Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Child of Love, Third Month
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Summary: This is an interlude set inside the Child of Love series. Severus is three months pregnant with Harry's child. The morning sickness has finally passed and HornySev decides he needs to play with InnocentHarry.
Challenge: I stumbled on the First Wave at the SSFF and enjoyed myself immensely. Reading #12 gave me a compelling urge to write. This is the result. Enjoy!
Date: 27 July 2002

I woke up and automatically checked for nausea. There wasn't any and I carefully stretched to see if I could make it start with an injudicious movement. Nothing. I smiled widely in a way that any student of Hogwarts would refuse to believe even if they saw it. The Book had said that the morning sickness might stop by the end of the third month but I hadn't believed it. I'd prayed to the Porcelain Goddess every morning for the last 82 days and I was quite ready to stop.

Sitting up slowly, I gently got out of bed and almost tiptoed to the bathroom. Still no urge to throw up last night's dinner of lemon sole and ginger glazed carrots. In fact, I felt hungry for the first time in weeks. I found myself humming cheerfully while I showered and shaved. Yet another thing that none of the students would have believed. Perhaps I should shock everyone by smiling at breakfast?

I chuckled and slid into my silk suit pants without bothering with underwear. With the release from the nausea, I had a brilliant idea and it involved me, my young lover and the potions lab. The holidays had seen the staff and students dwindle to a mere twenty or so. Harry had just gotten back from an obligatory week with the Weasleys. Our mating was still a secret from all but Albus and it was just as important that he keep his good friends as it was for us to be together.

That thought always stopped me dead in my tracks. I was finally part of a couple. After 35 years of loneliness, I had a lover who gave every appearance of loving me in return. It might not last; the sensible part of my brain reminded me. He was seventeen and in love with being in love. My hands stroked the slight bulge that was all there was to show of our child. No matter what happened, he'd given me the most precious gift I'd ever received or was ever likely to receive.

Our child - I could hardly wrap my mind around the concept some days. And I must admit to a few choice words about being pregnant when I was head down spewing my guts out. But that was hopefully behind me now and I could enjoy myself again. However that required the presence of my lover and I plotted how to get him down to the potion lab.

Albus looked a little anxiously at me when I entered the dining hall and approached my chair. Since none of the other instructors had yet arrived I was able to give him my current state of health and watch his eyes light up. I really am quite fond of the Headmaster, if he'd only stop meddling in my life. Of course, he brought Harry and me together so perhaps I really should allow him a free rein, I mused.

Harry was already eating rapidly two tables down from the head table and I let myself have a good look at him before accepting a plate of steamed toast and poached eggs. His color was good and his dark hair still flew every which way. I dropped my gaze to breakfast and waited to get queasy but nothing happened. The buttery blackberry jam was dolloped perfectly on the whole wheat toast, still hot and fresh from the ovens.

I could not forbear a slight groan of anticipation with the first mouthful of perfectly poached egg with its slight hint of dill seasoning the pale white flesh. Really the house Elves had surpassed even their high standards. I looked up in time to see Albus hide a grin behind one wrinkled hand.

"I haven't heard anyone enjoy an egg so much in years, my dear boy." Those blue eyes twinkled at me. "It's very good to hear how much better you're feeling, Severus."

Nodding, I wiped my mouth with a corner of my white linen napkin and drank a sip of the raspberry tea that I'd been guzzling since the morning sickness had overwhelmed me. I was growing quite fond of it. "It is a positive joy to have an appetite again." I corrected myself. "Well, the urge was there to eat but the consequences were enough to put me right off anything but those ginger snaps that Minerva is so fond of."

"Really? She seems to prefer the lemon bars I served her a few months ago." Albus smiled sweetly at me while I tried not to think about the little extra something with which Harry had dusted them. "You must give me the recipe or at least give it to the house Elves."

Thinking quickly, I shook my head firmly. "It's a Snape family secret, Albus. When you next need some, I'll be happy to trade a weekend at the cottage for a batch or two."

"Ah, very good, Severus, that sounds like an excellent bargain on both our parts. Perhaps this weekend?" His gaze was on one of the lower tables although the twinkle was still there. "Harry, my dear boy, what are you going to do this bright winter day?"

There was the sizzle in the air that always preceded my young lover, tingling against my skin like a caress. He was still a foot away from me but he might as well have come up and pressed himself against me, I got so hard, so fast.

"Good morning, Headmaster. Professor Snape," he spoke brightly to us both and I contented myself with a stiff nod. All the while I was melting inside from his joyful smile, which he split between the two of us. "It's such a nice day that I thought I'd go over to the Quidditch field and do some practice flying. The locker rooms are secured but if one of the instructors would open them for me, I'd make sure that everything was cleaned up after I showered and changed."

Showered - Harry, wet and naked with drops of water sliding down that firm young body. Sweaty Harry, his scent stronger than usual. Suddenly my appetite for food was gone but there was a terrible ache elsewhere that needed assuaging. It wasn't the potions lab but I could adjust my plans to fit the day.

