Author: Athea (
Series: Jonny Quest cartoons, part 11.
Date: 1 January 1999
Experiments by the Book

The brown paper package had gone through the x-ray machine and the bomb sensor and arrived on Benton's desk intact and approved for opening. He noted the return address with rising anticipation. Their Christmas card from their book selling friends in New York had mentioned a shipment of books and the surprise that was included. David Foster had an impish sense of humor that often made his longtime partner Paul Nemitz roll his eyes in mock despair. He couldn't wait to see what the bookseller had picked out for them.

Noting the time, he left the package on his desk and went to check his experiment. Sandra, his current lab assistant, was punching in a set of variables to the computer that was monitoring the process. She hummed a greeting and kept on working while he checked the readout tape from the other side. Normal. No surprises. Good, I can leave it to run out the clock. He thought with a sigh of relief.

He really, really wanted to find Race and sit down with him in the privacy of their suite and open their package. "Think you can handle the boring details, Sandy? I'm going to break off early."

"Sure, Dr. Quest. Got a package that's just waiting to be opened?" She teased him without raising her eyes from her task.

"Calling me curious? I'll have you know that I can wait to open that package." He teased her right back. "Five . . . ten minutes max." And he left the lab to the sounds of her cheerful laughter.

Activating his cell phone, he called his lover. "Race? Where are you? The package from David and Paul arrived."

"I'm over at the marina, checking out the hydrofoil for the kids. I'll be right in." His voice sounded as if he were right beside the scientist.

"Hurry up. I don't know if I can wait before opening it. You've got ten minutes before I start without you." Benton teased him.

"Don't you dare, Benton Quest! I'll be right there."

The decisive click told the scientist that he had about five minutes to get ready for his eager lover. Smiling, he closed the door to their suite and laid the box on the low table before heading to the small fridge for a bottle of their favorite white zinfandel and a couple of glasses. He was just pulling out the cork when a tall bronzed whirlwind came through the door.

The sharp click told him they were locked in and the piercing sultry blue gaze told him he was in for a wild ride, no matter what was in the box. Benton held out the glasses and Race held them while he poured the chilled wine. Leaning over the fluted stemware, he captured Benton's lips in a breath-stealing kiss.

"Now, let's open the box." Race grinned and led the way to the long sofa. Benton shook his head to clear the fog of lust away and followed with the bottle of wine.

Race pulled out a Swiss army knife and carefully cut the paper away from the sturdy cardboard box. Packing tape held the top together and he gently sliced it open, being careful not to cut anything that might lay right under the flaps. The packing tissue came out first then the books.

"Oh good, he found the anthropology book that Jonny was looking for." Benton handled the used book gently, rubbing his fingers over the oiled leather spine.

"And Dr. Werner's latest. Oh, I didn't even know the Baker sisters had a new cookbook out. This will be great." Race handed him the scientific text and immediately opened the brightly colored book in his other hand. The next few moments were spent in leafing through their new treasures before Race set his new book aside and reached back in to the almost empty box.

"Oh. This looks dangerous." His tones warned Benton in time to look up to see the new titles. The Kama Sutra and the Gay Kama Sutra with brightly patterned covers appeared in his lover's hands. They exchanged a teasing look before Race handed him the one in his right hand.

"Oh my, indeed." Benton opened up the gay guide to a picture of two men making love on the back of an elephant. A few pages later and the scene was now a garden with two men writhing on the edge of a fountain, their limbs seeming impossibly twisted together.

"Inspirational?" Race's warm voice puffed into his left ear and a sure hand fondled his hardening shaft. "Let's see if the picture's right. If I put my hand here ..."

The book was laid aside hastily while they maneuvered into position on the couch. Hands carefully but rapidly stripped each other so skin slid against sweaty skin. Benton had two fingers massaging Race's prostate while he eagerly sucked down the hardening cock that dangled above his mouth. The warm wet mouth that engulfed him made him want to thrust up but the too soft cushions wouldn't give him the right leverage.

The gentle battle went back and forth only pausing briefly when Benton let go into the voraciously sucking vacuum of his lover's mouth. A few moments respite and he was able to return the favor with a humming vibration that reduced Race to a quivering heap. Lazily, Race wriggled around so they could share each others taste in a long kiss.

"I'll have to remember that pictures turn you on." He said in satisfaction.

"Only if you're in them." Benton sighed and tried to get closer to his hot-blooded lover.

"Well, now that we're worn out. Let's see if we can get through more than just a couple of pages." Race reached a long arm over to the table and picked up the other Sutra. They cuddled together and laughed over some of the improbable paintings from the fourth century. They were almost halfway through the book when a particular tapestry caught the scientist's eye.

