Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: What is it now?
Summary: It's Harry's birthday and he's looking for a very special gift.
Date: July 24, 2004
********* Harry *********

"What is it now?" Severus said with a bit of snark in his voice from his desk by the bay window where he was diligently working on his next book.

"Um, do you think you could give me a hand here?" I said a little breathlessly, hoping he would turn around soon since the robes were getting really tight.

"Oh for heavens . . ." he turned and gasped. "What in the world? You're naked and tied up in coils of white rope." Then with a bit of a smirk he smiled at me. "Why is that?"

"Well, I'm not completely naked, Sev." I wiggled a little harder and almost got a hand free before the rope slipped back into place. "I am however tied up and I'd like you to untie me."

"Really," Severus purred, stalking over and circling me with that predatory gait that always makes me shiver. "Why ever should I do that when I have you at my complete and utter mercy?"

Little Harry started swelling and I silently told him to go back to sleep or something really embarrassing would happen. My cock paid no attention at all, reacting to Sev's sultry voice the way it always did - with great enthusiasm.

"I'll make it worth your while." I tried fluttering my eyelashes the way Hermione did to Ron.

"Oh, it's already worth my while." Severus assured me, trailing a cool hand down my body. "In fact, I believe I should study this problem at my leisure. But not here, I think our bedroom would be the place for this . . . examination."

And my cock came to attention in the hopes of another of those wicked doctor's fingers 'examining' my prostate gland. 'Oh yeah, examine away', my cock hummed happily while my body was lifted with a levitation spell and floated through the sitting room and up the stairs to our opulent bedroom. I was just glad we weren't in the dungeons but our country cottage. Naked and tied up there would have been chilling but not here in the sunny rooms where we were spending the summer months.

"Oh Draco," Severus called out and I heard splashing from the bathroom. "Come see the lovely present someone left us."

"Left us? But it's Harry's birthday," more splashing then Draco appeared, beautifully naked with water drops covering him like diamonds. "How *nice* of someone to leave us a gift-wrapped Harry."

Licking his lips, he came over and trailed a wet hand down one of my legs. Severus gently lowered me to the bed and settled on my front side to trail a hand over my groin. The ropes obligingly moved to let Little Harry spring up and into the warm hand waiting for him.

"Yes, just the present I was hoping for." Severus idly gloved the rigid cock and then bent to suck just the tip into his mouth. His long black hair fell on my skin and it suddenly felt too tight.

"How interesting that on Harry's birthday, we get the nicest gift." Draco purred and slid a wet finger between my cheeks, dipping inside my suddenly greedy hole. The ropes moved again to give him more room for another finger.

"Drac-c-co," I couldn't help the whine in my voice. "Fuck me all ready."

A warm chuckle blew in my ear, a lubrication spell tingled inside of me and I felt Draco's cock push through my outer ring of muscle and thrust deep. "Like that, love?"

"Oh gods, yes-s-s-s . . . just like that." I almost shrieked when Sev engulfed my cock down to the root and began to suck. "Oh gods, oh gods, oh Sev!"

Draco was fucking me from behind while Sev was practicing his vacuuming skills on my cock. I had to be the luckiest birthday boy in all of England. With a shout, I let go and came down Sev's throat. That in turn drew Draco's climax out and I made my first wish for the day.

We were both panting when Sev licked his lips, stood and began to methodically strip off his clothes. I was still cock-hungry and the ropes weren't spelled to let me go just yet so I licked my lips and smiled up at my husband. "You know you want to, Sev. Here I am all tied up. I'm helpless to resist you. Draco's got me all lubed up and you can just slide right in with that great . . . big . . . cock of yours."

"What good ideas you have, Harry." Sev stroked his cock and I bit my lip, I wanted him so badly. "Turn him over, Draco so I can get at him."

"With his legs tied together like that, he's tighter than usual, love." Draco moved my body until I was facing him. Since his lips were so close, he gave me one of his heart-meltingly great kisses and for a moment, I forgot my imminent impalement.

But nobody in the world has a cock like Sev's and Draco and I were the only two who got to enjoy it, I thought smugly while panting through the inexorable pressure at my suddenly tiny hole. But then twelve inches of pure snake twisted its way into my bowels and I screamed into Draco's mouth.

Possessed, was all my brain could come up with, I was possessed, taken, owned, fucked and loved by the two most wonderful men on earth. Draco had one of those elegant aristocratic hands around my re-awakened cock while his lips were trying to suck my brains out through my mouth. It seemed to be working because all I could think was - more . . . more kisses, more hands, more cock, moreohmygodsI'mcomingright now. And I passed out.

