Author: Athea (
Fandom: Harry Potter
Series: the Question series, part four
Title: Is he supposed to look like that?
Summary: It's time for the twins to be born.
Date: 23 December 2006
********* Harry *********

I'm definitely fat. Fat and lethargic and . . . I waddle. There's no getting around it, I look absolutely awful.

//no you don't, love// Sev's voice fills my mind. His mental caress is warm and comforting. //you glow, sweetheart//

//your skin is alabaster and you're still graceful as a gazelle// Draco's voice is a sexy purr.

//love you both// I send back and hoist myself out of the comfy chair in the sun room. The babies are lying on my bladder and it's time to piss again.

Waddling to the small half bath on the first floor, I part my robes and whiz away. I can't see my cock anymore so a little containment spell keeps me from pissing on the floor or toilet seat. Not that Dobby wouldn't be pleased to clean up after me, but I prefer not to make more work than three busy men already create for him.

"Master Harry, is you wanting tea yet?"

Speak of the elf. I chuckle while washing my hands. "Yes, Dobby, that would be nice. Are there any ginger snaps baked?"

"Oh yes, Master, they is fresh this afternoon."

"Good," I waddle out and back to my little nest. My husbands created it just for me with shade when it's hot and sun when it's cold. One corner holds our big swing where we nap sometimes after making love.

I miss making love. I can still give them blow jobs and Sev especially loves feasting on me but I miss taking them deep inside. But I'm so big now Poppy says it isn't safe to agitate the babies. There's still a month to go but a little tickle in the back of my mind says they're getting impatient. They've been really active today.

I swear they're playing Quidditch in there. Easing down into the soft cushions, I sigh and rub the sore spot on my back. I must have strained something this morning. Although Merlin knows my husbands don't let me so much as lift a pillow these days. A small pain darts across my stomach and I rub it gently but it moves back in the other direction instead of going away.

That's odd. I squirm into a slightly different position but the little pain is joined by one a little higher up on my belly. Now that is really different, I think when it feels like a burning pain grows between my legs. I find myself panting through the rising heat. What is that?

//Harry, what's wrong// Sev's mental voice is sharp

//I don't know but it hurts// I'm not stupid enough to keep something like this from him

A sudden clap of mini-thunder and he's in front of me. "Harry, where is the pain?"

"Agh!" I hold onto my belly and pant through more pain. "Down . . . there . . . between oh shite . . . my legs."

He kneels in front of me and banishes my robe with a wandless spell. "I'm going to touch you now, love." His fingers are cooler than usual but they feel good against my hot skin. "Dear Merlin, the birth canal seems to be growing behind your balls, Harry. How bad is the pain?"

"It's too soon, Sev. They've got a month left." I rock back and forth to try and ease away the ache.

Soft lips kiss the stretched skin over the twins. "I believe they are impatient like their mother. I'm going to send Dobby for Poppy, Harry. She said she would be ready when we were."

"Good idea, I'm ready to have them out of me and into their cradles." I wish I could see the opening. That was part of the spell/potion that Albus and I weren't sure of. It had said it would appear when needed but nothing about what happened after the baby was born. Or in my case, babies.

Poppy's warm voice arrives at almost the same moment Draco does. He looks nervous when he kisses me and one of his hands holds mine in a tight clasp.

"Are you ready, my snake?" His murmur in my ear distracts me from the slightly alien touch of our healer between my legs. "Our family is going to grow by two, Harry."

"Ow-w-w-w," I moan when it feels like something is breaking.

"Well, that was quick, Harry. The channel is complete and your waters just broke. It looks like the twins are impatient to be born." Poppy sounds pleased and her wand casts several diagnostic spells over my swollen stomach. "Yes, indeed, they are ready, lungs, heart tones, brains, everything looks just the way they should. I think it's time we move to the birthing chamber, gentlemen."

Sev sweeps me up in his arms while Draco keeps a hand on my arm. The cottage is much bigger than last summer when I got pregnant. We had an old fashioned house warming when we told everyone our news. After a few moments of stunned silence, our friends congratulated us and offered to help us expand our home so we could fit in the children.

Molly Weasley had insisted on a modern birthing room and Poppy had joined her in designing it. They would have done the nursery too but Sev put his foot down. He and Draco designed it with input from our women friends. I am blessed with the best friends ever.

Poppy bustles ahead and opens the door to the first floor room already flooded with light. I wanted big windows in every room of our home and Sev understood it was a throwback to the days of my dark cupboard. There would never be such a place for our children.

"Here you go, sweet snake." Sev lays me gently down in the birthing chair. "How are the pains now, Harry?"