It showed a woman hanging from a swing, her hands clasping a wooden bar over her head and a man with a foot long penis impaling her from behind through the mesh of the rope seat. They were both in ecstasy to judge by their expressions and Benton felt his cock give an answering jerk, hardening little by little.

"That's nice. Is it for me?" Race said lazily and grasped the rising shaft in warm fingers that slid up and down slowly. "What is it about that one that turns you on? Are we talking a fantasy button I never knew about?"

Benton arched into the knowing hand and his eyes went back to the picture. "I didn't realize it was a fantasy until I saw it. Something about being helpless in midair while you take me from behind." He shuddered and hardened completely.

"Hm-m-m. I'll remember that, love." Race purred and removed the book from Benton's suddenly nerveless fingers, climbing on top and rubbing their slick cocks together with just the right amount of friction to tingle all of Benton's nerve endings.

They could go slow this time and they climbed the peak together and anointed each other with slow pulsing seed on the other side of climax. Benton relaxed bonelessly beneath his panting lover and hugged him close. A little nap wouldn't come amiss right about now, he sighed before dozing off.


Two weeks later, Benton strolled back to his desk with the latest readouts from their ongoing experiment in the conversion of solar energy to electrical power without any step-down converters to worry about. Good results but not great results. He needed to think about some other variation that might secure the needed conversion. Frowning, he noticed the sealed envelope on the desk he'd left empty just two hours before.

His gaze softened when he recognized Race's handwriting. Laying aside the reports, he picked up the envelope and split it open. Inside was a folded invitation with a single rose on the outside. Opening it, he found his lover's writing again.

I hereby invite you to an evening of love. Please come to the suite when you're finished with your experiment. I'll be waiting.

The scientist felt his eyes grow moist at the lovely sentiment expressed in the short note. They were together so constantly that they rarely had to write to each other. But each note had been carefully saved by Benton in a sandalwood box in his dresser. This one would join the others immediately. Leaning over his desk, he pressed the button on the intercom.

"Sandy, something's come up. I'm logging out for the night. I'll see you in the morning." He barely waited for her reply before clutching his invitation and striding towards their suite. It was late afternoon, hopefully, Race would be ready for him.

When he reached the door to their bedroom, he found a note on the door. 'Close your eyes and come in. Don't open them or you'll spoil the surprise.' Shaking his head at the romantic gesture, Benton closed his eyes and stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind him. Leaning back against it, he sniffed appreciatively. The heady scent of sandalwood and roses filled the room with their delicate fragrances.

"Hello, love. Thank you for coming." Race had stolen up to him when he was sniffing the room, his only warning the displacement of air against his face. Warm hands began unbuttoning his shirt and a moist tongue outlined his lips before dipping inside.

He tasted of rich brandy and chocolate and Benton moaned into his mouth with a sudden yearning. Race's chuckle vibrated through both their bodies and Benton clutched at the naked shoulders before him while his lover unzipped his pants and slid them down his legs.

"Which one do you want more, the brandy or the chocolate?" His words were muffled against Benton's throat and the scientist laughed.

"Neither. I want you."

"And you shall have me in just a moment. Lift up your foot, love." Race's voice had moved down to his legs and Benton's hands combed through the short white locks instead. His shoes and pants were removed and his hardening cock was suddenly being teased with a smooth cheek.

"You shaved already." Benton said before gasping at the feel of Race's mouth around his tender balls. One at a time, they were laved before the knowing tongue began its journey up the long shaft to the crimson head, already leaking precum from its tip. He desperately wanted to open his eyes and feast them on the sight of his cock moving in and out of Race's mouth but he remembered the note and tightly squeezed them shut. "I'm close."

Race ignored the warning and speeded up his sucking until with a groan, Benton released into the waiting mouth. He pulsed for long moments and Race didn't let him go until he collapsed against the door, his locked knees the only thing holding him up. The bodyguard slithered up his body and took him into his strong embrace, kissing the little spot behind his right ear that always made him shudder.

"There now, that should have taken the edge off. Keep your eyes closed while we go to the next phase of this seduction." The teasing laughter told Benton that he was going to enjoy whatever came next. But he wasn't prepared to be lifted off his feet. His arms held hard around Race's neck while his legs were caught up below his knees. His stomach fluttered, feeling the delicious sense of free fall.

"Um, I feel like Scarlett. 'Brett'." He teased his lover with a tongue in the closest ear, enjoying the start and moan.

"Oh, I don't know, you feel more like 'Ashley' to me." Race teased right back and set him down on the heated tiles of their bathroom. The sound of the closing door coincided with his lover's next command. "Okay, open your eyes now."

