Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Do I look fat in these pants?
Pairing: HP/SS/DM
Universe: What is it now? Part 2
Summary: The one question a husband *never* wants to hear.
Date: 26 September 2004
********* Draco *********

"Draco, do I look fat in these pants?" Harry's voice came uncertainly from behind the bedroom door.

I froze by my desk while emptying my briefcase of the papers I'd needed for the morning meeting I'd just finished then gulped hard. 'No-no-no-no, where is Severus when I need him?' But the silence was growing and that wasn't good. At three months pregnant, Harry's hormones were on a never-ending broom stick ride. And Sev and I were right by his side for every dip and corner. So I gathered my courage and joined Harry in front of the mirror. He was looking over his shoulder at his arse.

Sliding my arms around him, I gave him a soft kiss below his right ear then looked at the mirror. It no longer talked since Harry hexed it after a particularly cutting remark about his growing bump. "Let me see, love. Hm-m-m, nice pockets placed just right for me to slide in."

Putting my words into practice, I slid them into the snug pants and tugged him a little closer to me. He was already starting to get hard and I wasn't far behind. "Hm-m-m, no fat here, Harry, just enough for me to grab hold."

Sniff . . . a tiny lick to my throat and a slightly watery, "Really?"

I stroked up over his back then back down to his cup-able arse. "Really, my sweet snake, I don't lie to you anymore, you know that."

A small smile was pressed into my skin and I felt him relax into my hug. Now to get his mind onto more pleasant things. I pushed his silky black hair behind one ear and outlined it with the tip of my tongue. He shivered and tilted his head in an unconscious request for more. Sliding my hands up under his green silk shirt to stroke the long muscles of his back, I kissed my way across his cheek to his cherry red lips.

He tastes a little different now he's pregnant - sweeter than before. Sucking lightly on his tongue, I caught a hint of the pralines he craved daily. His own fingers were busy delving under my suit coat then beneath my shirt. He knows exactly where to stroke to get me hotter than hot. Both of us turn on in a heartbeat while it takes us a bit to get Sev up to speed.

Of course, he can outlast both of us and we take full advantage of his stamina. Just thinking about him brought a slight mental nudge from our missing husband. He was in staff meetings and I sent him a quick message about Harry's plaintive question. If I was lucky, by the time I'd warmed our Gryffindor up; he'd be home to start round two.

"Um-m-m, Sev should be home . . ." I drew Harry across the room to our big bed and started undressing him. "Should be home soon . . . oh that's good," he licked down my throat and I shivered. "Naked, I need you naked, Har'."

He chuckled and sped up his unbuttoning of my shirt after pushing off my jacket. I'd dressed quite conservatively for the board meeting at Cyrano's, the Malfoy family flagship store. Getting back to a hot husband was a real bonus. I slid off his shirt and started licking down his throat to that sensitive spot in the hollow at the base. Sucking lightly, I felt his full body shiver.

By now, he had me stripped to the waist, too. His nipples were getting more tender so I bent and gently tongued them to stiff, aching peaks. Hands slid up around my neck while fingers tangled in my hair. Harry would always be shorter than Severus and me. Those damn Muggles he'd grown up with had shorted his nutrition to the point it had stunted his growth.

Sev and I had made quite sure we made the Dursleys pay for their shabby treatment of our husband. Killing them would have been too easy and I'm quite sure they now wished they were dead many times over. A series of 'incidents' just kept happening to them. Vernon had lost his job and the subsequent one and the one after that. Dudley got picked up for attempted rape of a juvenile and spent six months in prison where I made sure he got introduced to his feminine side.

Petunia had an accident at the hair dressers and had to hide her green hair for eight weeks. Then she began to suffer from a disfiguring rash that never seemed to heal spreading across her sanctimonious face. That sent her into seclusion away from her gossiping friends and that's when I foreclosed on their house and sent them literally out into the streets.

Now, they were squeezed into a three room flat in a rather nasty part of town and Sev told me he has a new potion to try out on Vernon. One that will loosen some of his inhibitions and give him a permanent semi-hard-on. Petunia won't like that and if he tries to get someone on the side, well, let's just say he'll find out one of the side effects of the potion.

Sandy semen should be exquisitely painful. I could hardly wait.

But that was for later, now I had a squirming bundle of panting husband to take to our bed. A little more reassurance was in order since I could still feel a tremble in our bond. The offending pants were hastily pushed to the broadloom carpet while callused hands delved behind my zipper to grasp my cock. Knowing fingers gripped me just right and I took a deep breath before returning the favor.

I captured his lips and took them hostage. His soft chuckle was music to my ears. Harry is the heart of our home and always has been. I was the luckiest Slytherin on record to be able to share his life. Sev chuckled through the bond and I sent him a picture of our lover flushed and panting in my arms. Green eyes sparkling up into mine, his hair tousled in the afternoon sunlight.

If his heated sigh was any indication, his staff meeting was going to have to do without him.

