Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Will you still love me, tomorrow?
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Pairing: HP/DM/SS
Summary: Valentine's day has special meaning this year.
Note: //means mind speech//
Date: November 12, 2005
********* Severus *********

I kept a blank face with extreme effort. Did this fool truly believe I would just forget the past and let bygones be bygones? Not even Sirius Black at his most annoying would be that foolish.

//Now, Sev, Minister Fudge is just trying to be nice// Harry's snicker in my inner ear made me almost forget my disgust. He sounded rather closer than he had been an hour ago.

//Where are you, Harry?// I queried back.

"Severus, my darling," his sweet voice preceded him into my office. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Minister, I didn't realize my husband had company. How are you this beautiful snowy day?"

Truthfully, my beautiful Gryffindor waddled into the room but at just over six months pregnant he was entitled. The twins were growing by leaps and bounds so his rounded abdomen protruded ever larger each week. His robe was a new one Draco had gotten him for this first Valentine's Day we would share. The sleek velvet green lines seemed to show off his swelling belly even more than his usual robes did.

"Harry, my boy, you look . . . ah . . ." the little fat minister fumbled out while trying to avoid actually touching any part of Harry. Who knew what the young man might deal out after Voldemort? "Yes, it is a very nice day. I was just discussing a ministry project that Professor Snape might be able to help us with."

"Oh, really," those big green eyes widened and he fluttered his eyelashes at the little toad. "I'm sure whatever the project is, it can't be more important than our babies." For good measure, he caressed the velvet mound before him, making himself look even more swollen. "Dear Severus couldn't possibly take on anything else right now." He leaned closer and with his lightning fast Quidditch reflexes took Fudge's hand in his. "Don't you want to touch them?"

I never knew Fudge could move that fast and I watched him sputter his way out of the door like Voldemort himself was after him. Stalking around my large desk, I closed in on my laughing husband. "That was positively Slytherin of you, little love. Well done."

He went up on tiptoe and brushed his lips over mine in our second kiss of the day. I pulled him into my arms and deepened it, my tongue sliding into the nirvana that is his sweet mouth. He'd just finished another praline but not even it could hide his piquant taste from me. Our tongues mated and danced tenderly together while my hands smoothed down the velvet nap to his delectable arse. Between us, one of the babies woke up and kicked me.

//Ow, sweetheart, don't bruise your mama// Harry admonished our budding Quidditch star gently while trying to get closer to me. //Sev, I need fucked really, really badly//

Pulling an inch away, I chuckled. "You're such a romantic, Harry Potter-Snape-Malfoy."

He wiggled his eyebrows at me and pulled out a bright red tube from his side pocket. "I brought special lube with me just for Valentine's day. Come on, my big-bad-snake. You know you want to lay me down on your desk and have your wicked way with me."

"Ah, the schoolboy in detention fantasy," I teased him before locking the door with a flick of my fingers, picking him up and laying him gently on top of my desk with his hips just barely at the edge. Sliding my hands up under his robe, I could feel my eyes widen. "You're naked, Harry."

He laughed out loud and raised one leg up to rest on my shoulder, the velvet slowly falling back to puddle about his hips. "Of course I am, Professor Snape." The opened tube was passed to me over the mound that was our children. "I knew this detention would be the special one - the one where you finally gave me exactly what I need to make me be good."

"Good, Mr. Potter?" I squeezed some of the red gel out and rubbed it between my fingers, distracted at the feel. "Where did you get this, Harry? It feels . . . warm."

"Fred invented it about a month ago and he's letting me do the beta testing. He swore on his love for George that it wouldn't hurt either of us and it wouldn't do anything funny." The little tease pouted at my skeptical look. "I tested it already on Draco and all he said was 'wow'. Then he got this funny look on his face and told me we had to try it today. It was that Slytherin smile, you know the one." Another demure smile, "Professor-r-r-r."

I did indeed know that smile so without any more hesitation, I slid two slick fingers past Harry's tight muscle and into his heat. There is no other like him. My slick thumb smoothed a caress over his ticklish perineum and he groaned, his hips moving restlessly. Deciding I'd teased him enough, I folded it in with my fingers and continued to stretch him. We made love so frequently, we didn't need lengthy sessions in pre-loving but this was a day for romantic, gentle lovemaking.

"Now, Sev, please now," his hands stroked his belly down to his hard cock and yanked down on his balls before a tingle of magic parted my robes, unzipped my pants and freed my aching shaft. "I don't want to come until you're inside of me."

Chuckling at his impatience, I removed my fingers and slicked myself with what was left of the lube. Nudging his spasming hole, I held onto his hips so I didn't scoot him all over the desk. Semen covered flow charts were a bugger to clean off. Tight . . . heat . . . satin walls that clung to me like a leather glove, he was all of that and more. I'd never in my life been so satisfied sexually. Two young husbands played hell with a man's ego.