Benton slowly complied, his eyes taking in the transformed room. It was warm and scented with sandalwood, small votive candles replacing the normal lights. Their massage table was set up with fresh towels and he could see the oil warming on the side. The water was already running in the oversized bathtub and candles surrounded it with their flickering light.

"I'm going to shave you now, Benton." Race slowly caressed his jaw. Blue eyes met his and Benton wondered at the uncertain expression on his face. "I'd like to shave you ... everywhere."

Benton shivered at the sultry note in his voice. He wasn't quite sure what Race was talking about but whatever it was, it was sure to feel good. "Anywhere you like, love. I trust you to make me feel ... wonderful."

"All right." Race's eyes lit up and he grinned, leading him over to the table and arranging him on his back. He pulled a can of shaving cream from under the table and shook it while he took Benton's lips in a voluptuous kiss that made the scientist's ears ring. Then, he began the shave, starting at his jaw and slowly removing all the facial hair except for the red mustache.

"Musn't get rid of my favorite tickler." He whispered after he'd wiped him dry with a warm washcloth and feathered a tender kiss to the newly smoothed cheek. "Now, I need you to relax for me. No tensing or I could hurt you."

Benton couldn't help it when the shaving cream hit his groin. He could feel the skin draw up as he realized what Race had planned. His gaze was startled when it met the blue eyes that looked a question at him. Thinking as quickly as he ever had, he nodded and relaxed all his muscles. The feel of the razor sliding across his skin made his stomach muscles twitch.

The thought of that same razor anywhere near his cock made his whole body twitch. He could hear Race's humming and he risked a look up at the intent face. The swish of the water in the basin on the side table reminded him what was coming and he got a firm grip on the towel he was laying on. It took no more than three minutes but he felt as if all his muscles had locked into place, especially after his legs had been moved apart and his balls had been deftly cleaned of all hair.

The warm washcloth surprised him with the heat on his newly shaved skin. He hissed at the touch of the warm oil on the suddenly sensitized area. Feeling himself hardening a little bit at the newly erotic feel of oil on bare skin.

"Turn over now, love. There's just one more part of you to finish." Race helped him turn over and drew him up to his knees with his head pillowed on his forearms on the table. It was a wonderfully vulnerable position and Benton almost groaned when he felt Race's tongue slide across his puckered opening. But the feeling of the shaving cream and razor soon froze him in place.

"There now, Benton. All done. How does that feel?" The warm oiled fingers were back and this time Benton couldn't keep back his groan of need. It felt as if the nerve endings inside his anus were extended to the soft skin outside. He could feel his puckered entrance spasming open at the gentle probe of Race's fingers and he wriggled in invitation.

"In me, Race. Now."

"Soon, my love. Soon. But first, we're going to have a bath and I'm going to get rid of all your tension. I want to be sure that I have your full attention when we make love." His hands gentled the need but before he helped his lover off of the table, he had one more task to perform. The enema nozzle slipped inside the scientist and began to fill him with the warm liquid. When the bag was empty, Race helped him from the table and over to the tub.

Benton hissed at the feel of the hot water on his newly depilated skin. He felt open and vulnerable to every wave and he sought Race's touch like a lifeline. His lover settled behind him and cradled him in strong arms. They rested for a long moment while they got used to the feel of the scented water. Then Race's hand began to wash him with slow strokes and the feel of his soapy hands and rough washcloth was enough to bring him to the edge again.

Rising from the tub, Benton felt a sudden need and hurried to the toilet to void himself. Coming back to the tub area, he joined Race in a cool shower to rinse off completely. They soaped each other once more and Benton enjoyed the wonderful scalp massage that Race gave him while he washed his hair. Stepping from the shower, they dried each other slowly and with great care.

"My God, Race, that feels incredible." Benton shivered as the towel was drawn against his groin and up between his legs. He had to lean back against the shower stall glass walls while his skin rippled under the sensuous glide of the towel across his skin.

"Come on, Benton. I think you'll like the next step. Close your eyes again." Race pulled him into his arms and slid his tongue down his neck and back up to his clean-shaven cheek.

Benton stole a quick kiss before he closed his eyes and let himself be led back to the bedroom. Race led him to their bed and gave him a little push onto a surface that startled him. Putting out his hands, he ran them over a plush velvet that tickled him, especially when he moved his cheeks across the short spiky pile.

"Oh my, that feels so odd."

"Good odd or bad odd?" Race fed him a chocolate covered mint and smoothed little nips across his face while he savored the explosion of flavor in his mouth.

"Good. Very good." He could hear himself purr while he moved in short little undulations across the coverlet. Race laughed and fed him another chocolate, while he moved his attentions to his nipples with a series of nips and pinches.