With a mischievous look, Harry planted his hands on my chest and pushed me onto the bed. "Stop looming over me, Draco." With a tingle, the rest of my clothes disappeared. "That's much better, Dra'. I love you in a suit but I love you best naked."

"You only love me for my body," I pretended to sniff while pulling him down on top of me. "Maybe I should give up my job and become your sex slave. I could stay naked all the time."

He chortled and wiggled all over. "I thought that was my job description, naked and ready to service my two sexy masters at a moment's notice."

I pretended to think about that while rolling him a little higher onto the bed. Once we were solidly planted on the moss-green coverlet, I threw a leg over his and began stroking his stomach. His navel was starting to protrude a little, showing the skin being stretched over our growing babies. I just had to lean down, scattering small licks and kisses over his satin skin.

"Go to sleep while we make love, little ones." I whispered to them before kissing my way up to his smiling lips. "You have a very elastic job description, Harry; powerful wizard, beloved husband, sexy bed slave, heart of our home and mother of our children. No one could possibly fulfill all those requirements but you."

His eyes filled with tears and his smile was a bit tremulous. "I like wearing those hats, Dra', but only with you and Sev. You're the only ones who accepted all of me, the good and the bad."

"There is nothing bad about you, Harry." I cuddled him closer and brushed away a falling tear. "You destroyed Voldemort and kept the casualties to a minimum. And last, but not least, you rescued me from almost certain death."

He kissed my chin. "*We* destroyed Voldemort and it was pure luck you didn't become part of the collateral damage. I don't know what I would have done if Sev hadn't stood over your body and cast that shield."

"I owe both of you and I plan to spend the rest of my life returning that good care." I went back to kissing his smooth skin, fascinated by the peaking buds on his chest. Lapping the dusky nipples, I felt him shiver all the way down to his toes. "Love it when you do that."

Both his hands were sliding through my hair, partly to keep me there and partly to turn me on even more. I love having my scalp massaged and he knows it. Suckling at his nipple, I had a sudden vision of a baby doing the same thing, a child with a shock of white-blond hair and the look of a Malfoy. It hit me like a ton of bricks - I was going to be a father.

"You're going to be a great father, Draco." Harry read my mind.

"I don't want to be like mine." I admitted, thinking of the fear and expectations he'd loaded onto my small shoulders from the moment I was born. "I want our children to always know I love them and never be afraid to come to me."

"They'll know, my dragon." Harry crooked his fingers and lightly scratched my scalp. "We'll tell them everyday and show them with every hug and kind word."

Loving words had been absent from both our childhoods. Hugs didn't occur very often either and I made a silent vow to make sure I never got too busy to give out as many as I could. Harry nodded and I left his nipple to brush another kiss across his lips. Dipping inside his hot mouth, I slid my tongue in and tasted him again. He was still sweet but with a tinge of anxiety that broke my heart.

I slithered down, trailing my tongue across his skin to the rosy cock waiting for me. He's even more beautiful here and I licked him like my favorite strawberry ice cream cone. That made him giggle and sent his hands back into my hair to card through it. I took the hint and deep-throated him while my tongue kept up the ticklish teasing. Over and over I hummed around him and drew out the salty sweet liquor that tasted better than any fine wine I'd ever drunk.

And with a thrust up, he came hard. Instantly, I gentled all my touches and kept just the crown in my mouth so I could catch every tasty drop. He sighed one of his happy sighs and opened lazy eyes to look at me. "I love you, my dragon." Then his eyes widened and his gamin grin appeared. "Sev, you're home early!"

"With such provocative . . ." he drawled from the doorway and I turned my head to watch him leaning indolently against the dark oak, "and shall I say . . ." his voice dropped to a purr, "incendiary pictures in my head, I decided the new blood marker potion could wait a while longer."

I love his voice. It's like the richest of chocolate, melting on your tongue and I'd been known to wait for hours just to catch a phrase or two at Hogwarts while we were still in school. For some reason, it's always meant safety to me. If Severus was there and I could hear him, nothing truly bad could happen. Not very mature of me but I'd had very little chance to be a child, I thought silently. Sev's eyes came to me and I knew my thoughts had slipped through.

In a heartbeat, he was by our side and one hand was petting my hair. "I like to think you are both safe here in this place we've created from our . . . unexpected love."

I turned my head enough to kiss his palm, tickling it just a bit with the tip of my tongue. He shivered a little and I let my pride that I could so affect him seep into the bond. Chuckling, he leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose before sitting down on the side of the bed and greeting Harry with his own kiss.

Running my hands over his back, I loosened the leather tie that held back his glossy black hair. He'd given in to our pleading and allowed it to grow longer. And Merlin, what he could do with the ends when he was in the mood to tickle. Running my fingers through the ebony strands, I felt him smile across our bond. We all had a hair fetish and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Giggles brought me out of the hazy trance I'd fallen into. Two pairs of smiling eyes met mine and I shrugged my distraction off with a smile of my own. "I love you two but then you know that. Right?"

"We know, my dragon," Sev was unbuttoning his shirt, helped by Harry's dexterous fingers. "Do you need help with anything?"

