going to be a surprise and I loved his surprises. Next we went to a boutique we'd shopped in before and there were a *lot* of dressy gowns for the spring parties just coming up.

I fell in love with a white lace dress with a high neck, long sleeves, an empire waist and full skirt that fell in graceful folds around my feet. I'd have to find a pair of three inch heels so I didn't trip over the hem but I'd enjoy that. John's eyes gleamed the moment I came out of the dressing room so I knew this was the one. While I redressed in my own clothes, he bought my new dress.

When I came out, trying to get my hair to behave from all the trying on, he had more than one shopping bag and the salesgirl was giggling at his innocent look. I just smiled at him and reached up to kiss his cheek. His lips caught mine before I could move away and the salesgirls were all sighing when we finally broke apart. I was feeling rather smug when we left for the shoe store next door.

I knew exactly what I wanted and what my size was so it didn't take long to buy new shoes although I did see a gorgeous pair of heels in bright red that I was dying to try on. John indulged me as he always did so I left with two new pairs of shoes. He really did spoil me and I loved every minute of it. Back at the hotel, we used a bit of magic to enlarge our luggage to fit in the new clothes and then we checked out and went to find our car waiting for us in the car lot.

We were well on our way and I was admiring my wedding ring when Sev cleared his throat and slid his eyes my way. "I had a thought, Harry. While you were brushing your hair, I Called the Snape Family Heirloom ring to me. It belonged to my mother but she hated it because it's old fashioned so it was tucked away and missed the purge when the Aurors confiscated most everything else."

"I'll love it, Sev." I said at once. "Maybe it's so old fashioned, it's back in style?"

He smiled at me while dipping into his jacket's side pocket. Then he handed me a small deep blue velvet box with a pearl clasp. I took it gingerly and toggled it open. And there was an absolutely beautiful gold ring with what looked like an enormous diamond in an emerald cut.

"Sev, it's huge." I took it out of its velvet bed and slid it on my left ring finger. With a tingle, it resized to fit my finger. "Doesn't anything in the Snape family come in size small?"

He snorted in surprise and began to laugh. "Sweetheart . . . you never cease to surprise me. I do love you, Harry-Mary Potter-Snape-Aberforce."

"I love you too, Severus-John Potter-Snape-Aberforce. And I love this ring." I held it up to the light and watched it flash with liquid fire. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm so glad you saved it."

"It's only beautiful because it's on your hand, sweetheart." His hand came over and grasped mine. "Are you ready to be a nine-day wonder?"

I smiled at him. "It won't be quite that long, my Sev. We'll make sure our neighbors do most of the hard work of spreading the story. And we'll go out and be seen where we need to, like to church and the bookstore and bakery. Once we come back for the whole summer, we can do some redecorating and preparing for our first baby. Won't Mrs. Tyler be excited?"

"She'll be ecstatic, kitten and will pamper you within an inch of your life." He rubbed his thumb over the back of my fingers and I felt like purring. "We'll have to create a nursery in the guest bedroom. I don't want to change your old room just yet."

"It will be perfect once our daughter arrives." I leaned against his arm and admired my ring some more. "I think we'll need to do some remodeling in the attic. The boys will love being up high once they move out of the nursery."

"Boys?" He asked softly, his dark eyes widening in surprise.

Oops, I forgot to tell him of my latest vision. "We might be having more than one this first time. I saw us both walking while holding a crying child."

"Teething," he sighed in resignation. "Or colic but I have a good potion for that." His lips pursed a little and he kept on thinking aloud. "I've never researched potions for babies. Most of mine are for older children starting at age 10 and going up to adults Albus' age. I'll have to start doing some research on what's been done in the past and subscribe to Infant Potions Quarterly. Stomach problems, loose stools, scrapes, ear aches . . ."

I settled in to listen to him while turning my ring now and then to catch the light. I was the luckiest person in the entire wizarding world. I wasn't even a little nervous about him taking my new virginity. My hymen was still intact but he'd used both fingers and his tongue to make me come over and over. Poppy had given me a checkup and told me what to expect when he broke through. I might bleed a little and I'd definitely ache when he slid all the way in.

