Author: Athea (
Fandom: Jonny Quest and Smallville
Title: Starting Over, part 5
Pairing: Hadji/Alex
Summary: Waking up has never been so much fun.
Date: 4 May 2003
********* Alex *********

I was nice and warm. Even better, someone was licking the back of my neck while hands stroked my stomach. My eyes slowly opened and I realized with a shock that it was Hadji wrapped around me.

"Good morning, Alex. I slept well, how about you?" His voice was deeper than it usually was and I smiled.

"Very well, Hadji. I didn't even dream." He couldn't realize how amazing that was. I turned in his arms and gazed into bright brown eyes. "Are you sure about this? I have an abysmal record at relationships. I'm really not someone who ever has happy endings."

"That's because it wasn't me," Hadji said with that upper class British accent that made me want to swallow him whole. "Seriously Alex, this is the first time you've been part of a scientific team. The best thing about Quest Labs is the back and forth that goes on constantly. We work together in the labs and in the field. This relationship is basically the same thing - give and take, experimenting with different," he leaned in and licked the hollow of my throat while I swallowed convulsively, "criteria. Like right now, I have the urge to lick a path down to your groin to see what I can get to grow."

I shuddered and started to harden. "Hadji . . . I think I may understand. A true . . . scientist," I almost came when a warm wet tongue bathed my left nipple, "studies all the factors . . . oh god . . . and conditions . . . oh."

He poked my navel with his tongue and I shivered all the way down to my toes. My hands were on his shoulders and I wasn't sure whether I should be pushing him down to my aching cock or pulling him up to my lips. Indecision paralyzed me beyond the point where I got to choose. His mouth closed around me and I gasped and came with just a swipe of his tongue.

His chuckle reached me through a layer of cotton batting. I couldn't believe he had actually swallowed all of me and this time I pulled him up so I could taste myself from his mouth. Our tongues slid together as if we'd done it for years and I realized that I didn't taste all that bad when combined with early morning-Hadji. But I needed more and I pulled away from him only to hear his silky moan of 'more'.

That made me feel much better about this new experiment between us. I slithered down his slender body, noting the rippled stomach that his muscle shirts had hinted at. His cock was as golden as the rest of him and I nuzzled it with my chin while darting my tongue out to taste his salty-sweet skin. He'd been circumcised and the flaring head of his crown was a pleasing shade of creamy ecru.

He was mouth-watering and I licked a path up to the small slit for a tasty bead of liquor before deep-throating him to the wiry black pubic hairs of his groin. His hips tried to come up and his high-pitched keening pleased my ears. He was enjoying this almost as much as I was. But I couldn't taste him when he was buried so deep in my throat so I eased up to suck just the crown.

Panting, his hands clutched my shoulders and he kept making those little noises that might just be my name. I licked a spiral up his shaft then sucked hard. I could get very, very used to this. Sliding him deep again, I hummed around him. My fingers were gently rolling his plump balls and I felt them tighten in time to feel him begin to come. I slid back up to catch every delicious squirt.

He'd gone boneless and I was careful with his probably sensitive skin. Men's cocks are so vulnerable that I often wondered where we got our macho genes from. Women's pleasure centers are hidden inside of them like so much of their strength is hidden from men. But ours are right out there in the open along with our fragile balls. Maybe we should be the emotional caring sex instead of the female of our species.

But that brought to mind the alien species from my past and I hastily shut the door on thoughts of Clark. No one was allowed in our bed but Hadji and me. Looking up again, I saw Hadji's eyes open to look down at me. His smile was bright and I hoped that meant that he liked what I'd done.

"That was better than anything I've ever felt." He sighed and tugged me up while I was still stunned by his words. "Oh Alex, don't look so scared. We'll get the hang of this, I promise."

"Not scared," I said automatically then stopped. Clearing my throat of a sudden lump, I swallowed hard and tried again. "Well, maybe a little scared about this going too fast and you not really knowing all the things you should about me."

He smiled that luminous smile that I'd only ever seen on his face when he was planting and humming in the garden. "I know the important things, Alex. I know you're a genius. I know that you care about people even though they hurt you. I know that you want me almost as much as I want you. Would this be a good time to mention that my one and only boy friend really wasn't?"

I stiffened. "Wasn't a boy or wasn't a friend?"

"Two years older than me and tried to take our courtship faster than I was ready to go." He smiled a lopsided grin that told me more than he probably wanted to tell me.

I could feel my eyes narrowing. "He tried to rape you?"