Benton could feel himself harden at the dual sensations and when Race's hand gently closed around his cock, he arched up into the warm caress. His lover lapped at his nipple then blew gently across the tightening nub before nipping it tenderly between his teeth. Benton rolled his head back and forth on the velvet and felt as if his entire body had turned into one aching nerve ending.

Race gentled his touch and laid his head on Benton's chest. "I need to know if you want to stay here or go on to phase three. I've been kind of building a surprise for you but I'll understand if you don't want to try it out."

Benton couldn't bear the hint of uncertainty in his lover's voice. "Whatever you have in mind, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Can I open my eyes to see?"

"I think you'd better." Race sighed and turned his head towards the balcony doors.

Benton opened his eyes and for a moment wasn't sure what he was seeing. The hanging framework of gleaming oak and white open mesh weave looked like a macrame project gone slightly tilted but it wasn't until another picture flashed across his mind that he made the connection. And when he did he went hot and cold at the same time while a shiver ran from his head to his toes.

"No good?" Race sighed and kissed his shoulder.

Benton dragged his eyes back to his lover. "Are you kidding? I can't wait!"

A dazzling grin flashed across Race's face and he kissed him hard before rolling off the bed and extending a hand to help him up. Benton felt the butterflies flap their wings a little harder in his stomach and he gulped once while Race held the swing for him to hop up into the silken net. His hands felt the strands while his eyes asked Race a question.

"Silk fiber from India. Since the original tapestry came from there I figured they'd have the right fabric. Strong as hemp but soft against your sensitive skin." Race took his hands and moved them to the sidebars from which part of the mesh was attached.

Benton shifted and gripped the hard oak while his skin prickled with sudden tension. His legs were now higher than his waist and he was settled back into the sling where only a concerted effort would release him from the white silk web that wrapped around his body. Race moved slowly around him before settling at his back, only the mesh coming between their skins.

Race's hands moved over him gently, teasing his skin with pressure and movement. One hand pulled a strand up between his cheeks and Benton groaned instantly at the incredible sensation of silk sliding over his puckered opening and up between his balls. He squirmed and only succeeded in intensifying the feelings of arousal. Reaching through the mesh, his lover fondled his hardening shaft while he bit gently at his shoulders.

"Hm-m-m, you taste good through silk. And you feel good too." His other hand was back now with slick fingers that rubbed back and forth, before beginning a slow probe of his spasming opening. Pushing the silk aside, he tenderly moved deeper with little circles that inflamed an already aching passage.

"Race!" Benton tried to arch up but the frame restricted his movements and he could only sway back and forth in the air while his lover added another finger and sparked his prostate with a wicked jab that sent Benton's temperature soaring.

"Ready, love? This is me now." Benton felt the hard nudge of the warm shaft press up past the ring of tight muscle. Race paused and adjusted his position, the little bounce jarring Benton into a new level of arousal. "You feel so tight here, suspended over me. Open to me with nothing in the way but a little silk."

Benton groaned again as Race slid the rest of the way deep inside of him. His hands clenched on the two-inch oak dowels while he registered the feeling of weightlessness. "So good, Race. You're the only thing holding me to earth right now."

Race chuckled and began the slow slides out and the quick thrusts back in that impaled him with pleasure. Benton writhed within the constraints of silken mesh and his whole world narrowed to the feel of the air against his skin and the hard flesh that enflamed him with every brush of his prostate. The slap of skin on skin and the sudden scent of sweat breaking out on both their bodies just added fuel to the fire.

Benton was close but needed something to push him over the edge and his moan of incompletion brought Race's hand through the mesh to hold his steel hard cock in a grip that tore his climax from him with a wild cry. The thrusts deep inside of him continued until he felt his passage bathed with Race's hot seed. He jerked in ever coming waves of pulsing release that left him wrung out and slumped in the swing.

Race was layered across his back, glued to him with a combination of their sweat. He had a sudden vision of them with a permanent checker board pattern over their bodies. He chuckled tiredly and felt Race slip from him quietly. The warm presence at his back disappeared and he felt Race between his legs, pulling his hands from their death grip on the sidebars and onto his shoulders.

They tumbled in a heap on the bed and Benton felt his whole body spasm at the feel of the velvet against his groin. He moaned into the mattress and moved slightly to drag the spiky pile across his limp shaft. "I feel like everything is a turn on. You could probably blow on me and I'd come again."

"Good. I'll save that for later. But for now, let's take a nap so we can enjoy dinner in two hours. I've got more plans for you, lover." Race's sleepy voice chortled in his ear.

Benton stole another kiss before dragging Race under the velvet coverlet for the promised nap. Nothing was going to keep him awake after his explosive orgasm.

Unfortunately for his resolve, the velvet plush was on both sides of the blanket.

End part eleven