She said the ovary was working and if I was sufficiently focused on getting pregnant, one of the eggs would drop into my new uterus to wait for one of Sev's sperm. I was already wishing as hard as I could and I stroked my taut stomach to remind myself of how I wanted it to stretch over our babies and grow out so far in front of me, I couldn't see my feet.

"My beautiful love, we're home." He turned off the engine and I started, unaware I'd dreamed the entire time away.

I sat up and undid my seatbelt, looking for Mrs. Tyler to open her front door. She never missed someone arriving in our neighborhood. John opened my door for me and I hugged him close for a long moment then released him when she stepped out onto her front step. I ran up the front walk and hugged her gently while her old arms enfolded me in a soft powdery hug.

"My dear girl," she crooned in my ear. "Sweet Mary, how very sorry I am for your loss."

"I miss her so much," I told her and didn't even have to lie for I thought of Lily, my mother and how much she'd loved me and that made me cry again for her loss. I sniffed hard and she pulled out a snowy white handkerchief scented with lavender from her garden and wiped my tears away.

"She loved you very much, child. I'm so glad John was able to bring you home with him. You must come in at once and have your tea." She beckoned John back from our front door where he was setting our luggage inside. "John, come to tea. You've nothing fresh in the house. What is the surprise you mentioned in your letter?"

I smiled shyly and reached for John's hand when he joined us. We went inside and settled in the front parlor on the Victorian settee while her maid brought in the silver tray with its tea service and tiered tray of cakes and sandwiches. I waited for her to pour before holding out my left hand for her to see my rings.

She simply nodded. "I could see how much you love each other, children. How were you able to overcome the difficulties?"

"Mary was adopted by my sister and her husband when she was just a month old. She grew up as their beloved daughter until her father's tragic accident. Mona, my sister, kept on loving her as her own child right up until her last breath." John said gently.

"And Mother asked me what I wanted more than anything." I said tremulously. "I've loved John, first as an uncle then as a man for longer than I can remember. Mother never hid my adoption from me because she said I was the daughter of her heart even if someone else created me. So I always knew if I could convince John I was serious then I could make my dream come true."

We spun the rest of the story for her, adding details as we thought of them but not too many since we'd undoubtedly be telling it more than once. She wanted to see my wedding dress and I promised her that I'd wear it at the wedding party we'd throw this summer once we returned for good. She immediately began to think of ways she could help and I promised I'd come to her at once when we returned.

Breaking away from her was hard but anticipation was singing through my veins and she patted my hand and told me to take good care of John. And she repeated it with him with an added admonition to be gentle with me. He promised with all his heart and she kissed his cheek tenderly before waving us to our house.

He stopped me on the front step and opened the door wide before sweeping me up in his arms and carrying me across the threshold. I'd read about that tradition and it made my heart sing to know we were really and truly a couple now, in the eyes of all our friends in York. He kicked the door shut behind us and locked it with magic before carrying me through the house to his studio and down the stairs to our altar.

All the wards throughout Great Britain sang to welcome us home. The walls, floor and ceiling glowed a warm yellow. The spring had bubbled up and overflowed into a wide pool of slightly steaming water. The wards sang to us of their gift of water, fire, earth and air. Jasmine scented air, bubbling water, strong stone walls for the pool and a channel of fire that arose beneath us to warm it to body temperature.

We thanked them with all our hearts while undressing slowly. Soon we wore nothing but our wedding rings and we walked hand-in-hand down into the pool waiting for us. We bathed away the trip and all the emotions save for our joy in each other. The chiming of the wards was soft in the background while we said our vows all over again. Sev suckled at my breasts while his fingers stroked me behind and below until I was on fire for him.

He carried me back to the altar and laid me on it reverently while his hands reached for the lubricant we left here each year. It never went sour on us nor did the bottle ever seem to grow less, no matter how much we used. But this time, he stroked it into my new channel and onto himself.