"That's a wonderful idea, Harry. I'm rather busy at the moment but I'm sure that Severus would enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine." He conjured the key to the Quidditch field house and presented it to me. "There you go. Have a nice walk, Severus and a safe flight, Harry."

I sighed as if it were all too, too much to ask of me. "If I must, Headmaster - perhaps it will burn off some of this excessive energy of Mr. Potter's."

Harry's face was so pleading that it would have taken a much harder man than me to resist him. Of course, my resistance was nonexistent when it came to him. Albus made a few more comments while I drained my tea and ate another piece of toast. This time I made my little moan quite on purpose and surreptitiously watched Harry blush a pale pink. It looked good on him but then so did his slow licking of those enticing lips.

It was the closest we could come to teasing each other in public. We constantly walked the thin line between what we wanted to do and what we could do while on the school grounds. Thank God, Albus loaned us his cottage once a month for a weekend. I'd have gone mad otherwise and Harry would have exploded from sexual frustration. I caught a green gaze that was just short of sizzling and made a hasty check to make sure that I'd tucked a bottle of lotion in my inner pocket.

There is more than one way to fly a broom.

The silence stretched between us like an invisible web while we made our way out of the castle. Once on the grounds, we slowed down a bit and just breathed in the icy cold air.

"You're feeling better, Sev." His voice was hopeful and the shy glance up at me made me want to gather him into my arms and never let go. "I was afraid that you'd be sick for much longer."

"No nausea and a spurt of energy that is quite disconcerting." I cast a sharp albeit casual seeming glance around the snow covered lawns. "Perhaps I should do some flying practice with one of the Slytherin's brooms?"

"No way," he said at once. "It might be dangerous for the . . . um. I mean, maybe I can think of something else that would burn off some of your energy."

"Really?" I looked down my nose at him before waving a casual greeting to Hagrid who was out exercising one of the hippogriffs. "I'll just inspect the Slytherin's locker room for cleanliness and items that don't belong." I watched his busy little mind play with that image. "I could always test the showers to make sure that everything is working properly. My shower this morning was sadly lacking." I dropped my voice and whispered without moving my lips. "Soap and water aren't enough anymore. I'm afraid that a Harry-bath toy is essential to a proper shower."

His little whimper was most satisfactory and I smiled in self-congratulation.

"Evil Severus, that image is going to make me fall off my broom." He was gritting his teeth and his glance was fire-hot through those wickedly long dark lashes. "I think we should test out the whirlpool to make sure that it's still working."

I almost stumbled at the thought of the stainless steel whirlpool that Madame Hooch had installed the year before to help sore muscles recover from Quidditch caused injuries. "What an interesting idea, Mr. Potter. After I've seen you through a practice session, we'll see if you have any sore muscles."

"I've definitely got an aching muscle right now, Professor Snape." He muttered and tried to make us walk faster but I slowed down instead.

"Anticipation is six-tenths of a good . . . practice flight." I checked again with my wizard senses to make sure that no one was nearby or watching us.

"Ha, ha," he said with a hollow voice. "We'll see what anticipation can do. I'll just go in and change."

"Need any help?" I offered politely while unlocking the field house door.

"I've been getting undressed and dressed for years now, Professor Snape." He lifted a haughty chin but leaned into my hand on his back.

"Of course you have, Mr. Potter." I swept the hall with my wand and made sure that we were indeed the only two persons in the building. "I think that I'll just make sure that you don't miss a button or two."

He snorted but led the way just the same. It had been years since I'd entered the rival locker room and that had been a message from Dumbledore to Madam Hooch. But I didn't see much because Harry immediately pressed me down to a bench and straddled my lap. He tasted of bacon and ginger marmalade, an interesting combination but one that was all the sweeter since it came from his lips.

"Oh . . . Sev . . . thank God . . . the morning . . . sickness is . . . over." He scattered kisses over my cheeks, eyelids and even my nose. "I hated you being sick because of the baby." Those earnest green eyes looked into mine while I held him close and breathed him in like the finest rose attar.

"This may only be a reprieve for today. The Book said that it can come and go." I ran my hands over his broad back and rejoiced in his solid weight. His shaft was hard against my stomach and I slipped a hand between us to undo his pants buttons.

"Oh, God . . . more, Sev . . ." he writhed on my lap while I fished out his cock and loosely slid my hand up and down the damp organ. His moans were music to my ears and I finally parted our lips so I could lay him down onto the hard wooden bench.

"More it is, Harry." I slid back far enough to lean over and suck him deep into my mouth. He's salty sweet and absolutely the most delicious thing I've ever swallowed. He'd been without for an interminable seven days and he thrust up with a harsh cry, releasing in long spurts down my throat.

He's always sensitive then but I gently cleaned his groin of seed and licked my lips to make sure I'd gotten it all. Giving an internal check, I made sure that my stomach wasn't going to give it back. That was the last thing I wanted him to see. He's such a caring soul that if I could I would protect him from all harm, even from me.

"Oh, Sev, that was brilliant." Those green eyes opened again and his smile was bright.

"Just a little pick-me-up so you'll be flying with your brain and not your balls." I tidied him away and buttoned him back up while he pouted. "Find your broom and go fly for an hour or so. I'll make sure that everything is ready for your return."