I stroked my cock and felt it harden further. "This? I was thinking maybe I could find some place . . . tight . . . dark . . ."

"In me, in me," Harry's grin could have lit up the Great Hall. "It's Draco-sandwich time."

"Indeed," Sev stood and let his pants drop to the deep green carpet of our bedroom. "I think that a sterling idea, if you do, my dragon?"

I shivered and stretched wantonly, making sure Sev saw every little muscle ripple. "Why that sounds like a very good idea to me." I turned back to Harry and slid up higher between his legs so I could reach his lips for another tasty kiss. He chuckled into my mouth, his hands still sifting through my hair. When our lips parted, I grinned down at him. "Could you bear to put up with another round of love-making, sweet Harry?"

His eyes crinkled with suppressed laughter and he managed to sound put out. "If I must endure more of this messy business to keep my husbands happy, I must. Perhaps I could manage a nap while you're getting ready?"

Sev laughed long and low before stretching out beside us and tangling his fingers in Harry's curly black hair. His other hand stroked up my arm and made me shiver. The myriad of healed cuts and burns that criss-crossed his fingers could be felt with every touch. Anyone meeting him for the first time would know his occupation from his handshake. Potions and the making of them left behind its scars.

'Accio' I said silently with an outstretched hand. Wandless magic came easier since the death of Voldemort and our bonding so the jar of lubricant appeared instantly. At least it did for the three of us, I thought with an inner smirk. All of the wizards and witches who were still alive within a mile of the final confrontation, had had an increase in their powers. That included the seven younger Weasleys and a handful of students from the other houses.

But Severus and I are the only two Slytherins who survived the last battle. It wasn't all our doing either. Harry, our almost-Slytherin, had kept a psychic eye on us even while doing battle with Voldemort. That and Sev's rock-solid refusal to give up either of us even if it meant draining himself completely got us through the monster's death throes. I shoved those thoughts away and concentrated on sliding slowly inside Harry.

Tight . . . hot . . . home, my thoughts fragmented into a thousand feelings. Sev's cool, slick fingers began to prepare me and I found myself hiding a grin against Harry's nipple. I was such a lucky man to have two such lovers. From a sterile existence to a fertile home filled with so much love, I was truly blessed.

Harry caressed my arms with his hands while his mind touched mine with equally warm strokes of loving care. This was what I'd missed as a Malfoy, trained to obedience and duty. Never once had my father or mother ever told me they loved me.

'We love you, my dragon.' Twin thoughts filled me while I sent back my own wordless emotion. It was still new to me but I was determined to learn how before the babies were born.

Sev moved behind me and his long strands of hair brushed against the scars on my back. "Sweet dragon, are you ready for more?"

His fingers were gone and the ache they left behind could only be assuaged with his cock. I gave him a mental 'yes' because Harry had gone up on his elbows so his lips could capture mine. There is nothing like being possessed by our Potion Master. The warm bulk was firmly set at my entrance and even though he'd loosened the muscle, it was still a moment of extreme pressure and heat while he forged inside.

Harry drank in my moan while his strong fingers massaged my suddenly tense neck muscles. He and I have been getting lessons in massage from Charlie Weasley of all people. Elegant fingers stroked my sides while Sev waited for the signal that I was ready for him to move. He was firmly seated and I reveled in the feeling of possessing and being possessed.

Life doesn't get any better than this I decided with a grin before nudging my hips forward an inch and sparking Harry's sweet spot. I caught his sigh in my mouth and started the tiny movements that would drive him insane. Of course that meant Sev was going to move too and I planted my knees a little firmer in the bed to make sure I didn't lose my balance and squish Harry and the babies.

Sooner rather than later, we'd have to change our positions while making love to accommodate the growing twins. But that was a month or two away and right now, I was burning alive. Sev was slowly speeding up his strokes and my skin was on fire inside and out. Harry's cock had hardened again and was rubbing between our stomachs while I slowly stroked in and out of his tight channel.

Somehow our rhythm had syncopated and each stroke forward and pull back was in perfect time. Our mental conversation had degenerated into soft repetitions of each other's name. Warmth flowered in our bond like night-blooming jasmine glowed in the dark. With a last push, I stilled and came hard inside Harry. He moaned out loud and came too.

Sev held my hips up to keep me from falling forward. Even though it probably wouldn't hurt the babies, we weren't going to take the chance. We'd gotten pretty good at easing into new positions and with judicious care, we were soon on our sides still all connected. These were the best moments when we were inside each other, mind, body and heart. The late afternoon sunshine poured over the bed while Harry kissed my lips and Sev scattered healing kisses over the scars on my shoulders.

So the Malfoy empire was smaller than at any time in our history; the family fortunes were a bit shaky; the manor house was a ruin, not that far removed from smoking; I was still the luckiest bastard in the wizarding world today. Aside from a few scars, I had everything I could possibly want or need in the arms of the men who loved me.

'Love you, Sev.' I thought. 'Love you, Harry.'

'Love you, my dragon,' came their response.

Smiling, I closed my eyes and rested, safe and loved.

End of this part