"Ready, my angel?" He asked with his warm crown nestled in the outer folds of my labia. "I'll make it fast so the pain isn't so bad."

My hands covered his where they held back my legs. "I need you, Severus, my own love. Come inside of me and make our sons."

He took a deep breath and leaned in to kiss me. While I was distracted, his hips snapped forward and he impaled me in one swift thrust. I screamed into his mouth, I just couldn't help it. It hurt much more than I thought it would. It felt like he was splitting me in two and for a long moment I couldn't catch my breath. Tears leaked from my eyes and he kissed each one away.

"My brave love . . . my sweet lover . . . my beautiful kitten," he scattered his love over my face with soft, nipping kisses while his hands carded through my hair fanning over the altar. "Tell me when to move, sweetheart."

I shuddered a bit and tried to relax those muscles that had spasmed tight around him. Once he didn't feel quite so huge, I sniffed a little and nodded. "It's okay, Sev. It's not so bad now. Why do you feel so much bigger than I thought you would?"

"Those muscles have no memory of anything this size and they're having to adjust to such a large intrusion." He licked my throat with his raspy tongue and I relaxed even more.

"Well, they're going to have to get used to you so we might as well begin now." I said with satisfaction now that I had him inside of me. "This is going to be really good, Sev. Make me burn."

"Your wish is my command, sweetheart." He grinned at me and started the little rocking movements that would grow into the friction we both needed to climax.

And it felt so different than when he took me as a boy that I had to adjust more than just my position. His big hands cradled my arse cheeks and protected my lower back from the hard stone but my legs felt better over his arms than his shoulders and it was easier to grab his shoulders and bring him closer for more of our kisses. I quivered everywhere while he moved harder and deeper inside of me.

For a moment, it felt like he'd reached my new womb and I felt a warm tingle before he flooded me with his hot seed. I wished so hard for it to find one of my eggs that I think I blacked out for a moment. When I came back, I was full to overflowing. Sev was kissing tiny circles onto my right shoulder and rocking his softening cock in my now not-so-new vagina.

Slowly, he backed out completely and the excess seed flowed out onto the altar with a little of my virgin blood. The wards flared so brightly I thought maybe the muggles would see it even through our concealing spells. Sev cradled me in his arms and carried me back to the new pool to wash. The hot water felt wonderful and I wouldn't let him heal the tears until I was sure all his seed had been absorbed into my womb.

********* Severus *********

"My Harry," I murmured.

"My own Severus," he sighed and cuddled close, his hands going around my neck and his head into that comfortable curve of my shoulder. "I love you so much."

"I never thought I'd love anyone or have anyone love me." I slowly stroked his back. "But there you were, so young and brave and so alone it reminded me of myself."

"Nobody saw me truly," he mused quietly. "They loved me or hated me and sometimes it was at the same time. You never let me get sloppy and you always kept me focused on what I needed to learn. I'm sorry it took so long for me to understand."

"How could you, Sweetheart? I hid behind a dozen masks and mannerisms that I'd built around myself for years." My chuckle must have sounded sad because he rose and kissed me into smiling.

"That's in our past, Sev. We won every battle and the war, too. But best of all, we won each other and I'm going to take the very best care of you for the rest of our lives." He cuddled close again.

I dropped a kiss on his head. "You're wiser than Albus, my love. I promise to take very good care of you for the rest of our lives. And I will love and cherish you and our children until the day I die."

He hugged me tighter and we lay in our new spa pool until he let me heal his hurts. We wandered upstairs after sending our clothes ahead of us to the laundry baskets. "Sweetheart, do you want a house elf for this home? There's going to be a lot more work once the baby is born."

"Not yet, Sev," he grinned at me and walked ahead of me into our bedroom. "I liked it to be private until I get so big I can't see my feet."