When I came to, the ropes were gone and Sev was slowly fucking Draco through the mattress. I watched my two husbands making love and stroked my tummy. Now wasn't the time to tell them but I would before the day was done. Dumbledore and I had researched the potion very carefully. We'd made it together and I'd drunk it before spelling the ropes to wrap me up nice and tight. I knew that would appeal to both of my Slytherins.

Draco was biting the pillow and giving out those breathy little screams that meant he was close. Sev looked like he could continue for hours but I needed more so I squirmed under Draco and sucked his cock deep while twining my tongue around it. Draco went rigid and shot his seed straight down my throat with a shouted, "Harry!"

I laughed around my mouthful before tenderly letting go and rolling back up. "Sev, I need more."

"Then you shall have what you need, my love." Sev slowly slid his cock out of Draco and wiped it off with the edge of the sheet. Leaning down to kiss each pale cheek of his Slytherin husband, he then straightened up to give me a lascivious look. "How would you like me, Harry?"

"As deep as you can get him, love," I knee-walked over the mattress to run a hand slowly over and around the nice thick cock that belonged to Draco and me. "I want to feel him in my throat and I want to watch you do it."

Draco laughed that breathy little laugh that always hardened both of us. "What a greedy little birthday boy you are, Harry. Are we going to shag all day?"

I was too busy to answer him right then since Sev's tongue was entwined with mine. He laid me back onto the bed gently and covered me with his hard body while his cock tenderly nudged my hole before forging into me. I love it when he takes me from the front so we can kiss. He concentrates on making love with the same intense passion he devotes to his beloved potions. Having all that attention directed completely at me was a heady experience and I'd grown addicted to him even before we'd gotten together like this.

Slowly, oh so slowly he started to pull out and push back in. I felt every inch retreat while my inner muscles flexed around him then warmth filled me from head to toe when he thrust back in and sparked my gland. The best thing I ever learned in sex education class was the prostate gland. To put it politely, I was already pretty sure by fifteen that I flew for the other team. I'd kissed a girl a time or two but when Draco kneed me in the groin after a close fought match then tried sticking his tongue down my throat, I'd turned on like a Muggle light bulb.

We both ended up with sticky underwear that day and the knowledge that we were going to do it again. Soon.

That was then and my present was a gift of love from both of the men who loved me. Sev pulled back a little, his lips scattering kisses over my face. Draco's hand was caressing my arm especially that spot on my inner elbow that turned me on so much. I was already burning but when Sev tilted my pelvis up a notch and sped up his thrusts, I'm not ashamed to admit I screamed and came hard between us.

He managed one more thrust before I felt heated seed fill me. I wished so hard I think I blacked out again. But when I felt Sev slip from my body I came back to our bed in time to get positioned as the inner layer of a Slytherin sandwich. Draco's lips were ghosting over my sensitive hair line but I was too tired to even shiver.

"I think we wore him out, love." He said teasingly to Sev.

The rich chuckle from in front of me made me smile against salty sweet skin. "I believe you may be right, my dragon." The tingle of a cleansing spell got rid of the mess between our stomachs. "Now, my little snake, are you going to tell us what this lovely shagging session was all about?"

I opened my eyes and looked into curious dark eyes. "It's my birthday?"

He lifted an elegant eyebrow. "Beyond that, Harry, you tasted faintly medicinal when we kissed in the study."

Oops, I should have realized he'd catch that. Time to own up, I decided. "I've been doing some research lately and I chose today to make it real."

"Make what real, Harry?" Draco's head appeared over my shoulder and gray eyes sparkled into mine.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, dividing my gaze between my husbands. "I love both of you so much. When we came together after the last battle, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't put off what I really wanted any longer." Damn, this was harder than facing Voldemort. "So, I got you alone and told you I wanted relationships with you."

"And we're very grateful for your bravery, Harry." Severus kissed the tip of my nose. "I would have never said anything although Draco might."

"I was going to throw myself on your mercy, Sev," Draco hugged me a little tighter and bit my ear lobe. "I didn't think anyone would want me after what Father did . . . and with all my scars. Well, except for my money anyway."

Turning my head, I kissed his cheek, right where one faint scar still showed a little. "The money is nice but even without it I would have still wanted you, Dra'."

"Never doubt how very glad I am you both came to me." Severus trailed a cool finger down Draco's arm and mine, leaving tiny trails of fire across our skin. "To finally find peace after so many years of war and be given such amazing gifts of love . . ." his dark eyes still held a faintly wondering look. "My two miracles, that's what the pair of you are to me."