//Get him started, Sev// Draco's thought warmed my end of our bond. //I've got his present with me and I should be there shortly//

//We'll be here waiting for you, my dragon// I told him while forging all the way inside of Harry. Resting for a moment, I nudged his robes aside so I could lean down to kiss the satin skin stretched over our babies. //Go to sleep, little ones, while I ravish your mama//

Harry giggled at the sleepy tingles sent back to us along the new bonds being forged with our children. "Sev, as long as you take it slow, they'll sleep right through it. I'll be a gibbering maniac by then but they won't know a thing. Oh god, it feels like you're nudging the sac they're in."

Slowly, I began the long withdrawal from his depths. "Indeed, sometimes I wonder if they can feel us making love."

His smile was bright although hormonal tears filled his eyes. "They can feel the love we share between the three of us. I know I can."

I thrust back in as slowly as I'd come out, making sure I targeted his prostate gland on the way. "I never expected to experience this kind of love, Harry. Never in a hundred lifetimes could I have wished for such a blessing from you and Draco. Sometimes I wake up with a start and only the fact you're drooling on my shoulder keeps me from thinking this has all been a dream."

"Hey," his pout was priceless, "I don't drool."

"Nonsense, Harry, you and Draco both snuggle and drool." I snapped my hips forward a little harder than I'd been doing and he bit his lip and wiggled all over.

"It's just that you're so tasty, Sev, we like to lick your skin even in our sleep." His angelic look would have been innocent except for his slowly unbuttoning his robe the rest of the way, exposing his pretty pink nipples to me.

They'd swollen just a little, enlarging the aureoles and plumping up the nipples. When ever I tasted them now, I wondered what they would taste like once his milk came in. The books said a mother's milk was tasteless and bland but that just wasn't possible for my sweet Gryffindor.

A whisper of sound and the lock un-clicking told us our third husband had arrived. Cool arms snaking around me was all the warning I got from Draco. //Sev// he sighed before hugging me tight and moving to sit on the desk beside Harry.

"Draco!" Harry's happy cry was swallowed up in an incendiary kiss that warmed me without even touching me.

The two of them were such a subject in contrasts and yet . . . they went together like strawberries and cream. Or chocolate and brandy - smooth and delicious to the taste and touch. //my beautiful loves//

Draco's hand stroked my arm, traveling up to my linen clad nipples and giving them a caress or three. I flicked my fingers languidly and spoke the charm that denuded all three of us. Even if this was a quicky, I needed all of us naked. The sweet smell of cinnamon rose from our joined groins but then I saw Draco spread some on his fingers and slowly slick Harry's cock with delicious results.

Our pregnant husband spent himself with a lush moan both in our minds and to our ears. Thank goodness I had permanent silencing spells on this office, I thought fondly while slowly stopping my movements while Harry was shivering through his climax. A side glance from beautiful blue-gray eyes told me that Draco was feeling a little needy. I had just the solution to his craving.

For it was mine as well - I gently pulled from Harry's depths, letting his legs slowly fall from my shoulders. Draco helped him scoot up a little so he had a flat surface to rest his feet upon. That would help take the strain off his back which ached constantly these days.

"Did I mention that Fred said the new lubricant can be used as an aid to massage?" Harry said ingenuously with a slight flutter of those black eyelashes. "Although I can wait until Draco feels as good as I do right now."

My beautiful blond kissed him hard for that thought while I brought his still slick fingers down to reapply them to my hard-as-steel cock. He moaned a little when I tested his entrance and found him all ready for me. //Always thinking ahead, my beautiful dragon//

//When it gets me your big snake, Sev, I'm always planning.// He trailed his kiss down to Harry's nipples and gently licked them to hard peaks.

I pulled him a little closer to the edge of the desk and thrust inside with one hard push. He and Harry both groaned at that and I almost lost my control in his tight heat. Only reciting the names of every dark wizard since the Founders kept me from coming prematurely. I swear I saw stars while panting through the urge to pound into him the way I could no longer do with Harry.

//Give me everything, Sev// His blue eyes slowly opened and gave me a heated glance.

//Yes, Sev, make us both feel your strength and your power// Harry rolled to his side and began his own assault on Draco's persimmon nipples.

"Oh yeah-h-h," Draco sighed happily and squeezed his inner muscles around me.

Stars again, I panted happily to myself and began the hard, deep thrusts that we all loved. Luckily the desk was solid oak and reinforced with enough strengthening spells to hold up under our dedicated lovemaking. Again the smell of cinnamon rose in the air and I saw Harry was painting Draco's nipples with the lube before licking it off.

"Harry, are you sure that's wise?" I worried about his delicate stomach.

His grin was impish to say the least. "Taste, scent and touch approved to be non-addicting or upsetting to pregnant males. I think they made it for a wedding present for Percy and Oliver. Percy wants to be the next Molly, only he wants eight children."

Dear heavens, I blinked and stilled for a moment. "Thank goodness I don't teach anymore. More Weasleys in potions class would be a nightmare."

Draco laughed and squeezed around me again. "No more classes for any of us until our children get old enough to go to school."

I smirked down at him and leaned in to steal a kiss from his tasty lips. And there was cinnamon again but only faintly. Ah, it must have been from when Harry played with him earlier. Two hands carded through my hair, giving me the scalp massage I loved. Now that I wasn't stuck in a room with 15 smoking cauldrons eight hours a day, my hair had settled down to a lustrous sheen that my husbands were pleased to tell me was sexy.