I shivered momentarily, suddenly realizing that he might be pregnant at this very moment. I was going to make sure he saw Poppy the moment we got back to Hogwarts. He caught my slightly panicked thought and grinned over his shapely shoulder.

"I promised to go see her if I even *thought* I was preggers, Sev." He pulled out a pair of lace panties to slide into and I leaned against the bedpost to watch him dress as Mary. He loved all the silks and satins that went with being feminine and I vowed to keep him dressed in any style he wished.

"I do love that look, sweetheart." I teased him when he had on his bra and panties.

He wiggled his hips at me with a little smirk over his shoulder and I had to retaliate by dumping him onto our bed and tickling every tickle spot I knew. He shrieked and giggled while trying to escape my fingers. But I couldn't keep it up for long when my fingers slid over that satin skin of his. He sighed and parted his lips to tempt me to kiss him.

We kissed for an hour or so, having no other plans and finally relaxing completely. We had no one to please but ourselves. No questions to answer or futures to plan. We simply were Harry and Sev, loving each other and expressing that love with every tender touch we knew.

Three days later, we had emptied out the guest room, storing all the furniture in the attic. The original stairs were extremely tight and twisty and I worried Harry might trip or fall. But he laughed at my fears then kissed me silly after I installed anti-falling charms at every twist in the staircase. If I had my way, I would protect him from all harm but I knew I had to let him explore his options and take the chances a young man or woman might take.

How I had changed since loving Harry. We lay in front of the fire our last night there before returning to school and the last two months of the term.

"Sev, I had an idea this morning." Harry stretched and rolled up unto my chest so we were nose to nose. I made an 'I'm listening' noise and he grinned. "You know how much I love the new nightgown you got me."

I smiled broadly at the memory of Harry in the long silky nightgown I'd gotten him for our 'wedding night'. "You were more beautiful than I'd ever seen you, sweetheart."

He kissed me and wriggled a little to see if I was rested enough for round three. //Not quite yet// I told him silently and he nodded.

"Well, I was thinking I'd like to learn to sew so I could design my own lingerie. I also made some sketches of an outfit or two I'd like to wear. I'd like to create things with my own two hands instead of using spells." His voice turned a bit dreamy and I caught a glimpse of one of the outfits he had in mind.

Sexy and demure at the same time, I stroked down his back to that pert arse I hadn't come inside of for days. "I think Mrs. Tyler would love to teach you to sew and I can't imagine anything more wonderful than wearing something you made yourself. Just girl clothes or are you thinking of men's as well?"

"I saw a shirt the other day that I want to make for you." His grin lit the room. "It was so sexy, I just itched to touch it but I kept my fingers to myself."

I mock-growled and rolled him under me so I could kiss him hard. His lips opened under mine so my tongue could surge inside and entwine around his. He tasted of our dinner and the chocolate cake we'd had for dessert. Sucking hard, I felt my cock begin to harden again while his leaked between us. Shifting back and forth, I rubbed my chest hair against his sensitive nipples and felt him catch his breath.

If he really was pregnant, his breasts would grow a tiny bit more and his nipples would get even more sensitive to touch. I didn't want to leave our home but I did want to know if we'd succeeded in our bid for our first child. Or children, I amended silently and pulled away to lick my way down his throat to his breasts.

His hands stroked my shoulders and his whole body shivered when I tugged at first one then the other. "Oh, Sev, I love it so much when you nurse. I can hardly wait to go see Poppy."

"Me too, kitten," I licked a circle around his widening pink aureole. "If you're pregnant, I shall buy you a new negligee in bright red to go with your pretty new heels."

He chortled and arched up again into my mouth. "I would like that, Sev. Maybe we can go back to Harrod's in London where I got my leather skirt. We didn't have a chance to shop in their lingerie department because we had the Hermione-scare."

I nodded and sucked a bright red passion mark onto his shoulder. "Maybe she'd like to go shopping with you? You've never had anyone but me shop along."

"But I like shopping with you, Sev." He smiled pertly and wiggled his hips to see how far along I was. I was almost ready and he beamed up at me. "You always find neat stuff that I wouldn't think of trying on."