Just then the little pains concentrate into one big one and I double over with a cry. "Ah, big, much bigger pain."

"Where, Harry, show me where it is?" Poppy tilts the padded chair back a little and guides my feet into the fur lined stirrups.

"Low . . . here," I pant and stroke the spot where it feels like a head is resting.

"Well, it looks like one is head down and ready to come out that teeny, tiny little opening between your legs." Poppy shows me with her fingers the size of the birthing channel. "A couple of centimeters aren't going to do it, child. A little help, gentlemen."

I can hear Dobby in the background singing one of his happy songs. Draco is on my right and Sev is on my left. I can feel the crackle of spell work and some of the sharp pain goes away. It's replaced by a dull ache that seems to encompass my whole abdomen.

"Hold on, my love. Don't push until Poppy says it's alright." Sev's deep voice is right by my ear and his grip tightens on my hand.

"Take from us, Harry. Our strength is yours." Draco's lips whisper in my other ear.

I feel so odd. There's so much energy inside of me. Some of it is me but parts are Sev and Draco. Their soft murmurs keep me focused on the here and now. Poppy's hands are measuring me again and her encouragement is surprised.

"Oh, very good, Harry, it's almost time to push. Hold on a few more moments while I make sure their warming blankets are ready." She bustles away and I realize it's really going to happen.

"Sweet Harry, you and Draco are my greatest gifts." Sev's lips touch my cheek and I smile at the love in his voice.

"Beloved Harry, you and Sev are my whole world." Draco's gray gaze is a little unsure.

"I love both of you more than I did a year ago." I lick my dry lips. "We're going to be the happiest family in Great Britain. And you're both going to be the most amazing fathers that ever were. I'm going to need a lot of help taking care of our babies."

Draco's unsure look fades away and a sweet smile replaces it. "We'll be there for every diaper change and floor-walking cranky baby soothing session."

"Indeed we will," Sev snickers just a little. "But the 2 am feedings are all yours, little snake."

"Hey!" I say in mock dismay which quickly changes to a frown. "Ow, that hurts."

Poppy is back with a quick spell and she smiles up at me from the stool where she's sitting between the stirrups. "It's time, my dears."

Another spell and the chair goes a little more upright. The weight inside of me slides down towards my new opening. I hold on tight to my husbands and their free hands meet on the skin around my navel. I'm an outie these days and I have the oddest thought about the new babies' belly buttons. In or out?

"All right, Harry, go ahead and push your first son out of his warm nest." Poppy said briskly. "Gentlemen, a little help for your mate."

Our bond flares to bright green and I can feel Sev and Draco loaning their strength to me. I take a deep breath and push down with every abdominal muscle I've got. Oh, Merlin, that hurts. His head must be huge. Either that or my new opening is nowhere near big enough.

"Pant, Harry, that will help you get in more oxygen." Poppy encourages me and I obey before trying another push. "Good one, dear, I can see some dark hair. Either Severus' son is impatient or the Potter genes overwhelmed the Malfoy inheritance."

"Nonsense, Poppy, the Malfoys always breed true. He's just politely waiting his turn." Draco squeezes my hand and grins at me.

I push hard again with a moan before relaxing. "Oh yes, the Malfoys are always so polite, Draco."

His chuckle comes before his kiss and I lick my lips of his lovely taste. "We are, Harry. Good manners just come naturally to us."

I feel more pressure and just want it to stop. Gathering up my strength, I push as hard as I can. Sev's energy joins with mine and for a moment it's as if we're both pushing. And then it's like a melon passing between my legs and the pain mercifully ceases.

"Oh, well done, Harry." Poppy is holding our son and muttering a quick spell to pinch the umbilical cord shut and free of me.

My hands are already reaching for him and Sev is muttering a cleaning spell so the blood and placenta remains disappear. He'd already told me he would burn all the residues so they were safely taken care of. A soft cry announces his lungs are just fine.

"Welcome, Marcus Serpentine." Sev's velvet soft voice breaks just slightly and I see his eyes are glistening with unshed tears.

I stroke a small arm while Sev very gently kisses a tiny hand with five perfect little fingers. Draco is petting a wee foot and I quickly count toes.

"He's perfect, Harry." Draco has tears in his eyes as well. "Oh look, he's kicking against my hand."

"Ah, the Quidditch player," Sev teases me and I stick out my tongue at him.

I'd almost forgotten he's a twin when another sharp pain takes my breath away. "Damn, you'd better take him, Sev. Young Malfoy is impatient."