********* Hadji *********

I could see the man that he'd tried to warn me about in his eyes. Heaven help Simon if Alex ever found out who he was. "He got me drunk and tried to take us further than we'd gone before. My roommate came in early and helped me fight him off. That was right before Christmas and once I'd found out what he'd been saying about me around campus, I dropped him completely."

That steely look was kind of a turn-on but I wasn't going to tell him that just yet. Our relationship was going to be better than anything I'd ever dreamed about with Simon. I felt a little flutter in my stomach that told me I was falling in love all over again but this time I knew so much more about him, good and bad.

"I expect that you and Jonny managed to pay him back adequately." The dry tones and side glance told me that he also knew me pretty well.

"We managed." I pushed him onto his back and laid myself over him like a blanket. "Enough about him. Thank you, Alex. Thank you for being so careful of me. I can hardly wait for seconds but I think it's late enough that we better get cleaned up. There's something you should know about me." I paused dramatically while his eyes widened. "I eat like a horse; it's how I fuel all my energy."

He blinked and his lips stretched into a much wider smile than I'd ever seen before. "That's good to know, Hadji. Alfred does an excellent breakfast here at the Manor."

Darn, I'd forgotten about Bruce Wayne. "Alex, tell me if it's none of my business but were you and Bruce ever . . ."

"Lovers?" He finished for me. "No, we weren't even fuck-buddies. We were both rich kids with dysfunctional families. His parents were murdered while my mother died of cancer, leaving me with my father who promptly shuffled me off to boarding school. We're both rather solitary individuals. I hide in my science and he hides in the Wayne Foundation."

"That's so sad, Alex." I decided to kiss that resigned look off his face, tucking the information about his mother away for another time. "You're both so handsome and intelligent that it's a shame you choose to be alone." Starting with his sexy nose, I scattered little nips and licks all over his beautiful skin. "Wow, you taste good, Alex." I breathed him in like one of his ionoptera. "You smell good, too."

His chuckle surprised me and maybe even him since he looked a little startled. "Perhaps Bruce will find someone as caring and beautiful as you are, Hadji. You . . . you taste good, too."

The ringing of the phone by the bed startled me but Alex just rolled us over until he could reach it. "Good morning, Bruce . . . yes, we're up . . . we slept very well indeed . . . we'll be ready in about half an hour." His eyes came to me and that tiny grin of his flickered across his lips. "Hadji has worked up quite an appetite and so have I."

Whoa, I was going to be blushing when I met Bruce. Alex spoke a few more words then hung up. I decided to take this another step forward. "We need to save water by showering together. Yes?"

I was starting to recognize the smile in his eyes. He gave a rusty chuckle as if it had been awhile since he'd last done that. "I'm sure that Bruce's water bill would thank us. Perhaps I could wash your back, Hadji?"

Oh yeah, I thought before rolling out of bed and pulling him up with me. "We'll wash each other, Alex. I've never done that with a lover before." I towed him behind me into the cold bathroom. It was well decorated but not a patch on the one in my suite. I turned on the hot water and waited for it to get warm enough. "What is the bathroom like in your cottage, Alex? I don't think I've ever seen it."

"Very cheerful with green and blue tiles," He followed me into the large shower stall. "I've only used the tub a couple of times but it's one of those claw footed kind that's surprisingly deep. The first time I went jogging on the sand, I didn't realize how much of a workout I'd given my calves. I fell asleep in the tub that night and woke up wrinkled like a prune."

"Next time I'll wake you up when it's time to get out." I squirted some soap into my hands from the wall dispenser and lathered them up with a gleam in my eye. "I'll get your back for you now, Alex."

He chuckled again while I smoothed the suds from his shoulders down to his shapely calves. He was long and lean everywhere, his muscles sleek rather than bulky. I wanted to touch him everywhere until he could feel me all over. But when he turned and I started washing up those long legs of his, I decided that his front was even better. His cock was long and thick, almost out of proportion with the rest of his slender body.

I slid my hands around him just to measure how big it really was. His balls hung tidily beneath it and I decided to save any more playing for later. He was looking a little pale to me and I remembered his blood donation in the nick of time when he reeled and put out a hand to the wall. I leapt up and made him lean against the shower tiles while I finished soaping his hairless chest.

"Enough playing for now, Alex. You need to eat something to replenish all the blood you donated." I told him before moving him under the shower head to rinse off. He still insisted on washing me but I made sure that we were out of the water before too much time had passed. We dried each other before re-dressing in our clothes from the day before.