"Very well, we'll all three go shopping at Harrod's on our first Hogsmeade weekend." I promised him and reached for the jar of lubricant. "Girl or boy sex, sweetheart?"

"Boy this time." He sighed happily. "Let me get on all fours so you can take me really hard. I want to be able to feel you all the way back to Hogwarts."

Rolling off of him, I slicked three fingers while watching him stretch like the kitten he was. Then he went up on his hands and knees, flirting over his shoulder at me. His beautiful skin was marked with love bites, wiry scratches and a passion bruise or two. He wouldn't let me heal them, saying he wanted them as reminders of how much I loved him.

The old gods knew that was true. I was the luckiest man in the world that Harry Potter loved me. I eased two fingers into his tight heat and felt him shiver all the way to his toes. Automatically, he widened his legs to coax me deeper. Once I triggered his gland, he moaned and pushed back impatiently.

"More, Sev, give him to me. He's jealous of all the attention my girl entrance has been getting. He wants to be as tender as she is." His back rippled when I hit my target again. "Take me hard, Sev, I'm not fragile back there the way I am between my legs."

I chuckled and slicked my eager shaft. "Ask and ye shall receive, kitten." Setting my crown to his small hole, I pushed inside with one thrust and felt him shudder beneath my hands.

"Oh gods, I keep forgetting how big he is and how much it stings when he first slides in." He was panting but pushing back impatiently so I impaled him quicker than I might have otherwise. "Yes, take me hard and deep, Sev. I've missed this. We'll have to remember to take it in turns."

"Once you're pregnant, there will come a time when I can't come into your vagina any longer." I set a steady in-and-out that hit his gland on every pass within. He groaned and panted some more. "When your belly is so swollen you can no longer see your feet, this is the only way I'll be able to come inside of you."

"Oh, that's such a hot picture." He chortled and squeezed around my bulk. "Just think, Sev, my negligee will fall over the mound that's our babies and my nipples will be tender and maybe even leaking a little milk when you nurse on them."

"Dear gods, that's a provocative picture, my love." My strokes began to lengthen and slow while I thought about the future. "I'll get you one of those nursing bras so your tender breasts will be protected but I'll be able to open one side and suckle on a swollen nipple while you hold me close."

He shivered again and burst onto the fur rug while all his inner muscles seized around me and pulled my climax deep inside his channel. //Sorry seeds, no eggs here for you to search for//

Harry laughed out loud and turned his head towards me. Our height differences weren't so bad in this position, still it was a little awkward to kiss this way. Slowly I eased us onto our sides while we were still connected while uttering a clean up spell for the rug. My hands stroked over his flat tummy and I wandered when the first changes would begin to show.

His hands covered mine and his voice was dreamy. "I love you so much, Sev. There is no way I'm not pregnant. Our love fought so hard to be that I'm sure the wards made quite sure we succeeded. We'll need to get some good pregnancy books so we'll know what to expect at each stage. I'm so glad I already quit Quidditch. It wouldn't be safe to fly now."

"Quite right, sweetheart." I kissed the side of his neck and he giggled at the tickle of my evening beard. "Poppy is sure to have all the information we need, little princess. I'm going to sketch you at every single change and stage of this pregnancy so we'll always have a visual memory."

"Yes, please, that would be lovely." He sighed happily and hugged my arms tighter around him. "For now, let's just stay like this and I'll see if I can't get you hard again while you're still inside of me."

I no longer thought I was going to hell for seducing Harry Potter. Heaven was right here in my arms and I thought he probably could entice me to rise again. "Well, if we have to, my demanding little love."

"We do, my Severus. It's a long drive tomorrow and I want to feel every inch of you inside of me while we head back." He brought one of my hands up to his lips and licked each tear of seed from my fingers.

"And then we'll go straight to Poppy to find out if we're right." I bit his ear lobe gently. "I can hardly wait."

The end of part 3