But Poppy is the one to take him from us, quickly setting him in the warm basinet Dobby has ready. Her Quick-Quill is making notes like time of birth and other vital statistics for his baby book and her records.

"Hey, I can see my feet again. Kind of." I wiggle a little and Draco slips a hand under me to get the little cramp in my back. "Come on, baby two, I want to see you."

Sev conjures a damp towel and wipes my sweaty face. "Better, Harry? Is there anything you need?"

"Some water would be nice, Sev, I'm dry as a bone." I lick my lips again then drink slowly from the glass of cool water he holds for me. "Thanks, both of you. I couldn't do this without you, you know that."

"We're just grateful you are willing to do this for us." Draco has taken care of the cramp and is back stroking my slightly shrunken belly. "You're our own angel-Harry and these sons are miracles we never expected."

Another cramp seizes my whole body and I almost fall out of the chair. Poppy is back quickly and with a whispered spell, some of the pain goes away.

"None of that now, little one." She seems to be speaking to the baby still inside of me; and with a gentle motion I feel movement like a swirling eddy flow side to side. "We'll not be having a breech birth today. That's right . . . head down . . . it's time, gentlemen."

Holding on hard to my husbands' hands, I push out with all my strength. I want this part to be over so I can hold my sons in my arms. I want to be thin again. I want to see my dick when I pee. I want to walk, not waddle. And I really, really want to make love to my husbands for hours on end.

"Take from me what you need, my love." Draco is pouring his love into our bond like never before and his strength doubles mine in a heartbeat.

Sev is there too, solidly holding me in place so I have something to push against. I . . . just . . . want . . . this . . . done.

And with a slither of blood and other matter, our second son emerges with a sharp cry. I'm laughing and crying at the same time while Poppy hastily takes care of the umbilical cord and Draco casts the first cleaning spell. It's when she lays him on my completely shrunken stomach, that I realize there's something different about him.

"Um, Poppy, is he supposed to look like that?" Draco asks while running a gentle finger over the completely bald head.

"Och, he's just fine, Draco. Some babies aren't born with any hair but it will grow in time." She smiles at all of us before whisking him away to his own basinet. "And what is this beautiful boy's name?"

"Hadrian Draconis." I tell her smugly while wiggling all over, just because I can.

"Gentlemen, if you will come and take care of your sons, I will tend to Harry. I want to make sure the afterbirth delivers safely and there's nothing left inside of him that might cause trouble later." She beckons them over.

I can tell Sev doesn't want to let go but he kisses my lips gently before leaving my side. Draco follows and for the first time in forever, I can move and not feel like an Engorgio spell has attacked me. Poppy asks me a series of questions while she's probing between my legs. That feels weird.

"Harry, I think it might be permanent." She finally says after covering me with a light blanket so I'm not so exposed to the elements. Sev and Draco have our sons in their arms, wearing a couple of the little outfits Molly Weasley made for them.

"The spell has changed his body enough so the womb and birth canal will stay in place?" Sev asks, with Marcus settled in his right arm while his left hand strokes the back of my neck.

"Yes, I believe so. I'm going to write it up for the Gestational Quarterly." She nods slowly. "It would be a boon for those same sex couples who don't want to use a surrogate to bear their children. I'll be following up post-partum with Harry and I'd like all of you to keep track of moods, feelings, cravings, and definitely any physical changes."

"Um, Poppy, how long before I can . . . um . . ." She's just seen me naked and pushing a baby out of me, it shouldn't be so hard to ask this.

"I believe what Harry is asking is when can he resume the messy business of marital sexual relations." Sev's voice makes me blush.

She smiles and winks at me. "Give it a week, my dears. Let everything heal up the way we think it will. Go slow and let Harry rest as much as possible. His body just gave birth and it's tired. Not to mention, when these two start feeding, it's going to take a lot out of him. Severus, I believe you have his nutritive potions ready."

It isn't really a question since Sev has had them ready for a month now. I do feel a little tired and my eyes keep drooping for no reason. I start awake to the murmur of conversation. Sev is handing Marcus over to Poppy and I want to ask what I missed when he comes back and scoops me up into his arms.

"Bed, young man." He kisses me tenderly and I wrap my arms around his neck and return the kiss. "The babies are coming, too. And after your nap, you can have a long shower so you can both see and wash your feet."

"Then I'll give you an all over massage while Sev reads to us." Draco is right behind us and his smile is tender. "And when the babies wake up, we'll play with them."

"And Dobby is making all your favorite dishes." The squeaky voice is murmuring things like ginger-glazed carrots and marzipan and roast lamb.

It sounds like absolute bliss, I think with a smile. Absolute bliss…

The end for now