"The whirlpool?" He sat up gracefully and ran a gentle hand down my cheek.

I turned my head just far enough to nestle a kiss in his palm, tickling it with the tip of my tongue. "You might have a sore muscle or two so yes, the whirlpool."

He kissed me hard then jumped up, all that seventeen old energy ready to go again. In less than a minute, Harry had his broom and was out the door. Smiling, I went into the small room where Madame Hooch kept a massage table and the new pool. I fired up the water heater with a wave of my wand and started the huge tank filling. She kept some eucalyptus oil for her annual winter cold and I poured some of it in the gently steaming tub.

Setting a magic timer to shut off the water when it reached a spot about ten inches from the top, I followed the long hall to the door onto the field. Harry was a dark spot in the gloriously clear blue sky. His flying is as much a part of him as his scar, probably handed down straight from his father. Silently, I prayed that it always would be a safe outlet for all that boundless energy. Even if something happened to me, he'd still have our child to love him and give him a focus.

I had my suspicions that Albus had planned it that way. Nothing was certain these perilous days but for the moment we had this precious breathing space and I was going to take advantage of every sweet moment. A gust of wind hurtled around the corner of the stone field house and I shivered a little even in my fur lined robe. How much colder must it be high above the field?

He was wearing the new ermine lined robe I'd given him via Albus but even so it had to be freezing up there. Hopefully, he'd be down soon. My groin had subsided in the chill air and I finally went back inside to get warm. Since he knew that I was waiting, I suspected that he'd be down shortly and I did want to take a look at the Slytherin locker room.

It was as neat and clean as I had expected. Madame Hooch was a fierce proponent of cleaning up after yourself and I approved of that philosophy. Making potions was much the same although the consequences could be deadly rather than painful. She and I had a live and let live relationship but she was a good coach. Harry had learned quite a bit about life and sport from her.

Closing Malfoy's locker with a grimace of distaste, I made another mental note to watch him more closely. It looked like he was determined to follow in Lucius' footsteps if that charm was any indication. Using my wand, I changed the intent ever so slightly into one of protection without the nasty rebound. It was all I could do at the moment but I would be casting a spell or two of my own on Harry's broom.

Nothing and no one would hurt him if I had anything to say about it.

I was thinking so hard, I didn't even hear him come in. A pair of strong arms slid around me and a cold body pressed against me. "Sev."

Turning in his arms, I kissed his cold lips warm. He tasted of sunshine and arctic air. An aphrodisiac unknown until this moment, I decided. Finally we had to breathe and I trailed my lips over his glowing red cheeks, taking the chill away as quickly as I could.

"Hot water, Sev, lots and lots of churning heat." He pulled slowly away and grasped my hands to tug me out of the locker room and down the hall to the warmest room in the building. His hands were like ice cubes and I brought one to my lips to suck each finger into my mouth, warming him. "Oh God, Sev, I need you."

"I'll just help you with those buttons that I'm sure in your frozen condition you'll be unable to undo." I sent a quick warding spell to keep anyone out who might have a sudden urge to enter the field house. We didn't want to be interrupted unless Voldemort himself attacked the school.

"I always like a little help, Sev-er-us." He moaned just a little when I gently bit his thumb. "Naked now, right now."

Incoherent, I liked that look and sound on him. Stripping him was a little difficult because he kept insisting on taking my clothes off, too. But eventually we both landed in the heated waters of the whirlpool and with a flick of my wrist, I turned on the jets. As the water began to swirl around us, I pulled him back into my arms. He was warming up nicely and so was I.

His legs slid around me and I held him in my lap while he investigated my tonsils with his tongue. The churning water felt like a million little fingers caressing me over and over. He was as hard as his broom stick and I was too. His squirming was about to make me release prematurely but there was purpose in his movements.

"In me, right now, Sev, please in me," he reached behind his back and stroked my cock with almost feral intent.

"We need something." I'd forgotten about lubricant. How could I have been so lax?

"I got myself ready before I came to find you. Please now, my Sev." He slowly but surely forced my crown through the tight muscle that guarded his entrance. "Damn, I think you grew bigger over the last week. Oh yeah!"

He took me in completely and I panted through his squeezing muscles. Nothing had ever felt this good. Nothing in my life had prepared me for the heaven I found in his hot depths. Merlin, he was tight. "Harry, are you all right?"

His forehead rested on my shoulder. "No, I am so much better than all right, it's probably illegal. I missed you so much, Severus. I didn't think my week with Ron's family was ever going to end. I missed seeing you, missed hearing that sexy voice of yours and I especially missed this."

"Hogwarts was sadly empty without your blithe spirit. I missed you, too." I admitted and watched his face light up. I have got to remember to say that more often. He deserves every loving word and deed that I can muster.

"Make love to me, Severus. Make me feel every inch of your wonderful cock." He used those strong thigh muscles of his to rise up a bit before sitting back down.

I couldn't help but thrust up a little and his moan was sweet to hear. I was going to make this last a very long time. Perhaps I could make him fly the way he did for me. I was certainly going to try.

The end for now