I had to blink back tears and silently I renewed my vow to remind him just how much I loved him. I could feel Draco make the same pledge through our growing three-way bond. "Well, that's kind of what I was researching . . . miracles. Some of the old texts I read to prepare for Voldemort had some interesting things to say about love magic. Afterwards, when we were all healing, I did some in depth research with some help from Albus."

Both of them stiffened at the mention of the manipulative Headmaster and Sev's eyes narrowed. "Exactly *what* did you research, Harry?"

"Male pregnancies and what it would take to get pregnant." I spoke in a rush and felt them both start.

"Pregnant?" Draco's voice rose to a squeak.

"Male?" Severus went a little pale.

"I want to have a family - a family with both of you. Albus and I made the potion together and I took it before tying myself up." I rolled onto my back so I could see both of them. "If we're lucky, I might be able to carry twins, one from each of you."

'Twins', I saw Draco's lips shape the word but no sound came out. Severus had one hand splayed across my stomach and I could feel the faint pulses of a seeking spell ripple through me.

"Does it create an artificial uterus where the child can live until birth?" He had his investigative look on and I smiled in relief.

"Yes, it does and it also creates a birth canal right before birth is eminent so I don't have to have a caesarian section." I told them and watched Draco slide his hand onto my skin.

Warmth filled me there and very, very faintly a tiny response came back to all three of us. It had worked. For the first time in eighteen years, I felt like I'd done something completely right and good. Ridding the wizarding world of a mad man had been important but not as important as creating a child or children with my beloved husbands. That was what I wanted to be remembered for, birth rather than death.

"Dear heavens," Sev said faintly before leaning over and kissing me silly. Our bond pulsed with surprise and growing happiness. I reveled in it as I always did. It helped make up for all the years I'd been beaten and told I was worthless. Draco and Severus told me everyday how wonderful I was and how much they loved me.

When he pulled away, Draco took over, kissing me softly and entwining his tongue around mine. I was so caught up in his movements I almost missed Sev settling between my legs again. Drawing my hips up off the bed, he spread my legs as wide as they would go and slowly slid back in through my well-used hole. My breath caught and Draco caught my moan, drinking it down.

Sev stopped once he was all the way in. I could feel each individual vein pulsing in time with his heart beat. Draco pulled back from me and reached up to kiss Sev while I watched the beautiful men of dark and light merge at their lips. Remembering the night Draco had tied me to the bed so all I could do was watch them make love on the thick rug in front of the bedroom fireplace while the fire cast flickering shadows over their bodies, I flushed all over.

Hands stroked my stomach and rising cock while I tried to get Severus to move inside of me. Their lips finally parted and identical looks of love were trained on me. Our bond was filled with happiness and I stretched out a hand to glove Draco's cock.

"Are you ready for all the changes that will come with this pregnancy, Harry?" Severus rocked his hips gently and I caught my breath at the familiar surge. "Your hormones will go completely haywire, leaving you horny one moment and in tears the next. This flat, toned stomach will begin to grow a bump . . . then a mound . . . swelling larger and larger until you can no longer see your feet."

I shivered all over with a sudden aching need to experience all of that. "Yes, I want it. I want to eat dill pickles with peanut butter. I want to ask for backrubs and foot massages. I want to feel the babies moving inside of me. I want to get so big I have trouble just getting out of a chair. I want to feel our sons and daughters growing larger with each passing day until they demand to be born."

Draco had one hand wrapped around my cock and he was licking away like I was his favorite ice cream waffle. "I promise to give you back massages until my hands get tired. When you get horny, I'll fill you up and make you howl. I'll tell you everyday how beautiful you are and how much I love you. And when it comes time to give birth, I'll be there to hold your hand and listen to all the reasons why I should have to bear the next child."

I laughed and tugged at his cock. "I'm going to hold you to that, Dra'. But for now, I'm thirsty and I need something sweet to drink."

He chuckled and carefully straddled my shoulders so his tasty cock dangled in front of my mouth. I sucked him in, my hands holding his hips and my fingers teasing his still slick hole. Slowly, he deep throated me while Severus kept up the thrusts deep inside of me. I was filled from top to bottom and I wiggled in complete contentment at the lovely feeling.

We made it last a long time before I clenched around Sev and came in Draco's throat. My blond came a moment later and Sev right after us. Getting untangled took the last of our energy and I fell asleep almost the moment the comforter settled around us. I was safe between my two loves and it was still my birthday.

I could hardly wait to taste my birthday cake off of their beautiful bodies. Somehow I just knew I was going to be the horniest pregnant person in England. Good thing I had two stalwart Slytherins to keep me satisfied. This was just the first birthday in the best birthdays I would ever have. Smiling, I went to sleep, safe and loved.

The end