//Very, very sexy, Sev// Harry's thoughts caressed mine and our hands met to twine together upon the satin skin stretched over our babies. //Oh, that feels so good//

//Little snake// I caressed each finger, enjoying the tingling of the lube still there. //Small dragon// I began the thrusting that would bring Draco his release.

//My loves// Draco sighed mentally and when Harry and I moved our hands to his swollen shaft, he thrust up into our grip and came between us.

That was all I needed for my own release and I poured myself deep suddenly wondering what Draco would look like pregnant with our children.

//Sev!// He admonished me through the now partially closed link. //One pregnant husband at a time please, this is Harry's time//

I leaned down and kissed him. //Agreed but will you think on it?//

His blush was faint but there. //I have thought about it, Sev. When the twins are five, I'll see what I'm feeling then//

I felt again the deep, deep amazement at my sheer luck. After decades of terror and fear, I now had a solid bond with two of the most wonderful wizards on Earth. They loved me for myself, snarky humor, bitter memories, scars and all. I would walk softly the rest of my days in thanksgiving for their generous hearts.

Tenderly, I pulled free from Draco's clutching grip and muttered the cleaning spell needed. Harry had to be a bit uncomfortable curled up on the hard desk. He accepted a hand up and I carried him over to the deep chocolate leather couch that Draco had insisted my office needed. As usual, he was right. A quick warming charm and Harry snuggled down next to me with our blond draped on his other side.

"Happy Valentine's day, my loves," I banished the concealing charm on the six dozen red roses in vases encircling the couch.

Draco laughed and several pink bags were unveiled near the front door. "I didn't quite buy out the store but I did have fun shopping for both of you." A wandless command and the bags deposited themselves in our laps - well, mostly in mine since Harry's lap was pretty much nonexistent.

"Presents!" Harry sat up and reached for one. He'd had so few in his life, Draco and I were determined to make sure he never lacked any again. A white box with a red satin ribbon quickly succumbed to his eager fingers. The box lid vanished to the floor and the pink tissue paper fluttered open to reveal something in silk. Gold damask silk flowed over his fingers while tiny bells along the neckline tinkled with crystalline clarity. "Oh, Draco, it's beautiful."

My blond smiled the open smile only the two of us ever saw. "It has built in spells so it expands to always fit you and it warms you when you're too cold. It's fashioned after a Grecian caftan but floor length for winter."

Harry rubbed his face against the soft silk and sighed happily. "I love it, Draco. Help me put it on?"

Draco jumped up and pulled Harry with him. I tidied away the box without my gaze ever leaving the beautiful pair. The light washed gold over Harry's skin and for a moment, he looked like a Grecian sculpture come to life. He turned slowly, obviously enjoying the feel of the silk against his flesh.

"Beautiful," I sighed quietly and a look of such love was given me, I lost my voice.

"I think you'll like yours too, Sev." Draco's grin was mischievous to say the least and one of the boxes floated to me.

I decided to emulate my youngest husband and rip away the tasteful silver and crimson striped paper. The box was much the same size as Harry's and the tissue brought forth the same heavy silk but cut to a much different style. Like the togas of old, it was white shot with silver threads and bore only one shoulder fold. A delicate linked belt of small silver oak leaves was sewn into the waist.

My eyebrow lifted quizzically and two eager voices said in unison, "Try it on, Sev."

Standing, I slipped it on over my head and realized it was rather short. Draco's hand stroked my hip and I felt the material warm at just that brief touch. "Beautiful, Sev, I knew you'd look just like a Roman emperor."

"And is there a box for you, Dra'?" Harry slid off the couch and knelt at my feet, running his fingers up my legs while my cock tried to decide if it had rested enough.

"Yes, there is," I answered instead with a quick flick of my fingers. A white box with green and silver paper appeared on the side table nearest my blond husband.

His eyes lit up and he tore into with barely restrained impatience. I'd gone with a slightly more Middle East theme and the silver gauze of the low slung pants revealed as much as it concealed. Draco drew them up over his long legs and I watched the waistband cling just above his hip bones.

"You look like a sexy genie, Dra'," Harry had fished out the sequined top vest and held it out to our laughing lover. "Oooh, pretty."

And he did look incredibly sexy with the silk clinging lovingly to his lithe form. His nipples peaked underneath the teasing fabric and he bit his lip before moving sinuously over to kiss me in thanks. My hands slid over all that lovely skin while our tongues dueled lazily from my mouth to his.

Harry's delighted laughter broke us apart long enough to draw him into our embrace. Lips met, slid away, found new territory to claim and then re-met. Finally, I pulled them both close. "Home, my Valentine day loves, I think I want to unwrap Harry while Draco dances for us in his new outfit."

Draco nodded vigorously and Harry clapped his hands in glee. With a snap of my fingers, I apparated us all home for a continuation of this special day. But then all of my days were special since they loved me. Finally, I was beginning to believe in 'forever'.

The end of part three