********* Race *********

We had a wonderful breakfast before leaving the Wayne manor. Bruce and I had planned our next meeting in New York at a science conference where Benton would be presenting a paper on renewable energy. That was a little over two months away and it should be safe for Alex to donate more blood by then. I'd mentioned the booksellers David Foster and Paul Nemitz with whom we usually had dinner when we were in New York and Bruce knew them also.

That led to an interesting conversation about books, which somehow led to my hobby of stone carving. All in all, it was an interesting evening. I called Benton and we talked before I went to sleep, just hearing his voice made me feel better. It had been a while since we'd slept apart. I was up early and after checking on the boys, curled around each other like a pair of puppies, I found the kitchen in time for breakfast.

Alfred mentioned that the plane had been refueled and once I was ready, he'd drive me down to the airfield for my pre-flight checks. I took him up on his offer and left about the same time that Bruce and the boys showed up for their breakfast. Alex was too pale and Hadji was hovering over him. It was going to be interesting when we got back home. I didn't think that Alex was used to having a guardian angel but that's what he had now.

I shook hands with Bruce and left with Alfred while they were tucking into the fluffy scrambled eggs and bacon in the silver covered dishes. I took my time on the preflight and had her warmed up and ready to go when Bruce drove up. The sleek Aston Martin looked and sounded powerful and I thought that Alex looked a little wistful when he got out. I seemed to remember that he'd been a sports car driver in his old life.

The golf carts on the island had to be quite a come down although I'd never seen him use one. We said our goodbyes and took to the air moments later. I know how much I wanted to get home. I checked on the boys an hour into the flight and found Hadji reading one of the books we kept on board while Alex slept on his shoulder. They looked good together and I hoped that whatever happened next, they'd manage to stay friends.

Touching down on Palm Key, Benton was waiting for us. Hadji escorted Alex off the plane and right into a hug from my lover. I shut the jet down for the day and decided to forego my usual checks in favor of collecting my own hug. Climbing down the three steps, I was swept into one of Benton's best hugs with a kiss to boot. Nothing tastes the way he does.

I could feel he was hard and I wiggled just a bit to see if I could get him even harder. "So, Benton, do you have to go back to the lab?" I started walking towards the main complex. "Check on an experiment?" He kept pace with me and smiled enigmatically. "Watch the satellite down feed?" I slipped my hand in his back pocket and goosed him.

"No to all of the above. I was thinking about giving my very-much-missed-lover a massage before fucking him into the mattress." He said sweetly. "But we can always leave that for later if there's something you'd rather do."

I held the door open for him then chased him down the hall that led to our suite. "I think you're inspired, Benton Quest."

We were both laughing when he closed the door behind me and gave me the come-hither look that always melts me into a puddle. "Strip, Race and let me take away the long flight. I missed you last night."

I was already stripping my clothes off and leaving them in a pile on the floor. He was just as fast and none too soon; he had me face down on our bed while he stroked warm almond oil over my shoulders and down my back. I had a cock as hard as steel while the rest of my muscles were as limp as well cooked noodles when he rolled me over and finished my front.

Pushing a pillow under my hips and pulling my legs over his shoulders, he slid inside of me with the ease of long practice. Nothing feels better than having him in me, unless it's when I'm inside of him. He started with slow strokes that heated me from the inside out then moved onto the prostate massage that burned me down to the mattress. We were so good at making love that we came almost together.

Once he'd slipped out and we were curled together under the sheet, we talked about the changes in Hadji and Alex's relationship. He was a bit worried that they might go too fast now that the sex-genie was out of the bottle. I reminded him that we'd raised Hadji with all our love and taught him to know his own mind and to be careful with his heart. He smiled ruefully and agreed.

He told me that he'd come across Jonny serenading Sandy with a rose in one hand while she pretended to be disdainful. I chuckled at his choice of song - the Nearness of You. The version I remembered was from its writer, Hoagy Carmichael. Benton said that he didn't stick around long enough to see if it worked. We were going to have to broach the subject soon though.

Sandy had long been more than just Benton's lab assistant but if she was going to be part of the family, we needed to bring her in as a partner on the science side of things. She'd had several bright ideas lately, seemingly sparked by conversations with Jonny. I thought their partnership might grow to be the solid give-and-take that my lover and I had. Benton always told me that he thought better when he was talking things over with me.

That was a kudo that I would gladly accept, I thought while cuddling him closer and wondering when we'd eat dinner. I was starving.

The end of part 5